X-Men ’97 – S01E01 – To Me, My X-Men | Transcript

Cyclops races to find the source of new anti-mutant technology.
X-Men '97 - S01E01 - To Me, My X-Men

Original release date: March 20, 2024

One year after Professor Charles Xavier left Earth with the Shi’ar, the X-Men continue their mission to defend mutants and humans alike and go on to become legally sanctioned by the United Nations (UN). Additionally, Jean Grey has become pregnant while support for mutants has grown. After the X-Men save a young mutant named Roberto da Costa from the Friends of Humanity (FoH), Jean sees that they were outfitted with Sentinel tech and probes Henry Peter Gyrich’s mind for the location of the Sentinels’ creator, Bolivar Trask. Despite succeeding, she receives a horrifying premonition while doing so. The team later find Trask at a junkyard in the Sahara, where he is rebuilding his Sentinels with the aid of a lobotomized Master Mold. After defeating the Sentinels and apprehending Trask, Cyclops and Jean ponder leaving the team to raise their son away from mutant hatred. The following day, Magneto reveals Xavier’s will, in which Xavier gave him control of the Institute and entrusted him with leading the X-Men.

* * *

[theme music playing]

[siren chirps]

[reporter on TV] As we await more details out of Paris, we take a look back on another life cut short, Professor Charles Xavier.

The mutant leader’s assassination last year by former NSA agent Henry Gyrich has spurred increased sympathy toward mutants despite their strange powers.


But is mankind ready to share a future with those who science claims were born to replace us?

Experts debate this and more after the break.

[Mullet] The buyer’s really gonna throw down 10 grand for every mutant we nab?

[Denti] Says he’s using them for target practice.

[mimics gunshot]


Please don’t hurt me.

I’m Roberto da Costa, heir to the Da Costa fortune.

Name a price. Money’s not an issue.

[Denti] Mutie thinks it’s about cash.


What’s this freak’s trick?

[Mullet] No clue.

Kid didn’t even try to use his powers.

Collared him just in case.

Hear that, mutie?

So long as that collar stays on, your powers are byebye.

I’m not like the ones on TV. I’m one of the good ones.

A good mutant?

Now, that is rich.

Listen, I am begging you.

I didn’t ask for this, okay?

I was born this way.

Ain’t that the rub?

[thunder rumbling]


[thunder rumbling]

[wind whooshing]

[Denti] Grab a Sentinel blaster and spread out!

[blaster powering up]

[Storm] I am Storm, mistress of the elements.

Surrender the boy or face my fury!

[electricity crackling]

I ain’t afraid of you, you witch.

Then you are a fool.



Whole announcement shtick didn’t go over so well, did it?

Pardon me, Bishop, for striving to resolve matters peacefully.

[Bishop] Real peaceful, Storm.

Keep shooting, punks.

Is it me, or did these dirtbags get upgrades?


[Denti] Boot it up, boys. X-Men are like roaches.

You see one, more are coming.

[men scream]

[speaks Portuguese]

[in English] Good guy or bad guy?

Name’s Cyclops. Definitely the good guy.

Hang tight.



Kid, get down.


How’d scum like you get your hands on Sentinel technology?

What? You freak shows think we wouldn’t find a way to evolve, too?

Take his visor before he starts up again.

No, don’t! I surrender!

[chuckles] Not.

[car alarm blaring]

[Scott] Storm and Bishop could have been hurt.

We needed you out there.

[Remy] You stopped the bad guys, saved the kid, got home safe.

[♪ R&B music playing]

These beignets needed me more than you did, mon ami.

The Friends of Humanity had retrofitted Sentinel weaponry.

Do you have any idea what that means, Gambit?

Means you get to howling like a lonely kettle left on a fiery stove.

We’ve rodeo’d more Sentinels than I care to count.

And Storm and Bishop are made of sterner stuff than you think.

Rogue always come to Gambit’s rescue.

Rogue, the Professor entrusted us with his dream of mutanthuman coexistence.

We have to stay vigilant, no matter how good things seem out there.

The last few months have been rough, what with the Professor being gone and all, but, sugar, if you don’t simmer down, you’re gonna die of a stroke.

[man] Rogue is right, Cyclops.

Scott, while I trust that all my students would gladly die for my dream of a better future, where both human and mutant live free of your total disdain for fun,

I would prefer it be avoided.

Stop being a creep, Morph.


Look like Cyclops about to have that stroke.

Maybe this help.


Remy, you could have hurt someone.


He doesn’t care, Jean.

