Secret Invasion – S01E02 – Promises | Transcript

Rhodey is charged with telling Fury that he's out of American intelligence, but even when Fury is out, he's in. Meanwhile, Gravik is put in command of the Skrull forces on Earth and becomes their new general. His first step is to put an end to Earth intelligence, but is unaware there's a traitor in the ranks.
Secret Invasion - S01E02 - Promises

Original release date: June 28, 2023

In 1997, Fury recruits several Skrull refugees, including a young, orphaned Gravik, in exchange for helping them find a new home planet. In the present, Talos reveals to Fury that a million Skrulls are living on Earth. An angry Fury continues alone and meets with Hill’s mother. As the U.S. is implicated in the bombing, Gravik meets with the Skrull Council and gains majority support (including from FXN news host Chris Stearns and UK Prime Minister Pamela Lawton) to lead the Skrulls in a new war. Dissenting councilwoman Shirley Sugar contacts Talos to arrange a meeting between him and Gravik. In London, Fury meets with Colonel James Rhodes to explain the situation, but Rhodes discharges and blames him for the bombing and Hill’s death. Falsworth interrogates an imprisoned rebel, Brogan, who reveals that Gravik is building a machine capable of strengthening the Skrulls with help from a scientist couple, the Daltons. G’iah discovers that the rebels are experimenting with foreign DNA, before accompanying Gravik to kill Brogan. Fury returns home and is met by his wife, Priscilla, who is a Skrull.

* * *


I’m Nick Fury. Been riding a desk for the past six years trying to figure out where our future enemies are coming from.

Official S.H.I.E.L.D. activity.

Never occurred to me they would be coming from above.


You say this thing looked like Coulson?

Mmm. Talked like him, too.


TALOS AS AGENT KELLER: We can’t trust anyone.

Not even our own men.

Now I stand before you as my true self. Without deception.

I just wanna talk.

My people lived as refugees, homeless.

SOREN: Talos!


And the handful of us that are left will be slaughtered next.

There are thousands of us separated from each other. This is just the beginning.




They won’t be safe here. They need their own home.



Varra. Welcome.

Thank you, Fury. I’d like you to meet someone.

This is Gravik.


His parents were killed in the last stand against the Kree. He escaped from behind enemy lines, piloted a ship all on his own. He is smart, Fury. Knows how to survive. We could use someone like him.

He’s a child.

Only to human eyes. Just talk to him.


Gravik. Sorry to hear about your parents.

They died a brilliant death.

I’m sure they did. This work here… you know it’s very dangerous.

I’m not afraid.

I can see you’re not.

I wanna thank you all for… For joining me. I know it’s been a… It’s been a rough journey. We went looking for a home, found nothing but violence. And hate. All of us have lost someone. Or everyone. And our entire species is scattered across the galaxy, but for those of you who braved the journey here to Earth, you did so for one reason. This man. This man that I trust. You know I don’t use that word lightly.

Thank you, Talos.


My friends, ever since… Let me rephrase that. Almost ever since I met Talos, I believed that humans and Skrulls can help each other. The world is facing a serious threat. And I could use your help. It would mean putting on a new face and keeping it. This is the promise. While you work to keep my home safe, Carol Danvers and I will find you a new one. Who’ll be first to take the pledge?

Thank you, Soren. You have a courageous mother, G’iah.


You keep your word… I’ll keep mine.





What are you doing?

Let go of me.

I’m an American! I’m an American! I’m an American!


I’m an American!


(SPEAKING RUSSIAN) May I help you?

We are looking for this individual. A Black American. Have you seen anyone fitting this description?

A Black American. On the Moscow to Warsaw train? It would be likelier to encounter aliens.

Enjoy your travels, ma’am.


They’ve gone.


You hear anything from G’iah yet?

No, nothing. Not yet.


When me and my mama used to take these long train rides to Detroit… You know, train travel back then wasn’t nowhere near this elegant. Comin’ out of Alabama, we always had to ride in the colored car. It was hot, sweaty. Bathroom didn’t work half the time. And we couldn’t go in the dining car. So, we brought fried chicken, white bread, deviled eggs, and pound cake in a shoebox.


