Rick and Morty – S07E10 – Fear No Mort | Transcript

Rick and Morty are approached by a man in a suit who offers them a truly terrifying experience, bringing them to a "Fear Hole" located in a Denny's bathroom
Rick and Morty - S07E10 - Fear No Mort

Episode aired December 17, 2023

Rick and Morty find that after all of their experiences, they find that there is nothing that can scare or surprise them anymore. They are then approached by a man in a suit who offers them a truly terrifying experience, bringing them to a “Fear Hole” located in a Denny’s bathroom. Morty decides to leap in to face his fears, only for Rick to jump in after him to rescue him from monsters. Upon returning home, an alternate Rick brings a still living Dianne to the Smiths before dying. Rick and Morty realize that they’re still in the Fear Hole. However, no matter how many times they seemingly leave the Fear Hole, they never truly escape it. After one escape attempt, Rick offhandedly mentions that Morty is irreplaceable, which causes Morty to realize he’s not talking to the real Rick, and that Rick never followed him into the Fear Hole to begin with. Morty comes to the realization that his true fear is Rick leaving him. Upon overcoming his true fear, Morty finally escapes the Fear Hole. Rick is tempted to jump in himself after hearing about Dianne, but ultimately decides against it and leaves behind a picture of Morty to commemorate his conquering of the Fear Hole.
Post-credits scene : It is revealed that Mr. Poopybutthole stole one of Rick’s portal guns and uses it to switch places with another Mr. Poopybutthole in a universe where he is still married to Amy. While it seems like Mr. Poopybutthole’s plan worked, the alternate Amy is immediately suspicious of him.

* * *

[Electricity crackling]

I’m gonna rip out your spleen and feed it to your husband!

Uh-oh. Wouldn’t want that.

Yikes, Morty, we’d better run before it figures out what a husband is.

This carnival of nightmares used to be scary, right?

Eh. We’ve seen too much.

It sucks, you know, ’cause it’s fun to break off a scare now and then.

Did I hear you fellas wishin’ for some good old fashioned scares?

I mean, I more wish you wouldn’t eavesdrop.

Yeah, who are you? Does the suit mean you work here, or that you super don’t work here?

Like yourselves, I’m a connoisseur of fear. I’m also originally from Earth. And did you know Earth is the home of the single scariest place in the galaxy? I can show you if you like.

We were headed that way anyway.

Take a left. Almost there.

We know where Earth is.

For guys like you, you know, who’ve seen it all, there’s only a few real fears left to conquer. And one of them is right down here.

Okay, what the hell?

Yeah, this is punching down. Denny’s is a nice chain that gives people starchy food when they’re up late.

It’s a hack joke, buddy.

No, this is the place. Good luck to both of you. I’m gonna get myself a slam.

He just wanted a ride, right?

He certainly took us for one. Welp, as long as we’re here.

Okay, Lumberjack Slam, Grand Slamwhich, Pancake Puppies, Slamburger, two milkshakes… and an order of Cheddar Tots. Let me know when you want your check, and if you’re here for The Hole, it’s in the men’s bathroom.

The what now?


The Fear Hole. Men’s bathroom.

Well, it’s definitely a hole. They weren’t lying about that.

Is that hair? Seaweed? Boy, it’s really circling the whole rim, huh.

Guess you got to jump in without touching the sides? You think there’s spikes on the bottom?

I don’t think they want you to go in there and just die. What kind of business would that be?

Well, they’re not drowning in money. They still have a built-in TV/VCR.

Morty: Hey, it’s that carnival guy.

Oh, so he gets a kickback.

Hi. Welcome to The Hole. Here’s how it works. You jump in. The Hole manifests your greatest fear. You conquer that fear, and come out, well, fearless. And you get your picture on the wall! What does The Hole get out of it? Well, you know those fish that nibble dead skin off your feet? Yeah, the Hole’s kind of like that. It eats fear. You win. It wins. Have fun, and enjoy the Ho-

Woman: Hey, Gaddafi, cool your jets with a taste of Mountain Dew!

This has been here since VHS tapes and there’s only three photos?

