Sound of Freedom (2023) | Transcript

The incredible true story of a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from traffickers.
Sound of Freedom (2023)

Sound of Freedom is a 2023 film directed and co-written by Alejandro Monteverde, and starring Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino and Bill Camp.
Caviezel plays Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government agent who embarks on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia. The plot centers around Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad, an anti-sex trafficking organization.

* * *

[♪ musical swirl ]

[ ♪ Choir voices ]

[ ♪ drum beat ]

[ ♪ music ]

[ ♪ Na na ]

[ ♪ na na na na na ♪]

[ ♪ Na na na ]

[ ♪ Na na ]

[ ♪ Na na na ]

[ ♪ na na na na na na ♪]

[ ♪ Na na n… ♪]

[ door bell rings]

[Door squeaks open]

[door opens]

[engine and road sounds]

[acoustic guitar plays softly]

[background conversations]

[door closes]

[soft music plays over action]

[Camera clicks]

[soft voices sing]

[soft music and voices continue]

[music intensifies]

[camera clicks intensify]

[creaky bus noise]

[engine sound]

[knocking on door]

[knocking on door]

[knocking on door]

[pounding on door]

[door opens]

[deep breathing]

[drum beat]

[pounding on doors]

[drum beat intensifying]

[door opens, deep breathing]

[distant road noise]

[opening credits, music]

[mouse clicks]

[intense music]

[computer hum and typing]

[smooth jazz music]

[mouse click]

He’s in.

He’s uploading.

If he logs out we can kiss the max sentence goodbye.

[deadbolt opens]

[floor board squeaks]

[jazz music continues]

[door clashes open]

[no audio]

[door creaks open]

[lights humming]

[intense low sound]

[engine noise]

It’s messed up world, man.

You know, I’ve been to a lot of murder scenes.

This shit’s different.

Like, as soon as I lay down all I see are those kids faces.

I don’t think I can do this job. Tim.

Let me ask you something.

[car door shuts]

How many pedophiles, you caught?

As of today, 288, not so bad.

How many kids you found?

It is a high probability that most of those kids are outside of the US, Chris.

So our job, is to get the pedophiles.

And that’s it?

It’s a messed up world, right.

[soft acoustic guitar]


[acoustic guitar continues]

[intense electric guitar]

[door opens]

Hello, Mr. Oshinsky

I’m Agent Ballard.

I’m in charge of your case.

Everybody’s gone home for the weekend,

So it’s just the two of us.

How about we grab some fresh air?

Come on, put your shoes on.

[light switch flipped]

[door closes]

[heavy jail doors close and lock]

TIM: I really feel connected to you.

Like maybe you’ll understand.

TIM: But I need to know.

Can I trust you?

TIM: See, part of my job, is looking at everything.

You tell me how I’m supposed to gaze at so much beauty, without… being drawn to it?

TIM: Without wanting it.

You want me to believe you’re one of us?

You think I’m that stupid?

TIM: “Only the courageous act.

The rest are tyrannized by a legal system, made by cowardly men who cannot admit their true desires.”

TIM: End quote.

So what?

You read my book.

I studied your book

[intense drum beat]

[door closes]

[light switch flip]

[drums continue]

[water running and splashing]

Daddy’s home!

[soft acoustic guitar]

Okay, everybody. Come on.

You gotta clear your plates now.

You’re gonna be late. Let’s go. Come on.

Are you okay?

[flag moving in the breeze]

Come on, Tim.

What’s going on?

Just give me a week, please.

That’s all I’m asking.

One week.

[door opens]

Mr. Oshinsky…

Time to go home.

[car door opens and closes]

[drums and electric guitar play]

[kettle whistling]

TIM: Bottom line, they’ve got you.

20 to 30, conservative.

But here’s the thing…

Whatever they build up against you —

I’ll knock down.

That’s my job.

But,… here’s the thing I need…

I need a real one.

I don’t act on my fantasies.

TIM: What about that trip you took last year?

TIM: The one out of Cartagena?

The “Butterfly Cruise”.

TIM: Come on.

I need this, my friend.

Almost as bad as you do.

