Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – S01E07 – Will the Real May Please Stand Up? | Transcript

May finally faces her past. Duvall and Shaw follow traces of Godzilla and Hiroshi
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - S01E07 - Will the Real May Please Stand Up

Original release date: December 22, 2023

In 2015, May is kidnapped at the airport in Tindouf, Algeria by her former employer, Applied Experimental Technologies, who gives her the choice of spying on Monarch or being prosecuted. Cate accosts Tim when he arrives at the airport and asks him to help locate May. Tim, Cate, and Kentaro find May’s family in Tacoma, Washington and learn about her past from her sister, Lyra. They trigger a false Titan alert to rescue May from AET, but she chooses not to spy on Monarch and stay behind. Verdugo is convinced by Cate to secure May’s release in exchange for help understanding Shaw’s plans, and by Tim to take Monarch public as an explanation for the alert. After reaching an agreement with Monarch, AET rebrands to Apex Cybernetics.[c] Shaw and Duvall take over the Alaskan Monarch outpost and detonate a rift to the Hollow Earth to seal it.

In 2012, May – then known as Corah Mateo – is recruited by AET. Dissatisfied with the secrecy around her work, she hacks into AET’s systems and discovers that they are a front for Monarch’s cybernetic animal experimentation. She destroys AET’s research and flees to Japan.

* * *

[coughing, breathes deeply]

[airplane engine whirring]

What the f–

What do you think Dad was doing out there?

I don’t know.

I mean, he’s not working for Monarch anymore.

So, what? Was he chasing Godzilla on his own?

Why? For f-For fun?

[scoffs] I’ve never flown first class.

Do you think we will be in those pods?


Who gives a shit about pods?

Who gives a shit about him?

He took one look at us and ran away.

Well, maybe he was trying to get away from Godzilla.

And left us behind to get stomped on?

How is that better?

At least I got a first-class plane ticket out of May for screwing us over.

Where is she?

She went to the bathroom, like, 40 minutes ago.

[Kentaro] What did you expect?

You told her to stay the hell away from you.

[breathing shakily]

I’ve never been kidnapped before,

so how does this work?

Okay. Wait here.

May, are you in here?

Look, I’m sorry I told you to go to hell.




She wasn’t in there, but I found her passport and her phone.

Wait, wait, wait. Maybe she forgot it?

May? Our May?

[guard] They say transport will be there when we land. [sighs]


[guard] He said he’ll let us know.

[May chuckles] I don’t know.

Writing code is like being an artist, you know?

You have your studio, you work alone, you’re the boss.

Mmm. The boss of your parents’ basement.

Okay, basements are underrated. [laughs]

Basements are the new garages.

I remember those days.

Marathon coding sessions, you’re buzzed on caffeine.

So deep in, you don’t know how long you’ve been at it.

Till the sun comes up, pulling you out.

[chuckles] Or your mum coming down to do the laundry.


Here we go.


The end of the second bottle.

It’s when you give your big sales pitch and tell me how brilliant I am

and how I’m wasting my talent when I could be saving the world at AET.

And the money.

Of course, there’s money.


So it’s not your first rodeo then.

No, but this is by far one of the best meals.

Well, you missed the most important part where, quite frankly…

girl, I’m tired. [chuckles]


And I know you are too, of being the only one.

Look, you are brilliant, and you can work anywhere.

But I think the future looks better

if you create it with me.

And, girl, there is a lot of money.


You check in with airport security,

and I’m gonna see if she checked in for a flight.

This isn’t your classroom, Ms. Randa.

Well, I’m still the older sibling, so deal with it.

No way.


You-Where is she?


What did you do with her?

Damn it! [pants]

I have had a very weird day.

So, maybe you could just take it a little easy, okay?

Thank you.

Where is May?

[Tim panting]

What are you doing here? Are you looking for us?

[sighs, sniffs]

Actually, I’m, uh, trying to get hydrated,

figure out a way to get the hell out of here.

How are you?

You came after us with guns.

Uh, no. We came after Shaw, and you were supposed to go home.

Remember that?

What about the deal May made with your partner?

Wha-What deal? What?

The deal. You know what I’m talking about.

Look, my partner and I, we’re having some issues.

Issues? Issues?

People died out there. Is that who you people are?

Thank you.

No, that is not who we are.

Look, your grandparents, they created something extraordinary in Monarch.

