The Wheel of Time – S02E04 – Daughter of the Night | Transcript

Moiraine searches for Rand while Nynaeve mourns her losses.
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Original release date: September 8, 2023

Moiraine arrives in Cairhien, where she meets Logain, and offers to end his life if he first helps her train Rand. In the White Tower, Nynaeve has been raised as an Accepted following her trial in the Arches. Liandrin tells Nynaeve of Perrins’s capture by the Seanchan, which leads to Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne sneaking out of the tower to mount a rescue. They are, however, quickly ambushed and subdued by Liandrin. Meanwhile, Perrin and Elyas look for the Shienarans and Loial, and Perrin bonds with the wolf Hopper, and learns that he is what is called a Wolfbrother. Min is approached at an inn by Ishamael, who reveals he is working with Liandrin, and offers to rid her of her visions if she brings Mat to Cairhien. Lan stays with Alanna and her warders, who attempt to help him through losing his bond with Moiraine. Alanna finds a prophecy that reveals that the Forsaken Lanfear has returned to the world. Meanwhile, Rand and Selene have left Cairhien for a trip to the countryside, where a Fade attacks them. Rand kills it with the One Power, and confesses his love for Selene, who chooses to stay with him despite his ability to channel, and eventually reveals that she also has the ability. Before she can do anything, Moiraine arrives (given Rand’s location by her sister Anvaere) and stabs Selene, who she reveals is Lanfear. Rand and Moiraine flee as Lanfear starts to recover from her wounds.

* * *

[Egwene] Where’s Nynaeve?

[Sheriam] She went into the Arches, but she never came out.

Mummy, what’s that?

Come on, sweetheart, we have to go.


[Alanna] When a Warder loses his Aes Sedai, it’s almost like he’s swallowed her death.

I’m still your Warder.

No, you failed me.

Alanna will see you to the Tower.

[Min] You really don’t want to know what I see when I look at you?

[Mat] Absolutely not.

[Min] Mat is coming with me.

You know the way?

Don’t let me down.

[Selene] Lady Anvaere, don’t you

wonder why she wanted to talk to you?

[Rand] What is your reason for helping me?

[Selene] You’ll help me remember.

And I’ll help you forget.

[growls] Let’s go.

Run! He’ll show you where.

[Bayle Domon] The whole dial was covered in a poem, written in Old Tongue.

[Moiraine] We didn’t defeat the Dark One.

We set his strongest lieutenant free.

Ishmael may be waking the other Forsaken.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


[chanting in Old Tongue]

[chanting continues]

♪ ♪

Blood feeds blood.

Blood calls blood.

Blood is… blood was… and blood shall ever be.

[overlapping whispers]

♪ ♪

[distant bell tolling]

♪ ♪

[bell ringing]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

My lady, there’s, um… there’s someone at the door.

It’s early for a visitor.


It’s, um… It’s your… older sister.

[door opens]

Yes, my lady… [stammers]

If you’d just, uh, c-come in here.

You look well, little sister.

As do you.

Please, sit.

We didn’t know…

I won’t trouble you for tea.

I have stabled my horse, and I would use my old room if it’s open.

But I want to keep a low profile here in the city.

Of course, we…

Jhonas, bring up a Ghaeldanin red from the cellar?

Yes, my lady.

And I need a dress ordered from…

It’s been decades, Moiraine!


Have some tea.

Perhaps lunch.

There’s someone I need to meet this morning.

[door creaks closed]

[indistinct chatter]

If you rebuild my inn for me, I can’t charge you room and board anymore.

It’s the least I can do.

I’m so sorry.

It’s not your fault.

I didn’t snuff the candles before bed.

Maybe it’s for the best.

I hired some men to rebuild this floor, but it’ll take them a week.

Which means I have a chance to get away for the first time in a long time.


My family have a cabin up near Kinslayer’s Dagger.

I used to go there all the time as a girl.

But after I took over the inn…

You want to come?

Selene, I can’t.


You say that one more time and it’s going to lose all meaning.

I’m not good company right now.

For anyone.

Well, the fire drove off all the other tenants.

You’ll have the whole place to yourself.

If you do really want to be alone that is.

♪ ♪

[bell tolling]

♪ ♪


[Nynaeve] Come on, sweetheart, we have to go.

[Elnore Jr.] I’m scared.


[chuckles softly]

Saved you some honeycakes.

Thank you.

How are you doing?

I didn’t sleep.

I wouldn’t, either, I suppose.

How does it feel?

Um… I should go.

Of course, I… I won’t keep you.

