The Undoing – Episode 2 – The Missing | Transcript

After seeking refuge at her father's house, Grace finds herself on the receiving end of detectives' probing questions.
The Undoing - Episode 2 - The Missing

Episode aired on November 2, 2020

Grace becomes increasingly worried about her husband and tries to locate him. A visit and subsequent questioning from Detective Joe Mendoza reveals that Jonathan is no longer employed at the hospital. His termination stems from allegations of inappropriate contact with Elena. It is determined that Elena’s husband, Fernando, has an alibi, making Jonathan the prime suspect. Upon her return home, Grace finds the police conducting a search and seizure, and is informed that they intend to perform a paternity test on Elena’s infant daughter. To avoid media attention, Grace takes Henry to their beach house. There, Jonathan surprises Grace and admits to his infidelity, but insists he never murdered Elena. As Jonathan hugs Henry, Grace calls the police.



WOMAN 1: (ON PHONE) Hyatt place independence.

GRACE: Jonathan Fraser, please.

MAN 1: (ON PHONE) Hyatt regency at the arcade.

Jonathan Fraser’s room, please.

WOMAN 2: (ON PHONE) Hyatt Cleveland legacy.

GRACE: Can you put me through to Jonathan Fraser’s room, please?


MAN 2: (ON PHONE) This is Jonathan.

Jonathan Fraser?

MAN 2: (ON PHONE) Yes. Who is this?

(SIGHS) I’m…

I’m sorry, um… sorry.



Did you hear from dad today at all?

Uh, not since this morning when he left.

You saw him before he left, at 5:00 am?

Yeah. He came in to say goodbye.

Did he say anything else?

I think he just said “bye,” and then…

And then he kissed me on the forehead…

And… and left. I was half asleep.

He didn’t say anything else?

Probably that he loved me?

What’s wrong? Does he usually do that before he leaves on a trip?

Say goodbye? No, come into your room while you’re still asleep.

Doesn’t he usually just say goodbye the night before? Um…


M-Mom, you’re acting strange.

Well, it-it’s just I, I… I haven’t heard from him all day.

I mean, I know he has two presentations to give, and he’s probably busy, but I’m just…

Text him. He left his phone.

He left his phone? Mm-hmm.

Do you know his code?



(EXHALES) How did he seem this morning?

He seemed like dad.

He came into your room, he said goodbye, maybe told you that he loved you, and then he left?

What’s going on?

No… (SIGHS) Nothing, honey.

I’m just…


Nothing, it-it… It’s nothing.



REPORTER 1: (ON TV) This guy shoots nothing but three-pointers!

You never see the mid-range…

REPORTER 2: (ON TV) The community of the Tony Upper East Side.

Reardon academy is in shock tonight over the gruesome discovery of a fourth grade mother found bludgeoned to death.

REPORTER 3: (ON TV) According to police, Elena alves.

Never returned home last night after a school fundraiser.

It was her 10-year-old son who found the victim dead in her blood-strewn art studio this morning.

Cause of death hasn’t been confirmed, but we’re told the victim was struck multiple times with a blunt instrument, suffering numerous abrasions and lacerations to her skull. One officer called it… (PHONE RINGING)

Hey. Mm-hmm. SYLVIA: (ON PHONE) Are you seeing this?

(NEWS REPORT ON TV) It’s all over.

Mentioning reardon, it’s just…

(SIGHS) It’s beyond awful.

I just can’t stop thinking about that woman.

I know.

SYLVIA: And the children, my god…


You know what? I’ve got Amanda on the other line.

I’ll call you back. (SNIFFLES) Okay.




Oh god. What?

You scared me.

Don’t do that. I said “mom.”

What’s wrong with you?

I don’t know where your father is.

He’s not returning calls, he’s not returning my emails, nothing.

And that doesn’t make any sense.

Is it possible that he just doesn’t have Internet?

He’s at a medical conference, Henry. He has Internet.

