Argylle (2024) | Transcript

A reclusive author who writes espionage novels about a secret agent and a global spy syndicate realizes the plot of the new book she's writing starts to mirror real-world events, in real time.
Argylle (2024)

Argylle is a 2024 action-packed spy comedy that unfolds the extraordinary tale of Elly Conway, a reclusive spy novelist unknowingly entangled in a web of espionage and deception that mirrors her fictional creations. As Elly nears the completion of her fifth book in the Argylle series, her life takes a dramatic turn when an actual spy, Aidan Wylde, rescues her from an ambush, revealing that her narratives eerily forecast the sinister plans of a clandestine organization named the Division. The story propels Elly and Aidan from England to France, and eventually to Arabia, in a desperate quest to uncover a critical asset called the “Masterkey,” which could dismantle the Division. Along this perilous journey, Elly confronts shocking truths about her identity, her past as the actual agent Rachel Kylle, and her “novels” which are veiled accounts of her suppressed memories. With twists that blur the lines between reality and fiction, Elly/Rachel’s fight against the Division culminates in a daring escape and a battle that not only seeks to thwart their nefarious schemes but also redefines her understanding of family, loyalty, and her own identity. Amidst betrayal and revelation, the movie culminates with Rachel questioning her reality once more when the true Argylle surfaces, hinting at deeper layers of intrigue, alluding to a legacy intertwined with the Kingsman agency.

* * *

(“You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” playing)

♪ We got it together, didn’t we? ♪

♪ We’ve definitely got our thing together, don’t we, baby? ♪

♪ Isn’t that nice? ♪

♪ I mean, really, when you really sit and think about it ♪

♪ Isn’t it really, really nice? ♪

♪ I can easily feel myself slipping more and more ways ♪

♪ That super world of my own ♪

♪ Nobody but you and me ♪

♪ We’ve got it together, baby ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ The first, my last, my everything ♪

♪ And the answer to all my dreams ♪

♪ You’re my sun, my moon ♪

♪ My guiding star… ♪

I certainly hope you dance as well as you dress.

There’s only one way to find out.

♪ That’s what you are ♪

♪ I know there’s only, only one like you ♪

♪ There’s no way they could have made two ♪

♪ You’re, you’re all I’m living for… ♪

Do you do the whirlybird?

Must you even ask?

♪ You’re the first, you’re the last ♪

♪ My everything ♪

♪ Whirlybird ♪

♪ Whirlybird ♪

♪ Whirlybird ♪

Don’t you know who I am?


But I’d like to find out.

How I wish you were here to capture my heart, not simply to capture me, Agent Argylle.


(music stops)

I guess the whirlybird doesn’t catch the worm.

Any last words?

A little help, Keira?

Who’s Keira?

The girl who gave up being the next Steve Jobs to save his sorry ass.

(computer chimes)

(on comms): You’re welcome.


Need a lift?

Legrange made me. She knew exactly who I was.

Well, then let’s get the hell outta here.

(motorcycle revving)

(tire squeals)


She’s hit. Keira’s down.

Sending medevac. You need to stay on target, Argylle.

ARGYLLE: No, I can save her.

Let medevac do their job. You do yours.

That’s an order.

(speaks Greek)

(car horn beeping)

(tires screech)

(tires screech)



(motorcycle retreating)

Wyatt, I lost her.

What’s your status?

I’m about to enjoy a delicious Greek coffee.

Well, I suggest you hurry up.

She’s inbound to your position.

WYATT: Oh, relax.

(motorcycle approaching)

(gasps, sighs)

(motorcycle crashes)

Bad news for you, this is the only exit route off the island.

The good news?

This place makes phenomenal karydopita.

Mmm, I hope you like it.

Because it’s about to be your last meal unless you tell us who told you that we were coming.


(Wyatt grunts)

You don’t answer, you’re gonna be the same temperature as my coffee right now.

Which, thanks to you, is icecold.


You and I, we’re not so different.

You’re a terrorist.

Then what, Agent Argylle, does that make you?


WYATT: Argylle.

Be advised, Legrange,

Agent Argylle is en route to your location now.

(fingers snap)

It seems we serve the same master.

FOWLER (on comms): Argylle, Wyatt, complete your mission and return to base.


Cut your feed.

FOWLER: Think clearly.

Use your head.

You can’t believe a goddamn word she sa–

(audio distorts)

We’re on our own now.

The Directorate will come after us.

So we go dark.

VOICE 2: “So we go dark.”

Off the grid.

“Off the grid.”



We trust each other…

“We trust each other and no one else.”

“You understand me?”

“From this moment forward, it’s a whole new ball game,” warned Argylle.

For he knew there was no turning back.

That nothing would ever be the same again.

(crowd applauding, cheering)

MODERATOR: Elly Conway, ladies and gentlemen. All right.

ELLY: Thank you.

Okay, and, uh, now let’s take some questions.

So Oh. Yes?

Hi, Elly.

Oh, hi. Hi.

I’m actually an aspiring writer, but I can never seem to find the time.

Do you have any advice?

Oh, my goodness, I know how hard that can be.

Um, for me, when I was a waitress,

I was juggling so many shifts.

I never had the time to really write until the, um well, the the skating accident, which I’ve obviously spoken about.

And And I think when something like that happens to you, it makes you realize that tomorrow isn’t promised.

And that if you can’t find the time, you have to make the time to do the things that are important to you.

And once I did that, all the characters and stories and ideas that had been trapped in my head for so many years finally got let out onto the page.

All right, let’s take another question.

Uh, yeah?



It’s no secret that you are the spy novelist actual spies read.

You have even predicted real-life geopolitical events.


Fleming, Forsyth, le Carré, they all had the same touch and they turned out to be real spies.

So, what?

Are you a spy, too?

(crowd chuckles)

(groans, chuckles)

How do you do it?

Gosh, I wish. I wish.

That would make everything so much easier, but no.

As boring as it may seem, the secret is research, research, research.

Although, that is what I would say if I was a real spy, so…

(crowd, moderator chuckles)

MODERATOR: Okay, next question.

Yes? Young lady, down in front.

Uh, when are we gonna get book five?

(crowd murmurs)

ELLY: Oh. Well.

Sooner than you think.

(crowd gasps, chatters)

MODERATOR: Very exciting.

Uh, yeah? Gentleman in the gray hoodie.

Uh, sorry if this sounds a bit forward, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get another chance to ask, so, do you have any plans tonight?

Oh. (stammers) That’s

(crowd giggling)

That’s very flattering. Um…

But tonight I actually do have a hot date.

(“Now and Then” by The Beatles playing)


Yep. Another hot date.

♪ It’s all because of you ♪


♪ And if I make it through ♪

♪ It’s all because ♪

♪ Of you ♪

♪ And now and then ♪


♪ If we must start again ♪

You ready?

♪ Well, we will know for sure ♪

♪ That I… ♪

Mama’s got to get to work.

♪ Will love you… ♪

The stolen master file held more than enough proof to bring the Directorate down.

♪ I miss you… ♪

Although the hacker’s price was high, Argylle knew that it would be worth its weight in gold.

Half now, half on delivery.

As discussed.

This phone is the key to the master file.

Go to London.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll receive a call on that phone from my employer, the world’s greatest hacker.

ELLY: Finally in reach of the silver bullet, which would destroy the Directorate once and for all.

The end.

Book five finished.

Cheers, Argylle.

(birds calling)

(computer chiming)

Mom, morning. Hi.

Did you see my email I sent you last night?

Oh, I read it.

Overnight? The whole thing?

Oh, sweetie, I’m your mother. Of course I did.

I took two Adderall, started, couldn’t put it down.

I was blown away.

You did it again, angel.

Mom, I’m so relieved.

I was going over and over it in my head and stressing and, ugh, I’m just glad you like it, honestly.

Now we can get it out to the publisher and just

Right. Well…

Oh, no.

What? (sighs)


The book The book is phenomenal, sweetie, but


You don’t think it’s ready.

Oh, Elly, it’s just it’s the ending.

Oh, God.

I’m reading this thing.

I’m on the edge of my toilet.

Argylle about to get the master file, defeat those SOBs, and then the big twist is it’s in London. Huh?

What? No. No, no, no.

Does he get the file or not?

What happens next?

It’s called a cliffhanger, Mother.

Elly, it’s called a copout.

And you can’t do this to your readers.

How about I fly in on Friday?

Make a weekend of it?

Brainstorm, work a little bit of our magic?

We’ll figure it out.


Friday’s fine. (sighs) I’ll just I’ll futz around with it until then.

You need to bring this story home, Elly.

Yeah, I think you have one more teeny tiny chapter to write.

It’ll be fun.



You hear that, buddy?

One more chapter.


the next flight to London doesn’t leave until morning.

Seeing as I have time to kill,

I thought…

Thought what?

That I’d stay here?

Enjoy the fireworks with you?

I’ll show you fireworks.

♪ ♪


That was bad.

God, that was bad.


