A Discovery of Witches – S02E02 – Transcript

Episode 2 opens with Cecil and Matthew continuing to torture the poor man in the tower, asking him outright if the witches are working against the crown...
A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

Where better to hide from us than in the past?

It’d be better to look for the Book of Life.

Firstly, Diana is in need of a teacher. A witch.

Between us we can find someone discreet.


You can keep your money. I will have no part of this.

And the other matter?

We need to locate a lost book. An alchemical manuscript.

It has details of the origins of the three creatures.

-If it exists. -It exists.

I can’t believe Christopher Marlowe is a demon.

A witch. If you spoke civilly to one, I’d be concerned. But, married?

You must see, I need your help.

It’s power like yours, that’s why they’re hunting us in Scotland.

It’s why even here we have no peace from men like your husband.

My father needed a spy in the English court.

I fulfilled that need and I did it very well.

Who do you answer to? William Cecil?

Lord Burghley, yes.

We shall see how this chaos of yours plays out.

Your methods of persuasion have been sorely missed.

Being back here, wearing the cloak of his old self…

Changed. Do not, for one moment, assume you know him.

Knox will find us here. I can feel it.

I knew the coven will not tell Knox anything.

Mary Johnson always hated me. I bet she snitched right away.

None of them even know where Diana and Matthew have gone.

Yeah, and they could be dead for all we know.

This page is connected to Diana. It must have answers for us.

That book started this whole nightmare.

Don’t you want to know why?

They’re dining with us tonight?

You can’t avoid each other forever.

I believe we all prefer it that way.

I’m tolerating him under my roof and affording him my protection.

We don’t need to play happy families.

Matthew would want you to make them feel at home.

If he has evolved, then so can we.

Are the witches turning against Her Majesty?

No. They’re loyal.

Give me the names of your conspirators, Master Caldwell.

I… I… I have none.

Make him talk.


You returned at last.

You have suffered, Satu.

Your ancestors didn’t survive amongst others either.

You taught me everything…

…but not who I am.

-Why? -To protect you.

That’s why I raised you here.

I don’t want protection. I want to learn.

-I want to understand. -Then stay.

Become the weaver you were born to be.

I’m in a city full of witches.

And I still can’t find a teacher.

Have patience.

Master Roydon is resourceful.

It should be a matter between witches, Francoise.

We need to do things differently.

Find someone willing to help me.

They can’t be coerced or bribed.


Mistress Norman may have talked to others of the…

…fruit incident.

I wonder if Mary knows of any witches?

-You will enjoy Mary’s company. -Is she a human?

A trusted one. Her late brother was a close friend.

She practices alchemy. Fascinating woman.

Though prone to setting things alight.

-Mary Sidney. -We’ll pay her a visit.

Hal’s right, she could be a useful ally.

Meeting my heroes hasn’t been a wild success so far.

Mary Sidney is nothing like Kit.



I understand you are a fellow student of alchemy.

I am more an enthusiastic reader.

Diana is being far too modest. She’s an accomplished scholar, Mary.

You could assist me. If your duties at home permit.

So many things get in the way of study.

Oh, I couldn’t agree more.

Still, you and I have an easier time than most women do.

We have our books and the leisure to indulge our passions, thank God.

We women own nothing…

…save what lies between our ears.

Oh, no.

How on earth? Quickly!

Oh. Must’ve slithered in from the garden.

Yes, that’ll be it.

What a nuisance.

-I don’t know how I… -It’s all right. Mary.

We are in need of a witch. As you can see, it’s quite urgent.

I know no witches.

I learned what you are from my brother as a child.

I understood it to be a fable.

That is how I would like to keep it.

You would deny the truth of creatures like Diana and I?

-We will trouble you no further. -Why can’t we go on as before?

Because I love Diana and want to see her secure.

I… I cannot help you with a witch.

But I gladly offer you my friendship.

And I mine.

A word of caution, Diana.

No one in London should be trusted with knowledge of you.

What is happening in Scotland is making people fearful.

Her Majesty is satisfied with the events in Scotland?

The distractions facing King James pleases her.

Good. I am glad to hear it.

There was an omission, however, in your statement.

The imprisonment of Agnes Sampson.

One witch is much like any other.

I didn’t feel the need to specify any of their names.

One cannot forget your disdain for witches.

Still, torture of their leader poses a risk.

English witches may turn against Her Majesty.

