Death and Other Details – S01E06 – Tragic | Transcript

Imogene is betrayed by someone close to her as more victims fall prey to Viktor Sams
Death and Other Details - S01E06 - Tragic

Death and Other Details
Season 1 Episode 6
Episode Title: Tragic
Original release date: February 13, 2024 (Hulu)

“Tragic,” the sixth episode of Death and Other Details, begins with a glimpse into the past, showcasing Rufus’s acclaim as a detective, and quickly moves to the present where Imogene’s entanglements with Sunil deepen amidst a backdrop of espionage and surveillance orchestrated by the enigmatic Viktor Sams. The episode intricately lays out a series of events that unravel secrets and alliances. From the revelation of Sunil’s financial desperation leading to his unsavory alliance with Sams, to the unexpected murder of Alexandra, a character intent on exposing corporate malfeasance, the narrative is rich with twists. The episode weaves through various settings and character interactions, including a poignant karaoke session highlighting personal despair, a startling act of violence rooted in a misdirected quest for justice, and the tragic end of Llewellyn, a character overwhelmed by guilt and secrets. The tension escalates with the discovery of a slow-poisoning murder, hinting at a deep-seated conspiracy involving Sams.

* * *

[dial-up internet sound]



[mouse clicks]

[through computer] Well, joining us tonight is the upstart private eye who solved the impossible crime.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Rufus Cotesworth.

[audience clapping]

Now… Mr. Cotesworth, how did you discover the necklace?

Paint. [Audience laughing]

No, really.

For anyone who has applied wallpaper to freshly painted walls, you know you should allow the paint to dry for at least 30 days before sticking anything to it.

Right, ladies? [Audience laughing]

Well, the palace had been freshly painted, pristine, except a patch was missing from the back doorjamb.

Now, when pressed, the contessa’s nanny admitted… she had taped over the lock every Wednesday night, so that her Belgian beau could sneak in.

Now that I had identified the Belgian thief, the real challenge… was how to retrieve the necklace before he moved it through the black market, never to be seen again.

Fortunately, even great thieves love one thing above all: Gossip.

[audience laughing]

All it took was a few free drinks and my ability to play dumb.

For you to accomplish what Scotland Yard and MI5 couldn’t.


Ladies and gentlemen, Rufus Cotesworth, and let me be the first to say, the world’s greatest detective.

His words, not mine.

[audience laughing, applauding]

Any advice for our would-be sleuths out there?

Well… there’s only one thing that separates a good detective… from a great one.

The truth.

The truth… at all cost.

♪ Mysterious theme music playing ♪

[water sloshing]


♪ upbeat music playing ♪

[Imogene moaning]

[heavy breathing]

So bossy.

I know what I want.

[heavy breathing]

[gasping, moaning]

♪ …over the sea ♪

IMOGENE: Is it just me or is the room spinning?

SUNIL: As much as I’d love to take credit,

I’m fairly certain it’s seasickness. [Imogene chuckles]

I don’t know how you do it.

Living on this floating Tilt-A-Whirl.


The fairground ride.

It spins on a pivot, and then right after, you’re throwing up funnel cake.

Ohh. Right, yeah. We call it the “Waltzer.”

Hm. That actually makes more sense.

Just like the metric system and the “u” in colour.

[in British accent] Just like the metric system and the “u” in colour.

[both laughing]

I know, to you, it’s just a… ship sloshin’ around the high seas, but, to me, it’s…

It’s your purpose.

[inhales] Ya know, when you say it back, it does sound a bit cheese. [Imogene giggles]

No, it doesn’t.

It sounds nice.

I’ve never had a purpose.

I don’t think that’s true.

I am an assistant to a mid-level marketing executive, so… [sighs]

♪ soft music playing ♪

Not that.

Then, what then?

I’m not a detective. Not really.

If I rang my mum and told her about you, I’d call you a detective.

What on Earth is funnel cake? [Imogene chuckles]

[servers whirring]

It’s like this along every exterior wall from here down to F deck.

Ambient temperature of the ocean keeps the servers cool.

We would’ve figured it out eventually.

When did you say your source traced Viktor Sams to Argentina?

November of 2021.

That tracks.

We were there. Buenos Aires, South American tour.


All this time they were operating right under my nose.

Don’t beat yourself up.

