Secret Invasion – S01E05 – Harvest | Transcript

Fury gathers his allies. Gravik deals with unrest.

Original release date: July 19, 2023

Following their failed attack on Ritson, the rebels start to lose faith in Gravik for not killing Fury and his perceived deception towards them. A new recruit named Beto leads a small group in mounting a mutiny, but Gravik kills them all. Meanwhile, Fury gets Ritson to a hospital and confronts Rhodes, but he reveals he leaked footage of Hill’s death, placing Fury on a global watchlist. Fury later meets with G’iah, who reveals Gravik is looking for the “Harvest”. After exposing her superior Derrik Weatherby as a Skrull, Falsworth locates Dr. Rosa Dalton, another disguised Skrull, and questions her about Gravik’s DNA machine. Rhodes shows Ritson pictures of Gravik’s Russian base New Skrullos to implicate Russia as Skrull sympathizers and advise a strike on the compound. Gravik calls Fury, offering to call off the strike if he brings him the “Harvest” in person. G’iah and Priscilla hold a funeral for Talos and fend off an attack by Gravik’s men. In Finland, Fury leads Falsworth to a grave marked with his name which contains the “Harvest”: a collection of DNA from the superheroes who fought during the Battle of Earth.[d] Fury takes the Harvest and prepares to confront Gravik.

* * *

He’s building a machine.

What kind of machine?

BROGAN: I think it’s to make us stronger.

Now, at the council meeting,

I told you I had a plan for taking Earth as our own.

The heroes of Earth will react.

The only way we can counter that is to become super ourselves.

Super Skrulls.

Who’s leading the science?

Dalton. The name’s Dalton.


RHODEY: One of the two occupants of that lovely country manor of yours

is catching a bullet today.

You can flip a coin for all I care.


FURY: They’ll be coming for you.

I’m dealing with my own infiltration at the moment.

(SOFTLY) There are Skrulls inside the U.S. government.


We need to start pounding blood transfusions.

There’s a cooler in the OR.

Mr. President, can you hear me?

Sir, you need to make a space.

This was not the Russians. It was not.


I’ll crack his chest, you take the laparotomy.

You think he can tolerate it?

Whatever you do, do not trust Colonel Rhodes.

NURSE: His pulse is dropping. SURGEON: Let’s go.

Sir, do you have clearance?

Then stay outside.

REPORTER ON TV: In a bizarre twist,

President Ritson was rescued from the assault

by what eyewitnesses describe as a shapeshifting alien.

As we stand by for news regarding the status…


Assemble the operatives.

You should be proud, G.

Talos is finally…

GRAVIK: What? Dead?

Our target was the President, and he’s still alive.

We don’t know that yet.


But what we know is our war is yet to be set in motion.

And if you’d have stolen what you were supposed to,

I could’ve taken out the convoy single-handed.

But would you?

You ordered Fury’s death when you knew Varra would never do it.

You had another chance to kill Fury today, and you didn’t take it.

Because he has what we need.

Explain it to us.

You told me Fury hid the Avengers’ DNA,

but it wasn’t in any of the locations you provided.

No, Fury never trusted you,

and it makes me start to wonder why should we… (GROANS)


GRAVIK: Pagon thought he had a voice,

but none of you do.

You’re faceless

and you’re nameless.

And the only reason Fury was on that motorway

was because his traitor wife defied my direct order.

Do you understand?

Well, then you send some of our people to Varra’s house and kill her.




Where are you?

On my way to the hospital, to make our outcome favorable.

Change of plans.

Keep Ritson alive.

Make sure he knows it wasn’t just the Russians who did this.

It was the Russians with the help of Skrulls.

(SCOFFS) What?

Show him satellite footage of New Skrullos.

Prove to him there are Skrulls living here in Russia,

and that they must all be eliminated.

Gravik, have you lost your damn mind?

No. This is leverage, Raava.

Fury doesn’t wanna see World War III, or to see innocent Skrulls die.

Let me handle him.

And if we don’t get what we want?

Well, then we all do what we’ve prepared for.


Where’s the President?

(SIGHS) Damn people, giving out classified information.

Lock this whole place down right now.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, okay. Calm down. Calm down.

FURY: Do something! I dare you.

Stand down. Stand down.

Fury’s just very excited to see me.

Listen… (CHUCKLES)

The country appreciates your service to the President tonight,

but I’m here now. You can go.

You must be outta your Skrull-ass mind,

you think I’m gonna let you get anywhere near the President.

Well, in order to out me, Nick, you’re gonna have to kill me.

And you don’t wanna kill me because you’re not ready to die.

But being as I’m not one to pull a gun and not use it,

let me give you a little heads-up.

In about sixty seconds,

the footage of you killing Maria Hill

is gonna lead off every news program all across the hemisphere.

That’s right.

And you’re gonna become the most wanted and hated man on the planet.

You didn’t.

Oh, yeah, I did.