Side with their people in the north.

England’s witches assisted in repelling the Armada.

Surely their loyalty is above suspicion?

No one is above suspicion.

And, now, disturbing news from Garlickhythe.

A minister questioned one of his parishioners

about suspected witchcraft.

Shortly after, he fell ill.

This does not appear to be a matter for us.

This witch, Thomas Caldwell,

made threats against the Crown during his questioning.

It is against our covenant to meddle in human affairs.

And, yet, here you are, Roydon, working for us.

Her Majesty has never shown displeasure with my service.

You are greatly depended on, of course.

Question this Tom Caldwell at the Tower.

Find out what the witches are plotting.

Extract a confession by any means necessary.

Yes, My Lord.

Master Roydon. Welcome back to London.

I suggest you stay where you are. What do you want?

I’ve a message from Father Hubbard.


-Well, deliver it. -He wants to see you.

You can tell Hubbard I’ll visit when it’s convenient.

You’ll visit tonight. Before the clock tolls 7:00.

Bring your witch.

Send for Kit. Tell him a summons came.

From Father Hubbard.

-At once, Master Roydon. -Diana?

Andrew Hubbard is a vampire

who rules over the city of London.

How did the city become his?

Well… The Black Death arrived in 1348.

If you weren’t already dead, you were trying to flee the city.

Except for one man,

a priest named Father Hubbard. Now…

He cared for the sick until he finally succumbed to the illness.

At which point, he dug himself a grave

and climbed in “to wait for God.”

When he climbed out again, he prophesied divine resurrection.

-Someone made him a vampire. -No one claimed to.

So, the creatures believed his story

and, from then until now, he gathers up and helps the lost souls of the city.

-That sounds noble. -Hubbard controls them too.

Or at least tries to.

Under no circumstances are you to let him taste your blood.

Why would I?

Because it’s part of his ritual of adoption.

He believes that it reveals the content of their souls.

-But reveals their secrets too? -Yes.

Promise me.

Yes. Matthew, why didn’t you tell me this?

There is a treaty between Hubbard and the De Clermont family.

He stays out of our way, and we stay out of his.

But I fall outside your diplomatic immunity, is that it?

It’s one of the perils of being a timespinner.

You know the future, but forget the past.

You would better re-inhabit your old life, my friend.

Before you get yourself killed.

Father, I give my blood willingly,

that God may know my heart.

I accept your gift

and vow to protect you as my child.

God bless you.

Now, greet your kin.

You’re late.

We have a problem.

We have several.

You have your hands upon someone who doesn’t belong to you.

And if you don’t step back, I’ll tear this day to pieces…


Leave us.

Monsieur de Clermont, I permit your presence because

of my treaty with your father, Philippe.

But you flout our customs.

Allow this witch to roam.

Then there’s the marks.

Relationship between a witch and a wearh is sin enough.

But this…

If the witches find you took blood without consent,

you will be put to death.

If she gave it willingly,

then she will be cast out of England.

Oh, fear not.

Once you are family, I will protect you.

I do not answer to you, nor does Diana.

Tell your flock she belongs to you,

if it brings you comfort,

but you won’t have her blood.

Then we are at an impasse.

-I fed Matthew willingly, Father. -Diana.

Carry on.

Matthew was dying.

I forced him to take my blood in order to save his life.


He did so unwillingly?

It was my decision. And I would make it again.


God accepts your act of mercy.

But know this,

nothing happens in London without my blessing.

God is watching you both.


-I was buying us time. -That was reckless.


…also brilliant.

Let’s get you home.

-Amen. -Amen.

Is God listening?

I never know.

Do you know, in all the madness of the arrival,

I missed All Soul’s Day.

Let us have fun.

You’ve forgotten the other side of Matthew Roydon.

Let me guess.

You still require a loan.

I need to talk to her. Alone.

Mistress Norman. Please…

It was wrong to force you to our home.

But I need you.

I invite you to come. Master Roydon is out.

Get the contents of this egg

into that bowl without using your hands.

I… I…

Can we do a different one? I don’t know that spell.

If your power is too weak, then no witch can help you.

Magic is desire made real.

I’ll speak to Goody Alsop.

She’s your head of coven?

She is England’s most powerful witch.

-Yes. -Please.

-Matthew? -I give up ever so gracefully.

-Hm. It’s just you and I. -Indeed.

The shirt off his back.

