The Undoing – Episode 4 – See No Evil | Transcript

As Haley begins to shape the narrative of the case, Franklin uses his resources to help his family.
The Undoing - Episode 4 - See No Evil

Episode aired on November 16, 2020


♪ Stars shining bright above you ♪

♪ Night breezes seem to whisper I love you ♪

♪ Birds singing in the sycamore tree ♪

♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪

♪ Say nighty-night and kiss me ♪

♪ Just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me ♪

♪ While I’m alone and blue as can be ♪

♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪

♪ Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you ♪

♪ Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you ♪

♪ But in your dreams whatever they be ♪

♪ Dream a little ♪

♪ Dream of me ♪


GRACE: I was on one of my walks.

One of your walks.

GRACE: Yes. One of my walks. That’s what I do. That’s how I ground myself. I walk. Is that really so difficult to comprehend?

HALEY: That you happened to ground yourself by walking within footsteps of your husband’s bludgeoned-to-death lover. Yeah, it bumps me. I’m not saying it’s bad. Perhaps I could suggest that you killed her? Did you?

Are you making a joke?

I don’t make jokes. I’m not funny. Luckily for you, not Jonathan… (GRACE SCOFFS) The police have more images of you grounding yourself, walking, after the time of death. You’re no longer on their radar as a suspect. But they still think you’re withholding.


Because it’s what rich, entitled people do when threatened. They conceal the ugly truths, to protect themselves, their family units, their places in society. Their public image. And they think they can get away with it, because they’re rich.

I’m not withholding.

Whether you are or not… Eyes here, please. Don’t do it with me. Ever. Anything else? (GRACE EXHALES) Apart from your grounding walkabout. Any more secrets?



Tell me more about Elena’s husband. You said that he struck you as volatile.


How very?

Just… very.


That’s not terribly specific. Are we talking about something more than that? Come on. Give it the old trained clinical psychologist try.

Why are you testing me?

Because this case may come down to you. And before I put you on the stand, I have to kick the tires.

On the stand? (SCOFFS) No. (SOFTLY): No. I’m not going on the stand.

FRANKLIN: You see Haley?

(EXHALES) I don’t like her.

(SCOFFS) So what? You’re not paying her to be your friend, Grace. Lawyers are like car mechanics. You pay them to fix your problems.

For bedside manner, I always have you.

Oh, so now I’m the enemy.

(FRUSTRATED SIGH) No, I didn’t say that.

Can I get something for you, miss?

Oh, no, thank you, Irma. I’m fine. I’m not hungry.

So what are you saying?

I just need a little unconditional support from my loving father right now. That would be… That would be nice.




Well, thank you so much for doing this.

I’m doing it for Franklin. How’d you get that bruise on your face?

I was attacked by a… a… one of my friends here.

And you bit him.

I did, yes. Somewhere amidst the pile-on, when half the prison joined in the fun. Self-defense, you know.

Don’t bite anybody else. Okay, I need to get you out. I can better start shaping the narrative with you as a quasi-free man. The bail is two million. I’m guessing you don’t have that.

I don’t. No.

What about family? Parents? Siblings? Favorite uncle?

Well, I, I’m estranged from my family.

HALEY: Why is that?

JONATHAN: Is it important?

It is. Especially since you seem to be estranged from everybody.

Well, I haven’t really spoken to my family since I left for college. Um… They would lack the means, as well as the inclination, to help with bail.

Are there any more Elenas out there?


HALEY: Other women you’ve been involved with during the course of your marriage. I will find out. And you might as well tell me now. Were there any others?

There was one. Uh, just a one-off years ago. I’d lost a patient, and I was, uh, you know, in a mess. I was distraught, and…

And you had a lapse.


HALEY: And how many others?

No, like I said, just the one. Are you gonna be able to defend me, Haley, or not?

I’ll be able to defend you best if I’m not surprised.

Well, there was no one else, apart from Elena.

Elena, and the one where you were distraught. The sad fuck.

Is that supposed to be funny?

I’m not funny. I’ll need her name.




Thank you for coming.

My pleasure.


I’m kind of a glutton for punishment. This thing… It’s like the trial of a lifetime. So the opportunity for me to relive losing it…

I’m sorry. Um…

I’m, I’m kidding.

You know, if it was somebody I loved whose ass was on the line, I’d… I’d be wanting Haley Fitzgerald instead of me, too. (CHUCKLES) So…

Do you think that he might be innocent? Jonathan.

That’s what you wanted to ask me?

There’s something to be said for objectivity, so I just…

My gut instinct is “yes.” He could be innocent.


