A Discovery of Witches – S02E04 – Transcript

The episode begins in Oxford, England as another brutal murder rocks the streets. There’s another vampire killing and Domenico receives a call, letting him know that “it’s happened again.” And just like that, he rings Gerbert and tells him he believes Blood-rage is back...
A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

A rowan tree… A crossing between worlds.

I’m a demon, but I was born of witches.

If our baby is a witch born of demons,

she’ll be everything the congregation fears and wants to destroy.

Has anyone in this chamber heard of the Knights of Lazarus?

They were established by Philippe de Clermont and his sons.

The brotherhood is philanthropic.

We protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Grand Master of the Knights of Lazarus? I can’t do this.

-I don’t want to. -Philippe, let me promise you

that the Brotherhood would never be run by Baldwin.

And I’m asking you to do that.

It looked like an uncontrolled feeding.

I haven’t seen anything like that in centuries.

And we do all know the rumors

about the de Clermont’s infected bloodline.

You need to have more than suspicions.

You need to be sure.

This page is connected to Diana. They must have answers for us.

That book started this whole nightmare.

I’m tolerating them under my roof and affording them my protection.

Matthew would want you to make them feel at home.

My father commands me to return to Centaur.

You’re the bravest boy I know.

You’ll look after them until we get back.


Yeah. It’s happened again.

I never knew that.

Just around the corner, apparently. In broad daylight.

Really? That’s terrible.

-Good morning. -Hi, how can I help?

I am interested in one of your lots.

I’m afraid our managers are fully booked until 11:00.

Ah, no, no. It’s all right. I’ll take him through.

Phoebe Taylor.

Marcus Whitmore.

Cold hands, sorry.

My office is this way.

-What’s on the headphones? -Podcast on radiocarbon dating.

Ah, cool.

New Order.

Never heard of them.

Which lot are you interested in?


The answer to life, the universe and everything.

-Douglas Adams. -I love those books.

Right. Let’s see, lot 42.

Right. What would you like to know?

I would like to buy it.

Our auction lots aren’t available for advance purchase.

Well, the auction estimate is £80,000.

So, do you think 200 grand might do it?

That’s well in excess of our evaluation.

My grandmother has really set her heart on these.

I’m afraid that you’ll have to bid for it this afternoon.

Look, if it was up to me, for 200,

I’d let you take it.

Why aren’t you in charge here?

You should definitely be in charge here.

Well, I’m working on it.

Would you like to see it?

Lot 42.

That’s the one.

Martha’s nut loaf is incredible. Seriously, she’s a keeper.

You need to see this.

As Grand Master of the Knights of Lazarus,

Marcus had Nathaniel monitor the internet

for any evidence of Matthew and Diana in the past.

He found these at an auction house in Oxford.

Painted in the late 16th century.

It’s them. They made it.

Marcus is purchasing the portraits this afternoon.

Any further bids for this pair of Elizabethan miniatures?

And it’s against you, madam.

And it’s there, at 94,000.

Last call at 94,000. Sold.

You just saved your grandmother a fortune.

Hope she appreciates it.

They say I can’t collect them till tomorrow.

You couldn’t pull a few strings, could you?

I can pay cash.

I’m sorry. We don’t accept cash.

The items have to return to the vaults until your payment clears.

I was heading to France tonight.

But I suppose I’ll have to delay.

Whatever will I do with my free evening?

I don’t know.

Maybe stream some more old man dance music.

You Googled New Order?

Nice doing business.


One of the Madison Coven finally cracked.

She confirmed that there were demons and vampires at the Bishop house.

With Matthew and the witches.

Before Matthew disappeared into time,

he formed his own cabal.

Three different species working together in secret.

Another de Clermont conspiracy. What the hell is he up to?

Whatever it is, it involves the Book of Life.

Matthew and Diana are so far ahead of us.

We need to pool our resources if we’re going to stop him.

Some of this information dates back to the 13th century.

It’s everything I know.

about the Book of Life.

Baldwin owes me a debt.

If your whereabouts become known, he’ll let us know.

Don’t worry. Once the baby’s born, we promise we’ll be out of your hair.

It’s been great having you here. You can stay as long as you like.

You’re safer here with Marcus than back in Chepstow.

If the baby does turn out to be a witch,

you’re gonna need protection from the congregation.

Screw the congregation.

Aren’t we breaking the covenant already by living with a vampire?

Demons giving birth to witches would be unheard of.

Sophie’s birth may have gone unnoticed,

but the granddaughter of a congregation member will not.

They’ll take her from you.

Or worse. Especially Knox and the other conservatives.

-Marcus? -Yep. Coming.

Your DNA should help us determine the levels of witch and demon in your blood.