I’m here if you need anything.

It’s so good to have you back.

It’s all right now.

It wasn’t real.

None of it was real.

[children clamoring]

[lively chatter]


[children clamoring]



[children clamoring]

You know I want to, but it’s Ihvon… you have to convince.

[children] Please? Please? Please?

After I eat, after I eat.



[indistinct chatter]



If anyone says anything about the salt, I’ll set you on fire.

I’m fine, thank you.

You heard what I said about fire?

I’m still full from breakfast.

It was two hours ago, at least.

What are you two smirking about?

It’s been a while since you brought a new man home, huh?

We thought maybe you were slowing down in your old age.


Where does the third one go now?




[urine trickling]

Ihvon and Maksim busy?


One of them always checks on me when I step away.

How does it usually go?

Well, they open with a joke.

Maksim, at my age.

Ihvon, at my hair.

Then… a warm memory.

Something worth living for.

And at that point…

So we’re going to skip all of that.

I don’t think you’re gonna kill yourself.

Your bond wasn’t ripped from you.

She took it.

So have you decided what you’re going to do now?

Have I worn out my welcome?

The three of us, we are going back to the Tower tomorrow.

Will you come with us?

I don’t know.

Nynaeve is going into the Arches.

The fastest anyone’s done since Cadsuane Sedai.

I suspect it’s only a matter of time until she’s looking for a Warder herself.

I’m not looking to repeat my failures.

I wish you could’ve known Moiraine before.

Before what?

Something happened to her.

About 20 years ago now.

A year or two before she bonded you.

One day she was simply… changed.

The way water becomes ice, and you look at it and wonder how it was ever water before.

Was she happier, then?

I don’t know.

I don’t know if she’s ever been happy.

♪ ♪


[indistinct chatter]

[speaking indistinctly]

[Moiraine] And the redheaded boy, he comes every day?

[Celestin] Rand?


Rand hasn’t shown up to work today.


You don’t know where he lives?

Is he in some kind of trouble, my lady?

I’d like some time alone with your ward.

You know the one.

[door opens]

I should kill you where you stand.

You tried that once.

So how are they treating you?

Like a butterfly without wings.

And your mind?

You’re the reason I’m here instead of a cell in the White Tower.

My Yellow sisters wanted to study you.

As did the Browns, and I doubt you would’ve enjoyed, either.

I doubt my enjoyment means all that much to you.

Have you started training him yet?

Rand al’Thor.

[chuckles softly]

You sent him here, too? [laughs]

Where is he staying?

You took everything from me.


Do you really think I’ll dance on your strings for a bottle of wine?


I know what you really want.

What all those cut off from the One Power desire most of all.

You help me.

And I’ll help you.

Where’s he staying?

He’s staying at an inn.

In the Foregate. The Crescent.


The boy has as much power as I did.

But he fears it.

Hates it, so he cannot control it.

You will teach him everything you know about channeling.


However long it takes.

And at the end, if I’m satisfied with his progress…

…I’ll leave the knife with you.

Something’s different between us since she came back.

She’s an Accepted now.

It’s not that.

Maybe a little that.

But no matter how much I want to help, I can’t seem to say or do the right thing.

Then stop trying.

You don’t even know what happened to her in there.

Why do you feel like you have to fix it?

‘Cause I’m her friend.

She was there for me last year when I lost… someone I love more than anything.

And I only got through it because I had her to hold me up.

Even though she was hurting, too.

And I want to be… I should be the same for her.

Like I used to be.

But ever since I came here to this Tower, I just feel… smaller and smaller.

[indistinct chatter]

[all grunting]

You must be Nynaeve al’Meara, aren’t you?

I’m just looking for Maksim and Ihvon.

They’re away with Alanna Sedai, but I can train with you

if you want.

Did you really channel in the Arches?

[men grunting]

I’m surprised you don’t have all the Ajahs following you around.

I mean, you have years to choose, I just…

I just hope it’s not Red.

[men grunting]

[door opens]

The western shore is under attack

and you’re not sending any sisters to deal with it.

The west is always under attack,

usually from itself.

And the Tower has sent sisters to investigate.

When did they last send a report?


Is the Amyrlin aware?

Of course.

When did you last speak with her?

The Keeper rules the Tower when the Amyrlin is away.

So I speak with the Amyrlin

every time I open my mouth.


[clears throat]

You know, if she falls…

…you’ll fall with her.

[chuckles softly]

[door closes]

[birds chirping]

[wolves howling]

Look, we haven’t seen any sign of the caravan for hours now.

