A Discovery of Witches – S02E01 – Transcript

Diana and Matthew arrive in London on All Hallows’ Eve, 1590, slightly off course from where they planned. They enter Matthew’s London home and are confronted by Christopher Marlowe, who instantly distrusts Diana.
A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

Diana and Matthew arrive in London on All Hallows’ Eve, 1590, slightly off course from where they planned. They enter Matthew’s London home and are confronted by Christopher Marlowe, who instantly distrusts Diana. Later, Diana meets additional friends of Matthew and realizes his identity in this time period is Matthew Roydon, a member of the School of Night. She also discovers he is a spy who is turning in fellow Catholics. Diana encounters a witch who looks like Sophie Norman and realizes this must be her ancestor, but Matthew’s attempt to employ her as a teacher is unsuccessful.

Dr. Diana Bishop.

She’s a witch and a powerful one if her family’s anything to go by.

Professor Clairmont. You’re a vampire.

-You’re studying vampire genetics? -Witches and daemons, too.

The work we’re doing here proves the creatures are dying out.

-What about The Book of Life? -Three pages were cut out.

You think 792 is gonna help you with your research?

-What is the covenant? -It forbids interspecies relationships.

Your father set up the congregation to keep peace amongst the species.

Your brother has broken that peace.

Your power’s extraordinary.

She needs to learn control.

Do you think that you might just have time-warped?

The witches will think that Diana has turned her back

on her own kind and they will come.

What if we hide somewhere in time?

There has to be somewhere I can learn about my magic.

My father told me to give this to the one who has need of it.

I lost that on All Souls’ Night a very long time ago.

They know where you are. Go now.

What is it, a cloaking spell?

Peter, can you feel it?

The magic she used.

Whatever it is, it’s a decoy.

She wants us chasing our tails. Oh, they were definitely here.

They were wearing these clothes just moments ago.

Why stop to change if they were in such a rush to escape?

What if they were going somewhere

and they couldn’t be seen in modern-day clothes?

She’s a timewalker. She’s powerful enough.

Where better to hide from us than in the past?

Where better to look for The Book of Life.

Wherever they are, they can’t stay gone forever.

We’ll wait.

I’m very good at waiting.

-She will come this year. -I know it.

We have had the portents from the north.

I have watched the heavens.

This is the All Hallows of the prophecy.

I know it.

She will arrive this night,

our fearsome witch.

Where are we?

Not where I had hoped.

This way.

-You know this place? -Oh, yes.

Very well.

This house is never empty.

Stay behind me.

Who the hell are you?

Matt. Stand down. She’s with me.

She is a witch. I am sure of it.

Master Roydon. We weren’t expecting you for weeks yet.

-Send for Raleigh. He is bewitched. -Kit… Enough!

Let me make this exceedingly clear.

I am perfectly well and in my right mind.

This is Diana.

And if you want to keep a tongue in your head,

you will speak of her with respect.

She’s here not as my guest, but as lady of the house.

She is…

She is my wife, Kit.

We should have arrived in the country.

Sixty miles off course.

I wonder what I did wrong.

You say wrong, but look where we are.

You got the right year, the right night even.

-You did it. -Your wife did it.

Mmm, I’m sorry about that. Kit can be extremely…

Protective. And suspicious, as he has every right to be.

Can’t believe Christopher Marlowe is a daemon.

Can’t believe you didn’t tell me.


They’ll know that I fed on you,

and they won’t understand.

A witch living with a wearh is strange enough.

-Nowhere? -A wearh. A vampire.

Promise me that you’ll keep it covered up, always.

Master Marlowe has sent for Sir Walter

and the Earl of Northumberland.

Humans, friends, but we can trust them.

Francoise, find something for Diana to wear, would you?

Do we still have some of Louisa’s old clothes?

Thank you, Francoise.

The Earl of Northumberland

and Sir Walter… Sir Walter Raleigh?

You’re Matthew Roydon.

The School of Night Matthew Roydon,

the only member of the group that we know nothing about.

For good reason.

Now I have to become him again.

Is that really so bad?

Won’t being in the center of things

make it easier to find The Book of Life?

