Shogun – S01E02 – Servants of Two Masters | Transcript

Blackthorne's arrival in Osaka stirs up a hornet's nest of rivalries. Mariko is trapped between her cause and her faith when she must translate for the barbarian in Lord Toranaga's custody.
Shogun - S01E02 - Servants of Two Masters

Season 1 – Episode 2
Original air date :
February 27, 2024 (Netflix)

Plot: Blackthorne’s arrival in Osaka stirs up a hornet’s nest of rivalries. Mariko is trapped between her cause and her faith when she must translate for the barbarian in Lord Toranaga’s custody.

* * *

[speaking Japanese]

[Blackthorne] My name is John Blackthorne!

I’m English, pilot of the Erasmus, a Dutch merchant vessel.

Lies! You’re a pirate!

They don’t know about us, do they?

The great Lord Yoshii Toranaga wants to meet you.

What does he want with me?

Play with your balls, maybe. How should I know?

♪ ♪

[man chuckles]

[indistinct whispering]




♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[Dell’Acqua] This English pilot-how do you mean he is obscene?

You know the sort. Uh, dirty. Diseased.

And he’s got a filthy mouth.

He’s like a back-passage whore of the 15th rank.

Know what I mean, Father-Visitor?

These journals are proof of his depravity.

Look, Your Eminence.

Sacked, slaughtered and pillaged his way through Manila.

He’s a real piece of work, that one. Brutal savage.

So we show these to the Japanese.

And he will be hanged for piracy.

I’m afraid it may not be so simple.

Despite the discord in Osaka, Toranaga is still president of foreign relations.

He’s a thorough man.

I fear he’ll want a complete translation of this journal.

Perhaps a bit too complete.

I’ll thank you to leave now.

So you know, this, uh, pirate– he’s not a man to leave his fate with God.

I suggest you don’t, either.

So he knows everything about Macao.

Christ as my witness… with these bushos on the verge of open war, the last thing we need is any discussion of past entanglements.

Well, then let us be grateful our visitor does not speak Japanese.


I’m going to the castle where Toranaga has been sequestered.

I’m to translate for him this afternoon.


These are critical times for the mission.

You will see to it this man is not a problem.

♪ ♪

[horse whinnying]

[door slides open]

[guard calls out]

[door slides closed]


Good morning.

My name is Martin Alvito of the Society of Jesus.

You must be the Anjin.

What does that mean?

It means “pilot.”

The way Tsuji means “translator” for me.

You are in the court of Lord Yoshii Toranaga, and I am the interpreter to the Council of Regents.

Oh, good, so you’ll be able to twist my words in your Portuguese favor.

What did you just say?

[Alvito] Exactly what you said.

I will translate without prejudice.

Well, seeing as you’re so bloody honest, perhaps you would do me the courtesy of telling him we are enemies.

[Alvito] Tell him yourself.

The Japanese word for “enemy” is teki.

Gesture at me and say the word.

He will understand.

I may be your enemy, John Blackthorne of the Erasmus… but I am not your assassin.

That you will do yourself.


He wants to know why we are enemies.

Because our countries are at war.

[Alvito] Tell him where you’re from.


It’s an island kingdom,

1,000 miles north of Portugal.

[continues speaking Japanese]

[Alvito] Why are you at war with my kingdom?

Because England refuses to be intimidated by Catholics.

[Alvito translating]

[Alvito] You are not Catholic?

There are two Christian religions.

Protestant and Catholic.

We English are Protestant.

[Blackthorne] Yes.

Though I won’t know for sure till I’m dead.

I am not a pirate.

My ship contains letters of marque from the rulers of a nation called Holland, authorizing us to trade in all seas.

And to defend ourselves against anyone who dare stop us.

I cannot conceive of being an enemy to you, Lord.

Then I would commend my soul to God.

For surely I would die by the hand of a teki like you.

[guard calls out]

[door slides open]

[Alvito] Move.

This is Lord General Ishido.

Toranaga’s chief rival. If you value your life, do not say a word.

[door slides closed]

Bow. Fast.


You are to be detained.

For how long?

I do not know, Anjin.

But I will pray for your soul.

[Blackthorne] What have you told him, you bastard?

