True Detective – S04E06 – Part 6 | Transcript

In "True Detective" S4 finale, Danvers and Navarro uncover a sinister plot in caves, confront culprits, and close Anne's case as accidental, hinting at ongoing mysteries.
True Detective - S04E06 - Part 6

True Detective
Season 4 Episode 6
Episode Title: 
Original release date: February 18, 2024 (HBO and Max)

Plot summary: Danvers (Jodie Foster) and Navarro (Kali Reis) enter caves amidst a storm, discovering an underground laboratory and unraveling a conspiracy by Silver Sky to find a microorganism in thawing permafrost, facilitated by pollution. Their investigation leads to confrontations and revelations about Anne’s murder, involving scientist Clark and other complicit parties. Meanwhile, subplots include Peter (Finn Bennett) dealing with the aftermath of violence and the disposal of bodies, alongside personal dilemmas involving Leah (Isabella Star LaBlanc) and Kayla (Anna Lambe). The narrative progresses to Danvers and Navarro’s ethical quandaries, culminating in their decision to close the case as an accidental death after confronting employees linked to the laboratory. The story ends with Danvers reflecting on the disappearance of Navarro and the closure of Silver Sky, highlighting the lingering mysteries and the impact of their investigation on personal lives and the broader community.

* * *

(muffled chopping)

(strong winds blowing)


Evangeline: (heavy breathing)

Evangeline: Fuck it.

(eerie voices echoing)

Liz (echoes): Do you see anything?! Is it safe?!

Evangeline: It’s safe!

(Liz grunts)

Liz: Okay.

(tense music playing)

(voices whispering)


Evangeline: You feel it too, don’t you?

Liz: It’s slippery. Careful.

(strong winds blowing)

(unsettling music playing)

(voices whispering, breathing)

Liz: Hey… Navarro.

(voices continue)

Liz: What are you doin’?

Evangeline: It’s here.

Liz: What? Wait. Where are you goin’?

Evangeline: This way.

Liz: Navarro. What the… Oh, fuck. Where you goin’? Navarro? Oh, fuck. Navarro?

Evangeline: It’s this way.

Evangeline: It’s here.

Liz: Ah, Jesus. Damn it. Fuck.

Evangeline: No.

Liz: Let’s go back.

Evangeline: No, no, no. It’s here. I know it.

Liz: What? That’s a dead end. Come on.

Evangeline: Can’t you hear it?

Liz: What?

Evangeline: She’s calling.

Liz: Agh. No, no, no, no, no. We’re, we’re gonna go back to the path now.

Evangeline: Shh. No, no. I swear to God, it’s here.

Liz: We’re not just gonna walk around and wait for you…

(ice crumbles)

Liz: Oh, God! (stammers) Are you okay?!

(Evangeline groaning)

Liz: Did you break anything?

Evangeline: (groans) Fuck. I don’t… (sighs) I don’t think so. (sighs)

Liz: Alright, just… stay put.

Evangeline: Shit. Fuck. The fuck?

Liz: Um… I’m gonna try and find some help.

Evangeline: Shit, I’m sorry. You were right. (groans) We should’ve stayed back.

Liz: Shut the fuck up. Just don’t do anything st…

(ice crumbles)

(Liz groaning)

Evangeline: Are you okay?

Liz: Ah, that hurt.

Liz: Yeah.

Evangeline: Fuck.

Liz: (groans) Oh, man. Fuck.

Evangeline: Ah, geez. Shit, shit, shit.

(Liz coughs)

Evangeline: Oh, we’re trapped.

Liz: (coughing)

Evangeline: Clark!

(intense music playing)

Liz: See that?

(lights buzz)

Evangeline: Where the fuck is he? What is this place?

(tense music playing)

Evangeline Navarro: Clear.

Liz: Clear.

Evangeline: Where the fuck is he?

Liz: (whispers) Navarro.

