The Retirement Plan (2023) | Transcript

When Ashley and her young daughter Sarah get caught up in a criminal enterprise that puts their lives at risk, she turns to estranged father Matt, currently living the life of a retired beach bum in the Cayman Islands.
The Retirement Plan (2023) - Nicolas Cage

In The Retirement Plan, when Ashley (Ashley Greene) and her young daughter Sarah (Thalia Campbell) get caught up in a criminal enterprise that puts their lives at risk, she turns to the only person who can help – her estranged father Matt (Nicolas Cage), currently living the life of a retired beach bum in the Cayman Islands. Their reunion is fleeting as they are soon tracked down on the island by crime boss Donnie (Jackie Earle Haley) and his lieutenant Bobo (Ron Perlman). As Ashley, Sarah and Matt become entangled in an increasingly dangerous web, Ashley quickly learns her father had a secret past that she knew nothing about and that there is more to her father than meets the eye.

* * *




[tense music]

[sirens wailing]

[Ashley sighs]


[gunshots firing]

[glass shatters]


[violent struggle]

Come on come on, let’s go let’s go let’s go!

You’re all right.

You’re all right.

Open the door!

Come on.

Fuck, come on, man.

Oh my God.

Drive, drive!

Okay, okay. Fuck!

Come on, baby.

Come on, Mitch!

Where are we going?

[suspense music]

[car honks]

Baby! Baby slow down, slow down.

What happened?

Is he gonna be okay?

Jimmy is he gonna be okay?

Baby you’ve got to slow down, okay?

You’ve got to slow down.

Everything is gonna be fine, but you’ve got to calm down.

We cannot get pulled over by the cops.

[stammers] Okay, where do I go?

What do I do?

Baby, listen to me.

Listen to me, just breathe slowly.

What do I do?

What do I do here?

Just drive for now, okay?

Nice and easy, okay?

Just stay on the main road.

I knew it.

I knew it.

What are we gonna do if he dies?

Why did you have to do this?

I told you, Ash, I told you.

You don’t get to just walk away!

This was the only option!

All right?

What happened?

Fuck, it all happened so fast, you know?


We have to get him to a hospital.

Jimmy, do you hear me?

We have to get him to a hospital.



He’s dead.


Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, baby.

Baby, listen to me.

Listen to me.

We gotta keep it together okay?

I need you to be strong.

Can you do that for me?



All right, drive.

Drive to the boat launch near the dump.

Mitch’s boat is tied up there.


[tense music]

[Jimmy breathes heavy]

Are you okay?

Hey, baby.

Are you okay? Come on.

Come on.

We need to hurry okay, sweetie?

We don’t have much time.

I love you, baby. You’re gonna be okay.

Yeah, I’m okay.

I’m okay.

Just head down to the boat okay?

I’ll meet you there.


It’s me.

Where have I been?

Mitch is fucking dead.

Did you hear me?

I said Mitch is dead.

Look, I did what you asked.

Yes, I have it!

I don’t give a shit!

When Donnie finds it missing he probably already knows I’m a dead man!

You need to protect my wife and my daughter!

Don’t tell me to calm down!

Do you know Donnie?

Listen, one hour.

Same place as always.

I give you the drive.

You protect my family.

[ominous music]

[techno dance music]

How the fuck do you let this happen?


[bottle shatters]

How the holy fucking Christ can you let this happen?


What’s the fucking point of two guys at the fucking door to my club, two men at the door to my fucking office?

How’d this happen?

Tell me how the fuck it happened, huh?

You fucking morons.

Fucking hell.

I wanna fucking know who stole from me and I want his fucking head on a fucking platter so I can serve him up to my fucking friends!

It was Jimmy.

I’m sorry, say that again.

It was Jimmy and some other guy.

What the fuck would Jimmy want with the drive?

He doesn’t even know what it is.

I don’t know, boss.

Of course you don’t know.


All right, let’s just calm down, all right?

Get everyone, I mean fucking everyone.

I want Jimmy at the foot of my desk within the hour.


[tense music]

Find a safe place to hide this.

What is this?

Do you trust me?

Yes, I trust you.

I trust you with my life.

But this is crazy.

I have a way out of here.

To start fresh with a clean slate.

But I can’t trust anyone anymore.

Donnie most likely knows it was me by now, so you and Sarah aren’t safe in the city.

You guys need to leave town now.


I will catch up once I sort this all out.

Leave town and go where?

We don’t have anywhere to go.

There is one place.

[dramatic music]


No way.

No one will find you there.

I haven’t talked to him in over a decade, okay?

I don’t even know if he’s there anymore.

I mean he could be dead for all I know.

Ash, think about it.

No one knows about your dad.

And no one will think to look in the Cayman Islands for you and Sarah.

You said you trust me, right?

You guys gotta get on the next flight out of here.

It’s best for Sarah.

Best for Sarah?

Okay, that man shouldn’t be allowed within 200 yards of our child, much less any kid.

You gotta go.

I love you.

[boat engine revs]

Hey sweetheart.

Mom, what’s going on?

Um well your dad and I planned a big surprise for your birthday next week and we’re taking you to a beautiful tropical island, okay?


Gotta hurry, okay?

Come on, we gotta go.

Okay, up up up.

But what about my test on Othello next week?

I’m not done reading it.


It’s gonna come with us.

Come on, we gotta hurry, baby.

Go go go go. Come on.

[Sarah yawns]

[tense music]

Hey Jimmy.

Donnie wants to see you.

[phone text sent]

[dramatic music]

[tense music]


First time to Cayman?

First time to anywhere.

Oh, well you’re gonna love the island.

Do you have family meeting you?

My grandpa lives here.

Is he going to pick you up?


But I have his address.

Okay sweetie, so after we land you stay on the plane and I’ll make sure you get where you need to go.

Thank you.

[Caribbean music]

♪ The tide is high, but I’m holding on ♪

♪ I’m gonna be your number one ♪

♪ I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that ♪

♪ Oh no

♪ It’s not the things you do that tease me ♪

[music muffled]

♪ I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that ♪

♪ Oh no


[Sarah knocks]

[tense music]

[wind chimes clinking]

[Matt snoring]

[Matt and Sarah scream]


I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, it’s okay, little girl.

