The Christmas gift of ‘Joker 2’ from the madhouse: these are the new images of Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in the long-awaited sequel

The director of 'Joker 2', Todd Phillips, has given the best possible Christmas gift to fans eagerly awaiting the release of his new film

“Joker” director Todd Phillips has bestowed the ultimate treat upon fans eagerly awaiting the release of his new film. With Joaquin Phoenix reprising his role as the legendary DC Comics character, “Joker: Folie à deux” is set to hit theaters this coming October.

Capitalizing on the enchanting aura of the season, Phillips has given his followers a sneak peek into his much-anticipated sequel. Sharing through his Instagram, the filmmaker wrote: “Wishing everyone happy holidays and a beautiful new year. Oct 2024 #Joker2.”


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In the first image, we catch a glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, seemingly confined within a cell marked E258 on the door (presumably from the depths of Arkham Asylum, Gotham’s psychiatric hospital, where ‘Joker’ concluded). In another snapshot, we see Lady Gaga, the film’s co-star, in her role as Harley Quinn, gazing affectionately at a fully decked-out Phoenix in his clown attire.

While it’s just a taste of what the film has in store, any glimpse into the plot is eagerly devoured. Since “Joker’s” debut in 2019, movie buffs have been clamoring for a sequel. Come 2024, their wishes will materialize. But what can we anticipate from Phillips’ second installment?

According to the director, the Arthur we’ve been introduced to might not be Batman’s arch-nemesis Joker, but rather an inspiration for him. However, within the world Phillips has crafted, we might just meet the individual who will eventually become Bruce Wayne’s foe.

Discussing the future of his series, Phillips hinted at a trilogy. “I pitched three films, ‘Joker’ being the first and then two others with different directors. I won’t name them, as it’ll make headlines and drag these directors into this before I’ve even spoken to them. I’ve only discussed this with Warner Bros.,” he once revealed. Ultimately, he took the helm for the second part, suggesting he might also lead a potential third.

The title ‘Joker 2’ alludes to a psychotic disorder where one person’s madness “infects” another. As you might guess, Arthur Fleck will charm Harley Quinn and pull her into the abyss of his twisted mind.

If you’re itching to revisit the first of the two films, you can find ‘Joker’ streaming on Netflix’s movie catalog.


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