Mmm. Half hour after the train pulled out, that chicken be gone! Smelt way too good to wait. On these long rides, me and my mother would make up games, pass the time. “Tell Me Somethin’ I Don’t Know.” That was one of her favorites. One time she said, “Tell me somethin’ I don’t know about you and Suzie.” Me and Suzie had a standing game of doctor we’d been playin’ behind Old Man Jackson’s barn. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t about to tell her about that. So, I made up something crazy like, “Me and Suzie saw a bullfrog with polka dots.”


My mama just smiled. Even though I’d lied through my teeth, the mere fact that I did that, told her everything she needed to know about me and Suzie.


Well, you wanna go a few rounds?


Tell me something I don’t know about the destruction of Skrullos.

You know everything there is to know about it, Fury.

Name of the game is Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.

We were overpowered by the Kree. We held’em off for as long as we could. When we couldn’t hold’em off any longer, the million of us that were left, we fled.

FURY: Interesting. Tell me something I don’t know about the Skrulls that fled.

Um… They’re here.

Who’s here?

All of us.

Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa! You’re tellin’ me there’s a million Skrulls walking amongst us right now? Have you lost your reptilian-ass mind?

I sent out the call and every Skrull that isn’t in Emperor Drogge’s colony, they answered.

You lied to me!

Hey, we were being hunted across the universe. I had two choices, I could let my people be annihilated or summon’em here to Earth. What would you have done?

This ain’t about me!

Oh, right. But you’re fine using us as your spies and your errand boys, long as it’s on your terms.

The host gets to set the terms of the visitation.

What happens when the host disappears, huh? ‘Cause you were gone! And I didn’t think you were coming back, I really didn’t.

And even when you did come back, there was no talking to you about anything real. Your boots barely hit Earth. (SNAPS FINGERS) And, “Oh, it’s too heavy here, man. I gotta go up to my space station.” You’ve been up there for years!

You knew how to get in touch with me, Talos, and you didn’t because you didn’t want me to know.

My hope… My hope is that with your help… Skrulls and humans can coexist, here on Earth.

Human can’t coexist with each other! You’ve been here long enough to know that! We’ve been at war with each other since we could walk upright! There is not enough room or tolerance on this planet for another species!


Matter of fact, neither is this train compartment. I think this is your stop.


Oh, my God.




Were you there?


How did it happen?

It happened quickly.

Don’t you be one of those bastards who gives me a platitude when I’m looking for the truth!

That one, over there. You know what he told me?

He told me that my nation owes me a debt of gratitude.

But he won’t even tell me where on Planet Earth my daughter was killed.

So apparently, facts are not included in the debt I’m owed.

She died in Moscow.

We were there trying to stop the attack.

Someone set a trap.

For her?

No, for me.

Someone wanted to hurt me… so they hurt her.


So, you’re the reason I’m taking my daughter back home in a box.

I’m sorry I couldn’t protect her, Elizabeth.

You’re Nick Fury.

Maria believed in you.

She would’ve followed you to the gates of hell and back.


Look, I don’t know what Maria died for out there.

But whatever it was, don’t let it be for nothing.

NEWSCASTER: Developing Story at this hour.

Several bombs exploded today at an annual celebration in Moscow, killing at least 2,000 civilians.

One suspect is currently in custody, identified as a leading member of the online fringe group, Americans Against Russia.

The UK Prime Minister was quick to denounce the attack, while the NATO Secretary-General says…


Despite the outpouring of condemnation, all signs point towards imminent retaliation from Russia for what the Kremlin regards as an all-out declaration of war by the Americans.

They’re all saying we had something to do with Moscow.

Well, I call bull on that.

There’s no way that Moscow attack was committed by Americans.

This has got false flag written all over it.

How did you know Fury would be there?

I didn’t.

Well, not to a certainty. But I hoped.

I wanted to see how much of him was left.


He’s just vapors. Old.

You know, I could’ve killed him if I wanted to.

You don’t punish a man by givin’ him what he wants.

You just get me to the Council meeting.

I wanna see their faces while Moscow is still burnin’.


You, wait.

Uh, yeah, that’s not happening.


If I’m not out in an hour, shoot him in the head.

Members of the Council.

Seems someone didn’t get the suggested attire memo.

Well, I also didn’t get a formal invitation, Mr. Secretary-General.

But I’m sure that was just a curious oversight.

Madam Prime Minister.

Hello, Shirley.

I trust I speak for the group when I say, we are all happy to have you with us.

