For All Mankind – S04E09 – Brazil | Transcript

Things start to go awry just as an important mission approaches a critical juncture
For All Mankind - S04E09 - Brazil

For All Mankind
Season 4 Episode 9
Episode Title: Brazil
Original release date: January 5, 2023

Episode plot summary: Sam causes damage to the discriminator, necessitating Ranger to replace it, which in turn grants Dev’s team access to the Ranger, providing them an opening to guide Goldilocks into Mars’ orbit rather than Earth’s. Lee commits North Korean resources to the mission and vows to ensure the operation’s secrecy. When an American spy device is discovered on the North Korean module, the North Koreans insist on an inquiry led by Poole, inadvertently pointing to Miles Dale as a potential suspect. Over dinner, Sergei, Aleida, and Margo discuss strategies to accelerate the financial benefits from Goldilocks. After Aleida and her family retire, Sergei proposes to Margo that they flee to Brazil to contribute to its space program. Discovering several missing backup components, the leaders of NASA and Roscosmos initiate a probe, leading to a violent interrogation of Miles by CIA and KGB agents on Happy Valley. Ed confides in Kelly about his apprehension towards retirement and inquires about her involvement with Dev. The North Korean commander, while inspecting the OpsCom created by Dev’s team, is rendered unconscious and incapacitated by Lee. In a shocking turn, Sergei is fatally wounded, and his death is misleadingly portrayed as a self-inflicted act.

* * *


Hey, Jim.


[Rich] Linking to S-band four.

We have signal lock.


Okay. We’re back in.

Ready to send encrypted test ping to Ranger.

[Dev] Hey, make sure he’s got the right encryption.

[Ed] Better work this time.

[Dev] I feel good about this one.

[Miles] That’s what you said the last 20 times.


Transceiver connected.

Safety bypassed.

[Dev] Ping.

[worker] Transmitting ping to Ranger.

[device beeping]

[sighs] No joy. Their discriminator just kicked us out again.

[Miles] Sam’s been on Ranger for a month.

She should have replaced it with ours already.

If she doesn’t get that discriminator up and running in the next 48 hours–

Goldilocks burns for Earth.

And there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

[crew muttering]

[Danielle] Ranger, Happy Valley.

Transmitting simulated burn termination command.

Please confirm acquisition and authentication.

[device beeps]

[Ravi] Happy Valley,

Ranger has just received your simulated engine shutdown command.

Main engine cutoff verified at 19 minutes 58 seconds.

And we show good engine shutdown.

Neatly done, Ranger. That was beautiful.

[Ravi] It was simply a matter of superior cunning and skill, Commander.

[Danielle] We’ll run that drill again in seven hours.

Gotta keep these procedures fresh. We won’t get a second bite at that apple.

Roger, Happy Valley. Be back with you in seven hours. Ranger out.


[line clicks]

Okay, people. Let’s continue our simulated shutdown procedure.

Verified discriminator active?

Discriminator shows active.

[Ravi] Okay.

Reduce fusion reactor one through four output temps to standby.

[worker] Fusion reactors one through four are in standby mode.

[Ravi] Very well.

Rozhenkova, simulate reactor thermal power reduction to 50% on reactors one through four.

[switch clicks]

[Rozhenkova] Power reduction to 50% simulated on reactors one through four.

[Ravi] Mr. James, please report the condition of our mechanical connection to the asteroid.

[Palmer] Anchor stress nominal in all respects.

Sensor self-check shows no failures. Green board.

[Ravi] Very well.

[Rozhenkova] Main propulsion systems are nominal.

All temps and pressures in the green.

[Ravi] Okay.

Let’s run a simulated off-scale high pressure reading on argon tank two.

[switches click]

Primary and secondary.

[Rozhenkova] Confirm.

Monitoring the simulated off-scale high pressure indicating both primary and secondary.

[device crackling, buzzing]

[worker] Christ. Thing’s cooked.

We’re not gonna get any NASA control signals through this.

We certainly don’t have the time to fix it. Next drill’s in three hours.

Log it. Put in the spare.

I know where it is. I’ll get it.

[Ravi] Thank you, Massey.


[crew chattering]

These are the methane concentrations our robots detected during our lava tube test just outside of Happy Valley.

And this is the data they sent over this morning from Korolev Crater.

[Alex imitating planes]

Of course, these are just preliminary results but…

[Alex continues imitating planes]

[Kelly] Dev.