I’m not gonna hurt you.

You scared the shit out of me.

Are you okay?

Did I hurt you?

Are you lost?

Looking for your parents?

What are you doing here?

I’m looking for Jim Benton.

Where’d you hear that name?

Or Matt Robbins?

Who sent you?

Where are you from?

Why are you asking about Jim and Matt?

What the fuck are you doing here?

He’s my grandfather!


My mom said he lived here.

Do you know how I can find him?

I’m Matt.

Matt Benton?

No, Benton’s the other guy’s name.

I’m Matt Robbins.

But people on the island just call me Matt.

You’re not from here?

No sir, I’m from the city.

What’s your name?


What are you doing?

What have you got there?

Is this your daughter?

Oh shit, oh shit.


Yeah, that’s Ashley.

That’s my daughter.

She looks all grown up now, you know?

How old are you?


Well technically I’m 11, but I’ll be 12 in six days.

How old are you?

I don’t know, I stopped counting when I turned 30.

60, late-60s I guess.

Maybe 70.

[Matt chuckles]

Are you hungry?

You look hungry.

I might have some baloney sandwiches.

You like baloney?

[operatic singing in foreign language]

[nervous breathing]

[Ashley gasps]

I checked her, boss.

No hard drive.

Just a receipt for two tickets to the Cayman Islands.

Looks like the kid left about an hour ago.

Next one’s for tomorrow.

Where’s Jimmy?

“Where’s Jimmy?”

Where’s fucking Jimmy?

Where’s my fucking hard drive?


Where’s my fucking hard drive?

[Ashley sobs]

Here we go. Bobo go get Jimmy.

Bobo what the fuck?

Sorry boss.

You kidding me?

[Jimmy groans]

Oh my God!

[tense music]

Look at you two.

What a fucking mess.

Look, I’m gonna make this real easy for you.

All right?

Where. Is.

My fucking hard drive?

No no no no no no please!

Please don’t, please!


You know what I think?

I think Mr. Romance here gave you the drive.

And you sent it ahead to the Caymans.

With your daughter.

Am I right?

Look at me.


Does she know she has the hard drive?


All right, the girl’s got it.

Get on that flight with this bitch, take Bobo with you, and do not come back without my fucking hard drive.

What the fuck, Donnie?

It’s a little girl.

I can handle this.

I don’t need Bobo with me.

I know you can handle it, okay?

I know this.

Don’t think because I’m asking Bobo to go with you doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you or have faith in your ability ’cause I do, all right?

The hard drive is important not just to me, but to Hector.

All right?

Now take Bobo with you.


My friends are gonna go back with you to get my drive, okay?

What about Jimmy?

[Donnie] No no.

No, he needs a doctor

No, you don’t worry about Jimmy.

All right? Jimmy’s gonna stay here with me.

You need to worry about getting my hard drive.

Now if you cause any kind of commotion, you draw attention to the police, you do something stupid, you do fucking anything to compromise my friends here, I swear to fucking Christ Jimmy will suffer worse than you can imagine.

Am I fucking clear?

Tell me we’re clear.

We’re clear.

Thank you.

Get this bitch the fuck out of my face.

[Ashley sobs]

Hey Bobo.

Come here.

You get that drive back, you kill that bitch and her daughter.

Take them out to the ocean, drop them deep.


Hey Bobo.

Don’t make me come out there.

You know I fucking hate the heat.


All right.

I’m all out of cold cuts.

But I do have some crunchy shit.

No ice huh?

I’m sorry there princess, no ice.

The freezer’s broke, fridge only does enough to keep the meat from turning blue, but enough about my current electrical current issues.

What, pray tell, are you doing here?

Pray tell?

Yeah, what are you doing here, now, today?

I haven’t seen my daughter since her mom died and now her daughter shows up at my front doorstep with not a word.

It makes a man curious, you know?

What are you doing here?

Pray tell.

I think my parents are in some kind of trouble.

Oh Ashley’s in trouble.

Okay, well there’s a shocker.

What is it this time?

She in jail?

Okay, that was mean.

That wasn’t, goddammit, I didn’t mean that.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, just tell me what happened.

Up until last night, mom told me you were dead.

It’s easy to see why.

Sorry I bothered you.

No no no, Sarah, Sarah, I’m sorry.

Sorry, I was a shitty dad.

I won’t argue that.

But right now I really need you to tell me what happened to your mom.


[Sarah VO] Yesterday I came home early from school and I could hear my mom and dad arguing about something.

[Sarah] Mom, dad, I’m home!

[Sarah VO] Dad was saying something about “no other way out” and he needed mom’s help.

Later that night mom woke me up in the middle of the night.

She packed my bag and went straight to the airport.

Mom tried to get a ticket for her as well, but they only had one seat left.

So she put me on the plane and she handed me some money and gave me this address and said I’d find you here.

I know something’s wrong.


Where’s your mom now?

Well she said she would be here tomorrow.

Why do you have two names?

I’m gonna find out when the flights are landing tomorrow.

Oh, you want some more soda water?

No thanks.

All right, all right.

[tense music]

I got this.

[phone rings]

[Hector] I was wondering when you were gonna call and tell me what happened tonight.

How do you know what happened?

Oh Donnie, please.

I know everything.

I’ve always told you never underestimate the power of information.

And the fact that you don’t know that I know already puts you in a weakened position and we haven’t even started talking about the problem at hand.

Which is my missing hard drive?

You know, I had it before.

I’ll get it again.

You have 24 hours before I step in and solve this myself.

Hey, I can deal with it.

I hope so.

Because if you can’t it begs the question what use are you at all?

[phone disconnects]





All done?

Yes, thank you.

Mom never lets me eat in bed.


That’s weird.

She used to love it.

You’re a football fan?

I love football.

I want to be a quarterback when I grow up.


Are there a lot of girl quarterbacks?

Girls can do anything guys can do.

I’m the fastest player on my team.

Okay, well let’s talk football tomorrow when your mom gets here.

Why do you have two names?

I’ll tell you sometime over a beer.


[dramatic music]

[phone rings]

[Ashley] Hi, you’ve reached Ashley.

I can’t get to my phone right now.

Leave a message.

Purpose for your visit?

Business or pleasure?



Is this the place?