They were fearless enough to believe

that the world is so much more vast than we could possibly imagine.

And they were humble enough to accept our tiny place in it.

Your-Y-Your father, he opened my eyes to that world.

What was he doing out there?

What do you mean?

He-He was here?

Was. He ran off.

He had some machine set up.

[breathes shakily] And then Godzilla woke up and–

But wait… [stutters] …what machine?

Is that what he was doing?

Was he trying to wake up Godzilla?

No. Your father spent his life trying to prevent

something like G-day from happening.

I believe that he’s trying to prevent the next one.

Prove it.

Monarch seems to be plugged in all over the world.

So, help us find May…

and we’ll help you find Shaw.

Excuse us. We’re-We’re gonna go talk.

Brother-sister stuff.

[cell phone chimes]

Brother-sister stuff?

You’re asking him for help?

Our options feel kind of limited right now.

They’re gonna wanna find Dad.

I don’t wanna find Dad.

We don’t even know what he was doing out there or why he ran off.

Kentaro, we can’t just quit now.

Yes, I can.

I started this crazy quest thinking that he might be able to explain this.

I don’t believe that anymore.

[Verdugo] Where the hell are you?

I am, uh–

Well, I’m at-I’m at the airport in Algeria still, I think.

Where’s Sabitha?

We can’t contact anyone on the team.

Uh, no, you wouldn’t be able to because they’re, uh–

[clicks tongue] they’re gone.

Uh, Sabitha, the whole team, really.

They’re-They’re-They’re gone.

What happened?

Godzilla happened, actually.

He was, um-He was here.

You’re, uh-[sighs] You’re sure?

Kind of hard to miss.

Majestic, terrifying.

Stay where you are. I’m sending a team to bring you in.

No, I can’t. I–

Why not?

The Randa kids are here. I need to help them do something first.

Also, I might need to piggyback some Monarch resources.

I don’t have any resources to piggyback.

Get your ass on a plane and report to the nearest Monarch base now.

If Godzilla’s on the move, we need a full debrief.

[groans] He was huge.

He appeared out of nowhere

and then he disappeared-guess what-into nowhere.

So, consider yourself briefed.

Consider yourself suspended.

I’m suspended? Okay, great.

Then I can speak freely because I think that you should hear this.

Had you not treated these kids like criminals, like I said,

then they might have led us to Godzilla instead of running to Shaw.

That’s why I have to help them.

[sighs] Help them do what?

I have to help them find their friend May Hewitt.

They-They think that we kidnapped her.

We didn’t kidnap her, did we?

Not that I’m aware of.

And have you told them the truth about their friend May?

Can we please just find May first?

What if she doesn’t want to be found?

Well, then she can tell us to eat shit and die.

But after all we’ve been through, she owes us an eat-shit-and-die to our faces.

[inhales sharply]

Tell me you really don’t care what happens to her,

and we can take our first-class tickets and climb into our pods and go home.

You see that? There and there.

[Barnes] It’s the same isotopic signature as G-day,

but the transmission rate is really funky.



[Barnes] Not like sour-milk funky or something.

I’m not, like, trying to step on your turf.

[chuckles] I’m, like, a big advocate of remote work.

Trust me. [chuckles]

But the gamma-ray signatures I was picking up,

they’re all peaking at the Alaska Rift, so…

Here you are.

Here I am…

[chuckles] …freezing my ass off.

Gotta pee. [chuckles]

[operatives murmuring]

[supervisor] What the hell?

[music playing through headset]

Good afternoon. Could we have your attention, please?

[supervisor] What’s going on here? What is this?

Who the hell are you?

My name is Colonel Leland Lafayette Shaw III,

and your base is now under my control.

You all may leave whenever you want.

You all know where the doors are,

which we will be locking down for operational security.

But before that happens,

you each have a decision to make.

A choice.

Now, you can go on as if the world hasn’t changed,

pretending that humanity didn’t just wake up

and suddenly find itself on the endangered species list,

or you can stand with us on the right side of history.

[door clicks]

[operatives murmuring]

It’s Barnes. I’m at Outpost 47-Uh, 87.

Eighty-eight. It doesn’t matter. Okay.

I need to speak to Deputy Director Verdugo.

No, I can’t hold.

[breathing shakily]

[sighs] Okay.

