The Zone of Interest (2023) | Transcript

Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden beside the camp.

In 1943, Rudolf Höss, the commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp, portrayed an unsettling juxtaposition of domestic bliss and horrific brutality. Living idyllically next to the camp with his family, Höss’s daily life was starkly contrasted by the atrocities occurring beyond his garden wall, where the sounds of gunshots, trains, and the camp’s furnaces were a grim backdrop. Despite the normalcy within his household, the reality of his role in the Holocaust became unavoidable when he observed human remains in the river during a family swim, leading to a stern reprimand to his staff. Höss’s promotion and subsequent relocation to Oranienburg brought temporary separation from his family, who later rejoined him upon his assignment to orchestrate the mass transport and killing of Hungarian Jews. This period of his life highlighted a chilling compartmentalization of his existence, managing familial duties and genocidal responsibilities, culminating in a stark moment of reflection on the efficiency of mass murder. The film closes with a present-day glimpse of Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum’s maintenance, silently echoing the dark history it now preserves.

* * *

Go past me children.

There are some to my left and some ahead here.


Sleep child sleep.

Don’t sit on me.

I didn’t sit on you.

That’s what happens when you stamp on my foot.

You’d better not throw a bucket of water over me.

No, we’d never do that.

It better not make me late.

This way… and out.

Watch out for the steps.

Feel for it… and down. Perfect.

Last step, and now turn around.

Where you go. Wait. Stand here.


Is this for me?


Thank you.

Happy birthday.

Where did you get it?

I have my sources.

One, two, three passengers.

Who wants the first ride?



You can have the first ride.

The paint is still fresh.

Annagret will have a green bottom.

Coats, hags, off to school.

Thank you, children.


Inge, pull your socks up.

Bye bye Daddy.


Would you like to smell a rose?

Smell a rose. Yes. This one.

This one is beautiful.

Look, what a big dahlia.

And a ladybird. Yes.



Upstairs please.

Then come and see me.


Aniela, come.

Choose something you like.

Only one each.

Take something.

This one needs to be cleaned

and the lining has to be mended.

Be careful with it.

Of course.

Go back downstairs.

The bees are flying.

It is hot, isn’t it?

How was your journey?

Long. But we’re here now.

Yes indeed. So, not too bad?

No, not too bad.

Easier than last time actually.

Excellent. Well then, welcome back.

Absolutely. We’re glad to be here.

Should we take our shoes off as well?


Did you travel via Prague or Vienna?

Prague. It is 56 minutes faster.

She asked me where I got

one of my jackets from.

I said, “Canada.”

And she asked, “How did you get to Canada?”

She thought you meant the country?

Yes, of course.

An understandable mistake.

The same thing happened when Helga Pattisch

came for the first time.

Out of all of the clothes, she chose a dress

Out of all of the clothes, she chose a dress

that belonged to some little Jewess half her size.

I could only pull the zipper up to here

and the dress came apart.

And ! pulled and pulled at it.

She just looked down at herself and said

“I love this dress.”

In the end she took it.

And she said, “I’ll go on a diet.”

Would you like more coffee?

Yes please. Thank you.

You take it black?

Black is good, thank you.

Helga’s husband only adopted

that little Polish bay to keep her at home

That’s what she told me.

And he hits her as well.

And he hits her as well.

I didn’t know that.

How do you know that?

Haven’t you noticed the bruises on her arms?

Haven’t you noticed the bruises on her arms?

I forgot to tell you something.

Guess where I found this diamond?

In the toothpaste

No. Really?

How clever you must have to be.

Yes, they are very.

I’ve ordered more toothpaste

because you never know.

I think I told you above the Schilling concert.

About Brigitte Frank’s ermine fur coat.

Did I tell you about it?

I don’t think so.


She looks like an empress.

The other side of it is the next chamber

with the next load ready to burn

once the pieces here

have been completely incinerated.

How long does it take?

7 hours, 400 to 500 at a time.

Closer to 500.

So, once that has happened,

you close this chimney,

then simultaneously open the next.

The fire will follow the air,

through this baffle of course,

into this chamber and then burn this load.

