The Nun II (2023) | Transcript

1956 - France. A priest is murdered. An evil is spreading. The sequel to the worldwide smash hit follows Sister Irene as she once again comes face-to-face with Valak, the demon nun.
The Nun II (2023)

A follow-up to the enigmatic gothic horror about a strong evil that haunts and causes supernatural harm to everybody it comes into contact with. After the events of the first film, the said powerful evil now begins to spread in 1956 throughout a town in France as word gets out that a priest has been violently murdered. A finished contemplative in her novitiate, Sister Irene, begins to investigate the murder, only to find a demon behind it — the same evil that terrorized her in the original film as a nun — Valak, whom she once again soon comes to encounter.

* * *

[distant dog barking]

[church bell tolls]

[rapid footsteps approaching]

You’re late, Jacques.

Sorry, Father.

Go fetch the wine.

[Jacques under his breath] Why don’t you go fetch the wine?


[Jacques] Er, nothing.

[tolling continuing]

[priest] Let your spirit come upon these gifts to make them holy so that they may become for us, the body and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

[bell tinkles]

Body of Christ.

[woman] Amen.

The blood of Christ.



[low, deep growl]

[glass cracking]

[glass breaking]

[footsteps approaching]



There’s someone here.





[low growl]

[breath exhaling]

Who’s there?

[objects clattering]

Whoever you are, whatever you are here for, you are in a house of God.

And He’s watching you.

[soft groans]

[breath trembling]

[water gurgling]


[deep rumbling]


[key clatters]

[bones crunch]

[grunting and groaning]




[engine revving]

Get this under the other tire.


[all laughing]

[Reverend Mother] Sister Irene! Sister Irene!

Sister Debra.

It’s Sister Debra.

[Reverend Mother] She’s trouble.

Every day she’s making trouble.

And now, she refused to go to confession.

[speaks Italian]

[in English] And you know why?

She did not think she had anything to confess.

For that alone, she should be confessing.

I will have a talk with her, Reverend Mother.

Grazie, Sister.

Sister Debra?

Sister Irene.

This about confession?

You’re going to give the Mother a heart attack.

Well, then maybe I’ll have something to confess.

[stifles laugh]

Your father sent you here, right?

Yes. I was different.

Sending me away was easier than trying to understand who I was.

What’d your mama say about that?

I barely remember her.

But my father always said I was just like her.

I don’t think he meant it as a compliment.

Well, my family’s from Mississippi, but we ran into some trouble down there.

When I was four, white folks, they found where we were, burned our house down.

After that, my brothers joined the army.

My dad figured, “My boys can serve country, my daughter can serve God.”

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was gonna end up here.

Do I still have to go to confession?

I think you’ve confessed enough.

[elder sister] One by one, the sisters found themselves murdered.

Hanging from windows. Throat slit open.

Acts of suicide.

[whispers] Sometimes worse.

They learned that beneath their remote abbey was a terrible secret.

A gateway to hell.

And from this gateway, a demon had escaped.

Now, we know that a demon can take any form, but they choose their form to challenge your faith and to weaken your spirits.

Now, for the nuns of Saint Carta, this demon chose the most ungodly, the most blasphemous form.

It chose to look like one of them.

[Sister Debra] And then what happened?

Well, the Vatican sent in a pair of demon hunters.

A priest and a nun.

And how did they stop it?

[elder sister] Great question.

They used an ancient relic, a vial which contained the blood of Jesus Christ.

So, they returned as heroes, kissed the Pope’s ring.

Priest was made a bishop.

[sister 2] What happened to the nun?

[elder sister] Well, no one really knows.

They say the experience was too much for her.

Some say that she went mad.

The Vatican had to lock her up in an asylum.

[Celeste] Gotcha! Quick!

Why does Madame have so much wine?

[girl] This used to be a monastery.

The monks were all fat drunks.


[both giggling]

[both laughing]

Everyone downstairs, please. It’s nearly eight o’clock.

Come on, now.

[indistinct chatter]

[Celeste] I got ’em.

Took you long enough.

[Madame Laurent] Hail Mary, full of grace,

the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women,

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now

and at the hour of our [screams]

Jesus Christ!

Bloody hell!


Good morning.

Hard at work already?


Good morning, Maurice.


Come on now, Sophie.

Hi, Maurice.


Morning, Maurice.


Hey, Maurice, do you wanna play baseball with us today?

Course, I do. You know what?

I’ll teach you how to throw a knuckleball. [blows]

[Sophie] Maurice. Maurice.

