Cold Pursuit (2019) | Transcript

Nels Coxman's quiet life comes crashing down when his beloved son dies under mysterious circumstances. His search for the truth soon becomes a quest for revenge as he seeks coldblooded justice against a drug lord and his inner circle.
Cold Pursuit (2019)
Cold Pursuit is a 2019 American action thriller film directed by Hans Petter Moland and starring Liam Neeson as Nels Coxman, a snowplow driver who seeks revenge against a drug cartel after his son is murdered. The movie is a remake of Moland’s 2014 Norwegian film “In Order of Disappearance”. The plot follows Nels as he uncovers the criminal organization responsible for his son’s death and picks it apart, one member at a time, finding unlikely allies and forming conflicting bonds. The film’s backdrop of a serene snowcapped town creates a stark contrast with the grueling violence and sharp action scenes.

* * *

[wind blowing]

[distant rumbling]

[guitar instrumental plays]

[wind continues blowing]

[music continues]

[water running]

[long inhale]

[man] Hey, Mom.

Hey! Where did you find this stranger?

Found him on the road.

Is it okay if I use your car? I really need to get to work.

[Grace] Sure.


You don’t wanna stay and help us finish off the last of Bambi with this stew?

I’d love to, I have to go. Dad, thank you.

[Nels] Have a good one.

[door closes]

How was it?

[Nels] Yeah, wasn’t too bad.

Hey… you’re gonna have to say a few words tonight.

How many?


Lincoln did, what, 282 for the Gettysburg Address.

So, 100?

Come on, they’re just trying to thank you.

It’s not gonna be a firing squad.

That would be over quick, though.

Is that new?


Just tuck it there.


Um… [stammers]

Um, I’m… I’m no speech giver.

But I sure as heck am very honored to be named Kehoe’s Citizen of the Year.

However, if… if it were up to me…

I’d give it to somebody more important.

Uh… I’m a… I’m just a guy who keeps a strip of civilization open through the wilderness for people.


When you… when you drive the same road day after day, it’s… easy to start thinking about the road not taken.

I try not to do that. You see…

I was lucky.

I picked a good road early… and I stayed on it.

[airplane approaches]

Hey, kid. How was your day?

[Kyle grunts]

[man 1] Easy!

Kyle. Kyle!

[man 1] Shut up!


Shut up!


[man 1] Get his arms!

[man 1] Get his belt!

[man 2] I got it.

[man 1] Pull it down.

[muffled] Help!


[gun clicking]


[intense music plays]

[wind blowing]

[water running]

[man] What’s going on?

I don’t wanna go.

Hey, I know you’re smart but you’re not that smart.

Uh, hey.

[man] Doesn’t wanna go.

Ah, shit.

Let me guess, this is about Tim, right?

Ryan’s got a bully in his class.

Tim rubbed his face in the dirt yesterday.

Do you know what a bully is?

It’s a chance to prove your mettle.

Now, you don’t wanna waste those chances in life.

He’s a lot bigger than I am.

Yeah, even better.

Are you saying I should hit him?

Yeah, for a start.

That’s not a very good idea.

Oh yeah, why not?

Because then I’ll be as stupid as he is.

Listen… come here, come here.

I gave you Lord of the Flies for your birthday.

I’ll bet you haven’t even started it yet.

Well, then that’s too bad.

All the answers you’ll ever need are in that book.

Come on, time to go.

[man 1] You were a real wild man last night.

[man 2 laughs]

There’s no one crazier than you, buddy.

Who knew you could dance.

[man 2] Ah, good times, huh?

[man 1] Tell you what, we’ll do this again, huh.

[chuckles] Yeah!

You look good. Get you some breakfast.

[guitar instrumental plays]

[wind blowing]

Jesus, Grace.

[latch clanging]

[mechanical squeaking]

[squeaking continues]

Your son?

He died of a heroin overdose.

Um, excuse me.

Kyle wasn’t a druggie.

Sorry, but all the parents say that.

But he… he wasn’t a druggie.

What… what are you gonna do?

[detective] I’ll be turning it over to Vice and Narcotics.

[Grace] We didn’t know our own son.

Kyle wasn’t a druggie.

[sobs] You’re not listening!

[wind blowing]

[male priest] He leadeth me to the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for thou art with me…

Thou anointest my head with oil.

My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


[metal clinks]


[man] Nels?

[muffled] Dante?


I’m sorry, Nels.

I’m really sorry.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this.

I know where and when the cocaine arrives.

Kyle didn’t know about any of this. That’s the truth.

It was just one bag.

Just one bag!