Is this the place?

I don’t know, I’ve never been here.

Listen, I am in no mood for bullshit.

So you better fucking tell me where that disc is.

Or I’m gonna tear your fucking arms off.

You understand me?


Hard drive.


You said disc.

Are you fucking kidding me right now?

Hey, I don’t know, you know?

Maybe she thinks you meant disc.

That’s not what Donnie needs.

You think I don’t know what fucking Donnie needs?

Shut the fuck up, get in there, and check it out.

Yes sir, boss.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Well she was here.

But there’s no hard drive.

I want that fucking hard drive.

[Caribbean music]

[Sarah] Are you rich?

Well that depends upon your perspective.

If you can’t afford this breakfast then I’m rich because I can afford to pay for it.


So how’d you end up here?

Well I don’t like cold weather and I don’t like too much rain, but I do like to fish, so seemed like a good place.

You retired?


How long you been retired?

About 20 years I guess.

Why’d you retire?

It wasn’t my choice, I was told to retire.

By who?

You writing a book?

Who’d you work for?

I worked for Uncle Sam.

The government.

Yep, I worked for the government.

Did you know Uncle Sam is actually based on a real person?


His name was Sam Wilson.

He was a meat packer during the War of 1812.

The troops got to calling the meat Uncle Sam’s meat.

And from that point on it was used as a unifying cry to the Americans.


Remind me to avoid trivia games with you.

So what did you do for the government?

I was an arbitrator.

I’m guessing you know the origin story of arbitration too.

No, I don’t know what that is.

Is it like a lawyer?

Yes, but in my case I was more of a…


So if two sides couldn’t come to an agreement they’d send me in to sort out the argument.

Were you good at your job?

I got the job done.

Then why’d you retire?

[Matt] Told you, it wasn’t my choice.

Can I ask you a question?

Oh now you’re asking?

You already asked me a hundred questions.

You won’t get mad?

[chuckles] Sarah, you always knock me for a loop.

What’s the question?

Why did mom tell me you were dead?

I always wanted a grandfather.

I had a grandmother, but it’s different.

She probably wouldn’t let you order a double stack with extra chocolate chips.

Here, have some more syrup, sweetheart.

There you go.

Or asked if I wanted a beer.


Now listen, kid.

If you mother wanted you to think that I’m dead, it’s for your own good.

You see, when she was a little girl I was home all of two months out of the year.

And when I was home I was…

No fun.

And then when June, your other grandmother, got sick I just up and left to some godforsaken country.

I left your mother all alone to take care of her mother.

So if she wants to visualise me as “dead” then she has every right.

All right, well let’s go.

We should go.

[dramatic music]

I forgive you, grandpa.

Jesus Christ it’s fucking hot.


Take it easy.

[tense music]

You ever see someone try to walk around without one of these?

It’s really fucked up.

You see, this little tendon here has a lot to do with your ability

to walk around and stand upright.

So if you don’t tell me where that disc…

If you don’t tell where that hard drive is, I’m going to snip that fucking tendon.

And watch you hop around like a fucking invalid.

Until you shit me out a hard drive.

Hey kid.

Why don’t you slouch down.

Just lay low for a few minutes.


Well you said your parents were in trouble right?

Yeah, I guess.

Well then would you mind slouching down?

Yeah, yeah, okay.


Stay down until I tell you it’s okay.

I’ll be right back.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Take it easy, slow down.

Who the fuck is that?

That’s my father.

I think.

He doesn’t know anything about this.

[General] Where the fuck is your kid?

I don’t know, I swear.


Where’s Sarah?

Don’t worry.


Welcome to the island!

You friends of Ashley?


Dad what’s wrong?

It’s just my back.

I just gotta sit down.

Sorry guys, just…

I’ve been dealing with this crap for six years.

Okay, that’s better.

I’ll tell you, once you hit 60 the warranty’s off.

You know what I mean?

You guys gotta invest in some better beachwear.

Aren’t you dying in those jackets?

Listen, we don’t mean to be rude, but we believe you have something we’re looking for and ideally I’d like to grab it and be on the next flight out of here.

I don’t have anything!

Ashley what’s the Dapper Danny talking about?

I am really trying to be nice.

Trying to be nice?

But I’m losing my fucking patience.

No no no, come on!

[shouting in foreign language]

This guy’s fucking crazy.

[suspense music]

[Bobo screams]

[gunshots firing]



Did you shoot me?

I am so sorry.

Are you okay?


Did you shoot just me or did you shoot him too?

No, just you.

Did he get away?

Yes, and he took your truck.


You know what? It is just a truck.

This is pretty much you.

You just go straight to yelling at me for screwing up Sarah’s in the truck!


[tense music]

[phone rings]

[phone buzzes]

My drive better be in your fucking hands.



Bad news, boss.

General’s dead.

Ashley, she brought us to her dad’s house, right?

There’s nobody there, so I went inside, I look around.

The little girl had been there but no hard drive, so we wait around.

Eventually dad comes back.

Whose dad?

Whose dad?

I just said Ashley.

Ashley’s dad, old guy.

Very very old guy.

Anyway, that’s when everything goes south right?

General pulls a gun and the old man, I don’t know, he killed him.

He killed him?

I thought you just said General had a gun.

Yeah, well that’s the thing, boss.

The guy used a, what’s the word, a hand weight.


Yeah, you know, like a dumbbell?

General looks away, old man hits him over the head.

Boom, kills him.

I just got out of there with my life.

Ashley’s shooting at me and everything.

Who the fuck kills someone with weights?

I know, boss.

Personally I’ve never seen anything like it.

Sorry for your loss, Donnie.

So to recap.

You didn’t get my drive.

My little half brother’s dead.

Beaten to death with a fucking dumbbell.

Anything else you’ve forgotten, Bobo?

Well yeah, there’s one other thing.

I got Ashley’s kid.

Hold that fucking kid.

Get somewhere low key.

I don’t care, just sit tight.

Looks like we gotta lay low for awhile.

You’re not gonna give me any trouble are you?


You understand this is nothing personal right?

This is just what you call an unfortunate circumstance.

I don’t feel one way or the other about any of this.



So if you give me any trouble, you don’t listen to what I tell you, I’m gonna shoot you in the head twice, I’m gonna dump you in the ocean, and I’m gonna go get a pizza.

