Israel: Killing Seven to Exterminate Two Million

Criticism leveled at Israel for employing censorship and violence in Gaza, drawing parallels to historical genocides amid global silence.
Massacre of the seven volunteers from the World Central Kitchen

This article discusses the severe censorship and repressive measures historically used to complement genocide, drawing parallels between Nazi Germany, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia under Milosevic, and the current situation in Israel. It criticizes Israel’s transformation from a state founded on the ashes of Holocaust victims into one accused of employing hunger as a weapon and conducting a calculated, cynical ethnic cleansing in Gaza. It highlights the international community’s complicity in these actions, suggesting that if another nation committed a fraction of these acts, it would face significant international sanctions. The piece also details the deliberate massacre of seven World Central Kitchen volunteers, framing it as part of Israel’s broader strategy to accelerate the extermination of Palestinians in Gaza, leaving the territory and its two million survivors in dire straits.

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The Planned Massacre of the Palestinians

Censorship is a crucial complement to genocide. We are well aware that censorship and the repression of freedom of speech were key characteristics of the Nazi extermination of 20 million people, including 6 million Jews, turned to smoke in the winds of the Nazi extermination camps in Germany.

A bit less well remembered is that in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia under Slobodan Milosevic, various measures were adopted to censor all independent publications, television, and radio stations that dared to denounce or even naturally mention the atrocities committed by the Serbs.

In 1998, five editors of independent newspapers were “accused of spreading disinformation” because their publications referred to Albanians killed in Kosovo as “people” rather than “terrorists.” When NATO threatened to invade Kosovo to put an end to the atrocities, the Serbian government chief moved to the direct suppression of all dissenting voices.

Anyone trying to tell the truth had to watch their back. “Those who had participated in the service of foreign propaganda… should not expect anything good from the state authorities.”

Translated to the present, this brief reminder also works very well to summarize the situation in Israel. A nation that in six months of war and transformation has managed to turn from a state born on the ashes of millions of victims whose descendants have made and make the memory of the Holocaust a banner, into a racist and executioner state that uses hunger as its weapon of war.

From a democratic state to a dictatorial regime, where the international press is censored, denied access to the Gaza territories where Israel is proceeding undisturbed to the most tragic, cynical, and surgical ethnic cleansing of the last decades. With the aggravating factor that it is under the eyes of the world and has been consummated with the complicity of the international community.

It is evident, and it would be even to a blind man, that if any other nation had allowed itself a tenth of what Israel has done to date, it would have been isolated by the international community and sanctioned repeatedly, as much as, or perhaps more than, Russia, Iran, North Korea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Belarus, or Cuba.

The massacre of the seven volunteers from the World Central Kitchen was not a tragic and involuntary accident, as the IDF tried to claim, who at first even denied its involvement, trying to pass off the carnage as the work of Hamas.

The act against the seven workers was a premeditated, planned, surgical massacre. Faced with the indignation of Biden and the entire international community, Netanyahu was forced to admit that the fault lies with his army, adding, not to make us miss his humanity and empathy, that these are things that “happen, it’s war!”

Therefore, whoever wants to have ears to hear and eyes to see, understand: the massacre of the WCK humanitarian workers has a clear and specific goal: to accelerate the extermination of the Palestinians in Gaza by forcing the few remaining NGOs in the Strip to flee, those still willing to risk death to provide food aid to a population now on the brink of death from starvation, famine, and disease. Something that, indeed, all the few remaining on the field have done, between yesterday and today. Now Gaza is alone, and its two million survivors must face death by starvation.

I want to give the numbers, those that our Italian press does not give, docile to propaganda and submissive as it is to the mainstream: there are more than a million sick inhabitants of Gaza, those who would need care and food to survive, and of whom the majority is destined for certain death; there are 30 children who, in addition to the 14,500 between 0 and 10 years who have already been killed by the Israeli army, have died from malnutrition and hunger in these last weeks; 10,000 are cancer patients who no longer have access to the necessary treatments; of the more than 78,000 injured almost none of them can be treated because Israel has destroyed all the infrastructure, and with particular obsessive attention especially the hospitals.

32 have been razed to the ground, 124 ambulances destroyed, 341 doctors and paramedics tortured and killed. Another 300 have been injured, 240 arrested, interrogated, and tortured by Israeli soldiers.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Israel has dropped 70,000 tons of bombs on Gaza. That’s about 30kg of explosive for every inhabitant, men, women, old people, and children, including newborns. Since October 7, Israel has destroyed more than 400,000 buildings, many of which have been bulldozed, reducing them to rubble.

The goal is becoming increasingly clear: Israel wants to make the entire area of the Gaza Strip uninhabitable and prepare for the final solution: the assault on Rafah. The “field to mow like a lawn,” to use words that circulate in IDF soldiers’ chats, is ready. Israel has classified the entire area as a military target. This means that all Palestinians present are and will be potential targets.

Les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus.*

M. Alessandra Filippi, April 3, 2024

“Les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus” is a French phrase commonly heard in the world of gambling, particularly at roulette tables. It translates directly to “The games are made, nothing goes anymore,” but a more contextually accurate translation would be “The bets are placed, no more bets.” This announcement signals that all bets have been made and the game is in progress, with no further wagers being accepted. It’s a phrase that captures a moment of suspense and finality, marking the transition from anticipation to outcome.


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