(voices whispering)

(music intensifies)

(“bury a friend” by Billie Eilish playing)

♪ What do you want from me? ♪

♪ Why don’t you run from me? ♪

♪ What are you wondering? ♪

♪ What do you know? ♪

♪ Why aren’t you scared of me? ♪

♪ Why do you care for me? ♪

♪ When we all fall asleep ♪

♪ Where do we go? ♪

♪ Come here ♪

♪ Say it, spit it out ♪

♪ What is it exactly you’re payin’? ♪

♪ Is the amount cleanin’ you out? ♪

♪ Am I satisfactory? ♪

♪ Today, I’m thinkin’ about ♪

♪ The things that are deadly ♪

♪ The way I’m drinkin’ you down ♪

♪ Like I wanna drown, like I wanna end me ♪

♪ Step on the glass ♪

♪ Staple your tongue, ahh ♪

♪ Bury a friend, try to wake up, ahh ♪

♪ Cannibal class, killin’ the son, ahh ♪

♪ Bury a friend, I wanna end me ♪

♪ I wanna end me ♪

♪ I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪

♪ Why aren’t you scared of me? ♪

♪ Why do you care for me? ♪

♪ When we all fall asleep where do we go? ♪

Evangeline: There has to be another exit.

Liz: Navarro. Star-shaped wound.

(tense sting)

(tense music playing)

Evangeline: Where the fuck is he?

(camera clicks)

(wind blowing)

Evangeline: Danvers.

Liz: (whispers) Motherfucker.



(“Twist and Shout” playing in distance)

♪ Come on, come, baby, now ♪

♪ Come on, baby ♪

♪ Come on and work it on out ♪

(lights flicker)

♪ Shake it up, baby ♪

♪ Twist and shout ♪

(song volume increases)

(dramatic music playing)

(“The Only Shrine I’ve Seen” by DARKSIDE playing)

♪ The only shrine I’ve seen ♪

♪ I’m on a light up in the sky ♪

♪ Smilin’ down as if I’m you ♪

♪ We will someday be ♪

♪ We will someday be ♪

(muffled) ♪ We will someday be ♪

♪ We will someday be ♪

♪ We will someday be ♪

(“Twist and Shout” playing in distance)


(tense music playing)

(voices breathing)

(voices whispering)

(“Twist and Shout” playing on TV)

♪ Twist and shout ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪

(music distorts)

♪ Well, shake it up, baby, now ♪

♪ Shake it up, baby ♪


♪ Twist and shout ♪

Liz: Fuck’s sake.

♪ Twist and shout ♪

♪ Come on, come on ♪

(music distorts)

Liz: Shut the fuck up!

(music stops)

(door squeaking)

(kicks door)

(eerie wind blowing)

(door beeps)

(door slam echoes)

(tense music playing)

Liz: (muffled) Fucker!

Liz: (normal) Let me out! Fuck.

Liz: (muffled) Navarro!

Liz: (normal) Navarro!

Liz: (muffled) Navarro!

Liz: (yells)

Liz: (muffled) Navarro!

Liz: (quietly) Shit.

Liz: (grunting)

Liz: (heavy breathing)

Liz: (grunting)

Liz: (groaning)

Liz: (grunts)

Liz: Navarro!

(Navarro grunting)

Liz: No! Navarro. Hey, hey! No! We need him to talk! No.

(Evangeline panting)

Liz: Fucking blizzard. There’s no Wi-Fi, there’s no radio, and there’s no way we can drive in the storm. We’re stuck out here.

Clark: (gasping breaths)

Liz: Help me.


Liz: G-Get your ass over here and help me.


(door opens)

Peter: Jesus, you scared me.

Leah: Sorry. Is Liz here?

Peter: No.

Leah: She asked me to come over for New Year’s, I… thought we could maybe… What are you doing here? Are you staying here? Kayla’s not gonna like that.

Peter: Liz went out.

Out where? In this?

Peter: Yeah. It was, uh, it was an emergency. Work stuff, ya know?

And you’re cleaning?

Peter: Thought I’d make myself useful.

Is everything okay?

Peter: Yeah.

What the fuck is going on?

Peter: It’s just, um… the whole Kayla thing has kinda got me messed up. Can I ask you a favor? Can I drive you back there? I don’t want her and Darwin to be alone on New Year’s Eve. Please.

Sure. Your car’s out in the garage?

Peter: No, no. Uh, it’s out front.

(Raymond groaning)

Raymond Clark: Ah!

Liz: Wake up. Wake up, motherfucker.

Raymond: (panting) I’m not talking to you.

Evangeline: Hey. Hey, look at me, you piece of shit. Did you actually love Annie?


