The Witcher – S03E02 – Unbound | Transcript

A shocking discovery awaits Geralt after he obtains information on Rience. Ciri's sense of justice causes problems. Jaskier performs for a royal fan.
The Witcher - S03E02 - Unbound

Original release date: June 29, 2023

* * *

[man 1] Hang ’em high!

[crowd cheering]

[man 1] Snap their spindly necks!

[crowd cheering]

[woman 1] Yeah! Drop them!

[man 2] To the brave boys of Temeria!

[man 3] Kick those Kaedwenian arses back to their icy shithole of a state!


[woman 2] Traveled far, friend?

I go where King Demavend sends me.

Royal messenger?

I suppose you’ll be taking my best horse, then?

Well, I’ll leave him at the next post. Under the name of Aplegatt.

Lame and over-ridden, no doubt.

Well, give us a draught of your finest ale and… I’ll add it to the king’s bill.


Seems festive in these parts.

[innkeeper] Hanging’s good for business.

That spy was our fourth execution in as many days.

One Kaedwenian, one Aerdirnian…

[man 4 whispers] Look at those eyes.

[woman 3] Look at her!

[innkeeper] See, that’s the problem. What’s a mage doing all the way out here?

She should be focusing on keeping the Royal peace, not swannin’ idly around the countryside.

[chuckling] Looking like that, though, she can idle around me tonight.

You do know that they keep their beauty by bathin’ in human blood every night, eh?

Thanks for the ale.

I’ll be seein’ you.

[Yennefer] Straight to Tissaia. No portals.

[woman] Yes, my lady.

[laughter and cheering continue]

Cold one, isn’t it?

God speed, miss.

I was just… wishin’ you a safe journey.

[echoing screams]


[horse neighs]

[thunder crashes]

[Aplegatt screams]

[thunder fades]

[horse snorts]

[whispers] I saw you.


Apologies, good sir. Never mind the girl. She was kicked in the head by a horse.

Hasn’t been right since.

[whimpers] No.

There was a tower. An arrow struck you.

Remember I said we need to keep a low profile? That was not that.

I cannot control my visions.

You can control who you blab to.

Stop hauling me like I’m a mewling brat.

I saw his death and I need to go back there.

What if his death prevented a greater harm?

What would the consequence be then, my ugly one?

I don’t know.

I don’t know either.

But changing destiny is a weighty business.

Your visions are becoming more frequent.

It’s only a matter of time before someone finds us.

[sighs] We need to get to Aretuza more quickly.

You’re afraid.

I promised Geralt I’d keep you safe. We need something untraceable.

We’re going shopping.

[steady heartbeat]

[Jaskier] I’ll never get over how cute they look, you know? For monsters.

I mean, they’ve got these little teddy bear faces, and they’re like… [squeakily] “No, please, don’t hurt me!”

And then, wham, fangs.

Just, like, a boatload of fangs. All up in your business.

How many people did you say this thing ate?



And we’ll need all of that.

All right, we… Whoa.

Really? I mean, how much could their information possibly cost?

To find who’s hunting Ciri? A lot.

Really? And why do we need that?


[loud heartbeat]


Is that a giant metal spike hidden in your secret door of mystery or are you just pleased to…

Not your best.

Yeah, can’t all be gold.


How did I know that would be you?

Hello, Codringher.

Hello, Geralt.

Oh, goodness me, the Viscount of Lettenhove.

A rare pleasure.

You know, I had that safety device replaced just now.

Next time, make an appointment, eh?

Come in.

[officer shouts]

[soldiers shout in reply]

Good morrow, my lord. ‘Tis ready for you.

[soldiers continue shouting]

[grunts] Hmm.

Now, this will help get you what you deserve.

You had them fix the balance?

No shit. You told me to.

My wife rather likes my head.

So I thought, best to follow orders.


You know, a sword like this won me an empire once.

Hmm. I’d like to hear about it.