-Voila. -Fair bet.

-Very well. -Oh, a raise.

A big raise.

I have nothing left.

-Your earring, if you please. -Oh, Kit.

I mean, it’s a thing of beauty.


Fine hand! Good hand, Kit.

-You are a cheater. -I find that very offensive.

-Gift? -I chose it especially.

How very thoughtful.

Good evening, gentlemen.

Oh, leave him his shirt, Kit.

Oh. See, now you look like Matthew Roydon.



Ah, Peckham.

Are you lost?

What news of Thomas Caldwell’s interrogation?

-It’s ongoing. -It has not begun.

And what does a Whitehall clerk know of my methods?

I know you’ve not set foot in The Tower.

I’m allowing my prisoner time to fear.

The potent power of the imagination, Peckham.

Do not test Lord Burghley’s patience.

Do not test mine.

Thank you.

Tell me of your future life.

No, Kit, it isn’t wise.

Do you still write verse?

Not for 70 years or more.

-Read philosophy? -More science though.


-Our chemical processes. -As it evolves.

We have a greater understanding of the physical and natural world.

So, what questions press you?

The same ones that always have,

to know why I’m here.

And the future hasn’t answered?

I doubt if it ever will.

What about my work? Is it still read?

You will not draw me on your future, Kit.

That way madness lies.

Maddening visions are a part of my nature.

No man should ever know their fate.

And yet you know mine.

I must go.

To The Tower, if you have sense.

Whatever you feel now about witches,

do not ignore Cecil’s orders.

-I’m coming for you. -Get your coat.

Jack seems to be settling in well.

Glad to hear it.


Why do you have this?

A minister in London questioned a witch,

a man named Thomas Caldwell.

I’m reading the testimonies.

He used the Malleus Maleficarum.


These questions were used to trap the innocent.

Thousands of people were killed this way.

Fortunately, Cecil isn’t bloodthirsty on that score.

Why interrogate a creature if he knows they exist?

The Queen fears that England’s witches will turn against her.

And unfortunately, very unfortunately,

under duress, Thomas said some very foolish things about the crown.

Treason. But that’s a death sentence.


Mary was right.

I know what you’re thinking, Diana.

I wouldn’t have brought you here if witch hunts were going to break out.

Thank you.

It’s 20 years before the Lancashire hunts begin.

With reasoning like that,

it’s a good thing you’re a scientist and not a historian.

Oh, so a historian knows better than someone who’s actually lived through it?

Of course. Look at what’s happening here.

The population is exploding. Land is being cleared.

Harvest are bad. Matthew, people are struggling.

So, you think people are looking for scapegoats as we speak?

One minute we’re friends with our neighbors,

the next, we’re running scared.

We will be long gone by the time that happens, I promise.

Now, Diana, please, please, please, for the love of God,

let me finish my reading.


Thank you.

By the way, I found a teacher.

Stay outside, wearh.

It is Mistress Roydon she wants to meet.

I’m not leaving Diana alone.

Let me have a look at you.

To keep out prying eyes.

A witch tried to see inside me.

This should not hurt.

I have waited a long time for you, Diana.

The auguries foretold your arrival a long time ago.

And with the portents in the north, I knew to expect you now.

The witch hunts in Scotland.

They have imprisoned Agnes Sampson.

The three of us are all that is left of our kind.

“Our kind”? I don’t know what you mean.

You are a weaver. A maker of spells.

With respect, I think you’re mistaken.

My Aunt Sarah is gifted. I am…

…terrible with spells. Ask Susanna.

You must devise your own.

There are old stories of witches with miraculous power.

I’ve lived a long time, Goody Alsop.

And I’ve never met one.

We are rare creatures, Master Roydon.

We have been hunted down and forced into hiding.

The witch that attacked me was powerful.

She knew I was different.

Do you think Satu knew you were a weaver?

I don’t know. Maybe.

Sadly, the greatest threat to our safety

is our own kind.

Envy and fear are powerful forces.

My parents were killed by witches.

-Maybe that’s why. -You cannot tell…

…but your father was one.

He knew that you would follow his path.

You sense his magic inside me?

They are seldom men.

He was a self-taught weaver, Susanna.

I can see the last threads of his spellbinding…

…roughly woven together.


…it was made with love to protect you.

Will you teach me, Goody Alsop?

It will attract too much attention.

The Rede must be consulted.