The chamber directly opposite the combustion zone,

which burns at roughly 1,000 degrees,

has by now cooled to around 40 degrees.

Cool enough to unload the ash

and then reload the chamber.

So, this chamber is cooling

while this one is heating up?

Correct. The process moves one chamber over,


So, burn, cool, unload, reload.





Happy birthday, Commandant.

Happy birthday, Commandant.

Itis an honour to serve under you.

Thank you.

Happy birthday, Commandant.

Thank you.

Happy birthday, Commandant.

Thank you.

That is a rifle.

And this is also a rifle.

And here is one with a pistol,

and another rifle here.

Do you hear that?

It’s a bittern. A heron. A Eurasian grey heron.

You cried like this too.

You were even louder.

What’s going on with her?

She’s strong, isn’t she?

I’d like to try mine now.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

I’m looking.

At what?


What are you doing?


What are you doing here?

I’m handing out sugar.

Who to?

I’m looking.


Then, a little white bird flew past

to guide them out of the forest.

Soon they arrived at a huge lake.

They were puzzled as they did not know how to cross it.

Suddenly, a big beautiful swan came swimming towards them.

“Oh beautiful swan, please be our boat.”

The swan bent its neck and came to the shore.

Bracht phoned the house.

Yes, while you were outside for your toast.

I forgot to tell you.

He said he’d call back tomorrow, midday.


Will you take me to that spa in ltaly again?

All that pampering.

And the walks. And that nice couple we met.

Is she wandering around again?


And that man

who played the accordion to the cows?

They loved it.

It was so funny.

All looking at him like this.

Will you?


Well, take me back there.


I don’t know when.

You smell nice.

It’s French.

Oink, oink.

Chocolate. If you see it. Any goodies.

To the head of the Party Chancellery

Reichsleiter Bormann.


Dear Reichsleiter

I have learned that the commandant of the gigantic K.L. Auschwitz

Obersturmbannführer Höss

also well known to you,

is to be transferred.

Comrade Höss has made unprecedented achievements

over four years of painstaking work.

I witnessed the construction of this great camp close up

so can attest.

Reichsführer Himmler himself acknowledges

the uniqueness of what he built.

Now it is said that the task is too big for him

and that someone must take his place.

Höss knows prisoner use inside out

has close contacts with the Silesian armaments industry

and has brought groundbreaking ideas

to the whole field of KL practice.

He is a model settler farmer

and an exemplary German pioneer of the East.

His particular strength is turning theory into practice.

I will refrain from listing more qualities

which prove a change in his command is not possible.

Therefore, could you please speak

to the Reichsführer as soon as possible

to prevent the transfer of Comrade Höss.

I would be very grateful for a brief reply.

Hell Hitler.

Gauleiter Fritz Bracht.

Can I do it now?

In a moment.

Did you know that storks

fly as far as Africa?

How far do you think they fly?

How many kilometers?



All these weeds here.

You are what you say.

You are what you say.

Cows find this funny.

The whale farm is roaring, because you are so boring.

Cows find this funny.

The whole farm is roaring, because you are so boring.

No, you’re boring.

All is well.

I hate you.

Keep your eyes closed, or it’ll hurt.

I know.

Once more. All good. Come here.

We have 10 rinse your eyes.

Everything’s fine. You’ll live.

…with which 60,000 Italian spectators

showered their victorious national team.

We will be able to share in their delight.

How long it’s been since Milan saw

their beloved Squadra Azzurra?

And now they have returned with a 4-0 victory to the arena of their many triumphs.

Can you imagine the celebration?

4-0 against their old rivals Spain, who are again aspiring to a position of power in European football, as we Germans saw with our own eyes in Berlin last Sunday.

But don’t let the result fool you.

4-0 was the final score.

But at half time this thrilling Italian-Spanish encounter stood at 0-0.

Hang up.


Go on.

What does it say?


No, you wrote a very powerful letter on my behalf.

Their minds were obviously made up.

I’d better tell my wife.

She might.

The train stopped for ages at Krakow.

How frustrating.

And it was so hot.

A lady fainted next to me, it was that hot.

She’s moving here with her husband, who’s an engineer. He’s a lot older.


They’ve both got jobs at a new factory.