But people like that, they always find out.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. What people?

What people do you mean?


Do you have… do you have any cash?

If they find me, they’ll hurt me!

What people!

[sobs] Please! Please!

What people do you mean?

Speedo, there’s a guy named Speedo.

[Nels] Speedo?

He’s the only one I know!

Just tell me where I can find this guy and then you get the hell out of here!


Where is he?

[electronic music plays]

[muffled party noise]

[party clamor]

[dance music playing]

[party noise fades]



So, you’re Speedo?

Bingo, gold star.

Dante says hello.

I don’t know any Dantes.

[scoffs] Yes, you do.

He worked at the Kehoe airport with my son… Kyle.

You know him too.



Oh, yeah. Kyle, that’s your kid?

Yeah, yeah, I, uh… No, I don’t know him. Sorry.

I know a lot of people, I know a lot of… Kyles.

Tell me what happened.

Tell me.

All right, Pops. There’s the door, all right?

I don’t know what igloo you crawled out of but I think it’s time you crawled back in.

And trust me, that’s your, uh, best move.




[tooth clatters]

[Speedo sputters, coughs]

[strained] You have my phone?

Tell me what happened.


I was… I was just taking orders.

Taking orders from who?



[Nels] Huh?






Is that him? That Limbo?

[Speedo gasps]


[Speedo coughs]

[both grunting]

[instrumental music plays]

[radio host] No doubt about it, Dan Reeves was at least in the top three best coaches.

And since we’re strolling down memory lane at the Mile High Stadium, here’s a late night question for you, Denver.

Greatest quarterback ever, Elway or Manning?

Give me a call on 555-2395.


[music continues]

[outer door opens, closes]

[interior door opens, closes]

Aren’t you gonna ask where I’ve been?

Uh, Speedo’s missing.

Who’s Speedo?

One of my employees. But you wouldn’t know about him,

because we don’t talk about business on the way to school, do we?

Who packed these?

Didn’t think a treat would kill him.

High fructose corn syrup.


Baking soda?

The only thing not in those is rat poison.

I want you to know…

I had no hand in this.

[cars honking]

[male officer] I say make them all legal.

Meth, ex, opium.

An opium den in every mall, that’s my platform.

Give the people what they want. Tax the shit out of it, then double our pay.

What do you think about that?

[female officer] No thanks.

I wanna be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys. That way I’ll know who to shoot.

[honks horn in greeting]

Nels Coxman.

Citizen of the Year.

Good for him.

It’s a real word, you know, cocksman.

It means “a man adept at the art of fornication.”


You see these guys?

[honks once]

Whoa. Whoa, hey…


It’s just weed.

Yeah, it’s legal to purchase, legal to smoke at home.

Take a breath. Come on, breathe.

There’s a principle you need to get on board with if you intend to survive and advance in Kehoe law enforcement.

It’s called community policing.

Wherein we embrace and enforce the values of our community.

The values of them giving us the finger?

We’re a ski town. Folks come here to ski, have sex and get high.

So lighten up.


Here, you wanna get your Dirty Harry on?

The meter just hit zero.

Get rid of the gum.

[wind blowing]


[metal clattering]

So, what can I do for you, boss?

Uh, I’m…

[woman laughs]

I’ll be right with you.

[woman] Just can’t believe this is happening.

Give me one second.

What’s the verdict back here?


[mother] It’s absolutely stunning.

[woman] Hmm. Yeah, I can’t believe this.

[mother] I love the detail in the lace. The shape.

[woman] It’s so elegant, right?

[mother] Yes.

[woman] No, I absolutely love it. I think this is it.

[woman sighs]

[woman] I think I’m gonna cry. It’s so stupid. [giggles]

[mother] You look absolutely…

I’ll throw in the veil at no extra charge.



[woman] Thanks for everything.

It feels surreal.

[door closes]

All right. How can I help you, boss?

Uh, I’m, uh, I’m looking for a tux.

You got it. When is the wedding?

It’s not a wedding. My…

my wife and I, we’re renewing our vows.

Still going strong, huh?

That’s what I like to hear.

How’s about we get you measured, huh?




You killed my boy.


Who told you to do it?


[tooth clatters]


Santa. Santa.


That’s what he goes by.

[muffled grunting]

Where can I find this “Santa”?

[muffled speech]

There’s a little airport in Kehoe.

He flies in with the coke and out with the money.

What does he look like?

He looks like a Santa.

No! Come on, please. You don’t have to do that. Come on, please.


Elway or Manning?


Greatest quarterback ever. Elway or Manning?


[instrumental music plays]


Did you know Kyle had a Facebook?