I hope so. I just thought that we could lay low,

get what we need and get out again. No mess.

Speaking of which, I really need to deal with Kit.

When did you first cross paths with her?

-Do you remember? -Kit.

I’m not under a spell.

Just indulge me.

I’m sorry, old friend.

It wasn’t the best way to tell you, I know.

-I’m not under a spell. -A witch?

You spoke civilly to one, I’d be concerned, but married?

I expect you to take me at my word…

Until you are you again,

I shall imagine you a stranger.

Come in.

Thank you.

Does Matthew’s sister visit often?

You need to come out of that shift.


Who did that to you?

It was…

It was a fellow witch.

Matthew and I… It hasn’t been easy.

Well, don’t you mind these old clothes, Mistress Roydon.

We’ll have a nice new wardrobe for you presently.

Thank you.

And we would have made faster progress.

Diana, Lord Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland

and Sir Walter Raleigh.

It’s an honor to meet you.

I don’t recognize your accent. Where are you from?


I do beg your pardon, Mistress Roydon.

I’m a little hard of hearing.

-I… I’m from Cambridge, my lord. -I would not have guessed.

Well, perhaps somewhat to the west of Cambridge.

Gentlemen, there are two matters.

Firstly, Diana is in need of a teacher.

A witch.

Her parents died when she was very young.

Therefore, she lacks training.

I’m sure between us we can find someone discreet.

And the other matter?

We need to locate a lost book, an alchemical manuscript.

The book contains information about the wilder creatures.

Not the Book of Mysteries?

Surely… The very same.

It has details of the origins of the three creatures,

if it exists.

It exists.

We must tread carefully.

People will talk if they see you with a witch.

And if it’s discretion you want, I’d keep that indoors.

Kit may be right, Mistress, though his manners are wanting.

Your accent, even your choice of words, sets you apart.

Perhaps it would be wiser to settle in first.


I’ll lay low until I find my feet.

But no one is keeping me anywhere.

It’s too early for bed. I might sleep for a month.

I have to go out.

Tonight? What for?

There are certain people I have to reach out to.

Reorient myself.

I remember the broad strokes of all of this,

but it has been over 400 years.

We’ll find a teacher in the morning, won’t we?

As soon as I can master my magic,

we’ll find the book ourselves.

And we can get home again.

Believe me,

I’m counting on it.

Come, witch.


She must be Sophie’s ancestor. She has to be.

She’s a witch and…

The chess piece.

This is how it gets to her family. That woman becomes my teacher.

What if it was her magic luring you outside?

No, it wasn’t. It was me. I had a new way of seeing, of knowing.

Matthew. I’m right. This is a good thing.

You should have waited for me. How am I supposed to protect you?

-Protect me? -Yes!

How am I supposed to protect you

if you won’t share things with me?

All right.

-Where were you tonight? -I told you,

I had people I had to reach out to.

So it’s okay for me to worry about you out there alone,

but when I step foot outside…

-That’s different and you know it. -Is it?

You don’t protect me, Matthew. We protect each other.

Book or no book, neither of us are getting back home

unless I find the right teacher.

This woman, she is a gift.

We should be grabbing it with both hands, not running scared.

I never run scared of anything in my life.

I simply won’t take risks where your safety is concerned.

Well, I’m not staying locked up in here.

So either you find me that witch

or I will go out there and I’ll find her myself.

Good morning.


Show me the building that she came out of

and I’ll get Walter on the case.

That man can find anyone.


Thank you. Thank you.

I know it’s what we’re meant to do.

Not that I’m complaining,

but I thought you were in a hurry to get outside.

You said you were sending Walter.

To find the witch.

I thought that I might show you something of the city.


If, and I mean this,

only if Francoise has your new clothes ready.

You are not going anywhere in that monstrosity.

It’s over 20 years old and intended for court.

Matthew de Clermont.

Were you keeping me indoors

because you didn’t want to be seen with a fashion victim?

Well, I mean, look at me.

I do have a reputation to uphold.


Mistress Roydon.



Did you always get this much attention?

Perhaps. I don’t recall.

All these people here. London is still so tiny.

I always told my students that.

Cities of the past would have smelled awful.

-Trust me, parts of it do. -Not these parts.