[metal clanking]

[horses neighing]

Late summer. 1260.

[dramatic music]

I was down to the last of my men.

We hadn’t eaten in days.

Our swords were dull as spoons from the bloody skirmishes. Aah…


It was my last chance to take down the Usurper.


I realized

the only way that I could reclaim my throne was to infiltrate the castle, kill everyone that stood between me and the man that’s stolen my life.

A brave endeavor.

You mean a foolish one.


[man] Emperor.

I traded my boots to a dwarf in return for a Mahakam steel sword.


It was that sword that decapitated the bastard.

[slaps table]

One day,

war will be a thing of the past.

It will be a distant memory.

I will have my queen by my side and the races of our world, they will live in peace.

And you will make me a new sword.

One worthy of your craft.

A sword befitting the Emperor of the Continent.

I’ll drink to that.

[man 1 wailing]

[man 2] What is it?

[man 3 coughing]

Fuck Kaer Morhen!

Not poison.

[man 3 vomiting and coughing]

[chains jingling]

[distant door slams]

Everyone drink.


I can’t.

You want the White Flame to be poisoned?

[man 3 groaning and coughing]




[guard] I said, drink.

It’s not poison.

Jaskier! This is a treat.

Oh, I can assure you, madam, the treat is entirely mine.


I’d sign something for you, but it does look like you have a shortage on paper.

You once said that, like a witcher, you protect people from monsters and monstrous difficulties.

Since you already knew of my arrival, let’s talk about my… difficulties.

[Fenn clears throat]

[horse neighing outside]

That Rience, who interests you so much, is quite a mysterious character.

Mmm, we’ve heard of him, of course.

The question is, why have you?

He threatened to kill a friend of mine.

Not me. Don’t worry.

[cat yowls]

Sorcerer’s rejects do often train as killers.

And this Rience, we know, was kicked out of Ban Ard.

That supports our theory.

What theory?

That he’s working for a sorcerer more powerful than him.


[playful music]

[coins jingle]

[cat screeches]

You alarmed my cat.

[Geralt] I do apologize.

I assumed the clink of coin was the last thing that would startle it.

I’m afraid that information will cost you a bit more, Geralt.

Let’s try a wager.

I shall turn my back, and you shall throw this at my head.

Should you hit, you win.

[cat yowls]

Should you miss, you will give me the information that I want, on credit, of course.

You’re not seriously suggesting that I accept this wager?

[Geralt] No, I’m… sure you will.


You didn’t even flinch.

Why would I flinch?

I heard you aiming to miss.

[Fenn] Old softy.

[dog barking outside]

Some official sorcerers have secret pupils doing illegal or… dirty business.

In sorcerer slang, it’s described as having someone on a leash.

Whose leash?

We don’t know.

But we do know where this sorcerer is doing his dirty business.

There is a castle called Vuilpanne, uh, near the old scarlet…

Ammonite mines.


On the outskirts of Piana.

If you know that, you’re already in too deep.

This mage, whoever it is, is very dangerous.

Let it lie, Geralt.

I shall not. But you knew that already.

Thank you for your time.

Do give our best to the Elder Blood princess.

You have a client looking for her?


The mage?


You must know he isn’t the only one willing to pay for the girl traveling with the white-haired witcher.

You want to save her? You need to find another girl…

An orphan of war, perhaps.

Ashen hair, green eyes…


[Codringher] Geralt, my friend, a time of contempt is approaching.

Deep and utter contempt.

My proposition is a simple solution.

Someone has to die so someone else can live.


I will not pay for what I love by having contempt for myself.

Let’s go.

Thank you.

Rogue mages, power-hungry monarchs, and now Istredd.

Aren’t you tired of being on the run all the time?

Maybe we could find somewhere safe for her?

Why don’t we brainstorm solutions on our way to Redania?


I can hear you thinking.

Don’t start playing the “I travel alone” card or “Jaskier, it’s too dangerous” card.