Alright. So, he’s usually terrible about checking in, right?

You guys fight about it all the time.

And he usually has those dinners after the conference.

If he’s at the dinner, but he… if he doesn’t have his phone, then how is he gonna communicate with you?

Or! Maybe he’s on the plane. Henry…

‘Cause he did say he might get back earlier, right?

You’re right. Yeah.

So, don’t worry. He’s on the plane. He’s flying back to us.

Don’t worry. It’s fine. (MUMBLING)


Hello? Hello?




Hung up.

Somebody tried to call him, heard your voice…

Thought “wrong number,” and hung up. Okay?




Elena: Sometimes, I just… I feel…

I feel… Overwhelmed.

And, um, lost.









REPORTER: We are live in front of the reardon school where the son of the victim…


Is this ’cause of the dead mom?


WOMAN: Grace. GRACE: We need to move quickly.


SYLVIA: Grace! Hi. Oh, Sylvia!

Oh my god, can you believe this? Hi! I know.

Have you ever seen such a cluster-fuck? Sorry.

A caravan of concerned mothers. God forbid they let the nanny bring their child to school on such a momentous occasion.

Hi. Hi.

Hi. Alexis young, grace Fraser. She’s a second grade mom.

Oh, hi. Hi. Um,

I’ve been told you’re a therapist? Yes, I am.

I don’t mean to be schnorring free medical advice, but my little Kimberly is already anxious to begin with, and this is our first school murder, and I just was wondering if there were, you know, any techniques you could recommend. I’m gonna head in.

GRACE: Sure. I’ll see you this afternoon.

HENRY: Love you.

Did you guys hear?

The husband suddenly just turned himself in.

SYLVIA: What? AMANDA: Turns out that I actually met him once.

He gave me a bad feeling.

SYLVIA: You met him, when? Oh, Alexis, hi.

Well, I didn’t realize he was a parent at first.

I thought, you know, he worked for the school.

MAN: Excuse me, ma’am! AMANDA: I think I told him we were out of paper towels in the ladies’ room.

Well, I haven’t heard anything about him turning himself in.

I wonder if this is connected to what happened at the benefit.

What? What happened at the benefit? Oh, come on.

She had at least 10 men inhaling her.

(SCOFFS) Oh, please. I don’t think that’s insignificant.

You know, it might help them figure out who did it.

What do you mean “who did it”? Of course it was the husband.

First he vanishes, and now he’s turned himself in.

It’s always the f… husband.

Well, he didn’t vanish. That was fake news.




I have to go, so I’ll see you this afternoon.






Did Jonathan call? No.

Would you give Stuart a call? Dr. Rosenfeld at the hospital.

See if he’s heard from him.

I think the secrecy was a part of it.

Maybe even a big part.

But I think I was trying to break free of myself.

How so?

I’ve always been so righteous.

Living by my good values.

Oppressed by them.

I think what I did was more about me rejecting myself than Michael.

(CRYING) I’m timid,

I’m safe.

Part of me wants to be dangerous.



Hello? WOMAN: (ON PHONE) You’ve been chosen for a trip.

To the Caribbean! Press five…










(OPENS DOOR) Stuart.

Grace! (SIGHS) Hi, um…

Did my assistant call you? Uh, I’m not aware.


Have you heard from Jonathan?

I haven’t.

Wh… he went to Cleveland and he didn’t take his phone, and I… I haven’t been able to reach him, and i-I’m getting worried.

What’s in Cleveland?

The conference. The conference?

Pediatric oncology at the Cleveland clinic.

Oh, uh, I knew nothing about it.

I-I really can’t talk. The conf…

What do you mean you can’t talk? Can’t talk about what?

I’m really late for a meeting. Stuart, please!

I cannot talk. I am constrained. There are strict terms.

Strict terms? What strict terms?

What? I’m sorry, I’m not at Liberty.

Please, it’s me. It’s grace. I’m sorry. Grace, I’m sorry.