Yeah, my tots are getting cold.

So you don’t want to do it?

Do you?

I mean… It says it takes away your greatest fear.

My greatest fear, Morty, is trusting a gross hole to conquer my fear, and I conquer that fear by walking away.

Okay, fine.

[Yelps, panting]

You little turd!


Oh, God!


Hold still while I stuff you with maggots!


Okay, the Hole thinks I’m scared of not having a gun?


[Laughs] Fear conquered!


Check out them gains! Morty! Where are you, Morty? Let’s go!

Oh, jeez! Oh, God, oh, jeez!

We both shit our pants! What a fuckin’ ride!

Christ, Rick! My button. Maggots. In my button!

Fuck yeah, on the wall, motherfucker!

It’s not worth it! Not worth it!

Oh, my God, you both reek. What is that?

Morty and I shit our pants. You’re looking at the two newest members of the Hole Club.

Uh, okay, sluts.

[Screams] What the hell?

Bomb almost killed her. Take care of our wife.

Rick? No! Oh, my God. No. No!


Where am I? Who are you people?

You’re my mom, but, you’re young?

Rick, what’s happening?

W-Wait. Rick?

What the fuck, Grandpa? Say something!

Okay, we’re clearly still in the hole.

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

We never left the hole and–

And part of the hole is thinking you left the hole and then–

And then it can really dig into you.

Because you can’t really be scared of anything if you know you’re–

Together: Still in the hole.

What the fuck are you two talking about?

Why is dead Grandma alive in our living room?

Rick, why are you old?

All great questions. You guys get reacquainted while we grab some equipment.

Wait, are we sure this isn’t, like, a double mislead?

A double mislead like we went into a generic fear hole and then coincidentally came home to that?

That’s… That’s my wife. From the day I lost her.

Well, what’s it got to do with me?


Right. I think I figured it out, Morty. Your greatest fear is me getting Diane back and being happy again.

What? Why?

Because then I won’t need you. Look how scared you’re getting just talking about it.

I’m not scared, I’m insulted, what kind of backhanded-ass theory is that? My greatest fear is you hooking up?

You’re right. We can’t know for sure until I get more data. Alright, family, who wants to catch up over ice cream?

I knew he was working on teleportation. But wouldn’t this be time travel?

Oh, Dad never touches time travel. Ye calls it the Long–

The Long Island Iced Tea of science fiction, yes, but then what– what is this?

Don’t worry about it. It’s not real. Okay. I figure it’s better to do this in front of you. I didn’t want to walk in de-aged. What do you think, D? 45? Younger?

I don’t care about your age, Rick. I don’t even want to call you that. That’s my husband’s name. He just died.

I know. So, 27?

Dad! You’re traumatizing her.

What? It’s my face, too. And now Diane gets to understand that I’m still sexy and a genius.

[Scoffs] What a kindness.

You were right, Rick. I’m really terrified right now.

Terrified of what? If you don’t mind, I’d like to get to know the adult version of my– Oh, my God. Where’s my real daughter?

Sweetie, it’s all right. This may as well be our real daughter because she’s just as real as you.


Put it this way. You’re all basically NPCs. Only Morty and I are real, so your side quests don’t matter. The main quest is us.

You’re disgusting. You’re talking about our baby girl like she’s theoretical?

Welcome to the family.

No, you don’t get it, honey. Even if this was real, she’d be only a version of your daughter who could also be a clone of your daughter.

Stop wearing my husband’s face! You’re nothing like him!

Because I lost you!

Maybe you didn’t deserve me!

You want to hear a new theory? Maybe your greatest fear is getting a second chance with her and blowing it.

You don’t think that fear’s been pretty well faced?

Then you haven’t conquered it. Or accepted it. Or something.

“Or something?”

I’m not a fearologist!

Morty, all rom-coms have an arc. Even “You’ve Got Mail” begins with Tom Hanks killing that cop.


I don’t know. I’m not going to fucking watch “You’ve Got Mail.” I’m doing this for you, Morty. The sooner I get her back, the sooner you can conquer your fear of being a useless, lonely turd.