I would like to remind you that I was just bait for Mr. Fire-Fingers.

I appreciate it, Jask.

I don’t want to put you in harm’s way again.

It’s why I have to go to Vuilpanne.

I’ll come find you when Rience is dead.

Or he’ll find me once you are.


[foreboding music]

[traders calling]

What are we shopping for, exactly?

[Yennefer] A miracle. Keep up.

[bells ringing]

[cows mooing]

What was that letter you sent earlier?

It’s for Tissaia. Telling her I’m coming home.

Is there a chance she might say no?

It’s complicated. [sniffs]

Because of me?

Yes, you do tend to complicate things.

Yes, well, I’m not the only one.

You may be watching me, but I have eyes too.

And what do you see, my ugly one?

Most times, a picture of powerful perfection.

Excellent. [laughs]

But you wrote three drafts of that letter.

So there’s more to the picture, isn’t there?

[Yennefer] We need to keep moving.

Here. Run this through that tangled mop on your head.

[guard] Password.

[Yennefer] Ragamuffin.

[Yennefer] Training hasn’t helped control your power as I’d hoped.

If anything, it’s brought it to the surface, made it more present.

[Ciri] Great.

At Aretuza, you can learn to focus your visions on the future you actually want to see.

[man 1] Over here!

What if I don’t want to see anything?

Well, then you’re blind to the big picture.

[man 2] Put it down there!

Here she is. Come along!

[traders shouting]

[goats bleating]

Yen! Thank the gods, you’re alive.


Tell me you’ve got good gossip.

No time, Keira. I need your help.

My handmaiden and I are in need of one of your portals.

To Aretuza.

You’re going back to Aretuza?

After that legendary night of non-fatal execution?

Well, I’m hoping they’ve forgotten about that. Or forgiven me, anyway.

Mmph! Good luck. Tissaia still hasn’t forgiven me.

You fuck one upstart prince with designs on the throne…

Anyway, it’s good to see you.

Business has been achingly slow.

People are decapitated if they stray their kingdoms.

By whom?

Each other.

[Keira scoffs]

With Nilfgaard on the horizon, you’d think the North would have got their shit together by now.

Is there nothing the Brotherhood can do?

[man] Oi, hurry up.

Go on.


I need a portal to Claremont.

This one’s got somethin’ waitin’ for them.

[man scoffs]







Fancy a sniff, love?

I don’t partake.


[crowd screeching]

[woman] Kill the bitch!


Ciri! [yelps]

[speaking in Elder]

[man] Hold it open. I won’t be long.

Run! Run!

[man] Hey! What the fuck?


You have no idea who you’ve just crossed…

[low rumbling]


[man spluttering]



[Keira] What have you done?

That was one of Houvenaghel’s men.

If you don’t want to end up decapitated, I suggest you run too.

Keira, wait…


[voices approaching]


Magic is organizing Chaos.

This requires two things.

Balance and control.

Without them, Chaos will kill you.

Has anyone seen Nissa?

Elizabet, fetch Nissa from her room, and remind her that sickness of any sort, including homesickness, will not be tolerated.

[Vilgefortz] Go back and try again, Sabrina. We cannot let this stand.

I’m telling you, he’s immovable.

He says Foltest and his people can starve for all he cares.

[Stregobor] Even if Henselt wanted to send the grain to Temeria,

the damn Scoia’tael would just steal it on the way.

We’re wondering why the kings are losing faith in us.

Because we knew the elves were a problem and we did nothing about it.

That’s… a short-sighted view of history.

But I expect nothing less from you.

[Artorius] Enough coddling.

Return Triss to Foltest’s court and let’s get this rough patch smoothed.

That would be as useful as putting bandage on a severed limb.

Tissaia promised them Cirilla of Cintra’s head on a platter and she failed to deliver.

We want peace, let’s find the brat and kill her.


Last I checked, slinging matches are not how we conduct business here.

We will take all concerns to the full body of the Council, as we always have.

