Missing (2023) | Transcript

After her mother goes missing, a young woman tries to find her from home, using tools available to her online.
Missing (2023 film)

In an archive video, a young June Allen is with her deceased father James, who died from a brain tumor shortly after the video was made. Years later, June’s mother Grace leaves for a week-long trip to Cartagena, Colombia, with her boyfriend Kevin, leaving June in the care of Grace’s friend Heather, a divorce lawyer who expresses some jealousy at Grace’s relationship with Kevin.

A week later, June is tasked with retrieving her mother and Kevin from Los Angeles International Airport, but they never arrive. June contacts the FBI, but later decides to investigate herself using an array of digital tools at her disposal. She also hires Javier, a Colombian gig worker who complies with June’s requests for a small fee…

* * *

[man] Hold on, let me…

[girl hums]

Let me just…

[girl] I dropped the horse.

Hold on.

There. Look.

Tada! See?

Is it broken?

No, look. Daddy fixed it. No, wait.

I’ll give it to you when you tell me where we are first.

Dad’s dad’s house.

That’s right.

This was Grandpa’s house.

Here, you want the camera?

Here, take it.

No. Owie!

No, no, no, show me the playroom.

[kitten meowing]

Wait, show your toys.

Oh, it’s okay, Caesar.

[Caesar meows]



I think Little Caesar’s tired out from the drive. Aren’t you, buddy?

[woman] James? Why aren’t there any curtains upstairs?

Because, babe, we’re in the middle of nowhere and no one’s watching.

[June] Say hi, Mommy.

Hi, Junebug.

Wait a minute, I thought this was broken.

No, baby, please be careful. I just don’t want it to break again.

Daddy fixed it.


We just wanna make sure that we don’t break it again.

Well, then I’m just gonna fix it again, aren’t I?

What’s that?


[James] It’s just the altitude. I’m fine.

[June] Why is your nose bleeding?

Daddy’s fine.

Are you okay?

[keyboard clicks]

[poignant music playing]

[woman 1] I just heard the news.

Uh, I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

[man] We really hate to see you go, but I get it. You need a fresh start.

[woman 1] I really had no idea what you were going through.

Anyway, I’m so sorry.

Call or text, or whatever works.

I know you are dealing with a lot right now.

[woman 2] We’re gonna miss you a lot. But you two are gonna get through this.

I’m here for you. Someday she’ll understand.

[poignant music continues]

[music distorts, then turns intense]

[sirens wailing]

[indistinct chatter]

Frightening developments this morning as a green Toyota Camry

[man 1] A recovery operation is currently underway, but it’s unclear

[man 2] A shocking development today, as a vehicle belonging to Ms. Kim was found dumped in a Bay Area lake. The lead detective

[David] Here.

[man 3] …Margot’s father, David Kim.

They found Ms. Kim’s keychain near the lake earlier this morning.

[messenger chiming]

[unsettling music playing]

[chiming continues]

[keyboard clacking]


[Grace] Siri, call June.

Oh, my gosh.


Siri, please call Junebug.

Mom, you’re already on the phone. This is FaceTime.

Well Oh, gosh.

Can you please do me a favor and clear your voicemail?

I’ve been trying to leave you messages.

Well, they’re probably all from you.

You know you don’t have to use Siri for literally everything, right?

Listen, I am running late and I need you to write a couple of things down.

The car keys are gonna be in the top drawer in the kitchen, and Kevin I just said write it down. You’re not writing it down.

[June sighs]

Kevin forwarded you the itinerary.

No alcohol, do not open the door for strangers.

And keep your location service turned on the entire time I’m away, do you understand?

No fun. Got it.

Uh, what about for like, you know, food or whatever?

[sighs] I left a key with Heather. Just call her if you need anything.

No. Mom, I don’t need Heather.

What do you mean, “No”?

I am 18. I don’t need a babysitter.

I don’t care if you’re 18, okay?

So you pick Heather, of all people?

You do not understand the sacrifices I made to give you the life that you have.

Mom, you’re being so dramatic.

Junebug, if you’d

Stop calling me that!

[Grace sighs]

I just need to know that you’re safe when I’m away.

[sighs] All right, Kevin’s gonna be there any minute to call the Uber.

I also just deposited some money into your account for emergencies.


What’s the money for?


♪ Drop it, spend it Money, now… ♪

You get it?

Yep. Heading into the store now. Bye!

[knocks on door]

[Kevin] Knock, knock.

[June gasps] Whoa.

[Caesar yowls]

That cat just won’t come around.

How’s the old, uh, computer running?

Oh, yeah. It’s a little faster. Thanks.

No problem, parcera.



It’s a Colombian thing. I’m working on my Spanish.


[message chimes]

[Kevin] Hey, um, I know you’re in summer vacay mode,

but you have a sec?


How do I say this?


I know that I’m just,

I don’t know, the new guy to you.

But I love your mom.

And I know I planned this for just me and her,

but it’s for a very special reason.


So before we



What’s goin’ on?

June and I were just chatting.

Oh, okay. Did you call the Uber?

Two minutes away. What?

Do you wanna take the bags down?

It takes 30 seconds to wheel

I know, but I wanna talk…

Okay, all right, I’ll see you out there.

Thank you.


Look, I’m sorry if it seems like I’m hard on you.

But it really is just to make sure you’re safe.

[Kevin] Uber’s actually here!

Okay, coming!

June, listen to me.

I need you to pick us up on Monday at LAX. Can you do that?

Yes, ma’am.

Thank you.

[Kevin] Grace, you hear me?


[Grace] Thank you, babe.

Here you go.