Oh, that’s disgusting.



Is he back yet? Dad. Is he back yet? What?


No. What?

Let’s go. We’re gonna be late for grandpa.


Come on.

DOORMAN: Good evening, Mrs. Fraser. GRACE: Good evening.

Hey. Thank you.

HENRY: Thank you.


FRANKLIN: Hi, Henry!

HENRY: Hey, grandpa.

Irma’s made some penne marinara especially for you.


FRANKLIN: So, that’s all Dr. Rosenfeld told you?

GRACE: Yeah.


You? What are you telling yourself?

I don’t know what to tell myself.

He didn’t just leave his phone behind.

He arranged to be unreachable, dad.

You know…


How’ve things been between the two of you? How have they been?

It’s not a trick question, grace.

We’ve never been better.


This doesn’t make any sense.

I’m having a hard time functioning right now.

But you have to. You have a son to look after.

Irma? Excuse me, Dr. Fraser.

GRACE: Yes? There are two police officers waiting for you in the lobby.

I see. No, dad. I will take care of it.

I need to take a walk anyway.


Thank you for coming down.

Can we have a word in a more private environment?

Well, my family is upstairs.

Could we go down to the office then?

To the police station?


Are you arresting me?

(SCOFFS) Why would we be arresting you?

PAUL O’ROURKE: We just wanna get some more information, it’s easier if we do it there.


FRANKLIN: (ON PHONE) Why the hell would you go with them?

(QUIETLY) Because it’s the straightest line to what’s going on.

FRANKLIN: You should have a lawyer.

I don’t think that’s the case, but if… if it makes sense…

For god’s sake, child…

GRACE: (ON PHONE) Thanks for watching Henry.

I’ll call you when I… When I know more.

Grace, this is a terrible idea.

I said I’ll call you when I know more.

Everything okay?


I didn’t really know Mrs. Alves.

We can talk when we get there.

O’ROURKE: Right this way, please.


This door here.


(DOOR OPENS) Right in here.

O’ROURKE: Can I get you a coffee or something?

Um, no. (DOOR SHUTS)

No, thank you. I’m fine. This…

It looks a little…

Am I gonna need a lawyer?

I wouldn’t have thought so.

We’re just gonna talk.








Dr. Fraser.

Where is your husband?

(SIGHS) I don’t know.

MENDOZA: You don’t know.

Is he in your apartment on east 63rd?

No, of course not. He…


“Of course not”? Because I told you. As far as I know,

he is at a medical conference and if he were here in the city,

he’d be at work, but he’s not here.

And work would be where?


Price-norbury memorial hospital.


MENDOZA: Dr. Fraser…

Your husband has not worked at Price-Norbury Memorial Hospital for a long time.


You didn’t know this?


O’ROURKE: According to Dr. Robertson sharp,

Dr. Jonathan Fraser’s employment was terminated nearly three months ago.

MENDOZA: (ECHOING) You were not aware of this?

You’re saying that you were not aware of this until this very moment?

I was… I was not aware.

I spoke to a doctor earlier today, who wasn’t forthcoming with information,

but I was not aware… What doctor was that?

Um, Stuart. Stuart, um, rosenfeld. Dr. Rosenfeld.

And did Dr. Rosenfeld tell you that your husband’s termination followed three earlier disciplinary actions at the hospital?

I want this to stop.

Are you hiding your husband?

No! I’m not hiding my husband.

I told you, I thought he was at a medical conference.

He said to me that he was going to a medical conference in Cleveland.

Then he’s not in your apartment. I told you.

He’s not there.

His phone seems to be, according to Verizon.

(SIGHS) Yes. Yes, his…

His phone is there. That’s a detail you might’ve mentioned.

You didn’t ask me where his phone was.

You asked me where he was.

Right. Right. He forgot his phone at home.

I mean, it’s… it’s not the first time that he’s done that.