If you inform the council of witches, you will reveal Diana’s identity,

and I cannot allow that.

Please sit down, Master Roydon.

My neck no longer bends that way.

Diana’s presence is already felt.

We established The Read to protect our interests.

Their consent is necessary.

Then seek it at once.

Mistress Roydon, make your case to The Read.

I was spellbound and orphaned as a child.

Cut off from my essence as a witch.

Now that my bindings are gone,

I am ready to learn the full nature of my power.

I need a community of witches to do that.

We take pity on you, Mistress.

To be spellbound is a grave thing.

But another city may be a better place to help you.


No. I am meant to be here.

Mistress Norman, you have concerns.

I, too, take pity on Mistress Roydon,

but training her could threaten the safety of our fellow witches.

How so, Mistress?

She is married to a wearh, the known enemy of our people.

This is, sadly, true.

As we stand here today, one of our own is locked in The Tower

with Master Roydon as inquisitor.

Mistress Roydon’s soul is as clear to me as my own.

Forgive me, but it is not such an easy matter, Goody Alsop.

If we are to help a witch who has allied herself with a wearh

over her own people, then we must be prepared

to make an enemy of Father Hubbard.

My relationship is not a rejection of my people.

Dark times are coming.

A witch has long been prophesied to come to our aid.

Diana is that witch.

Forgive us, but how do we know that that is true?

I’m a time spinner. I have come from the future

in order to seek out a special teacher.

I’ve seen The Book of Life with my own eyes.

-The first grimoire? -Yes.

I don’t understand how my magic is connected to it,

or my purpose once I’ve come into my power.

But I do know this…

My relationship to my magic,

to Matthew Roydon and to The Book of Life

are woven together.

One cannot exclude the other.

The long awaited weaver is among us.

This is not a test, Diana.

This is a welcome.

Fine day for an interrogation.

What do you want, Hubbard?

One of my children has been caught up in Cecil’s web.

Tom Caldwell.

Why should that concern me?

He’s innocent.

I think that’s for the Crown to decide, don’t you?

The Queen’s trusted shadow can exert influence.

Any influence I may have

won’t be spent protecting your interests, I can assure you.

Good day.

There would be benefit in our cooperating.

We have a great deal in common, after all.

Both men of faith.

You’re determined to protect Diana and me, Tom.

Or should I ask Philippe de Clermont for assistance?

This has nothing to do with him, Andrew.

Let us hope so.

Good day.

Tangled mess!

Hubbard expects me to free Thomas Caldwell,

and Cecil, Cecil,

demands that I extract a confession from him

and put him to death!

Contact Philippe.

It can influence the situation in untold ways.

No. If my father finds out about Diana,

then everything will become undone. Everything!

Take my counsel.

Take my counsel.

Dampen Cecil’s suspicions.

Your prisoner will survive for how long?

Two weeks?


Matthew Roydon is never cruel for sport.

Father Hubbard pleaded your case.

But he is ruthlessly efficient.

Do not impersonate Matthew Roydon.

Become him.

Master Roydon.


The Read will allow me to train.


He didn’t suffer.

You killed him out of mercy.

If I was truly merciful,

currently, he would be rowing himself down the Thames.

He was innocent.

There was no way, no path where Tom survived

that I can keep you safe.

He made no threat against me.


We gather together to mourn Thomas Caldwell,

beloved member of our family.

We keep him in our hearts.

His life was cut short.

But our memories are long.

France, sir?

Put this into the hand of Philippe de Clermont yourself.

Explain yourself.

The witch refused to cooperate and became contemptuous.

I lost my temper.

You snapped his neck!

For which I beg your forgiveness.

It is out of character.

Perhaps you have reason to side with the traitor,

to support the witches.

My loyalty and devotion to the Queen are steadfast.

Something I will remind her of at once.

Her Majesty’s in no humor to see you.

I advise you to remember the punishment for traitors,

human or creature.

It looked like an uncontrolled feeding.

Multiple bite marks. The body was torn apart.

I haven’t seen anything like that in centuries.

Her Majesty questions

the trust she long placed in you, Master Roydon.

You look tired, Shadow, marriage does not suit you.

A weaver selects

and shapes something new.

Just let the power move through you.

You seek a specific text.

An old book of alchemy in an unknown language.

Dr. Dee does have such a book.

Acquired from Emperor Rudolf.

May I see it?


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