[poignant music playing]


[“Alright, Alright, Okay” playing]

♪ All right ♪

♪ Okay ♪

♪ Okay ♪

♪ All right ♪

[alarm ringing]

♪ Okay ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Okay ♪

♪ Okay ♪

♪ I can’t find my phone I need Siri now ♪

♪ Tell me what’s this song… ♪

[Veena] This week’s gonna be legendary.

Pulling up now.

[June laughs]

[June] Cool. Be right there.

Wait, Vee, she’s here!

[Veena] Who?

[June] Heather. My mom’s friend.

[Veena] Shit!

[Heather] Hey, Junie. Wasn’t sure you’d be home.

I brought some dinner for ya.

[Caesar hisses]

Oh, relax. How’s it hangin’?

Oh, it’s fine. Um…

How was work?

It was good. I won a custody case for a client, so that’s good.

Uh, I bet your mom already misses you.

Kevin sent me a picture of them from the beach. He’s been working out.

Wait, Kevin’s sending you pictures?

I’m just glad she found someone. Someone nice and cute, cool tech job.

I’d kill for a guy like that. It’s pretty rough out there.

Not that I don’t have my fun. You know what I’m saying?


[message chimes]

Is everything okay?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, uh, it’s fine.

You know, I could stay and hang if you’re bored.

No, it’s okay. I’m just looking forward to a quiet night in.

[chuckles] You’re just like your mom.

♪ All right, all right okay What’s up, what’s up with you? ♪

[Veena] Yo, yo, yo, yo!

[laughing and whooping]

[June] Don’t post that.

♪ What’s up, what’s up with you? ♪

♪ What’s up, what’s up with you? ♪

♪ All right, all right, all right All right, all right, all right okay ♪

♪ What’s up? ♪

♪ What’s up? ♪

♪ Okay ♪

♪ Drop it hot ♪

♪ Okay ♪

♪ Drop it hot potato ♪

♪ Hot potato Hot potato… ♪

♪ Okay ♪

♪ Drop it hot potato ♪

♪ I’m really with the shit, yeah ♪

♪ I’m really with the shit, yeah ♪

♪ I’m really with the shit, yeah ♪

♪ I’m really with, I’m really with, I’m really with ♪

[Veena] Hey, you ready for tonight?

[June] I guess.

[Veena] You, uh… You doing okay?

[June] Yeah.

Yeah, I’m fine.

[intense music building]

[doorbell chiming repeatedly]


[girl 1] Whoa, June.

I’m fine.

[girl 2] Calm down. Sit down.

I’m fine!

Yo, June, you okay?

Anybody seen my smartwatch? It’s square with

Okay. It’s all right. All right, listen to me.

You’re all right. Tia, can you get the cup?

All right, let’s go. You’re done.

I’m sorry.

Okay, June, okay.

[June groans]

[unsettling music playing]

I think Little Caesar’s tired out from the drive. Aren’t you, buddy?

[Grace] James? Why aren’t there any curtains upstairs?

Because, babe, we’re in the middle of nowhere and no one’s watching.

Hi, Junebug.

Wait a minute, I thought this was broken.

No, baby, please be careful. I just don’t want it to break again.

Daddy fixed it.


We just wanna make sure that we don’t break it again.

Well, then I’m just gonna fix it again.

[poignant music playing]

[alarm beeping]

[keyboard clacking]


[message chimes]

Oh, shit.

[pensive music playing]

[woman speaking indistinctly over PA]

[travelers chattering]

[tense pensive music playing]

[man speaking indistinctly over PA]

[on recording] Hi, this is Grace Allen. Please leave a message.

[voicemail beeps]

[June] Mom?

Where are you guys? I’ve been standing here forever.

Let me know when you get this.

See you in a sec. Bye.


[woman speaking indistinctly over PA]

[baggage carousel buzzes]

[ominous music playing]

[music fades]

[line dialing]

[man speaking in Spanish]

[June] Hi. I’m calling about a guest you had,

seeing if they extended their stay.

[man speaks in Spanish]

[June] Um…

I’m sorry. Uh, does anyone speak English?

[man in English] No, I’m sorry.

[man speaks in Spanish]

[June] Knew I shouldn’t have dropped Spanish.


[June speaks in Spanish]

[man speaks in Spanish]

[June] Nombre?

Um, it’s Lin. It’s spelled LI

[man] Oh, sí, Kevin Lin.

[June] Yeah. That’s him. Uh…

[both speaking in Spanish]

[June] Um…



[man speaking in Spanish]

[June] Wait, what?


[June speaks in Spanish]

[man speaks in Spanish]

[June] What?

[man in English] Hello?


[June speaks in Spanish]

[man] No. [speaks in Spanish]

[June] Okay. Uh…



Um… [speaks in Spanish]

[man sighs, then speaks in Spanish]

[June] “En persona.”

I can’t go in person.

[both speak in Spanish]

[June in English] The footage overwrites.

Uh… Cuándo?

[man speaks in Spanish]

[unsettling music playing]

[June] Okay. Uh…


[Heather] Yes, ma’am. And no one knows where they went.

I understand. Yes. Thank you.

So is the embassy doing something?

No, they’re already closed.

That was a duty officer. She said to fill out a report,

and somebody would call us tomorrow when the embassy opens.

And what about the footage? Won’t that be too late?

[message chimes]

I know.

I’ll make some more calls. Somebody’s gotta be open 24/7.


So I’ll just fill out this form and

Don’t worry.

I’m gonna come by first thing tomorrow morning

when the embassy opens, okay?

We’re gonna figure this out.

Okay. Yeah.

Thanks, Heather.

[ominous music playing]

[upbeat music playing over phone]

[line dialing]

[over speaker] Good morning. This is Assistant Legal Attaché Elijah Park.