You don’t think that’s been faced?

♪ Hello, Diane, here’s the song I rehearsed ♪

♪ You had a bad day and Rick made it worse ♪

♪ He felt bad, so he created me ♪

♪ I deliver you waffles and an apology ♪

Why do I have memories of being a human child? Why would I need–

Shit, shit, shit, shit. Goddamnit, there was a whole second verse about inviting you to the zoo with the family.

I’ve seen that robot’s arms.

Yeah, I used them on a law enforcement drone that the Feds had me build. It’s how we, uh– How I met my wife.

The zoo sounds nice.

And this one time, we raised a civilization living on a zit on my face, and Grandpa helped me rule over it as queen.

It sounds like you guys are a real family now.

I wish you could’ve been part of it, Mom.


Oh, honey.

Rick, is there a deadline on this theory you’re chasing?

Uh, yeah, sure. Uh, that’s a good idea, Morty. Do that.

I always wished I knew what they were saying.

Your Master’s thesis. Non-human Intelligence.

When did you read that?

After you were gone. It helped me develop this.

Fuck you. Fuck you, Greg!

Fuck you, Lisa! Yum, bread.

No, fuck you!

Fuck you! There’s bread.

I guess that’s what I expected?

Anticlimactic, isn’t it?

Yep, they kind of suck.

[Both laughing]

Hey, want to grab a drink?

Whoo! Alright, yeah!


Oh, when did you stop being a lightweight?

Kept looking for my wife at the bottom of a bottle.

You’re pathetic. Hey. To being pathetic.


[Electricity crackling]

[Both belching]


My turn, my turn.


[Laughs] I’ll tell you what, old man. Seems like losing me made you cooler. [Chuckles] I should die more often.

[Both chuckle]

You did. You died everywhere forever. You’re the only thing I can’t replace.

Okay, okay, Mr. Weepy. I’m not even real, remember? Nothing’s real. That’s your jam, right?

My grandson, our grandson, thinks this is happening because my greatest fear is letting you go.

Then don’t.

I don’t want to.

Then kiss me.

I’m old, and we have puke mouth.

Well, I’m not here, and it’s not real puke.

Okay, Rick– whoa! Dude!

Fuck you, Morty. It’s a blazer.

That’s not what I meant. You look sick. The hole is feeding on you.

I thought it’s supposed to eat my fear. Can we get some fucking rules up in this hole?

I don’t know the rules! Maybe you’re just dying because you’ve been in here too long!

Interesting theory. I wonder why you’re so rosy-cheeked.

What are you saying?

Maybe the real you is off somewhere running from spiders.

Oh, so now I’m not real?

Yeah, maybe my greatest fear is having to tell you to fuck the fuck off.

Go ahead and face it!

Fuck the fuck off!

Hey. Ready to Showbiz Pizza?

Let me see that bear play banjo!

Here’s one for ya. I’m afraid of watching you die.

I like that theory, Morty. So stop watching.

Okay, this is it. You nailed it. My worst nightmare. I’d like to leave The Hole now. Hey. Hey, Hole, I’m talking to you. Are you listening?

[Thunder crashes]

So, what are you, like, the Hole? The Hole’s promoter? The Hole’s intern?

Is there a hole here?

Right, I’m supposed to go in there and be shocked that there’s no hole, or that there is a hole? What difference would it make?

Hm, you are hard to scare.

And Rick isn’t, right? The Hole’s gonna, like, suck on him forever because his big secret is that he’s got the most fear?

Well, we can certainly say you’re not afraid to be reductive. I doubt your grandpa has “more” fear than the average asshole in a Denny’s.

Man: Hey!

Sorry. If anything, he seems pretty brave. He’s certainly not afraid to die. Maybe that makes his fear extra delicious.

So, what, he’s scared of love?

Everyone’s scared of love, dipshit. You’ll learn that in your ’20s. It takes a very rare, very powerful being to be terrified of happiness.


