True Detective – S04E03 – Part 3 | Transcript

In "True Detective," past arrests and mysterious events intertwine as investigators seek answers in Anne's case, uncovering dark secrets
True Detective - S04E03 - Part 3

True Detective
Season 4 Episode 3
Episode Title: 
Original release date: January 28, 2024 (HBO and Max)

Plot summary: In this episode of True Detective, a complex web of past and present events unfolds. Seven years ago, Navarro’s encounter with Anne, initially arrested for damaging the Silver Sky mining factory, takes an unexpected turn as she discovers her dedication to assisting pregnant women in need. In the present day, Hank enlists the help of his hunter friends in the search for Clark, despite Navarro’s reservations. Danvers delves into her troubled history with Navarro, revealing their investigation into a violent criminal named William Wheeler. Susan, a friend of Anne, divulges crucial information about Anne’s involvement with Clark and her past relationship with a Tsalal member, Oliver Tabaq. Meanwhile, a mysterious discovery regarding the deceased researchers raises questions, and Lund’s awakening brings forth cryptic and unsettling revelations, leaving Danvers and Navarro with more questions than answers.

* * *


(eerie breathing)

(unsettling music playing)


Evangeline: APF, open up, please.

(tense music playing)

(person screaming)

Evangeline: APF, open up, now!

(person wails)


Speaker: Please help! (cries)

Evangeline: Annie Masu Kowtok?

Annie Kowtok: Yeah?

Evangeline: You’re under arrest for trespassing and the destruction of private property at the Silver Sky Mining facilities. Turn around and hands behind your head.

Annie: I’m gonna need a minute.

Evangeline: Ma’am.


Evangeline: Ma’am, I said turn around and hands behind your head.

Annie: She’s 10 centimeters dilated. Contractions every two minutes. Shoot me, but I’m getting that baby out of her.


Evangeline: Is this a clinic?

Annie: It’s a birthing center. The last one in the region. Do you wanna arrest me for that too?

(doula humming)


Annie: Grace, Grace. (speaking Inupiaq) Okay?


Grace: What’s that bitch doing here?

(humming stops)

Annie: She’s helping. Bring hot water. Grace, Grace. Breathe, breathe.

(Grace panting, crying)

(Annie speaking Inupiaq)

Annie: Okay? Breathe, breathe. Take some deep breaths. Deep breaths, okay?

(Annie speaking Inupiaq)

Grace: (deep breathing)

Put the water in.

Annie: You’re doing good. You’re doing great. Deep breath, deep breath.

(Grace panting)

Annie: Grace, Grace. On the next big one, you push, okay? Give it a really good push, okay?


(Annie speaking Inupiaq)

(Grace crying, groaning)

Annie: Okay, give me a good push.

Doula: Push.

(Grace groaning)


(Grace yelling)

All: Push!


Annie: It’s here, it’s here. Okay, okay.

(relieved, excited chatter)


Doula: It’s a little baby girl, Grace!


Grace: My baby. I wanna hold my baby. I wanna see her.

Doula: Takes a few minutes sometimes, Grace.

Annie: Give me that.

Grace: Why isn’t she, why isn’t she crying?

She’ll be fine. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Grace: But she’s not crying! Annie, why isn’t she crying?

Annie: She’s coming. She’s coming.

Grace: Annie!

Annie: We have to do CPR.

Grace (crying): Annie, I wanna hold her!

Okay, come on.

One, two, three.

Grace: What’s happening? What’s happening?! Please! Please!


(baby crying)


(sighs of relief)

(relieved chatter, laughter)

(Grace and baby crying)

(light music playing)

(baby quiets)

Annie: You take her from here, okay?

(baby cries)

(Annie exhales)

(soft humming, singing)

Annie: Now we can go.

Evangeline: (sighs)

(humming, singing)


(police radio chatter)

(dog barking)

(indistinct chatter)

(car horn plays “Dixie,” honks)

Hank: Here we go. Hey, hey.

Hey, Paulie!

Ha, ha!

Hank: Alright. Lookin’ good here. Yeah, yeah, Scotty.

Gotta lock and load. Lock and load, buddy.

What’s up, Paulie? Bringin’ out the big guns, huh?

(indistinct chatter)

Evangeline: What the fuck are you doing? This is a task op. Your boys here are a liability.

Hank; I’ll take all the help I can get. Okay, everybody, gather around.