Am I speaking with Ms. Allen?

[footsteps approaching]


Hi. Hi. Hello?

Hi there. This is Elijah Park. I’m calling from the U.S. Embassy in Colombia.

I thought you guys opened an hour ago.

Sorry, I was on with Ms. Damore.

She mentioned you wanted to speak with me about some footage?

Yes. Um, the security footage, I put it all in the report.

[message chimes]

I’ll take a look. Now, I’m here in Colombia,

so I’ll be acting as liaison between you and the local police.

Did you not get my report?

Um… doesn’t appear so.

Great. Okay, well, the hotel has security footage,

but it constantly overwrites.

So we have about six hours until it’s gone,

so can you please send an agent over?

I’ll do my best.

But keep in mind, the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction to investigate in Colombia.

So it may take some time while we work with local authorities.


Now, listen, what’s even more helpful to us

is any information you can tell me about your mom.

Did she say or do anything unusual before she went missing?

Could be a text, uh… a voicemail.

No, not really.

Okay. That’s okay.

Um… and do you have access to anything we could use to geolocate?

Her Gmail, iCloud?

Wait. Maybe…

[tense pensive music playing]

Listen, we can only use evidence from accounts that you have legal access to.

Otherwise nothing we learn will be admissible in court.

I think I might have something.

Come on.

[music crescendos]

Never mind. Sorry, I don’t have anything.

That’s okay.

I know you’re 18, but do you have relatives that could come stay with you?

No. Um, it’s just me and my mom.

Heather is probably gonna stop by.

You are going to get that footage, though, right?

If you get that form in, I’ll make sure it gets to the right hands. Okay?

We’ll be in touch.

[pensive music playing]

[message chimes]

[call ringing]

[call ringing]

Hi. Hello?

Hi. Um… [groans]

I think your sound is off.


[speaking in Spanish]

Oh, hi. Yes, yes. Hi, Javier.

[in English] Uh… signal okay now?

The signal is great. I need you

You are from where?

I’m from Los Angeles. I need


Van Nuys.

I need you to go to this hotel and ask for their security footage.

I’m tryna find someone.

I don’t understand. “Tryna find.”

She’s missing.

How long?

Like 36 hours.

And I need someone to get to the hotel and get the footage before it’s erased

so we can see when she and her boyfriend left.

La policía will not check?

No. No, I mean, they said they would try, but they can’t even investigate directly.

So I need your help.

Ah, lo siento, pero…

I’m only services. Cleaning, electric, you know.

Please. Please, it’s my mom.


You make me think of my son.

Never taking no for an answer.


Okay. Okay.

Oh, man, thank you so much.

Oh, June. Interesting thing.

Did you know that your phones are always tracking you?

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

But I can’t get into her accounts even if I wanted to.

And did you try his?


You said she’s traveling with her boyfriend.

So if you can’t find hers, maybe…


[pensive music playing]

I can find him.


[June] Hey, Vee.

Thanks for coming by. Heather never showed up.

Of course. This is so crazy.

Uh, hey, I think Caesar’s eating your smartwatch.

What? I don’t have a smartwatch.

Anyway, does Kevin give you samepasswordforeverything type of vibe?

Mm… 5050.

Actually, 6040. Why is your mom dating this guy?

Heather thinks he’s hot.

[Veena] Of course she does.

So you’re trying to get his password?

[June] Yeah.

Oh, yeah. This will work.

Do you remember that time you impersonated the Postmates driver on the phone?

[in deep voice] Dude, he had no idea.

All right. I need your help.

[line dialing]

[man] So to recover your password, I’ll just have to verify a couple things,

starting with date of birth.

November 10th, 1980.

Great. And the last four of your social.

I don’t give that out on the phone.

Uh, in that case, your mother’s maiden name.

Uh… Chen. Julia Chen.

And the name of your elementary school.

[Veena] Uh…

The name of my elementary school?


[suspenseful music playing]

Uh… sir?

[Veena] Do you need the full name or…?

Honestly, whatever works.

Uh, Tillman Elementary?

[ominous music playing]

[June] Oh, sweet, we’re in.

Okay. Let’s see where they were going.

There’s their Uber to LAX.

Flight to Cartagena.



[Veena in normal voice] Maybe he didn’t have service?

[June] But he was texting me the whole time.

Unless he turned off his location.

[call ringing]

Bad news. The footage is already gone.

But interesting story.

La señora que limpia, how do you say, the cleaning señora,

she went to school with my son. And we got to talking

No, Javi, no time for stories.

Hold on.

So I explain to her what I’m looking for,

and she says she sees two American tourists leave on Friday.

Wait, so she saw them leave.

Now you have time for the story, huh?

So they’re going to leave, and your mother says sorry

because she spilled some wine on the bedsheets.

This is like 1 in the afternoon.

She dressed up very nice, so the señora asked if they were going somewhere fancy.

And guess what your stepfather said.

Ew, no, not my stepfather.

Oh, all right. But he says he wants to go to…

how do you say, you know, store where shovels and hammers

Wait, a hardware store?

Sí, hardware store.

On vacation.

Did she say what store they went to?

Uh, no, she didn’t ask.

There’s gotta be a way to figure it out.


Me llamo Veena.

Hola. Mucho gusto. Javi.

Credit card history.

His purchases should have a location attached to them.

[suspenseful music playing]

Boom. Kevin’s last purchase.

Same day they went missing.

Getsemani. That’s the store.

No. Getsemani. That’s not a store.

That’s an area, muy turístico, where you go to pay too much for drinks.

Okay, well, I’m sending you all the hardware stores in Getsemani.