Do you know his favorite band?

He posted his favorite movies, do you know those?

What’d the two of you talk about on your damn hunting trips?


[footsteps overhead]

Damn it.



Damn it!

That’s the fourth gym bag you’ve lost.

Yeah, but who’s counting, right?

You might find this hard to believe but I’ve got more important things to do than keep track of gym bags.

Like earning the money to pay for them.

Tell you what… why don’t you take this and buy him every single goddamn gym bag he’ll ever need.

Does that work for you?

All right.

Well, that’s for you.

Tell me this is a joke.


That’s Ryan’s new diet. And you’re gonna follow it to the letter.

Breakfast: grass-fed beef, asparagus, cashews.

Lunch, the same. Dinner, the same.

Yeah, that’s on Mondays. Tuesday it rotates. Chicken, broccoli and almonds.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner?

You want our son to eat the same thing three times a day?

Eighty percent of our immune system starts in the gut.

Keep it simple in the gut, you get to live a long life.

A week on this diet and he’ll wanna kill himself.

And I’ll help him do it.

You know what, you should be grateful.

My dad started my day with half a grapefruit and three lines of primo coke.

“Breakfast of champions,” he called it.

And now your son can’t look at a candy bar without breaking into hives.

Congratulations, you’ve broken the cycle.

And to think…

I used to love the mouth on you.

I’ve spoken to my lawyer.

We want a new arrangement. Ten days with me, four with you.


Here’s my counteroffer. Fourteen days with me and none with you.

Let’s see what your lawyer thinks about that.

[Mustang] Morning, Aya.

Hey, Mustang.

[door closes]

They say Limbo’s disappeared.

[muffled yelling]

[classical music playing]

Don’t worry about it, he’ll get over it.

Is that Mozart?

Bach. You can always tell Bach because he’s really mathematical.

Is he the one with all the kids?

Yeah, 20.


It’s a wonder he found any time to compose.

I need your help with my fantasy football.

I can’t… I can’t win a game.

Playing for money?

Yeah, of course, I’m playing for money.

You got four Cleveland Browns on your team.

Well, they’re my home team.

What’s a man without loyalty?

I can’t help you.

[airplane passes overhead]

Hey, there’s not enough room to pass,

I was wondering if you’d back down to the turnoff?


Any chance you could back up?


Um, just between you and me, right?

Me, you and frosty.





[teeth clatter]

You have no clue who you’re messing with, man.

Who am I messing with?

You’re dust, pal.

Tell me.

[both panting]

You’re wasting your time.

Are you tired, old man?



[both laughing]


[The Pretenders’ “2000 Miles“]

♪ He’s gone

♪ Two thousand miles

♪ It’s very far

♪ The snow is falling down

♪ Gets colder day by day

♪ I miss you

♪ The children will sing

♪ He’ll be back At Christmas time ♪

[Nels] Grace?



What are you doing here?

Kyle’s dead.

Somebody killed him.

What’s that got to do with me?

Can I come in?

[woman speaking Vietnamese]

Better take your shoes off. She’ll skin you alive. [speaks in Vietnamese]

I’m going to make some phone calls.

Find out what happened to Kyle.

[scoffs, speaks in Vietnamese]

[speaking Vietnamese]

She thinks you’re one of the guys from the old days.

Don’t worry about her.

Kyle. He got mixed up with some clown by the name of Dante.

And they stole a kilo of coke from Viking.

Who’s Viking?

Drug dealer. A big one.

You know him?

Yeah, when he was a snot-nosed kid.

I knew his old man, Bullitt.

Dad knew him, too?

Whenever Bullitt had rough stuff to be done, that was his go-to guy. After Dad, me.

And then Viking took over.

Viking’s a whole different breed.

He likes hurting people.

I’m gonna kill him, Brock.


Sure you are.

What makes you think you can kill a man?


I’ve killed three of his guys.

What did you do with the bodies?

Wrapped them in chicken wire, threw them on the gorge.

Chicken wire?

Yeah, to let the fish get at them.

They’ll eat the flesh off the bones.

So the bodies don’t fill with gas and rise.

They stay at the bottom.


Where did you learn that?

I read it in a crime novel.


[speaking Vietnamese]

[Brock] He is my brother.

Brother? [scoffs]

My ass.

[continues in Vietnamese]

I know. [speaks Vietnamese]

[Nels] Maybe I should…

Shut up.

You stay out of trouble.

The things we do for love, huh?

She was skimming the till at a massage parlor.

They sent me to beat the shit out of her. Instead…

How’s Grace?

