Death and Other Details – S01E07 – Memorable | Transcript

Imogene walks in Rufus's shoes, revisiting the investigation into her mother's murder eighteen years ago.
Death and Other Details - S01E07 - Memorable

Death and Other Details
Season 1 Episode 7
Episode Title: Memorable
Original release date: February 20, 2024 (Hulu)

Imogene walks in Rufus’s shoes, revisiting the investigation into her mother’s murder eighteen years ago.

* * *

[ambient street noise]

[buzzing, clanking outside]

[Imogene groaning]

[car alarm blaring]

[loud traffic rumbling]

[vehicle beeping]

[jackhammer rattling]

[groans] Oh, God.



What the hell?


Oh, fuck this.

♪ Light, mysterious music playing ♪

What are we doing here?

Start from the beginning, you said. This is the beginning.

Yeah, when I said, “Tell me everything,” I meant about my mom’s case.


You should probably get that.

Get what?

[buzzer buzzing loudly]

[Imogene groans] [lamp shatters]

God! That’s your buzzer?

That’s what it feels like the morning after six whiskey high balls

and too much karaoke.

Don’t forget that.

Memory amplifies. Memory diminishes.

It is malleable.

Memory… is a muthafucka.

[knocking at door]

Rufus, what the hell? You’re supposed to be ready.

And what are you thinking, taking on the Kira Scott murder?

Did you even read the file I worked up?

The case is six months old, cops have exactly nothing.

It’s a dog, with fleas.

I thought Danny was the one that wanted to solve the case.

You forget we haven’t met you yet.

Your next line is, “Lawrence Collier is a billionaire.”

Lawrence Collier’s a billionaire.

Exactly. He’s high profile.

If we don’t get results, the whole world knows,

and our perfect record goes down the crapper.

IMOGENE: So, that’s why you took the case.

You wanted his money.

Well, I warned you. You would not like me much.

I didn’t like you before.

I’m going to walk you through my investigation of your mother’s case.

Warts and all.


RUFUS: Pay attention. I’m going to show you all of it.

Everything I learned, everything I saw.

And together, we’ll uncover what I missed.

[turns off engine]

That’s where the car went up.


♪ Tense music playing ♪

YOUNG IMOGENE [screaming]: No! Mom, no!

Hey, boss… knock ’em dead.

♪ Mysterious theme music playing ♪

[water sloshes]

♪ tense music playing ♪

Rufus is here.

You. [Clock chiming]

Thank you.

What do you know?

What did Rufus miss? Who killed my mom?

You’re the guy the kid found.

The kid?

The girl, Kira’s daughter.

She looked you up on the internet?

You wrote a book, right?

On solving impossible crimes.


[footsteps approaching] YOUNG ANNA: Tripp! Give it back!

YOUNG TRIPP: [laughs] You’re never gonna get this back.

Don’t worry.

We’ll get back to him.

LAWRENCE: Mr. Cotesworth.

It’s quieter in my study.

I’d prefer to start with the girl.

She’s in the playroom. She’s there most days.

Most nights, too. LAWRENCE: Mm.

KATHERINE: Her father, he’s not in the picture.

And it’s too much for her grandmother. Bad back.

It’s no trouble for us, though. LAWRENCE: No, it’s the least we can do.


Shall we?

She got suspended from school.

Stole a rare book from the library.

First edition.

LAWRENCE: She’s been acting out since her mother died.

Which is completely understandable.

Maybe she’ll talk to you.

Maybe you can find out what really happened.

She’s like a daughter to us.

All the resources of this family are at your disposal.

♪ Soft classical music playing ♪

[Imogene whistles]

You didn’t finish our interview.

Yeah, I don’t need to. I lived that part. What’s next?

I interviewed everyone who knew her.


Let’s get to it then.

[loud street noise]


NORA: Mr. Cotesworth, we’re very grateful to you.

Thank you for being here.

Sorry about the stairs. Elevator’s been down all week.

Uh, we could’ve used our offices. Nothing against this.

Uh… you had ’em checked for black mold?

I find people are more revealing outside their comfort zone.