Oh, sorry.

That’s Korolev Crater?

The heaviest concentrations are there, yes.

But there are also substantial signatures coming from Chasma Australe near the south pole.

Both of which are far from known volcanic regions.

Any data yet on what’s producing the methane?

Could be deep subsurface volcanic activity.

Or better yet, the Holy Grail.

Methanogenic bacteria?


Looks like you got your work cut out for you.

All right. Stick with it, Kelly.

If Martian life is out there, I want it to be you who finds it.

Oh, you’re leaving? I have a lot more data to show you.

I’ll be right back. I got a couple things I gotta take care of.

With my dad?

Why do you ask?

You two seem to be spending a lot of time together lately.

Which is surprising honestly, considering your history.

Yeah, he’s–

His experience up here is incredibly valuable with the asteroid capture mission coming up.

Hmm. He didn’t mention he was working on that.

But then again, I haven’t seen him in a few days, so…

Yeah, it’s been very time-consuming.

But he’s thrilled to have you.

You know, he can’t stop talking about the little guy.

Yeah, I’m, uh…

I’m glad they’re getting closer.

I just, uh… I don’t know.

I thought we’d be closer too.

I know it sounds stupid considering everything that’s–

Not at all.

I understand. Believe me.

I didn’t have the chance to make things right with my dad.

At least you still do.

Anyway, I should get going.

Hey. Great work, Kelly.

You want our eyes?

We need to see the whole base to make sure no one’s on to what we’re doing.

Dangerous. It’s very dangerous.

Well, so was staying alone on a North Korean capsule for seven months.

That was not choice. This is a choice.


My wife.

What is your status?

Lee, it’s complicated.

Tell me. She is not safe.

Well, like I said before, things are in motion.

We’ve got a good plan now to get her out of North Korea, but sneaking her onto a Helios transport launch, well, that’s even more complicated.

[Ed] Lee, don’t you see what we’re doing here?

This asteroid is gonna secure the future for Mars, for you and your wife.

It is good to have family with you.

As you do.


I help.

Good to have you on board… [speaks Korean]

[Rich] All right. I’m getting video and audio feeds from PRK.

And now we’ve got Ops-Com.

I never thought I’d say this, but God bless North Korea.

[worker] You ready for status update?

[worker 2] Ready for uplink whenever you’re ready.

[worker 3] Happy Valley, confirming we have the backup discriminator installed and will be up and running for the next simulation.

[Dev] Do you hear that?

It appears Samantha Massey may have just vindicated your faith in her.

[Danielle] Copy, Ranger. Thanks for the update.

But let us make sure. I’ll test it again.

[Danielle] EECOM, start preparing the next burn simulation for transmission to Ranger.

[Dev] Send another ping.

[device beeping]

[worker] We’re in.

[Miles] Yes.

Come on. Yes.

Ranger authenticated our ping.

All right. Good job, everybody.

Our discriminator’s in and we control their engines.

[Dev] Here we go.

[Aleida] And after doing multiple risk assessments over this past month, we don’t feel we can expedite the mining schedule any further.

I’ve gotta say, the president is gonna be very disappointed with this projected two-year delivery timeline.

There’s gotta be a way to get the iridium to market more quickly.

We could build more ships, with drills, dirt movers.

That will, however, drive up costs.

Oh, Christ, no.

We’re already looking at a trillion dollars.

If I tell him it’s gonna cost even more, he might just fire us all.

Well, I appreciate the ideas.

Keep spitballing and, uh, let’s see if we can get something that sticks.

Right. Eli, when can we expect funding approval to clear for the next generation of Mars transports?

Uh. Let me get back to you on that.

[Aleida] But we’re bumping up against source deadlines.


Just imagine what we could accomplish if these fucking politicians got out of our way.

Their great skill is putting off decisions until absolutely necessary.

Could I get you to weigh in on these trajectory calculations?

[Aleida clears throat]

[Margo] I need you to get this to Sergei.

I want a fresh pair of eyes on these dispersal trajectories.

We need to be completely certain that we’ve accounted for the worst possible case before we pitch the powers that be.

No, I’m done with that.

I’ve been passing these notes between you guys for the past month.

We don’t have time for all this back-and-forth.

But we need his help.

He understands translunar trajectories better than anyone.

Okay. But we have to do this face-to-face.

Where? They’re watching me 24-7.