Talk to the workers, see if they saw anything, okay?

[Javi] Or maybe I just buy some gum.


To see if the bank code matches. Eh?

Oh, my God. Yes, Javi. Yes. Okay, I’m sending you the code now.

June, eight stores might take a few hours. Is that okay with you?

[June] For now.

I’ll look through his emails too, see if there’s a receipt in there.


Here we go, then.

[scooter engine revs]

[Heather] You’re going through his email?

Yeah, so?

So you can’t break into Kevin’s email without permission.

But why would he turn off his locations? That doesn’t make sense.

I don’t know, but you need to let the police handle this stuff.

Um, are you coming over?

I’m sorry. I gotta go into the office. I had to change a client meeting.

But I’ll be there.

[ominous music playing]


What? What is it?


Um, sorry, Heather, I gotta go.

No match yet. Six more to go.

[June] Wait, wait, hold up.

I I think Kevin was cheating.


[Veena] He clearly has a type.

What if you checked his blocked users?

His what?

In his contacts. Remember that one Unfiction episode with the affair?

[tense pensive music playing]

[June] Whoa.

Who are these people?

What the hell?

[Veena] Wait. Who’s Greg?

Hey, what’s going on?

[June] This woman calls him Darren.

They all want their money back.

[Veena] Yo. Dude’s not cheating. He’s a…

He’s a con man.

[ominous music playing]

[Park] Three years in Eastham Federal Prison.

Released last year.

[June] So you weren’t gonna tell me my mom was dating a felon?

[Park] Look, don’t get me wrong. We are looking into him.

But he’s never been involved in a disappearance.

And he’s been using his legal name.

[June] But don’t you think this is a pretty big coincidence?

[Park] Keep in mind

that all of these cases were from before his prison sentence.

And he’s never violated parole.

[June] Okay.

But what about that Bunny Cake girl? That’s from this year.

I understand, but right now you are illegally accessing Mr. Lin’s account.

So any evidence that I receive from that gets tossed in court.


Look, I appreciate the help.

But our job is to find your mom and build a prosecutable case if there’s a crime.

So we gotta do this the right way.

You need to trust me on this.

[ominous music playing]

[line dialing]

[man] Uh, yeah, she works here.

[June] And you haven’t heard from her at all?

Nope. I’ve tried calling, DMing her.

I’ve been stuck covering her shift for the last two weeks, so…

Two weeks.

Not exactly out of character, though. She’s… special.

Do you mind calling if you hear from her? It’s important.

Uh… sure.

Bunny Cake is missing too. She hasn’t been to work in two weeks.

You think he did something to her?

I don’t know.

But I know how to find out.

[Veena] I thought he turned his location off.

[June] Not till they got to Colombia.


He was seeing her.

What were you up to?


What the hell?

[ominous music continues]

[Jim on phone] And you got this number how?

I’m calling about Kevin Lin. He visited your house like two weeks ago.

Wait, slow down. Kevin?

Kevin Lin. He was at your house…

June 8th. What was he doing there?

Look, I don’t wanna say anything that he doesn’t want public.

Oh, so you’re trying to cover for him?

Covering for wha? Of course not.

Then why was he at your house?

It’s a reentry program for exoffenders.

I was paired with Kevin before I moved out here.

He comes and visits sometimes.

Look, the hardest part for these guys is getting past the stigma,

so I try to be careful.

[June] Yeah, totally.

And did he ever…

mention my mom anytime?


I mean, he hasn’t shut up about her since they first met.

She seemed really good for him.

Yeah. Um, do you remember how they met?

I mean, you’d know better than me.


Um, you don’t think this was just another one of his, you know…

Oh, no. I mean, look.

Kevin’s worked really hard to put that stuff behind him.

It seemed real to me.


Um, and you said your name was Jim?

Jimmy, yeah.

Listen, I’ll talk to the wife. I’ll, uh, see if she remembers anything.

Good luck, June.

Okay. Thanks, Jimmy.

[phone beeps]

[message chimes]

[ominous music playing]

[June] Is this the store?

Do you know how many packs of gum I bought today?

Did anyone see them?

No one remembers.

But I got the receipt.

Wait, you got it? What did he buy?

Just this.

A lock?

Why would he buy a lock?

And what about security cameras?

No. [speaks in Spanish]

So, what’s next?

Hey. I gotta bounce. I’ll see you tomorrow, though.

Oh. Okay. Yeah, sounds good.

Uh, hasta luego, Javi.

Adiós, Veena.

I hope I didn’t waste your money.

No. No, Javi.

You’ve been really helpful.

Maybe you should tell la policía about the lock.

They maybe know something.

Sure thing.

Peace, Javi.

Piece of what?

No, like peace.


Just means goodbye.

Text if you need anything.

[keyboard clacking]

[ominous music playing]

Hey, Grace!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it that loud.


Uh, Kevin here.

And I thought I’d just try to get things started.


What’s your favorite ’80s band?

I know, a third message is lame.

But you seem great, and I’d love to know more about you.

Also, hello.

I forgot that. Okay.

I certainly admire your persistence. So, what would you like to know?

Believe it or not, back in the day, I used to be a huge fan of…

New Edition.

[laughs] Okay.

You totally stole my answer.

[tender music playing]

I’m kind of a social media guy cliché.

Shared office space.

There’s beer on tap.

I don’t drink anymore, though, really. Guess I’m gettin’ old.

[Grace] Hi.

I’m just getting home.

Another 13hour day.

You know what, Grace? It sounds like you need a vacation.

Just get off the grid, do a hard reset.

That’s what works for me.

Hey, Siri, can we take a vac? Oh, crap.

“Hey, Siri, can we take a vaca?”