Ah, yes. That’s possible.

All the big companies are here, he said.

Yes, yes.

Don’t you need to get on?

Yes. I’d better.

I’ll show Mum to the girls’ room.

Are you ready?

You’ll have Heideraud’s bed

You’ll have Heideraud’s bed and she’ll get in with Inge-Brigitt.

You don’t mind, do you?

Of course not.

The house looks big, but it actually isn’t.

The first thing we did

was install central heating.

It gets so cold in winter.

You wouldn’t believe it.




This is Heideraud’s bed here.

This is lovely.


Such a lovely room.

The top two drawers are for you.

Yes, that’s more than enough.

Such beautiful flowers.

Yes, try it.

But I’m sleeping here?

Yes, but they’re both…

…the same.

My girl.

That’s spinach strudel, apple strudel,

potato salad.

And your cinnamon rolls.

My recipe?

Very nice.

My god.


Lilac bushes by the commandants guard barracks.

From now on, SS members who pick lilacs

in a thoughtless and blatant manner

so that the bushes bleed

will be punished.

I expect the SS members,

if they wish to take some,

to do it in a way

that does not damage the bushes.

In the interest of our whole community,

I hope you understand

that the lilac bushes

are intended to decorate our entire camp

both now and in the future.

Jews in the house?

The Jews are over the other side of the wall.

They’re local girls.

Say hello to grandma.


My God.

He’s got so big, and you have such nice hair.

I think it’s your turn to push, isn’t it Hans?

Inge pushed you before

and now it’s your turn. Go on.

Let’s go.

This is all us.

There’s a grape vine.

Obviously, it’ll grow.

it’s huge.

I’m speechless.

It’s all my design.

All the planting and everything.

The greenhouse, the gazebo at the end.

Is that a pool?


I have gardeners. I couldn’t do it alone.

With a slide?

Oh Heddy.

Do you like it?

Of course I like it. How could I not?

Of course I like it. How could I not?

This was a field three years ago.


We just had the lower garden by the street.

And the house had a flat roof.

It’s hard to believe.

And that’s the camp wall?

Yes, that’s the camp wall.

We planted more vines at the back

to grow and cover it.

Maybe Esther Silberman is over there.

Which one was she?

The one I used to clean for.

She was the one who had the book readings.

God knows what they were up to.

Bolshevik stuff.

Jewish stuff.

And I got outbid on her curtains

And I got outbid on her curtains

at the street auction.

Her opposite, she got them.

I loved those curtains.

These flowers are so beautiful.

The azaleas there.

There are also vegetables.

A few herbs. Rosemary. Beetroot. This is fennel.


And here is kohlrabi. The children love to eat it.

Cabbage. Kale. Runner beans.


Potatoes and more.

We have bees over here to provide our honey.

It’s a paradise garden.

And Rudolf is okay?

Yes, he’s fine.

Working non-stop, even when he’s home.

Working non-stop, even when he’s home.

Which he loves.

He’s a busy bee.

He is. Non-stop.

And under pressure like you wouldn’t believe.

And you’re okay?

Do I look okay?

Rudi calls me the Queen of Auschwitz.


To have all this.

You really have landed on your feet, my child.

The linden trees are turning yellow.

It smelled so nice when they were flowering.

This will grow and cover everything.

You’ll see next time you visit.


Stop it.

The heartfelt time we spent in the Hoss house

will always be

among our most beautiful holiday memories.

In the East lies our tomorrow.

Thanks for your National Socialist hospitality.

And this was from… Willy… Billy…

Hans says you have his sandals.

We have to leave, Mutzi.

Leave where?

Here. We have to go. We’re being transferred.

Sorry, what?

We’re being transferred.

To where?



They’re swapping me for Arthur Liebehenschel.

He comes here.

I take over as Deputy Inspector.

If you’ve known this for a while, why tell me now?

There was no good moment to say it.

You’ve said it now.

Where are you going?

To get the sandals.

When did you find out?

Pohl told me last week.

I tried to make it go away.

Then call, Bormann.

I’ve tried Bormann.

Should I go to Hitler now?

Well, yes.



Don’t turn your back on me.


