Percy Jackson and the Olympians – S01E01 – I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher | Transcript

Expelled from school, Percy Jackson unravels who he is, confronting a world of gods and monsters
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - S01E01 - I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher

Episode Title: I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Original release date: December 19, 2023

Episode plot summary: At the age of twelve, Percy Jackson finds himself on an educational excursion to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There, his Latin instructor, Mr. Brunner, presents him with a unique gift: a sword disguised as a ball-point pen. During the visit, Percy unintentionally shoves his tormentor, Nancy Bobofit, into a water fountain, drawing the gaze of his algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds. In a shocking twist, Mrs. Dodds transforms into a Fury and confronts Percy, who defends himself with the sword. After the confrontation, Percy is bewildered to find that Mrs. Dodds has seemingly been erased from everyone’s memory. Following this incident, Percy is removed from his school and returns to the care of his stepfather, Gabe Ugliano, and his mother, Sally Jackson.
Seeking solace, Percy and Sally retreat to their cabin in Montauk, New York. It is here that Sally reveals a staggering truth to Percy: the ancient Greek deities and their mythical creatures are very much a reality. Amidst this revelation, Percy’s schoolmate, Grover Underwood, inadvertently exposes his true nature as a satyr and urges Sally to take Percy to a place of safety known as Camp Half-Blood. However, their journey is abruptly interrupted by a terrifying encounter with a Minotaur, which appears to claim Sally’s life. Overcome with rage, Percy confronts and defeats the beast. Exhausted and grieving, he reaches Camp Half-Blood, where he collapses only to awaken to the face of Chiron, his mentor to be.

* * *

[Percy] Look, I didn’t want to be a halfblood.

[thunder rumbling]

[♪ rousing instrumental music playing]

[Percy] Being a halfblood is dangerous. It’s scary.

Most of the time it gets you killed, in painful, nasty ways.

[thunder rumbling]

If you think you might be one of us, my advice is turn away while you still can, because once you know what you are… they’ll sense it too and they’ll come for you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

[Percy] My name is Percy Jackson. I’m twelve years old.

Am I a troubled kid?

Yeah, you could say that.

Bad grades, bullies, all the normal stuff.

And then there’s some other stuff.

[Percy] Some stuff that’s… maybe not so normal.

[♪ epic instrumental music playing]

That’s me, back in second grade. Why was I up there?

I saw something.

At least… I could have sworn I saw something.

[Pegasus neighs]

[Percy] When you say you something like that, you wind up in this guy’s office.

Good news, he’s saying there’s nothing to worry about.

It’s all in my imagination, but if it happens again, make sure to tell someone.

[indistinct chatter]

[mechanical stomping]

[Percy] It happened again.

These impossible things that felt like they walked right out of the stories my mom always told me.

So real one minute, and then the next…

What a loser.

[Percy] Hey, fellas, wanna come hear about the imaginary stuff I see?

It’s not a thing you wanna be saying, to anyone, so I didn’t.

Then… something changed.

I met Grover.

We had a lot in common.

Only he

[students laugh]

[Grover] Mmmm.

[Percy] And not just because we were both at the bottom of the food chain.

And you know what?

It felt good to talk about these things with Grover.

I could almost believe they were imaginary.

Weird, but harmless.

[indistinct chatter]

[Percy] Until the day that changed, too.

Until the day one of them decided to come for me.

[♪ music concludes]

[indistinct chatter]

[distant siren wailing]

[♪ rousing instrumental music playing]

[Mr. Brunner] What you see here, they are not fictions.

They are not fantasies.

What you see here are the truest and deepest parts of yourselves.

Friends… the gods… the monsters, the heroes you see here in this room are reminders of what we are capable of.

Now, on your worksheets, I want you to choose one of the subjects you see here and describe it.

Not just how it looks… but how it makes you feel.

Hmm? Okay, come on.

[indistinct chatter]

[Sally] What do you see?

[♪ emotional instrumental music playing]

[Young Percy] Perseus…

that’s me.

[Sally] Mmhmm, that’s who you’re named after.

Is that why you named me after him?

Because he was a hero?

What makes you think he was a hero?

Because he kills monsters.

[Sally] And what makes you think that she was a monster?


Not everyone who looks like a hero is a hero, and not everyone who looks like a monster is a monster.