Hey, Siri, remind me to ask Grace out to dinner. Uh…


Is this recording?


Guess what this song is called.

Last night was fun.

[music turns pensive]

I just don’t know what to do.

I tried to leave a voicemail. Her voicemail is full.

She turned off location services.

And she knows that she’s supposed to be home at 11.

She knows this.

[Kevin] Hey.

She’s almost 18.

If she took the time to turn off locations,

she’s probably okay.

[Grace] I know, I just…

I don’t know. She

When I look at her, I just…

I just see her father, and it’s like…

[music turns poignant]

We’ve really been through a lot together.

And I just don’t think that I could, uh…

I don’t think that I could forgive myself

if anything ever happened to her, you know?

You seem like a really great mom.

One day,

she’ll get that.

[poignant music continues]

[Kevin] Uh… so actually, I’ve got stuff too.

I have a record.

And I shoulda told you earlier.

But I just really…

I really like you, and I just didn’t wanna screw this up.

But if you don’t wanna, uh, keep talking,

I totally get it.



So yeah.

[poignant music continues]

[music fades]

[ominous music playing]

[Javi] “GA, KL.”



[Javi] There it is.

There it is.

I should have thought of this place.

Lots of tourists. And good for couples.

Hold on a sec.

[tense pensive music playing]


Javi, can you wave for me?



I see you. [laughs]

Hey, June! [laughs]

Okay, let me check the archive.

Come on, come on, come on.



[Javi] Do you see them?


He has the lock.


Wait, he’s pulling something out of his pocket.

[tense pensive music continues]


It was real.

[call ringing]

Is everything all right?

Um, yeah. Let me call you back.

[Park] Ms. Allen? We may have found them.

[June] I know they were at the bridge. You were right.

He wasn’t trying to con her.

Ms. Allen.



We’ve got some bad news.

[ominous music playing]

[men speaking in Spanish]

[June] Oh, my God.

[Kevin & Grace yelling]

[June] Who are these people?

[Park] We don’t know.

We just received this this morning from an anonymous source.

We’re mobilizing units across the city as we speak.

What are they gonna do to her?

Well, we flagged a withdrawal

from your mom’s bank to an encrypted thirdparty account,

so they may just want money.

[June] So, what now? Is there anything I can do?

Hey, we’re gonna find these guys, okay?

The best thing you can do to help us is just wait by your phone.

We’ll be in touch.

[tires screech]

They said something about money, but what if these people hurt her?

They have no reason to.

I’ve already lost one parent, Javi. I can’t lose her too.

[music fades]

I didn’t even say goodbye.

When did you lose your father?

I’m sorry if you don’t wanna talk about it.

No, it’s fine. Um…

It was years ago.

I can’t even remember the funeral.

My son Carlos lost his mom when he was very young too.

That’s why I ask.

I know it’s hard.


Your son is lucky he still has you, Javi.

[Javi] Hm.

I don’t know.

What do you mean?

He was always trouble.

But the trouble got worse, then one day we had this big fight and…

He said he never wanted to talk to me again.

I guess he meant it.

But, you know, even if he doesn’t want to see me,

he’s always mi Carlito.

And whatever you are beating yourself over with your mom…

it doesn’t change a parent’s love.

I know.

Have you tried reaching out?

To your son?

[poignant music playing]

He knows where I am.

Well, anyway, um…

I don’t wanna take any more of your time, Javi.

Thank you.

It’s no problem, June.

Call anytime.

And, listen, they’re gonna find her.

I know.

Peace, amiga. Hm?

[softly] Peace.

[music fades]

[pensive music playing]

[music intensifies]

[music turns ominous]

Oh, my God.

[music intensifies]

[indistinct chatter]

[cameras clicking]

Good morning.

I’m Elijah Park with the FBI.

Last evening we determined that U.S. citizen Grace Allen,

previously thought to have been kidnapped here in Cartagena, Colombia,

was in fact impersonated in an alleged scheme by the suspects behind me.

We are now turning to the public for any information

regarding the whereabouts of Miss Allen, who we now believe…

never left Los Angeles.

[reporters clamoring]

[cameras clicking]

Hi, everybody, first up this morning: “The strangest case I’ve ever seen.”

Those are the words used by LAPD Detective Luciana Gomez

to describe the disappearance of a Van Nuys resident

who was seemingly swapped out

with another woman along their Uber drive to LAX.

[Gomez] Because of the staged kidnapping, we’ve lost a lot of time.

It’s now been over a week since Miss Allen was last seen, so we need to move quickly.

[woman] A ground search begins today for a woman police say went missing

somewhere along her nearly 22mile trip to the airport.

[man] Grace!

[people yelling]

[tense music playing]


[doorbell chimes]

They were talking to you for a while. They know anything?

They think whatever happened must have been on the drive to LAX.

Right, right, right. Look at this. Look at ’em.

So your mom gets in the Uber, they take the 405,

and then a totally different woman gets out at LAX.

If Kevin did something to her, that’s when it happened.

The weird thing is, he only ever stopped for three minutes along the way.

He must have had help.

[Gomez] Uber has no record of the trip, and the car was using stolen plates.

We got an APB out for the vehicle now.

[reporters clamoring]

Yep. Down in front.

[man] Is it possible that the Uber driver was hired?

It’s possible.

According to our friends at the FBI…

Large withdrawals from Miss Allen’s bank account were made after her disappearance.

In the meantime, the one person who knows for sure what’s going on here…

Is Mr. Lin.

So we’re working with the police around the region,

including officers at the Venezuelan border.

We find him…

And we find Grace Allen.

[reporters clamoring]

[woman speaking in Spanish]

[June] Whoa. Javi, what are they saying?