Oh. Captain Sophie.


I made this for you. It’s a friendship bracelet.

Each bead represents

a different quality of a good friend.

Wow. It’s beautiful, Sophie. Thank you.

[girls laughing] Woohoo! Woo! Woo!

Are you proposing to your boyfriend, little Sophie?

Give it back.

You can’t make me.

You’re not a teacher. You’re the servant.

Even the servant knows

you should treat everyone with kindness and respect.

[whistle blows]


[girls] Oui, Madame.

What do you think you’re doing? This is not a playground!

Get to class!

Oui, Madame.

And you, Maurice.

[Maurice] Mm?

There was a cockroach in my quarters again.

Ah, that’s unfortunate.

It’s an infestation. It’s disgusting.

I’ll tend to it right away.

You’d better.

I promise.

Captain! Captain! Wait.


How did you do that?

Skills I learned from another life.

How do I look?

Come on, get to class. Come on.

[girls mocking in French]


[calling out in French]

[girls laugh]

Bonjour. Delivery.

[door creaks]

[cart squeaking]

[loud knock]


[laughter, teasing]

[laughter fades]

[faint choking, gurgling]

[faint choking, gurgling continues]

[choking, gurgling]


[gurgling, choking continues]

Are you okay?



[growling, snarling]


[neck snaps]

[generator fires up and runs]

[splutters and stops]

[fires up]

[cicadas chirping]

[distant owl hoots]

[Abbess] Sister.

You have a visitor.

Reverend Mother?

[lightbulb rattles]



Save me, Sister.



Irene! It’s okay. It’s okay.

You’re fine. You’re fine.

Your nose.

[Abbess] Sister Irene.

You have a visitor.

[footsteps approaching]

[Cardinal Conroy] Sister Irene.

Your Eminence.

[Cardinal Conroy] There has been an incident.

A series of them.

Szeleste, a small village in Hungary.

A 90yearold nun shot herself on the steps of her church.

Graz, Austria.

A priest cut his throat open with a rosary

during Christmas mass.

Edolo, Italy.

A novitiate threw herself out a window.

Sound familiar?

Just a month ago, in Tarascon, France,

another priest, murdered inside his church.


Notice a pattern? It’s moving west across Europe.

But its origins point to Romania.

It can’t be.

The demon lives.

Have you spoken with Father Burke?

Father Burke is dead.



[Cardinal Conroy] You are the only person alive

who has dealt with something like this.

The Church would like you to investigate.

Find out what it wants and where it’s going next.


I’m sorry?

I said, “No.”

I can’t do it.

Can’t, or won’t?

You don’t know what happened at Saint Carta.

I was lucky to make it out alive.

You’re right. I don’t know what you faced back there.

But in that abbey, Sister, you performed a miracle.

The Church needs another.

[whistle blows]

[breath exhaling]

[Sister Debra] Here you are.


Was afraid I almost hopped on the wrong train.

What are you doing here?

Looking after you.

Someone’s gotta.

Sister, you could be expelled.

Why are you here?

My mama.

She died in the fire.

She was my church.

I want to believe in miracles.

But when I see the priest stand up

and say he turned the wine into the blood of Christ,

I mean, it’s kind of hard to believe.

It’s an act of faith.

He just says a bunch of words to wine.

The wine becomes the blood of Christ because we believe.

The most extraordinary parts of our faith

are only real because we believe in them.

I guess so.

You’re not ready.


An entire convent of nuns died facing this thing.

Women who dedicated their lives to their faith.

Then sacrificed their lives

because they believed in something greater.

You need me.

I just hope you can find your faith when the time comes.

[church bell tolling]

[Sophie] “Why, get you gone. Who is’t that hinders you?”

[Kate] “A foolish heart that I leave here behind.”

[Sophie] “What, with Lysander?”

“With Demetrius.”

“Be not afraid. She shall not harm thee, Helena.”

[girl] “No, sir, she shall not, though you take her part.”

“O, when she is angry, she is keen and shrewd.

She was a vixen when she went to school.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

[girl 2] “Little again!

Nothing but low and little! Why will you suffer her”

Uh, let’s take a break. Fifteen minutes.

[girl 2] I was just getting into character.

[girl 3] Yeah, an awful character.

[Kate] All right, girls. Slowly, now.

[Maurice] Girls.

Sweetheart, take these to the office.

[whispering] You’re the best.

I heard there was a faulty cabinet in the area?