(dog barking)

(light, tense music playing)

Hank: Alright, listen up. Suspect is Raymond Clark, 5’11, brown hair, brown eyes. Last seen wearing a pink parka. Consider him armed and dangerous. He’s got at least a 48-hour head start on us, so we gotta move. We’re gonna break into search groups. Agents Cooper and Lee are in charge of sweeping the tundra. They’ll proceed north together, then fan out at three-mile intervals. Trooper Davis is gonna inspect the mining dredges. Checkpoints go up at 15 miles. Radio chain maintained at all times. Now let’s go get this fucker.

(group cheering)


(dog barking)

Evangeline: Hey, we want him alive.

Hank: Do we?

(engine starts)

(“Bury a friend” by Billie Eilish playing)

♪ What do you want from me? ♪

♪ Why don’t you run from me? ♪

♪ What are you wondering? ♪

♪ What do you know? ♪

♪ Why aren’t you scared of me? ♪

♪ Why do you care for me? ♪

♪ When we all fall asleep, where do we go? ♪

♪ Come here ♪

♪ Say it, spit it out ♪

♪ What is it exactly you’re payin’? ♪

♪ Is the amount cleanin’ you out? ♪

♪ Am I satisfactory? ♪

♪ Today, I’m thinkin’ about the things that are deadly ♪

♪ The way I’m drinkin’ you down ♪

♪ Like I wanna drown, like I wanna end me ♪

♪ Step on the glass ♪

♪ Staple your tongue, aah ♪

♪ Bury a friend, try to wake up, aah ♪

♪ Cannibal class, killin’ the son, aah ♪

♪ Bury a friend ♪

♪ I wanna end me ♪

♪ I wanna end me ♪

♪ I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪

♪ Why aren’t you scared of me? ♪

♪ Why do you care for me? ♪

♪ When we all fall asleep, where do we go? ♪

♪ I wanna end me ♪

♪ End me ♪

(office phone ringing)

Liz Danvers: Hank, this is Danvers, over. Hank, answer the fuckin’ radio. Your father’s recruiting civilians. Hey, Lulu?

Lulu: Yeah?

Liz: Will you get a trooper on the phone and have him get Hank on his fuckin’ radio?

Lulu: Okay!

Liz: Alright, where’s my forensic technician?

Peter: He’s booked on the evening charter. And Lund is still in a coma. They had to amputate both his legs. Still might lose his left forearm.

Liz: Oof. I still need to talk to him.

Peter: Yes, ma’am. And good luck with that.

Liz: When’s Clark’s stuff comin’ from the trailer? What’s Clark’s shit doin’ in the evidence room?

Peter: Well, it’s evidence.

Liz: Yeah, well, move it someplace sanitary. The place is disgusting. Stinks. Alright, I’m gonna need a tetanus shot just to look at this shit. How many boxes we got?

Peter: Nineteen.

Liz: Nineteen. Alright, well… call Navarro. Hit up her Trooper command and tell him I’m requesting a transfer for her. Okay? Just temporarily.

Peter: Uh, I thought you hated Navarro.

Liz: I do. I hate everyone. Hate you, especially now. Here. Annie K’s cell. Crack that, will ya?

Peter: Crack it?

Liz: Yeah.

Peter: I’m not a hacker.

Liz: Well, you’re under 30. You got friends. Why don’t you just figure it out?

Peter: Figure it out, yeah.

Liz: What? What? … Ask the question. (sighs)

Peter: What happened the last case you worked with Navarro? The Wheeler case… ’cause that was it for you guys, right?

Liz: Alright. Only one bedtime story. It was a murder-suicide. William Wheeler. He was a bad, bad motherfucker. Sexual assault… armed robbery, assault and battery. He was in and out a bunch. The last time he came out, he took up with an 18-year-old girl. He beat her, hard. Sent her to the hospital… twice. Broken arm… smashed jaw… some other things. We went to his place a buncha times but she wouldn’t report him.  His story was always the same.

“Ah, she was drunk, Officer.”

“Fell down the stairs, Officer.”

Liz: We knew how that was gonna end… but there was nothin’ we could do.

(unsettling music playing)

Liz: Then we got the call.

(suspenseful music playing)

Liz: We were too late. He killed her and he shot himself.

(music fades)

(whistling “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles)

(unsettling music playing)

Liz: They were both dead when we got there. Navarro couldn’t get over it. Uh, she was convinced that there was somethin’ we should’ve done. She blamed me, of course. And it got nasty. Transferred over to Troopers, and… end of story. Gotta keep icin’ that thing, huh? It’s funny. League hockey champion fallin’ on his face in the ice rink. Alright, go on. Go get her. Go get Navarro. Go tell your dad to get rid of his hillbilly friends, or I’m gonna call immigration on his Russian mail-order bride!