Evangeline: Okay.

(Annie’s video playing)

Turn that off. Turn that off, please! Turn it off! I can’t…

Evangeline: Gimme your headphones.

(Annie panting)

Annie Kowtok (in video): My name is Annie Kowtok.

Evangeline: What are you doing? What?

(Annie screaming)

Evangeline: Ooh, ah.

(yells) No, no. Ow. (yells) (panting) Please. Ahh, ah. Please, please, please, please stop. Please.

Evangeline: It’s on a loop, motherfucker.

(Raymond gasps)

Evangeline: Enjoy.

No, no. Mm, mm, mm, mm.

(Annie screaming)

(muffled yelling)

Liz: Want some coffee?

(muffled yelling)

(Annie screaming)

(Raymond yelling, crying)

(water whistling)

(vehicle arrives outside)

(vehicle brakes)

(vehicle door opens)

(front door opens)

(door closes)

(Kayla hits car)

(car brakes)

What’s going on?

Peter: I didn’t want Leah walking back in the blizzard.

Don’t fucking lie to me.

Peter: I have to do something. I can’t tell you what it is, but…

Is this for Danvers? Did Danvers make you do something bad? Because I swear to God, I will go and…

Peter: Kayla, stop! Stop!

Peter: I did it. Alright? And I’m fixing it now, but I need your help, Kayla. Look at me. … I need to do this one thing, and then I will be here with you. But right now, I just… I need fucking…

Go. Please stay safe… you hear me? Asshole.

(engine starts)

(footsteps approach)

Evangeline: Funyuns? Really?

Liz: (mouthful) Starving. You have any idea how long it’s been since I ate?

Peter: My mother used to love oranges. Loved them. She used to peel them in just one long strip. Julia too.

(unsettling music playing)

(singers vocalizing)

(glass clinks)

Evangeline: Prior’s fucked for life, isn’t he?

Liz; Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe. It’s crazy, the shit that we survive. (sighs) Think he’s ready?

(tense music playing)

(tape ripping)


Evangeline: Were you there?

(exhales) Please.

Evangeline: Were you fucking there?

Not at first.

Evangeline: But eventually you were?

(Raymond sighs)


Evangeline: Answer the fucking question.

It’s my fault. She found some notes, just, just scribbles, really, and she started to piece together what we were doing.

Liz; And what were you doing?

We were digging for the DNA of a microorganism contained in the permafrost that, that could potentially…

Liz: Save the world. We know, everybody knows, except it doesn’t work.

No, it did. See, that’s what nobody understands. We cracked it. We could actually do it.

Evangeline: What the fuck does that have to do with Annie?

Well, we could do it because the pollution from the mine helped soften the permafrost. Eh, eh, we could extract the DNA with much less damage and faster by, by multiple of hundreds, thousands.

Liz: I see, so you were falsifying the toxicity numbers for Silver Sky Mine.

No. No, we were pushing the mine to produce more pollutants. The more waste in the water, the more waste in the ground, the better the permafrost was for our work. I know, but it could’ve changed the world. It still could.

Evangeline: And that was worth killing Annie?

No. No.

Liz: Then what happened to her?

I, uh… God, I didn’t even know she was here. She just… She must’ve snuck in. Yeah, I, I, I think she was just trying to find a paper trail to prove that the mine were paying us, but, but she discovered the truth. She destroyed our work, all those years, all… all that potential to do so much good, she just, she just obliterated it.

(Annie screaming)

(tense music playing)


(screaming continues)


(Annie screaming)

(screen shatters)

And Lund… he caught her, and he… h-he snapped.


Annie, Annie, Annie!



Did you do…

Why, you stupid girl!

Annie: No, no! (screaming)

No! No!

(somber music playing)

And then everyone else just helped him finish the job.

Evangeline: But not you?

(tense music playing)

Evangeline: I would never hurt her.

(singer vocalizing)

I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. (crying)

(Annie gasps)

(all yelp)


No, no.

No. Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Annie: No!

(shushes) Stop, stop, stop. Please stop!

(both groaning)

Shh! Stop! Please. Please.

Liz: So, you didn’t touch her?

(tense music playing)

I loved her. But you don’t understand. (heavy breathing) The project could’ve saved so many lives.