This is fucking great.

[mumbles indistinctly]

There’s clearly been some sort of misunderstanding.

Where are you taking me?

If I’ve committed some sort of offense, I apologize. Apolo…

Do any of you people understand a damn word I’m saying?

You, up front-where are you taking me?


No, I protest this treatment!


I’m a guest of your lord, not a prisoner.

Oh, fuck.

This is a mistake!

[both laugh]

[footsteps approaching]

[door slides closed]

[footsteps approaching]

[soft laughter]

[speaking Portuguese]


The señor is real?

Who are you?

You are safe here.

Children of my flock.

Persecuted for their faith.

You speak Portuguese yet?

Not Portuguese.

Speak the truth before God.

I’m English.

[short chuckle]

The Jesuits put you here too, then?

Jesuits put you here?

[man gasping, moaning]



[man panting]

[speaking Portuguese]

You should let me give you absolution.

Are these men all marked for death?


Death is the only punishment here.

Father, there’s been a mistake, I… I’m a guest of Lord Toranaga. I’m not meant to be here.

Toranaga brought you to Osaka?


And I must be allowed to leave.

Dear God, you’re a child in the wilderness.

You don’t know their games.

Toranaga is a prisoner in Osaka castle.

Isolated by his rivals on the Council of Regents.

There’s Sugiyama, descended from the richest samurai family in Japan.

Ohno, a feared warrior, whose affliction of leprosy led him into the arms of the Church.

And Kiyama, a man whose faith in Christ is guided only by his greed and ambition.

All of them are in the palm of Ishido, caretaker of the castle.

Any day now, these men will vote on Toranaga’s demise.

Hear me, my son.

I alone will tell you the truth.

If Toranaga claimed you as an ally, you’ll never leave Japan alive.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[Ohno clears throat]


[Domingo] Toranaga was born Minowara.

A name that carries great weight in Japan.

For centuries, his ancestors dominated this country, carrying with them a divine mandate.


A title, revered through the ages.

The ultimate rank a mortal can achieve.


And Toranaga-does he seek this title?

[chuckles] Who knows what lurks in the heart of a Minowara.

[footsteps approaching]

[Domingo] Another soul for every hour of the day.

[gate closes]

It’s nothing for you to fear now.

You’ll die a martyr.

On the cross, perhaps.

I’m sorry, Father, I didn’t come all this way around the world just to die on a cross.

Then why did you?

You came here to wage war.


I would have stood by you.

I came here in ’72, clutching my rosary, visions of the souls I would save.

Then I learned the true tenets of the cloth: silk, gold and guns.

These Jesuits care nothing for their souls.

They’ve made an idol of that cursed Black Ship.

That’s how they dominate trade.

The Chinese hate Japan.

So all trade goes through the Portuguese.

It’s usury.

The late Taiko even tried to put a stop to it, but the Church had incited the rebellion, smuggled guns from that secret base in Macao.



I met a man who said he’d been to that fortress, said there were Japanese soldiers– hundreds of them– all converted to Catholicism.

You’re telling me the lords here don’t know?

It’s too late for that now.

You don’t understand. I must tell them.

That’s my way out.

You can’t play their game.

Their rules are too opaque, their hearts too guarded.

You don’t know me.

I’ve known a thousand of you.


[indistinct chatter]

[Ferreira] How many different ways I can tell you I don’t give a shit?

Hurry up, let’s go!



Come on.

Let’s go.

You and Carlos have to get your stories straight.

He told me you had the manifest. Fuck off.

On your way to the castle, Father?

Good morning, Captain.

As you know…

I’ve had no word.

As soon as Toranaga calls on me to permit the Black Ship to depart, you’ll be the first to know.

That’s what I’m worried about, see.

Hearing the old monkey’s not long for this world.

The Church is doing all it can to keep your business running on time.

You mean our business.

[clicks tongue]

Cock-sucking prig.


[speaking indistinctly]

And which is your stronger tongue, now–

Portuguese or Latin?

I have more occasion to practice Portuguese.

But it comes slowly.

To this day, you remain my best pupil.

Though I must admit my surprise.

Seeing you yesterday, Toranaga involving you in his affairs.

[Mariko] I do not wish to translate anymore.

