Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story (2015) – Full Transcript

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kevin Bridges! APPLAUSE Yes, thank you, Glasgow! Saturday night, Glasgow. Thank you. Yes, welcome, welcome, welcome along. The Hydro. Wow! This place! [...] Well done for coming to something. Well done, good for you. Well done. It's difficult, coming to something. I don't underestimate for [...]

Kevin Bridges: The Story Continues (2012) – Full Transcript

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(ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) (BARKING) Oh! (COUGHS) (GRUNTS) (TYRES SCREECH) (HORN HONKS) (LAUGHS EVILLY) ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Kevin Bridges! (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (WHISTLING) Cheers. Thank you, all. Hello! (CHUCKLES) Yeah! (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (CHUCKLES) Good evening, Glasgow. (CHEERING) Thanks for that. Good to be here. Good to be back. How [...]