Evangeline: They stabbed her 32 times.

It took two years to build a new robotic arm and hit a vein down there. If we could finish the work, then she wouldn’t have died for nothing.

Evangeline: They cut out her tongue.

What? That wasn’t us. That wasn’t us. We, we, we, we called the mine for help. They, they needed us to keep covering up their numbers. They sent a cop to move the body. He must’ve cut out the tongue to-to-to-to send a warning or something. I…

Evangeline: Tell me again that you loved her.

I did.

Evangeline: You’re not gonna stop me?

Liz: No.

Raymond Clark: (yells) Please!

Evangeline: Shut the fuck up, motherfucker!

Raymond: Please!

(Raymond yells)


(tense music playing)


(heavy breathing)

(door slams open)

Please! Please.

Evangeline: Shut the fuck up.

(door closes)

Liz: You know, I was just about to do it myself?

Evangeline: You were about to kill Clark?

Liz: No. Wheeler.

(unsettling music playing)

Liz: Navarro.

(heavy breathing)

(baby crying)

(crying fades out)

Liz: I need a break.

(light, tense music playing)

(strong winds blowing)

(music fades out)

(orange thuds)

(unsettling music playing)

Evangeline: Hey.

Liz: Oh, f-fuck. Lines still down?

Evangeline: Yeah. We’re stuck here.

Liz: (sighs)

Evangeline: You good?

Liz: It’s a long fucking night.

Evangeline: We still have a job to finish, Liz.

Liz: (softly) This fucking storm.

(tense music playing)

Liz: What happened to your buddies? Huh?

It was Annie. She killed ’em.

Liz: Oh, Jesus.

Evangeline: What are you saying?

I kept, I kept seeing her. You know, hearing her voice more and, and more. I knew she’d come back.

(panicking) She-She-She’s awake.

(ominous music playing)

(wailing) No!

Facundo Molina: No, please, please, no, no!

Raymond: I knew she’d come for us.

(Clark screaming)

Anders Lund: Hey… Clark.

(wailing continues)

(tense music playing)

Clark. Hey! (muffled) Clark! Clark!

(indistinct yelling)

(banging on hatch)

Open it!

(banging on hatch)

Anders: (muffled) Let me in! Clark! Let me in! Open it up!

(Anders yelling)


Anders: No, no! Please!


(distant yelling)

(heavy breathing)

(eerie moan)

(loud thud)

(hatch creaking)

(creaking stops)

(heavy breathing)

(voices whispering)

(loud thud)

(Raymond panicking)

Raymond: And I stayed there… holding the hatch… for an hour… or a week.

Liz: He was right there under our feet the whole time we were searching. What happened to those men on the ice?

Annie killed ’em.

Liz: Did you see them die?

I didn’t leave the cave. I was too afraid.

Evangeline: But you did come up. It was you the supply guy saw, wasn’t it?

Yeah, I was hungry.

Liz: Yeah. And you found Otis Heiss. Huh? Right?

(sighs) I wanted to know how to survive her.

Liz: Otis Heiss didn’t survive Annie. She wasn’t even born when he was injured.

She’s been hiding in those caves forever.

Liz: (groans) Jesus.

And before she was born, after we all die, time is a flat circle, and we are all stuck in it.

Liz: Don’t let him sleep. He’ll talk. We got all night.

(heavy breathing)

(doors close)

(weakly) Please. Please, I’m so tired. Just do it, or let me do it. Please. Please.

(wind blowing)

(eerie whispering)

(necklace clinks)

(ominous music playing)

(wind blowing)

(“The Only Shrine I’ve Seen” by DARKSIDE playing)

♪ We will someday be ♪

(voice whispering)

Liz: (gasps) I see you.

Holden (echoes): Mommy!

Liz: (heavy breathing)


Liz: Navarro?

(wind blowing)

(creaking continues)

Liz: Navarro?

(doors flapping)

(tense music playing)

(strong winds blowing)

Liz: Navarro?! Navarro?! What did you do?!

Evangeline: He’s dead!

Evangeline: He’s dead, Danvers!

Liz: Fuck! Fuuuck! … You let him fuckin’ go? You saw him. You knew he was gonna commit suicide, and you just let him do it. What, did you cut the power too?