[inhales deeply] I named you after him because when he was a very little boy, he and his mother were placed in a wooden chest and cast out into the sea by a very angry king.

Alone, afraid. And at night, his mother would whisper in his ear, [whispers] “Hold fast, Perseus.”

“Brave the storm that was made to break us for we are unbreakable as long as we have each other.”

And against all odds, he managed to find his way to a happy ending.

[Mr. Brunner] Percy?

[♪ music concludes]


[indistinct chatter]

I’m right here, sweetie! Mommy’s here!

[all laugh]

[Mrs. Dodds] Mr. Jackson, you will learn to control yourself, do you understand me?


Do you understand me?

He can’t help it, Mrs. Dodds. Percy’s special.

[indistinct chatter]

That’s enough.

[Mr. Brunner] Pay them no mind.

When you’re ready to hear what the gods have in store for you, they’ll tell you.

I believe in you.

And I believe you’ll be needing this.

[♪ gentle instrumental music playing]

[Mr. Brunner] Hmm?

Hang on to that.

‘Tis a mighty instrument.

There are all sorts of schools of thought about what drives that kind of bullying.

Childhood trauma, feelings of inadequacy…

Look, I get that Nancy has issues, I’m just getting tired of her taking them out on me.

I feel like… maybe it’s time to do something about it.

You could make an appointment to see Mr. Kane.

He’s really good at talking I was thinking more like shoving Nancy in the nearest dumpster.


[indistinct chatter]

[traffic rumbling in distance]

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, if there’s one thing I know about bullies, it is that you should never, ever stand up to them.

That doesn’t sound right.


I know this place is hard for people like us.

But we’re not gonna be here forever.

There are better places out there.


[Nancy] Oops.

[students laughing]

[Grover] Percy…


[Grover] No, don’t!

[students clamour indistinctly]

Percy pushed me!

[student] Nancy, are you okay?

[student 2] He just pushed Nancy!

[metallic droning]

[metallic ringing]

[Mrs. Dodds] There you are.

We’re not fools, Percy Jackson.

Mrs. Dodds, you okay?

[Mrs. Dodds] It was only a matter of time before we found you.

[screeches] Where is it, halfblood?

Where is it?

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]


[metal ringing]


[♪ music concludes]

Is he okay?

Is he dead?

[indistinct chatter]

[Mr. Brunner] Give him some room, please.

[indistinct chatter]

What happened?

Where’s Mrs. Dodds?

[Nancy] I didn’t do anything to him!

He pushed me.

Everyone, go back to your lunches.

It’s all right. Percy just needs a moment, that’s all.

I don’t understand. Didn’t anyone just see that?

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

Where’s Mrs. Dodds?

Percy, there’s no one here by that name.

All right, class, let’s move along. Let’s go. Finish your lunch.

[♪ music concludes]

[headmaster] The truth… can be so very hard to determine… but in this case, the truth seems very hard to deny.

Mr. Jackson, a number of your classmates saw you and Mr. Underwood arguing with Ms. Bobofit, yet you have offered no explanation for how she ended up in that fountain, other than, uh…

“I didn’t touch Nancy.”

Now, isn’t there anything else you’d like to say for yourself?

I didn’t touch Nancy.

[headmaster] Okay. [sighs]

Mr. Underwood? Do you have anything to add?


I do.

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

[headmaster] Go on.

Percy had told me earlier in the day that he wanted to get back at Nancy for all she’d done to us.


And he isn’t being truthful about what happened at the fountain.


[headmaster] Excuse me.

Are you saying you saw Mr. Jackson assault Ms. Bobofit?


I did.

[indistinct chatter]

[♪ music concludes]

[Mr. Brunner] None of this is easy.

Not for you, not for any of us.

I’m very concerned about you, Percy.

I saw what happened at the museum.

I didn’t touch Nancy.

I know you didn’t.

At least, I know you think you didn’t.

Do you want to tell me what you think did happen?

[birds chirping]

You can tell me. I might just understand.

You wanna bet?

[chuckles] Percy…

I’ve seen a lot of young people go through this sort of thing in my time, but of all of them, I suspect that… you might have the most difficult journey.

I suspect you are special.

So much more so than you know.

Just… stop.