He evaded me for 18 years and I’m the world’s greatest…

World’s greatest detective.

Their words, not mine.

Undertaking like this requires construction, maintenance, specialists.

It’s a logistical elephant.

Shit, you don’t think Sunil’s in on it?

I do not see how it is possible otherwise.

[dialing phone number] [ring back tone]

IMOGENE [on voicemail]: Hey, you’ve reached Imogene.

[sighs] Voicemail.

♪ Tense music playing ♪

This was fun.


Is. Was.

Will be.

[door thuds]

I admire what you did, getting that family to safety.

I didn’t do it for praise.

Most people say they want the world to change, then do fuck all.

What? You think you and I are the same?

Aren’t we?

And we’re not alone.

I’m part of something bigger than any one of us.

We’re going to reset the scales, get even with the people who have been above the law for far too long.

You could be a part of it.

How does killing Rufus Cotesworth’s assistant make the world a better place?

What are you talking about?

That’s who he was.

Not Keith Trubitsky, the millionaire.

Just a poor man trying to do his job.

So, whatever you were promised, that’s a lie.

I’ll have no part of it.

♪ Come Sail Away by Styx playing ♪

ANNA/TRIPP [singing]: ♪ I’m sailing away ♪

♪ Set an open course for the virgin sea ♪

♪ ‘Cause I’ve got to be free ♪

♪ Free to face the life that’s ahead of me ♪

♪ song continues playing ♪

[gasps, exhales]

Are you gonna drink that?

Oh, lady… you are so fucked up.


BOTH [singing]: ♪ And I’ll try ♪

♪ Oh, Lord, I’ll try ♪

♪ To carry on ♪

[mic feedback tone]

You’re kinda pitchy. Mm.

Ah, pity party. It’s my favorite kinda party.

TEDDY: How long does this take?

Imagine a dictionary with two million commonly used passwords.

With this program, I can run them all in rapid succession.

A few hours.

I knew you were more than just a rich lady’s wife.

[sings] ♪ I look to the sea ♪

♪ Reflections in the waves spark my memory ♪

♪ Some happy, some sad ♪

[message alerts]

♪ I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had ♪

[phone ringing]


Thank God.

You’re unharmed.

♪ But we’ll try best that we can ♪

♪ To carry on ♪

BOTH: ♪ A gathering of… ♪

[Tripp sings indistinctly]

I thought you knew it.

BOTH: Uh. [Both singing indistinctly]

♪ This is what they said ♪

BOTH: ♪ They said ♪

♪ Come sail away, come sail away ♪

♪ Come sail away with me ♪

Should I do the harmony?

You got me.

I’ll do the harmony. Okay.

BOTH [singing]: ♪ Come sail away, come sail away ♪

♪ Come sail away with… ♪

It’s not, it’s not right.


It’s not right. Ya gotta go down.

BOTH [sing]: ♪ Come sail away, come sail away ♪

♪ Come sail away with… ♪

What are you singing?

♪ Come sail away, come sail away ♪

BOTH: ♪ Sail away with me ♪

ELEANOR: A week at sea.

Feels like a month, or maybe, an hour.

Strange when all you can see is the horizon.

[Celia speaking Mandarin]

Go with the marigold.

Send an obscene amount to Miss Scott’s room.

[chuckles] Alright, thanks, Edgar.

[phone ringing]

♪ tense music playing ♪


VIKTOR SAMS [over phone]: Mr. Bhandari.

What the fuck? You were following us in Malta.

VIKTOR: We are always watching. We own you.

I’m done.

I don’t care what you do to me or my ship.

I will not spy for you any longer.

VIKTOR: You have feelings for the girl.

If anything happens to her, I… [call ends]



That was him, wasn’t it?

Viktor Sams?


You work for Viktor fucking Sams?

No, I don’t work for him. I can explain.

He owns the boat.

Anyone who pays attention would know.

This ship is no money maker.

You bankrupted yourself bringing your dream to life.

Ran out of options.

‘Til you took dirty money to keep… keep it all above water.

You’re an accomplice.

He made a criminal of you.

We already found his servers.

I didn’t know what he was when I agreed to take his money, I swear to you.

Yeah, that means shit at this point.

Where is he?

Or who is he?

You wanna make this right?


Bring us to him.

Imogene, it doesn’t work that way. You don’t contact him.

