Percy Jackson and the Olympians – S01E04 – I Plunge to My Death | Transcript

Our heroes search for a refuge in St Louis, and come face to face with the mother of all monsters
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - S01E04 - I Plunge to My Death

Episode Title: I Plunge to My Death
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Original release date: January 2, 2024

Episode plot summary: In the third episode of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” Percy, Annabeth, and Grover faced the formidable Electo and Medusa, defeating both and sending Medusa’s head to Olympus. The fourth episode sees the trio seeking refuge in St. Louis while grappling with their half-mortal heritage and the indifferent gods. They are pursued by the police and Echidna, the Mother of Monsters, who sets a deadly creature on them. Annabeth reveals her complicated family past and the trio bonds over their shared challenges. Percy struggles with reaching out to his godly father and is injured by Echidna’s monster, leading to a perilous situation at the Gateway Arch. Annabeth’s quick thinking and Percy’s use of his powers result in a dramatic escape, with Percy ultimately learning to trust his father and himself as he miraculously breathes underwater.

* * *

[Grover] Hero’s quests are world-defining events.

They have made and broken empires.

Altered the course of human civilization.

A quest is a sacred thing.

And to be charged with one is to be in conversation with the gods themselves.

Monsters can’t be avoided entirely.

They’re more common than you think.

The trick is to spot them first, before they spot you.

[Fury screeching]

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

[Medusa] It’s a pleasure to meet you, son of Poseidon. I’m Medusa.

[Percy] Medusa offered to help me save my mom

if I turned on the two of you.

[Annabeth] What’d you say?

[Percy] I cut off her head.

Percy, you can’t ship Medusa’s head to Olympus.

[Percy] Why not?

[Annabeth] Because the gods won’t like it.

[♪ music concludes]

[water burbling]

[whistle blowing]

[children laughing in distance]

[whistle blowing]

[indistinct chatter]


You have to let go, Percy.

[Percy] I can’t.

Yep. You really can. You just have to try.

[Percy] I did try.

No, you didn’t.

We have been in the same position for 15 minutes.

Please. Come on. Just do it once with me.

Can we go home now?

Percy, we paid for this class.

You know I wouldn’t ask you to do this if it wasn’t safe, right?

Percy, it could be dangerous for you if you don’t know how to do this.

One day, it could be really, really important, and I may not be there to help you when that happens, so I need to make sure you can do it.


What? [sighs]

Just breathe, Mommy.

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

That’s what you always tell me to do.

[breathes deeply]

You’ll always be here.


[whistle blowing]

[♪ music concludes]

[Percy] Mom?

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[Percy] Mom!

[The Voice] Hello again, little hero.

What sort of trouble are you up to now? Hmm?

A forbidden child attracts attention.

A forbidden hero? Well…

They attract doom.

She is coming.

[♪ music concludes]

[Grover snoring]

[train horn blaring]

[exhales heavily]

Hey, you asleep?

[Annabeth] Yes.

You and Thalia were really close, right?


What was she like?


She was the last forbidden kid before me, right?

She must’ve dealt with the same kind of stuff.

She was tough.

I mean, she knew she was a forbidden kid, she just didn’t care.

When Luke and Thalia found me, Luke cared for me right away.

But Thalia… she made me earn it.

Is that why you give me a hard time?

I gotta earn it with you too?

[sighs] Yeah. Maybe.

I gotta say, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

What doesn’t make sense to you?

The way you guys all talk.

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

The way the gods want us to think.

Gotta burn an offering to get a parent’s attention.

Gotta beat up on Clarisse just to get my father to admit he’s my father.

It isn’t supposed to work that way.

People who are close to you aren’t supposed to treat you that way.

You wanna know how I ended up alone on the road in the first place?

I started out as a gift to my father.

That’s how it works with Athena.

We’re born from a thought in her mind, and then given to a partner she feels connected to.

And for a while, I was treated like a gift.

My father cared for me.

He loved me.

I knew it.

Then he met a woman.

They had their own kids.

And to her, I I wasn’t a gift.

I was a problem.

So I left.

I was seven.

It isn’t the gods who think that way.

It’s everybody.

But at least with the gods you know the rules.

Show them respect and they’ll be in your corner, no matter what.

[Grover groans]

You awake?

[♪ music concludes]

Well, I am now. Thanks.

[♪ whimsical instrumental music playing]

Are you okay?

He’s super grouchy when he doesn’t get enough sleep.

