The Good Doctor – S04E18 – Forgive or Forget – Transcript

Shaun and Lea go on a camping trip to distract themselves from their grief over their miscarriage. Meanwhile, Morgan and Park argue about the best course of treatment for their patient.
The Good Doctor - S04E18 - Forgive or Forget

Air date: May 24, 2021

Shaun surprises a grieving Lea with a camping trip. When they arrive at Yosemite, they are turned away. They arrive at a new campsite, where they struggle to acclimate to the outdoors. The next morning, during a planned hike, Shaun falls off of a log, seriously injuring his ankle. Lea performs emergency surgery on him using a tent repair kit and a fish hook to save his life. Claire tries to avoid a conversation with her father about their past. Claire, Lim and treats a 12-year-old girl with a growth on her neck; when it is discovered that the growth has become dangerous, they take her into surgery. Park, Morgan, and Asher take on the case of a man using mushrooms to combat his depression. After a heated argument with Glassman, Debbie packs up and leaves.

* * *


Thanks for cooking.


And the new skillet.

The chicken was delicious.

What’d I tell you?

Cast iron kicks ass.

Wait till you sear a steak in it.

You won’t believe the difference.

I’ll definitely try it.


So, you up for a movie?


I thought maybe we could just… talk.

Oh. We’ve spent all night talking.

Yeah, about our jobs, the news, the weather,


We, uh…

We never really talked about the past.

Oh, we did.

When you were in the hospital.


Have you forgiven me?




I’d rather just watch a movie.

Claire, I don’t…

If you want to join, great.

If not, let’s just call it a night.

Okay. Movie it is.



How’d your presentation go?

It was… long.

Didn’t you do laundry yesterday?

I’m not doing laundry. I’m packing.

For our camping trip.

We’ve done nothing but work for three weeks,

and neither of us feels…


A weekend in the woods

isn’t going to change anything,

not to mention you can’t even sleep on a couch,

much less outside on the ground.

I agree.

It’s going to be a challenge, but that’s the point.

The further outside our comfort zones we go,

the more distracted we’ll be.












It’s me! It’s me, okay?

Don’t shoot.

Are you okay?

I’m fine. Can you put the gun down, please?

I opened the door, and the alarm went off.

It’s broken.

Oh, thank God.

Man. I thought somebody, uh…



It’s not loaded.

Yeah. Good.

No. No, not good.

I store this loaded always.

I unloaded it.

For this exact reason. You could’ve killed me.

And if you had been an intruder, you could’ve killed me.

I’m not an intruder. I’m me.


You had the gun pointed right at my head.

No. I was aiming center mass.

My finger wasn’t even on the trigger.

Thank you very much for the apology.

Really appreciate it.


What in the world would make you think

that it was okay to unload my gun?

You almost shot me center mass, okay?

But by all means, don’t apologize!

I did not almost shoot you,

and if you don’t stop with the apology cr…

I’m going to bed.



*THE GOOD DOCTOR* Season 04 Episode 18

Episode Title: “Forgive or Forget” Aired on: May 24, 2021.

Sync corrections by srjanapala

ASHER: The discoloration is a deeper red than her last exam.

CLAIRE: And it’s warm to the touch.


Sorry. How long has it been tender?

Uh… about a week.

Well, it’s not a bruise or muscle strain.

The AV malformation’s growing.

Which is why I’ve been recommending surgery since she was five.

And I’ve agreed every time.

It’s the first time there’s been any pain.

And the meds and the nutritional supplements have been working.

No, they haven’t,

and puberty will accelerate the growth even more,

which puts her at a high risk for a spontaneous hemorrhage.

Turtleneck sweaters are definitely not the solution any longer.

She needs the surgery.


We can admit her and start the prep right now.

AVA: Awesome.

I hate turtlenecks.

Your EKG’s normal, cholesterol’s low,

and I didn’t see any concerning moles.

I wear SPF 50 every day.

There was one thing.

I noticed that you previously had been on antidepressants.

I stopped taking those nine months ago.

They didn’t help, and I found an alternative therapy that’s working great.


Cognitive behavioral therapy?

Nope. [CHUCKLES] Uh, I’m injecting a psilocybin serum

that I make from hallucinogenic mushrooms

I grow in my basement.

Okay, that’s, uh, crazy.