And I found the phone last night, and that’s why it…

I don’t know where he is because he forgot his phone, and I can’t…

I can’t call him.

That makes sense to you, hm? No.

No, nothing about this entire day makes any sense to me.

MENDOZA: Dr. Fraser,

do you know why your husband was fired?

I suspect you figure that we do.

Are you not even curious?

Yesterday, we obtained the records from price-norbury memorial hospital.

You obtained confidential records?

Yes. Yes, as a result of a court order filed yesterday morning.


Grace: (SIGHS) This is fucking bullshit.

This is bullshit. This is fucking…

This is bullshit.

MENDOZA: In June of last year, a full disciplinary hearing alleged…

Inappropriate contact…

With a family member of a patient.

I don’t know what any of that means, but… I’m…

MENDOZA: But, what?

It’s cancer. It’s children’s cancer.

My husband’s a warm, warm man.

He’s not some asshole who walks into a room and pronounces that your child is gonna die and then walks out the door.

He is a very caring man, and maybe he has touched someone, maybe he hugged someone because he cares, and that does not mean that he’s some…


I’m gonna tell you the name of the patient.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

I can tell you the name of… It’s private. It’s private, I don’t wanna know.

I don’t wanna know the patient’s name.

Don’t. Private information… (OVERLAPPING WHISPERING)

I don’t want to know.

You don’t wanna know…

Or you already do know?


Your husband’s patient…

Was Miguel alves.

Diagnosed with wilms tumor.


Miguel’s mother…

Elena alves.

(MUTTERING) (LAUGHS) So, you’ll forgive me for asking, Dr. Fraser, but I’m going to be seriously pissed off if you keep telling me that your husband’s at a fucking medical conference in fucking Cleveland, that he forgot his fucking phone!

Don’t protect him!

Wherever Jonathan is, we’re going to find him.

So if you know something, this would be the right time to tell us what it is. This is what I know.

I’m sitting here in a room with two detectives who are treating me very much like I’m a suspect, trying to elicit incriminating responses from me, in a grossly custodial setting.

So you either read me my Miranda rights right now…

Or tell me I’m free to go.








Are you still with them? GRACE: (ON PHONE) No!

(PANTING) I just left. Are you alright?


Grace, what the devil’s going on?

They’re asking me a lot of questions, aggressive questions.


FRANKLIN: (ON PHONE) I’m guessing that there’s still no word from Jonathan? (SIGHS)


No. Well, guess it’s safe to assume he’s not in Cleveland.


Now, you and Henry, you stay here with me tonight.



FRANKLIN: Grace, did you hear me?

Yes. I just need to go back to the apartment.

I have to get some clothes, some things for Henry.

(SIGHS) I’ll see you when you get here.

























Good morning, Mrs. Fraser.

REPORTER: (ON TV) Police are focusing on events.

Transpiring at a reardon school fundraiser, where the victim, Elena Alves, was last seen alive.

Several witnesses described Mrs. Alves as visibly upset. Morning, Henry.

Morning, grandpa. Though other partygoers dispute that account.

Early suspicion was on the victim’s husband, but we’re now learning his whereabouts have been accounted for.

Do the police think he killed her?


They wanna talk to him.

As do I. As do you.


Why did they take you into the police station?

Because he knew her. He was her child’s doctor, and I knew her, and…

It’s not a crime to know somebody.

No. No, it’s not.

So, they think he killed her. No.

Well, why else all of this then? I don’t know.

I don’t know.


Excuse me! Excuse me, ma’am!


WOMAN: Wow, I can’t believe she’d…

I see they’re putting you to work, Jennifer.

HENRY: Hi, Mrs. Hartman. Go on in.

Huh, what was that?

I’ll be right back.

Good morning, Henry. Good morning, grace. Morning, sir.

GRACE: God, this is… Indeed. It’s quite something. Henry, why don’t you head up to class, huh?

Yes, sir. Are you okay?