I’m an open book, my friend.

Hm, good. Tell me about Kira Scott.

Know anyone who’d want her dead?

No one. She was an angel.

An angel?

My daughter? Hardly.

I don’t think I’d say, “angel.”

NORA: Who said that?

The lawyer.


People exaggerate in their grief. It’s normal.

But Kira was… She was something special.

My daughter was a crusader.

She organized a walkout in high school to get the teachers more money.

And ya know what? It worked.

[Imogene chuckles]

FATHER TOBY: Kira volunteered at our kitchen.

Even in the worst weather, even when nobody was grateful.

She’d come back every week.

Said it was important to look out for the people

the world throws away.


I understand that Kira traveled with you,

three trips to Shanghai last year?

Kira was the best assistant I ever had.

I used to tell people… she didn’t work for me, I worked for her.

[Imogene chuckles]

This new Ivy Leaguer they sent me,

he’s a disaster.


Tsk, tsk, tsk.

And what were the sleeping arrangements on these business trips?

I reject your implication.

I wasn’t implying anything, sir. Just merely inquiring.

[chuckles] My grandmother says

there are two types of heterosexuals in this world.

Those who want all the women and those who only want one.

I’m the latter. I love my wife. I always have.

So, that’s it? No follow-up about what they were doing in China?

I didn’t know about Jiangsu then.

I had no idea they were using Captionem Blue.

Come on, these are softball questions.

Yes, well, he hired me. I had no reason to suspect him.

And Kira? What type was she?

Kira? Kira didn’t date.

Not seriously enough to introduce us, anyway.

Well, she worked too hard.

She loved her work. She loved being a mom.

And that was enough for her.

What about an angry ex?

It’s a pretty violent way to kill an ex-girlfriend, don’t ya think?

Pretty violent way to kill anyone.


IMOGENE: Tell me about the lawyer.

The lawyer? [Scoffs] She didn’t give him the time of day.

Hm. Interesting.

What is?

Almost everything.

[groans] God, you’re insufferable.

I’m effective.

[scoffs] It can be both.

Yeah, sure. I asked her out a few times, it’s not a crime.

Hm. Jilted suitor.

Wouldn’t be the first time in human history.

Look-it, I tipped the valet at my condo to fill up my Beamer.

I couldn’t change a light bulb.

How am I going to rig a car bomb?

Even if I was jilted? And I reject that characterization.

[phone ringing]

You said you loved her.

You said Rufus missed something. What did he miss?

Um… are we about done here?

No. Tell me what you know, you fucking creep.

‘Til next time, then.

[Imogene sighs] LLEWELLYN: Have a good day!

Feel better?

[scoffs] Fuck off.


[door opens] DANNY: Hey.

So, that’s it. Everybody loves her.

[thundering] No boyfriend, no girlfriend.

Baby daddy’s not in the picture. IMOGENE: Mm.

He lives in California. His alibi checks out.

No one has any reason to want her dead.

[thunder cracks]

I made a promise… to the girl.

Oh, boy… I found this. Her datebook.


Anything of note?

Not really.

Doctor’s appointments, play dates, yada yada.

♪ Light music playing ♪

Mm… page is missing.

She must’ve tore it out.

Or someone else did to cover tracks.

Let’s find out why.

[scribbling on paper]

“Opal Diner, 5:00 p.m.”

That’d be February 12th.

One month before the murder.


♪ Comin’ Round by Josh Rifkin plays in diner ♪

[bell dings]

You the guy who called?

I’m the guy who called.

12th of February, 5:00 p.m.

You happen to know who was working that shift?

February? That’s ancient Egypt.

Hey, Ryan, you wanna tuck that shirt in?

Or maybe you wanna go back to workin’ Tuesday overnights.

What was the question?

Thinkin’ about running?


Oh, buddy. My partner’s gonna love you.

♪ I’m comin’, I’m comin’ round ♪

EDGAR: February 12th.

I don’t know.


DANNY: Ya ever hear of prosopagnosia? Face blindness?

Lotta people suddenly claim to have it when we talk to ’em.

But me, I’m the opposite. I see a face, I never forget it.