I need to find my friends.

Are you sure we’re even going the right way?

Wolves don’t get lost.

You’re the one leading us, not them.

Look at me, boy.

I am them.

So are you.

What are we?

Wolfbrother, they call us.

What does that mean?

Exactly what it sounds like.


Are they all wolfbrothers?

Am I going to change into…?

Don’t be stupid.

How did you find me?


[Elyas] It’s our language.


One of our scouts spotted a buck.

Sent that vision to lead us to it.

[Perrin] How does it work?

[Elyas] Instinct.

You’ll learn what they mean, how to send them.

Did the wolves warn you those warriors were coming for us?

Is that why you didn’t stay in the village?

You could have warned us.

You could have helped.

Are you in chains?

Time to eat.

♪ ♪

You’ll lose the taste for cooked flesh soon enough.

He likes you.

[wolf whimpering]

What’s his name?

He’ll show you when he’s ready.

We’ve had our eye on you for a long time.

You’re lucky we were there to save you and that girl from the Whitecloaks.

That was you?


You’ve been sending us images for months now.


He lost his mate, too.

He mourns her still.

We all see her when you sleep.

Why did you wait so long to come to me?

If you’ve been following me for months.

We don’t go near women who can channel.

Why not?

Aes Sedai don’t trust what they don’t understand.

Neither does any other human.



[fire crackling]

[chuckles softly]


That’s his name.

Close enough.

[laughter, chatter]

[exhales sharply]


They’ve already started making dinner.

Help me with the water?



How much water can they need for bread?



You’re doing really well.

You know that, right?

Usually, the first few weeks after the bond’s been broken…

Well… I don’t need to tell you.

Well, I’ve had my share of practice without it.


Moiraine has left the bond masked for… the last six months or so.

I thought I was the only Warder who could go that long.

When Alanna first bonded me, it was miserable for everyone.

[chuckles softly] I didn’t like having an audience in my head, and she didn’t like the show.

So, the three of us talked it through, and we decided that she would mask her bond with me.

Except in battle.

And bed.

Does the Tower know about this?

Have you ever known a marriage that is exactly the same as another?

I know the others will tell you you can’t go back to Moiraine.

But I’m proof that you can.

If you want to.

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]

The Crescent Inn burned down.

Do you know why?

Things burn in the Foregate all the time, my lady.

Shame it didn’t take the buildings around.

There was a boy staying there.

Red hair.

I know that gets attention here at least.

You would have seen him every day come through these gates for work.

What about him?

Do you know where he is now?

[birds singing]

[wind blowing]

[Rand] This is… incredible.

Did your family build their cabin?

[sighs softly]

I was lying.

I never used to come up here as a kid.

I used to come with a man.

The one before you.

Well, you don’t have to explain.

We promised… no pasts.

Easy for you, since you’re too young to have one.

[chuckles softly]

You’d be surprised.

He was the first man I ever loved.

The only, actually.



[chuckles softly]

Arrogant, really.

With eyes that could fix everything in its place.

Sounds a bit boring.

We used to get away as much as we could.

We were always better when we were alone, without the world pulling us in every direction.

We used to joke about never coming back down.

But we always did.

♪ ♪

I grew up somewhere like this.

My friends, they used to dream of cities and… traveling.

But not me.

Up here, the world looks like it still fits together.

I can believe it’s not broken.

You want to go back there?

The Wheel never gives anyone what they want.

Least of all me.

[scoffs softly]

No one and nothing ever gives you what you want.

If you want something, you have to take it.

♪ ♪

[dice rattling]

[loud chatter, laughter]


[groans, muttering]



Hey, mate! Same again.

How are you paying for those? I’ve got all your money.


You can’t win all night.

Says the man who can’t see the future.

No, you said you can only see people’s futures.


Right. Well, since you are rolling in it and we’ve been riding all day, why don’t you get us a room?

I am tired.

I can’t move.

I’ve heard that before.

How about I’ll get us another round and rooms?


[men cheering]

[coins clinking]

You didn’t drink that much.

He will in a couple of hours.

Just needs a helping hand.

Assume you’ll be needing a room?

The attic.

There should be someone meeting me there.

Have they arrived yet?

No, not yet.

Who are you meeting?

I’m not entirely sure.

But send them up when they get here.

They’ll be asking for the same room.


♪ ♪

[heels clacking]

Most Aes Sedai refuse to set foot in this room ever again.

Was any of it real?

The pain.

But even that fades.

In time.

Who did you lose inside?

[shuddering softly]

My daughter.