The latch won’t open.

May I?

Oh, please.

Yeah. It’s stuck.

Can you just, please, put a little pressure here?

Yeah. Just here.

All right. Thanks.

Looks like we share the latest fashion.

I guess we do.


[Kate] Oh!


Thanks a many.

All right.


She’s a great kid. You must be proud.

I am.

Need some help?

No, I’m okay.

Relax, Sophie. We’re not going to do anything.

Cross my heart.

That was pretty mean of us earlier.

I was a bitch.

[girls laugh]

It’s okay.

What are you doing after this?

We have to go back to class.

Not for another ten minutes.

Do you want to have some fun?

[indistinct chatter]

Madame says the chapel is off limits.

[girl] I know.

[wood creaking]

[distant clatter]

[ominous music playing]

What are we doing here?

Playing a game.

It’s called “Defy the Devil.”

I don’t see any devil.

[girls scoff]

The devil is always here.

You’re just not looking carefully enough.

It depends on where you stand and when you look.

At the right time of day…

the sun hits the glass at just the right angle.

And if you’re watching carefully,

he looks right at you.

The rumor is, if you look away,

the devil will appear in the form of a monstrous goat.

[whispering] See? He’s watching you.

Whatever you do,

whatever you hear,

don’t look away.

[deep rumble]

[heart thumping]


[breath exhaling]

[intense music playing]



[pounding, shouting]

Let me out!




[loud creaking]


Sophie? What’s going on? What happened?


Hey, hey. It’s okay.

What happened?

What happened?

Of course, her boyfriend comes to her rescue.

[girls laugh]

Do you think it’s funny?

[yells] Do you?

It’s okay. It’s over.

What happened in there?

You can tell me.


[Kate] Sophie?

Why aren’t you in class?

Oh, this isn’t her fault.

The older girls were playing some

I’m sorry, Mom.

Excuse us.

[Maurice] Sure.

Are you all right?

[Sister Irene] Sister Astrid?

[Sister Astrid] Welcome to Tarascon.

Please come in.

We still have mass, but no one comes.

People believe it was the devil.

They say our church is cursed, that God has abandoned us.

This is where we found him.

[breath exhales]

[footsteps echoing nearby]

[door closes]

[wind blowing]

[door creaking open]


[Sister Debra] Sister?

Are you okay?

I’m fine.

[Sister Debra] Can we see Father Noiret’s room, please?

[Sister Astrid] Of course.


[Sister Irene] Saint Lucy.

Patron Saint of the blind.

She was murdered by pagans.

They lit her on fire, but she wouldn’t burn.

Before killing her, they gouged out her eyes.

[keys rattle]

Found them. Please.

[lock turns]

[traffic rumbling outside]

There was a boy that night? A witness?

Yes. Jacques. He saw everything.

Where can we find him?

His mother doesn’t want him talking about it.

But you might find him playing football in town.

Was there anyone else in the church?

We had a handyman.

He left the day after it happened.

Do you know where he went?

I don’t know.

But he was a world traveler. He came from Romania.

That is where he got his nickname.

They used to call him…



[Sister Irene] Where are you headed next?

Well, I have enough money to get me to Hungary,

and from there, the world is my oyster.

At least Hungary is.

You saved my life.

That? That was nothing.

No, you’ve just fell into a… what do you call it? Um…

a life debt.

It’s very simple.

You and I will be bound together for all eternity.

[train whistle blows]

[conductor shouting]

[Sister Irene] I almost forgot.

It’s nothing, just a thank you.

Tomato seeds. Thank you.

You said you wanted a farm some day.

You have to start somewhere.

I’ll miss you, Irene.

[whistle blows]

[conductor shouting]

[Sister Debra] Irene?

Who is this Frenchie guy?

His name is Maurice.

Back at Saint Carta, he was our guide.

When I faced the demon, he came back for me.

He saved my life.

[gasps] That’s when it happened.


It’s how the demon escaped.

That’s how it’s moving, doing these things.

So, he’s… possessed.

[indistinct shouting]

[Kate] Maurice.

Hi. Hello again.

I realized I never said thank you.

Sophie told me what you did.

Oh. No.

Those girls are little monsters.

They’re not all bad. Just some.

Look… the chapel, why does Madame keep it locked up?

Uh, it’s dangerous.

Her son was killed inside during the bombings.

Cedric. He was an altar boy.

I didn’t know she had a son.

She doesn’t talk about it.

Madame is a hard woman, but she’s been very good to us.