Please sit.

GRAVIK: I see you, all dressed up in the man’s finery, drinking the man’s wine.

Playing the man’s game, using the man’s fork and knife.

Better to behave as a human than as a dog.

Well, I quite like dogs.

In fact, I prefer’em.

Dogs aren’t hypocrites. And they don’t lie.

They don’t lock each other up in cages.

They don’t pimp, poison, and they don’t go out of their way to degrade and destroy their own habitat.

A naive reading of human history.

It’s the only reading of human history.

Are you done?

Perhaps we should get on with what we came here for.

SHIRLEY: A prudent suggestion, sister.

Recent acts of terror in cities across the globe, most notably in Moscow, severely undermine the stability that this Council seeks to preserve.

The purpose of tonight is to determine what punishment, if any, should be meted out on the individual who has imperiled us all.

You murdered over 2,000 innocent humans.


And yet, you don’t seem remotely remorseful.

What the hell gives you the right to disobey this council?

What gives me the right?


(IN ENGLISH) I think it’s a war.

I think it’s a war!


And unlike the last war each one of us around this table fought in, I’m not gonna lose this one.

Humans are doomed to self-destruction.

Long before we arrived on this planet, they were destined to consume themselves.

So, for anyone flinching at the thought of innocent deaths, let me assure you, we’re only hastening the inevitable.

SERGIO: And what happens if the Avengers return?

You don’t think I thought about that?

Put your faith in me.

And I promise, your loyalty will be repaid.

Well, Madam Prime Minister…

We need to streamline our chain of command.

Democracy is fine for peacetime, but whilst at war, we need a single commander whose war power is total and unchecked.

My God!

Therefore, I nominate Gravik to the post of Skrull General.

SERGIO: Traitor!

You were in on this with him the entire time!

Seat yourself down, Sergio. I’m not done yet.

Who do you think you’re talking to? I’m the commander of NATO.

I can mobilize a million troops at the snap of a… (GRUNTS)

Shall I remove him, Madame?

Oh, I don’t think he’ll be any more trouble.



All those in favor of Gravik as our new general… will submit.

I fear each one of you has forgotten our history.

We did not end up homeless refugees because we were unwilling to wage war.

We ended up homeless refugees because we were too willing.

I do not support your coup.

I will not support your war.

And I do not submit.

If I had another 100 like you, I could take on the universe.

You go in peace, sister. You’ll not be harmed.



It’s Gravik.

The Council just voted him General.

He has control of our people and our future.

If there’s anything I can do…

Yeah, set up a meet between me and Gravik. Public place.

Talos, he will kill you.

Yeah, thanks for the faith.

You don’t understand. Gravik has changed.

So have I. Soren’s dead.

I know.

But if you can’t keep it together, you will not walk out alive.

Shirley, set up the meet.

Just tell him I wanna talk about my daughter.


Thank you, sir.

Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.



You don’t have it.

Harvest wasn’t there.

ROSA: Then it’s back to scavenging.

Our DNA selection remains extremely limited.

PAGON: I’ll send out teams.

ROSA: I was told this phase would be over.

So was I.

Gravik has given me multiple locations for the Harvest, all of them empty.

Our fearless leader isn’t always right.

Perhaps I misheard you.

Do you need anything else, Dr. Dalton?

Yes. Your absence.


REPORTER: In this stunning sign of just how seriously it regards rumors of American involvement in the Moscow attacks, the 27 EU heads of state, plus the British Prime Minster have all but commanded Washington to account for itself at this emergency security summit here in London.

MAN: Colonel?

Colonel Rhodes?

Colonel, are you denying that two of your citizens, Mr. Nicholas Fury and Miss Maria Hill, were present in Moscow at the scene of the attacks?

We are aware of allegations that Mr. Fury and Miss Hill may have traveled to Moscow.

Which, if true, it would’ve been in their capacity as private citizens, so…

Do these photos suffice as confirmation of that fact, Colonel Rhodes?


Respectfully, Prime Minister, I can’t take the authenticity of Russian-supplied photos at face value.

However, I will be more than happy to have them analyzed at our facilities at Langley.


How do you explain Mr. Fury’s presence in Moscow?

Uh, alleged. Alleged presence, madam.


If Slovakia rolls its eyes at me one more time, I’m gonna put on the suit and carpet bomb it.