Calm down. Go back to the party.

You can’t do this to me.

What is this? Marta.

Mrs Höss?

What’s this, “Mrs Höss? Mrs Höss?”

I’ll show you Mrs Höss.

Mop it up.

Don’t forget you live well in our house.

Bloody hell.


Bloody hell.

Why are they transferring you?

Structural changes.

What does that mean?

They weren’t specific.

But I’m not the only one being moved.

There are lots of us.



How soon?

I’m waiting to be told.

I’m waiting to be told.

If it’s about the investigation they should call Himmler.

if it’s about the investigation they should call Himmier.

He encouraged us.


So it’s not that?

It’s a political matter.

Then go to Hitler.

Don’t be ridiculous.

It’s not ridiculous.

You’re the one who carries out his orders

once you peel away the layers.

We have to face facts. We have to leave.


You have to leave.


Your work is in Oranienburg now.

Mine is raising our children,

and I’ll do that from here.

I never thought that you wouldn’t be with me.

Never crossed my mind.

They’d have to drag me out of here.

You know that.

This is our home.

We’re living how we dreamed we would.

Since we were 17. Beyond how we dreamed.

Out of the city finally.

Everything we want. On our doorstep.

And our children are strong, healthy and happy.

Everything the Fuhrer said

about how to live is how we do.

Go East. Living space.

This is our living space.

This is our living space.

I know you agree with me.

Arthur can find somewhere else to live.

He doesn’t need to take our home.

You should make it a condition.

It’s the least they can do.

He’ll want a townhouse, anyway.


I heard you.


I’ll ask.

You’ll be working all the time.


We’d never see you.


I’ll miss you, of course.

But you’ll come home when you can.

I‘ll be…

with you. Just like you’ll be with me.


And after the war

when everything is over, we’ll farm.

Like we said.

Do you all understand?


So, I’ll be missing your birthday.

And maybe even our anniversary.

Depending on how long I’ll be gone.

So, those are some of the things

that definitely add to the struggle.

But the life we enjoy

is very much worth the sacrifice.

It’s time for bed.

Hans, your plate.

Be calm.

It’ll be hard for you too.

I know that.

Don’t you think I know that?

I know that.

I love you.

I love you, my beauty.

Call Walter Dürrfeld first thing and see if he can join us at selection.

Tell him they’re Dutch

and he can have his pick.

Otherwise, I’ll see him at the IG lunch.

Letter to Messrs. Prifer and Sander,

Topf and Sons.

Subject: New Crematorium.

I’m glad you were able to make the journey last week.

SS-Obersturmbannführer Bischoff and I both agree

the ring crematorium is definitely the answer.

What a difference it will make.


I welcome your…

I welcome your suggestion

that the design should be patented

in order to secure priority.

I will follow up with a letter of intent.

You should be aware,

I’ve been promoted to Deputy Inspector

of concentration camps at the IKL.


And therefore, future communications will be from Oranienburg-Berlin.

The focus there is now on labour.

Of course, this direction will affect our plans and though it pains me to leave Auschwitz

I believe I’ll be in a better position to push for funds and materials

from there.

Heil Hitler. Et cetera.

Letter to Gruppenführer Glücks, IKL.

Subject: Transfer.

Dear Gruppenführer Glücks,

I would like my family to remain

at 88 Bielitzstrasse, KL Auschwitz

for the duration of my transfer.

It would be a great favour to me

for this to be permitted.

I must stress what a wonderful environment

Hedwig is making for the children since settling here.

An inspiration in many ways

for our new German community in the East.

If this is acceptable, provision of a simple lodging for myself in Oranienburg will suffice.

I would be very grateful for a speedy answer.

Heil Hitler, et cetera.


The little snow white bird flew down and sang,

“Be warned, be warned.”

Gretel understood what the witch had in mind and said, “Please show me first, I don’t know how to do that.”

The witch sat on the shovel and Gretel pushed her into the oven, as deep as she could.

Then she closed the iron door of the oven.

And secured it with a bar.

The witch got cooked alive as a punishment for her horrible deeds.

Gretel ran straight to Hansel, unlocked the goose cage and let him out.