You know, brain’s connected to the gut. They got scientific evidence of that now. You know that, of course, you being a shrink and all.


I still think he’s a dick. Just not one who’d commit murder.



Haley feels that it’s important that he gets out on a bail. She feels it would present him to a potential jury pool in a more favorable light, and he’ll be able to contribute to his defense in a more meaningful way.

I assume this is when your loving father gives his unconditional support a test drive? Are you all planning to live together like a family again?

No. No.


Jonathan will live in the apartment, and, and… Henry and I will continue to live with you, if that’s okay.


Sir. Good day, sir.

Thank you, Robert.

GUARD: Move it!

(DOOR BUZZING) Let’s go! Move it! Let’s go!



Well, I can’t imagine what you must think of me. I cer… I certainly understand why you would not feel comfortable putting up my bail. But, uh…

Stop. I’m not here for your understanding. I’m here to look at you. I’m here to make sure that you understand me. I think you’re guilty. I believe you killed that woman. Grace… makes room for the possibility that you did not. And perhaps because she so rarely asks for my help, I find myself… ill-equipped to refuse it. But should you run, should you do anything to further harm my daughter, my grandson, I will track you down. And I will kill you, myself.

Thank you. I’ll make good with your daughter. With Henry. And I will make good with you.

I’m done here.

GUARD: Get up. Let’s go.




Please make a path.

(STAMMERING): I’m gonna say, I’m gonna say this, and then I, I would be g-grateful if you would leave us alone. I’m obviously very happy to be out, and beyond that, I look forward to clearing my name in court, and proving that I’m innocent of this crime. Thank you very much. There will be no more questions.



Thanks, Hugh.


(THUDDING) Sorry. Hi.

(PANTS) Hi. I’m, I’m sorry.

You’re not in trouble, Henry.

Then why am I here?

I would just like to know what was said.

What was said?

I would just like to know what was said between you and Miguel Alves.

“Hi,” was said. By me. Miguel didn’t say anything.

You just said “hi”?

Well, after I said “sorry.”

You said “sorry” to Miguel.


And what were you sorry for?

I bumped into him by accident. So I said “sorry.” It’s one of the five C’s: Character, courage, conscience, charity, and courtesy. I said “sorry” out of courtesy.





(WHISPERS): Thank you.

(EXHALES) I already regret it. I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m not going to play the role of brokering you back together again, you know. I’m not.

You never liked him.

No. No, I never did. Jonathan upset me in a profound way the minute I first set eyes on him. I did ask you what it was you loved about him. I asked you whether he seemed so perfect for you because you had explained to him exactly what “perfect for you” meant. And he was just giving back what you wanted.


I know you’re angry.

I’m furious. I’m furious with myself, Grace. For not putting up a fight. God.

They wanna kick Henry out of school.


Yeah. (SIGHS) Yeah. They want him to be homeschooled until all of this is over.


IRMA: Excuse me. The police are back.


We hate to be such a nuisance.

But you continue to be.

Far be it from us to give you advice, Doctor, but…

Then don’t.

O’ROURKE: But are we to understand you’ve allowed your husband back into your home?

(SCOFFS) My personal life is none of your business.

MENDOZA: Why would you think that? Hmm? Your personal life, your husband’s personal life, is our primary business of late.

What do you want?

Can you, can you sit for a second?

No. I would prefer to stand.

How well did you know Elena Alves?

Are we back to that?

She called you. Many times, in the days before her death. It’s right there on her phone. Your cell number.

MENDOZA: Nothing to say?

I never, ever spoke to Elena Alves. Not on my cell phone. Not on any other phone.

Yeah, that’s true. Her phone shows that those calls were never answered. Because you never picked up.

Why are you fucking with me?

Did you know it was her?

No. Because I don’t pick up a number when I don’t recognize it. I assume that it’s a telemarketer. I’d… Mm. All right. Fine. If you think maybe I was the one that killed her, great. Be sure to testify to that.

We’re just trying to get all the information. Including, but not limited to, your relationship with the victim.

I had… no relationship with her.

MENDOZA: Mm-hmm.

Other than I was on a committee with her. And I walked…

Evening, miss.

Good evening, Alan.

And I unwittingly walked within a block of her apartment the night that she was killed.

O’ROURKE: You know she was an artist, right? A sculptor. Painter.

It was on the news.

You never knew it before.

O’ROURKE: So you never, uh… …posed for her?

Oh, fuck you. What?

We found something in her basement storage.

I don’t…

O’ROURKE: It’s an oil portrait.

Mendoza: I would say she captured you… rather well. Don’t you think?