We can meet at my house.

We’ll tell them we’re working on this there.

That’s risky.

What part of this isn’t?

[in Korean] What’s wrong with the screen?


There’s never been static like this before.

Perhaps it’s because it’s an old monitor.

What is going on?

The surveillance monitors are malfunctioning.

Of course it is malfunctioning. This is a mess!

Sir, let us resolve the issue, you should not have to–

[commander] Hold on…

What is this?

I do not know.

This American espionage equipment was found on sovereign soil of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!

We demand an explanation for this outrageous behavior!

[in English] I take it you found this thing in your complex?

This cause static on screen.

What screen?

[in Korean] She wants to know which screen.

[in English] Oh, I see.

So, you found this hooked up to the system you use to spy on us. [chuckles]

[in Korean] Tell her the Democratic People’s Republic demands whoever did this to be punished!

[in English] Commander Cho demand you investigate.

I’m happy to help, but it would mean that we need to come into your complex to see where the device was discovered.

[in Korean] She wants to send her people into the module to search it.

[chuckles] No!

We will countenance no intrusions into our territory.

If the People’s Republic of Korea is intruded upon, there will be devastating consequences.

[in English] I don’t have time for this right now. All right?

Can’t this wait until after the asteroid mission?

[in Korean] The commander apologizes for your inconvenience.

[in English] In the meantime, I can track this down.

It’s got a NASA serial number. That’s the best I can do.

[in Korean] She says she will convey your demands to NASA.

She’s stalling.

Tell her to immediately arrest and question Helios technician Miles Dale. He’s the only one who has been in our module.

Commander wishes to express his–

Miles Dale?

Ms. Talmadge?

Yes, Commander?

I have a part I need you to track down.

See where it came from, who had access. Immediately.

Aye, aye, Commander.

She is a useless tool of the decadent capitalist system.

I will investigate this incident myself.


[in English] Thank you.

[Danielle] Hey, Lee.

How you doing otherwise? How’s Moon Yeong?

Um. It is difficult being parted.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

But we will be back Earthside before you know it.

You know, Zay, out of everything I’ve done in my life, you are my proudest achievement.

To see you grow up to be a fine young man, and now gone on to have a family of your own.

I just–

Well, that means more to me than any mission patch.

And I intend to be the best goddamn grandma on the planet. [chuckles]

So what, we got three months until the big day, huh?

Yeah. Goldilocks should be well on her way to Earth by then.

And so will I.

One of my regrets… is that I never got to see you take your first steps or say your first words.

And now I’ll get to do that with your daughter.

Sorry, that…

That took me by surprise. [chuckles]

I’m just so happy.


Anyway… [laughs]

I know you hate Star Trek… [laughs] …but you better get used to it because I’m gonna make sure that my grandbaby is a full-blown Trekkie.

That’s right. We’re gonna watch all the series. All three of them.

And The Twilight Zone, and The Bob Newhart Show. [laughs]

M*A*S*H, Columbo… [continues]


[Victor] Margo.

[Aleida] Come on in.

[Margo] Thank you.

Is, uh–

I got here a couple of hours ago.

You sure nobody saw you come in?

I parked four blocks away, went through neighbors’ yards.

Thank you for coming.

Oh. Of course.

[Aleida] Shall we get started?

[Margo] Okay. We can use these updated CG estimates to determine thrust vectors.

I think you also need to consider center-of-mass dispersion.

From inertial compressive forces during the burn.

That’s really smart.

[Margo] Agreed.

The trajectory’s set, Earth will be mining Goldilocks in less than nine months.

It is a good thing, yes. But it is nonetheless a shame.

[Margo] What is?

[Sergei] The asteroid will come to Earth and all investment with it.

There will be no more reason to put money into Mars.

The M-7 is very committed to Mars.

They said–

Yeah, what they always say.

But Korzhenko only cares about enriching himself and his cronies.

The asteroid now will do this, so they will withdraw from Mars, then NASA will too.

Just like they did with the Mars program in the ’80s.

Until we forced their hand. Remember, Margo?

Without competition, there is no progress.

[sighs] Okay. Um. I think that’s enough geopolitical fun for one night.

Kids, come on. Clear the plates.

Sorry to have hijacked your home, Victor.

No, no.

No, it’s okay. Please keep going. Um. They just need to go to sleep.

[grunts] Dad. It’s only 9:00.

I know. Come on.