They say that the police arrested some local students

that Lin hired to be part of a movie.

[speaking in Spanish]

Whoa. June, check this out.


[woman 1] They’re arresting her. Right now.

There she is. There, there.

[woman 2] No, no, no. Can you see her?


[passengers chattering]

Aspiring actress Rachel Page, recently detained upon reentering the U.S.,

was released today on bail as a cooperating witness.

[Rachel] He said it was a reality show.

Like a lifestyle travel thing,

all shot on a iPhone and stuff.

I had to walk a certain way, dress a certain way.

And I couldn’t even post anything on Instagram.

[tense music continues]

But after the kidnapping scene,

I knew something was up.

So I made a run for it.

But there was no crew, no real cameras.

None of that seemed odd?

I just thought:

“Damn. This guy has a vision.”


[June] How do you know she’s not lying?

Miss Page said Kevin and his driver picked her up near the 405,

so LAPD checked traffic cameras.

By the time Kevin got there, your mom was already gone.

Miss Page never saw her.

[June] Okay, well, did she get a good look at the driver?

[Park] Middleaged, baseball hat, that’s all we got.

She couldn’t see his face from the back seat.

Yo, Kevin for sure hired that guy.

Veena, shut up.

I’m sorry.

[Park] Listen, Miss Allen, while I have you,

I have some questions regarding something we’re looking into.


You mentioned that you don’t have any extended family, right?


[Park] To the best of your knowledge,

your mom has never gone by any other names?

No. She’s just Grace Allen. Why?


Exclusive developments tonight in the case of Grace Allen:

Public records suggesting there may be more to the missing Van Nuys resident

than meets the eye.

Turns out Grace Allen is just one of the mystery woman’s aliases,

whose real identity lies locked behind a courtordered seal.

You’re her lawyer. There’s nothing you can do?

It’s a courtordered seal.

It’s gonna take at least a week to get a judge to lift it.

And she never said anything to you about this?

I don’t…

No, I don’t think so.

Why would she keep this from me?

[woman] Does this suggest Grace Allen herself might be implicated?

Let me be clear:

Right now, Grace Allen is not a suspect.

That being said,

we can’t rule anything out.

[reporters clamoring]

[dramatic music playing]

[woman 1] Hi, is this June Allen?

I’m an executive at Netflix, and we’d love to talk to you.

[man] …calling in for my podcast on Spotify

[woman 2] I tried leaving a voicemail. I’m writing an article

[Angel] Yo, it’s Angel. Just checking in on things with your mom.

Also, did you find my watch?

[woman 3] So the missing money wasn’t stolen.

It was payment to Kevin for helping her disappear.

Why else would she

She hired Lin and the driver, stages the kidnapping,

hides in the trunk, drives off, starts a new life somewhere.

Which we know she’s done once before.

I mean, zero known family members, other than the daughter?

That’s hella sus.

[reporters chattering]

[June] I cannot take this anymore!

It’s just the Internet, June.

No, no, it’s not just the Internet. It’s the police too.

Hey, hey, hey. It’s going to be okay, June.

Don’t let them put you down.

[dramatic music continues]

[music fades]

How many tax dollars have been wasted

searching for someone who clearly ran away?

I mean, her coworker described her as dodgy and guarded about her past.

[June] How can people believe any of this? They’re focusing on the wrong person.

[Veena] At least they’re trying to help.

Like, imagine if this was an Unfiction episode.

You’d be asking questions too, no?

About Kevin. Not my mom.

Yeah, but even you said she was hiding something, right?

She knew about Kevin the whole time. Plus the whole identity change

Veena, what the hell?

No, I just mean that there are some legit questions.

There are no questions!

This is not a show, this is my mom!

June, obviously I

You should just go.


[reporters chattering]

[keyboard clacking]

[ominous music playing]


[email chimes]

[ominous music continues]

[music intensifies]

She was messaging Kevin less than 24 hours ago.

Plus she’s been ignoring me since they went missing.

Breathe. Just breathe. Maybe there is a good answer.

And she’s been obsessed with Kevin ever since they met.

It’s all making sense.

What is that?

It has a camera.

This way, she won’t know I’m recording.

June, if you think something is wrong, you need to tell la policía.

I have tried! I have tried telling them about Kevin and about Rachel.

But anything I find on Kevin’s account can’t be used

to help “build a prosecutable case” or whatever,

so I have to record her.

I’m syncing to the watch now.

I need you to stay on the phone while I’m in there in case something happens.

[Javi] June, I’m sorry.

It’s too dangerous.

No, the police are acting like my mom’s some kind of criminal mastermind.

Pero maybe right now you need to trust them.

What are you saying?

Just because someone is your parent,

it doesn’t mean they do not make mistakes.


I guess you would know, huh?

Maybe you gave up on your son…

but I’m not giving up on my mom.

[ominous music playing]

[reporters chattering]

[music stops]

It’s June 27th, 10 p.m.,

at the office of Heather Damore, 73815 Wilshire Boulevard.

[elevator chimes]

Approaching her office now.

[knocking on door]


Heather, it’s June!

Heather, I saw your car out there. I know you’re [gasps]


The hell?

[ominous music playing]


[elevator chimes]

[June gasps]

[June breathing nervously]

[June exhales]

[ominous music continues]




Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! Heather!

[music fades]

[Park] Based on the autopsy,

whoever did this was there minutes before you arrived.

You’re lucky to be alive.

They must’ve seen the messages I sent to her.

They knew I was coming.

I just don’t understand why she’d be messaging him.

Look, the wiped computer, the missing files…

My guess is that she knew something that Kevin didn’t want us to know.