You’re better than this, Elly.

Come on, Elly.


The whole tone

Is just

It’s way off.


(clicks tongue)

“What I meant to say, Miss Li, was…”

What I meant to say, Miss Li, was…


I’ve got n



What about you, Alfie?

Any thoughts?


(train horn blows)

(phone rings)

ELLY: Hey, Mom.

(over phone): Hi, dear.

Just wanna make sure you’re okay.

I know how stressed you get with work and–

CONDUCTOR: Tickets, please. Tickets.

Wait, Elly.

Are you on a train?


I figured I’d just come down to the city to see you.

Well, your father will be so excited to see you.

And dear little Alfie, of course.

We’ll take you out for a nice dinner.

Maybe you’ll even meet someone while you’re here, who knows?

As appealing as that sounds, Mother, I am in a relationship.

You are?

With who?

A relationship with my work.


With Argylle.

Oh, it kills me, Elly.

What is the point of success if you have no one to enjoy it with?

There’s a reason I write about spies, not romance, Mother.

It’s less complicated.

Oh, what’s so complicated…

Uh, yeah.

…about falling in love, Elly?

I–I’ll, uh, I’ll call you when I get in, yeah?

Love you. Bye.


Uh, sorry to disturb. Is this seat taken?

(softly): Is that seat taken?


Yes. Yes, um, unfortunately, it is.

That’s a shame.





I’m sorry, no. No. That seat is taken.


He got up, but a man was, um–w– is sitting there.

That’s fine. If he comes back, I’ll just get up.

(gasps) Whoa! Hey! There’s a cat in there.

This cat’s supposed to be in a hat, not in a backpack.

Look at this.

What are you doing, fur monster? Far out.

Oh, I love cats.


What–what’s his name?

Uh. Alfie.

Excuse me. (grunts)

Alfie boy. Ooh, yeah.

Coochycoochycoochy coochycoo.



Is enough oxygen in there?

Yes, of course.

I’ll leave you alone. You wanna be left alone.

I understand.

(clears throat)

Have you read this?

Yeah. Yeah.



I get it. Okay.


(train whistle blaring)



Excuse me.

Oh, my God. Are you Is this

You’re Elly freaking Conway.

Far out!


How about that?

I am such a fan, and this is honest to God your best yet.

I’m not just saying that. I’m not.

How do you do it?

Book after book, you just crank ’em out, man.

You know, when you’re passionate about what you do…

You never work a day in your life.

Ain’t that the truth?

We’re both lucky that way, you and I.

Oh, yeah? What is it you do?



“The greater the spy, the bigger the lie.”

Hmm. That’s cheeky.

(sighs) Oh, not what you expected

a spy to look like, huh?

Well, yeah, in fairness, that is just about the only thing your books get wrong.

A male model in a bespoke Nehru jacket with a stupid haircut tends to stand out on a train, as opposed to everyone else in this car.

Them you don’t notice.

Have I lost you?

You all right?


No, I’m fine.

You know, I meant it when I said I was a fan.

But the next fan that comes over, he’s not just dropping by for a selfie, if you catch my drift.

He’s one of them.

Now, I realize this may be… hard to believe, but by the time I’ve broken his wrists… and his pistol falls into your lap, perhaps we will have built up a little trust with one another… and you’ll be able to accept two key realities.

Reality one, you are in grave danger.

Reality… two, when I say it’s time, it would really be beneficial for you to hold on to me as tight as you can. I’m talking… bearhuglikeyou’ve neverheldanyonebefore tight.

You understand?

You dig what I’m saying?

I am, uh, so sorry.

Uh, Miss Conway… (chuckles)

…would you mind, uh, signing my book?

We’re really gonna play this game?

Uh, yeah.

Um… (clicks tongue) …do you have a pen?

It’s embarrassing.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


Here we go. (grunting)

(Alfie meows)


God, I love this book.

(shouting, grunting)

(“Do You Wanna Funk” By Patrick Cowley feat. Sylvester playing)



See? I was telling the truth.


Who’s the weirdo now?

Not a real fan. Don’t worry. I have it all under control.


I got everything under control.

(both grunting)


♪ There is something I wanna ask you ♪


♪ There is something that I want to know… ♪


(Elly screams)

(whimpering): Oh, what is happening?


(gasps) Are you okay?

(breathes heavily) Yeah.


(agents grunting)

♪ Won’t you tell me now? ♪

♪ If you wanna funk, let me show you how ♪

♪ Do you wanna funk with me? ♪

♪ Do you wanna funk with me? ♪

(screams, gasps)

(gasps, whimpers)



(both grunting)

(sighs) Gee, that’s nice. Thanks.

See? I give you the gun, you give it back to me.

This is that trust we were talking about, Elly.

Strangers on a train.

And now look at us.

Come on. Isn’t this fun?

♪ So if I tell you ♪


♪ That you’re really something, baby… ♪

Wait a second. No, no, no, no, no.

(panting, yelps)

Elly, hold on. Don’t do that.

(gasps, grunts)


(Elly yelps)







(Elly shrieks)


♪ If you wanna funk, let me show you how… ♪


(grunting, straining)

♪ Do you wanna funk with me? ♪


It’s a real beard, you dick.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

(yelps, screams)


You okay?


Okay, I’m gonna take care of this.

(both grunt)



Okay, this could be a challenging

♪ Won’t you tell me now? ♪

♪ If you wanna funk, let me show you how ♪

♪ Do you wanna funk with me? ♪

♪ Do you wanna funk with me? ♪



(pants) Okay.


♪ If you wanna funk, let me show you how ♪

♪ Do you wanna funk with me? ♪

All right, I think it’s bear hug o’clock time. Follow me.

Let’s go.



Hey, stay with me.

Follow me.


Let’s go.

(gasps) Hey.

No. Bad.

Bad. Very bad.

(Elly yelps)

Let’s go. Let’s go.



Hey, wait. That’s your type?

Get lost, Romeo.




No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. Don’t shoot.

I don’t know this man.

I have nothing to do with this person.

I’m not involved. Please.

Wilde, don’t make me kill both of you.

Hey, Elly.

(breathes shakily) What?

It’s time.

It’s bear hug o’clock.

(gasps, whimpers)

Enjoy the ride.

(Elly screaming)






(screams, panting)

(Elly breathing shakily)

ELLY: What?

(breathing shakily)

Oh, good, you’re up. Hey.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.

Okay, it’s me. It’s just me.

Remember the guy on the train? The kung fu

With the beard?

I shaved.

The guy from the train. Yeah, remember?

I know, I know, I know.

The lar

I recognize you.

(sighs) I’m sorry, I’m being rude. II apologize.

We haven’t been formally introduced.

My name’s Aidan. Aidan Wilde.

No, no, no! Stay back.

Okay. Relax.

Where’s my cat?

Alfie’s right over there

in the kitchen eating mercuryfree tuna.

Just like Mom feeds him.

He’s fine. You’re not.

You’re in big, big trouble.

ELLY: You…

You have cameras in my house?

You’re not a spy. You’re a pervert.

No, not a pervert. A spy.

I’m a spy, doing my job. I’m not a pervert.

That’s the bad guys’ feed that we’re tapped into.

Well, then, who who are these people?

You see that guy right there?

You remember him from the train?

His name’s Carlos.

He works for the Division,

the reallife version of those badguy spies in your books.

And the head honcho. He’s called Director Ritter.

Do I need to remind you what is at stake here?

What would happen

if that turncoat son of a bitch masquerading as an agent

were to recover our master file before we do?

I’ll find her. You have my word.

Deputy Director,

is that like when you gave me your word

Wilde would never get within a hundred miles from her?

We can still contain this, sir.

I’m overwhelmed with confidence.

ELLY: No, this doesn’t make sense.

Why would the Division care about me?

Because you’re a goddamn fortune teller, Elly.

I mean, come on.

Doesn’t take a genius to imagine a covert intel organization

the world doesn’t know about.

It sure as shit does to predict they’d go rogue.


Somehow, you wrote a story

that’s still unfolding as we speak. Book five.

You read book five?

Oh, yeah.

The bad guys too.

The Division has read book five?

The Division doesn’t miss a single keystroke of yours, Elly.

But your new manuscript kicked a hornet’s nest

you didn’t even know existed.

That’s why the Division wants you,

and once they have you,

they’re never gonna let you go, or worse.

Much, much worse.

Oh, Clementine.

You’re my only comfort.

Did you know that Clementine was my grandfather’s?



He named it after his mother.

Oh, boy.

He was a very strict man.

But I always found him reasonable.


And he had a policy.

He would only kill if it was absolutely necessary…

…for food

or to vanquish an enemy

or to eliminate an incompetent imbecile.

Mistakes were made. It won’t happen again.

Oh, I know it won’t.


Of that I’m certain.

This isn’t happening.

Yeah, it is. It’s definitely happening.

But if you want a way out, if you want your life back,

I can help you.

I’m the good guy here.

But you gotta help me first.

What exactly is it you need me to do?