Her DNA might even help us understand why creature genetics are changing.

You can have whatever you need.

-Thanks. -Hey.

-Hey. Can you take a look at this? -Yeah.

Is everything all right?

Yeah. I just need him to check something.

Fetal arrhythmia.

There’s just a slight abnormality with the baby’s heart rate.

She’s just a little slow.

It’s a temporary thing, and in most cases, resolved pretty quickly.

-Okay. -We can’t risk a home birth.

Miriam’s right. She’s gonna be fine. Don’t worry,

but you two should probably start thinking about having her in a hospital.

But we planned to be here, for you to do it.

To avoid attention.

I’ll find you the best in the business. I promise.

It’s just better to be somewhere with specialist care.

Sorry, but the plan needs to change.

I hear you, but the congregation have spies everywhere.

It’s a risk worth taking.

Is this another one?

Yes. There was an attack this morning.

The body’s been eviscerated, just like the others.

Any idea who’s responsible?

Nothing to implicate the de Clermonts yet.

I don’t recognize the scent, but I was right about the wounds.

-Blood-rage is back. -Track the scent. Find the killer.

There has to be a link.

-Security! -Stop right there!

Why wasn’t the alarm tripped?

The power’s been disabled.

Alarms, CCTV, everything.

Joe Evans was on duty, but we can’t get hold of him.

Our vault door was ripped open.

Were any other lots stolen?

We’re doing an inventory, but at first glance, I don’t think so.

Obviously, your deposit will be refunded.

Do the police have a suspect?

Our security guard has vanished.

That’s all I know.

I’m really sorry.

I should really call my grandmother.

It’s Peter Knox. Someone who works for him.

Do you have any contacts in the Oxford covens?

We’ll have to ask around.

Be a lot easier if we could just go there.

-I know. -You can’t leave the chateau.

We’re grown women. We can look after ourselves.

I promised to keep you safe. So that’s what I’m doing.

Who is it?

Gerbert wants to meet.

Maybe he has a hold of the miniatures.

He could have eyes on the chateau already.

From now on, you need to stay inside.

Might as well be prisoners, confined to ourselves.

Stay here much longer, I might hurl myself out of a tower.

You could find out what’s inside that book

and why it’s connected to Diana.

We’ll be doing something productive.

How do we do that exactly? We only have one page.

We need to connect with someone who did.

We know Stephen did. Maybe Rebecca did, too.

If you’re proposing to summon the dead, forget about it.

Don’t you wanna help Diana?

Do you remember what happened the last time you got into higher magic?

I’m much more experienced now.

Just a little out of practice.

Oh, my God.

You’ve already tried. I mean, just a tiny experiment.

I just want to see if I could connect with something.

Emily, you can’t do this to me.

Listen, when Diana returns, she’ll have come into her magic.

She’ll be able to call up the book herself.

You don’t know that.

Swear to me you won’t do it again.

I knew you were gonna react this way.

-Swear to me! -Okay! Okay.

Look, honey. All right. Mwah!

Whatever you want.

I just want you to be safe.

Did you break the news to your grandmother?

So, is there anything else I can help you with?

You could come to dinner.

I don’t even know you.

Come on. I don’t bite.

-Oh, thank you. -Thanks.

I did a lot of research on those portraits,

but could never pin their exact origin down.

Well, we think that

they belonged to our family a long time ago.

-The Whitmores? -De Clermonts.

My grandmother’s French, but I’m actually originally American.

A revolutionary.

Seeing Hamilton a couple of times doesn’t make you a revolutionary.

-What about six times? -Oh, wow.

-You must really love musical theater. -Yeah.

I just love history.

Even if they do get it wrong sometimes.

Well, getting it right is what I do for a living.

I’m usually alone at weekends, cataloging artwork.

My friends think I’m weird.

I like weird.

I’m sorry. I promised my grandmother

that I would give her a call before we ate.

-Do you mind? -No, no, I’ll just… talk to my gin.

Yeah, I’ll be quick.

Wherever there’s trouble, there’s a de Clermont.

What were you doing at the auction house?

I’ll ask you the same question.

Okay. First off, you’re not really my type.

And, secondly, you could really do with a breath mint.

You have no idea what’s happening in this city, do you?

-So, tell me. -A vampire’s murdering warm bloods.

Yesterday morning, a man was killed on his way to work.

Then, last night, a guard of the auction house was ripped to shreds.

I caught the killer’s scent, tracked it inside. I found the guard in the vaults.

I had to clean up the mess before the police found out.

-Did you take anything? -Oh, sure.

I was up to a few Rembrandts. This is serious, Marcus.

Whoever’s doing this is infected with blood rage.