She wasn’t willfully messaging him.

He was threatening her.

And the photos were…?

To keep her quiet. Yeah.

She was trying to protect me.

But if Kevin is still in Colombia, who did this?

I don’t know.

But in the meantime, LAPD will stay there with you

until they find a safe place for you to go. Okay?

Look, Mr. Lin is the key to all of this.

Now, the good news is police may have spotted him near the border,

so it might not be long.

He is our best chance at finding your mom.


Thank you.

[ominous music playing]

[computer chimes]

[footsteps approaching]

[messages chiming]

[tense music playing]

[men speaking in Spanish]

[crowd chattering]

[man] ¡Policía!

[Kevin] Okay! Hey! Hold up!


No comprendo.


[crowd screaming]

[gunshots continue]

[somber music playing]

[thunder rumbles]


[poignant music playing]

[Grace] Hey, sweetheart. It’s Mom.

Just, um, wondering if you wanted to catch a movie toni

Hi, my name is Grace Allen,

and I’m actually your mother, if you could call me back at your earliest convenience.

Hey, Siri. Call Junie

Oh, gosh, I’m sorry. I thought this was a

Never mind.

Hey, Junebug.

It’s Mommy.

I tried knocking, uh, but you didn’t answer.

I’m sure you have your headphones on.


Look, there’s actually a lot I want to talk with you about.

So anyway, you’re probably not even checking these messages,

but I guess we’ll talk later.

I love you.


[poignant music continues]

Hey, Junebug. It’s

[thunder rumbles]

[tense pensive music playing]

[music turns ominous]

[music intensifies]

[music fades]

[June] Hello?


[unsettling music playing]

[music crescendos]

[call ringing]


[Jimmy] June?

Thank God. Are you safe?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Why?

Are all the doors locked?

Yeah, I think so.

Wait, this is Jimmy from the church thing?

Look, there’s a lot to explain, but we don’t know who’s listening.

Okay. Well, should I call someone?

No, I don’t know who to trust at this point.

Look, just stay on the phone with me, okay?

[keys jingling]

[car door closes]

[gasps] Oh, my God. Someone’s here.

It’s just me.

Don’t worry. It’s gonna be okay.


What are you doing here?

I came as soon as I could. I didn’t mean to scare you.

No, you need to tell me what’s going on right now before I call the police!

[unsettling pensive music playing]


I know this sounds crazy.

I came as soon as I could.

I’m sorry to show up like this…

but there are things…

There are things that you need to know.

I can explain everything.


Are you still there?



If you can hear me…

Look, I know this is hard.

But you deserve to know what happened.



[door opens]



Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Okay, okay.



What is going on?

Your mom…

Her real name is Sarah.

And when you were little,

we were always fighting.

She barely would let me feed you…

or play with you.

Every day it got worse and worse.

Until she took you away.

And I’ve been searching for you ever since.

[Caesar meows]



[Caesar purring]

She told me you were dead.

June, you don’t know what she’s capable of.

She lied to a judge to have me put in prison

so that she could have you to herself.

She lied to me.

Every day for 12 years…

I had to wake up in Eastham knowing that she had you somewhere.

You were in Eastham Prison?

In Texas?


She took everything from me.

But that’s where Kevin was.

You weren’t his counselor.

You met him in prison.

[ominous music playing]



[call ringing]


Can we just talk for a minute?

Where is she?


Hey, no! June!


No, no, no!


[dramatic music playing]

It’s okay.

[muffled screaming]

[cell phone buzzes]

[James] Well, then I’m just gonna fix it again, aren’t I?

What’s that?

[Grace] James.

It’s just the altitude. I’m fine.

James, are you okay?

No, no, no, no. Daddy’s fine.


Are you good?

[James clears throat]

Hey, do you wanna play hideandseek?


You wanna go upstairs? I’ll count to 20.

And don’t let Daddy find you. Okay?

Why you gotta do that in front of her?

Do what?

“Are you good?”

What, I can’t play with my own daughter now?

I didn’t say anything.


It’s just that I saw you go out back and I know

Are you filming this?

No, I’m not filming anything.

Give me the camera.


[James] Sarah, I’ve been trying to call. Where are you?

[Grace] Are you at the house?


Look, how about you and June come back, and we talk this out.


[Grace] You promised me you would stay clean.

[James] And what, you’re saying I haven’t?

[James scoffs]

You can’t just make shit up in order to steal my daughter from me, Sarah.

Look, Sarebear, I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to get upset.

It’s just

It is frustrating trying to reason with you

when you won’t acknowledge baseline facts.

[ominous music playing]

Look, I promise I’m clean.

Can you just come home, so that we can work this out as a family?

For June’s sake?

[Grace] Then how do you explain what I found in the hallway closet?

[James] What?

What are you talking about?

[Grace] We were playing hideandseek.

And guess what June found.

[James] Okay, Sarah.

Yes, I found a way to turn some stuff over, but it’s worth a lot,

so you need to cut the shit and tell me what you did with it!

[Grace] I left it where it was.

[sirens wailing]

[officer] Police! Open the door!

[James] Jesus Christ, what did you do?

[Grace] I can’t let you put our daughter in danger anymore.

[officer] You need to open the door!

[James] I swear to God, I will find you,

and you will die in a pool of your own blood before you take her from me!

Do you hear me?!

[officers yelling]

[poignant music playing]

[keyboard clacking]

[music turns dramatic]

[woman 1] I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

[man] We really hate to see you go.

[woman 2] I really had no idea what you were going through.

[woman 1] I love you. I’m praying for you and June.

[woman 2] I know you two will get through this together.

[woman 1] We’re gonna miss you a lot.