Ah. I should get back to the children.

Sure, yes. And I should get back to my work.

[indistinct chatter]

Caught you!

What were you doing?


You were spying.



Maybe, probably, absolutely definitely.

[Sophie chuckles]

What were you talking about?


It was something. He was making you laugh.

That is none of your business.

Now, let’s go. No more spying.

[crows cawing]

[Maurice] Hey!


[Kate] Sophie?


[footsteps upwards]


[footsteps continues]


[deep rumbling]



[Sophie gasps]




Come on now, girls. Quick. Quickly.

Vite! Vite!

[footsteps pattering]


Where did you run off to?

I’ve been looking for you.


[Kate] Quick.

What’s next? Is this just a big dead end?

No. There’s something here.

What? You… You sense something?

Something like that.

My Sisters.

[Sister Irene] I have a reservation,

under Irene Palmer.


[flicking pages]

Hm. I’m afraid I can’t find it.

What? That’s not possible. I have a reservation.

Madam, it’s not here.

Let me just take care of it.

Um, sir, can we please speak to a manager?

[clerk] Certainly, madam.

Thank you.

[children laughing]

[boy] Vite! Vite!

[clamor of children’s voices]

[voices fade]

[breath exhales]


You’re the boy.

Don’t be scared. My name’s Irene.

The Church sent me to help.

I know you were there that night.

You saw it.

That night, did you have a rosary?

No. It was Father Noiret’s.


I took it.

I’m sorry, I was scared.

[boys clamoring]

Jacques! Wait!

[distant shout echoes]

[voices fade]

[suspenseful music playing]

[faint voices]

[children’s laughter swirls]


[metal creaking]

[wind blowing]

[pages fluttering]

[wind blowing]

[ominous music playing]

[electricity buzzes]

[lamp clicks]

[lamp clicks]




[swirling, echoing screams]

[screams fade]

[Sister Debra faintly] Irene?


Irene! Irene!

Irene, wake up! Oh, my God. Wake up.

We need a doctor. [screams] Help! Help!

Somebody help! I need a doctor!


Somebody help!

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed are thou among women


[distant thud]

[footsteps echoing]

[thud continues]


[door thuds]

[chains clattering]


[faint thud]



[gasps, panting]

Madame Laurent?

What are you doing?

[breathless] I don’t know. I don’t know.

I don’t know.

Go back to your room.


[Maurice] I’m sorry.

It’s fine.

I’m sorry.

It’s fine.

Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

[Cedric whispers] Mama!


[Cedric’s laughter echoes]

[Cedric laughing]

[objects clattering]

[wood creaking]

Who is in here?

[breathing heavily]



[chains jingling]

[Cedric laughs]

[objects clattering]

[ominous music playing]

[breathing heavily]

[rhythmic clanging]






[Cedric laughing]



[laughter echoes and fades]


There she is, back from the dead.

Thank you, Doctor.

You’re welcome, Sister.


What happened last night?

[door closes]

We’re close.

I had a vision. I saw what the demon wants.

It’s powerful.

Some coveted prize, some ancient relic.

It’s been using Maurice to get it.

Driving him.

Draining him.

Keeping him alive just to find this thing.

It’s going to kill him when it’s done.

The altar boy.

II forgot to tell you, I found him.


Well, he found me.

He came by when you were out. He gave me this.

Father Noiret’s rosary.

The symbol, it…

it seems so familiar, but I can’t place it.

I can. The photos.

I think I saw that on one of the victims.


It’s a connection.

If we find out what this means,

we might be able to find out where it’s headed.

How are we gonna do that?

I have a friend in the Catholic archives.

[church bell tolling]

[Kate gasps]

[books thudding]

I can’t find Sophie. Have you seen her?

No, I…


Hey, hey, hey. Don’t worry. She can’t be far.

I’ll find her, all right?



[door opens]



This is quite a spot you’ve got.

May I join you?

What for?

Just to talk.

Madame never went into the chapel.

I don’t know why she went in there last night.

There’s something wrong with this school.

There’s something that doesn’t feel right.

It’s like there’s something here…

that’s not meant to be.


What happened?

Did you see something? Anything?


It’s just a feeling.

Hey, it’s okay to be scared.

I’m scared, too.

There’s been times in my life

where fear has made me do things

I never thought possible.

You kept my bracelet.

Yeah, well, I tried to sell it. No one would buy it.

Come on, we should head back down.

Your mother is worried, okay?

She’s always worried.