[mimics] “He’s super grouchy when he doesn’t get enough…” Nah!


You’ve never been on the road with him before.

A little different than a froofy boarding school.

Who’s froofy? You’re froofy. What’s froofy?

I think I need to eat.

[♪ music concludes]

[train rumbling]

[♪ foreboding instrumental music playing]

[♪ music concludes]

[indistinct chatter]

[Grover] Two days until we reach Los Angeles.

Plenty of time before our deadline to reach the Underworld.

[train horn blaring]

Can I ask a dumb question?

It’s like you need me to make fun of you.

[Grover] Shoot.

I’ve never been to Los Angeles before.

I’m guessing neither of you have been to Los Angeles.

So, how will we have any idea where we’re going?

No idea.

But that’s like step 37, and we’re still on step four.

Cross that bridge when we get there.

Followup stupid question.


“And you shall fail to save what matters most in the end.”

Back in Jersey, I told you the Oracle said this quest would fail.

And no one’s mentioned it since.

Seems like something we oughta be taking a little more seriously.


Look at that.

Are those…


[♪ gentle instrumental music playing]

No one even knows they’re there.

[Grover] There used to be herds of them everywhere.

What happened to them?


A few thousand years ago, the god of the wild, Pan, disappeared.

And ever since, without Pan to protect the natural world, humans have been trying really hard to chip away at it.

The bravest satyrs volunteer to become Searchers, trying to find Pan.

None have ever returned.

[Percy] Your uncle we found in Medusa’s, Ferdinand.

He was a Searcher?

The Oracle didn’t say the quest would fail.

“Fail to save what matters most.” That could mean a lot of things.

That’s how prophecies work, that’s how fate works.

It could mean a lot of things.

The harder you work to understand, the harder it gets to understand.

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta let it come to you when it’s ready.

Excuse me. Can I see your tickets, please?

You’re in Cabin 17B?

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

[wind whooshing]

[transit officer] You wanna explain?

Wait. Wait, you think we did this?

Did you?

I mean… How? And why?

Sir, when we left to get breakfast, everything was intact.

We don’t know how this happened.

We got a witness here, says she heard the window smash, and then heard children’s voices.

Oh, come on.

Can you tell me what time you left the cabin?

Are we under arrest?

I don’t think you wanna take that tone with me, little girl.

Are we under arrest?

[indistinct radio chatter]

So we’re just killing time ’til we find out that guy’s like a werewolf or something, right?

[announcer speaking over PA] The train is arriving at St. Louis Gateway station in ten minutes.

I don’t think he’s a monster.

Hard to say.

Well, if he’s not a monster, what’s going on here?

Why would anyone tear our room apart?

Maybe they were looking for something.

We don’t have anything.

The people who think you stole Zeus’s master bolt might disagree.

[train horn blaring]


Well, look, they’re not gonna find something we don’t have.

Either way, we aren’t spending the day answering questions in the St. Louis police station.

We need to get out of this before we get delayed.

[concerned woman] D Do you mind if I sit?


[animal whimpering]

You poor dears.

[♪ music concludes]

Your parents aren’t here, are they?

[animal whining]

Isn’t that right, precious?

Don’t children get scared when they’re all alone?

It’s okay. I’m a mom. I know how scared you must be.

Excuse me. Would you mind giving us a little space?

I think… I think you’re making them nervous.

I want you to know…

I don’t actually think that you made that mess back there.

I just wanted a moment alone with you.

There are some things I need you to understand–

You have something on your jacket.

It looks like… It looks like glass.

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[Grover] No one smashed out the windows from inside our cabin.

Someone smashed them in from the outside.

Hm. Oh!

[animal grunting, whimpering]

Yes, sweetheart.

I know, I know.

You’re impatient.

[animal snarling]

[sniffs] Oh!

But we’re almost there.

[animal grunting, growling]

This isn’t your fault.

But sadly, you’re going to have to bear the burden of your parents’ mistakes today.

[Percy] Listen, lady.

I don’t know who you are, but I think I know what you are.

We’ve run across a few monsters like you and we’ve sent them all packing.

[scoffs] Monsters like me?

Well… of course they’re like me.

They were my children.

[♪ music intensifies]

[Percy] Children?

What does that mean?

The Mother of Monsters.


[chuckles softly]

[monster growling]

[Echidna] Oh! [shushes]


It’s an odd word, considering my grandmother is your greatgrandmother, and this has always been a family story.

But… to my eye, the demigod is the more dangerous creature.