In the meantime, you are disrupting lessons.


[Tissaia] They’re not wrong.

Loath as I am to admit it…

If you return to court…

I told you.

The Brotherhood is welcome to fill my position at Temeria any time.

I am best placed here with you, helping these girls learn what they’re capable of.

It is a noble calling.

But I can’t help but wonder if it’s really about them.

[whispers] Just because you couldn’t help Ciri…

I will go and check on Nissa.

[door opens]

[footsteps fading]

[pensive music]


[girls laughing and chatting]

[whip blow lands]

[Dijkstra groans]

[Philippa] Tell me about the elf.

[Dijkstra] Count de Noailles had captured an elf.

He said she was an assassin. [whimpers]

[blow lands]

[Philippa] Louder!


[Philippa] Speak!

He… made me cut her… in a thousand different ways.


[Philippa] What did you do?

I… cut too deep.

And that was my first kill.


Please, no…

Did that excite you?



It made me angry.

It was a waste.

We could have turned that elf.

Made her do our bidding.

She could have… been useful.

Yes. Useful.

Good boy.


[breathing heavily]

You, uh… you went quite a bit harder that time.

Not too hard?

You always give me perspective. Clarity.

[groans] Thank you.

I need you to do something in return.

Radovid has surprisingly good instincts.

Perhaps he could help keep Vizimir in line.

I don’t need help. I’ve been managing him for years.

I’ve never seen this Continent more divided.

Nilfgaard’s not the only ones who know it’s ripe for the taking.

And if Radovid could be useful to us…

To Redania.

Speak to him. Hmm?

[whispers] For me.



We’re done.

[conversation and laughter]


[silence falls]

[man whispers] It’s him. Jaskier.

[woman] It’s the Dandelion.

[man] Can’t believe it!

My man said I had a visitor.

But this, I must say, is a nice surprise.


Have you come to sing us a pretty song?

Ha, ha! Uh, no. No, I don’t, uh… I don’t do pretty.

I have information.

Those two detectives, Codringher and Fenn, you’ve heard of them?


Regardless, they know who Rience is working for.



Oh, tell me.

Geralt is determined to solve it in his Geralt way, because he didn’t have enough money to pry their lips apart, but… you do, I assume.

I appreciate the information, I do, but what I really want is a song.

Uh… [laughs]

No. No, I’m, uh… not really in a singing mood.

Oh, go on.

No. Uh…

Your clientele look like they’re having a very lovely time without me…

Pick your favorite. Please.

They’d love a song about your white-haired witcher.

All right.

[man whispers] I’m so excited!

[crow cawing]

[ominous music]

[Roach snorts]

It’s probably a trap.




[bats squeaking]

[water dripping]



[deep rumbling]

[whispering voices]

Definitely a trap.

[Ciri] May as well talk about it.

I know you’re angry.

I’m not angry. I’m disappointed.

I did say we needed to avoid unwanted attention.

I know.

[Yennefer] This one’s on me.

In all those lessons, I should have taught you that sometimes, discretion is more important than valor.

You sound like Geralt.

Well, he isn’t always wrong.

One day, I may be queen, and I’ll need to use what I’ve got.

And what I’ve got is a sense of justice, a dagger and quick reflexes.

You and Geralt taught me those things.

Then our teachings were incomplete.

We should have taught you about consequences.

Consequences are just an excuse not to act.

Even when someone’s going to be killed.

You didn’t see that child’s eyes.

I had to do what I did…

No, you chose to interfere.

That messenger in Ellander, his fate is a mystery.

But I know what will happen here.

Dominik Houvenaghel will send his cousin Leo Bonhart here to recuperate his losses with money or with blood.

The townspeople who do survive will be conscripted to fight against the war that’s looming on the horizon, where they’ll die on the battlefield.

If disease or starvation doesn’t claim them first.

You saved one, and the consequence has likely damned a hundred others in exchange.

What is the point in me seeing the future if I can’t do anything to change it?