[intense tones]

[camera clicks]

[background music and conversations]

But I already have three copies.

OSHINSKY: Not like this.

There’s an inscription on the inside.

Just for you.

TIM: “To the bravest man I know.

Though I didn’t know it at the time.”

So Sweet.

Flip the page.

OSHINSKY: His name is Teddy Bear.

My God, he’s so little.


This time tomorrow, that little boy is gonna be yours for the whole weekend.

“Better a millstone be hung around your neck and you be cast into the sea than that you should ever hurt for one of these little ones.”

What does that mean?

[“Long Gone” playing]

You’re under arrest for crimes against children.

♪ I’m driving down the dusty road, ♪

♪ in a dirty Cadillac. ♪

♪ I light another cigarette, ♪

♪ dressed head to toe in black. ♪

♪ And when you see me ♪

♪ screaming down that lonely desert road, ♪

♪ get down on your knees and pray ♪

I trusted you.

♪ cause you’re never going home. ♪

Never trust a pedophile.

♪ Long, long, long, gone. ♪

[violin plays]

[traffic noises, car honking]

[dog barking]

Line six.

[One, two, o, four.]

[motor stops]

[soft choir music]

[guitar strum]

Is there some kind of problem officer?

Oh, yeah, that… that’s an old picture.

You know kids are these days.

They just grow up so fast.

That’s him.

No, no, no, I’m his uncle.

I’m his uncle, you just ask him

[van door opens]

[soft piano]

[violin playing]

Why don’t you go right over there?


He has lacerations consistent with sexual abuse.

It’s only three or four days old.

[soft piano]

[background conversations]

[van door shuts]

[van road noise]

[intense music swells]

[garage door closes]

Help us, please.

[door shuts]

[faint children’s screams]

[boat horn]

[water sloshing]

[children’s screams beating on tin walls]

[intense music]

[doors open]

They’re ready Amigo, you pick.

[children breathing heavy]

That one there.

No! No! No!

These are good for when he wake up.

Alright now, Fuego. Don’t party too much.

[hatch closes]

[soft music]


[imitates airplane noise]

You gonna love it.

You just gonna really love it.

[“Peligrosa” plays]


[airport annoucement]

[background conversations]

[soft violin music]

[background conversations]

[soft violin music]

[father crying]

She’s just Miranda’s age.

Imagine walking into her room right now…

Seeing an empty bed.

What would we do?

[parking garage noises]

[van engine leaving]

[ ♪ Choir voices ]

[drum beat and guitar]

You’re gonna rot in jail, Earl, the only question is which one?

And normally I’d extradite your ass straight to Colombia.

There you’d be raped every day, have your balls cut off.

Which quite frankly you deserve.

Or you can tell me what I need to know, and stay in the U.S.

Get this to our embassy in Columbia as soon as possible and set me up for another call with the national police.

Got it.

Captain Jorge? I’m good, thank you. Hey, I…

[tattoo gun buzzing]

[low violin music]

[birds flying]

[door opens]

[shuddered breathing]

[Rocio trying to sing]

♪ na, na, na, na ♪

♪ na, na, na, na

♪ na, na, na…

[Rocio crying]

TIM: Rocio Aguilar.

The boy’s sister.

Now pull-up on the reins here, son — we’re going to hand this case to the prosecution, and we’re gonna let the Colombians mop-up Colombia.

Which means she’ll disappear, sir.

For good.

We’re Homeland Security, you know we can’t go off rescuing Honduran kids in Colombia.

Look, the boy’s back with his father — that’s a career-capper, take it and move on.

I can’t.

I don’t…

think you understand what I’m asking you.

See ah…

This job tears you to pieces.

And this is… my one chance to put those pieces back together.

I suppose I could tell DC that you’re…

You’re going down there to have a “training seminar”.

Fund it out of discretionary.

Keep it under ten grand.


[soft music]

[music builds] [plane landing]


Welcome to Cartagena.

Mucho gusto.

[music continues]

[big truck engine]

So, I took the liberty of sending your report to a “non-police” type.

And he came back with a lead.

Welcome to his office.

[background conversations]

[conversations and street noise]

There are two things you should know about Vampiro.