Don’t know why. Maybe she loves you?

Come on. I just hope she doesn’t ground you.

[intense music playing]

[horn honks]

[Sister Irene gasps]

Excuse us.

I’m so sorry. God bless you.

[speaks French]

[librarian] Where did you find it?

[Sister Irene] Tarascon.

This belonged to the priest?

Yes, how did you know?

I’ve been speaking to the Vatican.

They tell me the demon of Saint Carta has returned.

It’s a family crest.

Whose family?

Saint Lucy of Syracuse.

These victims must be her descendants.

Saint Lucy?

I think I know what it wants.


The eyes.

The eyes? WWhat eyes?

When Lucy was murdered by pagans, her family escaped.

They were hunted.

Scattered across the globe.

All this time, they’ve been protecting a secret.

A holy relic.

The eyes of Saint Lucy.

So, the demon is after a… pair of eyes?

Why would it want that?

It’s a demon.

I’m just a glorified librarian, I couldn’t begin to guess.

But, if we’re sharing theories…

you might like to consider that this demon was once an angel.

Rejected by God.

Stripped of his holy power

that God so casually gave to His saints.

It wants that power back.

[librarian] Demons are infinite.

It was there with Saint Lucy

and it’s been hunting the bloodline ever since.

This relic is an item of great power.

In the hands of a demon, it would be unthinkable.

But in your hands, it could be a weapon.

Just as you used the blood of Christ at Saint Carta.

This is the way you do it.

This is the way you send that thing back to hell.

We just don’t know where it is.

I might.

We’ve been cataloguing these relics,

chasing down rumors and so on,

and if my memory serves me correct,

this one found its way to a monk.

JeanPaul Redar.

According to letters that he wrote to the Vatican,

he buried the eyes somewhere within his monastery.

[flips page]

Saint Mary’s, AixenProvence.

It’s about an hour from here.

Is it still a monastery?


No, it was sold to a winery and now…

it’s a boarding school.

[intense music playing]

Irene, wait. Whatever happens tonight, don’t hesitate.

We don’t really know what this relic can do.

The same goes for the demon.

It will take any form,

and it will choose its form to prey on your fears,

and the fears of those around you.

You must be prepared to stop it, at all costs.

What are you making?

It’s called feijoada.

It’s a Portuguese stew.

What’s in it?


And snails.

I lied to you.

About what?

I said I didn’t remember my mother.

But I do.

I remember everything about her.

She was deeply religious.

She said that God spoke directly to her,

that He showed her things.


Like me.

My father didn’t believe her.

He said she was insane.


What happened to her?

My father brought her to a doctor.

Then they came back and took her away.

I will always be with you.


[cries out]

I never saw her again.

[“Vaya Con Dios” playing]

[Maurice] Wow!

You always turn, make me turn.


[Maurice grunts softly]

My lady.

Mom, it’s your turn.

No, I shouldn’t.



All right.

[Kate chuckles]

[intense music playing]

[tires screeching]

[“Romance” playing]

Are you all right?

Yeah. It’s… It’s nothing.


It’s nothing.

[Kate] Maurice!

[gasping, choking]

[phonograph crackling]

[echoing] There’s something under your skin.

Oh, no.


Come on! Come on! We’ve gotta go! Come on!

[tires screech]

This way! This way! Come on!

God! Sister.


It’s back. It’s here.

Maurice, I need you to

[Maurice] Kate, this is Irene.

No, Maurice, no, you need to

She’s my friend.

[Maurice] We’ve got to go.

[screams] Get away from them!


We need to go, now!

[Sister Irene] It’s you.


It’s inside of you.



[Sister Irene] It’s my fault.

Because you came back for me, that’s when it happened.

Oh, god! No!


Maurice, what’s happening?

We can stop it.

[bones crack]

[Maurice groans]

[crunching, cracking]

[groans, screams]



[in deep voice] Hello, Sister.

[intense music playing]




Irene, are you okay?

[pained gasp]

[weakly] Stop him.





Out, demon!

In the name of God and the Holy Spirit,

I command you, leave this man!


Let him be!



You think that’ll hold him?

Let’s work quick.

Are you two okay?

[Kate] What was that?

What’s wrong with him?

[Sister Irene] He’s… sick.

We’re going to help him, but we need your help.

[Sister Debra] He was headed in that direction.

What’s in there?

That’s the chapel.

[Kate] What are you looking for?

It’s an ancient relic

left here by a monk named JeanPaul Redar.