You need to stop that immediately.

There’s tons of studies online that show that psilocybin

causes dopamine surges that treat depression.

And even more studies that show that people

who self-medicate with street drugs

end up more depressed, addicted, and sometimes even dead.

I spent a year researching mushroom cultivation

and learning how to extract the psilocybin.

And most importantly,

this is the first treatment that’s ever worked.

I’ve never felt better.

At least let me do some additional tests

to make sure there aren’t any adverse side effects.


I’m always open to new information.


Good morning. How can I help you?

We’re here to camp at Yosemite Creek.

Great. You have a reservation?


Campsites are reservation only.

That’s not true.

There are 27 first come, first serve campsites.

There were 27 campsites at 6:00 a.m.

By 6:45, they were all taken.

I’m gonna need you to turn the car around.

No, we need to go camping.

Sir, I understand you’re upset, but…

No. You… You don’t understand

at all why…

Shaun, it’s okay.

We’ll find another place to camp.

Uh, thank you.


DR. LIM: Tighten up.

Now work from the outside in.

Eliminate any arterial feeders.

This would be a lot easier

if they’d let me do this seven years ago.

ASHER: It’s not their fault.

They’re scared of surgery for their 12-year-old child.

They’re arrogant. And stubborn.

You’re quiet.

CLAIRE: Oh. Sorry.

I was actually thinking about my own parents.

Miles thinks that we should “deal with the past”

so that there’s not a barrier between us.

Things have been going pretty good.

And why mess with success?

ASHER: I agree.

When it comes to parents, some things,

in fact, many things, should just be left unsaid.

DR. LIM: Says the guy who doesn’t have a relationship with his.

Yeah. Because I said things that should have been unsaid.

Well, I agree with Miles.

It’s not gonna be an easy conversation,


Wounds that aren’t treated get worse.


ASHER: There’s blood in her ET tube.

CLAIRE: Must be a bleeder in the airway.

DR. LIM: Retract the wound.



DR. PARK: The research on psilocybin

for drug-resistant depression is promising.

Apex of the lungs look clear.

There’s a big difference between “promising” and “proven.”

Not to mention a drug made by professionals

versus some guy growing mushrooms in his basement.

You’re the most skeptical guy I know

about alternative medicine, but this you agree with?

I’m not surprised.

That Park’s a total hypocrite?

JORDAN: That you two disagree.

You never agree on anything.

I think you just…

Enjoy arguing with each other.


You need to get closer.

Can you

focus on the left inferior lobe?



What is that?

A lesion.

A fungal lesion.



This isn’t camping. It’s tailgating.

There’s trees, a place we can pitch a tent

and build a fire.

It smells like gasoline.


I think their generator might have a leak.

Just what you want right next to a campfire.


We have a view of the lake.

It’s pretty, isn’t it?




We had to abort the laser surgery due to a bleed,

but she’s conscious and stable now in post-op recovery.

The AVM infiltrated too deep into the upper lobe of the lung

to ablate with the laser.

We’ll have to go back in and remove her collarbone for better access.

Another surgery?

To remove her bone?

We’ll put it back after we excise the AVM.

She’ll have to wear a brace until the bone heals.

Vascular malformations are chameleons.

It’s hard to tell where abnormal blood vessels end

and normal ones begin.

You were all a lot more confident

in your assessment this morning.

We want to take our daughter home.


I’m sorry. That’s not possible.

The laser surgery caused weakening in the AVM,

which means it could rebleed at any time.






You’re lucky. If you scheduled your physical a week later,

your liver and lungs would be failing.


And after the surgery?

What about my depression?

You’re asking if you can continue a treatment that’s killing you?


Before I started the psilocybin injections…

I was miserable.

I-I couldn’t sleep, I barely ate.

I can’t bear to face that darkness again.

I don’t know if it’s the psilocybin or placebo effect,

or something else neither of us understands,

but if you found the light once…

You can find it again.





It’s a nice fire.

I used the Teepee method.



I’m thinking open thoracotomy and midline laparotomy.

We might be able to use minimally invasive scope surgery

to get the big lesions and attack the rest

post-operatively with anti-fungals.

More like minimally effective.

Better to be aggressive, take them all out at once.

That’s a huge operation with a long, painful recovery.