She left.

The lady’s got good timing, I’ll give her that.

How do I find this Viking?

You don’t.

You’ve gone as far up the ladder as you’re gonna go.

We’ll see.

One guy can disappear. Two? I don’t think so.

Three? With ten keys of coke?

Maybe they were all in it together.

You think three of my dealers ran out on me?

That would make me the worst judge of character in the Rockies, that’s your theory?

[Dexter] No.


It was those goddamn Indians.

This is all my father’s fault for getting into bed with them.

I’m sorry, the Indians?

When Viking’s father was first getting started, he made a deal with an Indian named White Bull.

He supplied him, White Bull dealt on the reservation.

Until White Bull wanted more turf.

So he tossed White Bull a few piece of crap towns.

[Mustang] Like Kehoe.

And Kehoe builds a ski resort. Turns it into a gold mine.

What’s the one thing history’s taught us?

You keep those Indians on the reservation.

Those Indians, they’re always wanting more.

Because they think the turf was theirs all along.

Might kinda have a point there, right.

White Bull gave this to my father… the day they shook on their deal.


It’s time we give it back to him.

What can I do for you two?

You could sit down with us. Tell us your story.

I got other customers.

Yeah, that’s funny. All I can see in here is you.

Please tell me you work nights.

Thursdays. Why?

You look this good in sunlight, I gotta see you after dark.


Eggs, bacon, pancakes.

And for you?

[exhales] Surprise me.


I was 13 when my dad kicked it. You know his last words to me?

“Try to bang every waitress who ever serves you.”

[Bone sighs] This Indian is taking forever to show up.

So, tell me about this motel trick of yours.

Twenty bucks.

It’s not a trick, all right.

It’s a beautiful invention. It’s an invention Steve Jobs would have been proud of.

Steve Jobs, huh?

That’s right.

You know what made that guy such a genius? Simplicity.

Let’s hear it already.

All right.

I stay in motels 100 nights a year, right.

First thing, every morning, I hang a “clean the room” sign on the doorknob.

Maid sees the sign, she opens the door.

Now, pay attention to the details here.

All the hard thought behind them.

I’m lying on top of the covers, stone naked.

First crucial part, I look into the maid’s eyes, all right?

If I don’t, she backs right outta that door. It’s over before it even starts.

I take the twenty, I lay it right on my Jimmy.


Just a twenty?

Maids make $8.35 an hour, and they’ve got miserable lives too.

That’s the totally underrated part of this.

The ball is completely in her court.

She could back out of that door no harm, no foul.

Or… she could come and get it.

[car alarm chirping]

What’s your success rate?

[Bone] Thirty-one percent.

Hundred motels a year, you do the math.

He’s got the same little yellow gloves White Bull wears.

Is that an Indian thing?

[Sly] I guess.

[airplane passes overhead]

It’s good.


That’s Steve fucking Jobs good.

[Sly] I see one flaw. Quality control.

[muffled screaming]

I’m paying her 20 bucks, I’m not asking for Miss America.

Still, there’s no way there’s 31 maids in the whole country worth banging.

You’d be surprised.

[muffled yelling, thudding]

[Viking] Oh dear.

Been at it all night, haven’t gotten a thing out of him.


[Bone sighs]

And you won’t.

You know, pain… it’s like a religion to these guys.

You know, the Apaches used to consider getting tortured a mark of honor.

How’s that for a value system?

He’s a Ute.

What now?

Local Indians are Utes. Not Apache.

You know I married an Indian. Don’t you think I know the difference?

[in Ute language]

[hawk screeches]

[instrumental music plays]


[Gip] This doesn’t happen in Kehoe.

It just did.

[chanting in native language]

It was his first run.

“Just one run, Papa,” he says to me.

“I can do it.”

“I’m your son.”

What are we going to do?

Okay, let’s go home to Denver.

[woman] Mr. Coxman.

I’m very sorry for your loss.




[bartender] Here you go.


Ex-boyfriend of mine works Vice in Denver. So I gave him a call today.

Because you missed him and wanted to see how he was doing.

Well, he still thinks there’s a chance for us.

What’s his name?


How long were you two lovers?

Oh, Jesus. Two months, okay.

I had him look up the forensics on our sign hanger. The guy’s name is Simon LeGrew.

Now, his father is White Bull.

He’s a Native American drug dealer from Denver who’s been dealing coke around here for 30 years.

So now, White Bull shares territory with Viking.

He’s a Denver drug dealer whose real name is Trevor Calcote.


I’m thinking… what we have here is a turf war.

A drug turf war.

Right here in Kehoe.