Yeah. Mom, I’m fine. You sure?


Robert, wh… What’s going on?

What is going on is I am trying to get us through a crisis.

Alright. Grace, I don’t think you should be here.


I think, for the good of everyone, you don’t need to be here.


What did they tell you? I want you to know…

This is a safe place for Henry.

What the… And if he needs to come to my office at any time, he can come. At recess or after school.

If anyone says anything to him, he should come see me right away.

It’s not true. It’s not true.

Whatever they said to you…

Listen to me. Robert, come on.

The teachers will be looking out for him.

I have spoken to all of them. He’s a reardon student, and I take that very seriously. Really?

You’re really doing this to me?

My advice to you…

Is you send someone else to pick him up this afternoon.

Grace. Sylvia.

I have a cab. Come on.

What… Come on.



Okay. (SIGHS) Okay.

What are people saying?


Tell me. It’s…

Just a water, please, and some privacy.

Thank you. Tell me.

The word is that Elena’s husband evidently has an alibi.

The attention now seems to be focused entirely on Jonathan.


So he knew her? Elena?

Well, Miguel was his patient, so…

Ah, it was her.


He hired me. A few months ago.

Jonathan hired you?

As his lawyer.

I told him that employment law wasn’t my expertise, but he…

He insisted.

He signed a document hiring me to formally represent him.

There was going to be a disciplinary hearing at the hospital, involved the mother of a patient.

(SIGHS) He wanted my advice.

So why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t know, for sure, whether you knew or not, and…

Grace, it was…

It was privileged. It’s still…

Privileged. What happened?

I looked over the paperwork that he brought me.

There was a lot there. A lot. More than enough to fire him.

He insisted that he was innocent of the charges.

That it was all being…

Manufactured by this, this… crazy woman.

Really? He called a week later to say the accusations were dropped.

That the hospital found the woman’s claims were baseless.

He thanked me for my time.

And I just… I assumed that it went away.

But it didn’t.

They fired him. They kept it completely confidential.

I’m sorry, grace.

I am. I’m really sorry.


My advice…

Not that you’re asking.

If you do learn where Jonathan is, tell the police.

The sooner you make it clear that you’re not involved, the better you’ll be treated by everybody, police and media included.

Grace, you need to get out of here, you and Henry.

Once they find Jonathan, this story will explode.

You need to be somewhere else when that happens.





Nothing new.

You need to get protection for yourself, grace.

You think you can handle everything on your own, alone.

This is bigger than you.

It’s bigger than me, for Christ’s sakes.

You should get out of town.

You should go to the beach house.

I have patients.

Henry has school.

I’m gonna call Haley Fitzgerald. You have to have a lawyer.

I don’t want a lawyer.



Your husband…

Is the lead suspect in a murder investigation.




Excuse me.

Excuse me, I live here. Yes, I do.

COP 1: You live here?

Excu… I live here.

COP 2: Hey, hey, you can’t come in here. You got some ID?

GRACE: Uh… Come on. Let her through, let her through. Come on.

GRACE: What is going on?


Do you have paperwork for this? Of course. Paul, the warrant.

Here you go.

So you think my husband killed this woman?

The search might take a bit.

You got somewhere else to go? (OPENS DRAWER)

You don’t need to worry about me, detective.

Well, believe it or not, it’s kinda my nature.

To worry about people.


Where is his phone? We can’t find it.

Thank you.

WOMAN: Can you guys give me a hand down here?

MENDOZA: I really am sorry about all this.

Why are you taking…

Why are you taking his… His hairbrush?

MENDOZA: Well, we’re taking a number of things that might help our investigation. That’s all.

I could be wrong, but I think that you wanna help us.

I think that, at this point, you’re more angry at him than you are at us.

And you’re right to be. Please, don’t fucking patronize me.

No, it’s not my intention to do that. I can’t… don’t.