PAMELA: Why are you here, Colonel?

You are not a Head of State.

Surely, President Ritson is aware of the seriousness with which his international partners regard this allegation.

Well, I’m here as a courtesy, Madam Prime Minister.

President Ritson has a pretty busy day job running the most powerful country and military on the face of the planet.

He doesn’t just hop to when summoned.

Not by France, not by Italy, not by the UK.

Now, while we are sensitive to your concerns, until such time as you can present an actual shred of evidence to back those concerns up,

I’m afraid sensitivity is all you’re gonna be getting from us.

All right?




FURY: Nice suit. Armani?

(SIGHS) Brioni.


Pretty expensive for a government salary.

Yeah, well, my other suit’s made of titanium so this actually constitutes considerable savings.

We need to meet. ASAP.

Great. Tell you what, let me just finish mopping up this globe-sized bucket of steaming hot kaka you tipped over yesterday and then, we can get a drink. Sound good?

You sound frustrated. What’s the matter? Croatia talking crap?


Well, carpet-bomb their ass.

Burner’s Tavern, one o’clock.

Do me a favor and try not to pop off a nuclear holocaust before you get there.


Should I be worried about poison?

You should be worried about spending the rest of your days in the Siberian retirement community.

Yeah, don’t let the relaxed ambiance fool you.

I’m this close to handing your ass over to the Russians.

Forgetting your rank here, Colonel Rhodes?

You do not wanna be playing “mine is bigger than yours” with job titles right now, Fury.

Trust me, I’m the last friend you’ve got.

Are the Russians really tryin’ to pin this on me?

Your face is all over CCTV footage.

I was there trying to stop the attack.

Oh, well, excellent job at that, by the way. 2,000 dead so far.

Number will probably triple once they clear all the rubble.

Meaning you not only set the stage for World War III, but you simultaneously flipped all of our allies to Team Russia.

How well do you know your security detail?

I know they’re catching bullets first if I get shot at.

(CHUCKLES) What do you mean how much do I know about’em?

What if I told you they were all spies?

Spies for who, the Russians?

Well… non-state actors.

You know, global reach, borderless operations.



If HYDRA was a bunch of green guys who could shape-shift into your daddy.



So, how long have you known about them?

About 15 years ago,

I was part of an eyes-only, top-secret presentation.

It was about a shape-shifting alien species that had sent a few of its light ships crashing down to Earth.

The Pentagon was concerned that they might get into their heads to invade us one day from the inside.

That invasion is real. It’s happened.

That’s… That’s not possible.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, too, but it’s true.

And here’s the crazy part, we’re being invaded and we can’t even tell who the invaders are.

Moscow was just the beginning.

Maybe we should call our friends.

No, no, no, we can’t jump the gun on that.

You know, we get them in a fight with the Skrulls and next thing you know, they find themselves duplicated and turned into terrorists.

Fury, this isn’t…

This is my war, Rhodey.

I need you to back me on this.

(SIGHS) I… I can’t do it.

Ain’t no “can’t” in our business.

There’s only what you can do and what you will not do.

You’re right. I should’ve said, I’m not doing it.

I just spent all the political capital I had in getting Maria Hill’s body back from the Russians.

Are you really talking to me about politics right now?

I’m here as an envoy of the United States government, Fury.

The job is political.

I remember when your job was protecting the planet.

We protect the planet by protecting our seat at the table.

Are you forgetting who helped you get your seat at the table?

Oh, so I owe you now? Is that it?

We owe each other.

Men who look like us don’t get promoted because of who our daddies know.

Every ounce of power we wrestle from the vice grip of the mediocre Alexander Pierces who run this world was earned in blood.

So let’s make the power mean something. Help a brother out.

Car’s outside, Colonel.

Colonel Rhodes will let you know when he’s ready to go.

RHODEY: The car is for you, Fury.

They’ll escort you outside, then you’re goin’ to the airport.

Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know I had travel plans.

I made’em on your behalf.

Have you even listened to a word that I’ve said?

Yeah, I have. The world is on the line.

The enemy is a million times more dangerous than HYDRA, but they can only be vanquished by you.


And you want me to make the power mean something by helpin’ a brother out.

But you should know better than most.

The reason we wrestled this power from mediocre men who don’t look like us was not simply to turn around and hand it to mediocre men who do.