GRACE: Did you know?

Jonathan: No, no. No, I had no idea. You mean, like a portrait?

GRACE: Yes! A portrait.


And exceptionally detailed.

Well, I knew she was obsessed, but, uh…


What are the police making of it?

I don’t know. Or they’re not saying. They’re just… asking more questions and I don’t have the answers.

We’ll get through this. We’ll get through this somehow.

(SOFTLY): Jonathan, stop.

We will. We will. We will.

We’re not in this together. We’re not. You stand accused of a crime that maybe you did, maybe you didn’t do. And I’m gonna play the role. The assigned role of the wife. And that’s it.

Well, then, I’ll just pray that I… make my way back to you. You know, what we had, you and I, was… It’s too big to undo just like that.

I didn’t… But you did. You managed to undo it, didn’t you? Whatever I feel for you, it doesn’t matter, because my mind is stronger than my heart. You know that about me. And while you may not be a murderer, you’re… You’re not my husband. You’ll never be my husband.

Come on. Come here. Come here. Come on. Come on. It’s me. It’s me. It’s me. It’s me. It’s me.

Why would you…

(SOBBING): I can’t.

(MURMURING): It’s me. Stop it. Please stop.


Stop. Just stop it. Stop it now. No. No.

(SOFTLY): No. Come on.

Newscaster: The bail, you will recall, was set at ten million bond, two million cash, a number Dr. Fraser has presumably met. It is white privilege. You think that if it was the husband, or any black man, that he would have been granted bail?


This was a vicious murder. The woman’s head was nearly liquefied. He’s not a threat to society? It’s obscene.

SYLVIA: Franklin.

FRANKLIN: Hi, dear.

Aah. Hi.




Come say hello.


Hello. How are you?

You run off.


Tell them I’m sorry. Tell Miss Hatsy it’s my fault. Bye. I’ve told Grace a thousand times, but if there’s anything I can do.

You’re a dear, dear girl and she knows it. So do I.

How is she? Just… She’s always so… stoic. How is she, really?

Really? I don’t know. I don’t know whether I ever knew.

Ah. She’s just Grace being Grace. My date has just appeared.

You have fun.

Oh, I intend to.

Connaver: He didn’t do anything wrong.

Why homeschool him, then?

Well, we just feel it would be in the best interest of everyone, if Henry, for the time being…


With the trial approaching, the distraction serves no one.

You told my daughter that Reardon would be there for Henry. That the community was… steadfast.

I did, but…

Henry’s life has been ripped apart. If ever an overpriced, self-important, full-of-shit school needed to step up…

This is coming from the board. They feel we need to create distance between Reardon and all the ugliness. I cannot exalt your grandson’s needs at the expense of the school’s writ large.

Well, I can. I’ve given a lot of money to this school, Mr. Connaver. And I’ve always considered it a privilege to be able to do so. But make no mistake. I am a cocksucker. And I don’t mean that in the sense of gay belittlement, as it’s currently come to be interpreted. No. I’m an old-fashioned cocksucker. The more traditional kind. The kind who fucks over anyone who hurts me, or a loved one. You speak of ugliness, Mr. Connaver. You have not yet met ugliness.



















Henry (WHISPERS): Hi. Hey, honey. Hey.

It’s all right.

Are you okay?

Fine. I promise.

HENRY: Wh-what happened?

GRACE: I don’t know. I was… (EXHALES) I was walking in the park, and I got lightheaded and then… Think I just went numb.



Hey. Hi.



GRACE: Jonathan.


I’m fine. It was probably just a bit of a panic attack, and then s… stress.


Hey, buddy. Hey. (SOFTLY): Hi.

How you doing? You alright?


So what are the doctors saying?

Um, they’re just saying that it was stress-induced, and that I’m gonna be discharged, so…

All right. So, eyes open. Jonathan… please don’t.

Eyes open. Eyes open, please. Please.

(WHISPERS): Jonathan, come on.

Please don’t do this.

And open, open, open. Open, please.

(LIGHT CLICKING) Can you track my finger? And touch my finger. Come on.

GRACE: Oh, please. Really?


Yeah. And now your nose. And, uh, finger. And now nose. I think you’re okay. (WHISPERS): I think you’re okay.

GRACE: Yeah. When can I get out?



(COMMOTION, CHATTERING) SYLVIA: Jesus. So what was it?

Grace (ON PHONE): I don’t know. They say, uh, they say it was just an anxiety attack.

Anxiety. (SNAPPING) Why on Earth would you have anxiety? Is something going on in your life?

GRACE: You’re funny.