Well, I can always take you to a tannery yard if you’d like.

Old St. Paul’s. It’s huge.

Well, it helps not being dwarfed by a skyscraper too.

I just… I just keep thinking.

Okay, now it finally feels real.

But now it does. Now…

Now it finally feels real.

Well, we should probably get back then.


Come on.

What’s wrong?

Damn it.

Surely not. You’re mistaken.

He’s taken pains to alter his appearance,

but it was him.

I’m sure of it.

It must be important to have you so rattled.

I’m not rattled, Diana.

I’m annoyed at myself for being so careless.

Now it’s known that I’m in London, I have to pay my respects.

It’s a waste of time, that’s all.

But you won’t tell me who he is.

He’s no one, an associate of Kit’s.

I should have reported him right away.

The truth is, I’m not sure I’ll pass muster.

If he wanted details of what I’ve been up to then…

Would Kit know? Can you ask him?

Ask him what?

Could you remind me of what I was doing last week?


No. I’ll take my chances.

We’ll get you a teacher. Find the manuscript.

And we’ll get the hell out of here as soon as we can.

I must go.

And don’t leave until I return.

Why don’t you have another, Master Pole?

You’re not…

Have I done something wrong?

Tell me. What was I doing out of London?

This is a test.

They’re not concerns,

but leaking of information, chatter in the ranks.

I ‘d never talk, I swear it.

I know. I know, William.

But you were always a very good listener.

Word was

they sent you up north to Berwick.

The Scottish king’s got his hands full

rounding up witches.

I heard they had you

keeping him focused on his own affairs instead of…

Well, you know…

What we’re doing down here.

I do.

Go on.

Leave us.

So it’s true.

-Explain yourself. -Forgive me, Lord Burghley,

but you asked me to stay in Berwick only until my errand was concluded.

Your errand was not a short-term endeavor.

The seeds of chaos are sown.

The Scottish courts are in disarray. The witches are divided.

If they’re not in hiding, then they’re up in arms against the king.

To tarry longer would have risked detection.

Unless, of course, your intention was to have me discovered.

All right.

We shall see how this chaos of yours plays out.

Very well.

Oh, and Roydon.

I’ll have further use for you now that you’re home.

Your methods of persuasion have been sorely missed.

No slipping away without my leave. Understood?

Of course, my lord.


The royal seal.

“My trusty shadow…”

Oh, Matthew.

I hope I wasn’t unwise to place my trust in you.

You weren’t.

I already knew he was Catholic. He told me.

Well, if you’d bewitched him,

he’d tell you anything.

Listen to my heartbeat, Francoise.

I will not tell a soul what I’ve seen up here. I promise.

I suspected that he was a spy.

I just, I hadn’t put it together until now.

He’s identifying Catholics.

Betraying his own people, his faith.


He is.


You look…

I don’t know.



that’s a first.

-How did it go? -He remains convinced for now, I think.

Why do you do it?

Because it is my duty.

To your father.

I was wondering when he’d come up.

He is in France. We won’t encounter him.

Come to bed.


There’s nothing more to say that you haven’t already discovered.

My father needed a spy in the English court.

I fulfilled that need and I did it very well.

Until now, apparently.

Not even Philippe de Clermont thought

to factor in time travel when he gave his orders.

But he knew you were Catholic when he sent you here.

Of course.

What… Come to bed.


You’re the only thing that makes sense here.

Master Roydon. The witch you were seeking.

-Mistress. -Wearh.

This woman is under my protection.

She’s without family and in need of your assistance.

She shows signs of being a witch.

We shall see.

As I suspected, she is no witch.

Do not play games. Truth. Now.

You sought my opinion, wearh, Now you have it.

I think you do sense that I have power.

Please. My magic led me to you, I am sure.

There must be some other way that you can test my ability.

Consider your answer.

You do not want me for an enemy.

A true witch can unravel the ties that bind the order of things.

She can relight a flame

and stop a bell from ringing.

Well, go on.

Try again, Diana.

I saw her lighting candles only days ago.

There now. It is as I told you.


Let me try again.

Diana, stop.


You can keep your money. I will have no part of this.

I won’t hurt you.