He ran the Cali cartel’s money-laundering operations in the nineties.

He did time in prison.

And the second thing: He buys children.

And then he sets them free.

He puts these kids in safe houses.

He gives them a new chance at life.


[music continues]

[soft bar piano music]

Some ground-rules, Timoteo.

Don’t ever step into my office again looking like you just walked out of a friggin’

Banana Republic ad.


Save that for Bogotá, man.

This is Cartagena.

It’s a beach town, a party town.

Lighten up.

Jorge, guy’s down here looking for a little pedo-action,

what’s he wear?

Chancletas, flip-flops, T-shirt.

Exactly. What I need to see is some horny hung-over rich American, stinking of beer, crawling out of a big honking automobile.

Rent something obnoxious.

And black.

And now Timoteo, the kid.


He’s back with his father, huh?


How did that make you feel?

Giving a child his freedom?

Felt good.

Like, “back-rub” good, or “chicken-wings” good?

What kind of good are we talking about here?

The kind that gives hope.

Come on, amigo.

You’ve been at this for 12 years.

Why are you doing it?

[piano continues]

Because God’s children are not for sale.

That is why I am giving you my Friday night.

And the plan unfolds.

Now the sister, the pretty one,

What’s her name?


As of this moment, she could be a block down the road, or she could be in Moscow, Bangkok, L.A.

And yes, I do know an young attractive woman who matches your “Giselle”.

Major operator, runs 10, 15 kids.

Sources her children out of Central America, so she doesn’t have to deal with the Colombian cops.

Lures them in with her looks, promises the sun and the moon… a month later, they’re turning five, six tricks a night.

You got a photo?

That’s the easy part.

Meet Miss Cartagena.

A verifiable beauty queen.

Her name’s Katty Juarez.

She’s clean, not even a parking ticket in the colonial area.

No record of leaving Colombia since she was 12.

Set me up on a date.

Tell Miss Cartagena you got a horny, hung-over, rich, American looking for a little pedo-action.

You don’t just set up a date with Katty Juarez.

She only deals with street traffickers, people she knows, old friends.

She keeps her nails very clean.

That is a tough marlin to hook.

[drums beating]

[street noise]

[drums and percussion]


[phone rings]

[drums beating]

Guy was making close to a quarter million a month.

You said that Katie has about 15-20 kids, right?

Scattered all over Cartagena?

Probably some in Cali, Medellin?


So Rocio could be anywhere.

But what if we needed all those kids?

I don’t understand, amigo.

You ever heard of Club Bangkok?

It’s a members-only club full of rich perverts, jet-setters, CEO’s. It’s a high-end facility, stocked 24/7 with a hundred kids.

And who supplied them?

A bunch of sex traffickers who got greedy.

If they can build one in Bangkok why can’t we build one here?

You wanna build a high-end sex hotel?

TIM: Yes I do.

And I found just the right investor.

[car driving off]

Pablo Delgado — runs a four billion dollar real estate development company, with holdings all over the world.

He loves to play cop.

We’ve already used him on two separate missions, he eats this stuff up.

That’s the look, my friend.

And he can build a sex hotel anywhere he wants.

You know someone who can bring a deal like this to the marketplace?

[“Braty Puti” plays]

Hello, pretty.



Where is your horny friend?

Change of plans.

Put on a bow tie.

We’re going to the classy part of town.

[El Calacas laughs]


Like the old days.

Wow! This guy knows how to party.

[sounds of Tim getting sick in the bathroom]

That’s it, amigo.

No more aguardiente.

[birds tweeting]

I think I may have to expand your mind to an entirely new reality.


These gentlemen want to build a one of a kind, members-only club near Cartagena.

Annual fee: one hundred grand per member.

They take care of the facility we take care of the talent.

And the members, they get a world-class resort with full access to models, 24/7, all-you-can-eat.

Live-in models. Young ones.

How young?

TIM: Shock me.

Which one is this?

El Calacas.

VAMPIRO: He used to deliver escorts for Escobar.

He sold me a chicken last year, 9 years old.

And she was…

Nine legit or a 15 year-old with pigtails?

I deal in pure cocaine, papi…

So how many chickens do you want?