I do not like this man, the way he speaks to you.

You have always had good instincts about those with bad intentions.

Lady Maria.

The dark thoughts you have confessed to me in the past.

Are they still with you?

I trust you know I pray for you.

On this matter and others.

Especially with the heretic.

I’ve read his journals.

Whatever your heart tells you about him…

…he is guilty of worse.

♪ ♪

[guard responds]




Oh… [chuckles]

[Domingo] Your confession, say it quickly.

No, this can’t be.

I’m not supposed to die here.

The Blessed Virgin is watching over you now.

Confess before me, all sins past and present.

You go with your God, Father.

[Blackthorne] [quietly] Dear Lord, forgive me my pride.

Let this not be my end.

I beg you.

[arrows whistling]


[arrows whistling]








Good morning, señor.

I am to be your interpreter for today.

You speak Portuguese?

It is my honor to learn the language of my Christian teachers.

Catholic teachers.

I serve Yoshii Toranaga-sama.

My name is Toda Mariko.

John Blackthorne.

And you should know I’m not Catholic.

My lord would like to say that he is sorry for the time you spent in prison.

I’m grateful to be alive.

He asks about your country.

Your rulers and customs.

Just this morning, I was… set for death and… and now, um… I know I am considered… an enemy, in your country.

But assure you my queen is wise.

And thoughtful.

And would want to be your ally.

My master asks for you to draw a map of the world.


Thank you.


This is the limit… of what I know.

The earth is round.

[Mariko translating]

Like a fruit.

Uh, Japan is here.

My country, England… is on the other side of the world.

We came by way of Magellan’s Pass.

We are the first outsiders to use it because the Spanish and the Portuguese kept it secret.

And for us, it was safer to sail this way.

Because we had to avoid a Portuguese base in Macao.

[soft gasps]

It employs Japanese mercenaries.

I’m told you call them ronin.

A secret Catholic fortress, used for gunrunning.

Employed during an uprising some years ago.

My master asks that, later, you write this map and mark the Portuguese bases.

If I may, I will explain now.

This is the way Portugal and Spain carved up the New World.

70 years ago, they signed a treaty that split undiscovered land between them.

Your country falls…

…into the Portuguese half.

So it belongs to them.

I’m sorry, sir, but… I assure you their arrogance is unbelievable.

Please tell him it’s written into legal documents.

Each Spanish and Portuguese king has the right to lay claim to any non-Catholic land they discover and to replace its government with Catholic rule.

This is a lie.


Do you swear by your God?

Yes, I do.

He asks what you seek here.

To vanquish our common enemies.

My master says you should not war against the Portuguese in Japan.

You are outnumbered. It is hopeless.

Unless I win. his personal quarters.

This is a great honor

I hope you will enjoy.

Is that his?

That battle armor was ordered specially by Toranaga-sama after he saw it in a dream.

Its style goes back many generations.

All the way to the Minowara Shogunate.


I wanted to thank you for translating so honestly on my behalf today.

No thanks are necessary.

My efforts are in service of my lord.

How long have you spoken Portuguese?

14 years.

As long as I’ve been a Christian.

Well, you speak very well.


These women can assist you in preparation for your bath.

Uh, thank you, but… I’ve already bathed.

Oh. In the prison?

No, in the village.

But that was some time ago.

What, two… two baths in a week?

What, do you want me to catch the flux?

Wait, Mariko.

[door slides closed]

I know you hold these priests in high regard, but I beg you to consider their motives.

Your lord is in danger.

And I have a ship.

I would advise against speaking out of turn.


Oh, and… you will please address me as Mariko-sama.

[door slides closed]


[Dell’Acqua] Martin Alvito has just received word from Toranaga.

He’s denied our departure papers for the Black Ship.

This God-cursed heretic doesn’t even have the decency to ruin us slowly.

Let this be my burden, Father.

♪ ♪




[woman shrieks in distance]

[man shouts in distance]

[guards shouting in distance]

[gurgling, moaning]

[door slides open]




[guard shouts in distance]


[guard shouts]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

He has made you hatamoto, which is a very great honor.

We should not be seen together.

It is war.

[shouts forcefully]

[crowd yells]


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