Can’t make any promises,

but I will do whatever I can to help you find your friend.

In exchange for what?

Just give us a chance.

Did you really know our dad?

He was one of the first people that I met at Monarch.

He was quiet, private.

I didn’t even know that he had two kids.

Scary smart.

He wouldn’t say anything for a while-you’d almost forget he was in the room–

then chime in with some perspective that would turn the whole thing on its head.

The guy, he didn’t miss a trick.

I mean, he used to write everything down with these little pencil stubs.

Shavings everywhere.


May told me if anything happened to her, I should call her sister.

Can you run a search?

Yeah. Um…

Uh, I should tell you

we did background checks on all of you while you were in custody.

The passport that she is using is fake.

Her real name is not May.

[Kentaro] What is it?

Corah, I’ve been meaning to check in on you.

Really? I’ve been trying to see you for, like, a month.

Ugh, sorry about that. This rebranding thing has been insane.

I’m holding Walter’s hand 24/7.


Yeah, I bet.

Hey, Brenda, I–

I do have to go, but call Taylor and we’ll get a lunch on the books.

Wh-Why did you hire me?

I know we had a few glasses of wine, but I’m pretty sure I told you.

Your work was brilliant.

That’s what you tell all of us.

I mean, it’s like you snapped up anyone

who’s ever spilled a Red Bull on a keyboard. [sighs]

We’re expanding. We need talent.

Talent. Really?

I’m here with Duri, the North Korea hacker,

and Toby from Candy Crush.

Are you too good for them?


Is this about your ego, Corah?

N-No, this isn’t my ego.

This is about you telling me that I could do great work here–

bleeding edge, you know-[stammers] help people walk again, see again.

And you expected that in your first six months, did you?


No, of course not.

I didn’t expect my code to disappear down some rabbit hole

at the Cybernetic Neuro-Interface unit, which sounds cool as shit, by the way.

I would like to work there.

That’s above your pay grade.

Really? ‘Cause you’re paying me a lot.

For which you signed a contract which stipulates any and all output you produce

while in our employ is the exclusive property of AET.

It’s not your code, Corah.

Are you serious?

There’s a seat for you at the table if you want it,

but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to earn it.

Everybody doesn’t get a trophy here.

It’s 819. Try it again.

Do you have her?

Dr. Barnes, where are you?

I don’t know. I’m at a gas station somewhere.

I was at Outpost 87…


…monitoring the gamma ray bursts coming from Alaska,

and then these people came in and took over.

What people?

I don’t know, but they had guns.

The guy in charge said something about,

uh, locking down the base for operational security.

Outpost 88 is offline.

Dr. Barnes, what was he doing there? Why Outpost 88?

[operatives chattering]

Oh, yeah.

So, Colonel, what do you want to take?

Are you kidding?

All of it.

Thought so.

You heard the Colonel. Let’s get these packed up.

[agent] Hurry up. Let’s go.

[Tim] Wait, slow down. Stop. That’s it. Stop, stop, stop.

[Cate] Are you sure this is it?

[Tim] It matches what we pulled for last-known.

[Cate] I just can’t imagine May living here.

[Kentaro] She didn’t, but someone named Corah did.

[Tim] Yeah. Well, one way to find out. [sighs]

I don’t know. I still think we should just tell them the truth. [sighs]

What if Corah doesn’t want them to know the truth?

That she’s been hiding out, using a fake name?

Or what if she’s protecting them from something?

We go barging in there and spill the beans.


We gotta play this cool.

So, follow my lead, okay?

[dishes clattering]

[Kentaro] Thank you.


Sorry, I don’t have much to offer.

Oh, no, this is awesome.

Thank you.



[May’s parent] Oh, yeah, of course.

Thank you.

So, how do you guys know Corah again?

From online mostly.

[clears throat]

Uh, then we connected in Japan.

Corah was in Japan?

Yes, briefly.

Uh, just passing through for work… [chuckles] …I think.

We’re all in an online manga group.

I see. Well, that sounds like fun.


Oh, yeah.

Did Corah tell you she’d be here?

[inhales sharply] No, uh-Well, so the three of us were, uh–

were in town, and we thought we’d take a chance, see if she was home.

I didn’t know she had so much family.

Yeah, a sister and a brother.

And Pawpaw and me, of course. [chuckles]

So you saw Corah in Japan?

Yeah, uh, briefly.