(dog barking)

(distant shouting)

Hunter 1: No, nothing! What about over there?

Hunter 2: Nothin’, man!

(groans, sighs)

Voice (whispers): Help us.

(unsettling music playing)

(eerie breathing)

(radio beeps)

Lulu (over radio): Navarro. Calling Navarro. Are you there, Navarro?

Evangeline: Navarro here.

(“Sing Sing” by The Bones of J.R. Jones playing)

Evangeline: Let’s do this.

♪ Sing, sing, won’t you sing for me ♪

♪ Beast in your belly, lord, you’ve got to let it breathe ♪

♪ Down, down in a hole in the ground ♪

♪ There are ghosts that never can be found ♪

♪ Home, home, home is in the ground ♪

♪ You’re only waitin’ at the end of the road ♪

♪ Sing, oh, sing for me ♪

♪ Beast in your belly, lord, you’ve got to let it breathe ♪

♪ Breathe for me ♪

♪ Sing, oh, sing for me ♪

♪ Beast in your belly, you’ve got to let it breathe ♪

♪ Sing, oh, sing for me ♪

(song ends)

Liz: What are we missin’ here?

(office phone ringing)

Liz: Oh… this. Spring 2016. They must’ve started their relationship before then.

Evangeline: Yeah, how do you know that?

Liz: See that? Ariana Grande. That came out in May 2016. And Leah played it all the time. Her birthday. (sighs) Drove me nuts. And, um, alright, look at this. Here her hair’s changing color. Here she’s got the blue tint, and, uh, and now it’s fading, see? That’s a long time.

Evangeline: Hm. I mean… she looks happy. They look happy.

Liz: This… hot, fun girl and this total weirdo.

Evangeline: Yeah. No one sees ’em together. A secret affair.

Liz: Ask the question.

Evangeline: Fuck your games.

Liz: Come on, ask the question.

Evangeline: (sighs) Why keep it a secret?

Liz: Are you still fuckin’ that dog runner bootlegging guy, Qavvik? Or are you back with girls?

Evangeline: You still fucking C– Anything that can’t run fast enough? What, freshman? Hey, yo, freshman, you better learn how to run faster.

Liz; Hey. Nobody here knows about Ted, alright?

Evangeline: (laughs) Come on, Liz… everybody knows.

Liz: Well, you think nobody knew about their relationship? Nobody knew they were together?

Evangeline: (sighs) Nobody.

Liz: Alright. Look at this. Everything else is selfie or timed.

Evangeline: That’s a candid photo. Somebody was there with them that day. There has to be more like this one.

(light music playing)

Liz: Yep. … See that? Ya think that’s her hair dye? It’s not a print.

Evangeline: Yeah, we don’t need a print.

(“Like I Do” by Georgina Birch playing over speakers)

(doorbell chimes)

Susan: Hey, I’m gonna be another 20!

(police radio chatter)

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ No one loves you like I do ♪

Evangeline: Hi, Susan.

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ No one loves you like I do ♪

Evangeline: What was that color you used on Annie’s hair?


Evangeline: Ah, right here.

Evangeline: Electric Blue, wasn’t it? You lied to me.

Susan: Yeah, I knew Ray.

Evangeline: And you just decided not to tell me. Your friend was dead.

Susan: Yeah… 32 stabs. It’s a pretty clear message.

Child: Mommy? (whimpers)

Liz: Mac and cheese. You got any mac and cheese?

Susan: Uh, yeah. It’s in the, uh–

Liz: Yeah, I’ll find it. Hey, do you know what the name of that unicorn is on your sweater? That’s Puddles. That’s what they called her ’cause she cried a lot. All the mean unicorns called her that but she was just super hungry. Come on.

Susan: It’s okay.

Liz: We’re gonna go make some mac and cheese. Does that sound good?

Child: Yeah.

Liz: I’ma tell you all about Puddles. All her story about how she cooks mac and cheese. Here, sit down on this.

Child: Okay.

Evangeline: You need to start talkin’.

Susan: (deep breath) I went to Tsalal to give haircuts to the men there. Annie came with me one time. Once. I didn’t wanna bring her. Sh-She wouldn’t take a no. She was, like, obsessed with coming. So, fuck it, I could use the company.

Evangeline: And what happened that one time?

Susan; Annie and Ray hit it off. They talked all night. She showed him her tattoo. He was, like, fixated on it.

(light music playing)

Evangeline: This one?