[Edgar scoffs]

DANNY: I’m hopin’ you’re more like me.

You remember her?


You owe money. Last night’s game, didn’t go your way.

Seahawks didn’t cover the spread and you took the Seahawks to cover.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Worst kinda gambler. Sentimental.

Never bet on the home team, that’s how I was taught.

You thought I was here to collect.

You wanted to run… but then you recognized me,

and you thought, “Hey, I could make a buck off this famous P.I.”

But I don’t pay for information,

’cause Danny here won’t let me.

You know this woman.

You’re gonna tell us what you saw,

or we will find the men you owe and we will bring you to them.

F-Fuck, man.

Told ya.

Yeah, sh-she came in here a lot.

Tuna melt, disco fries, extra gravy.

I mean, I don’t remember the last time I saw her exactly,

but, uh… if you say February 12th, then fine.

She went out back, had an argument.

An argument with who?

I don’t know. Not a regular.

A man, woman?

I-I don’t know, I’m tellin’ you.

I work in the kitchen. I just heard it.

Brought the kid a slice of pie.

♪ Dramatic musical sting ♪


Yeah… she left her at the counter.

♪ Dramatic music plays ♪

I don’t remember.

February 12th… your mother picked you up from school.

You were supposed to go to piano, but your teacher was sick,

so your mother took you with her to the Opal Diner.

I can’t.

I’m trying to, it’s just… [sighs]

I can’t remember, I can’t do this!

Alright then, we don’t have to.

What are you writing?

Just a little story.

About a purple rabbit who only likes to eat rose petals.

No, you’re not.

That’s gibberish.

Is it?

“Once upon a time, there was a purple rabbit

who ate rose petals day and night.”

It’s a code.

That it is. And no one can read it.

Not without the primer.

What’s a primer?

It’s like a lock.

A keyword, known only to me.

And whoever else I trust with my thoughts.

First coded word of every message, always the same.

Your primer.

♪ Light music playing ♪

I remember this day.

The way you angled the book, so I could read it.

The black ink,

the look on your face when I guessed your primer.

Eighteen years, and all of these details are so clear.

But the diner?

Like I said,

it’s a muthafucka.


What if my mom knew something about Viktor Sams?

I wish I’d known to ask. I knew so little then.

Viktor Sams wasn’t on my radar ’til more than a decade later.


[Imogene groans]


Mick just sent this through.

Big Mick?

Jersey Mick. Workin’ a new client.

He’s a banker and he’s bein’ blackmailed, only you’ll never believe…

He does not enjoy paying blackmail?

Still got it.

[Imogene chuckles]

So, this banker, he hires Mick

to figure out which crew’s trying to fuck him,

and get this, they lock Mick out of his phone, which means…


Hackers. Then he gets a lead back East.

And when Mick tries to get on the plane?

Find himself on a no-fly list.

Try every list.

Mick brings in cyber forensics, nosebleed expensive.

They can’t find this crew.

All they’ve got is a name. The blackmailer…

Viktor Sams.

Keep reading. He’s been at it for…

Fifteen years!

IMOGENE: Mr. Mathers.

Fifteen happy years, I don’t hear your name.

And then, for some reason, you show back up.

You are harassing my client.

Oh, I’ve not even started.

Your client lied to me.

He knows quite well who Viktor Sams is.

And he certainly knows why Viktor Sams was blackmailing him.

Lawrence Collier has never paid blackmail.

[chuckles] Lie.

Lawrence Collier has nothing to hide.

Lie. Show me the books, then.

Show me just how clean you all really are.

You’re not hearing me.


If you continue to cause problems

for my client or his company, I will fuck up your life.

I will bury you in lawsuits.

I will dig up every single stupid indiscretion in your pathetic life.

♪ Suspenseful music playing, drowns out Llewellyn ♪

You never stopped looking.

I don’t get it. Why…

You walked away.

I didn’t. Not exactly.

But you let me believe that you gave up.


What does it matter now?

It matters.

Why did you leave?


It had been months,

and I hadn’t turned up much more than the name Viktor Sams.