The point of this power is to be uncompromising, to be unsparing, to be able to sit across from a man we greatly admire, with whom we share an entire professional, personal, ancestral history with and to tell him without any reservation, that he’s fired.

That’s what this moment right here, right now is about, Nick.




They sent you to fire me?

Nobody sent me. I volunteered.

And not to put too fine a point on this, but that mess that you created in Moscow that resulted in getting one of our best people murdered, you earned all this smoke, brother.



Are you seriously under the impression that just because you strip me of my titles, I relinquish my DNA?

Careful, Fury.



RHODEY: And you wonder why you’re out.

I’m Nick Fury.

Even when I’m out, I’m in.



(IN ENGLISH) Yes, and now that the door is unlocked, what does that tell you about me and doors?

Who are you?

I’m above your pay grade. Where is he?

Thank you.


(IN ENGLISH) Where is your safe house?


SONYA: Didn’t your mother ever warn you you could lose an eye by beating your meat like that?


What are you doing here?

Oh, I’m taking over.


(IN ENGLISH) I’ve thrown everything at him and he hasn’t said a word.

What makes you think you can get him to speak?

Oh, I can be quite persuasive.

Oh, before I forget, where is the escape hatch in this dump?

Why do you need to know that?

Oh, just a hunch.

Oh, wonderful. Okay, make yourself scarce.

MAN: What are you looking at?

Alone at last. Now, shall we do this the easy way or the other way?

I’m gonna break these chains.

And then, I’m gonna break every bone in your body.

(CHUCKLES) The other way it is.




Well, now that’s confirmed, let’s party, shall we?



What are you doing in here?

Checking the progress of our newest recruit.

He’ll be ready for a face before long.

He’s loyal.

GRAVIK: Loyal.

You know, I remember when you first came to me, G’iah.

The daughter of a failed General.

I thought to myself, what kind of coward sends his daughter to do what he wouldn’t?

But you know, then I realized that kind of coward just doesn’t have it in him.

Our man on the inside located Brogan.

Let’s go then.

You’re wasting your time. I’ll never talk to you.

Well, that’s very brave, but everyone talks when their blood starts to cook at 160°C.

It’s a biochemical imperative.

The smart ones start talking earlier than that.

You a smart one?


Right, I didn’t think so.

Go ahead, put it in my arm. I don’t care.






SONYA: Tell me the location of Gravik’s compound.

I swear I know nothing. Please!

I’m afraid, sorry, dear heart, I can’t work with nothing.

I need to know where Gravik is, and where he’ll be.

I don’t know, I swear. Gravik keeps everything a secret.

And what secrets doesn’t he keep?

He’s building a machine.

What kind of machine?

I think it’s to make us stronger.

GRAVIK: You wait in the car.

Keep the engine running.


Who’s helping you?

I don’t know what you mean.

Who’s leading the science?


Some married couple.

What’s their name?

I can’t, please. Gravik will kill me.

I’m terribly sorry, but if I don’t get a name, Gravik won’t get the chance to kill you.




The name’s Dalton.

You see, that wasn’t so terribly difficult, was it?





Sounds like your lift is here.


Listen, I’m just gonna go and check around back.

Cool. I’ll come with.

No, no, no. You stay here. They might come out with Brogan.


You’re a smart lady, G’iah.

How very Dostoyevsky.





PAGON: Gotcha.

You’re all right.

I’ve got him. Let’s go.

What’d you tell’em?

Nothin’, just lies.


Just lies?

That’s all, I swear.

GRAVIK: Take him to the car.


Keep driving.

How did they find our safe house?





GRAVIK: Pull over.



Did we make it home, Pagon?

Almost there, bro.









Aren’t you forgetting something?




All you got to do is, man, hold her when you wanna

Squeeze her, don’t tease her, never leave her

Get to her, got, got, got to try a little tenderness, yeah, yeah

You got to know how to love her, man

Don’t be surprised, man

You got to squeeze her, don’t tease her, never leave

You got to hold her, brother, something, man

Try a little tenderness yeah, yeah, yeah

You got to grab her gently, man

Don’t bruise her, no, no

You got to love her, tease her, don’t squeeze her

You got to try, na na na na na

Try, try a little tenderness, yeah

Watch her groove

You got to know what to do, man

Take this advice

You gotta love, squeeze, don’t tease


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