For starters, 50 or 60.

[Calacas laughs]


Go big or go home. Right?

I think your amigo ate the worm.

I think he just sobered up.

[stifling laughter]

That’s a lot of chickens, papi.

No one can do that alone.

I’m not asking you if you can do it alone.

I’m just asking if you can do it.

[“Awa Didjen” plays]

[Motorcycle engines]

[camera clicks]

…plus five support agents for a month in-country, the penthouse in Bogota, the mansion in Cartagena, on and on, and yet somehow… somehow, you have failed to bring me one real-world lead, or one American child, or one American trafficker, or one reason DC would let you within a million miles of this, and a bunch of glamor shots of Miss Cartagena don’t count!

She has the girl.

And I say the girl is in Russia.

Prove me wrong.

It’s over, Tim.

Close up, get on a plane and come back home.

Bureaucracy is shit.

This is why I operate black.

Have a nice flight, Timoteo.

TIM: You were a cartel guy…


Kept your mouth shut, did your time.

Could’ve picked up where you left off, bought yourself a condo on the beach.

Instead you’re doing this. Why?


[Vampiro takes a deep breath]

I had that condo on the beach.

Fifteenth floor, marble everything, overlooking the whole bay.

First night out of jail I slept in my own bed.

Day two, I was back in business, same old life.

But it doesn’t feel right — not the drugs, not the hookers.

But dammit if I didn’t keep trying…

[Vampiro takes another deep breathe]

So one night I’m leaving a bar all jacked up on coca and I notice this young girl on the corner.

Fine looking, maybe 20, 25.

I take her up to my place, do the deed, pay the bill.

She’s putting on her shoes, and I notice something.

I notice her foot.

She’s got these little pink cat faces painted on her toenails.

And it hit me.

She’s not 25.

Then she glances up and our eyes connect.

And it was like I was granted a glimpse into her soul, and all I saw was sadness…

Out of nowhere she starts talking.

Turns out she’s not 25. Not even 20.

This girl is 14 years old, Timoteo.

She’s been doing this since she was six.

Looks at me, smiles, takes the money, walks out the door.

All of a sudden I’m hit by this tidal wave, this tsunami of darkness, and I know

I’m the sadness in her eyes. Me.

I’m the darkness.

And I know the darkness has to die.

So I get my 45.

Put it to my head.

Put my finger on the trigger.

Now if there’s a time to ask if God exists, that would be it.

[soft violin plays]

So I did.

When God tells you what to do, you cannot hesitate.

[acoustic guitar plays]

Katherine: So you’ve thought of that… of doing it on your own?

TIM: I won’t be on my own.

I just have to convince Pablo.


So you quit your job and you go and rescue these kids.

[horns play softly]

My resignation’s in your box.

Wait. You do realize you’re ten months away from vesting your pension.

TIM: I do.

You know I did everything I could, but the law is the law.

TIM: Did you know that were over 22 million new images of child pornography on the web this past year?

That’s a five thousand percent increase over the past five years.

Five thousand percent.

The fact is it is the fastest growing international crime network that the world has ever seen.

PABLO: I agreed to it because we were working with the U.S. government.

TIM: If you back out now this whole thing will blow!

It has already passed the illegal arms trade.

And soon it’s gonna pass the drug trade.

You Wanna know why?

Because you can sell a bag of cocaine one time.

But a child, the most precious child…

You can sell a five year-old kid five to ten times a day for ten years straight!

And everyday ordinary people don’t want to hear it, it’s too ugly for polite conversation, but meanwhile over two million children a year are being sucked into the deepest recesses of hell.

Trust me, man. If we do nothing, their pain is gonna spread and spread till some day it’s gonna reach the likes of you.

And that will be a nightmare that you never gonna wake up from.

I’m sorry.

[violin music swells]

Sir, the gentleman who just left asked me to give you this.

[opening an envelope]

[Tim takes a long exhale]

[light knock on the door]

[door opens]

[“Urge” plays]

[plane landing]

[group greets each other]

[office and phone noise in the background]

Jorge found us a property on Cartagena Bay.

It’s a private island confiscated by the Colombian government.