It was like Danny warned, a dog with fleas.

My only lead was you.

And that’s when Lawrence called me in.

[fire crackling]

It’s too much for her.

She can’t sleep. Clearly, your methods aren’t working.

She’s locked a door in her mind. I intend to help her open it.

She’s just a girl!

No, she’s not just a girl.

She’s extraordinary, in ways a lot of you could never comprehend.

[sighs] She may well be clever.

She’s brilliant. LAWRENCE: She’s a child.

I hired you to bring her closure, but all you’ve brought her is more pain.

If she is not challenged, her gifts will vanish!

You want quaint happiness for her.

You will rob her of her very abilities.

LAWRENCE: At least she’ll sleep at night.

I walk away, she’ll never get closure.

And you will never learn what happened to your daughter.

I have my granddaughter to think about now.

I’ll have your final check sent over.

It pained me to leave you without answers.

But they were right.

You were only 11.

Well, I’m not anymore.

I need to remember.


Very well.

[deep breath]

February 12th, 2005.

Your mother picked you up from school. You were supposed to go to piano.

Your teacher was sick.

So, she took you with her.

To the Opal Diner.

♪ There There by Radiohead playing in diner ♪

[indistinct chatter]

Who are you up to?


He was a jerk, wasn’t he?

A bit of a jerk, yeah.

Most successful men are.

Tuna melt and disco fries, extra gravy.

[phone ringing]

[inhales] It’s my friend. [Exhales]

You okay up here?


Mom, I’m in the Renaissance.


♪ Just ’cause you feel it ♪

♪ Doesn’t mean it’s there ♪

♪ song stops ♪

♪ tense music plays ♪

RUFUS: It’s alright.

No, it’s not. This is it.

My mom was meeting somebody, February 12th, 5:00 p.m.


They’re standing there right now,

and I can’t remember!

[Imogene sighs]

Llewellyn said the truth was staring you in the face.

What truth? What did you miss?

It’s not my memory. Show us.

Are you seriously blaming me? ‘Cause you can’t help me recover one clue?

Well, sometimes the witness…

Oh, my God, I don’t want a lesson right now!

What do you want?

I want you to finish what you started!

You said you quit because I was having nightmares.

Well, guess what? They never went away.

What do I want?

I want your help.

You led us here… not me.

And I’m afraid you’ll have to lead us out.

[inhales, exhales] Because you’re nothing but a hack.

To my very core.


[ambient street noise]

[food sizzling]

[truck honks]

♪ light, mysterious music playing ♪


[Imogene chuckles]

Hey, yourself.

Who is it?

Who’s on the other side of the door?

You don’t get it.

Then show me.



That’s what I said.

Go get her.

♪ Suspenseful music playing ♪


[clock chiming]

KATHERINE: No, I don’t agree.

She’s been here more than she’s been there, I…

She can stay here as long as she wants.

LAWRENCE: I don’t want to stay in a guest room.

[ The Simpsons playing on projector]

[Tripp laughing]

HANS MOLEMAN [on screen]: Hans Moleman Productions presents,

“Man Getting Hit by Football.”

[Tripp and Anna laughing]

[Hans Moleman groans]

[Homer Simpson laughs]

HOMER SIMPSON [in show]: This contest is over.

Give that man the $10,000.

ANNOUNCER [in show]: This isn’t America’s Funniest Home Videos.

HOMER [in show]: But the ball. His groan. [laughs]

[pouring drink]

♪ I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues by Elton John playing ♪

LLEWELLYN [singing along]: ♪ Time on my hands ♪

♪ Could be time spent with you ♪

♪ Laughin’ like children ♪

♪ Livin’ like lovers ♪

♪ Rollin’ like thunder ♪

♪ Under the covers ♪

♪ And I guess that’s why they call it the blues ♪

♪ suspenseful music playing ♪

[reading] “But Mole stood still a moment, held in thought.”

“As one wakened suddenly from a beautiful dream,

who struggles to recall it.”

Stop calling me at home. No, it, it was a mistake.

I never should’ve trusted her.

No, don’t come back. It’s over.