So what are we gonna do about it?

Well, my 30 years’ experience tells me that this is a job for Denver Vice.

It doesn’t bother you that I just learned more about a local drug lord in five minutes on the phone than you’ve learned in 30 years?

What bothers me is that Kurt’s lying in bed tonight convinced that he’s back in your heart.

Kurt’s a big boy.

[Brock] I knew you’d be back.

All right, Viking’s real name is Trevor Calcote.

If you want him dead, you’re gonna have to hire a hitman.

A hitman?

Yeah. An assassin.

Do you know one?

The Eskimo.

So, how does this work?

You buy The Eskimo a train ticket. He’s afraid to fly.

You pick him up at the train station, you drive him to a motel where you give him half the money upfront.

And then you go home.

How do I know when it’s done?

Keep checking The Denver Post.

They can’t resist a good rubout.

What is it with all these nicknames? Speedo, Viking, Eskimo.

The Eskimo. It’s a gangster thing.

Did you have a nickname?

Yeah. Wingman.


Yeah, from Top Gun. As in “you can be my Wingman.”



Come on.

I tried, buddy.

[Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” on radio]

♪ Stand by your man

♪ Give him two arms To cling to ♪

♪ And something warm To come to ♪

♪ When nights are cold And lonely ♪

Some real music, please.

[radio turns off]

[driver] What do you want to hear?

Anything else. Just no Kanye.

♪ I’m a Barbie girl In a Barbie world ♪

Take it out of his tip.

♪ You can brush my hair Undress me everywhere ♪

There’s a convention in town. This is all I could get.

This is only half.

That’s right.

Are you a cop?


The reason I ask is cops are always a year behind the street.

But the street knows it’s two-thirds upfront, one-third when the deal is done.

But cops… they still think it’s half and half.

Okay. We can do two-thirds.

We’re gonna get along just fine.


Yes! Ten grand! Ten grand, baby!

Ten grand!

That Jet touchdown just beat your Browns. Whatever happened to loyalty?

Sometimes loyalty comes at a price.

And besides, my grandmother’s from Brooklyn.

So? Why don’t you give her a cut?


[cell phone rings]


Says he’s The Eskimo. Says he has information you wanna buy.

Let’s hear him out.

I’ve been offered ninety grand to ice you.

To ice me?

You wanna ice a guy, you go to The Eskimo. Well, that works for me.

Who knew White Bull had that kind of coin?

White Bull’s an Indian. Indians don’t farm out their kills.

So, if it wasn’t White Bull, then who the hell was it?

That’s what I’m selling.

Well, how much?

Ninety grand.

You gotta love the symmetry, there.

You are one hell of a businessman.

I tries.

Try. It’s a singular.

Do we have a deal?

‘Course we got a deal.

Deposit the money into this Cayman Islands account.

When it hits, you get the name.


I like working with pros.

Cuts way down on the bullshit factor.

Yeah. So…

who wants me dead?

Guy’s name is Coxman.


There was a Coxman on Dad’s payroll, right?

What was his name? He called himself, uh, Wing… Ding…

Ringworm… Wing… Ding…




Wingman wants me dead? Why?

The why of it ain’t my business so I don’t aks.


I think our business here is done.

So it is.

Hey, can I ask two questions? If I may.

One pro to another.


Why do they call you The Eskimo?

Comes from the brothers in the hood.

Any nigga crazy enough to move up to snow country has gotta be a fucking Eskimo.

That’s… you’re funny.

Second question.

All right, it’s… [clears throat]

Who taught you your ethics?

Come again?

You made a deal to kill me for 90 grand and you didn’t honor that deal.

It’s because I’m honoring this one.


Guess a man’s word doesn’t matter in the hood, right?

Guess it’s just every man for himself in there.

You see, out here, character counts.

Without character there can be no business and… without business… well… what the hell would we do all day?

Would you mind stepping off the rug?

[silenced gunshots]

Is this what you call an Eskimo Roll?


I’m thinking Ireland.

Maybe Germany.

Yeah? For what?

My ten grand vacation.


Yeah, well, Guinness over Becks any day.

Then Dublin it is.

You’re gonna take me to Dublin?



Mustang, if we get caught out.


[muffled music playing]


How the hell you been?

We’d like you to come for a little ride.

[Viking] Okay, Wingman, tell me about The Eskimo.

I guess you just don’t get what you pay for anymore.

Some of us do.

Oh yeah?

Well, what about Speedo and Limbo and Santa?

How did those guys work out for you, huh?

Okay. Now before you die, you’re gonna tell me what this is all about.