So you all live there?


Mm-mmm. [clears throat]

I do. I’m from Tokyo.

So, now you’re here in Seattle, looking for my sister.

[stammers] Yeah. Uh, we’re going to this manga thing.


What kind of manga is Corah into?


Just your basic shojo stuff.

I mean, obviously Naoko Takeuchi, Moto… [stutters] …Hagio.

She’s very, very big into Akira Toriyama.

Toriyama. [chuckles]

So, um, Corah doesn’t live here now?

Well, she had her own place. But, you know-[sighs] Mmm.

She travels so much now, she doesn’t really need it.

Yeah. Uh, when was the last time she was home?

Two years.

Two years and a month.

I still think we should tell them what happened with May–


We don’t know what happened with Corah.

Did you see her face? May’s mom?

Did you see the sister’s face?

She knows something, but she’s not saying.

How do you know?

There she is.

[Tim] All right. Get in, get in, get in.

[Kentaro] Left, left, left.

[Cate] Kentaro, please.

[Kentaro] Go faster!

[Cate] I know where to go.

[Kentaro] You have to go faster.

We’re gonna lose her.

[Cate] She’s right there.

She’s right in front of us.

[Tim] Not too fast.

It’s just keep-I’m just saying…

[Cate] I can still see her.

…keep a safe distance.

[Kentaro] There’s only one way in and out. How did you lose her?

[Cate] I did not lose her, okay?

We need to keep an appropriate distance to avoid–

[Tim] How did you lose her?

[Kentaro] Is that her car?

[Tim] That’s her car.

[Kentaro] Is she still in it?

[Tim] Slow-Just hold-Stop, stop, stop, stop.

[Tim] Jesus! God. [groans]

Get out! Get out of the car!

Who the hell are you? And don’t give me that manga bullshit.

I’m sorry we lied to you. [breathes shakily]

Are you with the company?

What company?

What do you want with my sister?

Tell me the truth.

We’re her friends. That is the truth.

We did meet your sister in Japan.

She’s been traveling with us, helping us solve our own family mystery.

Then good luck with that. But you need to leave our family alone.

She likes old tech, but thinks people who collect vinyl are hopeless posers.

Hell, she thinks most people are stupid, like me.

But it didn’t stop her from helping me when I needed her.

That’s a family trait.

Look, we just wanna make sure she’s not in trouble.

It’s too late for that.

[Tim] Wh-What do you mean?

Who is she in trouble with?

Who’s the company?

Applied Experimental Technologies, the company she worked for.


It is cake time.

Uh-uh. No, it’s not.

Not till we sing.

[chuckles] I know. It’s pretty though, right?

[Lyra] Yeah. Mm-hmm.

[May’s parent] No. No working. This is a birthday party.

[May’s parent] Hey. Hey.

I’ve-I’ll be right back.

[breathing shakily]

[Lyra] What’s going on?

I, um-I gotta-gotta go.

Mom wondered if you were running to puke because you were pregnant.

I told her you’re working too hard to be getting any.


Hey, what is it?

[May whimpers]

Corah, tell me.

I, um-I need you to-[smacks lips] I need you to get me some cash.

And, um, I need to take your passport.

You can report it stolen next week, okay?

What? Hey, come here.

[sighs] I have to go away, okay?

[sniffles] I have to go away.

I have to disappear.


I love you so much.

[stammers] What did you do?

[Tim] When was the last time you heard from her?

A couple of days ago.

She called.

She said she might be able to come back.

She’d made some kind of deal.

[Tim clears throat]

We’re gonna find her.

If you do find her,

can you just let her know that we don’t care what happened?

We just want her home, okay?

We will.

[engine starts]

[Brenda] Corah. Prodigal coder.


Can I get you anything?

Water, coffee, a good lawyer?

If I needed one of those, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation.

No, we wouldn’t.

So, what now?

I offered you a tremendous opportunity.

To be a part of something great, something transformative.

Yeah, I remember.

It was part of your sales pitch after the second bottle of wine.

I would have delivered on it.

Oh, bullshit.

I saw what you were doing.

And you thought that you, the boss of your parents’ entire basement,

had the power, the ability, the moral authority to put a stop to it.



[monkeys grunting]

[Brenda] What you saw down there was the future being created.

And I knew it was you the moment I saw that code.

Might as well have signed your work.