We clear?

[Sarah breathes heavy]

Well we’re gonna have to call the cops about this.

No, dad, they have Sarah.

They will kill her.

I guarantee you there’s more men that are already coming for me and that hard drive and now you and they will not stop until we are all dead.

But right now all I care about is getting my daughter back.

Where’s the drive now?

And you don’t know what’s on here?

No, I have no idea.

I don’t even think Jimmy knows what’s on that.

All I know is that Jimmy kept telling me that that drive was our way out.

Out of what?


Jimmy was working full time for Donnie.

As his driver.

And once a guy like Donnie gets his claws in you it’s hard to get away.

Like ever.

Pretty risky to try and kill two people in broad daylight.

I’m guessing the Jerry Lewis Telethon isn’t on here.

All right.

Let’s get rid of the body.

How do we do that?

I am so sorry that I shot you.

Are you sure you’re okay?

It’s fine.

It’s just a graze.

When we get back we should find a place to lay low.

An out of the way hotel.

Grab an end.

Oh no, I can’t, I

Do I have to do everything myself?

Okay, you know what?

Fine, I will grab his feet.


Okay? On three.

Two. One.


Wait wait wait wait wait!


Well what if someone finds him?

Ashley, this is the Cayman Trench.

It’s a five mile drop down.

There’s nobody there.

Okay. Okay.



[big splash]

Down she goes.

So that’s all for now.

I expect your reports tomorrow morning by 8 AM.

[tense music]

So how did it go?

It’s a burn.

Whole thing’s a burn.

We’re talking eight months of legwork here.

Where’s your man inside?


With drive.

So your man is probably hanging in a meat locker somewhere and the drive is back in the hands of the bad guys.

Is that about the sum of your report?

Like I said.

It’s a burn.

Do I need to tell you what’s on that drive?

No ma’am.

Are you sure?

Quite sure.

[phone rings]


It’s me.


Do you know your current file reads “Gone Elvis”?

That’s funny.

I remember you telling me to, how’d you put it, do some fishing?

Early retirement?

Oh you know that that order came from above me.

Yeah yeah.

Hand me a sack of shit and tell me it’s fish and chips.

You know as well as I do that you frustrated every superior, and subordinate for that matter, that you ever had.

You assaulted a two star general, Matthew.

Do you know what that guy had going on the side?

I’ve heard this all before remember?

And I am very busy, so if you’ll excuse me.

I need.

Your help.

As I recall, asking for help was not your strong point.

Fair enough. It’s my daughter Ashley.

She’s in deep with some bad people and I need some information.

Well how serious is the trouble she’s in?

That’s what I’m trying to find out.

I’ve got two names, Donnie Iger and some guy who calls himself The General.

How do I reach you?

I’ll reach back out to you.

All right, well let me try to get you some information.

[phone disconnects]

[ominous music]

“But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at.”

“I am not what I am.”

Excuse me?


Othello’s most trusted officer?

You know Othello?


Why are you so surprised? It’s a famous play.

It’s almost like you’re looking at me like I’m a guy who would never read Shakespeare.


I thought your generation doesn’t judge people by their appearances.

No, I didn’t mean

Take it easy, take it easy.

I’m just kidding you.

Did you have to read it for school?

[Bobo chuckles]

Lady, I never went to no school.

How did you learn to read if you never went to school?

You ever hear of Oliver Twist?

I think so.

Is he the one who asks for more soup?

“Please, sir. Can I have some more?”

Is that supposed to be Oliver?

Are you kidding me?

That was a great Oliver.

Anyway, I was an orphan.

And some guy, he picked me up.

Took me into his house.

He fed me and he taught me over the years.

Taught me how to read, taught me how to write.

Taught me how to gather my thoughts coherently.

Convey them concisely.

Taught me how to shave.

He was a great man.

What happened?

Well you’re gonna have to read Oliver Twist aren’t you?

Because his story and mine?

One and the same.

That’s not possible.

What are you talking about?

“Never trust a coincidence.”

My science teacher once said.


Your science teacher huh?

Maybe he thinks I’m more like Iago huh?

I’m not what I seem to be?

Yeah, you seem shifty.

What page you on?


It’s hard to understand.

Yeah, I get that.

All right look.

You keep reading, I gotta make a call.

I’m gonna ask you a few questions later.

Pay attention.

Purpose of your visit?

Business or pleasure?

[Gang] Pleasure.

[tense music]

Where’s phone?

Over there, sir.

Bobo’s room.

No, just Bobo.

[phone rings]


Bobo it’s us.

What room you in?

528, come on up.

Gonna see your mom soon.


I’m sorry Ash, I’m just trying to…

They’re gonna hurt Sarah aren’t they?

No no no, don’t think like that.

You don’t know these people.

Killing her is nothing to them.

They won’t kill her as long as we have the drive.

But here’s what I don’t understand.

How can Sarah be anywhere near this?

How can you have a life with her anywhere near these

You don’t know anything about my life.

Or Sarah’s.

Jimmy was just a driver, nothing more.

He didn’t hurt people, he didn’t sell drugs.

We were just trying to get a leg up.

Is that how he ended up with the hard drive?

He overheard Donnie talking about how he was gonna get a leg up on Hector and the drive was gonna make that happen.


Wow, okay.

[sighs] Okay.

Ashley, you are never responsible.

And now you’re a parent and you’re even less responsible.

Oh wow, because you were some great example

of what a parent should be?

Should I follow your example?

I get it, I get it.

You leave for months on end with no contact or call because you pretty much missed every birthday I ever had.

You made your point.

Even when you were in town, so don’t fucking tell me how to be a parent because you have no fucking idea!

[tense music]

[Matt] Where are you going?

I am going to get some ice.

Ashley those guys could already be looking for you.

I think I can get some ice, dad!


[suspense music]


It’s them.


[whispers] The bad guys.

Get away from the door.

[Leon knocks]

Come on, Ashley.

We’ve got your girl.

[whispers] I need you to do something for me and there’s probably no way you’re gonna want to do it.

I need you to open the door really fast, then I’m gonna grab one of them, pull them in here, and then you’re gonna slam the door shut once he’s in here okay?