All he cares about are his stupid beignets.

I don’t know who’s worse, him or Wolverine.

Well, can everyone just please behave?

This is a school, after all, and we need to be role models for our guest.

[Scott] Jean’s right.

That kid’s our only lead

to where those extremists got their hands on Sentinel tech.

[♪ opera music playing on stereo]

[Beast humming]

[groans] Huh?

[Beast continues humming]



Salutations and welcome.


Blue, very blue. Wow.

An astute observation, my boy.

Hank McCoy here.

Or if you prefer my friendly nom de guerre, Beast.

That there at the foot of your bed is…

Name’s Jubilee.

And, dude, I get it.

One day, life’s fresh.

Then the next day, you’re waking up to a blue monkey singing Mozart as he tinkers with doohickies.

Simian analogies, Jubilee?

Shame on you.

And this doohickey is an elegant piece of art capable of teleporting someone through time and space.

Bishop’s bling. He’s a time traveler.

Hank, how fares the boy?

Besides a cavity and layman’s existential fear of metaphysics, Mr. Da Costa here is in perfect health.

I need to go. Where’s my jacket?

Tell me I didn’t lose it. Super expensive.

Roberto, we can’t let you go just yet.

Oh. Right. How much?

[Cyclops] “How much?”

For the save? I was going to pay those troops to free me, so…

You take checks?

We’re more interested in the weapons those creeps had.

That giant arm was from a machine called a Sentinel.

Did your attackers say anything about where they acquired it?

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold up.

Today’s been a day and you’re coming at me with giant robot arms?

Your attackers could still be out there, child.

Should we let you leave, they could find you and kill you.

So now you’re kidnapping me?


We wanna help mutants, even arrogant yuppies like you.

Look, you’re scared, Roberto. I get it.

Just give us the day to figure this out, make sure you’re safe, and then you can go do whatever a kid like you does.

At least say there’s something to do around here besides listen to Mozart?

Hear me. Humanity’s days are over.

We are nature’s favored children.

Our new age begins as we build a bright mutant future.

Video games are for nerds.

[Jubilee] Oh, it’s no game, buddy.

It’s the Danger Room. It’s where we train.

That’s Magneto, the Professor’s exbestie.

They had, uh, different takes on mutant-human coexistence.

So what can you do?

Fly, teleport?

Shoot gold balls from your body? That’d be weird.

But, like, he’s not even real.

You would turn your back on your own?

[pants, grunts]

[Jubilee] Better show me those powers, tough guy.

Seriously, girl, get a life.



Show the lady some respect.

Oh, so scary, Jubilee. Can we stop now?

Computer, end program.



Scary enough for you, bub?

[Dr. Cooper] Agencies in the US, England and Madripoor have been catching rumors of antimutant militias with Sentinel weaponry.

But this is the first I’ve heard of any confirmed reports.

[Scott] How are these groups getting this tech?

You said the UN destroyed all the Sentinels.

And we did.

Oh, I guess I just imagined the big robot hand that almost took out my team.

Someone’s putting this stuff out there.

Dr. Cooper, what about Bolivar Trask?

Trask’s been missing ever since his inventions tried to swap out President Kelly’s brain with a Sentinel computer.

He’d need a Master Mold factory to build new Sentinels and you X-Men destroyed the only one years ago.

Well, when cardio wraps, maybe you can spare the calories

to go make sure he didn’t build another one.

Charles Xavier was a dear friend of mine.

It’s why I urged the UN Council to work with the X-Men.

A little trust, Scott.

The Professor loved to say, “Trust happens when actions meet words.”

Cyclops out.

[laughter, chattering]

[Jean] Well, this certainly explains your mood.

Yeah, it came yesterday.

You know, if he were here, the team wouldn’t be shooting hoops while slime like the Friends of Humanity are running around with Sentinel blasters.

[Jean] You’re too hard on yourself, and the team.

Remember when we were young and we’d sneak down to the lake instead of doing our Danger Room drills?

[chuckles] Oh, yeah. The Professor would shout, “Your childish hijinks have cost you five demerits, young man.”

[chuckles] And you’d say, [in deep voice] “But, sir, what’s the point of being an XMan if we’re not allowed to enjoy our lives?”

Whoa, whoa, I did not sound like that.

Oh, yes, you did.

You still sound like that.


Those days have been on my mind a lot lately, darling.

You and I alone. Our whole future ahead of us.

The team, they’ll always be family, but with the baby coming, maybe it’s time to think of a life beyond the X-Men?