Here’s some intel on that.

The palapa will be located here.

The traffickers will arrive up here…

So what do you think?

2.6 Not bad, huh?

So let’s go meet him in Bogota and get him excited.

[all laugh]

[music playing]

[all laughing]


Too stiff.

If you don’t know what to say, just don’t say anything at all.


Don’t forget to smile.

I forgot.

My love…

Yeah. I don’t know about the kiss.

[music plays]

Welcome. Beware of your heads.

[Elevator dings]

My soul brother, let me introduce Katty.

Katty, this is the man that’s gonna make your dreams come true. Pablo.




Don Fuego.

Don Fuego.

You know El Calacas.


Who would like a drink?

We’ve got fourteen members showing up for the “Kick-Off Party,” plus a dozen prospects.

And we would like all our talent on site, rested, tested and ready to rock the day before the first guest arrives.



how many can you deliver?

You asked for 50.

At least that, more if you’re lucky.

[all laugh]

Tell me, amor…

What do you like?

[soft jazz plays]

Depends on the mood.

[Tim refills her drink]

Just deliver no less than 50 models.

And you will leave the island… with 100 grand

[soft jazz plays]




[Tim’s phone rings]

FROST: Ok, it’s handled…

you have the support of our Embassy in Colombia,

One of our guys will track the raid

in case you need any legal back-up.

Hey Tim,

I hope you find her.

[music and boat engines]

For you, papi.


[background conversations]

Negotiation is over there.

I want the kids back here,

as far away from the traffickers as possible…

[music plays]

They didn’t bring all the kids.

It doesn’t surprise me.

It gotta be less than 30.

Let’s go. Quick, so you don’t get wet.

You keeping the rest of the talent

in the glove compartment?

They’ll be here soon.

Osorio Rodriguez.

But my friends call me Carne.

Carne is our lawyer.

He got good friends at the borders.

No, no, no, no, no.

No Don King.

I like to get in the ring.

[“Quien Es el Patron?” plays]

[men giving the children orders]

[group laughing]

Tenacious. Love him.

That’s it.

[faint children screams]

Excuse me. Want more?

And what’s plan B?

We wait.

We’re not gonna lose the kids in the other boat.

TIM: Rocio must be with them.

Jorge, listen to me.

When you land,

take their fat bulldog and get him off the island,

keep him separate and no handcuffs.

TIM: No, no, no, no, no. Sorry. He’s mine.

Choose another.

CARNE: You’re joking, right?

[party music plays]

You know where is the most dangerous place in Colombia?

Between me and my chicken.

You’re a real big man, huh?

I can kill you without a glance.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Give the man what he wants.

Carne, tell your fathead goon to put this gun away.

[island breeze]


Come on, guys.

Let’s have a drink, huh?

Hey, you’ll have all afternoon in that damn bungalow.

[boat engine in the distance]

[intense music]

[water splashing]

Hurray! Finally arrived!

[waves crashing]

Stop! Hands up! Nobody moves!

[children screaming]

[men shouting]

On the ground! On the ground!

[intense music]

[men shouting]

[music stops abruptly]

[Carne grunting]

Who set us up?

Your Don King?

[background conversations]

[boat engine starting]

[waves crashing]

Fifty four kids.

Did you get their names?


I’m sorry, Tim.

But we rescued 54.

[children’s choir music softly plays]

[clap rhythm starts]

Hear that?

That’s the sound of freedom.

I hear it.

[clapping and choir singing]

[music stops]

[slams phone down]

[opens door]

[deep sigh]

[low violin starts playing]

[starting to cry]

[soft music plays]

[paper sliding across table]


[Rocio teaching drum beat]

[music intensity grows]

[background conversations]

[takes deep breathe]

Fuego handed her off here.

At a village on the Guáitara River.

South of that river, it’s all rebel territory.

No one goes in.

Not the army, not the police.

Not us.

[takes deep breathe]


That’s it?

You’re talking about extracting an 11 year-old girl from unknown terrain.


It’s controlled by an army of rebels!


Forget about what could happen to us!

She could be killed too…


What if this was your daughter, Jorge.