Have you completely lost your mind?

I gotta separate these guys.

I can deal with them one at a time, but not all at once.

Deal with them?

You can do this.

I’m gonna count you in, ready?

He’s gonna get it eventually anyway!

You know this is true!

On three, two, one.


Ashley, don’t make me

[suspense music]

Is this one of the bad guys?

Yeah, that’s one of Donnie’s soldiers.

What’s going on?

It’s gonna be hard to explain.

Where’s Leon?

He took him.

Who took him?

Some guy.

He grabbed him, pulled him into the room.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Get in there and fucking get him!

[action music]

I don’t remember.

Were you afraid of heights?

Not really. Why?

I’m gonna lower you down.

You’ve gotta be kidding me.

No no, no time to talk about it.

Just gotta go.

Now Ashley, gotta go now.

[Goons banging] All right now, come on.

Here we go. Come on.

There you go. Off you go.

Up and over.

Now Ashley, gotta go right now.

Come on.

That’s it. That’s my girl.

You got it.

I can’t let go.

I’ve got you, let go.

I can’t let go.

Don’t make me push you.

[Ashley shrieks]

[suspense music]

Come here!


[Gibson chokes]

[Matt chokes mockingly]

[Matt and Ronik grunting]

[Ronik screams]

[bones snap]

If these guys are willing to risk killing us in public, we’re gonna need a better defensive position.

A defensive position?

And how are you doing these things?

Who are you?

Ash, I can appreciate this is a bit weird, and I can explain a bit more about my past, but right now we need to leave.

[Matt knocks]

Oh look at him, we’re gonna give him a heart attack.

Okay, so all of those times that you were leaving us for six months at a time you were, what, killing people?

No, God!

I mean no.

You were killing people?

I mean besides the ones that I’ve seen you kill?

Hey, I killed those guys trying to save your ass, so give a guy a break.

Wait, so-

Can this guy move any slower?

What, you’re some kind of assassin or something?

[Matt chuckles]

Can you open the door?

I gotta get off the balcony!

What the fuck?

Thank you.

You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

Thank you so much.

Is it hot?

[tense music]

Jesus Christ.

Whoa whoa, taxi!

That’s Ashley.

Who is this guy?

Yes, hello, can you connect me to the Cayman Cab Company please?

Appreciate that, thank you.

Yes, hello.

Look, my father and my sister just got into one of your cabs in front of Seashell Hotel.

And here’s the thing, my father left all of his heart medication in the room.

Is it possible for you to tell me where they’re headed?

Well see, that’s the weird part.

The phone is with the heart medication here in the room.

Anyway, I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out here.

Oh no no no, never again.

They’re heading to the Marina in Capo Bay.

The Capo Bay Marina.

Thank you so much, goodbye.


Hey, that’s pretty smart.

[phone rings]

The only thing I want to hear you say is that you got my drive and everyone’s dead.

Say it. Say it.

Not exactly, boss.

You’re not gonna be happy.


Why is no one answering their phones, huh?

What the fuck’s going on down there?

Where’s Gibson? Where’s Ronik?

Put Ronik on.

See that’s the thing, boss.

The old guy, he keeps killing everybody.

The dad.


[tense music]

I send three of my best guys down there to fucking grab a hard drive from a little girl and her fucking mom and you’re telling me the grandfather just killed three more of my men?

Yeah, pretty much, yeah.

“Pretty much” “pretty much.”


Bobo, listen really carefully all right?

I gotta call Hector, tell her what the fuck is going on, so I’m thinking in the meantime maybe, I don’t know, find out who the fucking grandpa is?

Can you give me a fucking name?

That’s funny boss because actually, hang on a second.

I got um…

I got two names here.


I got a Matt Robbins.

And I got a Jim Benton.

Great, which one’s the grandpa?

Well that’s the thing boss, we’re not really sure, but it’s definitely one of the two.


Sit tight, okay?

Until I fucking get down there.

You guys got passports?

You hungry?

All right. What’s your favourite food?


All right, me too.

I’ll make you a deal.

You good on your word?


All right, now I get that I’m the bad guy in this particular circumstance, but your work should be solid no matter

what side of the fence you’re on, am I right?

Yeah, that makes sense.

All right.

So now we’re gonna go, we’re gonna get pizza, and we’re gonna see your mom.

But when we get downstairs there’s gonna be cops everywhere.

And you gotta be good, okay?

Because if I get busted, Donnie is gonna kill your mom sure as I’m sitting here.


Okay, I understand.

All right.

Let’s go.

Remember, we get caught your mom dies, yeah?

I understand.

Let’s go.

[dramatic music]


Why did you want to be the bad guy?

You know, I never really thought about it.

I’ve just been the bad guy from the beginning.

Just circumstances I guess.

How about you?

You the good guy?

I mean, you know, girl?

I think so, but it’s not over yet is it?

[Bobo chuckles]

That’s what I’m saying.


You ready, madam?

[tense music]

Hang on.

[fire alarm blaring]


Captain Joseph!

Permission to come aboard!

If you’re here for that $25 you can turn around.

I didn’t cheat.


Joey, you remember my daughter Ashley?


Your Ashley?


My, little Ashley.

Well you’re not so little anymore huh?

[Joey chuckles]

My Lord how time flies.

The last time I saw you you were about eight years old.

Of course you wouldn’t remember me.

You were just a wee thing.

What are you guys doing here?

Well in short, I’m a worse parent than he is.

Ashley and her husband seem to have gotten mixed up with some bad people.

Ooh. How bad?

They tried to kill us.



Little Ash always getting in trouble.

Okay, can we focus please?

Well whoever the players are they all seem to want this.

Hey, can I use your computer and see what’s on this thing?


Come on.

Joey here was a mine sweeper back when we were stationed overseas together.

For those diplomatic missions we were on.

What is a mine sweeper doing on diplomatic missions?

Yeah, there. Click on that.

Yeah, open that file please.


Is this what I think it is?

What does this have to do with Jimmy?

If this is for real I’m ready to call the agency.

This is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.

This some James Bond shit.

How’d you get this?

James Bond?

You know what?

You’re gonna need to get off my boat.

[phone rings]


These guys continue to be a problem.

Three of them just tried to kill me.

Are they dead?