AIDAN: I’ll tell you on the way.

(sneezes) Goddamn, cats!

Had to bring your cat, man.

I thought you said you loved cats.

You have a hankie or a pocket square?

What, do you have allergies or something?

(blows) Never mind. It’s fine.

You lied.

You lied about liking cats.


How am I supposed to trust you now?

I’m a spy. Spies lie.

It’s part of the gig.

That and killing people.

Well, that’s really reassuring.

Okay, you want truth? Here’s truth.

What you wrote in your new manuscript actually happened.

But it wasn’t Argylle. It was me.

I brought in this hacker.

I hired this scumbag called Bakunin

to steal the Division’s master file.

Yeah, I’ve got all the dirt on ’em.

Everyone you asked for.

Ritter, Carlos.

I got proof of bombings,

election fraud, radioactive poisonings.

I mean, these lot make Darth Vader

look like Mary Poppins.

I’ve put your precious master file on a flash drive.

And I reckon the Division will give me a lot more

not to give this silver bullet to you.

So, the price just tripled.

We still got a deal?

(Aidan sighs over phone)

AIDAN: Yeah, okay, Bakunin, we got a deal.

Yeah, I thought so.


The master file was my silver bullet

to bring the Division down,

the proof I was gonna use to expose them.

But when I went to London to meet Bakunin…

(sighs) …scumbag didn’t show.

So now the bad guys and I are racing to find him.

And we both think that your fantastic imagination

is the key.

So where is he now?

No, no, no, no. You can’t expect me

to know the answer to that.

Why not?

Just tell me what happens in the next chapter.

What you’re asking me to do takes months of research.


Reading, interviewing,

memorizing maps, getting to know a city.

I’ve never even been to London before.

Well, great.

Let’s start there. Yes. Tada.

I don’t do planes. (stammers)

I met you on a train for a reason.

AIDAN: The chances of you dying in a plane crash

are, like, one in 11 million.

Chances if you stay here

and let the Division find you, not so good.

Right now, that plane is your best friend.

What do you say?

I can’t do this.

(breathes deeply, exhales) Breathe. Breathe with me.

(breathing deeply)

AIDAN: Mmm, delicious.

More champagne, sir?

Oh, no, I couldn’t.

Okay. Twist my arm.

How about this plane, huh?

I’ve never been on a plane before, so

Well, this is one hell of a way to pop that cherry.

You know what I mean?

(P.A. system chimes)

PILOT (over P.A.): This is your captain speaking.

Please fasten your seat belts for takeoff.

Yeah, like this is gonna help us if we crash. (chuckles)

(jet engines whirring)

Uh, you okay?

It’s a It’s a tapping exercise.

It’s meant to bring my stress response under control.

It’s what Army Rangers do.

(engine rumbles)

(whimpering): Oh, God.

You ever try alcohol?

It helps.

No. (breathes shakily)

Hey, look at me. Hey!

Look at me.

One of my first Division ops, I’m in Algeria

cornered in a Sahrawi refugee camp

literally at the base of Mount “Tachat.”

No, n Taha Tahat.

It’s pronounced Tahat.

It’s “Tachat.” (stammers) It’s a Isn’t it a “cha”?

No, no, no. There’s no C. It’s Tahat.

It’s It’s (sighs) It’s

It’s just Mount Tahat, okay?


Now I start freescaling this sucker.

I’m no mountain climber, so I know any minute

I’m gonna just, wham, freefall a few hundred feet per second.

Burst like a water balloon on impact.

So what did I do?

I stopped worrying about the 10,000foot rock face above me,

and I worked the threefoot space in front of me.

(exhales deeply)

So, when you feel that fear, remember…

to focus on the only thing that’s real.

What’s right in front of you.


Look at that.

(exhales sharply)

(chuckles) We’re flying. (sighs)


We’re flying.

Thank you.

You bet.

(Aidan sneezes, groans)

AIDAN: Oh, God.

Had to bring the cat.

What did you expect me to do?

Leave him to fend for himself?

Come on.

He’d be fine.

Cat ladies always die alone.


The cats figure it out.

I am not a cat lady. I’m not.

(Aidan sniffles)

And what’s your problem with my cat, exactly?

He’s really cute. He’s cuddly.

He’s loyal. He’s kind.

Oh, please.

You suddenly drop dead, that cat’s

chewing your ears off within 48 hours max.

Which, with you around, gets more likely by the minute.

AIDAN: This is the spot.

ELLY: The Albert Memorial.


I showed up right on time.

Bakunin never called.

ELLY: Mmm.

The question is, what happened?

It’s a good question.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, what happened?

It’s not a rhetorical question.

What happened?

I can’t just poof come up with the answer.

Sure you can.

End of book five, Argylle was on his way

to meet a hacker in London, right?

So you just write one more chapter

and tell me what happens next.


This is not my process.

Well, we’re in a public park being pursued by assassins

hunting you on behalf of the most dangerous

spy organization on Earth,

so unless you have a better idea,

perhaps you could compromise.

Okay, let’s find a seat.

DIVISION AGENT: Sir, we’ve found them.

They’re at the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park.

This is live right now.

One of her fans is live streaming her.

FAN: That’s definitely her. It’s Elly Conway.

(chuckles) Carlos.

Yes, sir?

Deploy a local team.

I want all UK assets repositioned

and fixed on them now.

Get me the audio. I wanna hear this.

Digital lipread activated.

AIDAN: How are we doing there, boss?

ELLY: Please. Please, just don’t rush me.

Gotta think.

He’s getting her to write the next chapter.

It’s not War and Peace, you know?

We just need a chapter.

Maybe a couple of pages.

As Argylle arrived at the rendezvous point…

…he realized…

So, what, is this guy just a noshow?

Why would he give me the phone not to call? Unless…

The phone is the message.

Oh, there. Look. (grunts)

Why put a $2,200 encryption chip in a $20 disposable phone?

He’s trying to tell us how to…

…find him.

Could I see the phone?

You mean the flip phone? The burner?

Yeah. We need to open it up.

If I’m right, Bakunin could have fitted it

with an encryption CPU.


Where is it?

Threw it out.

You don’t have it?

You threw it out?

That was a clue.

Ran out of juice. It’s a burner.

What kind of spy are you?

Clearly, I’m not working with Agent Argylle here.

With this chip, in theory,

could you make endtoend encrypted calls?

In theory, but the person on the other end

would have to have a matching…

…matching DiSEqC satellite dish. That’s it.

You heard them. DiSEqC database.

He picked the chip to lead us to his satellite.

We find the satellite, we find Bakunin.

(sighs) The question is…

How do we find a list

of operational DiSEqC satellites in…

…in the UK?

(sighs, inhales deeply)

Watch the master at work.

You know how to do that?

Keira did teach me a thing or two, you know?

So, I’m just gonna backdoor my way into the DiSEqC data…


Every satellite they sell would have to be registered with them.

If we don’t crack this before they do,

heads will roll.

Oh, look at this. Metasploit firewall.

That’s a Metasploit file.

Yeah, I can crack it.

Just hold on.


I can crack it. Hold on.

Challenge accepted.

Almost there.

Almost there.


I’m in.

I’m in.

I’m in.

Like to see Argylle do that.

I’d like to see you try doing that. (chuckles)

So, what do we have here? How many…

…satellite locations are there?

A lot. That’sthat’s ninety…

…six to be precise.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

But he would have picked this location,

the Albert Memorial, for a reason.


What’s the…

…closest one to here?

Well, then you’re looking for this puppy right here.

AAnd that that’s the absolute closest address…

…to the Memorial?

Yes, ma’am.

Yes, sir.

Coburg Street.

Coburg Street.

As in Prince Albert Saxe…

…Coburg. I…

…think we’ve found…

…our guy.

Let’s hope you’re right.

ELLY: Writer’s intuition.

(doorbell ringing)

(sighs) No one’s home. What should we do?

Well, I am a spy, after all.

All right. Writer’s intuition, huh?


Notice anything?

Yeah, Bakunin was loaded.

He wouldn’t live in a dump like this.

Team one, what’s your status?

We’re two miles out.

ELLY: No, it’s wallpaper over brick.

Does that seem normal to you?

Uh, whoever lived here had bad taste?

Can we Ca Let’s Let’s split.

What are you doing?

ELLY: Look, look, look. There’s a line.

This is a clue.

Look at this.

That’s Spackle. That’s plaster. Let’s go.

(sighs) This is something.

We got 95 more locations to check.

Come on, let’s get outta here.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

Justjust wait. Letlet me figure it out.

I know this is the place.

Okay, you’re gonna waste my time, I’ll waste your time.

You like to dance?


I do. Yeah!

(hollow thump)



RITTER (on comms): Team leader, report.

TEAM LEADER: Sir, we’re one mile out.

(creaking, snapping)

Can you see anything?


Uh, wait a second.

ELLY: It’s a lockbox.

You can, um, pick it.

(sighs) Yeah.


Great idea.