The only question is, how much pain do you wanna endure?

I got cancer of the ass, dickweed. So screw you, and screw your pain.

You wanna know what this is all about?

It’s about Bullitt.

My father?

Lying piece of shit stole my woman.

Dad banged anything with a hole.

Hey Bone, what is it you used to say about him?

He’d bang a rattlesnake if someone held its head.

No offense.

No, none taken.

Dad had thousands of women.

Yeah, well, one of them was mine.

What’s that got to do with me?

His rancid blood runs through your veins.

And that stupid grin of his is plastered all over your arrogant face.

Where’s my cocaine?

I flushed it down the toilet.

That was ten kilos.

At least.

Honestly, I thought it was more.

So, you kill my men, you steal my coke, over a goddamn woman?

It’s called love, sweetheart. You should try it sometime.

Now, are we done?

Or do you want to keep on chatting, skippy?


Okay, Wingman.

See, that’s how you do it, fellas.

That’s how you go out strong.

[instrumental music playing]

[phone ringing]

[Gip] Kehoe Precinct.

Yeah, just a sec. Kim.

[Kim] Yeah?

Denver Vice.

Kurt, hi.

[Kurt] So, that deep dive into Viking and White Bull that you asked for…

I got all the files here.

[sighs] You’re the best.

Wasn’t easy.

Thank you. Can you email them over?

I could. Or I could drive them up and put them right into your warm hands.

‘Course, it’s a three-hour drive, so I need a place to stay the night.

Well, there’s always my place. But, here’s the thing.

I really need to spend all night with those files.

Now, if you were to shoot them right over to me, I could probably be done with them by tonight.

And then I could put all my pent up energy into something else.

Hmm. Okay, well, you got them, baby. Bang.

[computer beeps]

Right in your inbox.

Oh, they’re right in there.

So, how do we wanna do this?

I’m thinking you leave the door open and your lights off.

Trust me to find…


Hold on a second. What was that?

I said…

Oh God, we got an avalanche.

I gotta call you back.

[hangs up]

Oh, hey, Gip?


[White Bull] Do I look like a homeless guy to you?

Thirty years ago… I lived in a hole in the ground below the house of the guy that dealt me drugs.

One day, he came to me, stuck out his hand.

I took it.

And we made a deal.

It was a good deal.

Not a great deal.

I should have bought a casino like my brother.

But a deal is a deal.

And I honored it.

That honor… was repaid with butchery.

They took my only son.


my boy will make his final journey home.

We will stay.

Take our revenge.

I will have blood for blood.

A son for a son.


Goddamn it.

[Aya] You forgot.



The bullying seminar.

Oh, God.

Every other parent was there.

You’re right, I forgot about the bullying seminar.

But I’m allowed to forget, you know why?

Because I wrote a check for a new computer center.

You write a check, you get to skip on 150 bullying seminars. That’s the math.

That’s one of the perks of my business.

You’re not a businessman, Trevor. You’re a criminal.

My powder’s not good enough for you anymore? I remember when it was plenty good enough.

When you used to roll around in it.


See, I remember when just a little bit of my powder… made you buck like a bronco.


Close those beautiful brown eyes of yours.

[sighs] See if it all comes back to you.

They needed a host for next week’s fundraiser. I signed you up.


Three of Viking’s drug dealers have disappeared in the last week.

Tell me who Viking is again?

The Denver drug lord. White Bull’s rival.

Let me ask you a question.

What is it you think we might do to Viking or to White Bull?

Take them out. Save our town.


We got a little problem to solve.


we hung an innocent Indian from a road sign.

And my guess is White Bull’s not gonna like that.

So, has anyone got any ideas on how we might set things right?

Yeah, maybe we should apologize.


One little screw up shouldn’t make us their bitches. So we send them a short note.

Hey, and what does this, uh, short note say?

I don’t know. How about, “Sorry about Tonto, won’t happen again”?



I’m thinking we need something with a bit more oomph. Something from our heart.

[air hissing]

Yeah, cut off his head. Stick it in a box and send it to them.

Tell them he’s the culprit.

Tell them our old arrangement’s back in effect and good to go.

[children chattering]

Get that shit away from me, man.

What the hell’s wrong with you?

We’ve got some of the best pot stores in the world, man. All legal.

But no, instead you choose to smoke that dang reservation weed.

Maybe I like it better.

White people, man.


You know I had a rat that was bigger than that thing.

You should try smoking that shit instead.

That’s gross.

[boy] Mom!

She gets him this week, father gets him next week.

Can you imagine sharing your own son?


[phone ringing]

[Kim] Kehoe.