How did he recruit you?

There was an intermediary.

It was an asset manager… from Zurich.

Mr. Bhandari… I’m Andreas Windeler.

Please, take a seat.

Thank you.

My client is willing to meet your terms with just one small request.

It’s him.

He followed us in Malta.

Viktor Sams was tracking us and you knew the whole time.

I wouldn’t have let him hurt you.

Oh, fuck off.

Where is he now?

If I knew, I would tell you.

First things first, what was the offer?

When do I get to meet Mr. Sams? I’d love to thank him in person.

You do not meet Viktor Sams.

We will fund the completion of your project.

In exchange, my client will make certain technological upgrades to their specification.

You will ask no questions.

This offer expires the moment I walk out that door.

So, you took the deal? No reservations?

Those bankers who’d turned me down. I didn’t… give two shits where that money came from.

I just wanted to rub their smug faces in it.

If we need to contact you… we will reach out on this.

Keep it close.

It gets worse from here.

I finished the repo.

Every brass bit polished, every window stripped

and painted with the original color.

Everything period perfect.

Except for the server farms, built to their specification.

I didn’t know what they needed it for. I should’ve asked.

Not that they would’ve told me.

And then that was it.

Five, maybe six years.

They never asked me to do anything ever again.




[phone ringing]

VIKTOR [over phone]: Mr. Bhandari, I understand there’s a mess in room 534.

Did you do it? VIKTOR: There will be an investigation.

[Sunil sighs, sniffles, exhales]

We need you to keep us informed as it progresses.

IMOGENE: Keep them informed?

Meaning report back on us?

On me?

The second I found out what he did to your mother, I stopped.

Hm. Really?

So, you just took me to Valletta out of the kindness of your heart?

Would you believe me if I said yes?

How much do they know?

I didn’t tell them anything.

Okay, about who we met o-on land, a-a-ab-about the bill of lading.

I just wanna help. I…

Can we tie him to a chair?

I would really like to tie him to a chair.

[distant chatter] [glassware clinking]


What?! What, no olives?

No, fuck olives. Brad’s here.

You love Brad. [Tripp sighs]

Oh, you asked Brad for money.

My little sister’s a CEO and I’m still on an allowance like a fuckin’ child. It’s embarrassing.

I’m not a CEO.

Well, you will be.

No, I won’t. It’s Celia Chun’s company now, basically.

She won’t back me.

You’ll fix it, Anna. You always fix it.

Can I go to sleep now, please? Have I raised your spirits enough?

I fucked Eleanor.


Is that all?

[sighs] Does Leila know?

No. No, of course not.

I love her. I c… I can’t tell her.

Do I have to tell her?

It doesn’t even fucking matter.

I don’t think she wants to be my wife anymore.

Why do you say that?


Oh, she told me.

What do you mean? Like…

There’s a word for it.

Oh, fuck.

That sucks. Ah, I love Leila.

Really? She does not like you.

Oh, she likes me, alright? She, she likes me. You know what?

You know what? She likes me ’cause we’re both outsiders.

I mean, yeah, technically we’re on the inside.

We’re here. We’re not.


see, ya either have the spark or you don’t.

And the spark, the spark is everything.

‘Cause the spark means you can see the world for what it really is.

And what it really is… is a fuckin’ joke.

It’s a joke, but it’s deadly fuckin’ serious.

Do I have the spark? I, I, I think I did. I-I think, think I lost it.

Do you wanna get your wife back?

Oh, you, you want advice? Um, sorry, I’m… [clears throat]

I’m tapped out.

[exhales] But, uh, you should try… right?

[Anna sniffles]

What up, fam? Still here.

Day six on the SS V, and they’re bringin’ out the big shrimp.

Like, “Hey, don’t stress on that murder. Check out this big-ass shrimp.”

Kind of a sneaky, good plan.

[indistinct chatter, laughter]

Good Lord, Llewellyn.

Another late night of negotiations?

Oh, you haven’t heard.

Lawrence agreed to Celia’s terms.

[Chun Family laughing]

How bad was it?

They, um… fucked us up the ass.

No lube. Sorry.

But… the Colliers still have control… of the company?

Uh, no, not anymore.

I answer to Shanghai now.

No lube, Father. Not one little dab.

You all right?

What I’m thinking is… maybe we deserve it.