Susan: Yeah, that’s it.

Evangeline: Do you know what it means?

Susan: She dreamt it. We were in high school. A buncha times. She got the tattoo, the dreams stopped.

Liz: Alright. Stir, stir, stir. And then, all the unicorns went skating on the lake that Puddles had made with her rainbow tears.

Woman; Ugh, I love skating.

Susan: I thought it was gonna be a one-night thing. Pretty soon, they were hangin’ out all the time.

Evangeline: And what about Clark? Was he… violent? Anything to make you think he might do something?

Susan: No. He was, he was quiet. He was-I mean, he was a little weird, but… he was crazy about her. But Annie changed when they started goin’ out.

Evangeline: Changed how?

Susan: She didn’t want anybody to know they were together. And that was weird.

Evangeline: You could’ve told me back then. I would’ve protected you.

Susan: I was terrified. Plus, I was seeing a guy from Tsalal.

Liz: Wait… who?

Susan: Oliver Tagaq.

Liz: Oh, there-there’s, there’s no Oliver that works at Tsalal.

Susan: He was the equipment engineer. He left right before Annie died.

Liz: Um… and, um… do you know where we could find this Oliver?

Susan: Last I heard, somewhere out on the ice. Probably hunting. I don’t think he’s lookin’ to be found. (deep breath) After they found her, I did call the police. I just didn’t wanna talk to you ’cause you’da known me. So, I didn’t leave my name. But I told ’em about Clark.

Evangeline: Who’d you talk to?

Liz: Prior, where’s your dad? Over.

Peter (over radio): He’s still out in the search, Chief.

Evangeline: There’s plenty of radio signal out there, he’s hidin’ his ass.

Peter: I’ll get him to call the minute he gets back.

Liz: Yeah, okay, you do that, and, um, see if you can find an Oliver Tagaq. He was an engineer six years ago at Tsalal. Got that?

Peter: On it, over.

Evangeline: That son of a bitch takes me off the case, and then he buries this lead?

Liz: Question is, why is Hank fuckin’ around–

Evangeline: Don’t “Ask the question” me! Okay? I’ll tell you why he did it right now. It’s the fucking mine behind it. You know I’m right.

Liz: I don’t know shit.

Evangeline: Well, then you’re a shit detective.

Liz: Yeah, well, whatever. Whatever you say.

Evangeline: Annie protests against the mine, Annie gets murdered, the police shush it all, do the fucking math.

Liz: You do the fuckin’ math.

Evangeline: (sighs)

Liz: Alright, without the mine, there’s no town. 50% of the population works for it, which means half the people who live here have got a reason to silence Annie K. And what about Clark, creepy boyfriend? What, you think the mine’s responsible for him too? According to your conspiracy theory, Tsalal and Clark had nothin’ to do with it. Is that it?

Evangeline: Not sure yet.

Liz: And what about her tongue? Now, what’s-what’s your explanation for her tongue poppin’ up six years after she dies? And what about the men on the ice? Why’d they go out there? … Oh. (scoffs) Come on. Don’t give me that voodoo, E.T., cosmic choompa-loompa bullshit.

Evangeline: (laughs) Are you tryna say “chupacabra”?

LIz: Whatever, the magic. It’s no magic.

(Evangeline scoffs)

Liz: Alright, there’s a, there’s a real explanation for this.

Evangeline: Alright. I’m listening.

Liz: We’re just not askin’ the right questions. We will. We’ll find it.

Evangeline: Who’s the one that believes in miracles?

(phone chimes)

Evangeline: Fantasy Football?

Liz: No, Tinder.

Evangeline: You’re on Tinder?

Liz: Yeah, I’m on Tinder.

Evangeline: Who the fuck is on Tinder in Ennis? Fuckin’ Old Norman Naki and, ugh, Hank Prior?

Liz: No, he’s taken. (chuckles) Poor bitch. Yeah, I set my Tinder radius for Fairbanks. Ya know, I’ll take some personal trips. I don’t fuck where I eat.

Evangeline: (snorts) You mean, anymore.

Liz: Fuck you. What do you do when you’re lonely?

Evangeline: I watch Netflix.

Liz: Come on. For real. What do you do?

Evangeline: I pray.

Liz: Liz snorts) (laughing) You pray? What do you mean, like, like, get on your knees, “Our Father, who art in heaven,” pray? (chuckles) Oh, come on. You kiddin’ me? You talk to God?

Evangeline: No. I listen.

Liz: Oh.