You’re dumb. That’s why you’re not scared to be happy. The smarter you are, the more you know. Happiness is a trap. It can’t last forever. Let’s say you meet the love of your life, well, it’s still gonna end. It’s inevitable, whether by the slow pull of a disease, or the shock of loose footing on a hiking trail, whether it be the corrosion of two personalities that reshape each other until they’re incompatible, or maybe the old stranger in a bar who says the things that need to be said, to that person, that night. The point is, happiness always ends. Best case scenario, think about this. Best case is that you die at the same time. Yikes.

Can’t the Hole just let me go then? Sounds like I don’t matter.

You don’t. But if you go, you’ll take him away. Don’t worry. Rick will die before accepting happiness. After that, we’ll chase you with some clowns or some dumb shit like that. But Grandpa…[Chuckles] Yummy, yummy. Grandpa’s gonna die. Just like Diane.

[Thunder crashes]


[Thunder crashes]

Sir, you’ve been in this booth for a really long time. One coffee isn’t gonna cut it.

That’s fair. Want to split some pancake puppies?


[Screams] Beth! Summer? Anyone!

Dad, it’s not real. Neither are you.

If that’s true, then you deal with it!

You know what? You’re right.

[Screams] How about this?

Morty! What are you doing?

Being scared!



How is that not enough fear?

You’re the one scaring me, Morty!

No, no, Dad, it’s okay.

It’s not okay! That wasn’t normal!


My greatest fear is not being accepted.

It should be! And you need to fear it a hell of a lot more!


I can do that.

You like that? Do you want to die? I have enough unaddressed trauma to flood this hallway.

You fuckin’ idiot, this list says “Top Five Things”, and you only wrote down four.



Trust fall!

None of us touch or speak to this kid ever.


Morty: Maybe take a picture, send it to your friends?

Huh. Not a bad idea. [Rumbling]

How can we do the school play if Johnny has laryngitis?

There’s no understudy!

Put me in the play. You don’t know the lines.

Yes, I do. “Three Days of Rain.” I have it memorized. And I refuse to prove that until you cast me.

Have it your way, but The New York Times is coming, and they’re doing a feature on the current state of young American theater.



It ended in a church? What?

Yeah, they’d already died. It was purgatory or something. How did your universe’s version end?

Mm, Jack, Locke, and Sawyer teamed up to kill a fog monster and everyone got rescued. It was one season long, and it was perfect television.

You can be great or you can be around forever, right?

True. True.

Where’s this going? We doing robot role play? I’ve got oil at home.


What was that? True. True. True. True.


Diane? Diane?

Hey. Stay with me. Diane. Diane.


Rick? What’s happening?

Fuckin’ Morty! He’s trying to hog the hole. Come on!

Alas, our father is dead. Walker, are you here?

[Crowd gasping]

Uh, hi. I’m Walker. Uh… Sure has been raining a lot of days.


What the fuck is he doing?

[Groans] What’s wrong with him? He’s naked. And why does he look sick?

Because he’s dying. Fuck. I got to get him out of here. But if I do, I might have to go with him. I don’t want to. I don’t want to, Diane, I think my greatest fear is letting you go.

That’s a good fear, Rick. Keep that fear. If you don’t, you’ll kill me. Again.

I know. But I don’t have to kill Morty, too.

How do you know he’s even real? Look at his weird little balls.

Goodbye, Diane.


Rick! Shut up Morty. DJ, drop that beat. We got to conquer a fear!

[Music playing]

♪ This is my grandson ♪

♪ Don’t look at his pee-pee ♪

♪ Instead of staring at Morty ♪

♪ Put your eyes on me-me ♪

♪ I’m a roped-out freak ♪

♪ Loose dog in my ass ♪

♪ Macaroni in my pocket ♪

♪ Rickity masterclass ♪

♪ I don’t know how to rap ♪

♪ I don’t know how to rhyme ♪

♪ I don’t know how to rap ♪

♪ Now eat my shit! ♪


♪ Now throw your hands up! ♪

♪ And put your hands down ♪

♪ Throw your hands up ♪

♪ Now put them back down ♪

♪ Three days of rain ♪

[Cheers and applause]

That was an astounding feat of personal bravery. Nudity always makes theater serious and good.