(yelps, breathes heavily)

Will you please give me just, like, a little bit of warning

before you start shooting?

What’s wrong?

What happened to all the spy lockpicking expertise?

That one looked harder.

Hey! All right.


Now we’re talking.

What’s this?

Oh, this is a boat key.

How do you know that’s a boat key?

I live on a lake.

IP addresses, VPN IDs, dropsites.

It’s all encoded.

(gasps) This is the anarchist symbol.

It’s Bakunin’s namesake.

It’s after the 19thcentury Russian anarchist.

This is it. ThThis is Bakunin’s.

Shit. This is his logbook.

Yeah, and it could lead us to the master file. Look!

(chuckles) You were right.


You nailed it.

I figured it out.

Nice going.

You figured it out.


I figured it out.

Can you figure this out?

(vehicle approaching)

(gasps, breathes heavily)

All right, all right, all right, all right.

(bell dings)

We breach on my count.

Three, two, one. Go!

(Elly breathes shakily)

Room is secure.

The target’s MIA.


(Alfie meows)

(Elly shushing)

God, I hate that cat.

(“Electric Energy” by Ariana DeBose playing)

No, no, no.

♪ Give me your electric energy… ♪

(shouts): Why does this keep happening?

Oh, there’s a guy!

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Shake me from my fingers to my feet ♪


♪ Aim that light and shine it down on me ♪

♪ Electric energy ♪

Watch this.

Watch what?


(both grunting)

(back cracks)

Oh, no.


♪ Give me your electric energy ♪

♪ Let me feel that fire burning inside of me ♪

♪ Electric energy ♪


I’m sorry.

That cat just used up one of his nine lives. Trust me.


(groaning): Cat’s a nightmare.

Yeah, it’s, uh, not his finest moment.


(Aidan groans)

(back cracks)

Actually, feels a lot better. Feels pretty good.

Satchel, please. Thank you very much.

Okay, these Division dudes, they come in waves.

There’s gonna be more.

So, unless you wanna stick around for a meet and greet,

I suggest we boogie.


Here, hold Wait, wait, wa

No, no, no. Come here. Come here, come here.

Come on. Not that way.

Shh. Hold that. Hold that for me.


(breathing shakily)

(elevator bell dings)

Take it.

Oh, thank you. Thank you.

I’m gonna take ’em out.


And you’re gonna stomp their heads as we pass.


Make sure they’re 86’d.

Got it?

(whispers): I can’t stomp on their heads!

Course you can.

The human skull is shockingly brittle.


It’s just like crushing an egg.

Or you hit You ever hit a melon with a hammer?

It’s like You just lift up your leg and crush.


Like that, right?

No, no. It’s great. It’s fun.

Like the twist. You ever do the twist?

It’s like doing the twist. One, two, three and…

crush that head. One, two, three.

I don’t dance. I don’t crush skulls.

Well, then this should be a fun new experience for you.

Three, two, one.

(highpitched ringing)

Let’s go.




(Division agents clamoring)

Okay. You can do this. Twist and crush.

Twist and crush.

(grunts) Okay.

(clamoring, gunfire continues)

Twist and…



Oh, I can’t do this.

I can’t do this.

AIDAN: Elly, what’s happening?

Elly! What happened to all the crushing?

What happened?


I I did my job. You didn’t do your job.

Uh, yes, right. No.

So, I wanted to, I did.


It just, uh

It didn’t really seem necessary. You know?


You were saying?

My bad. (chuckles)

(elevator bell dings)

Oh, no. There’s more of them?

(breathing shakily)


(alarm blaring)

Where you going? Where you going?

(elevator bell dings)

(Elly panting)

That was convenient.


All right, wait a second. Aidan, Aidan, that bar.

This boat. The boat key.

This is Bakunin. This is Bakunin’s escape plan.

(gasps) He must have left aaa rope

or aa ladder or something to get down.

No, we’re gonna jump.


We’re gonna jump.


No. No, no, no, no, no.

We’re We’re three stories up.

AIDAN: You were right.

Bakunin thought this whole thing through.

Underneath that tarp is a crash mat.


Guaranteed, I’m telling you.

What if you are wrong?

Look, trust me. Look where I’ve gotten you so far.

Yeah, cornered on a roof, about to be killed.

Okay, fair point.

Oh, my God.

Let me ask you something. You trust Alfie, right?

Of course.

(breathes shakily)



ELLY: Thank God.

(chuckling): Holy shit. It worked.


Oh, thank God. Oh, my God. No.

We’re gonna jump.

Arms out, landing on our back.


It’s gonna Like a trust fall.


You ever do a trust fall?


It’s gonna be great.

Oh, my Oh, God.

Alfie’s all on his own.

We gotta get down there.

Oh, God. Oh, my God.

Look at him, he landed like a ninja.

He’s totally fine.


Ready? On the count of three.

Okay. Oh, my God. Oh, God.

One, two…

Oh, God. (panting)



(both scream)


(Elly whimpering)

AIDAN: Okay.

Alfie, Alfie.

Come on, we’re sitting ducks.

Thank God.

Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go.

You wanna get shot?

You’re my sweet little baby.

They got away, sir.

I’m so sorry, Mr. Director.

Regret for time wasted is wasting more time.

Fuel up the jet.

We’re taking a little trip to Europe.


When I catch you, Bakunin.

Clever, clever, clever man.


Oh, God, no.

Leave me alone.

Finally, a little acknowledgment.

(Alfie meows)

Oh, look who wants to make friends.

You wanna be friends? (coos)


Why do you keep pretending I’m not here?

(whispers): Because you’re not real.

Then why are you talking to me?

No, that’s the problem. You’re just a hallucination.

You’re there because of my stress and my anxiety

triggering a visual coping mechanism or something.

You’re just a character I made up.

Am I?

Yeah, you’re a little pain in the ass.

Get outta here.

Go away.

Get outta here.


You are the author. Your word is my command.


Ow! God


Get outta here.

Cat scratched me.

Hmm. I wonder why.

Our boy used a symmetrickey algorithm to encrypt it.

Feistel construction?

LaiMassey scheme. Straight out of book one.


You actually do know your Argylle.

Yeah, that wasn’t bullshit on the train. I’m a loyal reader.

You’re one hell of a writer, Elly Conway.

(chuckles) Okay.

You’re not a halfbad spy either.


Well, thank you.

The, um, shower’s all yours.

You trying to tell me something?

Although, I sh Probably should do that.

Yeah, okay. I can take a hint.

(meows, purrs)

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Leave him alone, buddy.


Leave him alone. Come here.

Come here, sweetheart.

(phone vibrates, beeps)

AIDAN: Hey. Yeah.

Yeah, I got her.

I don’t know, some fleabag motel.

She doesn’t suspect a goddamn thing.

No, no, no. Look, she’s driving me nuts.

Elly Conway needs a bullet in her head.


No, listen. I bring her to you,

and then we end it. Okay? I’m done with this shit.

(breathing shakily)


No, no. That’s it. That’s it.

(Alfie grumbles)


(Alfie meows)


(birds chirping)



What are you doing here again, Leonard?

How much sugar can one man need?

II don’t get it.

Huh? No, no.

II’m not here for sugar.

It’s your daughter, calling collect from London.

It’s Elly.


Mom? Mom, hi.

Elly, oh, baby, we were worried sick

when you didn’t show up.

What are you doing in London?

(Elly sighs)

Leonard, I’m trying to speak with my daughter.

Can we have some privacy, please?

But it’s my phone.

Mmm, like it was my sugar. Did I pester you for it back?

Go home, Leonard.

Elly, wait. You got on an airplane?

That is great.

(sighs) Yeah, well, not as great as it sounds.

I’m in some really big trouble, Mom.

Trouble? What kind of trouble?

ELLY: It’s It’s It’s complicated, um

IIII can’t say, not on an open line.

Open line?

Oh, so now you’re trying to give me a fullblown anxiety attack.

That’s it. Come home, Elizabeth.

No. No, I can’t.

I don’t have any money,

I can’t use my credit cards, I have no passport.

I I I just I just didn’t know who else to call, okay?

Well, then we’ll come to you, dear.

Barry! Book us flights to London! England!

Do you remember the hotel that I put you and Dad up

for your 30th anniversary?

Like I’d forget. It’s the, um (clicks tongue) The

ELLY: Don’t say it out loud. But book the same suite there.

If anyone asks, say it’s a

a business trip for Dad.

(doorbell rings)

One of his, um, dental conferences.

Elly. Oh, my God.


Elly, oh. Are you okay? Are you hurt?

Yeah No, no, no. I’m fine, I swear.

I swear.

Are you sure?


Okay, then give me Alfie.

You must be starving, dear. I ordered all your favorites.

Oh, thank God. I’m so thirsty.


And you, Alfie.



Look, I didn’t forget you either.

Okay, now, is this all a tax thing?

Because we assumed it was taxes.

No, Mom. Mom, itit’s not It’s not a tax thing.