My grandfather eliminated blood rage centuries ago.

Apparently not.

If this keeps happening, we’ll be exposed to the humans.

You know what that means?

You hear anything, you see anything, come find me.

Make sure your date doesn’t start asking questions

about the missing guard.

-What’s up? I’m off-duty. -I need you to find out

if anything was stolen from the auction house last night.

Oh, you better catch up.

-Yeah. -How was she?

She’s still pretty upset.

I’m not supposed to say, but the police, they think it’s an inside job.

They’re still looking for our security guard, Joe.

I just can’t imagine him stealing.

Also, why take two miniature portraits

when there are works of art worth millions?

-We should probably order. -None of this makes sense.

There must be more to this.

Did your grandmother know who the sitters were?

Were the portraits undervalued? Is that why she was so set on them?

We should probably just let the police do their job.

There’s nothing we can do about it now.

So, is hot and cold your thing, is it?

I’m sorry.

The conversation with my grandmother just really wound me up.

It’s not you, honestly.

I can’t believe you don’t like 80s music.

Some of the best music ever was made in the 80s.

You know, I could see you in a Duran Duran video.

-Yeah? -Yeah, you’ve got the hair for it.

The fact that you’re owning your terrible taste in music

is kind of attractive.

Kind of?

But I feel like you’re holding out on me.

You don’t like talking about yourself, do you?

My life is pretty complicated.

I’m not usually this forward…

Good night.


Have you decided where you’re gonna have the baby yet?

Yeah. We’re gonna go with your hospital.

It’s the safest option.

The obstetrician works out there anyway, so it makes sense.

I mean, she thinks the baby’s fine.

What kind of world are we bringing her into?

I mean, how could she even stand a chance?

If she is a witch, she’ll represent everything

the congregation stands against.

She’ll be in danger.

She’s got you two for parents.

And the Knights of Lazarus to protect her.

And, who knows, maybe others like her

-I’m serious. -Mate, I don’t wanna be down

on your whole Grand Master thing, but come on.

The Knights protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Yeah, but there’s loads of bad stuff going on in the world.

Wars, famine, refugees. I don’t see the Knights.

I mean, what are they doing, bake sales?

-I know what they’re capable of. -Maybe hundreds of years ago.

But now…

they need a rebrand, mate.

And you have got your work cut out for you.

Mm. Night.

-Hi. -You know you’re a mystery,

and I hate mysteries.

For you.

So, full disclosure,

I may have looked you up online, and you’re invisible.

I mean, who in this day and age has zero social media presence?

-Is Whitmore even your real name? -Yes.

Are you really a doctor?

-A&E. -Mm.

How do you afford a place like this?

Family money.

You got like that when we talked about the robbery.

-Like what? -Like you’re hiding something.

I’m not.

Have you got a secret identity or something?

Are you a superhero?

Yeah. You got me.

My latex suit is hanging upstairs in the wardrobe.

Oh, hot.

Mm. And now you’re tying to distract me.

I’m not. I’m just trying to get…

Curious that we’re meeting outside.

What do you want, Gerbert?

I hear whispers that you’re harboring Diana Bishop’s aunts.

-I’m assuming it’s lies, of course. -Of course.

You do realize they broke the covenant,

inviting demons and vampires into their house,

fraternizing with other species.

It’s no concern of mine. I’ve never met them.

I was worried that your love for Matthew

might have blinded you.

What would you know of love?

Philippe devoted his life

to the de Clermonts and the vampire species.

Always ensuring that the interests of one

served the other.

Thanks to your son’s choice of mate,

these interests are now in direct conflict.

I know he and his witch are hiding somewhere in time,

but what are they planning?

You traveled 800 miles from Venice to ask me that?

Next time, send an email.

Humans are being murdered in Oxford

by a vampire.

A vampire infected with blood rage.

And what do you expect me to do about it?

There were always rumors about your bloodline.

Side with me

and I’ll steer any investigation

away from your family.

We have nothing to do with this.

Time will tell, Ysabeau.

This space is safe and sacred.

This path is closed to evil.


I can’t hear you.

-Emily. -Oh, my God! It’s working.



Don’t go.

No! No! Oh.

Hi. Who are you?

Oh, Phoebe.

I’m with Marcus.

-Oh. Right. I’m Sophie. -Hi.

That’s not… Marcus’s, is it?

Oh! God, no.

-Phoebe? -I’ll just… leave you to it.

I deal with con artists all the time, Marcus,

so I know when someone’s hiding something.

There are photos

from, like, 20 years ago going back to the 1800s.

How do all of your relations look exactly the same?

Marcus, there’s a bag of blood in your fridge.

-Are you ill or something? -No.

No. So it’s there because, what?