[coughing] [keypad beeps]


Alexandra, join us.

Fuck off, Toby.

THAT DEREK: Shit, Dad, what’d you do?


Can we speak in private?

It’s Sunday. We can talk on Monday.

I have information on Lawrence Collier.

It’s damning and I have proof enough to prosecute.

[deep breath]

This is Agent Hilde Eriksen, Interpol badge number 7160, signing in at 2:34 [watch ticking] on Sunday the 27th.

I am here with Governor Alexandra Hochenberg who has requested an interview.

I need assurances first.


Immunity from what?

What have you done, Governor?

It pales in comparison to what Lawrence Collier did.

My intel can ensure he dies in prison.

It’s a career maker.

What did he do?

Full immunity, records sealed, and I do not testify.

You have documentation?

It’s all there.

This is some kind of joke.

What? No, it’s…

[Alexandra coughing, retches]

She needs a doctor!

He’s a doctor. Let him help.

[gagging, coughing]

SUNIL: Is this really necessary?

No, you’re right.

We should just untie him. This is lunacy.

Shut up.

RUFUS: Your ship has done double duty as a floating server farm for half a decade.

A perfect cover

to conduct an international blackmail operation and elude detection.

Viktor Sams should risk that, all of that… to kill my friend, Danny.


Why? I…

They tell me almost nothing.

[stammers] I don’t even know what Viktor Sams wants or how any of this works.

A worthy foe.

It’s been some time for me.

Well, it’s been fun.

You’ve made your point. Untie me.

Oh, my point’s, like, 25% made… tops.

Must call Eriksen at once.

[grunts, groans]


ELEANOR: He’s calling time of death.

Alexandra? Alexandra!

ANNA: Oh God!

TRIPP [crying]: No.

What are we doing?

He’s on a bender.

We need to get him outta here.

What happened, Tripp?

You have no idea what your family is capable of.

You! You did this.

Motherfucker, she came to you. Last night!


AGENT ERIKSEN: Take Mr. Collier back to his quarters.

Everyone else, clear the deck.

This is a crime scene.

That’s it?!

An-Another person is dead and we’re just supposed to go back to our rooms?


I’ll request reinforcements and get this vessel to shore.

[elevator dings]

I’m sorry. Tripp was…

He shouldn’t have said what he said.

He wasn’t wrong.

[elevator dings]

There are no potatoes here.

Ever heard of the name, Viktor Sams?

We’re all in danger.

What the Governor had to do with the man you’re hunting,

this Viktor Sams, I have no earthly idea.

She was a whistleblower.

She came to me claiming to have a case against the Collier family.

What case?

We never got that far.

She said she had damning evidence, but…

The pages are all blank.

[sarcastically] You’re a natural.

Swapped out, evidently.

Her killer must’ve known what she was planning.

But if it’s Viktor Sams, that means he’s protecting the Collier family. Why?

AGENT ERIKSEN: We must question their lawyer.

Tripp Collier seemed sure he was involved.

Good. You take lead. [dialing phone number, ring back tone]

Inspector Friedrich? Yes, the situation has deteriorated.

Another passenger on the ship has died.

‘Kay, so what are we lookin’ for?

AGENT ERIKSEN: Poison, I believe.

RUFUS: Hm. Your stomach has gotten stronger.

Last time we did this, you lost your lunch.

Yeah, I wanted to say “gross” like six times, but… seems unprofesh.


What do we think? Poison? RUFUS: Likely.

Maybe somebody slipped it in her coffee this morning.

Hm. Blood on the lips.

Cough suggests the poison attacked her respiratory system.

It needed to be administered directly into her bloodstream.

You’re sweating.

It’s warm.

Well, yes, but she’s wearing long sleeves and it is warm.

Oh… [deep breath]


Necrotizing fasciitis. She’s been dead three days.

She just didn’t know it.

I saw a cough.

I wrote it off as allergies.

IMOGENE: Three days?

That means she was killed while on board.

Those stupid fucking vitamin drips they give out on the pool deck.

[door creaks]

Give a boy a ball.

Passes the time.

Does it?


Keep at it.

[door creaks]

I take it the Governor is dead.

So, it’s another confession then?

You already know it was me… and you can prove it this time.

What changed?

She thought Trubitsky was some rich asshole.

Now she knows.

Is it true?

He worked for you?