Listen, were you guys followed?


Who on earth would want to follow us? Dear.

III can explain, or try to. Where’s Dad?

Down the hall, getting ice.

This whole cloakanddagger business, dear,

it’s scaring me. Okay?

Now, I just wanna know


Don’t open the door.

It’s your father dear.

No, no. Wait, wait, wait, Mom! Mom!

(suspenseful music plays)




(sighs) This damn hotel.

They make you call room service for ice, can you believe it?

Come here, Ells Bells.

Oh, Dad. I’m I’m so sorry

I dragged you and Mom into this.


I didn’t have anywhere else to turn.

Don’t apologize. It’s what

It’s what parents are for, no matter how old you get.

Oh, my God, you’re trembling, hon.


Sit down. Come on, sit down.


(suspenseful music intensifies)

It’s all going to be just fine.

(music fades)

And what do we always say?

“This too shall” Well?

“This too shall pass.”

No, III know.

Yeah. Yeah.

But I sort of think this one might not pass as, um…



Uh, okay.

So, something I wrote in my new book,

something II made up,

got too close to something very real.

And because of it, a rogue spy agency

A real Directorate

suddenly thought I could help them recover this digital file

they’d been searching for, and so they came after me.

Hmm. Well… how did you get away, dear?


Oh, well, another spy saved me.

He He promised he could protect me

if I helped him track down that same file first.

He convinced me he was the good guy

until I found out he was not.

So, I swiped the only lead we had on this file and

(stammers) It’s like a hacker’s logbook or something.

And, um, came here and

Well, I just…

IIII just don’t know who to trust.

So, now you’re experimenting with drugs, dear?





Oh, look at her eyes.

That’s not what’s happening.

Look at the

Elly. Elly. This

This logbook, where is it?

Did you bring it?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s

It’s over there. It’sit’s in my cat pack.

Oh, okay.


You have to go to the police. Or the FBI.

No, Mom, you don’t understand.

These people, they have eyes everywhere.

RUTH: Well, we can’t just do nothing.

No, you have to take it to the press.

That’s what you do. Take it to Anderson Cooper.

Someone like that, they can They I don’t know

Barry, wha Barry, what do you think?



Pay attention, dear.

(grunts, sighs)

What do you think?

(sighs, stammers) I’m just

II’m just happy that

that you made it here safe and sound

and that psychopath didn’t hurt you.

God forbid something happened to you,

I don’t know what your mother and I would do.

I think you’d manage just fine.

What’s happening?

(gasps) Oh, God. Mom, quick, quick, quick, get behind me.

No, no, no. Don’t kill us, please.

I’ll get you money. I’ll get No, no, no. (yelping)



Uh, you have me mistaken for someone else.

Shut up.

I’m a dentist.

Aidan, don’t do this.

It’s not what it looks like, Elly. Let her go.

This is all my fault.

RITTER: Oh, please don’t.

Oh, God. Dad.

You gotta trust me, Elly.

Trust you?

You said you wanted to put a bullet in my head.

I heard you!

Oh, you take things way too literally.

Oh, God.

But I would love to put

a bullet in his head, I mean it.


(sighs) You kill me, the Division will never

stop hunting you. Never.



He’s not your dad. Don’t you see?

And she’s not your

(in British accent): Shut up, Wilde.

Don’t think I won’t enjoy killing her.


(Elly screams)

(Ritter grunting)

(breathing heavily)

Let’s go.

(whimpering): That’s Dad and Mom.

Hey. Shh. Just look at me. Hey, you gotta trust me.

You just shot my mother!

That’s not your mother.

That woman just tried to blow your brains out.

Who’s the only person

who hasn’t tried to kill you in the last 72 hours?

Intentionally. Let’s go.

Come on! Let’s go!

Get in the car! Let’s go!

What about Alfie?


I forgot Alfie.

The cat?

I can’t leave him. I have to go back. I have to.

You’re kidding me.

He is the only family I have. Please.

You wanna go up there and die with the cat?

Or do you wanna come with me and hear the truth?

It’s your call.

But there’s more bad guys coming, Elly.

Make the call.

(engine starts)

♪ ♪


What’s wrong? You okay?

(crying): Am I okay?

Oh, boy.

You’re asking if I’m okay?

My parents just tried to kill me.

My mom, who, oh, oh, by the way, is suddenly British,

put a gun to my head.

I have nobody to trust.

And Alfie is with these ththese monsters.

They have my Alfie and I’m never gonna see him again, am I?

(sobbing): I’m never gonna see Alfie again.

So, I don’t know. I don’t

I don’t know, Aidan, you tell me.

You tell me, do you think I’m

Do you think I’m okay?

Okay, maybe that was a dumb question.

I can tell you one thing you’re wrong about.

You do have someone you can trust.

And trust me, you need some rest, kid.

I’m I’m not tired. (sniffles)

Trust me, you are.

The greater the spy, the bigger the lie.

Everything is going to be okay.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Morning, sunshine.

Where are we?

Olá, France. I mean, buongiorno, France.

It’s (chuckles) It’s bonjour.

That’s what I said.

You like France?

Tell you what, French people, they give me the crêpes.

Get it? Crêpes?

(Aidan chuckles)

I have more where they came from, let me tell you.

(birds chirping)


Well, well. The prodigal spy returns.

That it?


Good man.

Elly, this is Alfie.


Oh, sh (sighs) Her cat She named her cat Alfie.

It’s a perfect name.

For a very cool cat.


ELLY: Alfie.

As in Alfred Solomon?


The former Deputy Director of CIA, Alfred Solomon?


No more tears. I promise.

Thank you.

Would you like to go for a walk?


♪ ♪

ALFIE: You a wine drinker?

ELLY: Yeah, sometimes.


Pinot noir.

One of the oldest grapes there is.

Been around since the Roman Empire.

Grown all over the world.

But you know why the wine we make

tastes so distinctly different

from a pinot made in, say, Napa or Tuscany?


Same grape.

The difference is where it’s been.

A summer heat wave gets you a more exotic, tropical flavor.

High elevation gives you a an acidic varietal and so on.

They’re products of their environment.

The terroir, as the French call it.

Can’t know what a grape is

till you know what it’s been through.

This is how the ancients fermented their wine.

A technique forgotten by history until thousands of years later,

when a French farmer stumbled upon the ruins

of vats like these buried on his property.

Et voilà.

What was lost was now found.


That’s the thing about the past, it’s persistent.

It can be buried but still down there,

waiting for the right person to come along and dig it up.

Come in.

What is all this?

Wh Why

Why are we here?

Because, Elly Conway,

it’s time for you to meet the real Agent Argylle.

Those books you write?

Aidan told you they were predictions.

Well, they’re not.

They’re memories of who you truly are.

Welcome back, Agent R. Kylle.

(gasps) This is BS.


BS! Your friend? Loony tunes!

Do you hear me? Loony tunes!

I am a writer!

Nothing more, nothing less.

Regardless of whatever deepfake nonsense

he just showed me.

Oh, for the love of baby Jesus!

I can’t even believe what’s happening to me!

Stop whining!

Your name is Rachel Kylle

and you don’t whine about anything.

You’re calling this whining?

You think spy novels are cheesy crap!

You don’t even like cats.

You’re a dog person.

I am not!

I am Elly. Elly Conway.

Well, I miss Rachel.

I’m sorry.

You clearly miss somebody who is not me, okay?

Okay, fine.

You know what? I never wanna see Elly Conway ever again.

Car is all yours. Au revoir, Elly.

Great. Au revoir.

(Aidan grunts)





Let’s go. How fast are you?

(upbeat music playing)

(both grunting)



(grunts, coughing)

Hi, Rachel.


I wanna know everything.

ALFIE: So, we meet again, LaiMassey.

My old foe.


RITTER: What is taking so goddamn long?

I put myself out there in the field to capture these images.

There are my results. Where’s yours?

Decrypting a LaiMassey scheme takes time, Mr. Director.

RITTER: No, no, no. But there is no time.

Everything hinges on this.

ELLY: Why all the lies?

I mean, why didn’t you just come out and tell me?

We had to let your memories come back

in their own time, naturally.

Otherwise, you could lose everything

that’s buried in there for good. (sighs)

What happened to me?


Last time I saw you was

the morning you left to rendezvous with Bakunin

at the Albert Memorial.

It wasn’t me who went there.

It was you.

And you never came back.

We still don’t know what went wrong,

how things went south that day.

We just know that you turned up in a local ER in a coma.

A Jane Doe, found on the banks of the Thames.

Which is where the Division found you.

By the time I tracked you down,

they’d already moved you to a hospital in the States.

RITTER: Rachel, open your eyes.

There you go.

Do you remember me?

Do you know who you are?

AIDAN: You weren’t Rachel anymore.

You were a blank slate. (sighs)

Couldn’t remember a thing.

So the Division tried a different approach.

One day, a woman I knew as Dr. Margaret Vogler,

Chief of Psyops for the Division,

walked in with Ritter.