Evangeline: I didn’t cut the power.

Liz: (sighs) Fuck, seriously. That frozen motherfucker out there is the only witness we had! (sighs) The fuck, Navarro?! We’re gonna fucking freeze in here just like him.

Evangeline: There has to be an emergency generator. I’ll go find it.

(strong winds blowing)

(generator sputtering)

Evangeline: Come on. (groans)


Evangeline: (grunts)

Evangeline: Fuck!

(kicks generator)

Evangeline: Ah, fuck’s sake. Fuck.

(distant clatter)

Voice (whispers): Evangeline…

(voices whispering)

(unsettling music playing)

(whispering continues)

(music intensifies)

Voice: Stop.

(quiet, tense music playing)

(eerie heavy breathing)

(music intensifies)

(Raymond hyperventilating)


(music fades out)

(both breathing heavily)

Raymond: She’s awake.

(unsettling music playing)

(heavy breathing)

(music intensifies)

(radio playing)

Radio host (staticky): This is KDRK, Ennis radio, wishing you a happy, stormy New Year, as this northern front moves…

(turns off radio)

(pounding on door)

Rose: For Christ’s sake, come in. (Rose breathes heavily) What the hell are you doing here?

Peter: Navarro sent me. She says take me to where Julia is. I got someone who’s goin’ in the same place, Rose.

(tense music playing)

Rose: It’s gonna be one of those nights, isn’t it?

(strong winds blowing)

Liz: I knew it. We should never have touched this case.

(Liz sighs) Hey, what are you doin’?

Evangeline: Nothing.

Liz: Navarro?

(Evangeline shivering) There is something out there calling me.

Don’t fucking start.

Evangeline: You need to know something.

Liz: Stop!

Evangeline: There, there’s, there is more than this, Liz. There is so much more than just this. And it can be, it can be a comfort, you know? Julia wasn’t wrong.

Liz: Julia gave up! Alright? I know she’s your sister, but Julia quit.

Evangeline: You know… he doesn’t really look like you, but… there’s something in his eyes.

Liz: What?

Evangeline: Holden.

Liz: Shut up.

Evangeline: He’s out there, Liz, and he said that he’s…

Liz: Shut the fuck up! You don’t say his name! You hear me? You shut your mouth! You don’t know. When he was trapped in that car… was he scared, was he hurt? Was he screaming “Mommy”? You don’t come here and tell me “he said.” Or I will, I will shoot your sick fucking mouth right off your face! You wanna go out there and die? You wanna… follow your ghosts, and curl up in a ball, and die out on the ice out there, you go ahead, but you leave my kid out of it! Or I will rip you apart! I am not merciful… you understand? I got no mercy left.

(voices whispering)

(ringback tone)

Liz (on voicemail): Elizabeth Danvers. Leave a message.

Leah: Liz?

(melancholy music playing)

Leah: It’s me again. Just call me back, okay? Hey, just don’t die out there or anything. Please.

(wind blowing)

(music fades out)

Liz: (groans)

(heavy breathing)

Liz: Fuck. … Navarro?

(tense music playing)

(strong winds blowing)

Liz: Navarro?!

Liz: Navarro! Where are you?! Navarro?!

(voices breathing, screaming)


(wailing stops)

Voice (whispers): Listen…

(strong winds blowing)

Liz: Navarro!

(light music playing)

Voice (whispers): Come, Evangeline.

Voice (whispers): Siqinnaatchiaq.

(singer vocalizing)

Your name… is Siqinnaatchiaq.

Liz: Navarro!

(tense music playing)

Holden: Mommy?

(muffled voice calling)

Holden: Mommy!

Liz: Holden!

(muffled) Holden?

Holden (muffled): Mommy…


(strong winds blowing)

(dramatic music playing)

Evangeline: (grunts) Hey, hey, come on. St… (shivering) Stay with me, Liz, come on.

Evangeline: You gotta breathe, come on, you gotta breathe.

(glass crunching)

Evangeline: Stay with me, come on. Liz… hey, hey. Come on, breathe, you gotta breathe.

Liz: I’m so cold.

Evangeline: I know. I know, it’s so fuckin’ cold. I know, you gotta stay with me…

Evangeline: Breathe, you gotta breathe. Come on, in and out. Blow out, like a birthday candle, come on.