Well, why would you understand? You see what you want, you make it happen.

You snap your fingers, mountains move.

Men bend to your will.

How would you know what it’s like to fight for control of your life?

Where are you going?

More shopping?

No, my ugly one.

We’re taking a detour.

Why do you call me that?

Because I promised I’d be sincere with you from here forward.

Come along.

I want to show you who I really am.

[yelling and screaming]

[Cahir gasping]

[soldier] Where’s my fucking sword?

[sword rings]

You’re not even a fuckin’ elf.


[soldier] But you’ll die like one.

[soldier’s voice] You’ll pay for this, Nilfgaardian scum.

[blow lands]


Get up.

Get up, old friend.

Thanks for the save.

You’ve gotten my back more than a few times.

It’s my duty to pay back the favor.


What the hell are you doing here?


[Gallatin grunts] Francesca spouts her nonsense about prophecies, Hen Ichaer, while the Scoia’tael die pillaging supplies.

[grunts] All so we don’t die from hunger and frost.

I thought all you pointies were superstitious.


Don’t believe the legend of Elder Blood?


My people were building civilizations while you blunt-eared bastards still thought thunder was the gods passing wind.

[Cahir chuckles]

I believe in facts.

The fact is, Francesca’s Hen Ichaer is a girl from Cintra.


I saw her with my own eyes.

Apparently, the princess is the savior of elvenkind.

I can’t do it anymore, Cahir.

I can’t keep leading my men to die for a cause I don’t believe in.

[both grunt]

Ah. That’s why you came back.

You’ve considered my proposal to take charge of the elves.

[Gallatin] Aye.

[both grunt]

But… there’s one thing I still don’t understand.

You. You were Emhyr’s top general.

Now he’s sent you to raid caravans on the arse end of the battle lines while getting the high holy shit kicked out of you every day.


I don’t get it.

If he’s a wise man, as you say, why the hell’s he wasting gods-given talent like yours?

I betrayed him.

Lied to him.

He trusted me to fulfill his most sacred mission, and I failed.

So your plan is to keep paying penance until you’re killed by Northern troops?

He must be quite a man to inspire such cock-eyed loyalty.

Oh, friend, your men hold you in the same regard, even if you are an old, ugly, arrogant prick.


Well, if I agree to your proposal, what does overthrowing Francesca say about my loyalty?

Gallatin, you are one of the finest soldiers I’ve ever fought beside.

The White Flame will see it.

You will help him take the North, not Francesca.

He earned my loyalty.

Has she earned yours?

[mice squeaking]

You wanna hear a good joke?


I was born with more power than most could comprehend.

Learned to bend Chaos to my will.

Designed to live forever young and beautiful in the upper echelons of the court.

Only to die here in a wine cellar with all of you. [sighs]

You know the problem with you mages?


You’re too bloody serious.



‘S true.


Yeah, helping the Brotherhood keep their power by proppin’ up rotten kingdoms is serious work.

Won’t be the case when Nilfgaard takes over.


Emhyr has no use for the mages.

Case in point.

If I ever get out of here, I’ll play that game much smarter.

I saw a man try to escape once.

They sent the dogs after him.

Tore him limb from limb.

The Emperor only absolves you once you’re dead, love.

[mice squeaking]

[prisoners wheezing]




We got another one.

[woman] What…

[man coughs] He’s…

Put him in the bag. The lads will help me throw him out.



[Radovid] Oh, come on.

One more. Please.

[guests murmuring]

♪ Keep your words on ice ♪

♪ Your gaze ♪

♪ Lights the fire ♪

♪ They say keep on playing nice ♪

♪ But I have no desire ♪

♪ Why waste our words ♪

♪ When lips were made For extraordinary things? ♪

♪ It’s not a want, it’s a need ♪

♪ It is paying no heed ♪

♪ To what others say to sing ♪

♪ The greatest songs are made up ♪

♪ Of unspoken words of love ♪

♪ Of them I’ve had enough ♪

♪ With you, I have enough ♪

♪ With you, I am ♪

♪ Enough ♪

♪ I am ♪

♪ Enough ♪

You can all applaud me now if you like.