Before you go, how about a little palate cleanser?



[chuckles] Thanks.

Margo. I also have a little gift for you.

And don’t forget to brush your teeth.

I haven’t listened to this record in… too long.

Thank you, Sergei.

Have you–

Have you thought more about my idea?

Us leaving?

I’ve-I haven’t had much time.

We’ve just still got so much to do.

Once this asteroid is on a course for Earth, Irina Morozova will order you back to Moscow, and we will never see each other again.

You-You don’t know that. There may be other opportunities.

No, there will not.

Then what?

We just run, hide out in some apartment somewhere, and stare at the walls for the next 20 years?


I have a friend high up in the Brazilian space program.

We reach out to him, offer our services in exchange for protection of their government.

You think they would go for it?

They would be overjoyed.

You and I, we could help build Brazil into a major space power.

It would be like the early Apollo-Soyuz days.

I suggest Soyuz-Apollo

for the sake of convenience.

[speaks Russian]


Together we will finish what we’ve started.

I’ll, uh…

have to think about it.

There is so little time, Margo.

I know. I just need to see this mission through first.

The video tap serial number, which you can see here, indicates the component arrived on Phoenix with the last transport.

It was duly scanned in. There is no record of it leaving Phoenix.

And indeed, the cargo master found the box right where the inventory said it would be.

The seal was not broken, but when she opened the box, the contents had been replaced.

Now, Eli, I’m sure you’ll agree that this indicates a serious problem.

The last inventory was a month ago.

At that time, all the crew did was scan the packaging.

They did not check that the contents matched the labels.

So I ordered a thorough inventory, which revealed substantial thefts– largely communications and computer gear– which you will find listed in the attached file.

[Danielle sighs]

Eli, I think we have a real problem here.

Not just theft but possibly something much more serious.

I mean, what could they want with all that equipment?

[line clicks]

[phone beeps]

Get Will Tyler up here.

And see if you can get Irina Morozova on the horn in Moscow.

[in Korean] Commander Cho, your tea is ready.


[in English] The CIA has reviewed the list of stolen equipment.

It’s highly sophisticated communications gear that has no practical value on the black market.

Then why steal it?

Its only purpose is to monitor and communicate with a spacecraft.

Now, the only spacecraft carrying cargo with any significant value within the vicinity of Mars is–

[sighs] Ranger.


Given the recent acts of sabotage in Happy Valley, we must treat this with utmost urgency.

Do you think someone wants to sabotage the asteroid mission?

We should assume so. There’s too much at stake to turn a blind eye to this.

Here we are, on the cusp of transforming the lives of over six billion people for the better, and a handful of anarchists want to blow it all up.


[Irina] As Dostoevsky once said, if you build a crystal palace, no matter how resplendent, there will always be some asshole who wants to bring it crashing down.

I’m simplifying, of course.

Well, whoever it is, we need to find them before they commit acts of violence against Ranger.

We’ve got good people on that ship, and I won’t have any more lives lost on my watch.

There are less than 24 hours until the burn.

If they’re gonna do anything, they’ll do it before then.

I recommend activating our undercover assets in Happy Valley to gather more intelligence.

Let the CIA and KGB find whoever is behind this.

Tim, get me Director Hanlin.

Can’t say I’m surprised that there’s intelligence operatives up here, but, Mike, never thought you were one of them.

Well, I wouldn’t be much good at my job if you did.

And Mr. Avilov.

Now, you were pretty vocal during the strike.

An operative must move amongst the people as fish swim in the sea.

So what, the KGB and CIA are working hand in hand now?

Just like you did for Apollo-Soyuz.

Yes, that was very courageous.

Well, we are all aware how important Goldilocks is to our two countries.

Which is why we gotta get to the bottom of this.

People’s lives are at stake here. People we all know up on Ranger.

We have a few ideas on where to start.

[Danielle] Good. One last thing.

The North Koreans mentioned someone named Miles Dale to me. Maybe it’s nothing.

[Avilov] I know him well.

He runs black market.

Hmm. He could be involved.

Good to know. We’ll interview him.

[Danielle] Good. Keep me in the loop.

In the meantime, I’ll authorize another search at the base.



[Ed] Oh, Kel.

Hi, Dad.

Hey. Everything okay?

We need to talk.

I-I’m sorry, kiddo.

I-I really-I can’t right now. So…

Why not?

I-I-I-I just can’t.