Evangeline: Don’t you ever… get this feeling, like– that sometimes you just wanna (sighs) just disappear? Just walk out… never stop? Just go. Just go.

(light music playing)

(singer vocalizing)

(singers vocalizing)

Hank: Hey.

Peter; Chief Danvers wants you to call–

Hank: She can wait. Come here for a second. Uh, I was cleanin’ out the garage and I found these. Yeah, I know, Darwin’s only four, but, uh, you were already a pretty damn good little skater by that age, so. If ya… take him out, shoot me a text, huh?

Peter: Yeah, sure.

Hank: What’s Danvers up to?

Peter: Uh, she’s goin’ through the trailer’s evidence.

Hank: She and Navarro?

Peter: Yeah.

Hank: I don’t know what the hell they’re doin’ together. I thought they hated each other.

Peter: You know what happened there? She won’t tell me.

Hank: No idea.

Evangeline: Hey! You received a direct call about Annie K’s and Raymond Clark’s relationship. A direct call, and you didn’t report it?

Hank: Danvers, tell your girl here to stand down.

Evangeline: You talk to me. Tell me why the fuck you withheld information from a murder investigation?

Hank: Oh, please. That woman was sleeping with half of Ennis. What did you want me to do? Log every dude she was banging in the region?

Evangeline: You piece of shit. I swear to God, you’re gonna join your boys over here.

Liz: No, no, no. No, no, no. Calm the fuck down. Calm! And you, go back to your fuckin’ search… and get rid of your hillbilly friends. Or you’re gettin’ a negligence report for your mishandling of the Kowtok case.

Hank: Maybe I oughta file a report on you for playing Mrs. Robinson with my kid. Hm?

Liz: You do your fuckin’ job.

Evangeline: That’s it? “Do your fucking job”? That’s all he gets?

Liz: Hey, where you goin’?

Evangeline: Fuck outta here.

Peter: Who’s Mrs. Robinson?

Liz: (sighs) Where’s my forensic tech?

Peter: Well, there’s a blizzard out in North Bay. Visibility’s shit. No planes are takin’ off, so they’re gonna try again tomorrow.

Liz: Ah, tomorrow’s no good. They’re gonna thaw. And they’re gettin’ shipped out to Anchorage.

Peter: Well, I have an idea.

Liz: What?

Peter: I don’t know if you’re gonna like it.

Liz: Well…?

Peter: My cousin lives in White Lake. He’s a vet. Works a lot with large animals.

Liz: How long before you can get him here?

Peter: Well, I can call him right now and see.

Liz: Yeah.

Peter: Yeah?

Liz: Yeah.

(tense music playing)

(music softens)

Evangeline: (shouts) Qavvik!

Qavvik: Shh!

(wind blowing)

Qavvik: Fucker. What can I do for you?

Evangeline: (sighs) Do you know Oliver Tagaq? He worked at Tsalal for a bit. Now he might be a hunter, somewhere out on the ice.

Qavvik: Tagaq? No.

Evangeline: Well, thing is, I know you know someone who knows someone. Homebrew comes with a network. You’ll ask around?

Qavvik: Mm-hmm… for a price.

Evangeline: You want me to pay you?

Qavvik: It’s called quid pro quo. You tell me something. I tell you something.

Evangeline: (scoffs) Don’t get fuckin’ cute on me.

Qavvik: I’m not kidding. You tell me something about yourself… and I’ll get you that intel.

Evangeline: Fuck you, Qavvik.

(door slams)

Qavvik: Always lovely to see you, Evangeline. (whistling)

Evangeline: (sighing)

(door opens, closes)

Evangeline: Da fuck you wanna know?

Qavvik: Your mom. Tell me about her.

Evangeline: Ask Julia.

Qavvik: Mm-mm, I’m asking you. She was local, wasn’t she?

Evangeline: Yeah, from a gold mining camp that’s gone. She left when she was 15. Met my dad in Boston. Boom. Now get me Tagaq.

Qavvik: That’s that accent, Boston girl. (chuckles) But you didn’t stay.

Evangeline: No. Dad was bad. He drank. He hit her. Us too. So Mom took us and ran. And then we came back up North.

Qavvik: Alaska girls always come back.

Evangeline: She was… not okay. She–

Qavvik: Like Jules?

Evangeline: Yeah. Voices. Episodes.

(light, tense music playing)

Evangeline: Then one day she ran out and never came back.

Qavvik: Was she–

Evangeline: She was killed. Fucker was never found.

Qavvik: (sighs) Oh. Fuck. Sorry, Eve.