(Liz gasps)

Evangeline: There you go. Good, again. In and out. Come on, Liz. There you go. Again.

(Liz breathing)

Evangeline: Can you do that again for me? Breathe. Breathe.

(light music playing)


Evangeline: Liz, come on. Hey, hey, don’t make me kick your skinny ass.

(Liz groans)

Evangeline: Come on. Keep breathing, keep breathing. Hey. You there? Hey. Hey, hey, hi. Hi.

Liz: (incoherently) What’d he say?

Evangeline: What?

Liz: (struggling) What did he say?

Evangeline: Who?

Liz: Holden.

Evangeline: He says that… he sees you. He sees you, Liz.

Liz: (inhales) Holden.

(Liz crying)

(light music playing)

Liz: (inhales, groans)

(singer, acapella) ♪ Shake it up, baby, now ♪

♪ Twist and shout ♪

(Liz coughing)

Evangeline: It’s alright, it’s okay.

♪ Come on, twist a little closer now ♪

♪ And let me know you’re mine ♪

♪ And let me know you’re mine ♪

(ice pick striking)

♪ And let me know you’re mine ♪

Peter: (grunting)

Rose: That’s it. Stop. Stop. … Um… now I need you to look away.

Peter: No, I wanna see.

Rose: You wanna see? How I cut your father to let the air out of his lungs so he doesn’t float?

(Rose grunts)


(light music playing)

Rose: (grunting) Okay. You need to put him in the water yourself. Finish what you started. Close the door.

(music intensifies)

Rose: (grunts) I guess you’re thinking… the worst part is done. (sniffles) Mm, it’s not. (breathes deeply) What comes after… forever… that’s the worst fuckin’ part.


Evangeline: The storm’s over. We can go now. Here… It’ll warm you up.

Liz: (exhales, sniffles) Happy New Year, Navarro.

Evangeline: Happy New Years, Danvers.

Liz: You told me back then that… you wanted to do it, ya know, just… walk out and disappear. Well, if… if you do it, if you… if you decide to just try to come back, okay?

Evangeline: You know that, that thing Clark said about… holdin’ his hatch… bein’ down there in the dark? I’ve been feelin’ that way for so long. Holdin’ the hatch… fuckin’ terrified of the one tryin’ to open it. I was so wrong.

Liz: What did you say?

Evangeline: That I was wrong?

Liz: No, holdin’ the hatch.

(tense music playing)

(door opens)

Evangeline: What are you doin’?

Liz: There’s a UV light over there. Go get it.

Liz: Come on.

Evangeline: What are we lookin’ for?

Liz: I don’t know. He said, “holding the hatch.”

Evangeline: Danvers.

Evangeline: We weren’t asking the right question.

Liz: The question isn’t who killed Annie K. But who knows who killed her?

(singers vocalizing)

(dogs howling, barking)


(dog barking)

Speaker: Coming! Jesus, it’s a little fuckin’ early.

Liz: Beatrice Malee… and Blair Hartman… we need to ask you some questions about some physical evidence that pertains to the death of the seven men at Tsalal Station.

Who wants to discuss it?

Liz: I’m Elizabeth Danvers, Chief of Ennis Police. This is my partner.

Evangeline: I am Evangeline Siqinnaatchiaq Navarro.

My Aaka’s name was Siqinnaatchiaq.

Evangeline: Do you know what it means?

It means the return of the sun after the long darkness.

(light music playing)

Liz: Right, so… the Tsalal men.

Those fuckers killed Annie K.

Evangeline: You knew… all along.

No. For six years, we thought it was the mine, the town. To shut her up, to shut everyone up. And then… we understood.

(water spills)


(curious music playing)

(water trickling)

(tense music playing)

(soft gasp)

(camera clicks)

Liz: Why didn’t you report it?

(sneeringly) To you, the cops?

(Blair chuckles)

That would change nothing. It’s always the same story with the same ending. Nothin’ ever happens. So… we told ourselves a different story, with a different ending.

Evangeline: How does this story go?

(power shuts down)

(“Submerged” by Tanya Tagaq playing)

Anders: Clark!


Beatrice Malee: Down!

Anders: Please! No, no, no! No!

