Parasyte: The Grey – Episode 5 | Transcript

Despite being on the run, Su-in tries to warn Jun-kyung. But as Team Grey's raid plays out, Su-in and Kang-woo realize it's all part of a bigger plan.
Parasyte: The Grey - 2024 Tv Series

Parasyte: The Grey
Original title: Gisaengsu: Deo Geurei
Episode 5
Aired on April 5, 2024 (Netflix)

Plot: Despite being on the run, Su-in tries to warn Jun-kyung. But as Team Grey’s raid plays out, Su-in and Kang-woo realize it’s all part of a bigger plan.

* * *

[motor whirring]

[indistinct chattering]

Ah shit!

Oh, Deacon Kang!


That was actually a nice shot!


[Won-seok] Jeez, I wanted to play a round of golf with you,

but my goodness, I don’t ever seem to get any better.

[both laugh]

Hey, just come along anyway!

Ah, you must plan on sending Ju-eun to study abroad, don’t you?

I don’t know.

Our daughter’s still so young.

Oh! What are you saying?

Young children can learn languages better, you know.

You’re right.

Actually, I’m quite worried.

If they’re behind already, how can they succeed?

I just worry that our kids will end up just like us.

Hey, stop it. You’re gonna embarrass me. Come on.

[Won-seok’s wife] But it’s the truth.

Your career has no future. Not with a cop’s salary.

And there’s no promotion for you in sight.

I know that if we all pray hard together,

then you’re bound to receive a miracle to set everything right.

[chuckles] Amen, miss.

[woman 1] Mm-hmm. Yes.

Well, speaking of prayers, it’s about our pastor.

Just last week, he didn’t come to the service.

[Won-seok] Hmm.

Did you hear anything?

No, nothing.

And I heard at the hair salon earlier

that there might be trouble with the pastor’s wife.

Like, she was anxious.

I’m worried about her. I haven’t been able to reach her at all.

Say, how about I check in on them later on my patrol? I’m happy to.

So nobody worries? Yeah.

Oh! Thanks!

Where are people sending their kids to study these days?

[woman 1] Well, I’ve heard Canada is…

[man 1 on TV] The story today is about Korean tidal flats.

It was discovered that tidal flats can absorb carbon, which has sparked a lot of interest.

The academic world calls tidal flats a blue carbon ecosystem since they help reduce greenhouse gases.

Pastor Kwon?

…who will fill us in on the ways Korea…

Huh? Oh, uh, you’re in here, Pastor.


Please welcome Professor Yoon Ji-hun from Hankuk University.

Yes, hello. I’m Yoon Ji-hun.

[man 1] Professor Yoon…

Professor Yoon. Professor Yoon. Professor Yoon. Professor Yoon.

Professor Yoon.

T… tidal flats. Tidal flats. Tidal flats.

Pastor Kwon?


[Ji-hun] There are a number of factors that impact tidal flat formation.

It is often said that there are at least three oceanographic conditions…

[Pastor Kwon] Oceanographic conditions.

Uh, can you excuse me a minute?

Oc… Oc… Oc… ocean, ocean.

[unsettling music playing]

[gun cocks]

Pastor Kwon.


[parasite snarls]

[Won-seok grunts, groans]


[whimpers] Oh my God! Wh… what the…

What is…

You… are an agent of law?

[whimpers] Wha…

Our kind was created with one single mandate to obey.

One true cause.

“To eat… humankind.”


So I carried out thorough research on humans

and the vast domain that they have built.

Compared to Earth’s numerous creatures, you are unique.

Humans have built a very

interesting system.


You do not need to fear me.

I intend for you and I to join as allies.

And I believe,

as partners, you will also gain.


If you do not find my offer to be


then this is where you will die.

[Won-seok breathing nervously]

Just wait. I…


[Pastor Kwon] You see,

controlling a single host is inadequate.

I want to govern a human organization myself.

Attach myself as a parasite to the institution,

and then I can head humanity.

[hissing, snarling]


[music fades]

[breathes deeply]


[Chul-min parasite] What is that awkward smile?

It is better to appear serious, correct?

Ah, you really are adapting quickly now.

So you know,

this plan of yours, if it does happen,

I just think I could do a lot for you if I was on the National Assembly.

How does that sound?

Then take whatever position you desire.

This organization is nearly ours.

[cameras clicking]

[indistinct chattering]

[Chul-min parasite clears throat]


Good morning.

I am the leader of Violent Crimes Team, Kim Chul-min. Thank you for being here.

Today, I will give you a status update regarding our parasite investigation.

Recently, the Namil Police, together with the parasite task force,

executed a very thorough purge operation in the area.