Okay? I don’t need any more stories about how special I don’t realize I am.

[♪ emotional instrumental music playing]

They aren’t helping.

This is my ride. I’m going home.

[car approaching]

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

[super] There’s nothing wrong with the plumbing in this building.

Maybe you should see a doctor.

[Gabe] How do you know I’m not a doctor, huh?

[super] Have you considered eating more fruit?

[Gabe] Hey! I eat plenty of fruit. Have you considered eating more fruit?

[indistinct chatter over TV]


Oh! Hello, Percy.

Hey, Eddie, sorry about that.

I’m walking out, you’re walking in. I should be apologizing to you.

[indistinct chatter over TV]

[Gabe] W Hell, hello.

Welcome home, genius.

Is my mom home from work?

Oh, is that all you got to say to me? Huh?

After failing out of school?

I didn’t fail out of school.

[Gabe] Your principal called, and that’s what he said.

He said you got kicked out.

They called Mom’s cell.

You answer Mom’s cell?

I answer whatever’s ringing.

So, what’d you get kicked out for, hmm?

He said I attacked a kid on a field trip.


All right, if… But still, if you’re gonna live under my roof, you gotta live by my rules.

[Percy] Your roof?

My mom is the only one employed here.

Excuse me?

I have a job. What does it look like I’m doing right now?

Losing at imaginary poker.

You would think that because you’re a child, and you don’t understand things like

[sighs] Where’s my mom?

[Gabe] I don’t know.

I don’t know where your mom is. I’m not Nostradamus.

What are we doing, Percy? Every time!

Wow! Wow!

[horn blaring]

[siren wailing]

[♪ moody pop music playing, Olivia Rodrigo “logical”]

♪ But now the current’s stronger ♪

♪ No, I couldn’t get out if I tried but you convinced me, baby ♪

♪ It was all in my mind ♪

[inhales deeply]

[Percy] Mom…

I’m really sorry. I tried this time. You know how hard I’ve been trying, but this time, it really wasn’t my fault. It really wasn’t my fault.

♪ ‘Cause if rain don’t pour… ♪

[Percy whispers] I’m all wet now.

[Sally] I’m sorry. I’m just very glad to see you.

I found Gabe on the phone with the headmaster, he told me what he thinks happened with Nancy Bobofit.

I told him I believe my kid. It was a real short call.

Hey, all that matters is that you’re here, okay?

And that I had enough time… to pick up your welcome home gift.

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

Mr. Brunner called me, too. He told me about Grover.

Do you wanna talk about it?

Is there something else you wanna talk about?

Something happened to me. Something has been happening to me.

More than just my mind wandering and it got worse and… I’m scared.



[♪ music concludes]

[empty can clattering]

I don’t know how anyone expects me to get any work done Percy and I are leaving for Montauk.

I’ll… I’ll have the car back by Sunday morning.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Since when are you going to Montauk?

I called to reserve the place as soon as I got off the phone with Yancy.

Who’s Yancy?

The school.


And why exactly am I okay with this?

Because on my way home on Sunday, I’m gonna stop at D’Angelo’s and pick up sandwiches in time for tipoff, but if you make this miserable, I’m gonna go anyway and then I’m gonna eat my sandwich and yours while I listen to the game on the radio.

You know I hate watching the Knicks alone.

So do I!

W Make sure they put the hot peppers on my sandwich, please?

Not if you’re gonna ask like that.

I said, “Please.”

Please, could you have them put the peppers on my sandwich?

You got it.

Take your shoes off before you get in my car.

You understand me?

[Sally] We have a lot to talk about, but uh, that storm out there, it’s getting angrier, so let’s get ahead of it.

We’ll talk at the beach, okay? Pack your bag. Let’s go.

[♪ music concludes]

[thunder rumbling]

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[The Voice] Who are you?

So weak. So scared.

So sad.

Run away, little hero, before you get hurt.

[♪ music intensifies, fades]

[thunder rumbling]

We’re here.

On three?


One, two… [laughs] …three!

[♪ gentle instrumental music playing]

[thunder rumbling]

[Sally chuckles]

I found the good marshmallows. Ones that don’t burn so easy.

I don’t think it was ever the marshmallows’ fault I wasn’t paying attention.

Mom… I need to talk to you about something.