I don’t do that. I don’t patronize people. Don’t…

MENDOZA: I’ve just seen this type of situation one too many times.

Husbands who have kept their wives in the dark about a lot of things.

And when I’m in the picture, there’s some fraud or a robbery.

Sometimes, a murder.

I’m sorry.


We need the hairbrush for DNA.

For a couple of reasons. The crime scene…

And also…

Also what?

GRACE: What? Paternity.

They have a baby.

Mr. Alves is demanding a paternity test.

He insists he’s not the father.






ELENA: Please…

(GASPS) Please.






Oh! God…

Henry, you scared me.

(SIGHS) Mom.

Mom, I don’t wanna be here. I know, but we’re here.

For how long? For as long as it takes.

That’s not an answer.

When the police and the media stop congregating outside our apartment and your school, that’s when we’ll go back.

We’ll go back when things… When they what?

When they what? Go back to normal? Come on, Henry.

Mom. Henry, come on.

I’m trying. I’m trying.

By… by running away?

That’s bullshit, mom.

There’s no hiding.
















(INHALES) Come here.

Come here.










Don’t scream! Don’t scream. Mm!

Don’t scream, don’t scream. It’s me. (MUFFLED)

I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill her.

I did not kill her. (MUFFLED BREATHING)

We were romantically involved, but I didn’t kill her. I’m so sorry. (CRYING)

I’m so sorry, my grace.

I’m so sorry. (KISS)

(KISS) I’m gonna take my hand away, and you’re not gonna scream. There. (GASPS)


I didn’t do it. (INHALES DEEPLY)

I didn’t kill her.

I’m calling the police. Give me two minutes.

Give me two… you’re going to give me two minutes before you do that.

I gave you my whole life. No. Grace. Grace!

Get your fucking hands off me or I will. I will scream. Grace.

I didn’t… you can hate me as much as you want, but Henry needs to know that his father’s not…

A murderer. He’s gotta believe in me.

I will never, ever let him believe in you.

(CRYING) Look, here’s what happened.

I had an affair.

(SIGHS) What? She became obsessed. With me, with my life, and then, with you.

First it was all about getting her boy into reardon, which I helped with ’cause I thought it was about his education, but it wasn’t. It was about encroachment.

She was fucking possessed.

She was possessed.

When I heard she’d got herself on your…

Auction committee and then joined your gym, I was scared.

I was scared for us as a family. I was scared for you.

At the night of the fundraiser, I went to confront her.

I told her that had to stop… You snapped?

We argued. We fought.

We had sex. I left. I walked the streets.

I went to a bar to collect myself, then I…

I went back to confront her again, and she was fucking dead.

She was dead. There was no sign of anyone.

I panicked! I totally fucking panicked! I lost my head.

Shock took hold of me… You came home.

You crawled into our bed…

(SIGHS) And I held you.

I held you.

And I broke for you.

And we made love, Jonathan. We made love.

And I thought you’d lost a patient.

How can I ever believe you?

Because you’re a fucking liar.

You’re a liar. You’ve been pretending to have this job you didn’t even have. No. That’s all part of…

What are you… It’s part of… the same big deception.

I lost my job ’cause of this woman. I lost myself.

She got hold of me, grace.

She got hold of every fucking part of me.

But I didn’t kill her.

I did not.



Dad? Come here. Come here, come here.


My name is grace Fraser.

My husband has just broken in.

He’s a fugitive. He’s wanted for murder.

His name is Jonathan Fraser. I’m at 361…

Beachway. Beachway drive, and I’m fucking terrified.

I need you to get here quickly.

Please. (CRYING)

Were you afraid because you thought he might…

Kill you? Why would you be asking me these questions?

Why are you asking me this?


The whole world thinks I did this.

I got a feeling your daughter is hiding something.

WOMAN: The police will want your cooperation.

GRACE FRASER: Are you trying to intimidate me?

Did you kill her?

Be very careful…

(YELLING) …Dr. Fraser.



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