Evangeline: She never told me my Inupiaq name, you know? I wish– Nothing. Anyways, there’s your intel. Now get me mine.

(“Limbo” by Lissom, Julien Marchal, & Lowswimmer playing)

(indistinct chatter)

♪ Call it your bad ♪

♪ You cut me out instead ♪

Hunter: They’re sick, they’re starving, they’re dying. The fish, the whales, the seals, the caribou. What are we gonna eat? We can’t pay for the food in the stores. Now, even our water’s rotten. They’re lying. They’re fucking lying when they say they’re not poisoning us. We want the truth.

(crowd cheering)

Hunter: We want truth! We want clean water! We want clear skies! We want our animals healthy!


Hunter: We want the mine to close.

(chants) Close the mine!

Hunter: This town was here before them.

We were here before!

Crowd (chanting): We were here before! We were here before! We were here before! We were here before! We were here before!

Oh, you’re the Chief of Police’s daughter, aren’t you?

Leah: No, she’s just my stepmom, but I don’t support–

It’s fine. Anybody who cares is welcome here.

(chanting continues)

Crowd: We were here before! We were here before!

Hunter: Hey, hey, hey! Aviaq and Joe Carter’s baby boy passed this morning.

(crowd gasps, murmurs)

Hunter: Another stillborn. Can we have a minute of silence? Thank you.

(heavy breathing)

(breathy throat singing)

(singing softens)

(singing fades out)

(white noise static buzzing)

(white noise stops)

Liz: (sighs)

(“Twist and Shout” by the Beatles, distorted, echoing, faintly playing)

(door opens, closes)

Liz: Lee?

(footsteps running)

(door slams)

Liz: I thought you were gonna help me–

Leah: Hey! I’m changing.

Liz: Have you been hangin’ out with those people that are vandalizing the mine?

Leah: No.

Liz: Are you insane?! Do you know what happens to those people?!

Leah: I’m not insane. I just fucking care about this place, alright?

Liz: I don’t know what you want from me.

Leah: I want you to fucking care.

Liz: I do care.

Leah: Bullshit.

Liz: I told you to wipe that shit off your face. Come on.

Leah: Did you know Aviaq Carter’s baby was stillborn today? Sure as hell didn’t care for them, did you?

Liz: That shit’s comin’ off. Come on.

Leah: Stop! Let go! Get off of me.

Liz: Wipe it off.

Leah: No!

Liz: Now. Now!

(light, tense music playing)

(singer humming)

(white noise static)

(eerie, faint vocalizing of “Twist and Shout”)

♪ Twist and shout… ♪

♪ Shake it up baby, now ♪

♪ Twist and shout… ♪

(child giggles)

Evangeline: Hey!

(loud whack)


Voice (whispers): Listen…

Child (whispers): Tell my mommy.

(indistinct whispering)

(heart beats)

Evangeline: (gasps) (groans) Oh, fuck. (grunts)

(wind blowing)

(phone ringing)

(phone buzzing)

Evangeline: Hello?

Kenny (over phone): Yes, ma’am, Ms. Navarro? It’s Kenny Hogan. I’m-I’m coverin’ for Qavvik.

Evangeline: Uh, yeah, he got no signal. Do you want me to–

Kenny: No, ma’am. This is about your sister, Julia.

Evangeline: Is she okay? What happened?

Kenny: It’s okay. She’s, she’s fine.

Evangeline: What did she do?

Kenny: She started screamin’ that someone was comin’ and she was prayin’, she just started prayin’. She was– Hey-Look, I don’t know, it-it was bad. I’m sorry, I just, uh, I just thought you’d like to know.

Evangeline: Where is she?

Kenny: I-I don’t know, she just ran out.

(light music playing)

(singer vocalizing)


Evangeline: Aren’t you cold, babygirl?

Julia: How’d you know where to find me?

Evangeline: You weren’t home. And I know you.

Julia: (breathing heavily) You see that? That’s the water. The sea. (sighs) I think stuff. (deep breath) Bad stuff.

Evangeline: I know, I know, I know. (sighs) I know, baby.

(uneasy music playing)

(door creaks)

(clanking, shattering)

(Peter gasps)

Darwin: Mama!

(lullaby music playing)

Peter: Hey, I’m sorry. Come to bed?

Kayla: I have an exam at seven. Might as well stay up.

Peter: Am I in trouble? Come on, Kayla, it’s just one case and it’ll be over, and–

Kayla: And Danvers will still be calling day and night, Pete. And you’ll run every time. Every time.

Peter: You jealous of Danvers?