Did you find out anything on those two names?

Yes I did.

These are very bad people.

How bad?

Well Donnie Iger is the guy who it seems your little girl stole the drive from.

She didn’t steal anything.

This drive landed in her lap from her husband who didn’t look both ways before he crossed the street.

Well he looked both ways when he decided to work with Donnie.

I mean he is a lifelong piece of shit.

He did seven years hard time, but when he came out he spent the next 10 years working his way up the membership.

Organised crime.

Yep, and Matt, let me tell you.

These guys are into everything.

Drugs, human trafficking, money laundering, firearms, cyber crimes, and Donnie runs a small arm of the membership.

His boss is one Hector Garcia.

[jazzy blues music]

♪ Well I walk that walk

♪ And talk that talk ♪

♪ Said you’re so fine ♪

♪ Said you’ll be mine

♪ And we’ll talk that talk ♪

I apologise if I kept you waiting.

Have you not eaten?

Oh please, eat something.

No, no I’m fine.

Thank you, Mrs. Garcia.

Oh please, oh my goodness, call me Hector.

[tense music]

You work for me, yes?


And forgive me, you are…


No no, not your name, what you do for me.

You are…

I’m sorry.

I’m an…

I’m an accountant.


That’s it.

Helen, come with me.

Helen, do you know of a company called AJ Boat Carters?

AJ Boat Carters is not actually a boat company, it’s just a front to move cash.

Do you know this?

[Helen sobs]

Do you know about the $16,246.87 that has moved into that company?

I’m sorry.

Mrs. Garcia, please.

I’m so sorry, I was stupid.

Come with me.

Oh God.

[Joey] Beer?

No thank you.

You know, this would be.

[chuckles] The part in the movie where I tell you not to be so hard on your dad.

‘Cause he’s got some good qualities too.

Yeah, the ol’ pal comes to his buddy’s rescue routine.


Not really, but I know he was hurting being apart from your guys.

So what, my dad’s like Rambo or something?

Not quite Rambo, but your dad used to have a very special talent.

He was what we called a sneak.

Whenever there was someone we couldn’t get to for one reason or another they’d send in your dad.

My dad’s an assassin isn’t he?

Never came from me, but yeah.

Your dad’s totally an assassin.

Are you shitting me?

No, no, not really.

He had this unique ability to get in unnoticed, get the job done, and get out.

When he killed those guys and watched them die, and don’t get me wrong, they were bad guys,

but it was like it didn’t even affect him.

It was like he was just taking the trash to the curb.

When I was a boy my father had a heart attack.

And later that night he was recovering in the emergency ward.

I was sitting right by his side when they two doctors rushed in.

Because the guy in the bed next to my dad was going into cardiac arrest.

Now they came in, but they couldn’t save him.

And he died right there in front of us.

Now I certainly never seen a man die before.

We just stood there.


Then, and I will never forget this.

I heard one doctor ask the other doctor if he knew who won the Dodgers game.


How can they be talking baseball when a man had just died right in front of them?

That’s when I knew.

The more death you’ve seen, the less it affects you.

And I think your dad has seen so much that any effect it may have had is long gone.


[tense music]

[dramatic sting]

Oh God.


Please please don’t do this.

Pull yourself together.

Look again.

Are you going to be loyal?

[Helen] Yes.

Do you love your daughters?


Of course you do.

Then they should be fine without a father.

[Helen cries]


Shh, shh-shh-shh-shh.

If you steal from me again, you and your daughters will be on that boat and they will go in first.

Do you understand?


Please feel free to take some fruit home to your girls.

I’ll have someone prepare a basket.

It’s no bother.

This woman is not to be messed with, Matt.

She has very powerful friends.

Tell John to push our lunch next week.

And I want specifics on the mayor meeting.

I don’t want another incident with that woman.

[Staff Member] I’m on it.

[phone buzzes]

Everyone out.

What should I tell the Sheffields?

Tell them I’ll throw in use of the private jet.

But that’s it.

I need their support publicly.

Now go.

And close the door on your way out.

Make sure I’m not disturbed.

[phone rings]

I thought we had an understanding you would not contact me here.

[Hector] The drive has been stolen.

I’m gonna have to ask you to repeat that.

[Hector] The drive has been stolen.


[Hector] I have it under control.

Yeah, I think you and I have two different definitions of “under control”.

[Hector] I’ll get the drive.


What about your man on the inside?

I think we can both agree on one thing.

It is in our mutual interest to recover the drive and I can assure you I have my best men on it.

Well that’s a relief.

Does anyone know what’s on that drive?

[Hector] No.

Where are your men now?

You heading down for the Blackbeard festival?


[Pirate Cosplayers] Yarrgh!

Enjoy your flight.

[phone rings]

I think we got a problem.

I’m calling you for a solution.

[rock music]

Purpose of your visit?

Business or pleasure?


So you remember when you first rolled you wanted a seven but you didn’t get it?


All right,

so now if you roll a seven it’s game over.

For everybody, whether they bet on you or not.

So everybody’s cheering you on to not roll a seven.

You roll any other number, everybody who bets on you wins.

And you keep rolling.


Who are you gonna bet on?

Well I’m thinking you’re a shooter, so I’m betting on you, kid.


You’re a natural.

Roll again.

My God, she’s en fuego.

We’re going to Vegas when this is over.

All right, numb nuts.

[playfully tense music]

[car door slams]

I didn’t get a gun.

The fuck am I gonna do with this thing?

[Donnie] Stick it up your ass.


What’s going on with our pal Othello?

Why does Othello trust Iago so much when it’s pretty obvious to everyone around him that Iago is lying?

How does he not see it?

I don’t know.

It’s always the ones closest to you get you in the end, you know?

Go ahead, roll.

[phone rings]

Ah, you bust.

Be right back.

Hey boss.

Yeah, she’s with me.

All right, I’ll send you the address.

All right, we got this fuck.

Head east.

East, don’t make me fucking say it again.

I don’t know which way’s east.

Left, do you know which way’s left?


[phone buzzing]

[tense music]

I’m at work.

Maybe it’s time you got your priorities straight.

You made a promise to me that you have yet to materialise on.

Take the drive from that neanderthal Donnie and shut him down.