For 20 years.

He was my closest friend.

If you’re going to work for a psychopath, and do it happily, pays to be a psychopath oneself.

But you’re not. Winnie, you’re not.

You haven’t eaten, you’ve hardly slept.

You’ve taken your fingernails down to the quick.

You are not remorseless.

You were just lost… and they took advantage of you, and they said all the right things, but they were lies.

Please… help us stop this.

They hid a flip phone in our room.

They’d call when they wanted something.

“Doctor the IV drip,” “Get in the bar cart.”

“Kill the man in 534.”

I swear I didn’t know who he really was.

And the phone?

Chucked it overboard before I confessed.

Winnie… who is Viktor Sams?

You think I know?

No one knows Viktor Sams.

Well, you work for him, or them, or whatever.

I had a friend from school, Keeley.

Got knocked up by a boy who didn’t deserve her.

She wanted to keep the baby, so she got a job at a factory making products out of rubber.

The owner was greedy. Long hours, bad ventilation.

And then one day, three months too early… her contractions began.

Her baby lived six and a half days.

Doctor said it was the benzene in the air at the factory.

Keeley blamed herself, so she climbed to the top of the tallest building she could find and jumped.

Two years later, Viktor Sams targeted that greedy factory owner.

I avenged her death.

But there is so much more corruption, so much more to do.

I’m sorry about your friend, but I have to believe his death was for a greater purpose.

And why did the Governor have to die?

Viktor Sams has a reason.

You murdered two people and you don’t understand why?

[scoffs] Look at you, changing the fucking world.

I think we’re done here.

[computer beeping]


Lady! Are you out of your fuckin’ mind?

I’m telling you… [clicking touch pad]

[heavy breathing]

[phone buzzing]

It’s all connected. It has to be.


The Collier factory in Jiangsu.

The rubber factory.

I mean, coincidences are just dressed up clues, right?


SUNIL: Imogene.

And maybe Danny was close to figuring things out.

Maybe that’s what got him k…



My phone… Inés.

[phone dings]

Hey, look at me.

You wanna help?

Yeah, I do.

Okay, stay still.

[phone unlocks]

INÉS [on voicemail]: That document, I was able to put a date to it.

[Tripp snoring]

[loud knocks at door]

Jiangsu, China.

ANNA: What?

Jiangsu, Anna.

Your factory there was using a banned carcinogenic poison chemical?

That man.

He has it out for us.

I found proof.

A shipping receipt… from 2005.

This is what he has you doing? Investigating my family business?

We are looking for a killer!

And your denial sucks.

I really can’t with this right now.

How long have you been paying blackmail to Viktor Sams?

What are you talking about?

It’s why he killed my mom… as a warning shot.

And your company has been paying blackmail ever since.

You are so far off the mark.


Did we make mistakes in China? Yes.

But the minute I found out, I fixed it.

I rebuilt the entire goddamn factory from scratch and it bankrupted us.

What do you think we’re doing here?

You think I wanted to beg my ex-girlfriend for a lifeline?

So, you knew?

I stopped it.

You covered for them!

No, that is not…

They were poisoning people, Anna!

How many people got sick?! How many people died?!

You’re criminals.

Says the woman who’s been stealing from my company for years!

You thought I didn’t know?

You know that is so like you.

Just sit on it and use it to manipulate me.

Fuck you. I wouldn’t do that.

I let it go because I felt sorry for you.

Oh, right.

You are so wrapped up in your trauma.

You can’t move past it.

At least it’s mine!

Ya know, what do you have? A fucking last name?

That last name paid for your life.

Yeah, well, I didn’t fucking ask for that.

We gave you everything, you ungrateful cunt.



We’ve known her for 20 years. Lawrence will be heartbroken.

I would like to speak with your husband.

Two people are dead. Why are we not in port yet?

We are awaiting reinforcements.

Once we have docked in Palermo, no one will be permitted to leave the city until this is resolved.

No one.

This is no time for an interrogation.

We are in mourning.

You can stay and pray with us.

I’m not a believer, but if you could ask your God, in all his benevolence, to spare the rest of us.

Prayer against murder? Can’t hurt.

[inhales] The only argument for prayer that ever made any sense to me.

You got in?

He has kompromat.

Photos, videos… blackmail materials.

On me?

On everyone.