I really, really did.

So tick tock, Nick.


RHODEY: Consider this a preview, Nick,

because if you ever get within 100 yards of the President again,

I’m gonna make sure you get the whole show.


Tell Gravik I’m coming for him.


Tell him yourself.

REPORTER ON TV: This just in.

Former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director, Nicholas Fury,

is being sought for the murder of former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill

as officials investigate Fury’s possible involvement

in the failed attempt on President Ritson’s life.

ASSISTANT: Sonya Falsworth here to see you, sir.

Tell her I’m busy.

Don’t mind me. I didn’t see anything. Promise.

Good afternoon, Sonya. Have you heard about this?

The attack on Ritson? No. Do go on.

Well, do you really believe that Skrulls could be amongst us?

Well, if you ask me, sir, I think they’re bloody everywhere.


What are you doing?

Politely asking the location of Dr. Rosa Dalton.

Have you lost your mind, woman?



SIS OFFICER: Ms. Falsworth.

What have you done?

Just showing Director Weatherby’s true colors.

Come on, look at that.


I must inform you that the SIS has no official policy on killing Skrulls.

So unless you want me to enact my personal preference right now,

you should start talking.

BETO: Yo, Gravik. You got a minute?

What’s on your mind, soldier?

Was just a little confused.

What are you confused about?

BETO: Well, Pagon.

Well, he failed us.


You scared?

Yeah, maybe a little.



RHODEY: He’s out of surgery.

Don’t worry. I’ll handle it.

Once he’s awake, I’ll send confirmation of the strike.


Because you know what happens if you don’t, right?






(SHOUTS) Who wants it?


Who else?

You’re nothing but a monster.




I remember playing beneath this when I was a kid.

My father told me what it meant,

but I’ve forgotten.

During World War II, Nazis practically destroyed this area.

Afterward, Brixton became a haven for immigrants from the West Indies.

This was all they had.

Is that why you chose this place?

The path of struggle is steep.

I feel a lot of strength when I’m over here.

Talos did too.

Talos died…

You can stop there.

He died.

On a foreign planet.

On a foreign road.

Nothing will come of it.

I ran away from my father because I knew he would lose.

Talos chose the path of struggle, he did not lose.

You cannot let grief paralyze you, G’iah. This is your time. Now!

Talos told me how you survived your execution.

I had no other choice.

What DNA did Gravik steal?

Only a few samples.

Cull Obsidian, Flora Colossus.

But he took those because he couldn’t find what he was looking for.

What was he looking for?

Something he called “the Harvest.”

(SIGHS) The Harvest.

I need to bury my father.

Take him to Priscilla. She’ll know what to do.


Oh, shit.

I’ll be in touch.

Where are you going?


You gonna be all right, kid?

Don’t worry about me.

I’ll put on a good face.




Hello, Skrulls.

Who are you?

I think a more apt question would be,

who would you like me to be?

I’m staggeringly versatile.

To give you a couple of examples, I’m very good at being your bestie.

I’m also devilishly good at being not your bestie.

It’s really just a matter of taste. Cake or death.

Get out.

Now, this is quite the clerical error.

Nigel, we’re going to have to have someone in admin either fired,

or, you know, shot, because this is becoming a bit of a health hazard.

No, my name’s Victor.

Of course.

Nigel’s the one with his silencer pressed against the base of your skull.

Ooh. There he is. Would you like to take a seat?

Now, from these samples I was able to observe under the microscope,

you are breaking quite transgressive ground.

Would you like to tell me?

No, our work here is far too…

No, not you. Dr. Dalton, you.

My work is very involved.

It spans several different areas of focus.

Ah, well, let’s focus on this, shall we?

Now, start from the very beginning, and don’t miss out a damn decimal point.

Well Rosa, this really is a lovely laboratory.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to torch it. You win some, lose some.


We’ll never betray Gravik. Let us go or I’ll kill her.

Oh, I don’t doubt you for a moment.

The males in my species are very similar.

If they’re not busy gaslighting you, they’re threatening you with murder.

That’s what all the podcasts are about.


Professor Davis?

You’re the one he sent to kill me?

I’m G’iah.

Fury said you could help me bury my father.


How you feeling, Mr. President?


Would you like to change that, sir?


As you no doubt saw with your own eyes, these Skrulls aided in that attack.

Yeah, I saw.

But the Skrulls are most definitely here. And they’re working with the Russians.

Now, of course, the Russians are denying this,

but we’ve received corroborating evidence from Sonya Falsworth at SIS.

My God.

Now, Mr. President, what you see on this screen is the Skrull compound.

That’s Russian soil.

We have to neutralize this facility.

England is 100% behind us,

as soon as the rest of NATO sees this proof,

they’re gonna be on board too. Believe me.

A strike on Russian soil?

That means World War III.

I would rather us face a war than extinction.

And that’s exactly what a Skrull invasion will mean.