Thank you so much. Thank you.

Thank you.

And you.

[man] That was just incredible.

Oh, I am so…

[woman] Come on…


That was…

I’ve never…


Forgive me, I’m speechless. Blame the mead.

I would, except you’re not drunk.

It’s all in the eyes.

They’re not glassy.

Busking in seedy taverns teaches great lessons in the art of pretending to be pissed when you have to keep your wits about you.

And… in a vipers’ den such as this, well…

Will you see about Rience or not?

I always wondered what it was that made your songs so irresistible.

Now I understand.

Oh, yeah?

And what’s that?

You see people for what they are, not what they pretend to be.

Well, that’s part of it, at least.

And the rest?

I don’t know yet.

But I’m determined to figure it out.

And in the meantime, I will dig around about this Rience character and his cohorts.

Thank you.

Does the witcher know how lucky he is to have you?


[soft hissing]

[low rumbling]


[voice 1 whispers] Listen. Someone’s coming.

[overlapping voices] Someone’s coming. …coming…

Someone’s coming!


Someone’s coming!

Someone’s coming…


What time is it?


[soft crunching]

[heartbeat speeds up]

Please. Come help us.

He’ll come back for us. He always does.

Help us!

Please, just once!

[girl] Help me!


Help me, please! Please!

Can you help us?

Please, he’ll be back soon.

I can’t feel anything.


I can’t…

Please. Come back.

Help us. Please, please.

I don’t want to die here…

[girl whimpering] Help me!

Help me!


[whispering] Help me… help me!

Help! [gasping]

I won’t hurt you.

Are you all right?


Are there any more like you here?


So many.

More and more.


[low rumbling]



He comes for us.

In the night.

[head 1] Stop him.

[head 2] He has to be stopped!

Make him stop, please.

[Geralt] The man you’re speaking of…

[girl 3] Make him… come back…

Was his name Rience?

Elven scum.


Always a source.

[head 1] Shhh!



[girl whimpering]

[dramatic music]

[girl panting]




[creature snarling]


[girl] No! No!

[heads screaming]

Why are you hurting us?



[head 1] No!

[head 2] Make him stop!

Don’t let him kill us!

[head 2] Don’t kill us!

It’s too late. Go!



[epic music]





[pounding heartbeat]


[creature squealing and gurgling]



[melancholy music]


All that wine just makes them heavier.


[both grunt]


Rest in peace, motherfucker.

[flies buzzing]

[cart wheels rumbling]

[horse neighing]


[dramatic music]



They all thought the baker was an innocent bystander, but I told them, he was the contortionist’s aim right from the beginning! [chortling]

[courtiers laugh loudly]

[lively music]

Uh… but speaking of things that go bump in the night, did I ever tell you about the time I saw a young elf leaving Virfuril’s bedchamber?

Darling, Virfuril is a frivolous fool.


What would I do without you, darling?

Well, clearly not much, darling.

Eva, more meat.

Yes, m’lady.

He said that he was there for an interrogation.

Well, torture would explain the sounds I heard.


I just had the most intriguing visit from the witcher’s friend.

He seems to think those old farts Codringher and Fenn might have some info about Rience.


And I’m wondering if perhaps our methods of obtaining the girl would be more easily achieved with a carrot than a stick.

How very interesting.

Perhaps I need to pay those old farts a visit too, hmm?

[Vizimir] Passing me, same passage!


Picture the elf, standing in the snow, belt unbuckled, a delicious look of guilt across his face.

Now, being the fair-minded king that I am, I said, “I’ll give you a head start, but you are due an arrow in the bum.”

Now, I yell “Go,” he scuttles off like a wounded deer, and then I shot the elf, like this.

Hold still, I say.