[monster growling]


[Echidna] Disruptive.


If I exist for anything, it is to stand in the way of monsters like you.

[monster growling]

My little one here. She’s just a pup now.

Bless her heart. [chuckles]

Today… you will be her prey.

[monster growling]

Are you afraid yet?

Oh. It’s all right. Fear is natural.

It’s also essential to the hunt.

Your fear. Your doubt.

Your confusion. [chuckles softly]

[monster growling]

I needed you to understand what was happening so that she could track the scent.

[monster growling]

[Echidna] So that she could learn and grow, because… that’s what a good mother does for her children.

Not that you would know.


[zip whooshing]

[growling intensifying]

You should run now.

[monster growling]

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]


[Echidna] No, sweetheart!


[monster growls, screeches]

You! Stop!


[indistinct radio chatter]

Silly girl.

[monster growls]

You got ahead of yourself.

We’ll work on that.

[monster snarls, growls]

[♪ intense instrumental music playing]


[transit officer] Stop!

[train shudders, creaks]

[♪ music continues]



[male transit officer] Open this door!

[female transit officer] Come back here and open this door!

What is that?

It’s a stinger.

Grover, do you know what kind of monster has one of those?

I don’t know. I mean, nothing good probably.

[Annabeth] Do you feel okay?

I think so. Why?

Do you think it’s poisonous or something?

[male transit officer] Open this door, right now!

I’m not sure.

Come on.


[metal creaking]

[footsteps approaching]

[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

[monster growls]

We gotta move.

[metal creaks]

[announcer, over PA] This train is making an unplanned stop.

Please remain seated for your–

[monster growls]

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[Percy] Why isn’t it still chasing us?

Echidna said whatever she was hiding in that carrier, it’s young.

It won’t venture too far from her mother.

She’s learning to hunt… and this seems like the hunting part.

[Grover] We aren’t gonna be able to outrun them for very long.

We don’t need to. We just need a safe place to hole up.

Some place safe.

Any ideas where we might find one of those?

I do.

A sanctuary, dedicated to Athena, built by one of her demigod children a long time ago.

There is an Athenian temple hidden somewhere in the middle of downtown St. Louis?


Except it’s not all that hidden.

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[Annabeth] It’s 630 feet wide, 630 feet tall, both to within an inch.

It’s got no internal support.

Each side is balanced perfectly against the other.

The arch is held up by symmetry.

It’s held up by math.

[♪ music concludes]

[indistinct chatter]

And it’s earthquakeproof, so Poseidon can’t ruin it.


Excuse me.

This is how you show Athena your love.

A monument to the power of perfection.

It’s a monument to some other stuff, too.

[Annabeth] You’re talking about what some humans want this place to be about.

I’m talking about what it actually is.


We’re safe here, right?

No monsters can enter. Not even Echidna.

We’re safe.


Well, since our train exploded, I’m gonna see if there’s another one we can get tickets on.

We can’t stay here forever.

Just because we’re prey, doesn’t mean we need to be helpless.

He doesn’t like it when people mess with animals.


I know.

I shouldn’t have s snapped at him, I just…

[sighs] I know.

[sighs] So, this is your mom’s place?

Wonder if she’s around.

[imitating posh woman] Be right down! Just going to the potty!

[Annabeth chuckles softly]

[Annabeth] Nice.

I have a gift.

[inhales, chuckles]

[Percy] I guess you were right, by the way.

We needed a safe place, and your mom had one waiting.

Pretty lucky we happened to be in the right city for it.

Luck or fate?

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]


[sighs] I know you think it’s all just in my head.

That… That I tell myself my mother cares because it’s easier that way.

I didn’t say that.

Look, I’ve only been a demigod since…

last Saturday.

You shouldn’t listen to me.

You know, this is my mother’s place, but a temple is a temple.

Maybe you could say hi to your dad while we’re here.

No thanks.

What could it hurt?

Your thing with your mom…

I get it. It’s different. It works for you. But my father…

I don’t want anything from him. He’s had his chances.

Honestly, you’ve done more for me in the past few days than my father has done in my entire life.

If I have to stick with someone, I–


I think you were about to call me a friend.

Somewhere around here the Oracle is laughing at us, but you know Whoa!


[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[Annabeth] Percy!

[Grover] Hey! What happened?

I think… I think those stinger things were poisonous.

I have an idea. Come on, help me.


[♪ music concludes]

[indistinct chatter]

[Annabeth] The water cured him back at camp, it should work for poison too, right?