I think I wanted you to know that it was me.


It’s one of the reasons I recruited you.

But you wiped out years of research.

Millions of dollars of work.

Oh, whatever. I’m sure Walter has it in his couch cushions.

You’re such a disappointment.

Why didn’t you call the police?

There wasn’t a warrant.

We prefer to handle these things internally.

We got her on CCTV coming here about three hours ago.

Monarch has CCTV access?

I called in a favor.

How do we get in?

Are you gonna do the bag-over-the-head thing,

or does Monarch have a secret rescue system?

Wait. Do you have a rescue system?

Sort of.

Another favor?

Not exactly.

[barista] I have a double cap for Joey.

[phone alarms ringing]

[sirens blaring]

[screaming, clamoring]


It’s a relatively new program that we’ve been working on since G-day.

Japan has a similar system, but we haven’t actually gone public yet.

[Kentaro] Successful test.

[people clamoring, screaming]

[phone alarm ringing]

[alarm blaring]

[workers clamoring]


[stammers] Do you need to get that?

It appears the city may be in danger of an imminent Titan attack.

Okay, well–

Shouldn’t we go somewhere?

What do you know about monsters, Corah?

I-I know what everybody else knows.

Yet somehow you found yourself in the Sahara desert

in the middle of what Monarch refers to as an emergence event.

Okay. Well, why does that matter to you? You’re a tech company.

We’re innovators.

That’s why I recruited you.

Not to build on someone else’s tired ideas, but to see the future–

What, and the future is monsters? Look at this.

You wanted to help the paralyzed walk again.

Imagine what we can learn from a nervous system

that allows something as big as Godzilla to walk.

That’s what the Cybernetic Neuro-Interface were up to.

That’s the work you destroyed.

Okay, fine. I’m sorry.

Can we go now?

This is ridi-[sighs]

No need.

If this were real, we would have had advanced warning.

Your friends are obviously using this as a cover to rescue you.

I’d love for them to succeed.

You walk out of here, clean slate, and even make sure you get your back pay.


And you report back to me everything you learn about these Titans.

You want me to be your spy?

Just keep doing what you’ve been doing:

Living a lie.

Or we can handle this officially,

and you will need that lawyer.

There she is.

Welcome to AET.

I’m so glad we got this settled.

Thank you for coming in.

[May sighs] What are you doing here?

May. Hey.

You can just leave?

Come on.

No. Hey.

[sighs] I need to tell you something.

I’m calling to say I love you.

And I’m gonna call again for Mom’s birthday.

Um, okay.

Right. [sighs]


[in Japanese] Did you just take my picture?


[in English] I’m Kentaro.

I’m May.


My name’s not May.

My name is Corah Mateo,

and I used to work here as a programmer

until I did something that I do not regret.

It’s why I ran away, and it’s-it’s why I lied to you.

And you.

When you came to me with your dad’s files,

I thought that I could use them to get myself out of trouble.

I-[sighs] I didn’t care about helping you.

I didn’t care about your dad. I was using you.

I was using you to save my own ass.

And I don’t want to be that person anymore.

And that’s why I can’t go with you and I can’t go home.

I’m sorry.

You have to go.

We came all this way to get you.

I know, but I didn’t ask you to do that.

[stammers] I’m sorry for caring, May.

I really-Seriously, you need to–

May. May,

May, May.

My name is not May.

Are you listening to me?

I need you to get the hell out of here.

[Kentaro] Let’s go.

[Cate] What are they gonna do to her?

[Tim] Probably prosecute her for the damage that she caused.

Otherwise, make her work it off somehow.

I feel like they wanted something from her.

[Kentaro] Wait. [grunts]

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

[guard] Get in.


[guard] Move his head. Get inside.


[guard 2] Let’s roll.

[guard] Move out.

The Titan alert?


I improvised.

I didn’t think it was–

No, you didn’t think.

We’re in a crisis, and you’re yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

You said you didn’t have any resources.

You said you were gonna help Randa’s kids find their playmate.

Did you? Are we done playing Goonies now?

Excuse me–

Sort of. It turns out that she’s in a bit of trouble with AET.

[sighs] Right. Well, that’s done.

Now you have a job and an obligation,

and we have a plane to catch–

No, we can’t.

Because it’s possible we’re all about to be buried by whatever Shaw has planned.