Now, Namil-gun stands as an area that is almost entirely rid of parasites.

However, some survived,

and we know they are hiding somewhere in this region.

Even so, the Korean music festival

and the memorial in honor of Choi Yeong-jae

will go ahead as planned.

We continue to urge the public to remain vigilant

until we’ve eradicated all parasites

and they can threaten our freedom no more.

It has been decided

to make this information on these two individuals known

so we can locate them with your help.

First, Jeong Su-in. Twenty-nine years old.

Second, Seol Kyung-hee. Forty-five years old.

Both women are current residents of Namil-gun.

Their height is about 160 centimeters.

The two women pictured here…

Here’s your bag, sir. Thanks.


…witness anyone else exhibiting strange behavior,

please send in a tip

or call in to report it right away to the police

or the parasite task force here at the National Police Agency.

All the information collected about them

is on the National Police Agency’s website so everyone can see it.

Once again,

we urge you to provide any information you may have to the authorities

and to continue to offer us your cooperation in these times.

That’s you for everybody to see.

Let’s be on guard.

Why would they do this? Why take it this far?

The mayor is going to come to the festival here.

If Heidi and that other monster show up, things will get crazy.

He’ll jump bodies to be mayor right then and there.

[phone buzzing]


It’s me. What?

It is your sister.

Bitch, I suggest that you skip the “family ties” bullshit.

Let us meet.

Is this a joke, bitch? Don’t mess around.

Tell the woman who is of our kind.

She will be a better adjudicator.

Fuck that shit.

Go ahead.

If you saw the news, you know that you and I are in similar straits.

Now, we must cooperate.

You will come to Cheongil Garden.

[disconnect tone]

Wait, don’t tell me you’re going?

The thing that killed my friend Chul-min

is totally focused on being made into the leader of a whole city.

So what? Us two won’t stand a chance.

So let’s expand our team a bit, then.

[Kang-woo sighs]

[seat belt clicks]

[opening theme music playing]


[woman] Thank you.

[Chul-min parasite] Good work.


That briefing of yours was remarkable.

[Chul-min parasite] Ah, thanks.

As we planned, right? Or is there some problem with it now?

I wouldn’t say mistakes were made.

Although, you really looked out for Jeong Su-in

so much throughout this whole process.

Except it seems your perspective has shifted.

It seems so?

Taking care of people takes priority over my own beliefs.

Is that so?

You remember a little while ago at Saejin Church

when we broke up that group of parasites?

You found something of hers and put it in your pocket,

then met her later on to return it at the park that day.

So what was it that you found there?

Does that really matter that much now?

[unsettling music playing]

You must remember what it was. Seriously?

Or are you trying to deny that you found something of hers?

Would you care to elucidate?


You see, he’s a big teddy bear, you know?

All right, then, we’d better be going, yeah?

Let’s go.

She is suspicious, I think.

Let’s eliminate her.

It needs to be a mishap, then.

Like what?

Do as humans do.

Use the organization.

[indistinct chattering]

[Kang-woo] Hey, this is it? This the place she picked out?

I can sense her.

I know she’s nearby.

She picked a garden? Really?

[Kang-woo breathes deeply]

If Heidi and that monster start a brawl here, we’re caught.

[Heidi] She will know that as well.

You scared me. Shit.

You are going to remain here.


You will be an encumbrance at this moment because a part of you wants her dead.

[unsettling music playing]

Why did you ask to meet?

You and I must destroy the traitor to our kind.

The one who merged with Kim Chul-min and was once the pastor.

I must kill him.

His appearance on the news today was surely meant to provoke us.

It is an obvious trap.

He wants to draw us to him, then he’ll strike.

And how is that relevant?

I will destroy him, as I said.

But he is parasitizing a human organization.

Organizations are amazing things.

A creature on its own can prove feeble,

but an organization formed by individuals is highly resilient and powerful.

He understood this and made use of it.

So you want our assistance?

The human I am now integrated with may comply, though I cannot.

Well, you must want him punished too.

It is an unreasonable request that unnecessarily risks our existence.


[tense music playing]

And is that what matters the most to you?


[knife clatters]


[Kyung-hee parasite] Look at this man.

He tried to strike at me, knowing I’m stronger.

It was not a rational choice he made,

but I can understand now what made him still try foolishly.

I came to understand it when our kind were killed by the pastor.

Shit! Just stop acting like you understand!

We cannot reproduce to survive.

But we cannot live independent of humans.

All we can do is live as parasites on the human body.

Whose fault is all that? Huh?

[Kang-woo grunts, coughs]

[Kang-woo gasping]

[Kyung-hee parasite] No one’s fault.