[Kurt on phone] Hey, it’s Kurt.

[sighs] Hi, Kurt.

You don’t deserve this intel.


First tell me you don’t deserve it.

I don’t deserve it. What you got?

A body. Dante Ferstel. Kehoe kid. Found dead in a Denver alley.

Smack overdose. So, what’s new, right?

Just another Saturday night sleeper.

And here’s the kicker. Dante was a baggage monkey at the airport.

The Kehoe airport?

[Kim] Mr. Coxman.

What can I do for you?

It’s about your son.

I didn’t know if you’d heard about Dante Ferstel.

Yeah. He died of an overdose.

Dante worked with your son at the airport, right?


Did you know him?


Kyle never mention him to you?


Is that it?

I guess it is.

I don’t understand why you’re here.


I don’t think your son was a junkie.

And I don’t think Dante Ferstel was either.

So, what do you think happened to them?

I don’t know.

I was hoping you might be able to tell me something that could help.

Sorry… I can’t help you.

You can’t help me. I got work to do.

I understand.





Yeah, you ever been bitten by a kid?

Little bastards are nasty. You almost wish you were bitten by a dog.

[cell phone rings]



We can’t grab him yet.

Why not?

They’re sending a messenger.

I am the messenger.

Thank you for seeing me.

He’s been punished for his deed. We want peace with you again.


I appreciate the gift.

It was thoughtful.

You showed a lot of guts coming here alone.

But I need a son for a son.

[instrumental music plays]

Careful, man! You might hit a kid.

If you do it again, I’ll kill you.

[cell phone rings]


See you guys tomorrow.

[Nels] Hey, Ryan.

Um, I’m taking you home today.

But this is my mom’s week to pick me up.

Yeah, I know, but she got stuck at the dentist. Asked me to come and get you.


We take him.

What about the messenger?

We shot the messenger.

I don’t remember her telling me about a trip to the dentist.

Yeah, she had a root canal develop some problems.

And your dad said could I pick you up. So, here I am.

This is us here.

What happened to the Tesla?


[tires screeching]

[horns honking]


[Thorpe] Where’s the kid?

He got away in a van.

[Thorpe] What kind of a van?

Said “Kehoe” on it.

We’ll find the kid. We’ll find the van. It won’t take us long.

Get rid of these two before they start to stink.

[cell phone rings]

Answer the phone.


No, he can’t talk right now.

Because he’s dead.

Let’s go. Three cars.

What about the body?

[Thorpe] Minya, take care of this.

I’m busy. Let the fucking Indian do it.

[wet thud]

You don’t work for my father, do you?

Who were those guys anyways?

I don’t know.

You don’t have to worry about them.


They can’t take my son and not call.

That’s not how it’s done.

Those tepee asswipes.

Those goddamn alkies.

I’m gonna take one of them, I’m gonna hang them from every road sign from here to Utah.

You take a man’s son, you call! Everybody knows that!

I mean, they took my boy.

My little boy.

[Aya] Are you insane! This is my week.

You pick him up without asking? Are you so damn stupid you’d kidnap your own son?

I can’t wait to watch my lawyer write up the new arrangement. Full custody.

You’ll be lucky to get him two hours a month. Two supervised hours.

A cop in the room with you, watching you play.

You won’t get him alone until he graduates from high school.

A public high school! With normal kids. And no stupid diets!



I guess you won’t be doing that again.

Right? Uh-huh.


He’s not here.



[big band song on radio]

♪ Oh, let’s fly Baby, let’s fly away ♪

♪ Across tropical seas

♪ We’ll have fun Underneath the sun ♪

♪ So, come on, baby, please

Turn that song off.

[text message chime]

It’s a text. From a different number.

“Sequoia Motel. Room twelve.”

“Steve Jobs, baby.”



A little peepee tepee.

Oh, shit.


I know how this world works. They call with their demands. I give them what they want.

We get Ryan back.

In 24 hours, I call the police.

In 24 hours, he’ll be home.

[Aya] You’ll burn in hell for this.


I’ll see you there.

[classical music playing]

[bell dings]

Welcome to Kehoe Chateau Montclair.

We need rooms tonight.

I’m sorry, you need a reservation.

Excuse me.

A reservation.


A reser… Oh! No, I didn’t mean it like that.

I meant you need to reserve… book before you get here because we’re all full. That’s all I meant.

You know what I heard?

You told me and my friends that we need to go back to the reservation.

Oh, no.

Do you have any idea what I can do to you… on Yelp?

You might wanna get your boss out here.

Or you could take another look.

I will take another look.