I’m sorry.

I’m supposed to just forget her and everything that happened in there.

I was in there for years. [shudders]

And it’s fading, but I-I still remember it.

I… I’ve kept my son a secret for… 80 years now, 90?

I told myself it was for his own protection.

Stop my enemies from hurting him to get to me.

The Three Oaths bind us to speak the truth to others, not ourselves.

I could’ve hidden him anywhere, probably a thousand safer places, but I kept him here in Tar Valon.

I kept him here for me.

Because I was afraid.

I couldn’t risk losing the only thing in this world that’s ever been truly mine.

Men who can… channel are cursed by the Dark, because… of the madness.

Because they eventually kill the people they love the most.

But the truth is, we Aes Sedai… are cursed, too.

The One Power slows down our aging, and… we have to sit and watch the people we love pass by instead, helpless to stop it.

I can see why they don’t let you teach novices.

You want to know how we… rule this world without collapsing from the pain and loss?

You find a piece of this world that belongs to you and you… hold on to it.

And then… when it’s finally gone, you-you find another.

Have you?

Found another?

[chuckles softly]

I’m going to tell you something now, but I want you to give me your word… you won’t do anything rash.

The Tower has learned of some kind of invasion in the west.

Nobody here cares.

Especially since our spies report they haven’t taken many prisoners.

But in one of the reports, they did capture something unusual.

A group of Shienaran soldiers a long way from home.

Traveling with an Ogier.

And a blacksmith from the Two Rivers.

[crickets chirping]

He lasted ten minutes this time.

[chuckles softly]

I think we’re wearing him down.


Pretty soon, he’ll be old and wise like us.

[chuckles] Old, yes.

He’s still working on that wisdom.

[Ihvon grunts softly]

It’s something she said.

You keep saying it to yourself over and over.

A thousand cuts for her one.

People don’t understand that we quiet ones… are quiet because the conversation’s always… playing out in our own heads.

She said that, all these years…


…she never considered me an equal.


Of course not.

We are not their equals, Lan.

We’re not supposed to be.

An Aes Sedai can… call down lightning, raise mountains.

The rest of the world only sees their power.

We see their weakness.

We remind them that they are not gods.

I wouldn’t think that… Alanna needed a reminder.

Yeah, well, she knows we want the same thing as her.

What’s that?

The triumph of the Light over the Dark.

And dessert after.

[chuckles softly]

What about Moiraine?

What does she want?


Maybe that’s the problem.

I don’t think I know anymore.

[dog barking in distance]

[Ishamael speaking in Old Tongue]

[door creaking]

♪ ♪

[door creaking]

You’ll pardon the intrusion, but I didn’t want to miss you.

[door closes]

Please, sit.

Anvaere. I’ve had a long day. I…

This is not what a woman should have to do to talk to the sister she spent half her life idolizing.

If you want me to apologize for leaving, I won’t.

An Aes Sedai cannot lie.

No, no, of course not.

In truth, you did nothing I wouldn’t have,

if I could’ve channeled.

Light knows I tried, on nights when our family’s future looked dim.

After Uncle ruined us.

After you left.

But Father always held out hope that one day you’d return and fix it all.

You were his shining star.

Shooting star, as it turned out, never to return once you left our sky.

I… I would have come back if I could…

Spare me the false penitence.

You had your work, and I had mine.

Less important, certainly, but no less demanding.

Unless the Tower also taught you how to smile after someone spits in your eye?

Or how to beg a neighbor’s housemaid for a party’s leftovers?

But I got on with my work, just as you did with yours.

Now my son is going to marry the queen, and nobody will ever spit on House Damodred again.

You’ve done well, little sister.

Better than I would have done with the hand you were dealt.

Thank you, Moiraine.

But somehow, finally, I don’t care what you think.

I’m not here for your approval.

I’m here because you will not endanger what I’ve worked all my life to build.

This is not your house.

This is not your city.

And I’m not your little sister anymore.

All the eyes and ears you had here… they’re mine now.

The head of the sanitarium, Celestin.

The guard you hailed at the gate, Sandair.

If you want to know where that redheaded boy in the inn went… you’re going to have to ask me very nicely over tea.

[teapot scrapes]


[tea pouring]


[Egwene chuckles]


It must be nice for you, in a way.

To know what you’re going to be someday.

You know, the only thing I ever wonder about is what it must be like to get to choose your own fate.


Want to trade?


[both laugh]

[door opens]

I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Give us a moment.

This is my room.

And my glass I need to wash.