Did you think about that?


Miss Randa, you’re getting back on a plane.

And this time, if you wander into the red zone, you’ll find yourself in jail.

Don’t talk to me like that. I don’t work for you.

No, you don’t. So stop acting like you know my business

simply because your name is Randa.

What I do know is that you have a Shaw problem.

You need to know where he’s going and what he’s doing. Am I right?

And you’re proposing a solution to this Shaw problem of mine?

Okay, schoolteacher. Thrill me.

I’ll make you the same deal I made him.

We found our dad’s map, we found our dad, and we found Godzilla.

All on our own, without you or Monarch.

You help us get May back, and we’ll help you find Shaw.

[May sighs]

Well, you made your choice.

Man, I used to love telling people I didn’t care about money

or the recognition.

And the moment you dangled it in front of me, I bit.

I was pissed at you, but I was pissed at myself.

The night that I broke into the lab, I couldn’t handle that.

So I screwed us both over.

So this is the moral of your story then?

From now on, I’m the only one who’ll pay for my mistakes.

Yes. You are.

[phone ringing]

Yeah? [sighs]

[assistant] There’s a Natalia Verdugo from Monarch here asking to see you.

There we go. Mm-hmm.


[May] Room for one more?

[all gasps]


[screams] Oh, my God.

[all screaming, laughing]

[Lyra chuckles] Hey!


[May’s parent chuckles]

[Lyra] Oh, my God!

[May’s parent] It’s you! [chuckles]

You happy with this agreement?

What do you think?

What is Monarch gonna say about the Titan alert?

PR will handle it.

Meanwhile, we need to get to Washington

and coordinate with the DOD to get Shaw contained.

I hope your little friends come through.

I know that that is priority, but…

[Verdugo] Mm-hmm?

I think that we-we should do-that you should do this,

the-the PR thing…

The only way to do that…

We have to bring Monarch out of the shadows.

[May] Hey!

[Cate] Hey.

What are you doing here?

Where are we going?

We are about to go help Monarch.

Monarch made a deal for my freedom with a corporation we shouldn’t trust.

We’re not in the clear yet. I’m going with you guys.

Are you sure?

You just got back.

What about your family?

Now I can call them anytime.

Come on. I wanna go with y’all.

Let’s go.



[chuckles] No, you can call me May.

M-May. [chuckles] May.

Please call me May.

[director] Okay, we’re live in three, two, one.

My name is Natalia Verdugo.

I’m speaking to you today as a representative of Monarch.

Monarch is a global collaboration of governmental and scientific agencies,

dedicated to the study of

Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms, or M.U.T.O.s,

including the creature we know as Godzilla.

Now, our mission is to protect you, the citizens around the world.

We bring the best minds

and the most cutting-edge technology to this purpose,

including the early-warning system that was triggered in Seattle yesterday.

And fortunately, this time it was just a false alarm,

and we regret any distress this may have caused.

But I take great comfort in knowing robust systems

are in place to give us ample warning in a real emergency.


I know that the events of G-day, they rocked the world.

A world where everything that we love, everything that we hold dear–

It just could be gone in an instant.

Now, let me tell you as a mother, I share your fear.

But this is now the world we live in.

Monsters are an inescapable reality,

a constant threat

that we must learn to survive.

And I believe we can.

Together, I believe we will.

That is my commitment to you.

And that is Monarch’s commitment to you…

Thank you.

Yes, sir?


I think if she sticks to our agreement, it could be very fruitful.

Oh, yes.

[computer chimes]

It just arrived.

I think it’s perfect.

A bold statement for AET’s new corporate mission.

Good night, Mr. Simmons.


[operators shouting]

[explosives operator] Armaments are all set.

Shaw here. Talk to me.

[explosives operator] Colonel, both teams are at the safety points.

[Lee] Are we clear?

[operator] Affirmative.

Inner circle, standing by.

[operator 2] Copy. Outer circle, ready.

[operator speaks indistinctly]

Copy. Clear.

All right. Let’s bring the roof down on these things once and for all.

Ready for you, sir.

All right. Here we go.

Inner circle, on my mark.

Three, two, one, mark.


[operators clamoring]

[operator 3] It’s clear.

[operator 4] Sir, look!

Outer circle, mark.


[operator 2] Fall back. It’s near the ground!


Now, watch this.

Get us out of here now.




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