[courtiers cheer and applaud]

[Vizimir] Yeah!

Aplegatt! You lucky bastard!


[Vizimir] What word do you bring?

Now, have I ever told you about the first time…

You don’t seem to be enjoying my brother’s epic tales of derring-do.

[Vizimir] Aplegatt was…

Hmm. I’ve heard this tale before.

It doesn’t improve by repetition.

[Vizimir] But that’s another story!

Alas, my brother’s not renowned for his wit.

Philippa seems to think that you might have more wit than meets the eye.

[Vizimir] …when, through the branches, I see…

Or not.

[Vizimir] …dark-furred…

Surely, as Redania’s spymaster, you must realize that everyone in this room’s hiding something.

Even those like my brother, who seem to be witless.

Vizimir has no secrets from me.

Then you do know about his meeting last night?

With Nilfgaard.

[cat yowls]

Did you hear something?




[cat growls]

Why am I even asking? You’re going deaf.

I’ll have you…

Heard you had a visitor.

We have lots of… [cries out]


[Rience] You know who I mean.

The witcher was here.

I can still smell his stench. What did you tell him?

Don’t worry. We didn’t mention anything about your employer.

Or what he’s really got planned for Cirilla of Cintra.

What do you know about his plans?




[Fenn] Please. Not the cat!

Tell me everything.

[echoing screams]

[dramatic music]

[thunder rolling]

[heavy rainfall]

So… are you going to let Yennefer come home?

[sighs] Let her? She’s already on her way.

[Vilgefortz] Of course she is.

With an agenda, no doubt.

[Tissaia sighs]



Oh, she’s as fair-weathered as the fog over this island.

Triss is right.

Gods forbid, Stregobor too.

We need to get the Northern kings to listen to us and work together.

The last thing they’d want to see is the woman who set their execution party ablaze.

[sighs shakily]

But you love her.

I think your mind is struggling to catch up with the decision your heart’s already made.

[wistful music]

You head the Council with me.

How do you feel?

Gods know you weren’t fond of her.


That’s only because we have too much in common.

Bad tempers.



The overwhelming need to win an argument.


And we have one other thing in common.

Our love

for you.

If Yennefer can let go of the past, so can I.

[gentle ringing]

What’s this?

An old superstition.

The stones are rumored to have protective abilities.

You could just tell me you were thinking of me.

[Vilgefortz chuckles]

[wistful music builds]

[gentle ringing continues]

[thunder rumbling]

I’ll meet Yennefer at Gors Velen.

Make sure she’s not bringing trouble.

[crows cawing]

[poignant music]

Our detour was to a field.

A house used to stand here.

My house.

This is where I grew up.

[Yennefer’s father] Get out of there, girl!

[Yennefer] I can do it! [grunts]

[Tissaia] How much for a pig?

How much for this beast?

[mother] She’s our daughter!

[father] She’s no daughter of mine.

[Yennefer] You can’t take me!


I won’t go.

Don’t you dare take your eyes off me.


You do not have a choice.


My whole life I’ve had so much power.

But I’ve never been perfect.

I fought with Tissaia every step of the way.

I wanted to do things my way.

That letter?

I don’t know if I’ll be welcomed back to Aretuza.

Like you, I once chose to interfere.

I set a prisoner free.

And in doing so, I set the entire North against the Brotherhood.

And the Brotherhood against each other.

Those bodies hanging at the tavern.

All those executions.

The whole Continent is paying the consequences.

And you.

Because of me.

It’s not enough to possess Chaos.

You and I, we must learn to control it.

That is the essence of power.

That is how we will move mountains.


Come along, Ciri.

[echoing howling]

[wind whistling]

[crows cawing]




You’re out of that place now. You’re safe.

Are you all right?

I knew you’d come for me.

And how’d you know that?

Because you always do.

We’re tied by destiny.

Who are you?

Don’t be silly, Geralt.

You know who I am.

I’m Ciri.

[dramatic music]


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