I, uh, I was just coming to find you…

Perrin and Loial have been captured.

I’m going to Falme to free them.

Falme? That’s on the other side of the world.

I just came to tell you that I’m leaving.

You don’t have to come.

I’m an Accepted, I can leave the Tower whenever I want.

But if they catch you, they’ll expel you.

You think I care about that?

If our friends are in trouble, why would you think I’d ever stay here?


You don’t get it at all, do you?

Why I’ve tried so hard here?

If I’d have been ready at the Eye of the World… I could’ve fought alongside Rand.

And maybe he would’ve made it back.

I’m never gonna fail any of you like that ever again.

I know a safe way out.

♪ ♪

Are Perrin and Loial all right?

I don’t know.

Well, who took them?

Invaders from the west is all I heard.

It’s a long ride to Falme.

We’ll have some time to come up with a plan.

[nearby clanging]

Yes, I’m following you, obviously.

To find out why you’re sneaking out of the Tower.

Go back right now and keep your mouth shut or…

Or you’ll what? Egwene wouldn’t hurt me.

And you can’t even embrace the Source.

[footsteps approaching]

[Nynaeve] Liandrin Sedai.

I brought them here.

They didn’t do anything wrong.

You can blame me.

You are a complication.

I am sorry for this.

[all grunting]

What are you doing in bed?

Get up! Come on then!

Get up!

Time to work!

The customers are waiting!

This isn’t happening, Auntie.

I escaped.

No one escapes their fate.

You know that better than anyone.

Will we be happy together?

What will I be when I grow older?

No! No!

[voices screaming]

[Ishamael] Open your eyes.

What do you see?

It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Seeing nothing.

No longer being a carnival attraction.

Who are you?

I’ve got so many names in this age.

Father of Lies.

Betrayer of Hope.


No, no, Liandrin didn’t tell me…

She promised to take away your visions.

Do you really think an Aes Sedai could do that?

For some things, the Dark is the only place to turn.

The deal’s off. I won’t…

I won’t help you hurt anyone.

You will.

I won’t let you hurt Mat.

[chuckles softly]

You might.

You came here to get instructions for where you’re to take him next.

You want me to take away your curse?

Bring him to Cairhien.

[sobbing softly]

What’s in Cairhien?

[insects trilling]

[creature squawks]

[wind blowing]

♪ ♪


Stay behind me.


[Rand] I’m sorry.

[Selene] What did you do?

[Rand] I’m sorry!

[Selene] What did you just do?

I should’ve told you, I…

Did you…?

I-I thought I could stop it.

Did you just channel?

I should’ve told you.

The fire at my inn?

No, no, that was an accident. It was an accident.

What kind of an accident?

I haven’t gone mad.

I haven’t gone mad.

And y-you know that.

You know me, right?


I understand.

I’m going to leave now.

Thank you… for everything.

I just wish we…

Doesn’t matter.

Where will you go?

They say when men go mad… they kill the people they love first.

So I’ll go as far away as I can.

Are you saying you love me?

Why didn’t you tell me you can channel?

You are the first woman who’s ever seen me as a man.

I didn’t want you to see me as a monster.

You’re not.

What you did, it’s just part of your nature.

You shouldn’t hide it.

I did that once.

Turned my soul to him like a mirror, reflecting only what he wanted to see.

Leaving the rest of me in darkness.

But one day he looked too long.

Too carefully.

You need to give someone the chance to love all of you.

They might not.

But you have to give them the chance.

I don’t know how much time we have.

Until I…

The same as everyone else.

Never enough.

♪ ♪

Sure he’s asleep?


What did you find?

A prophecy in the Old Tongue.

Lan must not know who it’s about.


The Forsaken.

Her Seal is broken.

She’s in our world again.

“Daughter of the Night.

She walks again.

The ancient war, she yet fights.

Her new lover she seeks, who shall serve her and die, yet serve still.”

Uh, Selene?

“Who shall stand against her coming?”


[Ihvon] “The Shining Walls shall kneel.

Blood feeds blood.

Blood calls blood.

Blood is, blood was…

There’s something you should know, Rand.

[Ishamael] …and blood shall ever be.”

I’m a monster, too.

What do you mean?

What’s happening?

What’s happening?


Now, hurry, we don’t have much time.

You killed her.


You killed her.

I haven’t. I couldn’t.

Because that is Lanfear, Daughter of the Night, the most dangerous of the Forsaken.

Her name is Selene.

She owns an inn in the Foregate.

She’s been lying to you.

Which I never can.

Now we need to run.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪


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