He jumped out and threw his arms around his sister’s neck.

They kissed one another, cried with joy, and thanked God.

The little white bird sang, “Pearls and gems for bread crumbs.”

(Polish) Here you are at last.

(Yiddish) Words by Joseph Wulf.

(Yiddish) Written in 1943

(Yiddish) in Oswiecim, Auschwitz Ill.


radiant and warm

Human bodies

Young and old

And we

who are imprisoned here

Our hearts

are not yet cold

Souls afire

the blazing sun

Tearing, breaking

through their pain

For soon we’ll see

that wawing flag

The flag of freedom

yet to come

Don’t forget to stand straight.

I’ve packed butter bread for you all.

Come on children. Hurry.


Tell her it’s getting cold.

She’s not here.


She’s gone.

What, not upstairs?

No, she’s gone.

And her case has gone.

That cannot be.


Go and look for her.


Take it away.

Was that here to spite me?

No, Mrs. Höss.

I could have my husband spread your ashes

across the fields of Babice.

Relax, let her find it.

Are you not going to be a commandant anymore?

I’ll be head of all commandants.

I’ll be head of all commandants.

Inspecting their camps, seeing where improvements can be made.

Their yield, that kind of thing.

It has a great name.

It’s girl’s eye, or tickseed.

Girl’s eye?

Girl’s eye, yes.

I can only guess

that’s because of its serrated petals,

because they resemble the long eyelashes

of women and girls.

You there.


Bring him here.

What’s he done?

Fighting over an apple, Commandant.

Drown him in the river.


Don’t do that again.

Move it.

I don’t care.

Move it.

Get it out.

Are you going to stand there trembling?

Something to say?


Aren’t you lovely?

Yes, you are lovely.

Male or female?


How old?

4 years old.

What’s his name?


You don’t see many with his colouring…

No, mostly black or salt and pepper.

I had a black one when I was little. Elsa.

Born on the same day I was.

He’s lovely.

Thank you.

Come on.

On Sunday at 19h there will be a benefit concert

at the Marksmen’s Club to raise money for War Winter Relief.

Junior Squad Leader Johann Thissen

will conduct the orchestra in a two part programme

featuring a tribute to Herms Niel…

Liebehenschel, Auschwitz I.

Hartjenstein, Auschwitz Il / Birkenau.

Schwarz, Auschwitz III / Monowitz.

Haas, Bergen-Belsen.

Pister, Buchenwald.

Walter, Dachau.

Koegel, Flossenblirg.

Hassebroek, Gross-Rosen.

Grünewald, Herzogenbusch.

Sporrenberg, Hinzert.

Goecke, Kauen.

Weiss, Majdanek.

Ziereis Mauthausen.

Dieter, Moringen.

Hartjenstein, Natzweller-Struthof.

Pauly, Neuengamme.

Goth, Plaszow.

Suhren, Ravensbrick.

Kaindl, Sachsenhausen.

Hoppe, Stutthof.

Schnabel, Vaivara.

Herbert, Warsaw.

Apologies for absence,

Foérschner, Mittelbau-Dora.

Sauer, Riga-Kaiserwald.

The Führer has approved the deportation

of Hungary’s 700,000 Jews for extermination

and war production where able-bodied.

An agreement was reached

with the new Hungarian government

to begin the operation immediately.

They are being amassed

for transportation to Auschwitz.

4 trains a day, 3,000 on each.

12,000 daily.

Firstly via the Eastern zones, 1 to 3.

Then via 4 and 5

in the middle of the country,

and finally, Budapest.

Pressburg and Vienna are heavily loaded

with military transports.

Jewish transports will pass through

Kassa and Muszyna instead.

Based on estimates provided by Obersturmbannfiihrer Hiss,

25% will be retained for labour after selection.

20% of those will be utilized

in Auschwitz sub-camps,

and the other 80%

will come to your camps in due course.

The scale is many times larger than before.

So prepare yourselves.

Before I hand over to Obersturmbannfiihrer Höss,

I’d like to announce

the promotion of Colonel Maurer

to the rank of SS-Standartenfiihrer

for consistently hitting his labour targets.


I get fan mail from CEOs for this man.