We’re your parents.


Your family.

You are Elly.


A smalltown waitress who survived

a terrible skating accident.

We brought in a few things

so that you can remember who you are.

AIDAN: They laid it on real thick.


(winding, chiming)

Look at this, your music box.

AIDAN: Brought you mementos handpicked by Vogler.

Visual triggers to remind you

of the life they wanted you to believe you’d led.

VOGLER: Iceskating award. That’s right.

RITTER: Mmm. And this.

Lights, please, dear.

Oh, yeah.


AIDAN: Vogler’s work was MKUltra on steroids,

Manchurian Candidate type stuff.


RITTER: Iceskating.

AIDAN: They brainwashed you, Elly.

It’s as simple as that.


Dad. Mom.

AIDAN: Which left me with only one place to turn.

Alfie, the man who trained us.

He opened an investigation,

but without the master file as proof,

Ritter had him dismissed as a conspiracy theorist

and has been hunting him ever since.

With Alfie on the run and no one else left to stop them,

the Division set about the last part of their plan.

Now that you’re starting to remember who you are,

we thought it might be time to give you back your journal.


So you can finally write all the stories

that you’ve wanted to tell.

AIDAN: The journal that they gave you was a phony,

written by Dr. Vogler.

All she did was give you the building blocks of your life

with just enough distance from the truth

to protect the actual names, places, events.

Hoping to get a glimpse of your real memories

through the stories they encouraged you to tell.

Crazy part is it worked.

You started to write a novelization of your real life.

We just had to sit back and watch it play out.

Book by book, you got closer and closer

until, last week,

you were on the verge of giving the Division

exactly what they needed to know.

At which point they were gonna (clicks tongue)

They’d kill me.

I wasn’t gonna let that happen.

Not on my watch.

Wait, so, you’ve been watching me for the last five years?

Yeah, I guess I have, but, you know, not in a creepy way.

Just because you forgot who you were…

…doesn’t mean I ever did.

I know you better than you know yourself, kid.

Who am I, Aidan?


once upon a time, there was a CIA operative,

just about the finest field agent Langley ever trained.

Which is why you were recruited by the Division.

And just like in your books, there was a real Wyatt.

(chuckles): You’re the real Wyatt?

You’re welcome.

Oh, I just I pictured Wyatt so much…

AIDAN: Bigger? Stronger? Yeah.


I guess that’s how your unconscious remembered me.

I’m flattered, I think.

There’s a real Keira too.

Look familiar?

Unfortunately, Vogler didn’t need to change

the way you described her in your books.

Because of what happened in Greece.

So Keira… actually

Well, then let’s get the hell out of here. (grunts)

Killed in action. Shot through the heart,

just the way you wrote it, by the real Legrange.

Book six, III was gonna bring her back, you know?

A reader had

emailed in this insane, brilliant idea for a twist.

More insane than all of this?

(sighs) Guess not.

Agents! Get yourselves down here!

LaiMassey just got its ass whipped

by me!


The data in Bakunin’s logbook

tells us he left the master file

with the Keeper of Secrets, Miss Saba AlBadr.

According to the Koran,

to keep another’s secret is a divinely mandated duty.

To divulge it, an unholy sin.

Miss AlBadr has taken that belief to a whole nother level.

Now, Bakunin left specific instructions

that the master file is to be retrieved by one person

and one person only:

the agent he was making the deal with

and an old acquaintance of the Keeper’s,

Rachel Kylle.

ELLY: No. No. No, no.

If the Keeper is expecting Rachel Kylle,

she will know something’s up when she meets me.

I get anxiety, I have panic attacks.

Uhuh, only because you’ve been

systematically conditioned to by Vogler.

(chuckles) Well, whatever they did to my head worked,

because I am not okay.

I can’t pull off aaa spy mission.

I can’t even look at him without seeing Argylle.

Yes, Argylle speaks to me. (chuckles)

And you know what? I find it kind of reassuring.

I mean, don’t you get it? I am losing my mind.

You are not losing your mind.

You are finding it.

Argylle is your subconscious

fighting to tell you who you really are.

AIDAN: Elly.


If you can write Agent Argylle for five years,

you can be Rachel Kylle for one night.

You got this.

I know you do.

We can do it together.


Let’s get you two suited and booted.

And if you can’t remember the reality,

I suggest you both dress like the fantasy.

♪ ♪

Looking good.

Not feeling very good.

It’s gonna be all right.

(scanner buzzing)


♪ ♪

ELLY: I think I’m gonna need a drink.

AIDAN: It’s a dry palace, Elly.

Alcohol and keeping secrets don’t pair well together.

Two club sodas, please.

When the Keeper’s ready, she’ll summon us.

For now, just relax.


Listen, if you’re nervous, that’s okay.

Why would I be nervous? Of course I’m not nervous.

There’s nothing to be nervous about, right, Aidan?


Thank you.

(whispering): Of course I’m nervous.

I’m freaking out. I’m totally freaking out.

You know what’s good for nerves? Dancing.



(“You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” playing)

There’s no one dancing.

Just blend in.

You’re the only person dancing.

What about this?

Aidan, I can’t dance, so…

Maybe Elly Conway can’t dance, but Rachel Kylle sure could.

I can’t dance.

Oh, sure you can. You got it.

God. I do I don’t know. I don’t know about

Let’s get silly. What’s this?

This is ridiculous.

No, Aidan. No.

AIDAN: Oh, you’re not getting away that easily.

This jet plane’s all fueled up, it’s taking off.

Can’t dance, huh?


Then what the hell is this?

Remember the whirlybird?


Rachel’s goto. Let me tell you.

What do you mean?

Yeah, book four.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no…

Yeah. Oh, it’s happening.

No, no, no, no, no.

(shrieking, laughing)

(music continues)

(“Now and Then” by The Beatles playing)

It’s my song.


Our song.

This was our song.

What do you mean?

♪ It’s all because of you… ♪

Started in, uh, Mogadishu.

Agents in the field, the heat of battle.

It happens, and it happened again and again.

We just kept finding ways to find each other, I guess.

How long were we, um…

♪ And now and then ♪

Till the day you disappeared.

♪ If we must start again ♪

(sighs) When I tell you the second I saw you

on that train…

♪ Well, we will know for sure… ♪

…that’s been the toughest part.

What has?

(breathes deeply)

Pretending not to love you, kid.

Hardest mission of my life.

(exhales sharply)

So, we were good together?


Pretty goddamn great, if you ask me.

Just have to take my word for it.


I won’t.

I remember.

Apologies, but public displays of affection

are not permitted.

ELLY: Ooh, sorry. (stammers)

AIDAN: Of course.

Uh, we were just wrapping that up, boss.

ELLY: Sorry.

The Keeper will see you now, Miss Kylle.

Oh, great.

Uh, just Miss Kylle.


(lock clicks)

Enjoying the soiree?

Uh, yes. Lovely. Thank you.

The legendary Rachel Kylle,

pretending to be a timid spy novelist for five long years.

Bravo, my darling. Bravo.

(beeping, trilling)

But you must have missed it. Hmm?

Missed what?

All of it.

The killing, the lying.


(inhales sharply)

I’m not really here for a trip down memory lane, so…

Of course not.

Please sit.

When your job is to keep secrets,

you learn to spot a lie.

Which leaves me puzzled

because I watched you as Elly Conway,

I never saw one.

I was deep cover.

I played the part well.

Too well, it often seemed.

So, tell me, who are you really?

Agent Kylle or Elly Conway?

Because I don’t believe you’re both,

and only one is walking out of this room alive.

I, um

I don’t know what to say.

ARGYLLE: Of course you do.

You don’t need me.

You just need you.


Other than that in my line of work, Saba…

…you tend not to give a shit

what a bottomfeeder like yourself

thinks about anything.

So, I’m afraid I must ask…

Are you going to give me my goddamn box,

or are you going to make me take it?


Perhaps you haven’t changed so much after all, Agent Kylle.


You’re welcome to use my computer.

And how do I know that’s secure?

There is a reason I’m the Keeper of Secrets.

It’s because I keep them.


Oh, Aidan, you’re gonna be a very happy camper.

Jackpot, Alfie boy.




No. No, no, no, no, no, no. (gasps)

Hey. There she is.

What do we got? How’d it go? How’d it go?

(chuckles) That’s my


All right. I’m so proud of you.

Aidan, there’s something I need to know, okay?


I need to know wh

Who you can trust?

(Elly gasps)


Well, now I know who I can’t.

Oh, now, don’t blame our host.

Blame yourself for showing Ritter the ledger.

And you, please don’t try anything stupid.

Unlike the Savoy, I don’t need to wear

a bulletproof vest in here.


Before either of us could start anything,

the Keeper’s men would finish it.

So, what do we do now?

Mmm. How about a nice cup of tea?

I’ll be Mother.

All right. I’ll be Father.

You first.


(smacks lips, sighs)

So, you read what was on that drive, didn’t you?