Every time we send our men some old guy kills them.

This isn’t just some old guy.

He’s ex-Special Ops, he used to work for my boss.

You’re not gonna believe this, but he’s the father-in-law of my snitch.

[Hector] I’m lost, the old guy that’s killing my men?

Yes, he’s a major badass you want to avoid at all cost.

All right, where’s this motherfucker?

That blue one over there.

Ashley, the old man, and I don’t know, some other guy.

All right.

Here, get rid of her.


Maybe we keep her around, you know?

Just in case circumstances change?

Why the fuck does everybody make me say things twice?

Just get rid of her, all right?

[Hector] Save me the suspense.

What are we dealing with?

All right.

You know Rambo?

[Hector] So he’s Rambo.

No, I’m pretty sure this guy

taught Rambo everything he knows.

He won the Silver Star for bravery twice.

That hasn’t been done since World War II.

Well Donnie and his men are about to permanently retire him.

Listen to me very carefully.

This is not a man to be messed with, okay?

He’s a killing machine.

If he’s got the drive you’re gonna need leverage.

Use the daughter.

Do not engage.

That might be too late.

[phone disconnects]


For fuck’s sake, get back, get back.


All right, listen.

First thing is don’t fucking kill anybody all right?

I need them all alive.

Especially that fucking old man.

The most important thing is that

motherfucking hard drive, all right?

I can’t stress that enough.

We get that drive back, we’ll kill them all.

All right?

We’re gonna surround them.

We’re gonna trap them. It’s that easy.

Yeah, that’s a good plan.

All right, you three.

Sneak to the far side, come in from that side.

You three, go around.

Sneak in from the other side, all right?

Guys, they got nowhere fucking to go.

We got them. Go go go go go.

Get back, get back.

They found us.

You got any weapons on board?

Oh my God. How did they find us?

Weapons like guns?

That’d be good.

Would this even kill someone?

I doubt it. Might set them on fire.

I’ll tell you what though, if you shoot somebody up close with that thing it’ll severely slow them down.

You need to hide her somewhere.

I got the place.

I’m not going down there.


Don’t come out until I come back for you.

Are you gonna kill my mommy and grand daddy?

Nah, I just want to talk.

You know, my daddy always says if someone’s not looking you in the eye when they give you answers it means they’re lying.

I just want to talk all right?

Come on, let’s go.

Yo Ashley!

You in there?

Hey grandpa, you in there?


I believe you have something that was stolen from me!

[Matt] I understand you have something that belongs to me!

Yeah, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!

My granddaughter!

Soon as I know she’s safe I’ll give you what you need.

This look familiar?

Gotta get that fucking drive.

Hey yo!

Listen, let’s just calm down, all right?

We can work this out!

Tell you what!

I’m gonna send one of my guys back to get your granddaughter, all right?


I can wait here.

[goon screams]

[suspense music]

[loud explosion]

[Ashley shrieks]

Stay low.


All right, stop here.

Turn around.

I said turn around.

All right.

Where is your code?


Good guy or bad guy you gave me your word.

And you promised.

I thought you had a code of honour or something.

Jesus Christ.


Please please please!

All right.

Let’s go.


Get back here!



[whispers] Stay back, stay back, stay back.

Don’t move.

Got you now mother-


[gun fires]

[water splash]

[guns firing]


Help me!

Dad! [Ashley banging]

[gun firing]





Save me! Sarah I’m down here!


Sarah open the hatch quick!


Sarah please!

Open the hatch!


[Sarah] He’s coming!

You’re almost there, just keep trying for me okay?

[goon chokes]

[gun firing]

Almost got it!

Come on baby, you can do it!

[Sarah] Mom he’s here!


[Ashley gasps]

Stay the fuck away from my daughter!

[harpoon clicks]

[chuckles] Iago.

[rock music]

[gun fires]

Get in the boat.

Fuck you.

Get in the fucking boat or you die.

Get in the fucking boat!

Get in the boat.


[Donnie screams]

Fucking get in the boat!

Please, no, please please please

Get in the boat or I’ll kill her!

Please please please!

[strongman goon groans]

[dramatic music]

[Joey groans]

I’ve been shot.


Let me get you to my truck.

[phone rings]


So who do these fuckers known in the Caribbean?

[Drisdale] What happened?

Donnie and his crew happened.

10 of them. They had a lot of firepower and there’s no way they flew in with it.

Are you okay?


He got away and he has my daughter and my granddaughter.

I think he’s gonna try and get off the island with them.

[Drisdale] How?

[Matt] You tell me.

Look, there’s no way that he’s gonna get a woman and her daughter off the island as hostages with no significant help.

Leave it with me.

[phone buzzes]


[Hector] It appears Rambo’s personal trainer is just as good as you say.

Yeah, two no mustard please.


I told you not to engage.

Did you engage?

[Hector] Against council, yes, and he was no letdown.

This guy didn’t disappoint after all your hype.


[Hector] He killed 10 of Donnie’s men.

Jesus H.

Who’s got the drive?

[Hector] Your boy still has it, but the good news is Donnie made it out of there with some insurance.

I need transport off the island ASAP.


[Hector] If that drive falls into the wrong hands I can only imagine the collateral damage that will follow.

Are you threatening me?

[Hector] Yes, of course.

I’m a criminal.

Get them off the island or I will nail you to a cross and you will learn about sacrifice.


No mustard right?

It’s like you don’t even know me.


“No mustard.”

What is this, Russia?

[phone rings]


No, I don’t believe he’s aware of anything, sir.

Yes sir, I’m quite sure he’s feeding the intel.

I don’t believe so.

You can count on me, sir.

Who was that?

My dad.

He’s worried my mom’s gonna vote Republican.

Thank God my parents are dead.

[tense music]

I need help!

I need help!

He has two gunshot wounds.

Who are you?

I’m his friend.

You’re gonna have to go inside and report this to the police.

Of course.

I just gotta move my car out of the emergency zone.


[Nurse] All right.

Yeah, here we go.

[Doctor] That’s it.

[Nurse] Yeah, I got your arm.

There you go, yeah.


Well you were right.

Three flights just left headed to Miami and Donnie was spotted on one of the cargo flights.

I think he must have gotten your family on that plane somehow and he must have some agency help.

