Palestine: The Charade Continues

Israel could not care less about UN resolutions, something even the stones now know.

Yesterday, the world found itself applauding the UN resolution which finally—thanks to the “surprising” abstention of the USA—imposes a ceasefire in Gaza. Israel, of course, expressed its “horror” at this vote.

It’s a pity that yesterday’s resolution—though it comes from the Security Council and is therefore binding—means little to Netanyahu. Just as all UN resolutions that, since 1967, have demanded the Zionist state return the occupied territories, have meant little to Israel.

Israel could not care less about UN resolutions, something even the stones now know.

So, what was the purpose of yesterday’s vote, with the “strategic abstention” of the United States?

Nothing, except for President Biden to try and stop the drastic decline in support he’s been noticing among Democrats, especially for his shamelessly pro-Israel policy.

Thus, it’s a facade operation by the Americans to somewhat cleanse their conscience in front of the voters, and feigned indignation on the part of Israel, which continues to do exactly as it pleases, as it has since 1967.

The charade continues. And we, the fools, sit there watching the puppets.

Massimo Mazzucco


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