Sorry, man. She’s gone.

She got sold to the wrong guy!

VAMPIRO: Unless that guy needs our help.

I remember hearing about a groups that could sweet-talk their way into those areas.

Medical folks, treating cholera, malaria, dengue fever.

Makes me wonder if there’s any epidemics going around the mountains these days.

[acoustic guitar play softly]

Put up your hand.


I said “put up your hand”.

[both laugh]

These gringos.

[“La Maza” plays]

Now you’re a doctor.

Moving up in life.

[door shuts]


I got orders.

I can go as far as the river.

No further.

When you get on that water, you’re on your own.

Do me a favor.

Keep these with you.


You can keep it in your wallet or… I don’t know, inject it.

So you can locate our bodies, hm?

[song continues]

[background conversations]

[driving noise]

[background conversations]

[frogs, crickets and other creature noises]

[lighter clicks]

Hey, Timoteo…

If things go south tomorrow, which is not particularly unlikely, there’s no Marine unit coming.

We’re done.

[Tim pats his shoulder in understanding]

[I should put the kids to bed now.]

[Give them one of my bear hugs.]

[I always do.]

[You know]

[I feel like she’s my child too.]

[I love you.]

[soft tone plays]

[birds chirping]

Jorge: Hey.

Take this.

I’ll feel safer.

I think I’ll be better off without it.

[boat motor starts]

[birds chirp and fly]

[soft whistle tones play]

[drum beat adds to music]

I hope we get a warm welcome.

[gun shots fired]

Don’t shoot. Don’t…

Get down! Are you out of your mind?

[dumps boxes out in boat]

Come on.

If I come back in the dark, be ready to run.

[boat engine starts]

[GPS beeps]

What’s happening?

He’s on his own.

[takes deep breaths]

[soft violin music]

[soft music]

[background conversations]

[low violin tones]

[low horn tones]

You got some cojones coming here, amigo.

The cholera must be bad.

There are cases in Leticia, San Gil, and it can spread like wildfire.

So with your permission I’d like to take the rest of the evening to look for anyone who might need our immediate attention.

If I do — God forbid — we’ll have to evacuate them immediately.

It’s the only way to make sure the cholera doesn’t spread.


Yes. It’s just our protocol.

Yeah, yeah.

[flicks lighter]

If you find sick people —

God forbid — you bring them to me.

My protocol.

[bell being rung]

[background conversations]

[soft violin plays]

[soft piano notes]


Rocio Aguilar!

[violin plays]

Come here.

Oh, shit!

Is this one sick?

No, no, no. They’re fine. She’s fine.


Ei, amigo.

Let’s go, man.

[water squishing and sloshing]


[crickets chirping]

[men singing]

[singing in Spanish]

[door creaks open]

[quiet footsteps]

Rocio… Rocio.

No! No!

[singing abruptly stops]

[Rocio catching her breath]

[flicks lighter]

[slurred singing]

[door creaks open]

[footsteps walking away]

[music building]

[floorboard creaks]

[scuffle and fighting]

[men singing in Spanish]

[fighting and wrestling]

[muffled background noise]

[children’s voices singing]

[memories of her past crying playing]

[violin music]

It’s time to go home now.

Tu casa.


[music building]

Boss, boss…

Alacran, Alacran!


[piano beats]

[water splashes]

[soft violin]

Yeah, yeah. They took the boat!

[GPS beeping]


He’s on the move.


[boat motor noise]

Let’s go, let’s go.


Go, go, go, go, go.

[muffled gunfire]

[muffled gunfire]

You guys good?

You alright?


Yeah, we’re fine.

[ ♪ Choir voices ]

[driving noises]

[piano chime]

[music fades]

[phone clicks]

[“Pienso en Ti” plays]

Rocio. Rocio.

[music stops abruptly]

[drum beats]

♪ na na

♪ na na na na na ♪

♪ na na na na

♪ na na

♪ na na

♪ na na na na ♪

♪ na na na na na ♪

♪ na naaa na na na…

[children’s choir voices]

♪ We, God’s children, ♪ are not for sale

♪ We, God’s children, ♪ are not for sale

[clapping rhythm joins]


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