[♪ music concludes]

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

I’m used to feeling weird. I’m used to the world feeling weird to me.

Like a puzzle with half the wrong pieces.

I try to pay attention. I really try, but… then I’m daydreaming. I can’t help it.

But lately… it hasn’t felt like daydreaming. It’s felt… I don’t know. More real, maybe?

And then we were at the museum and…

You saw something.

Something that felt real to you, but no one else could see?

What did she say to you?

[♪ music darkens]

She? How did you know it was a she?

Do you know why we come to this cabin every year?

Because it’s near the septic tanks, so it’s cheap.

Mom, how did you know about that thing I saw?

We come to this place every year because this is the place I met your father.

My dad? What does my dad have to do with this?

A long time ago, I… met a man, here on the beach.

He was wise and brave and kind and… noble.

From the moment I first saw him, I knew that… that I had never met a man like him before.

And then I realized he was unlike any man I had ever met before… because h… he wasn’t a man at all. He was a god.

You fell in love with God? Like…

Like like Jesus?

Not God. A god. Percy… [clears throat] …the stories… that I have told you about Greek gods and heroes and monsters, they are real.


In those stories, I have told you about how gods and mortals would sometimes have children together…

Mom, please, stop.

…children called demigods…


…and sometimes they are known as half-bloods.

[♪ music intensifies]

That’s what the monster called me. Mom, what’s happening?

You are a half-blood.

And half-bloods are not safe in the world.

Once they reach a certain age and they begin… to understand what they are, terrible forces are drawn to them, driven to harm them before they can become strong enough to fight back.

That is what you have been feeling.

It has always been a part of who you are, it was always coming, I just–

Why are you telling me this?

Percy, I know that this is hard to understand, but you have to believe me that this is real.

No, this is crazy. Okay? I am not a god. There is something wrong with my brain.

I understand that I’m weird, believe me, I get it, but I’m afraid something may be really broken now.

Oh, baby, no

And– and now you’re telling me stories, like it’s gonna make it okay?

Well, I’m not a baby! I know there’s no such thing as monsters, I know there’s no such thing as gods, and I know for certain that there is no such things as demigods.

[knock on door]

Who’s there?

Mrs. Jackson? It’s Grover.


This is a little time sensitive. Could someone maybe open the door?

What is he doing here? I don’t wanna see him. Wait, Mom I asked to have the night, you said we could all leave in the morning.

[Grover] Sorry, I’m early, but I didn’t have any choice.

Things have changed, this is all developing a lot faster than we anticipated.


You should have asked me before you Whatever it is you’re gonna say, I don’t wanna… hear it. Grover?


Okay, so something’s coming…

[Percy] Grover.

…and I know that sounds really bad…


…but the important thing is not to panic.

I’m not panicking.


Great! I’m also definitely not panicking.

I feel very good about how we’re doing so far-



Grover, why is there half a goat in your pants?

Oh, it’s…

[♪ whimsical instrumental music playing]

Oh! Oh, boy, she didn’t tell you about…

You didn’t tell him about me?

You’re early.

So the important thing is not to panic.

[Sally] We’ll continue this in the car. Let’s go.

[thunder rumbling]

[Grover] My job has been to guide you to this moment.

It’s always an emotional rollercoaster for a young demigod, so providing a support system is really

Who are you?

I’m Grover. I’m your best friend and–

What are you?

I’m a satyr. And I’m your Protector.

You’re my Protector?

If I hadn’t gotten you kicked out of school, you’d have never survived the night.

And what’s chasing us now would have found you there easily.

I’m sorry.

Usually, I can sense danger coming a mile away, but this time…

Well, none of us saw Dodds coming.

So you knew.

That thing that Dodds turned into, you saw it happen?

Why didn’t you say anything?

I saw some of it.

The Mist kept her hidden even from us until it was too late.

Mist? What’s a mist?

The Mist. It’s the veil that hides the magical world from the human world.

My legs. Dodds’ wings. Even Dodds’ absence, but it isn’t supposed to hide things from me. That never happens.

Something powerful is at work here.

The sooner we get you to camp, the better off you’re…

You told him about camp, right?

Not yet, no.

[Grover] Camp is a sanctuary for half-bloods.