“Beyond”? You mean leave the team? Jean.

It’s like you said, Scott.

What have we been fighting for all these years if not the chance to finally live our lives?

We were the Professor’s first students.

The X-Men need us here.

The team will be fine.

Our son will need us more.

Deep down, you know that.

And I know it hurts. But this one time, Scott…

It’s okay for you to let go.

[Jubilee] Jerk!

[glass breaks]

[glass shatters]


[Jean] Jubilee! What are you doing?

Bozo here scared Roberto off.

Cyclops, what if those creeps with the Sentinel gizmos find him?

[sighs] Logan, take that nose of yours and go find the kid.

And take Jubilee.


Actually, all of you could stand to act a little more like X-Men.

Go with them.

Hey, now, we didn’t do a dang thing.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Jean may dig the Boy Scout routine, Summers, but I don’t much go in for being bossed around.

Cry me a river, Wolverine.

[Jean] Logan…

Find Roberto, please.

What Gyrich did was pretty horrible.

But want to know the worst part about the Professor being gone?


He didn’t mean it.

Doesn’t matter.

I know who we need to see to find Bolivar Trask.

The man who killed Charles Xavier.

[♪ dance music playing]

The kid’s here, but there are too many damn scents.

Looks like we split up.

Nice place to pass a good time, eh, chère?

[sighs] If I was down there and one of ’em brushed against my skin, my power-sappin’ touch would leave ’em with a nasty hangover.

Any worthwhile man would gladly suffer your hand in a dance.

Thought you were gonna slice Summers’ head off back there.

Wanna talk about it?

Let’s just find this trust-fund baby and get out of here, Morph.

I know what’s wrong. How?

Why, I’m Jean Grey, humble telepath extraordinaire, and I’m having the most beautiful baby in the world with the most boring man in the world, and, “Oh, hello, you on the sidelines, watching our exhausting perfection every day.”

Perfection? If we ain’t fighting Magneto, we’re dodging aliens and Sentinels.

School’s no place for a baby.

You… Jean knows as much.

You don’t think…

They’re leaving the team, Morph.

Jean’s leaving.

[♪ music continues playing]

[people cheering]

No, no. I’m not going back there.

Dork, let’s go. You’re not safe here.

One dance, then I’ll come. Promise.

[firecrackers bursting]

Beats that stuffy mansion, right?

Hey, at least they’re not wasting time partying when they could be helping people.

And waste the best years of my life on some bald guy’s corny dream?

Of course, someone like you would find a little selflessness corny.

Peace, love. I get it.

Does he have to make such a big stink about it?

Is that why you didn’t use your powers against those goons?

Didn’t want to rub their faces in it?

It’s like minha mãe says, Jubilee.

[speaks Portuguese]

[in English] Live and let live.

Sometimes people don’t get along.

[Logan] Don’t I know it, bub?

FOH ran when they saw us coming.

Dropped one of their little toys, too.

Pray Cyclops find where these bad boys are coming from, before things get too hot to handle.

I can’t believe this fool nearly cost us the whole future.

He still cost us enough.

Why would I know where Trask is?

You helped fund his Sentinel program when you worked for the Defense Department.

[Scott] Gyrich, you’re serving 25 years.

You talk and I get it down to 10.


You mutants are moving up, making friends in high places.

Though it’s got to hurt, offering that deal to me.

Those Sentinel upgrades really threw you.

We merely hoped some humans had evolved beyond the past.

[scoffs] Did you honestly think we’d roll over and let mutants take over the planet?

That we wouldn’t fight back?

Yet your cruelty has only made humanity more sympathetic to our cause.

Oh, did it?

No, you’re in vogue, Storm. A fad.

“Look at my mutant friend.”

But under all that fashionable sympathy, normal people know the more room we make for your kind, the less we leave for ours.

So we might wear tolerance on our sleeves, but we know the naked truth.

Tolerance is extinction.

Ten years, Gyrich. Yours to win or lose.

I won the day I shot the man you freak shows look up to.

And you get an “A” for effort, Mr. Summers, but we both know you’re no Charles Xavier.

You’re right. I’m not Charles Xavier.

He’d reason with you. Be patient.

He’d do everything in his power to save you.

Save me? From what, you?

No. But have you met my wife?

Hatred weakens your mind, Mr. Gyrich.


Cerebro amplifies my psychic powers, allowing me to penetrate your thoughts from any distance I please.

[Gyrich] Get out of my head!

[Bolivar] One Master Mold is not enough. We need backups.

I know a place.