We have to cut this thing off at the head.

And now.

I was wondering when you were gonna call.

You’d like to think you’re a step ahead of me, Fury.

Ah. You’re a jet, and I need rocket fuel to stay ahead of you.


I got a deal for you.

Got anything to do with the Harvest?

Bring it to me in person, I’ll call the whole thing off.

FURY: Call what thing off?

GRAVIK: I thought you were a step ahead of me.

I’m raising the stakes, Fury.

If I don’t get what I want, your President’s gonna bomb New Skrullos.

Then the war is on.

And bring some iodide pills.

The reactor room can be a touch aggressive.


An Interpol Red Notice. Wow.

They don’t just give those out to anyone. Kudos.

Yeah, well, Mama always said I was special.

Yeah, Mama was right.

Feel a lot better if we were on the Helicarrier.

Yeah, that’s been mothballed.

A little bit like you should be.


Before I forget, voilà.

Figured you might need that on the other side.

You’re welcome.

Oh, and try and get a nap. You seem a little grumpy.

He was our General.

He deserves a procession of mourners.

Talos wasn’t much for pageantry.

Do you have the offering?

G’IAH: It was my mother’s.

I don’t know the prayer.

It’s okay. I know it.



(IN ENGLISH) I told him he was a failure.

What kind of daughter says that to her father?

The kind that intends to make it up to him the next time she sees him.

The last thing I said to Fury before the Snap was,

“If you keep spending all your time chasing aliens,

“you might lose the one you married.”


Why does Gravik want to kill you?

Insubordination, I guess.

And yet you decided to obey the order

that says you have to wait around here for your execution.

The thing is, I love this house.

Loved it ever since I first set foot in it on a viewing 15 years ago.

With Fury?

With Fury in mind.

I wasn’t sure if he’d ever commit to calling any one place home,

let alone any place with me.

But I figured if I was gonna give it a fighting chance,

I’d need to find a place that offered the three things he valued most.

Lots of privacy, lots of security, and lots of…



He’d sit there by the window, reading a book.

Letting the sun kiss his skin.

And I’d get lost, just watching him like that for hours.

He ever get lost watching you in your own skin?

That’s none of your business.

Well, I…

I didn’t mean to offend.

Of course you did.

You’re young, you think you know everything.

But you don’t know what it takes to build a life with someone else,

to sustain it… (EXHALES)

Anyway, when it comes to facing down my executioners,

I’d rather meet the bastards standing right here in my happiness

than to meet them running down some dark alley…







You good?







Let me check I understand this.

So, a billion dollars of research and development,

and all the Widow’s Veil can cloak is your face?

What about the rest of you?

That’s the newer version, not this one.

Huh. Never mind.


This is what we’re doing?

Yes, this is what we’re doing.

Seat belt, please.

Off we go.

PRISCILLA: Be careful, G’iah.

FURY: Why do you think Rhodey is in charge of this?

He asked for corroboration on the New Skrullos site.

And you gave it to him?

Yes, Fury.

In the absence of my scaled superior, I’m the new head of SIS.

And last I checked, Britain and the U.S. were allies.

Last I checked, Rhodey is a Skrull.


(SCOFFS) And you said I’d lost my touch.

Well, who in the hell isn’t a Skrull these days?

Why in God’s name would Gravik want to blow up his own people?


If I don’t give Gravik the Harvest,

then Rhodey is going to incinerate the Skrull compound,

including all the Skrulls and humans trapped inside.

Russia will retaliate, and the world will lose its mind.

Yes, yes. War, war. But the Harvest?

Nearly every Avenger spilled blood

in the Battle of Earth.

Even Carol Danvers.

In the aftermath, some were sent in to collect that DNA.

Some with the ability to blend in.

Nobody knew about them but me and the collectors,

led by…


Gravik, yes.

Which is probably where he got the idea for the Super Skrull machine.

So you are responsible for all this?


Why do you think I came back?

A Scandinavian cemetery? I should’ve brought my scythe.

Only dead men keep secrets. You taught me that, Sonya.

Fury, why haven’t you called any of your special friends down?


This is personal.

We can’t keep depending on these superheroes

to swoop in and save our asses.

None of them have lived the life I have.

None of them can defend the world the way I can.

The only power I have

was planted between my ears by a single mother,

and wrapped around my finger by a woman

who’s far greater than I could ever hope to be.

If that ain’t enough, then I don’t know what hope we have.

If that ain’t enough, maybe I am just dust.

Don’t you have another one of these?

I got these all over the place, you know? Dead men need options.

Why Finland?

Priscilla and I honeymooned here.

Skrulls like the cold.

Now, you understand.



So, let me clarify.

You knew how dangerous this vial was,

so swapped its location to protect it from Gravik,

and now you’re going to give it to him.


Well, they do say Darwin never sleeps.

Let’s give our extinction a nice leg up.


It’s time.

Let’s finish this.


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