He has a huge problem.

This lesion looks like it extends behind the liver.

You’re the senior surgical resident.

You need to start making these calls.

JORDAN: I’m not so sure about that.

I’m sorry, but I question Dr. Park’s objectivity

when it comes to Dr. Reznick’s ideas.

I don’t care where an idea comes from,

and I don’t appreciate you accusing me…

It wasn’t an accusation.

Then what would you call it?

A respectful and sincere question.

What’s the answer?

My objective opinion is…

A minimally invasive approach is best.


I want it all mapped out with a 3D

reconstruction simulation before we go in there.

We’ll operate in the morning.



It’s actually kinda soothing.

It reminds me of the dripping faucet in our old apartment.

The sound helped me fall asleep.


I loved that building.

It’s where we had our first hug.


MAN 1: Oh!


Definitely not soothing.


These might help.

You brought earplugs to a camping trip?

Sometimes you snore.

Thank you.

LEA: Mm.



Mm! Ooh!




That’s it.

I give up.

I have a repair kit.

I don’t want to fix things, Shaun.

I just want to go home.


Don’t want to go home.

If you want to stay in a cold, wet, leaky tent, go ahead,

but I am sleeping in the car.




Yeah. I used to do sub-25 on recovery days.

Hey, you have time to grab a quick bite before you go in?

I was actually thinking, uh…

Maybe we could talk.

I would love that.



The last time I saw you before you left,

I… I screamed at you

because you missed my birthday party,

and for the longest time,

I thought if I could just tell you I was sorry,

that you’d come back.

It wasn’t you, Claire.

None of it.

I mean, you…

Were a great kid.

So smart and thoughtful.

How could you just disappear?

Things between your mother and I were such a mess.

One night, she was having one of her episodes,

told me I was worthless.

The only thing I was good for was money.


I said, “Okay, if that’s all you want,

“that’s all I’mma give you.”

I sent her a check every month.

Never saw or spoke to her again.

It was mean and petty.


We never got any money.

What are you talking about?

I sent monthly support until you finished college.

I worked two jobs.

I took out a loan to pay for tuition and our rent.


Look… I sent more than enough for rent,

for clothes, for food.

She stole my money from my child.

The child you totally abandoned.

No. Not totally.

It’s not my fault she squandered that money.

It’s not your fault I grew up without a father?

Without any social life

because I was so busy being a mom to my own mom?

The woman that you walked out on

when things stopped being fun?

Okay, listen, I’m sorry, okay?

I didn’t mean for this to become an argument.

No, you’re not sorry.

If you were, you wouldn’t still be blaming her, using her as an excuse.


You took off because you were too weak

to do what a father is supposed to do…

To take care of me, to protect me.

And now you’re back when it’s easy,

when I don’t need a father?


No, you know what? Forget it.

Claire… Look, just don’t…

Don’t call, don’t come to the door.

Just leave me alone.






I thought this would be helpful.

I was wrong.

We can go home.


Why don’t we do the hike you planned first?

Is… that what you want?

Is that what you want?


I… think so.



New plan.

Blueberry pancakes, and then hike,

and then back home to our warm and cozy and dry bed.

DR. LIM: Divide the sternal attachment of the SCM.

ASHER: And done.

CLAIRE: Removing the medial clavicle.

You have the talk?


I never said it would be easy.

You can’t excise a tumor without some bleeding.

Some tumors are inoperable.

He wants to be forgiven.

I… I just can’t.

ASHER: He doesn’t deserve it.

Well, it’s not the kid’s job to make the parents feel good about themselves.

This mat of vessels is invading the upper lung tissue.

How deep does it go on your end?

ASHER: I can see underneath the apex,

but can’t tell what’s tumor and what’s subclavian artery.

We can’t get this out without pulling out

the whole upper lobe of her lung.

ASHER: Well, the parents are not gonna like that.

I-I’ll go.

They don’t trust you.

Well, that’s not your problem.

Well, it shouldn’t be the patient’s either.

I’ll have a better chance of getting their consent.

I bought some pastries.

Uh, I’m good.


I, uh… I’m sorry that I, uh…

Unloaded the gun without telling you.

Thank you.

I, uh… I appreciate that.

I know that you’re nervous around guns,

which is all the more reason

that you should just leave mine alone.