A safe space where you can learn who you are and what the world is like on the other side of the Mist.

Uh, it’s not far, actually, just a little ways past the bend up there.

Mom, what else haven’t we talked about?

What else haven’t you told me?

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[streetlight explodes]

Is that the Minotaur?

Once the attacks start, they never let up. Okay? Dodds was just the beginning.

He is next. He– he is brutal. He is relentless.

He is still wearing underpants.

[hooves thudding]

[Minotaur growling]

The Mythomagic cards were training.

Everything has been training for what’s still ahead of you.

What’s ahead of me?

[Sally] Boys.


[Grover] I’m actually 24.

Hold on, please.

[Minotaur growling]

[Grover yells]

[Minotaur growling]

[Sally grunts]

[Minotaur growling]

[Grover yelling]


[truck horn blaring]

[Sally screams]


[truck horn blaring]


[metallic scraping]

[tires skidding]

[♪ music concludes]

[rain pattering]

[thunder rumbling]

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

[banging on window]

[Grover grunts]



[Sally] Is everyone okay?

[Percy] Yeah, I’m okay.

[Sally] Okay. [groans]

This way!

We’re here. That’s the boundary. No monsters can cross it.

Percy will be safe on the other side.

“Percy will be…” But won’t all of us be safe?

Grover, I am entrusting you to protect my son, my only child.

Don’t worry, Mrs. Jackson, Percy will be totally safe at camp–

Swear it.

What’s happening?

Swear it, Grover!

Keep him safe from anyone or anything that comes for him, that wants to do harm, that looks at him the wrong way.

Do you understand me?

I swear!

[Minotaur roaring]

[Sally breathes heavily]

I gotta go now, sweetheart.

Go? What do you mean go?

I can’t go with you.

Why can’t you?

[Grover] She’s human.

You’re gonna need to be brave now.

Remember what I taught you. Remember the stories I told you.

Especially the stories, they will tell…


[Sally] …you everything…

No way! Mom, I’m not leaving you!

Perseus! Listen to me.

[♪ music becomes somber]

You… are not broken.

You are singular.

[♪ music becomes uplifting]

You’re a miracle.

And you are my son.

Hold fast.

Brave the storm.

I love you.

[Minotaur roaring]

[Sally gasps]

[♪ tense instrumental music playing]

We need to move.

[Minotaur roaring]

Give me your coat.

Why? What are you gonna do?

He smells halfblood, that’s what he’s tracking, yeah?

That’s right.

So if he smells you in two directions at once, maybe I can confuse him, buy us both a little time to get away.

Mom, please, don’t

[Sally] Hey!

It’ll be okay.

[Minotaur roaring]

[branches cracking]



[kisses] Go! Now!


Hey! Look!


Come on. Come on.


[Minotaur roars]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

[Minotaur growls]


[thunder rumbling]

[Minotaur growls]


[♪ music crescendos]


[♪ music fades]


[Minotaur growls]

[♪ somber, dramatic instrumental music playing]

[metallic vibrating, ringing]

[sword ringing]

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

Per Percy! Percy, no!

[Minotaur growls, bellows]


[♪ music intensifies]

[Minotaur groans, pants]

[Minotaur growling]

[Percy grunts]

[Percy grunts]

[Minotaur groans]

[metal ringing]




[metallic ringing]


[Percy grunts]

[Minotaur roars]

[♪ intense instrumental music playing]

[Minotaur snarls]

[♪ music concludes]

[♪ rousing instrumental music playing]

[camper] Is he okay?

[indistinct chatter]

[camper 2] Alone?

[camper 3] How is that possible?

[camper 4] Yeah.

[camper 5] Yeah, he’s okay.

[girl] He must be the one.

[Mr. Brunner] Hush, Annabeth.

He’s waking. Everyone, give him some space, please.

Welcome to camp, Percy Jackson.

We’ve been expecting you.

[♪ music crescendos]

[♪ theme music playing]

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

Let the games begin!

[campers shout]

[campers shout]

[Percy] It was so important I get here ’cause my father’s a god.

So, I’m gonna go find him.

[♪ theme music resumes]

[♪ theme music concludes]


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  1. This episode was great! Love how detailed the script was, but sometimes it was really hard to tell who was talking, so for advice, maybe make it a bit clearer?

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