(Anders yelling)

(throat singing)

Evangeline: In this story… you killed the men?

Honey, they did it to themselves.

(indistinct yelling)

When they dug in her home in the ice, when they killed her daughter in there…

(tense music playing)

…they woke her up.

(men shivering, panicking)

Get out of the truck! Now!


What do you want? Why?

Take your clothes off!

Take your fucking clothes off!

Wait, wait! What are you doing?



If she wanted them, she would take them.



Please don’t shoot.

Bee: And if not, their clothes were there for them. They’d be half-frozen, but they’d survive.

(scientists yelling)

But they didn’t, though. I guess she wanted to take them. I guess she ate their fuckin’ dreams from the inside out and spit their frozen bones.

(wind blowing)


But… it’s just a story. … So, Siqinnaatchiaq… what will it be?

Evangeline: (sighs)

(light music playing)

Evangeline: Stories are stories.

Liz: We just swung by to inform you, um… that the forensics came back. Cause of death was a slab avalanche. This case is officially closed. Thought you’d wanna know, seeing as they were your employers and all. … (clears throat) Happy New Year, Miss Hartman, Miss Malee.

(singers vocalizing)

Evangeline: In your story, Annie’s tongue… who left it at Tsalal?

That’s not part of our story.

Evangeline: You didn’t leave it there?

I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.

(singers vocalizing)

(camera clicks)

Agent 1: Alright. Let’s start with the disappearance of Officer Henry D. Prior on December 31st of last year.

Liz: That’s an ongoing investigation. So the body of a local vagrant, Otis Heiss, was found in the trunk of Hank Prior’s car. Ballistics showed that the bullet had been fired from Hank’s gun.

Agent 2: But you were the one who checked Mr. Heiss out of The Lighthouse Rehabilitation Center on the day of his death.

Liz: Yep. That’s correct. Mr. Heiss had some information about the whereabouts of Raymond Clark. Um, surveillance footage from The Lighthouse showed that Hank, Officer Prior, was watching my car. So, um… it’s possible that he followed us, and he approached Mr. Heiss after we separated. My best guess is it was a, a deal gone bad. Mr. Heiss got shot and Hank, Officer Prior, when he went to dispose of the body, suffered some accident in the blizzard. You know, come summer, we’ll find him. We always do… unless we don’t. Young Officer Prior… Pete was Hank’s son. He was out lookin’ for us that night in the storm. I’m sure you read about that in the report.

Don’t you find it odd that Clark died in the exact same manner as the Tsalal men?

Liz: Yes. Incredibly odd. But… some questions just don’t have answers.

What about Trooper Navarro? What happened to her?

Liz: Well, some people come to Alaska to escape, ya know? Get away from something.

(light music playing)

Liz: Navarro? Navarro?

Qavvik: Hey, boy. Hey, hey, hey. Do you want some?

Liz: Sometimes they come here lookin’ for something.

(music intensifies)

(singers vocalizing)

Liz: Sometimes they find it.

Evangeline (in video): Okay. Go.

Raymond: Uh… (inhales) My name is Raymond Clark. I worked at the Tsalal Research Station in Ennis, Alaska, for 15 years. This is the truth. I am profoundly sorry for the part I played in this. Pollution levels in the region are 11 times higher than those currently acceptable by the Vienna Convention and the UNFCCC. The pollution knowingly created by Silver Sky has caused cancer, stillbirths, birth defects, and irreparable genetic damage to both the human and animal population…

Agent 2: Have you seen the Clark video?

Liz: Everybody’s seen the Clark video.

Agent 1: Do you have any idea who leaked that video?

Liz: No… No idea. Does it matter?

How do you plan on dealing with political unrest in Ennis?

Liz: Well… political unrest is not my job. Eh, this town was here long before the mine, long before the APF. Long before Alaska was even named Alaska. I’m just gonna show up, do my job every day like I always do. What else is there? Anything else?

So, you have no theories about what happened to Trooper Navarro?

(indistinct chatter)


Liz: Well, let’s put it this way. I don’t think you’ll find Evangeline Navarro out there on the ice.

(singer vocalizing)

Agent 1: So, those reports of sightings of her… they may be true?

Liz: Well, this is Ennis. Nobody ever really leaves.

(singer vocalizing)

(music fades out)


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