VOGLER: You’re starting to learn the truth, Rachel.

It’s coming back to you, isn’t it?

Starting to remember.


Yes. Remember why you went to Bakunin.

Remember who sent you.

You found me in record time.

Maybe you are as good as they say.

(breathes shakily)

Keep going.

Follow the memory.

(exhales sharply)

Wire transfer complete.


RACHEL: Then give me what I came here for.

Yeah, it’s not here.

Don’t look so surprised.

Relax, sweetheart. File’s still yours.

It’s waiting for you, and only you,

with the Keeper of Secrets herself.



Rachel, follow the memory.

Keep going.

Our business here is done.

(beeping, trilling)

♪ ♪

I killed Bakunin.


Of course you did.

You never let us down, Rachel.

You were the most loyal of all the Division’s acolytes.

Tell me that’s not true.

You tell me that’s not true. Tell me that’s not true!

Listen to me, you


Weapons are not allowed.

But sleeping aids? Perfectly acceptable.



Ah, there she is.

Where am I?

You’re home, my dear.


Are we still, uh, dad and daughter?

Well, whether you remember yet or not…

May I?

I do care about you, Rachel.

And watching you these past five years

live this pathetic existence…

…a lion convinced she’s a lamb,

just… just killed me.

Are you my daughter? No.

But I am the man who helped you

grow into the woman you were destined to become.


But we still have a problem.


You have the master file.

Yes, but what we don’t have is Alfie.

He will never stop trying to expose us.

So, please, just…


…let us know where he is.

Ritter, I don’t know.


I’m not lying. I don’t know.

I don’t. It was a a vineyard

somewhere in the middle of the French countryside.

Aidan knows.

He took me there. I was sleeping.

Well, despite our efforts of persuasion, he won’t talk.

I see.

I can get it out of him.

Let the lamb roar.

I’ll make you a deal.

Follow me.

You give me my Alfie,

and then I will give you yours.

Do whatever you want with him.

I hate cats.

(Alfie meows)

Me too.

(Alfie yowls)

Shall we?


(punches landing)

(agents, Aidan grunting)


Do you like it?

We had this reconstructed for when

the director and I were needed on base

but you wanted to FaceTime dear old Mum and Dad.


Agent Wilde here still refuses to speak.

Oh, not surprising.

But we’re going to try something else.

Aidan, please, tell them.

Or this’ll get ugly fast.

Where is Alfie?

Are we talking about the cat again?

‘Cause, man… (chuckles)

Kill me. Kill me now, fellas.

If you tell me now, I promise he won’t suffer.

But the longer you take to answer the question

and you will answer

that’ll be the length of time I take to kill him.

Do you understand?

How about this? How about I answer your question

when you answer one of mine first? Cool?

You don’t wanna fuck with me right now, Aidan.

(sighs) There’s one thing I can’t quite square away.

Once you knew I knew the truth about the Division,

you could’ve killed me.

Could’ve ended it right there, but you didn’t. Why?

LEGRANGE: It seems we serve the same master.

(earpiece beeps)


(earpiece splashes in drink)

Cut your feed.

I think it’s because… (swallows)

you you wanted out too.

Just ignore him.

You were Division through and through.

You always were.

It is why you killed Bakunin.

You killed Bakunin because you were playing

both sides of the fence till the very last second.

You were gonna get that file and do the right thing.


I know you were.


Elly Conway,

that person,

that’s not all pretend, you know.

They can’t erase that person.


All that goodness, that’s in you.

That’s who Elly Conway is, and that’s who you are.


My name is Rachel Kylle.

(breathes deeply)

We’re gonna wanna check his necklace for a tracking device.

(Rachel sighs)

RITTER: What about Alfie?

How the hell are we gonna find him now?

He was never going to tell us.

That was a complete waste of time.

Besides, my mind is clear now.

I know how to find him.

♪ ♪

(crowd on TV cheering)

RACHEL: I checked my watch when we got there,

so it was at least a 12hour drive.

Couldn’t have been in Burgundy.

Let’s see here.

Okay, I’m gonna pull up OpSpecs for every mission I was ever on

in the South of France.

See if it jars anything.

Not so hard now, mate, are ya, eh?

Oh, come on, mate.

Leave it. He was kind of a legend.

Ah, a legend?

Well, yeah, he was.


“Was” is the key word. Was.


(breathing heavily)



(groans) No, no, no, no, no, no. It was him

(breathing heavily) Is that legendary enough for you?

His car. His car was parked outside.

French license plates are numbered by region.

His was 70.

Seventy… something. I’m sure of it.

(breathing shakily)

Meaning what?

Meaning it is south of Avallon

and north of Cluny.

It means we’re close.

(breathing heavily)

It means we’re almost there.

Director Ritter, it’s clean. No tracking device, sir.


Almost there.

(gasps, pants)

You can always count on Agent Kylle, hmm?

(indistinct commentary on TV)

(crowd on TV cheering)

(whistle blows on TV)


Found him.



(laughs) Brava, Agent.


Better yet,

because you gave me access to your mainframe,

I just sent the master file to Alfie.


Because I remember everything.

(system alarm beeping)

Almost everything.


(Ritter grunting)


Alfie, baby, are you okay?

I didn’t mean a word of what I said.

Okay, we’re gonna go on a little adventure right now.


(grunts) Red alert! Red alert!

(alarm wailing)



You gotta be kidding me.

How are you still alive?

Remember the last time I saw you?

You scratched me.

Now look who has a claw.

Mano a mano.

Aidan, it’s me.

Okay, I’m putting down my gun.

On the ground.

I’m gonna get up very slowly, okay?

Same side, Aidan.

Same side.

Same side, huh?

You shot me in the heart!

Two words, vascular corridor.

It’s how I was gonna bring Keira back.

Book six, remember?




ELLY: There’s a twoinch space you hit at just the right angle,

it looks like a shot to the heart,

but the bullet will go through and through…

I can save her.

ELLY: …as long as you stop the bleeding.

(gasps, pants)

(breathes shakily)

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Then why are you still alive?

You purposely shot me through a twoinch passageway in my chest

after not firing a gun for five years,

based on an idea a fan sent in.

Is that right?

Yeah. I me

I mean, I did do the research on it but, uh, ye yes.

Yeah, essentially, that’s it. Mmhmm.

Who’s the fan? Jeffrey Dahmer?

Yeah, that’s impressive. I’d like to meet that fan.

Yeah. (exhales sharply) Well, you and me both.

Sir, I’ve found her. She’s in the armory.

Put it up.

With Agent Wilde.


How is this asshole alive?

ELLY: But right now, we have to get

to the server room on the ground floor

to send Alfie the master file.

Which means we’ll have to make it through every soldier

the Division has on this base, who Ritter has now had

enough time to make sure are waiting for us

on the other side of that door.

So, what do you say, Aidan?

Wanna dance?

Oh, man. I thought you’d never ask.

(“Run” by Leona Lewis playing)

♪ To think I might not see those eyes ♪

♪ Makes it so hard not to cry ♪

♪ And as we say our long goodbyes ♪

♪ I nearly do ♪

♪ Light up, light up ♪

♪ As if you have a choice ♪

(Division agents screaming)

(gunfire continues)

I can’t see shit.

Nolan, I can’t see anything! Give me thermal imaging now.

Thermal imaging coming up now.

(song continues)


♪ Light up, light up ♪

♪ As if you have a choice ♪

♪ Even if you cannot hear my voice ♪

♪ I’ll be right beside you, dear ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Whirlybird. ♪

(Division agents screaming)

(gunfire continues)

Open the extraction vents. All of them.

Come on.

(Alfie meows)


Take every unit you have and go now.

I mean every single unit.

Yes, sir.


Hold fire! Hold your fire!

One spark and we could all die!


Shut down the pumps. Shut it all down!

(sniffs) Holy shit.

He’s right. It’s crude. It’s oil.

What is this place?

Guns down, boys.

Knives up.


Hey, will you check on Alfie? Is he okay?



Yeah. Yeah, Alfie’s fine.

We’re not.


(sighs) Well, if we’re gonna go out with a bang,

let’s go out with a bang, you know what I mean?



Are those memories real?

Oh, yeah. I mean, apart from the accident, yeah.

You can skate. You’re YYou’re a really good skater.

The kissing memories are pretty real too.

Hold this. (chuckles)

Do you

(exhales heavily)

What do you got in mind, hot sauce?

(whimpers, meows)

Mama’s gotta get to work.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

CARLOS: Rachel!

For the record, I hated your books.

Come on.

Let’s write your final chapter.

Let’s write yours.

Come on!

Let’s finish this!



Ignore all safety protocols.

Open fire now!

Shoot her!


Now that deserves a kiss.

How about a hot date in the server room?

If you need something done right…

Once we authorize the file to send,

Alfie will get them in minutes.

AIDAN: You really know what you’re doing.

ELLY: Now this should bypass all the security system codes,

and then it’s game over

for these

Good job.

(computer trills)

Oh, no.