We were never given a choice,

so we examined this proposition.

We asked, “Why do we exist at all?”

Then one of our kind explained it.

We exist so we can protect each other.

We exist in order to take care of each other.

And so an organization will help us hold on together.

And it is the one who helped us believe in this meaning…

that I want to destroy completely.

[Kang-woo] Hey, don’t be an idiot.

Anytime the guy in charge says that,

he’s just gonna stab you right in the back to get ahead.

What do you know of his intent?

[Kang-woo] You wanna know?

It’s the folk music festival ’cause the mayor’s gonna be there.

And he wants to grab the mayor’s head.

Assuming he grabs hold of the mayor,

it will soon be difficult for you two to live with human beings.

In the end, the humans will kill you.

So what will you do?

[Kang-woo] Hey, we’re gonna kill that bastard

so the mayor won’t get hurt.

And then, guess what.

You’re next.

Yeah, that’s my sister’s body,

and I’m gonna pluck that dirty head of yours right outta there.

Your plan will not go as you wish, human.

Until then, however, it seems we all share a goal.

[music intensifies]


[indistinct chattering]

[unsettling music playing]

[music fades]

Are the test results I asked for ready yet?

Okay, on my way.

[man 1] This is an image from the autopsy of Hunting Dog Number One.

And this is an image of a weapon that parasites can form from their bodies.

It’s something we’ve seen in various cases.

A mark like that… Is there any way it can be reproduced?

We created a similar kind of wound pattern by just making a cut…

[clears throat]…with a kitchen knife, and as you can see,

the resulting wounds are similar.

So the Hunting Dog could have been killed with a knife

that made it look like a parasite did it

when, in reality, it was just a clever trick?

Yeah, that’s not something we considered.

But it’s definitely possible that this was staged.

Do you want me to… review this case again?

[unsettling music playing]

That’s all right.

Well, since nothing is certain, let’s just keep this private, okay?

Of course.

[phone buzzing]

Yeah? At HQ.


[man 1 on monitor] Ah, Miss Choi.

We’ve received your report.

There’s a church in Gangwon-do marked with the same symbol

that was found at Saejin Church.

A report?

When and where did you get it?

Detective Kim received an anonymous report about the symbol a few hours back.

[Jun-kyung] Detective Kim?

[man 1 on monitor] Namil-gun is almost entirely free of parasites now.

Let’s deploy Team Grey to Gangwon-do to beat the parasites.

What do you think, Miss Choi?

We should be absolutely sure that the information is solid first.

That’s why we wanna send Team Grey to assess things.

It’s our best option.

Who will protect this area?

The local authorities should have no issues handling any threats

that could arise here.

So it’s decided.

You will go to Gangwon-do to deal with the parasites.

[indistinct radio chatter]

[unsettling music playing]

[distant whistle blaring]

[Won-seok] The advance party should get ready!

Go to that side. Go over there.

Yes, sir.

So what are they doing now?

Providing security at the event tonight for the mayor of Namcheon.

[sirens wailing]

[music intensifies]

[sirens wailing]

[phone buzzing]

[phone buzzing]


Yeah? Jeong Su-in’s not available now.

[Heidi] It is I.

[Jun-kyung] Jeong Su-in? Or are you the monster?

Correct, this is the monster you want murdered.


Careful, I’ll fall in love with you.

What’s going on?

We have made a mistake.

As you said earlier,

Kang is human, or so we believe now.

He is not a parasite.

But he now serves the pastor, who is their leader.

He is the one that killed your dearly cherished Hunting Dog.

Plus, he helped the pastor take over the body of his colleague.


Hang on. You said he was a parasite earlier.

Now he’s a human traitor?

So says a parasite on the pastor’s side before defecting.

But there is an even bigger problem.

They want control of the mayor.

The music festival is when the intended swap-over will likely occur.

What? Believe what I say.

We are going to the festival now

to kill him first.

Yet, there must be a contingency should we not succeed.

So you should also come and help us ensure that he dies.

[unsettling music playing]

So what’d she say about it all?

[Heidi] Not that much.

I will save my energy for the music festival now.

It begins shortly.

Yeah, sure, go ahead. Night night.

[siren wailing]

[Su-in] Won-seok and the pastor killed him because he figured out the truth.

Please believe me!

It’s pretended to be the detective since it took over his body.

I saw it all!

Turn around.

What? But what about Gangwon-do?

It’s on me, all right? Just turn around.

Yes, ma’am.

[siren wailing]

[tires squealing]

[fireworks exploding]

[children laughing]

[hip-hop music playing]

[crowd cheering]

[indistinct chattering]

[cameras clicking]

Not much so far, for now.

