THE PLUCK OF ‘BARRY LYNDON’ – Review by Jonathan Rosenbaum

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So Barry Lyndon is a failure. So what? How many “successes” have you seen lately that are half as interesting or accomplished, that are worth even ten minutes of thought after leaving them? By my own rough count, a smug little piece of engineering like A Clockwork Orange was worth about five. I’m reminded of what Jonas Mekas wrote about Zazie several years ago: “The fact that the film is a failure means nothing. Didn’t God create a failure, too?”

EYES WIDE SHUT: GHOST SONATA – By Richard T. Jameson [Film Comment]

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How are we supposed to watch Eyes Wide Shut? Really, how are we supposed to watch any Stanley Kubrick movie? Apprehension of so many of them has shifted between initial reviewing and years of re-viewing, of reconsideration from the vantage of a culture changed, often as not, by the films themselves.

FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA INTERVIEW (1974) – by Marjorie Rosen [Film Comment]

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by Marjorie Rosen In Hollywood circles the adage, "You're as good as your last picture," holds more truth than is comfortable or healthy. It could also be why interviewing a director as the reviews for his latest opus are rolling in may either resemble a wake or a euphoric victory [...]

PAUL SCHRADER ON ‘TAXI DRIVER’ – Interview by Richard Thompson

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TAXI DRIVER'S SCREENWRITER Paul Schrader interviewed by Richard Thompson Richard Thompson is grateful to Jack Shafer for his help with this interview, which took place in L.A. on January 26 and 29, 1976. Paul Schrader, 30, is probably best known in Hollywood for selling his first screenplay, Yakuza, for $300,000. [...]

KUBRICK’S SHINING – Review by Richard T. Jameson [Film Comment]

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by Richard T. Jameson Camera comes in low over an immense Western lake, its destination apparently a small island at the center that seems to consist of nothing but treetops. Draw nearer, then sweep over and pass the island, skewing slightly now in search of a central focus at the [...]