Kayla: Don’t be ridiculous.

Peter: Exactly. You married a cop.

Kayla: No, I didn’t. You were not a cop. You were just a sweet idiot who made me laugh–

Peter: Well, what if I don’t wanna be a sweet idiot? I don’t tell you you can’t be a doctor.

Kayla: I’m not a doctor. I’m in nursing school, with a kid, married to a cop.

(phone ringing, buzzing)

Kayla: (light scoff)

(“I Follow Rivers” by Marika Hackman playing)

(phone dings)

♪ I follow, I follow you ♪

♪ Dark room, honey ♪

♪ I follow you ♪

(TV playing)

♪ You’re my river runnin’ high ♪

♪ Run deep, run wild ♪

♪ I follow, I follow you ♪

♪ Deep sea, baby, I follow you ♪

♪ I follow, I follow you ♪

♪ Dark room, honey, I follow you ♪

(song ends)


(throat singing)

(singing continues)

(melancholic singing, humming)

(door opens)

(singing continues)

(singing continues)

(light music playing)

(throat singing quickens)

(song and music intensifies)

(light music playing)


(unsettling music playing)

(voices whispering)

Vince: Jesus, Pete.

Peter: Yeah, it’s weird, right? Hey, you think that guy scratched his own eyes out?

Vince: How many hours have you been here staring at this shit?

Liz: Prior, crack that phone?

Peter: Morning, Chief. Uh, this is my cousin, Vince, the vet I was tellin’ you about.

Liz: Yeah?

Peter: Vince, tell her.

Liz: Tell me what?

Vince: Uh, (clears throat) yeah. I-I think they died before they froze.

Liz: What?

Vince: I-I mean, they didn’t freeze to death. I’ve seen plenty of frozen animals, and cold makes their heart rate drop, their breath grows shallow. They basically fall asleep. All told, a pretty peaceful death. Those guys, this… this is not how you die in the cold. It’s just not.

Liz: What killed ’em?

Vince: It’s hard to tell without a chance to properly postmortem them, but looks like cardiac arrest if I had to put money on it.

Liz: Oh, well, how can you be sure?

Vince: I can’t. I’m just a vet, ma’am. But I’ve seen caribous die of plain fright. Running, terrified. Uh, these scientists, they, they, uh, they look the same.

Liz: So, uh, (sniffles) Vince… you think you could do just, like, a tiny bit of postmortem?

Peter: Chief.

Liz: Just-I’m just kidding.

Vince: Oh.

That would be super illegal.

Peter: Sorry, Vince. I’ll buy you a beer.

Vince: Yeah.

Peter: Thank you, man.

Liz: Well… so I guess we wait and see what information Anchorage is willing to share with us.

Peter: Yeah.

Liz: Annie’s phone. What about it?

Peter: Yeah, uh, we’re workin’ on it. We should get it back this morning. It shouldn’t be a problem–

Evangeline: Oliver Tagaq. I found him.

Peter: How?

Evangeline: It’s called “Mukluk Telegraph.” Not for white boys.

Peter: No, no. I’m sorry. The man doesn’t exist. Alright? There’s no birth certificates, there’s no school records, no taxes, nothing for him.

Liz: Oh, so, so, nothing from Tsalal’s records.

Peter: Yeah, nothin’ on the Tsalal records. There’s nothin’.

Evangeline: Well… he’s living in a nomad camp on the North Shore.

Liz: Alright.

Evangeline: Not everything is on a computer, freshman.

Peter: (quietly) Fuck.

(slow drum music playing)

(singers vocalizing)

(dog whimpers)

(engine stops)

Liz: Hello, sir. We’re looking for a Oliver Tagaq.

And that would be why?

Liz: Well, we believe that he may have some information, uh, regarding Tsalal station.

Evangeline: Sir… Mr. Tagaq is not a suspect. We just need to chat with him.

(crying baby in distance)

Not sure he’s around.

Evangeline: Mr. Tagaq? Alaska police.

(Liz sighs)

Liz: Hear that?

Evangeline: Yeah, the genny. Yeah, he’s around, alright.

Liz: Oh, yeah? Oh, okay. That’s good.

Evangeline: (quietly) What the fuck are you doing?

Oliver Tsalal: You’re standing on traditional Inupiaq territory.

Liz: Uh, well–

Oliver: Unless you have an order, if you take one step in, I’ll blow your brains out.

Liz: Uh… I hear ya. So, if I go in the state records… this property is your land? It’s under your name, Mr. Tagaq?