AIDAN: What? What’s that? What’s going on?

(gun cocks)

She discovered that she’ll need an authorized retina scan

to get into the system,

and these are the only peepers that will do.

Some safeguards we put into place after Bakunin.

You were quite a team.

You can now say that you died as a team,

and that will happen right here, right now.


(exclaims) Jesus!



Just get him off me! Get it off!

Oh, shit. The eyes.



ELLY: Alfie, you are such a good boy.

Oh, baby. Yes, I am so proud of you.

Your little cat assassin

scratched the shit out of Ritter’s eyes,

but I think we needed those.

What’s the plan?

I know what to do.

Come on. Follow me.


AIDAN: Holy moly.

ELLY: This is it.

We can bypass the security using the satellite dome.

You taught me that.

You’re welcome.

Now we’re talking.

(singsongy): Here we go, Lakers. Here we go.

Overriding mainframe.

Accessing outbox.

And just like that…

Good morning, Alfie.


Here we go.

(music box chiming)

AIDAN: What is that? Where the hell’s it coming from?

Agent R. Kylle.

Gamma. Delta. Bravo.

Epsilon. Psi. Omega.

Target: Wilde.


Hey. Wha Whoa, whoa.

What are you doing? What are you doing?


Goddamn it! Come on!

(Aidan grunting)


(groaning, grunting)

Yes! (exclaims)

You don’t wanna do this. She programmed you.

I’m not gonna fight you.

VOGLER: You’re wasting your time.

Remember who you are!



(“Now and Then” by The Beatles playing)

Jesus! (grunts) Come on. Come on!


♪ Oh, now and then ♪


♪ I want you to be there for me ♪


(chiming stops)


It’s okay.

(music box winding)

I just gotta kill her.

(chiming resumes)

(groans, grunts)

♪ I know it’s true ♪

♪ It’s all because of you. ♪

(song ends)

(coughing, groans)

(grunts) I’m gonna get you.


Don’t make me do this.

I don’t wanna hurt you! Enough!

I’m afraid you’ll have to kill her first.

I’m not gonna fight you.

(breathing heavily)

I can’t kill you.

Finish him.


(straining): I know you can’t hear me, but (groans)

I love you.

Always have.

Always will.

Okay, babe, you got this.



(whispers): …crush.


AIDAN: You missed.

I think.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

What have I done? What have I done?

What have I done?


I’m so sorry.

Are you back?


Yeah. I’m back.


Are you okay?

Are you kidding?

Here. Come on. Come on. Get up.

All right. Three, two, one.

Up. (sighs)

Okay, okay, okay.

Give me your arm. (panting)

(Aidan grunts)

You got me good. Is that

I’m seeing two Keiras. Are you seeing two Keiras?

I see one.


(chuckles): Keira! How are you alive?

Who do you think was the fan that sent you

the vascular corridor idea?

Personal experience with that one.

That’s the fan?


Yeah. Come on.

Though when I didn’t hear back from you,

I realized you really had forgotten everything.

So I burrowed my way into the Division’s networks,

waiting for the moment to strike.

And then when I saw that they brought you in,

I thought, “The moment has arrived.”

Damn straight.

Aren’t you forgetting something?



(laughing continues)


I need you to know,

I was always gonna bring you the master file.

♪ ♪

ELLY: Argylle had timed the charges perfectly.

As the ship sank,

and the Directorate along with it,

he realized that, for the first time in a long time,

there was no next mission to go on,

target to acquire or threat to neutralize.

For the first time,

Argylle was finally free.

(crowd applauding)

(camera shutters clicking)

And now our final questions

for the one and only Elly Conway.

All right, uh…

Yeah. Right down here.


If we’re never gonna get another Argylle adventure,

you’ve got to at least tell us,

what do all of these characters do once the story is over?

Hmm. (smacks lips)


I’d like to think

Alfie got the Distinguished Intelligence Medal from CIA

after using the master file to expose

the Directorate’s remaining agents.


Well, Keira always said that she could be Steve Jobs,

so I think that’s what she did.

She went out, monetized the tech

she developed for the Directorate,

and proved she was right.


And as for Argylle and Wyatt…


…they’re partners.

So whatever it is they do next…

(breathing heavily)

…I’m sure they’d do it the way they did everything else.

(breathing heavily)

False alarm. False alarm.


So proud of you. Love you.


Okay. Next question.

Uh. Yeah, the gentleman, yellow shirt in the back.

Uh, yeah. I don’t have a question as such, but, uh… maybe you have one or two for me.



(“Electric Energy” by Ariana DeBose & Boy George playing)

♪ Screaming for the glitter boys ♪

♪ All the devils you employ ♪

♪ All the things you fake ♪

♪ All the ways you hate ♪

♪ Oh, give me your ♪

♪ Electric energy ♪

♪ Let me feel that fire burning inside of me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Send it from my fingers ♪

♪ To my feet ♪

♪ Aim that light and shine it down on me ♪

♪ Electric energy. ♪

(song ends)

Cosmopolitan with a twist, please.

Does it look like we’re in a club or a pub?


Hold the vodka.


The Cointreau.

The cranberry juice.

Just the twist.

Coming right up.

You must be in a lot of trouble if they sent you to me, darling.

That… is a twist.

What’s your name?


Aubrey Argylle.

(“Get Up and Start Again” by Ariana DeBose playing)

♪ Couldn’t find my way home ♪

♪ Accepted being alone ♪

♪ I believed there’s no way back ♪

♪ Guess nothing changes if you don’t ask ♪

♪ But while this warm blood is running through my veins ♪

♪ I’m gonna get back on my feet ♪

♪ And start again ♪

♪ Heart open ♪

♪ Trying to find the light ♪

♪ Storm’s rising ♪

♪ Fire burns inside ♪

♪ Waking every feeling ♪

♪ After the hurricane ♪

♪ I’ll forget the pain ♪

♪ Get up and start again ♪

♪ It’s a long climb ♪

♪ So high ♪

♪ It’s the morning after the longest night ♪

♪ And there’s no way through ♪

♪ Every road that you try ♪

♪ There’s no wheel to hold, it’s like driving blind ♪

♪ You put it all on red, no risk ♪

♪ You’ll never win ♪

♪ Got it all figured out ♪

♪ Now I know where to begin ♪

♪ Heart open ♪

♪ Trying to find the light ♪

♪ Storm’s rising ♪

♪ Fire burns inside ♪

♪ Waking every feeling ♪

♪ After the hurricane ♪

♪ Now forget the pain ♪

♪ Get up and start again ♪

♪ Get back up, get back up ♪

♪ Get up and start again ♪

♪ Get back up, get back up ♪

♪ Get up and start again ♪

♪ Heart open ♪

♪ Trying to find the light ♪

♪ Storm’s rising ♪

♪ Fire burns inside ♪

♪ Waking every feeling ♪

♪ After the hurricane ♪

♪ I’ll forget the pain ♪

♪ Get up and start again… ♪

♪ Get back up, get back up ♪

♪ Get up and start again ♪

♪ Get up and start again ♪

♪ Get back up, get back up ♪

♪ Back up and start again ♪

♪ Get up and start again. ♪

(song ends)

(“Electric Energy” by Ariana DeBose & Boy George playing)

♪ Walking down the street ♪

♪ Never looking for a fight ♪

♪ All those bad boys call you freak ♪

♪ So your mother thinks they’re right ♪

♪ Screaming for the glitter boys ♪

♪ All the devils you employ ♪

♪ All the things you fake ♪

♪ All the ways you hate ♪

♪ Give me your electric energy ♪

♪ Let me feel that fire burning inside of me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Send it from my fingers ♪

♪ To my feet ♪

♪ Aim that light and shine it down on me ♪

♪ Electric energy ♪

♪ Give it to me ♪

♪ Come on, take my hand, yeah, the temperature’s rising ♪

♪ We’re turning up the heat, baby, you and me ♪

♪ So hold on to me tight ’cause the world is spinning ♪

♪ Underneath our feet ♪

♪ Oh, oh, screaming for the glitter boys ♪

♪ All the devils you employ ♪

♪ All the things you fake ♪

♪ All the ways you hate ♪

♪ Oh, give me your ♪

♪ Electric energy ♪

♪ Let me feel that fire burning inside of me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Send it from my fingers ♪

♪ To my feet ♪

♪ Aim that light and shine it down on me ♪

♪ Electric energy ♪

♪ Give it to me ♪

♪ Give it to me ♪

♪ Give it to me, bad boy ♪

♪ Give it to me, sad boy ♪

♪ Give it to me, ghost boy ♪

♪ Give it to me ♪

♪ All the devils you employ ♪

♪ Give me your electric energy ♪

♪ Let me feel that fire ♪

♪ Burning inside of me ♪

♪ Ohoh ♪

♪ Oh, send it from ♪

♪ My fingers to my feet ♪

♪ Ohoh ♪

♪ Aim that light and shine it down on me ♪

♪ Electric energy. ♪

(song ends)


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