Is that…

Yes, my soon-to-be ex-wife fucking her ex-girlfriend two nights ago.


I bought her that bra.

What else does he have?

There’s a folder on your sister.

Show me.

She knows about Captionem Blue.

Steve, you said you scrubbed the books, right?

I don’t know. She said something about a, a receipt?

Father, we look to you in these especially dark times.

[lights zap]

Jesus Christ!

THAT DEREK: Dad! The Wi-Fi died.

Steve? [Lights zap]

[servers beeping]

TEDDY: Fuck.

He did this. He was watching us.

We need to get the backup generators online, implement emergency protocols, keep 300,000-euro sushi cold.

[scoffs] What am I doing here?

LEILA: Ask yourself this,

where are you meant to be?

Doesn’t matter. I’ve got a job to do.

Um, maybe don’t touch anything, and, uh, maybe don’t tell anyone you watched your wife’s sex tape instead of gathering evidence.


She copped to it.

Collier Mills poisoned their workers and they knew.

It’s a coverup. It’s all of a piece. It must be.

Governor’s case against the Colliers.

A murder.

Corruption in the Collier family.

Viktor Sams is the tie that binds them.

Surely, it’s a puzzle.

We have what we need to solve it, now we make the pieces fit.

How are you so sure?

Why cut the power?

‘Cause we’re getting close.

We are.

We’re close.

LLEWELLYN [yelling]: Don’t come any closer! Stop it!

[passengers screaming, clamoring]

LLEWELLYN: Stay up! Get the fuck back now!

Llewellyn? Llewellyn, what are you, what are you doing?

I’m sorry.

Why don’t you just come over here and we can talk about it?

I spent years trying to [sniffs] punish myself, but the pain never stopped anything.

Punish yourself for what?

Is this about Captionem Blue?

Don’t ask questions you don’t wanna know the answers to, Imogene.

Are you in league with Viktor Sams?


The world’s greatest detective.

The truth was right there, staring you in the face and you missed it?

You fucking hack!

Kira deserved so much better.

I really loved her, ya know?

[people shouting]

Get down there, get down there!

He knew something… about my mom, about Viktor Sams.

You saw his eyes when you said that name.

He didn’t even flinch. He just…

[sighs] There’s nothing here.

Whatever secrets Llewellyn knew, he took with him.



Rufus, think.

You must’ve interviewed Llewellyn back then.

What was he like?

Did you know he was in love with my mom?

He said you missed it.

That means whatever he knew, you saw, you were there.

Come on.

Walk me through everything, okay?

Every detail, every part of the investigation.

I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.

Why not?

What are you hiding?

RUFUS: I am not the world’s greatest detective, and I never was.

STU: Fold.

[indistinct chatter]

What’s the matter, Stu?

Out of funds?

One more hand.

Ah… come now.

Is that wise?

One more.

How much you got?

Worth somethin’?

RUFUS: Another double, Bill.

BILL: They never learn, do they? [Rufus chuckles]

What ya think I get for this down Portobello Road?

Well, that there is a fine art piece.

And stolen.

From what I hear, Stu got it off a Russian bloke who got it off some Belgians.

The contessa’s jade necklace.


Now, when pressed, the contessa’s nanny admitted… she had taped over the lock every Wednesday night, so that her Belgian beau could sneak in.

Now that I had identified the Belgian thief, the real challenge… was how to retrieve the necklace before he moved it through the black market, never to be seen again.

For you to accomplish what Scotland Yard and MI5 couldn’t.

Ladies and gentlemen, Rufus Cotesworth, and let me be the first to say it, the world’s greatest detective.

RUFUS: The truth is, there’s no such thing as the world’s greatest detective.

It’s an invention. It’s a bluff.

And I bluffed as long and hard as I could, but I couldn’t bluff my way through your mother’s case.

Viktor Sams? That’s who killed my mom?

Now we just need to unmask him.

I’ll see this through, no matter what.

I promise.

You are a fraud.

Ya had me pegged.

So did Llewellyn.

I wanna know all of it.

Everything you saw 18 years ago, everything you did, every detail, big or small.

I’m gonna figure out what you missed.

Won’t like me much when we’re done.

I’ll survive.

♪ You Ain’t Me by Frank Black playing ♪

♪ Song concludes ♪

[child giggles] [bike bell rings]

[machine whirring]


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