Why don’t you come over to the house one night this week and we can have a, I don’t know, a boozy sleepover. Just you and me.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, that sounds fun.

SYLVIA: (ON PHONE) You okay? You really okay?

Mm-hmm. I’m fine, I promise.

I’m thinking of you. Okay. Bye.






(MUSIC STOPS) May I come in?

Yeah, sure.

It’s a wonderful instrument, the violin.

Yeah. I, I like it. Most kids at Reardon want to play the drums, and the bass, and the guitar, and… I, I like the violin. ‘C-cause it’s different.


I heard you left your footprint on Connaver’s head.

Hmm. He’s a putz.







Well, hello.


Can I come in, please? Please.


Thank you. Miguel. Hey. Hey.


Oh, you look well, my friend. Yeah?

FERNANDO: Leave him alone.

He’s my patient, Fernando.

Just get your hands off him.

JONATHAN: You look strong. That’s great. I’m so sorry about your mom.

Don’t talk to him.

I want you to know, that what happened to your mom, Miguel… I didn’t do it.

All right. It’s all right. Come on. Go to your room, Miguel.

No, he should know that.

Go to your room. Go to your room. Come on. Go to your room.

He needs to know that, and so do you. There were lines I crossed. But I did not take Elena’s life.

Get out of my house, now.

I didn’t do it, Fernando. I didn’t do it.

Go to your room, Miguel. Now. Put your headphones on, okay? Put your headphones on and turn the volume up.


JONATHAN: Fernando, I… I don’t mean to seem insensitive, but desperation has a way of trumping good manners. With Elena, there was something about her that seemed, uh, I don’t know. That was off. I need to find out exactly…

This is your plan? This is your fuckin’ plan? To make her seem off?

I know your grief, because I feel your grief. And I want whoever did this to be caught.

FERNANDO: I don’t believe you.

Well, you need to believe me. And at a minimum, believe this. You need to stay away from my wife.

Like you stayed away from mine? Huh?


She has to be fed.



Fernando: Shh, shh, shh, shh.



Would you like to feed her?


Your daughter. Would you like to feed her?

(WHISPERS): Here. Shh, shh, shh, shh. Here, here, here. Here, baby. Daddy’s home.


FERNANDO: You met her before?

I have, yeah.


You’ve held her before?


Such a beautiful little girl.

(FUSSING) Yeah. That she is. That she is. Come here. See you. Let’s see you. Yeah.

It’s difficult to love her.



I have tried really hard, and… And I will keep trying. But it’s difficult, knowing how…

I could take her. Would you prefer that?


Are you out of your fucking mind?

I had to warn him off Grace. And I thought if I appealed to him…

He’d what? Believe you? Forgive you? You just committed witness tampering. A condition of your bail is that you stay away…

I did not try and influence him.

It doesn’t matter. You actually thought that you might win over the man whose wife you’re accused of savagely killing. How much fucking charm do you think you have?

I didn’t see the harm. I really didn’t. I didn’t.

Do you ever?

Fine, I apologize. What’s next?

You actually did think you could change his mind, didn’t you? Oh, my God. Of course.


Why wouldn’t he believe you? You cast a spell. You have done it with everyone you’ve ever met. With a face like that. I have a handsome, charismatic client. Capable of mesmerizing.


We will win this. We will get the jury to see in you what you see in you. What I see in you.

Wow. How’d I do? Did I pass?


JONATHAN: So what’s the deal? Are we just gonna play games, here, Haley, or do you perhaps have a, a legal strategy for my defense?

I met with the district attorney. They have a strong case. The scene of the crime is essentially a shrine to your DNA. That said, it’s still circumstantial. She didn’t offer “heat of passion,” but I think I could get her there.

If you are talking about a plea, the answer is no.

Voluntary manslaughter would be a steal.

Yes. For someone who did it.

We lose on murder one or two, you could spend the rest of your life in jail.

I’m not pleading guilty. Is that clear? I’m innocent. I did not fucking do it.


Hi. Thank you very much.


ASSISTANT: Anything else?

No, that’s great. Thank you.

HALEY: Thanks.



We’re gonna do a TV interview. Like it or not…

(LIQUID POURING) – this case is on trial right now on television, for everyone to see. Including the potential jury pool. We need to jump into that pool.

You want me to… Go on TV?

With me at your side. It could be the straightest line to an open mind. Let people… Let people see you. Hear you. Without being subject to cross.


GRACE: I never aspired to a perfect life, you know. I just wanted to be happy. I had this idea of what a good family looked like, which I got from you and Mom. That’s really all I wanted.