Do you still have the hard drive?


There’s a 6 PM flight.

I booked you on it, now I cannot help you officially.

You understand that right?

Got it.

When you get to Miami there’ll be a car there waiting for you.

Check the trunk.


You think he bought it?

I think he is pissed off and he wants his family back.

And you better have your information right.

You saw the surveillance.

All three on their way to Miami.

I do not know how the hell he got on that cargo flight.

I don’t know.

This ends tonight.

I don’t want any more surprises.

I’m sick of Hector and her people always being one step ahead of us.

Well like you said, Chief.

I think she’s got someone on the inside.

May I offer you a drink from the bar?

Double Absolut on the rocks.


You’re late!

This guy’s file reads like episodes of G.I. Joe.

Seen half of this stuff?

I wrote half of the reports.

He’s a true blue American hero.

Exactly what we need.

If he has the hard drive, and Hector has his granddaughter and his daughter, he’s gonna do all the heavy lifting for us by removing Hector and her men.

Any update on the drop?

According to my source it’s at Hector’s house.

After you.

[plane revving]

[tense music]

[text dings]

[car revs]

Welcome to my home I’m glad that you both made it safely.

Although I will say that the unforeseen circumstances that brought you here are unfortunate.

Oh don’t be scared, Sarah.

I have absolutely no intention of hurting you.

Your grandfather, however, I cannot guarantee the safety of.

It’s okay.

You do understand that I cannot control Donnie.

I can only control what side he’s on.

[Airline Intercom] Welcome to Miami International Airport.

Please remember to keep your belongings with you at all times.

All unattended baggage will be confiscated immediately.

We all set?

Almost too easy.

Well good.

What’s the ETA?

[Pilot] We touch down in Miami in 13 minutes, ma’am.

[rock music]

[whispers] Sarah.

Sarah get back here.

What are you doing?

Sarah come back over here.

[tense music]


I have an idea.

[glass shatters]

[goon screams]


Is he gonna be okay?

It’s too soon to tell. Come on.

Come on come on come on. Come on, quick.

[tense music]

[dramatic sting]

Hey, what was that?

See anything?

All right, looks like our boy’s here.

Go check on the girls.

You guys see anything?


Hey, there!

It’s coming! Fire!

[guns firing]

I thought you fucking had this under control.

Get these lights back on.

[Security Guard]

Get out of the car!


Step out of the vehicle!

Get out of the car!

See anything?

[guards groaning]

[gun firing]

[whispers] Back back back back back.


[phone rings]

[phone buzzes]

When I call you answer, you fucking prick.

Who do you think you’re fucking with?

I will cut your balls off and feed them to my fucking dogs!


[suspense music]

[gun firing]

[body thuds]


[Sarah] Grandpa!

[gun fires]



[Matt groans]

[gun fires]

There’s more men coming.

Just stop.

Come on.

Come on!

[tense music]

[guard screams]

[second guard chokes]

[gun fires]

Shh, shh.

All right, sit on that bench and do not move.

[distant gunfire]


My grandpa’s kicking your butt out there.


Shut up.

Go kill that motherfucker.

What, are you pissing your pants?

Huh Hector?

You want me to kill that motherfucker?

Shut the fuck up, Donnie.

Fuck you.

All right, you want something done you do it yourself.

Come here.

Watch them.

[gun fires]

[suspense music]

Drop the gun.

Drop the fucking gun!

Got you, motherfucker.

Hand me the hard drive.

Hand me the hard drive!

My finger’s on the fucking trigger.

All right.



You know, you killed 15 of my guys.

You know that right? You motherfucker,

You killed my little brother.

You know what I’m gonna do first?

I’m gonna kill your fucking family.

Right in front of your face.

That’s right, do something. Move.

Go ahead, try to kick.

Try to do one of your fucking fancy things, motherfucker.

Give me the drive.

Give me the goddamn

[gun fires]

All right tough guy, it’s fucking

[gun fires]

[Fitzsimmons] Don’t move.

Give me the drive.

The real drive.

Well Chief.

You were right.

[gun fires]

Thank you.

All of this for a little stick.

May I borrow him for a moment?

Come, walk with me.

[Drisdale] Trust him.

You badly hurt?

I’ll heal.

[Politician] Yeah you do, don’t you?

Are you hurt?


I’m okay.

Is she hurt?

Just look at me, okay?

Okay, you’re okay.

Very brave.

Brave little girl.

What the hell’s going on here, man?

Yes, I’m sure you have lots of questions.

I saw some of what was on that drive.

Goes pretty deep.

Where does it all lead?

Everywhere and nowhere.

Those are the kinds of answers that make me despise authority.

We’ve been trying to shut down Hector’s East Coast crime organisation unit for years.

Jimmy, your son-in-law, was informing for us.

About six months.

Well actually he was informing Fitzsimmons.

And Fitzsimmons was informing Hector.

So every time we got close to busting Hector and her operations Fitzsimmons would feed her information.

When Fitzsimmons found out that Donnie had the drive, he used Jimmy to steal it.

So he could get it back to Hector.

His partner got shot and the whole operation went upside down.

Jimmy got caught.

The drive landed on your doorstep.

When you reached out to Drisdale that you had the drive we figured you were the perfect way to expose Fitzsimmons.

And wipe out Hector and her men.

So you used me.

Of course.



I’m running for the Governor of the state of Florida.

This drive gives me the leverage I need.

Plus now that I’ve taken down the entire East Coast crime organisation run by Hector and her men, all I have to do is hold a press conference and take credit.

Then I begin my run for office.

So you’re gonna use that drive for your own benefit.

Yes I am.

But isn’t it reassuring to know that we’re the good guys?

What about them?

I just got my family back.

I’m not letting them go now.

They’ll be taken care of.

You have my word.

When we’re done here I’ll send them down to Cayman.

I can explain them, but not you.


What about me?

Why don’t you take this boat.

Hector won’t be needing it anymore.

Grand Cayman is about 380 nautical miles in that direction.

What if I go to the press?

It’s a pretty good story, no?

Fake news, my dear boy.

Fake news.

[boat revs]

[acoustic rock music]

♪ Ooh the Milky Way has gone a little sour ♪

♪ The leaves dried and the flower fell away ♪


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