Ring any bells?

[Kate] I’m just a teacher.

No one’s even allowed in here.

Redar would have left some way for the descendants to find it.

What are you looking at?

[Sophie] The goat.

It’s the devil.

It’s just a game the kids play.

What kind of game?

[Sophie] The sun shines through the window,

and it makes the goat’s eyes glow red.

It’s the devil. It watches you.

[deep rumbling]

Just there.

[Sister Debra] Anything?

No, not yet.

You’re a little high. Can you go lower?

Wait. Wait, wait!

Go back up slowly.


That’s it.



We got it.

We got it!

[Sister Irene grunting]

[breathing heavily]

[metal clangs]

[bird squawks]

[both grunting]


[digging continuing]

[Kate] Sophie?

[breathing heavily]

[rhythmic thudding]


[thudding, creaking]

[whispers] Celeste, did you hear that?

There’s someone upstairs.

[thudding, creaking]

Go take a look.

[thudding, creaking continuing]


[thudding, creaking louder]

[trembling breath]


[shovel clicks]



The eyes of Saint Lucy.


[door creaking]

[breath trembling]

[breath trembling]


Who are you?

It’s okay, I’m a friend of Kate’s.

[whispers] I think there’s someone upstairs.

[deep growl]

What the hell?







What are you doing?

Who’s that?


[pounding, roaring]

What is that thing?

It’s the devil.


[deep growl, pounding]


[all screaming]


[distant screams]

The girls!

[deep growl]

[screams] Mom! Mom!



[deep growl]

[breaths trembling]

[lightbulb rattles]

[heavy footsteps approaching]

[footsteps louder]

[footsteps fade]

[cockroaches scuttling]



What’s she doing?

[whispers] It’s Madame Laurent.


She’s standing in her room.


[all screaming]

No! No!


[all screaming]



[footsteps approaching]


Sophie, it’s me, Maurice.

Don’t be afraid. I’m your friend.

Sophie! [screams] Sophie!

[Maurice in singsong voice] Sophie.

I would never hurt you.

Remember, Captain?




[Sophie screaming]

The eyes.


[dramatic music playing]


[floorboards creaking]




[breathing heavily]







[Maurice yells]


[Sophie straining]

[timbers creaking]

[all panting]

[screams] Sophie!


[electricity crackles]



Are you okay?

I have it.

[electricity sparks]




[screams] Irene!

Be gone!


You’re hurting him!

Sister, please.

It’s killing me.


[screams] No!

[sobbing] No!





[Maurice roars]



[loud crash]

[heavy thud]

[deep rumbling]

Where’s Sophie?

[low growl]

[breath exhales]

[ominous music playing]

Stay close.

[lightbulb rattles]


[footsteps running]

[low growl]


[all screaming]


Up, up!


Go, go!

The doors! The doors!



Save me, oh God, by thy name.

[gasps] No!





Get that plank!

[straining, panting]


[all screaming]

Get back in the chapel! Simone, come with me.


[deep growl]


Stay behind me.


[wind howling]


[low growl]




[trembling scream]



[screaming stops]

[mother] I will always be with you.

Look at me.

[both gasping]

Are you okay?


That was a miracle.

The wine.

[demon roars]


Sophie! Sophie!



No. No, Maurice, no!




[Sophie] Maurice, no! No!

Help me!

[Sister Debra] Stop!



Pray with me.

[demon roaring]

[wind howling]

[cacophony fades]

[both] This is the cup of my blood.

[librarian] When Lucy was murdered,

her family escaped.

They were hunted, scattered across the globe.

[both] The blood of the new and everlasting covenant.

That will be shed for you and for all

so that your sins may be forgiven.

[Sister Irene] I said I didn’t remember my mother, but I do.

Saint Lucy, Patron Saint of the blind.

They lit her on fire, but she wouldn’t burn.

[both] Do this in memory of me.

[librarian] These victims must be her descendants.

You have my eyes.

[both echoing] Amen.


[agonized cry]

[girls sobbing]

[faint, echoing scream]


[gentle music playing]


[whispering] Sister…

you saved me.

[breath trembling]


I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry.

[Sophie] It’s okay.

I’m sorry.

[“Romance” playing]

[faint children’s laughter]

[eerie music playing]


[children’s laughter]

[phone ringing]

[phone clicks]

[woman] Mr. Warren?

Mr. Warren?

It’s Father Gordon.

He says it’s an emergency.

Yes, Father.

How can we help?

[ominous music playing]


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