Grace. Your mother and I were never happy.

(SOFTLY): What?

I was unfaithful to her. All the time.

No, you weren’t.

I think maybe that’s what informed my contempt for Jonathan. He reminded me of me. I was not a… (CHUCKLES) Quote, unquote, “good husband,” Grace.

You were. You were! Uh, you were, Dad. I remember. You were… You loved her. You, you were devoted to her. You would write her notes. You’d bring her gifts. You’d shower her with, with, with, with jewelry, w… You, you… Dad, you loved her. I saw it. I remember. I…

Yeah. I did.

But I was unfaithful to her, again and again and again and again.


And each time,


I would come to the realization that this was not the way I wanted to live my life, and I would… (SIGHS) come back to the fold. Determined to reset, I would confess to your mother. Apologize. Different jewelry. I don’t think she ever wore any of it. I’m sure it was poison to her. And the gifts were penance. My atonement. It’s just… not what you needed to hear right now, but the idea that your ideal of a marriage was based on what your mother and I had? You’ve always had a way of chasing ghosts, Grace. Of believing in things you shouldn’t, and I, I am afraid that you are going to find a way to believe in him again.


Exactly how weak do you think I am?

TV PRODUCER: Okay, in three, two, one. And cue Connie.

CONNIE CHUNG: Joining us now is Dr. Jonathan Fraser, along with his attorney, Haley Fitzgerald. Welcome. Thanks for being with us.

HALEY: Thanks for having us.

You know, this is a little unusual interview. Allowing access to your client on national television.

HALEY: Well, honestly, he’s already been quite on display. And the picture has been distorted. I thought, let the people see for themselves.

Connie: What do you want them to see?

(CHUCKLES) Uh… I suppose the answer to your question is… the truth. Which is to say that I’m flawed. I do not pass myself off as… honorable, because I’m not. I was unfaithful to a wife who I love. I hurt her, I hurt my son. Both those things are unforgivable.

Connie (ON TV): You do admit that you’re a cheater. But are you a killer? Did you kill Elena?

That I’m not guilty of.

CONNIE: Well, let’s take your version of events. You say you suddenly came upon her. You discovered her dead. But why did you run?

Because I was in shock, and I mean that in the, in the medical sense. So, that’s, that’s a cognitive shut-down. It’s like a very extreme form of panic.

CONNIE: Innocent people do not flee.

JONATHAN: Well, I, I didn’t feel at all like an innocent man. I was guilty of infidelity, and I felt pretty certain, that, uh…

HALEY: Go ahead.

That I was the cause of her death. Which is not to say that she died at my hands. But I felt it was possible, probable even, that someone else, in a fit of jealousy, or, or rage, uh… I had, uh… made love to her. It could have possibly triggered the killer. Maybe he saw, uh… We, we know that she was killed, uh, shortly after I left.

CONNIE: But the police say that the evidence points only and unequivocally to you.

So I think that the police need to collect…

HALEY: If I could jump in here.

The police do an excellent job. Sorry. Yeah. Yeah. But sometimes they make human mistakes.

CONNIE: Well, you think they rushed here?

Haley: This is a high-profile homicide. Which happened to a mother from a well-to-do school. These things are not supposed to happen. And when they do, the public demands an answer. And assurance that the same horror couldn’t possibly visit them. The police feel that pressure.

CONNIE: The pressure?

HALEY: Yes, they feel that pressure. And doubly so in an election year.

CONNIE: I would think pressure to get it right.

HALEY: Absolutely. But sometimes, they get blinded. And in this case, by low-hanging fruit. Jonathan was there, around the time. He left his DNA.

CONNIE: And it wasn’t you?

JONATHAN: It wasn’t me.

CONNIE: You know, I get the feeling you’re, you’re trying to come off as some kind of victim?

JONATHAN: Well, I… I’m not a victim in a, in a conventional sense, no. And I, I brought a lot of this on myself. But, uh… Let’s not forget that, uh… (SNIFFS LOUDLY) Sorry. Uh…

CONNIE: Go, go ahead. Go ahead. Let’s not forget what?


HALEY: Jonathan…

(VOICE BREAKING): That in all this… I lost someone I love. And, uh… Well, there you are. You know, people often think that, uh, being made a suspect must preempt, or, or, or quash grief. But I can assure you that that’s not the case.

CONNIE: So you still say you didn’t kill her?

JONATHAN: Well, I say, I say that because I did not kill her.

CONNIE: You loved this woman. You knew her. You knew her life. Do you have some idea, perhaps, who did?

I do. Yeah.



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