How do you feel?

Accepted. You?

Pathetic. But… happy?



We did it! We conquered our fears. Right? Uh, hey, Rick. You just looked real sad, which I’m afraid of. You know, of being responsible for your sadness. Which means, I think we might still be in The Hole.

Huh. Well, I am definitely afraid of you ever knowing anything before me. So, yeah, I’d say there’s a 100% chance that we’re still–

God damn it. Is this going to be a whole thing?

No word play, Morty. We have to figure out our actual fears if we’re ever going to get out of here.

Actual fears?

Yeah. Tell me your fuckin’ fear so we can conquer it.

I just had to crucify myself in order to save you from your Hole wife, and you think I’m the one with unresolved fears? I ought to be afraid that we’ll never get out, because you’ll never admit that you’re afraid!

[Both groan]

Okay. Good job. You conquered it, right?

I think so. How are we supposed to know?

No, no, this is real. I can tell.

You’re not afraid that you could be certain about something and still turn out to be wrong?

[Groans] You cowardly asshole!

How was I supposed to know?!

$8 for a side of bacon!

[Groans] Are you fucking kidding me?!

It’s a symptom of a larger concern, Morty. If capitalism collapses–

Are we done here?

I don’t know. Aren’t you a little afraid at this point of The Hole itself?

What? [Gasps]

I swear to God, if we’re still climbing out of this fucking Hole two seasons from now.

Maybe that was it.


Maybe we needed to let go of our fear of uncertainty. You know?

Right. I’d say we’re pretty native to that at this point. Okay, thank you, Hole!

Thank you, Hole! We no longer need to know if we’re in you. So, bye.

Are you afraid we’re still in it?

I mean, I hope we’re not, but if we are–

We’ll find out eventually.

Which no longer scares me.

Same. Okay. I’m gonna go get drunk.

♪ Move on they say, you’ll feel better with time ♪

♪ But time alone can’t heal this heart of mine ♪

♪ You can’t go back, that’s the only rule ♪

♪ But rules were meant to break when it comes to you ♪

♪ I saw time and time slip by when I withdrew ♪

♪ I wandered far and wide without you ♪

♪ Without you ♪

♪ So I bury my dead, and I try to start again ♪

♪ But it will never be the same as it was back then ♪

♪ I’ve seen time and time slip by, but I’ll make do ♪

♪ ‘Cause I won’t live my life ♪

Oh, my God! I’ve turned into my dad!

Oh, maybe there’s no way out. Maybe we were born here.

[Groans] Come on. We’re gonna get through this.

I’m staying here.

No. We’re Rick and Morty. I’m not leaving without you.

What did you say?

I said I’m not leaving you in here. Come on. You’re irreplaceable…

[Echoing] irreplaceable… irreplaceable…


Oh, my God! I know what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid you’d never say that in real life. I’m afraid that if I jumped into a hole, you wouldn’t even bother jumping in after me. You’d just stand there and watch. This entire thing has been about me. You’re not even in the Hole, are you?

Thank you for visiting the Fear Hole, Morty. Your fear of relying on Rick has been delicious.

Dear God!

Rick: Morty! How was it? Was it spiders?

Oh. Oh, jeez. Oh, my God, no. You– You didn’t go in at all?

No, it’s a one-person ride. You can’t face two fears at the same time. If my fear was fire and yours was water–

I get it. It’s fine. It really is fine. Huh.

You do seem a little less burdened.

Rick, am I irreplaceable?

I mean, define irreplaceable.

That’s good. Good. I’m back. Don’t! Or I won’t know if I’m out!

Is it that good? Should I go in?


You holdin’ out on me?

You don’t want to deal with it, Rick. There was messed-up mental shit in there. Like, Diane was in there.


Not in a good way. Just trust me.

Okay, buddy. Let’s go slam some pancakes.


Ooh-whee. How bout that? Season 7! It was touch and go there for a second. Remember when I stole my kid? I stole one of these, too!

It’s all about having a goal and stopping at nothing to achieve it! Then you’ll be fulfilled!


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