[Grace] Someday she’ll understand.


[dramatic music continues]

[music crescendos, then stops]

[crickets chirping]

[ominous music playing]

[June sobbing]

[June screams]

No! No!

[music intensifies]

[muffled screams]

Just gotta take care of one thing, and then we’ll leave.

[muffled screaming]

[suspenseful music playing]

[Grace] Shit.

[James] We’re going outside.

If you were gonna kill me, you woulda done it already.

[James] Things have changed.


[screams] June!

[James grunting]


Twelve years, Sarah.

Twelve years, I felt just like you feel right now.

I wish I could’ve kept you here. But…

June and I have to go.


[James grunts]


[dramatic music playing]

[James groaning]

Oh, my God. Junie!

Mom! Mom? Mom?

Okay, baby. You’re okay.

Is that really you?

Baby, I am so sorry.

I am so sorry.

[dramatic music playing]

We have to get out of here, do you understand me? He is spiraling.

He killed Heather.

He killed Heather?

He’s crazy. He thinks he’s punishing me for what I did to him.

Okay. I’m gonna tell you everything in the car.

I want you to take the keys

No, Mom!

No! No! No, no, no!

Oh, my God!

Oh, God.

Where is he going?

[Grace] The chair.

What is he gonna do to us?

I don’t know.

I don’t even know why he brought you here.

Oh, ’cause he knew.

He knew I was about to find him.


[Caesar meowing]

Hello? Hello, hello? Can anyone hear me?

Okay, June, we have to get out of here while he’s still outside.

Where’s your phone?

I don’t have my phone. It’s at the house. If only I could just…

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God, yes!

Do you remember the address to this place?

[Grace] I think it was something Mariposa Road?

But that’s all I remember.

[June] Everything needs to be paired with a phone.


[Grace] What?

[June] Unless…

Okay. I have an idea.

[upbeat Spanish music playing]

[call ringing]

[music stops]

[music resumes]

[call ringing]

[music stops]

I need to use the navigation. Please do not call again. Okay? Bye.

Javi, please! I’m sorry about what I said.

You did not give up on your son.

I found my mom, but we’re running out of time.

Please, I need your help.



I need you to go to my Instagram and find a picture.

I still don’t see him.

[June] Please hurry.

[Javi] Sí, sí, momentico.

[groans] What’s the account name?

[June] It’s JUunderscoreU

[Javi] “Underscore”? ¿Qué es eso? What’s that?

[June] It’s the little line, like at the bottom, you know?

[Javi speaks in Spanish]

[June] Yeah.

So it’s JUunderscoreUNE1.

[Javi speaks in Spanish]

[June] Okay, I need you to go to the first picture on my Instagram.

[Javi speaks in Spanish]

[June] Great. On the house behind us, there are numbers. What are they?

[Javi] Um… 48541.

[June] Okay, call the police and tell them we are at 4

Oh, no.

He’s coming back.

[footsteps approaching]

Get back.

[tense music playing]

What’s going on?

Give me the watch.



I am talking to my daughter.

June, did you just make a call?

Okay. Now, I need you to come with me right now.

Back off.

June, come with me, please.

Leave her alone.

One more word from you, and you are dead.

June, I’m not gonna ask again.

Please don’t



No, no, no!


What did you do?! No!

What did you do?


Come on. Hey!

Get off of me!

See? It’s okay.

You’re just making this harder.



[Grace] Please.

[June] No, no, no!

Hey! Hey, let us out! Let us out!


Mom. Mom.


Dad. Dad, please. Please don’t do this.

Please, if you can hear me, just open the door, please!

She needs help! Please!

No one has to die. Just please call for help!


If anyone can hear me, I am trapped in a room with my mom!

We are at 48541 Mariposa Road.

[keyboard clacking]

[head thuds]


[Grace] Junebug?


No. Mom, it’s okay.

Oh, my God.

I’m so sorry.

No, no, no.

No, you don’t say that. No. No, you don’t say that.

[sobs] I’m sorry.

[poignant music playing]

[June whimpers, then sniffles]

I promise…

I promise if we could just get home, I’ll be better.

I’ll start checking my voicemails.

I’ll let you call me Junebug all you want.

And I’ll stop making fun of you for using Siri for literally everything.

I just…

[pensive music playing]

Hey, Siri.


Call 911.

[woman over radio] Distress call at 48541 Mariposa Road.

Any available units in the vicinity, report immediately.

[siren wailing]

[man 1] Go, go, go!

Go, go, go!

[man 2] Clear!

[man 3] Go, go, go!

[man 4] Clear.

[man 5] Check the other side!

[man 6] Hallway clear.

[woman] Suspect down!

[June] Help!

We need help!

SWAT! Let me see your hands!

Hands up!

[woman] Victim down, victim down!

[man] Clear!

Lung’s collapsed. We need a transport now.

[June] Is she okay?

30Squad to Control, we have an adult female, upper body GSW, requesting airlift.

[dramatic music playing]

[messages chiming]

[music stops]

[keyboard clacking]

[call ringing]

Hey, Junebug, it’s Mom. I hope I’m not interrupting



This is FaceTime.

Oh, gosh.

I know, I know.

I just put the phone down for a second.


I just wanted to remind you that your bus leaves at 8:35 in the morning, so you might wanna set multiple alarms.

Yep. Already did.

I’ll also send you some lunch money if you need any, okay?



Just thank you.

[tender music playing]

Oh, guess what.

Your friend Javi friended me on Facebook.

For real? No way.

Okay. Well, I guess I’ll see you at Union Station tomorrow afternoon.

Can’t wait.


Oh, hey

[computer chimes]

[dramatic music playing]

[dramatic music playing]


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