He might just be waiting for us to show up.

How’s your end?

Yeah, it’s like that here.

Should we move in yet?

[Kang-woo] No.

Let’s try and stick to Heidi’s plan.

He’ll sense it if unexpected parasites show up.

Stay out there for now.

I’ll try to monitor things and update you, okay?

[governor] You should try some hotteok.

[mayor] Ah, sure.

This is the most renowned shop in all of Namil-gun.

Is that so?

Yes, yes, yes.



It looks delicious, doesn’t it?

All right. Just for the mayor.

Here’s a fresh and hot one, sir. Oh! Take care, sir. It’s hot, like I said.

[all chuckling]


Oh no!

[woman] Oh! Oops!

Oh, I’m sorry.

[mayor chuckles] Oh my goodness.

It’s so chewy. This is really good, wow!

Is it made with some of our local flour as well?

No, imported.


Ah… [laughs]

See, Namil-gun is best known for cooking up tasty foods of all types!

[all laughing]

Your specialty is your cooking skills, is that right?

Yes, our cooking skills are the best.

Hey, you guys.

Check the mayor’s next tour area and make sure it’s clear. Head out.

[man 1] Yes, sir.

Yes, boss.

[fireworks exploding in distance]

Do we need others?

Human authorities are not expedient.

Heidi and I can work as partners, disposing of the target without aid.

Heidi’s not scared. It’s about me, in the end.

It’s all because

of how I’m breakable.

Her luck was just so bad.

Happening to crawl into a dying girl like me, I mean.

That’s why we didn’t swap entirely.

Because in order to live, she had to save me first.

Now she’s stuck, incomplete, in my body,

barely able to make her power last a quarter of an hour.

I became her trap.

She’s been made into a prisoner.

It is clear now

why she is that strong.


Generally, when our kind claims a human and takes control of the brain,

the host’s body is not really part of us in any way.

Much as the car you drive is not really part of you.

It can be replaced as may be necessary.

Because Heidi cannot replace her host,

she has to protect it as a part of her.

That is why Heidi has to be strong.

She always fights so desperately

in order to protect you.

[high-pitched ringing]

He’s moving now.

To where?

[tense music playing]

[people screaming]

[governor] Mayor! This way!

[screaming, clamoring]

[car horn honks]

[siren wailing]

[agent 1 on radio] Enter the festival grounds.

[agent 2] Move, move, move!

[tense music continues]

Go find the mayor. Now.

Right away, ma’am.

Yes, ma’am.

[people screaming]

[breathing nervously]



[people screaming]

Outta their fucking minds?

[gunshots continue]


Hurry, get up! Let’s go! Quick! Let’s go!

Hey, they’re taking the mayor away.

Hey! Come on, hurry! Shit!

[breathing nervously]


[Su-in gasps]

Jeong Su-in, it’s time to surrender!

Come out!

[Heidi] I can handle that woman, so you go ahead.

[Jun-kyung] Good. Just follow my instructions.

Ah shit.

[tense music continues]

[gun cocks]

[Jun-kyung panting]

[Jun-kyung gasping]

[grunts, groans]

[Heidi] Do you really need to kill me?

I simply want to exist like you.

I truly do not want to hurt you or anybody else.

The choice is yours.


Hey, over here.

[tense music continues]

What the…

His head’s gone.


Where are you?

The back lot? Roger that.

The back lot. The car is still parked there.

[mayor] The back lot, right? The back lot.

[grunting, groaning]


[blade rasps]



Seriously? Christ.



[Kang-woo] We’re on your side, okay?

[air hissing]

[unsettling music playing]

[metal clattering]

[breathing nervously]

He must poach a body soon or die. So take that one and…



[Kang-woo] Hey, a… are you all right?

[Kang-woo groans]

[Kang-woo grunts]

[unsettling music playing]

To you, I ask

for forgiveness.







How much longer you got?

Ah shit. Ah, there’s nobody here

to swap your body. There’s no one.

So how…

[squelching, crackling]

[Kang-woo panting] Where do we have to go?


The back! The back lot!

We have to hurry!

The back?

[door hinge squeaks]

[door rattles]

[tense music playing]


[Kang-woo] What are you doing? Run!

To the right, the right!

[mayor whimpering] Help! Help!


[Heidi] Hurry and escape this place now.

Heidi, Su-in, hang on. I’ll come back for you!

[tense music playing]


[Kang-woo] Hey, get him out of here!

[man 1] This way.

Just get him outta here now!

Right inside.

[groans, pants]

[unsettling music playing]

[Won-seok parasite] Mutant.

The first time you came to the church,

why did you decide to side with humans instead of us?