Oliver: You wanna come and see the deed, lady? You. What’s your name?

Evangeline: I’m A.T. Evangeline Navarro.

Oliver: No. (speaks Inupiaq) Who are you?

Evangeline: I just told you.

Oliver: Oh, you forgot, didn’t you?

Evangeline: We’re here to talk about Annie Kowtok.

Oliver: Annie? Look, I don’t care what you came here to talk about. If you don’t have an arrest order, you need to leave.

Liz: What, you want us to get one? We can get one.

Oliver: An arrest for what?

Liz: How about the deaths of the Tsalal scientists?

(light, tense music playing)

Evangeline: Your ex-colleagues. They’re dead.

Oliver: (heavy breathing)

Evangeline: They all died a week ago.

Oliver: How?

Evangeline: (sighs) They died on the ice. We still don’t know what happened.

Oliver: Lund is dead?

Evangeline: No. No, he’s in the hospital. He’s not doing well. Listen… you can talk to us if there’s anything you know.

Oliver: Get the hell out of my house!

Evangeline: No, we just wanna–

(pumps shotgun)

Oliver: Go, now!

Evangeline: Alright.

Oliver: (yelling in Inupiaq) Get outta here. Out!

Evangeline: We’re gone, we’re gone.

Oliver: Go, now! Don’t ever come back!

(dog barking)

Liz: (sighs) What was all that shit about your name?

Evangeline: You wouldn’t understand.

Lulu (over radio): Chief.

Liz: Danvers.

Lulu: Chief, we got a call, from the hospital.

Liz: Lund?

Lulu: Yeah.

(siren wailing)

Nurse 1: The gangrene spread everywhere. He needed multiple amputations. He lost his eyesight. We kept him heavily sedated, but a few hours ago, he started waking up.

Liz: Is he communicating?

Nurse 1: He comes in and out. He’s agitated.

(person wailing)

Nurse 1: Be prepared. He’s hard to look at.

(Anders Lund wailing)

Nurse 1: Please be quick.

(Anders groaning, wailing)

Liz: Dr. Lund… my name is Elizabeth Danvers.


Liz: I’m with Alaska police. What happened that night out on the ice?

(Anders wails)

Liz: Anders… I’m here. Okay? Anders. Anders.

Anders: (struggles) W-We woke her.

Voice (whispers): She’s awake.

Anders: And now she’s out. She’s out there in the ice.

Liz: Who’s out there?

Anders: She came for us… in the dark.

(Anders wailing)

Nurse 1: I’m sedating him.

Liz: No. Who-Who’s out there?

(distant arguing)

Liz: Who was it? Who is she? Who-Who came for you? Anders, who?

Nurse 2: There’s been an accident on the police search. Chief Danvers, we need help!

(distant yelling)

Nurse 1: Officers?

Liz: Anders… talk to me.

Nurse 1: Officers?!

Speaker: Fucking hunters are fighting!

Liz: Stay with him. Fuckin’ hillbillies.

Announcement (over PA): Security to the waiting area. We need all security to proceed to the waiting area.

(distant fighting)

(fighting continues)

(glass shatters)

Hunter: Who are you callin’ a redneck?

(indistinct shouting)

Nurse 3: What are you doing?!

Liz: Alright, cuffs, cuffs. Let me see your hands!

(eerie breathing)

(ominous music playing)

Anders: (gurgly voice) Hello, Evangeline. Your mother says hello. She’s waiting for you.

(light, eerie music playing)

(Anders convulsing)

(alarm beeping)

Defib. Get the crash cart. Someone get his AVM. Stay with us.

Let’s get him intubated.

(alarm beeping)

(tense music playing)

(flatlining beep)

(indistinct chatter)

(hospital phone ringing)

Liz: Pete? What’s up?

Peter: Annie’s phone. I cracked it.

Peter: (out of breath, whispers) I found it. It’s here. I found, I found it.

(loud noise in video)

(Annie yelps)

(Annie breathing heavily)

Annie: My name is Annie Kowtok. If anything happens to me, please–


(Annie screaming)

(screaming continues on video)

(screaming fades out)

(“Inside” by Chris Avantgarde & Red Rosamond playing)

♪ If I was you, I’d run ♪

♪ If I was you, I’d hide ♪

♪ If I was you, I’d be afraid ♪

♪ Afraid of what’s inside ♪

♪ If I was you, I’d run ♪

♪ If I was you, I’d hide ♪

♪ If I was you, I’d be afraid ♪

♪ Afraid of what’s inside ♪

♪ Time to say goodbye ♪


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