Daniel Sloss

Daniel Sloss: X (2019)


Taking the stage before a sold-out audience at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, Australia, acclaimed Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss takes on toxic masculinity in a 90-minute comedy special that is full of deeply funny observations about gender and sexuality.

Daniel Sloss: Dark (2018) – Full Transcript

It’s nice to be back in the States. I’m not going to be one of those foreign comics that comes over and stereotypes you. I think that’s very unfair. There are 300 million Americans. You cannot stereotype 300 million cunts, right?

Daniel Sloss: Jigsaw (2018) – Full Transcript

The transcript Daniel Sloss’s stand-up special that has broken up thousands of couples If you’re in a relationship, you should think twice before watching Daniel’s Netflix special “Jigsaw.”