I did not think a mutant like me could actually gain your trust.

[Won-seok parasite] Why did you think that way?

I saw the similarities to humans you had.

[Won-seok parasite] Similarities to humans. I see.


Yes, you are correct.

It is true that neither I nor the humans would accept a mutant like you.

That is exactly what keeps the human organization strong.

They label the majority normal,

while the minority of mutants are called abnormal.

They obtain the support of the majority and strengthen the organization.

That is how the great life-form

that we know as the human organization is born.

And the power it wields is incomparable to a life-form as fragile as our own.

Human organizations sacrifice countless of their own kind for a single purpose.

And then, once they have achieved what they aimed for,

they build a shrine to the memory of the one who served as their head.

[music intensifies]

Memorial halls much the same as this.

Jeong Su-in!


Su-in? Su-in!

Ah shit!

[Won-seok parasite] Do you remember the command given to us

at the moment of our birth?

“Take over a human brain.”

I believe that command

did not simply mean to take over the physical brain of a human.

I believe it meant to take over the brain of the great, living human organization.

Su-in, join with me now.

If we cooperate,

we can rule it all.

Be the head of their organization.

The both of you freeze!

[tense music playing]

[Won-seok parasite] Shoot her.

Shoot her, Miss Choi! Please hurry! Shoot her, now!

Or else she’ll take your head right where you stand!

Miss Choi, shoot now!

[inaudible scream]

[tense music builds]

[music fades]




You knew he’d be the one I shot at, I guess?

[Heidi] I did not.

I do not have any skills in telepathy.

So then, why wouldn’t you rush me? I had a gun.

[Heidi] It is because I trusted you.

Jeong Su-in is a strange creature.

She has been badly hurt by those close to her.

And yet, it does not stop her from trusting others.

She chooses to be a vulnerable entity.

That is the way she is.

I wanted to let her trust.

Act as my example.

Jeong Su-in mourns being kept distant by the community of her own kin.

She wants to live among her people.

[Kang-woo] Su-in! Su-in!

Jeong Su-in! Su-in! Are you okay?

Su-in will be in your hands.

Hey, hey, hey! No!

Su-in! What do I do?

Hey, hey! Jeong Su-in!

Hey! What happened? What the fuck happened?

Su-in! Su-in!

[somber music playing]

[Kang-woo sobs]

Miss Choi!

Get these two to the hospital.

Isn’t Su-in a parasite, ma’am?

She’s a normal young woman.

[crying] Su-in.

[crying continues]

[music fades]

[scanner beeps]

[scanner beeps]


[Kang-woo] So what “meow”?



When are you done?

In two hours.

[Kang-woo] Hey, you’re working too hard. Isn’t it tough on you?

[Su-in] I’ll be fine. How have you been?

Me? [chuckles]

I recently joined a new organization.

You joined a gang after all you went through?

Hey, I mean, I can’t start one myself.

And I can’t stay a lone wolf forever.

The world’s a tough place, as you know.

[Kang-woo] Mmm.

Impressive, right?

Seol Kang-woo of Team Grey?

That Miss Choi lady even gave me these new threads.

I even got insurance.

You jealous?

I thought about it a lot.

The only real choice is to give it another shot.


[pensive music playing]

That’s great.

That’s really great.



Is something going on?


It’s kinda weird, but I got some mail, right?

And it’s…

it’s actually from Heidi.

She sent it to me and not you ’cause she wants me to read it out loud

in a human voice.

[clears throat] So here goes.

[imitating Heidi] “Hello, Jeong Su-in.” [chuckles]

Sorry, I’ll cut it out.

“This is my first time writing a letter, so please excuse any missteps.”

“I have been thinking a great deal about the meaning of our existence,

what others have said.”

“While I have yet to come to a final conclusion,

I consider it a great stroke of luck that you are the human I parasitized

and that I was unable to fully take over your brain.”

Ooh. Okay, so this part here?

You read this sentence. Uh, I just can’t manage it.


[wistful music playing]


So you know, Miss Choi said she has a spot for you on the team.

So don’t be a loner, okay? Call me if you wanna talk about it.

See ya.



[music fades]

[elevator bell dings]

Refresh me. Who is this guy?

Some kind of journalist, he says.

He says he’s an expert in the field when it comes to parasites.

He told us he has very important intelligence

he wants to share.

Oh yeah? You sure he’s not just crazy?

I’m sorry we kept you waiting.

Let me introduce Miss Choi Jun-kyung, the leader of Team Grey.

And you are?

Good afternoon.

My name is Shinichi.

[intriguing music playing]

[music fades]

[dramatic music playing]

[music fades]


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