I’m in the middle of something with work, so…



Yeah, I know.

There are search teams tossing the entire base looking for missing com gear.


You know anything about that?

No. Why would I?

I don’t know. You used to think Dev Ayesa was the devil incarnate.

[Ed scoffs]

Now you two are acting like best friends whispering in corners.


Why don’t you tell me what’s really going on?

Nothing’s going on. I swear.

Stop lying to me.

You think I can’t tell, but I know you, Dad.

You’ve been lying to me ever since I got here.

Before that even.

What’s really going on with you?

[worker] Stand back.

[worker 2] Is it right?

[workers muttering, clamoring]

[worker 2] SL3-17.

Where are you headed?

SL3-14. Environmental system repair.

Go ahead.


Come in.

[Miles] Uh, hello, gents. I’m here to fix your circulation problem.

Uh. Glad to hear it.

Yeah, we have a big problem.

But not with the circulation.

Have a seat.

[grunts] When I was younger, I wasn’t afraid of anything.

Not even death.

I always thought I’d go out in a… blaze of glory.


He once told me about his father when he got cancer.

His dad was a marine. Tough as nails, but… towards the end… he was terrified.


I just– I don’t wanna wind up like that, Kel.

[Ed sighs]

The reason I didn’t want to come home, ’cause I don’t wanna end up in a nursing home with a diaper, wearing a drool cup, squeezing a ball of wax in front of the TV and not remembering who the hell I am anymore.

Up here, I– I’m doing something meaningful.

I’m building something.

Something that could last after I’m gone.

S-Place where my… grandson could live.

Possibly even his children too.

Why didn’t you tell me all this before?

I thought you’d… think I was crazy.

I don’t think you’re crazy.

Maybe a little.


I’m sorry, Kel.

I should have been there for you and Alex.

And I never should have lied to you.





So you’re gonna tell me what you and Dev are up to?

[Bishop] Radios, cabling, network switches, monitors.

There’s pages of this.

Items scanned in for shipment, then suddenly disappeared.

Wow. Someone took all that?


I mean, here you are looking at charges of smuggling, tax evasion, and you won’t help yourself.

You just laugh it off like it’s nothing.

I don’t know who took all that stuff. I mean, think about it.

I-I sell underwear and mouthwash and foot powder.

Things that make people’s lives a little bit easier up here.

Who would want this com gear anyway? I mean, it has no practical use.

Unless you want to fuck with Ranger.

Dev Ayesa broke strike.

A lot of people are still pretty pissed off about that.

Maybe so pissed they came to you for help to get their revenge.

Why would I risk everything? I mean, everything I’ve built.

I was against the strike right from the very beginning anyway.

You could ask anybody, they’ll tell you.

You want us to go ask a bunch of terrorists to vouch for you.

Nick Jennings was a friend of mine.

Did you know his suit melted into his flesh?

Can you imagine the unbearable pain he must have been going through in his final moments?


I swear I had nothing to do with that.

[Bishop scoffs]

Hey, man. Hey–


Hey! [grunts]

Get the fuck down.

Look, man!

Fuck, you’re breaking my arms, dude. Fucking shit, man.

[Gerardo muttering]

Fifteen meters or something.

[worker] Yeah, just about.

[Gerardo] Okay.

[worker] Think you can do it?

[Gerardo] Yeah…

[radio chatter]

[worker] There’s an access tunnel. If you wanna go.

[Gerardo] Okay. Show me.

[worker muttering]

So right here, you can access by the main tunnel without anybody seeing you.

[Gerardo] It’s been a while since… [muttering]

[worker chuckles]

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

[worker] He’d still be here.

[worker mutters]

[Gerardo murmuring]

[worker] Okay. So, what you’re gonna do is you’ll be going through the, uh, access tunnel.

You got any family down on Earth?

[Gerardo] Both of ’em. Brother and two sisters. Parents.


[worker] We’re gonna be in Happy Valley a lot longer than we planned.

[Gerardo] Gotta think Dev and Old Man Mars will have a plan for that too.

It’s been a while since we… [chattering]


[Gerardo] Don’t particularly…

[person grunts]


[Gerardo] What the fuck?


[Gerardo] Oh, shit.

[both grunting]

Call the guys.

What the fuck?

What the fuck, man?

[all grunting]


[Cho speaks Korean]


[in English] What the fuck?

[jazz music playing]



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