Something’s wrong. Someone else…




[baby crying]

[baby coos]

[male voice] No! Not again. I’m so sorry.


[Master Mold] Behold, mutant, and despair, for I am Death.

I am Master Mold.


[Scott over speakers] Jean! Jean, come in!

I’m here. I’m here, Scott.

[pants] I’m fine.

What I felt…

We have to stop Trask. Now.

[Cyclops] Listen up, people.

Jean’s psychic scan placed Trask in the Sahara Desert.

We fly into the coordinates, detain Trask and shut down Master Mold for good.

I say we skip detaining and mail Trask back to the UN in little pieces.

[chuckles] There will be no dismembering, Wolverine.

[Wolverine] Dismembering?

Nah. Weight loss.

We get this done by working together as a team.

Think you can do that, Logan?

Jeez, Dad. Keep buzzing in my ear.

What would we do if we ever lost you?


[all exclaiming]

[alarms blaring]

Hang on, people.

[Storm] Cyclops!

[all scream]

[Rogue] Another “catch the X-Men” day.

Solid work, team. See you on the ground.

[Cyclops yells]

To me, my X-Men.


[Bolivar] Gyrich warned me you were coming.

Even in prison, he has friends who know the mutant agenda must be stopped.

[Cyclops] Trask, we don’t want to fight.

[Bolivar] You mutants may be the next step in evolution, but you’re still animals and you need to be put down.

Final warning, Trask.


[Sentinel] Surrender, mutant.

[Sentinels] Surrender, mutant. Surrender, mutant. Surrender, mutant.

Head’s up.

Greetings, enemy mine.

Might I induce you to a change of heart?

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful, involuntary friendship.

[Sentinels] Surrender, mutant.

Surrender, mutant.

Give ’em the forecast.

Omega-level threat detected.

[thunder rumbling]

Ancient sands, heed my command and reclaim these relics of hatred.


[Master Mold] You underestimate us, mutant.

Morph, belly up.

You X-Men might use your gifts to protect everyone, but all you do is remind us that our days are numbered, that humanity itself is obsolete.

You’ve no idea how it feels to be left behind by the future.

Our Special Sciences Division is flying in to dismantle Master Mold.

Yet again, humanity is in the X-Men’s debt.

Trask would rather humans and mutants go to war than work together.

We all win when men like him fail.

You sound like Charles.

He would have been proud today.

Thank you, Dr. Cooper. But to be honest, it was a team effort.

Always has been.

[Jubilee] Team’s on their way back.

Mission accomplished.

Freedom! I mean, I’ll get out of your hair.

Look, I know today was strange.

When I first came here, I ran away, just like you.

The team had saved me from Sentinels at the mall.

But this place, a place where I could be me, where a foster brat belonged, that was scarier than any killer robot.

Sure, Cyclops still won’t let me fly the jet, but this isn’t some weird school.

It’s a family.

A family that accepts you.

Sounds nice.

Your parents don’t know, do they?


[Roberto] Some sort of solar energy.

Still figuring it out.

Makes me strong, though. Really strong.

Whenever I do this, it just reminds me that I’m different.

That I’m lying to them.

Be an XMan, Jubilee?

I don’t even want to be myself.

[speaks Portuguese]

[in English] Here.


What’s your job? Hot and rich?

Don’t forget single.

Page me. I got a jet, too.

Maybe I’ll even let you fly it.

[indistinct chatter]

[blowing whistle]

Remember, no powers.

What about Gambit’s other powers?

[grunts] Ow!

The responsibility to choose teams falls to team leader.

I know I’ve been hardheaded lately. It’s just… [sighs]

I didn’t know how the X-Men could go on without the Professor.

Thought it was on me.

But his dream doesn’t need me.

It has all of you.

And with that said, Jean and I have an announcement.

You’re bailing on us to go raise your little one someplace nice and normal.

Logan, we’re not bailing.

Uh, Cyclops and Jean were the first X-Men.

If they’re gone, who the heck is going to lead the team?

[alarm rings]

[automated voice] Intruder alert!

Sensors show the intruder has breached the Professor’s old office.

[man] Charles Xavier was the finest man I knew.

Despite our differences, he never ceased to have faith in our friendship, nor forgive my many failings.

Perhaps that is why the old fool has done this.

[Scott] Magneto, what are you doing in our home?

Your home? I beg to differ, Cyclops.

The last will and testament of Charles Francis Xavier.

As you all will see, his fortune, his school, everything he built, everything he fought for, now belongs to me, my X-Men.


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