You know, I think it’s I think it’s working.

This was a great call.


Or not.

[Annabeth] Maybe it needs to be naturally running water for Poseidon to be able to heal him.

[car horn honking]

[tires screeching]

[glass shattering]

Okay. We need to get back inside.

[Grover] No, we need to keep trying.

This isn’t working. And she’s coming.

[car horn honking]

[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

Okay, look, we’ll take Percy inside, and we’ll go the temple’s altar.

[Grover] Altar? Where is there an altar?

[Annabeth] The highest point, the best view.

Okay, but what good is that even gonna do us?

We’re gonna get to the altar and we’re going to ask my mom for help.

[police sirens wailing]

I thought we don’t ask for help.

[car horn honking]

[Annabeth] Come on, let’s get moving.

[eerie whispering]

Guys, d did you hear that?

Hear what?

Never mind. Come on.

[indistinct chatter]

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[announcer] Please take your seats. The trams are about to depart.

What was that back there? What did you hear?


She spoke to you.

Alecto did that with me back in the museum in New York.

What did she say?

[monster growling]

Was that the Chimera?

I think… I think that was the Chimera.

How did the Chimera even get inside here?

How did any monster get inside here?


We’re in a sanctuary. Athena would have had to let her in, but why would she do that?


What did Echidna say to you?

She said my impertinence wounded my mother’s pride.

And that that will be my doom.

Impertinence? What kind of Medusa’s head.

I embarrassed my mother.

But I’m the one who sent the head to Olympus.

I signed the note.

And I went along with it.

It embarrassed her.

Now, she’s angry.

[Grover] Guys, what are we gonna do?

She isn’t gonna help us when we get to the top to save Percy.

No, I meant, what are we gonna do about Echidna and Chimera?

They’re gonna be right behind us.

[elevator bell dinging]

We’re not gonna have much time.

They’ll be up here any minute.

And if my mother isn’t going to protect us, then we’ll just have to fight it out up here.

[Percy groaning]

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, no.

We gotta get everybody outta here.

[alarm blaring]

[automated voice speaking over PA] Attention. Attention.

[chaperone] Everyone, let’s line up.

You and Percy follow them down.

What? No, no, no. W We’re not splitting up.

Grover, come on.

No. No, no, no, no, no, we’re all getting out of here together.

We won’t make it. The Chimera is the demigodkiller.

Someone has to stay back to slow her down and buy everyone some time.

[softly] Come on.

Okay, help him down the stairs and get him to the river.

And don’t stop. Not till you get to Hades, not till you have the bolt, do you hear me?

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

Okay, go.


[sword ringing]

Take this.

[grunts, sighs]


[Grover] Hey! Percy!

[banging on door]

[Grover] Percy, please!


[Annabeth] Percy, no! Don’t do this. They’ll kill you.

Poseidon’s never helped me before.

He wasn’t gonna start now. [pants]

[Grover] Percy!

I would’ve never made it to Hades.

[Grover] Percy? Percy, please.

But you can.

[metal crashing]

[Chimera roaring]

And now you will.

[Annabeth] Percy!

[banging on door]


[Annabeth] Percy, do you hear me?

[Grover] Percy, you can’t do this on your own.

[Chimera snarls, growls]

[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

[Echidna] This is the end, sweetheart.

Don’t fight it.

You’ll just make her angry.



[Percy grunts]



[Percy panting]

[metal screeching]

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[wind whooshing]

[Chimera growling]




[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

[Chimera growls]



[Echidna] So unfair. You never had a chance, did you?

If only someone’d cared enough for you to provide you with one.


[Chimera growling]


[♪ music cuts off abruptly]

[wind whooshing]

[water rushing]

[water burbling]


[♪ ethereal instrumental music playing]

[Nereid] You are frightened.

It’s all right, Percy.

Your father sent me to tell you, it’s all right.

Just breathe.


[♪ emotional instrumental music playing]

[Nereid] Your father is here.

He’s always been here.


[Nereid] It is so hard for him to stand back.

To see you struggle.

It is so hard for us all.

But he’s here.

And he’s so very proud.

Trust him.

Trust yourself.



[breathes deeply]

[♪ music intensifies, concludes]

[♪ theme music playing]

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

[Percy] My mom told me these stories all the time.

Percy, stand up. I mean it.

[Percy] She said this is what the gods are like to each other.

This is the kind of family they are.

[♪ theme music resumes]

[♪ theme music concludes]


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