I don’t know what that was,

but you must see, I need your help.

It’s power like yours, that’s why they’re hunting us in Scotland.

It’s why even here, we have no peace

from men like your husband.

Who else thinks we’re married?

Besides your friends and the servants.

Well, neighbors might have assumed. Why?

She called you my husband.

Move those fingers even a hair

and I’ll have your ear, boy.

Matthew, he’s a child.

I ought to haul you in front of the bailiff, young man.

But you won’t and neither will I.

-What’s your name? -Jack, milady.

Jack. That’s a nice name.

Where are your parents? Your family…

I haven’t any, milady.

Had you ever heard anything about me before today?

No matter how silly it may sound.

They reckon you’re a witch.

I see.

But you’re not afraid.

No such thing as witches.

I don’t suppose you might know where the rumors started.


‘Course I do.

Nothing happens on Water Lane that I don’t know about.

It was in the tavern.

The one on the corner.

The Lamb.

I hope that what you saw earlier

won’t stop you from helping us to find the book.

Not at all. I’ve already written to a friend in Oxford,

and I’m hopeful they will assist in the search.

Matt, I’ll never be used to your face without a beard.

Although, I must say, it makes your lip far easier to read.

Taken out your earring, too.

Many changes since we saw you last.

Tell me, Walter, have you had a drink at The Lamb recently?

Nay. In that rat nest? Hardly.

It’s Kit who’s never out of the place.

Why do you ask?

Walter, I’ll see you and Henry tomorrow.

Are you all right, Matt?

Good night, Henry.

You talked about Diana.

Don’t even bother trying to deny it.

Why would I deny it?

I’d do the same again.

I had your loyalty. I know I did. Where is it now?

-You still have it. -He can’t breathe, Matthew.

Can you not see things from my perspective?

You’re meant to be in Scotland with Gallowglass.

Not here, married to a witch with no word of explanation!

You’re not yourself, Matthew.

We have to tell him. You saw what my magic did today.

He’s gonna keep making trouble until I’m gone.

He knows you.

When he hears the truth, he’ll believe it.

You won’t get another chance with me.

I told Walter that I’m from Cambridge.

And I am.

But not the Cambridge you know.

Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s a colony in the New World.

I’ve never heard of it.

Not the New World as it is now, but of the future.

She claims she is a time spinner.

My friend, you are further gone than I thought.

I know that she’s a time spinner

because I traveled with her here myself.


Matthew is not behaving like the man he was

because he is not the man you know.

Not quite. Not anymore.

Pretend for a moment that I believe this story.

Where is the Matthew from this time?

The one who traveled north but weeks ago.

We’re not sure.

It is possible that when we arrived, he was displaced.


Oh, you do, you do not mean dead?

No. When we leave, things should go back to how they were.

Listen to me, Kit.

If you were ever my friend, be my friend now,

accept us, both of us.

Or you can leave this house and never come back.

Either way,

if you breathe a word of this to anyone,

so help me God,

I’ll end you.

One of Cecil’s men.

Thank you.


He’s gone out.

He didn’t wake you?

Was he all right?

-Difficult to tell. -Yes. It often is with him.


If you are sincere in your affection,

then you deserve a warning.

Your Matthew he is


Gentler, I think.

Being back here,

wearing the cloak of his old self, it will…

change him, his work, his enemies, even his allies.

By the end of it, he will not be your Matthew any longer.

I know what you’re doing, Kit.

You think if we go, you get your Matthew back.

I have wit enough to know that he has never been that.

You know what I mean.

I have seen Matthew at his worst,

but I fear you are out of your depth.

With respect, you don’t know me.

-No. -No.

When you met him,

he singled you out.

You were entirely uncommon.

Exceptional in a way that he could not define.

And although there was a darkness in him,

it was somehow as though you had always known him.

The way he talked,

it was as if all those many lifetimes

he had lived before were just marking time

until he met you.

Stay then, if you must.

But do not for one moment, assume you know him.

We have a problem.

That book started this whole nightmare.

One cannot forget your disdain for witches.

Seeing as witches succeeded in repelling the armada,

surely their loyalty is above suspicion.

No one is above suspicion.


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