[Imogene grunting]

[table stretching and creaking]

You’re fast.

You’re old.

All right.

Let’s make a deal.

Tell me who you saw in the diner and I’ll stop chasing you.

I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone.

Promised who?

I don’t break promises.

You will… one day.

Why not start now?

Hey, what’s that?

Oh, please. I invented that.

Hm, suit yourself.


[thundering, raining]

♪ light music playing ♪

♪ Tense music playing ♪

I know you don’t wanna see this.

[rain pattering on windows]

What do you have here?

Imogene… you stole this from Anna.

She doesn’t even know what it is, Mom.

It has a secret compartment, and she had no idea.

You mean this?

It’s a replica of the one in the study.

Yeah, I know.

‘Cause Mrs. Collier keeps her first engagement ring in there.

The one she got from that polo player.

How do you know about that?

You’re gonna make me put it back, aren’t you?

I sure am.


[heavy breaths] No.


[glass shatters]


[sobbing] No, please!

[flames crackling]

[Imogene crying]

No, no, no.

RUFUS: This is it.

This is the moment you always clam up.

[sighs] Because I know it happens when I get out of the car.

I don’t think that’s it.

What are you afraid of?

Maybe if you weren’t such a hack, we wouldn’t even be here!

What are you afraid of?

Nothing! I’m not afraid of an… [gasps]

RUFUS: Imogene.

What are you afraid of?

What if I saw him?

What if I saw him and, and I blocked it out,

and I hid it from you… and from myself, and from everyone,

and Viktor Sams went free

because of me?

And now he’s back, and people are dying,

and it’s all my fault.


What can you do about that?

♪ Light music playing ♪


♪ music intensifies ♪

You’re gonna make me give it back, aren’t you?

♪ Light music resumes ♪

Are you s… Are you still sad?

About what happened at the diner?


You were fighting with that woman, she made you cry.

You heard that?

[projector running]

♪ tense music playing ♪


I reviewed your files.

I’m sorry to say, but you don’t have a case.

KIRA [through projector]: How can it not be a case?

Five dead employees!

Who knows how many others got sick and were paid to stay silent?

I have a witness.

They’re ready to go on the record.

ALEXANDRA [through projector]: They’re here?

Your witness is, is here?

KIRA: Not here.

I’ll introduce you as soon as we move forward.

Look, what you’ve done is admirable, it is.

But if I take this to a judge? If I take this to my boss?

They’ll laugh me out of the room.

[crying] Someone has to make Collier Mills

pay for what they’ve done.

It won’t be me.

I’m sorry.

Yeah, you already said that.

Imogene… whatever you think you saw…

I’m sorry she made you both so sad.


Your, your friend.

She lost her husband?

The woman with the mole?

Baby… you have to forget that day.

Bury it down deep. So deep you never find it again.

Promise me.


Promise me!

I promise, Mom.

Hey, it’s okay.

It’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong.

You’re amazing. You see things.

Things other people don’t even bother to notice.

Anyone can have a toy.

You have a gift.

Have a gift.

[gasping breath]

♪ light music playing ♪ [deep breath]

RUFUS: She made you promise not to tell.

You didn’t bury this memory.

All you did was listen to your mom.

IMOGENE: I’m sorry she made you both so sad.

KIRA: Both?

IMOGENE: Your friend. She lost her husband.

The woman with the mole.

I’m sorry.

I reviewed your files.

I’m sorry to say, but you don’t have a case.

KIRA: How can it not be a case?

Five dead employees!

I have a witness. They’re ready to go on the record.

Someone has to make Collier Mills pay for what they’ve done.

I can’t get you the justice you deserve.

Celia, I’m so sorry.


♪ solemn, tense music playing ♪

I need to go.

[door opens, closes]

♪ suspenseful music playing ♪

My mom was a whistleblower.

She was gonna take down the Collier family.

And you were her witness.

♪ There There by Radiohead playing ♪

♪ In pitch dark ♪

♪ I go walking in your landscape ♪

♪ Someone on your shoulder ♪

♪ There, theeeeeere… ♪

[child giggles] [bike bell rings]

[machine whirring]


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