More famous than me.

Thank you, sir.

Well deserved.

As I’ve said before,

I’m grateful for your leadership.

Thank you. You have said that. I appreciate that.

Thank you, Obergruppenführer Pohl.

Good morning, everyone.

Good morning.

Two apologies for absence.

Sturmbannführer Férschner, Mittelbau-Dora.

Sturmbannführer Sauer, Riga-Kaiserwald.

You will appreciate

we have a very busy agenda today.

The Hungarian operation is urgent,

and complex,

and will involve converging challenges

at every operational level.

Please turn to the first page in your files.

You will see five headings.

Item one.


Item two.

Re-direction of construction resources.

Item three.


For item four, prisoner workers.

Dr. Meindi from Steyr-Daimler-Puch,

some of you know him, some of you don’t,

is joining us today

to discuss pay rates and incentives.

Item five.

and air defence measures.

The girls didn’t want to go out.


Because it is so cold.

Well, I love the snow.


Leave me alone, Claus.

Stop it, Claus.


Leave me alone, you traitor.

Saturday’s funeral ceremony for the pupils

of the Air Force School

who died in the bombing raid

of March 6th will start at 11:30.

SS pall bearers should congregate

in the forecourt of the T Building by 10:45.

Transport will leave for Hans Schemm School

promptly at 11am.

Commander of the Guard

Obersturmbannführer Gustav Wegner

will lead the cortege to the cemetery

with a delegation from the League of German Girls

and Air Force Students.

Obersturmbannfiihrer Höss.

Rudolf. Come on in.

How are you?


I’ve just received this.

Obergruppenführer Poht met with

Reichsführer Himmler

to assess the numbers involved

and your name came up.

We’re moving Liebehenschel to Majdanek.

He’s not energetic enough for this.


You’ll receive operational orders from Eichmann.


Tell me what resources you need when you get there.

I will.

Any problems, come to me or Gerhard directly.

Thank you.

How’s Hedwig?


Pohl told me she sends the boss

flowers from your garden every week.


Get the job done.

I will. Thank you.

I appreciate the trust and confidence

you have in me.


I’m not sure yet.


He won’t put them all up the chimney.

You’ll get your workers.

You’ll see.

Are you sleeping, okay?


How many bowel movements do you have per day?

Twice per day.


Without issues.

I’ll feel around now. On the surface, first.

If there is any pain, then please let me know.

This is Höss.

Long-distance priority call,

KL Auschwitz, Höss private residence.

I’ll stay on the line.

Are you there?


Can you talk?

Is everything okay?


I have news.

I told you I’d heard rumblings

but nothing concrete.

What news?

The Hungary thing.

The old man gave me orders from Heinrich.

It’s happening at last. I’m coming back to run it.

Well, I’m very relieved about that.

I have to admit, I’m pleased as Punch.


I don’t know, I go to Budapest first.

Things will be clearer after that.

Anyway, my cogs are turning.

I must get on.

I’ll call you re party.

No. Wait, please

Tell Eleanor Pohl,

when she receives her parcel,

to look in the compact.

They’re inside.

I heard Himmler’s calling it Operation Höss.

That’s fantastic. I’m so happy for you.

Thank you, Mutzi.

It’s your name too.

Who was there?

To tell you the truth

I wasn’t really paying attention.

I was too busy thinking

how I’d gas everyone in the room.

Very difficult, logistically,

because of its high ceiling.

It’s the middle of the night

and I need to be in bed.

I shouldn’t have called so late.

I was just excited to tell you the name.

You can tell me about it when you get back.

You have told them Daddy’s coming home?




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After a chance encounter, headstrong Kathy is drawn to Benny, member of Midwestern motorcycle club the Vandals. As the club transforms into a dangerous underworld of violence, Benny must choose between Kathy and his loyalty to the club.

The Garfield Movie (2024)

The Garfield Movie (2024) | Transcript

Garfield, the world-famous, Monday-hating, lasagna-loving indoor cat, is about to have a wild outdoor adventure. After an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father – scruffy street cat Vic – Garfield and his canine friend Odie are forced from their perfectly pampered life into joining Vic in a hilarious, high-stakes heist.

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