You know, I… I really like you, Marcus,

and I have never liked anyone, but…

nothing in your life makes sense.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Phoebe, wait.

Could we take a walk?

I don’t really know where to start.

Whatever it is, just tell me.

Can’t be that bad.

I’m a vampire.

Come on, Marcus.

Phoebe, seriously.

I’m hundreds of years old.

You catalog history.

I’ve lived it.

I know it sounds crazy.

Humans share this planet with other creatures.

With vampires, witches and demons

who hide in plain sight and they’re all around you.

Creatures like me.

So, you’re not a superhero, just…

an actual vampire

It’s funny ’cause I didn’t see a coffin in your apartment.

Everything you think you know about us

is human propaganda based on half-truths

passed down and distorted through millennia.

But we’re real and we’re everywhere.

You seriously believe this.

I swear I’m telling the truth.

Then I feel sorry for you. I think you need help.

-No. Please listen. -No. Seriously.

We had a nice night. Don’t spoil it.

Goodbye, Marcus.

Would it kill you to answer your phone once in a while?

I’ve been busy.

So was someone else.

Do you know anything about this?

It’s all over the internet.

Only that Domenico has been sniffing around.

Must be working with Gerbert.

What are you doing here, Baldwin?

Ysabeau wants me to speak to Miriam about the murders.

I could have done that. Why didn’t she ask me?

Maybe she thought you had enough on your plate.

You can ask her yourself. She wants to see you.

I know Matthew’s made you Grand Master.

Sounds like your worst nightmare.

All that responsibility and pressure.

Let me do you a favor and take it off your hands.

So, that’s why you’ve come here.

These are dangerous times.

The congregation wanted my head, Marcus.

Gerbert is frothing at the prospect of unseating us.

Our future is hanging in the balance.

The Knights may be needed at any moment,

and they need an experienced, committed leader.

Matthew didn’t give me a choice. It is what it is.

I am Philippe’s only surviving blood son.

I should be Grand Master.

-Matthew’s using you to get to me. -You’re wrong.

He trusts me to make a difference.

He’s been lying to you your whole life.

What’s that supposed to mean?


You don’t want to be saddled with this.

Just turn the Knights over to me,

and you can go on living your life among the humans.

They’re the people you really care about.

Wouldn’t be an abdication. You’d simply be doing the right thing.

Step out of Matthew’s shadow.

He doesn’t deserve your loyalty.

The latest murder is all over the Internet.

It’s a fucking hashtag.

It’s just tabloid hysteria.

They don’t suspect an actual vampire.

-Do you have any leads yet? -No.

You’d better not be holding out on me.

Why would you reveal your true self to a human?

I had to. I wanted to.

Well, now you’ll have to kill her.

She won’t tell anyone. She thinks I’m a head case.

Saved by her lack of imagination.

Nevertheless, Matthew appointed you

Grand Master of the Knights to protect our family’s position.

-Not undermine it. -I didn’t ask for any of this.

A Grand Master can’t be reckless.

You need to understand your new responsibilities.

There are artifacts and papers here

dating back to the formation of the Knights,

nearly 900 years ago.

The Knights did some amazing things,

a long time ago.

What’s their relevance today? What are they doing right now?

You’re Grand Master. That’s for you to decide.

If I’m in charge, I want to shake things up.

Use the Knights to make a real difference.

We should be looking forward, not backwards.

Don’t tear down the establishment

without finding out how it was built or understanding its principles.

Baldwin wants the Knights so badly.

He always has.

He needs to feel close to his father.

Why did you send him to Oxford?

I had no choice. Events are in motion

that threaten the future of our family.

The murders?

What have they got to do with us?

Philippe formed the congregation and the Knights

to ensure the survival of our species,

but also…

to protect me.

The disease is in my bloodline.

-No. -I’m asymptomatic,

but others weren’t so fortunate.

That means that Matthew…

Matthew is fully afflicted.

But he sired me.

You and I are carriers.

The disease lives in our blood.

That’s why the children you sired were culled.

But Matthew said I was siring irresponsibly.

You’d passed on the disease.

He was under orders from Philippe to wipe it out.

Baldwin knew.

You all knew and you kept it from me.

It was Matthew’s decision.

-He chose to protect you from the truth. -Protect me?

Now you understand?

Gerbert is waiting for any opportunity

to take our family down.

If we’re linked to the murders, if our secret is uncovered,

the congregation will come for us.

They’ll kill you, me, Matthew,

every one of us.

It will be the end of the de Clermonts.

Am I better company than my brother?

Do not try and greet Philippe.

I’m sure your spies have told you everything elseyou need to know.

You should have told me yourself about your witch.

Get out!



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