Alien (1979)

Alien (1979) – Review by Laura Sanden

For the filmgoer who can distance himself from the occasional gore of the first viewing, or who can sit through it a second time, Alien furnishes more than simply an opportunity to scream in unison with a couple of hundred other people.

MAKING ALIEN: BEHIND THE SCENES [Cinefantastique Special]

Talking with the creators of Alien (1979). Interviews with Ridley Scott (Director), Walter Hill (Producer), David Giler (Producer), Carlo Rambaldi (Creator of Alien Head Effects), Bolaji Badejo (“The Alien”), Michael Seymour (Production Designer), Ivor Powell (Associate Producer), Roger Dicken (Creator of Small Alien Forms), H.R. Giger (Alien Designer)


Quiet. Calm. Intense. Concerned. Experienced. Each word is a valid description of Harry Dean Stanton. Many who have seen his seemingly effortless performance as “Brett” in Alien might be surprised to learn the breadth of his career and the depth of his abilities.

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