You hungry?




You live here?


All alone?


You don’t have any kids?


[soft rock plays on radio]

You like rock?

I like classical.

[radio switching stations]

[classical music plays]

It wasn’t very smart bringing me to your house.


I want to talk to your dad.


In the morning.

They’re a bit greasy. [chuckles]

You said you didn’t have any kids.

He went away.

Go on, get in bed.

Where are you gonna sleep?

In my room, down the hall.

What if I run away?

There’s nowhere for you to go, kid.

You’d freeze to death out there. Goodnight.

I always get read a story before bed.

I don’t know any stories.

You can read me anything. I don’t care what it is.

The new C-130 is the crème de la crme of snow-pushers.

Built to humble Mother Nature, she has a rated load of three tons.

The Overhausen UTV attachment snow blowers are made for universal use, equipped with powerful modern engines.

They’re extremely effective and flexible.

A capacity of four thousand tons of snow per hour.

Throwing distance of a hundred feet.


She is a great machine, all right.

I’ve got one of these.

I thought you were a kidnapper.

Not all the time.

Well, can I get a ride in it?

You are going to sleep.

Have you heard of the Stockholm Syndrome?

[Thorpe] Morning, boss.

Did you find him?

Not yet. We will.

Mr. White Bull.

These are some complimentary ski passes. Good for the whole weekend.

For you and all of your… friends.

And I just wanna thank you again for choosing to stay with us.

We know that you do have other entertainment options.

Thank you.

Janitor from Ryan’s school.

[Viking] Janitor, why not?

It’s an honor to be here. You hear the whispers but…

You have something for me?

I might.

The van your boy got into. I’ve seen it before.

And the guy that was driving that van, I’ve seen him too.

Me and my family go up to the resort in Kehoe.

You know, the fancy one? Chateau Montclair.

Oh, yeah.

Well, we’re driving up and, you know, she scoots over and she’s… showing a little appreciation on the way up, you get my drift?

I do.


You ever tried to keep the wheel straight when someone’s…

The van.

[clears throat]

Well, like I was saying. The van that stopped to help me… that’s the same van that your boy got into.

And the guy who pulled me out of the ditch that night…

he’s the same guy that picked up your boy.

He’s got one of those names that you never ever forget.



Yeah. We laughed about it all night long.

Because what she was doing…

Oh my God.

Coxman had a relative.

And he hasn’t spoken with the cops.

Well… how much did my guy offer you?

[Mustang] Ten grand.

Ten grand it is.

[school bell ringing]


[inaudible scream]

Hey! Hey, check him out.

You’re crazy, Avalanche!


You sure you’ve done this before?

I was born to fly, white boy.


[cell phone rings]

I have your son. If you wanna see him alive, come alone.

Yeah, yeah. I know how it’s done.

So, how much do you want for him?

We’ll talk about that when you get here. 2210 Quarry Road. Kehoe.

I’m just leaving Denver. It’s gonna take me about three hours.

Jesus Christ.

Son of a…

[Nels] Hey.

Hey. Taking a day off?

Main road could use a plow.

I’ll get to it soon.

My nephew. Visiting.

[Gip] Must be a comfort to have family in town.

We saw all the cars at your place.


Look at this.

So now we know he’s banging a hippie.


On the truck. The company name.

Open Road.

It’s four miles away.

Get the men.

Let’s go.

That was so much fun!

I need you…

to sit here…

and wait till someone comes to get you.

[line ringing]


[Mustang] They’re headed to Open Road Garage.

Again. Say what?

Open Road Garage.

On Old Bend Road.


[Nels] Ryan!

Come on. Inside. Come on, move.

Why do you have a rifle?

Just do what I say. Up the stairs, move.

Get in the cabinet.

Why are you mad at me?

I’m not mad at you. It’s just…

It’s just really important you do what I say.

You’re a good kid.


I said don’t move.

The last Coxman.

Where is my son?

My business can get very creative, but I’m an old fashioned kind of guy.

I like to keep things simple.

So if I have to ask you again, I’m gonna pull out your fingernails… cut off your fingers, chop off your hands… and hack off your nose.

Oh, and that part about the nose, you are really not gonna like that part.

You don’t deserve your son.

Take him to the garage.




[gunfire noise fades]


[instrumental music playing]

[wind blowing]

[Kim on walkie-talkie] Got a kid driving a snow blower headed towards Kehoe.

Get a message…

to Aya.

Tell my wife…

tell her she’s a…



What are you doing?

My job.

[wind howling]

[instrumental music playing]

[music continues]


[music stops]

[music continues]


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