Well, maybe there’s a better way to deal with this.

So, w-what if we kept your gun in your nightstand like always,

but we keep the ammunition in another room?

So your idea of a compromise is that I agree to do

what you’ve been doing behind my back all along?

An intruder is not gonna wait for me

to collect my bullets from the guest room closet.

My house is not that big.

I don’t… I’m so confused.

You still have to run up the stairs

and get the thing either way.

Do you ever notice that whenever we’re talking

about something related to the home that we both share,

that you always refer to it as your house?

I do?

This isn’t about gun safety.

This is about your house and your rules

and your wanting to control me.

You don’t trust me to make decisions about my own life.

I’m just trying to find a way to make you feel safe.

I-I don’t need you or any other man

to find a way to make me feel safe.


LEA: Oh, thank you.



It’s actually pretty outside the campground.

Another half-mile, and we can see the lake.

You’re really cute.

I want to take a picture.

Go stand on that log.

I’ll get you from a low angle.

A hero angle because you’re my hero.



Okay, a smidge to the left.

Aah! Ah![GASPS]


Are you okay?

Oh, my God. You are not okay.




Okay. On the count of three.

Mm-hmm. Ready?

One, two…


You were supposed to wait until I got to three!

I know, but in the movies,

they always go early to catch you off guard.

You don’t need the element of surprise

to reduce a dislocated ankle.

Okay, but did it work?



You relocated it correctly.



My toes are still dusky and numb.

The posterior tibial artery’s torn.

I thought it was just pinched.

If circulation isn’t restored,

I’ll have permanent tissue damage,

maybe even have to have my foot amputated.

This is not a problem.

I can run to where I can get a cell signal and call 911.

It’ll take at least two hours

for you to run back to the campground.

I’m faster than I look.

You told me you used to skip phys-ed class because you hated running.

I can hate it and still be good at it.


My pocket knife is as sharp as a scalpel.

The tent repair kit has nylon thread,

and you can use a fishhook as a suturing needle.

You are obviously delirious

because there’s no way in hell I am doing surgery.

It’s not a complicated procedure.

For a surgeon, which I’m not!

I’ll guide you step-by-step, okay?

It’ll just take two sutures.

I’ve seen you hem your pants.

An artery is not a pair of jeans!

There’s a bottle of tequila in my backpack.

You will need to sterilize the incision,

and I will need anesthesia.

Shaun, I…

Tequila! Stat!

We thought you were certain before.

I know you’re scared and this is confusing.

We brought her in with some minor inflammation.

No, the inflammation was not minor.

What we are proposing would reduce her lung capacity,

but she can still live a normal life.

No. No, we’re taking her someplace else.

We’re gonna get a second opinion.

We can’t cut out part of our daughter’s lung.

She’d never forgive us.


And maybe she shouldn’t.

You were wrong to refuse the surgery

that Dr. Lim proposed years ago.

A-Are you trying to guilt us into agreeing with you?

You are guilty.

Ava is in this situation because you were too afraid to make a tough decision,

and now you are trying to blame everyone else

because you can’t deal with the guilt of having messed up.

You need to stop thinking about what is gonna make you feel like a good parent

and start thinking about what your daughter needs.


Careful with that anesthesia.

I need you coherent enough to guide me through this.

Don’t worry.

I’ve calculated the proper dosage.


No, not like that.

The scalpel goes on the left of the tray, sponges on the right,

needle driver and sutures in the middle.

Okay. Got it.


And might I suggest not barking instructions at me?

I’m freaked out enough already.

I’ll do my best.

But even with the tequila, when you cut into my ankle,

I’ll be in extreme pain, which can cause irritability.

I can’t do this.

You have to.

The worst that could happen is you mess it up

and cause permanent damage to my foot,

which is exactly what will happen if you don’t do it.

[SIGHS] Okay.

Tequila. Stat.



DR. ANDREWS: Suction.

JORDAN: That enough?


Mediastinum’s cleared.

Now onto the lung lesions.

DR. PARK: I’m having a problem maneuvering in here.

There’s too much peritoneal scarring from the fungal deposits.

DR. ANDREWS: Can you cut at it sharply?

I’m too close to the common bile duct.

Need help?

Morgan was right.

There’s no way to remove all the lesions laparoscopically.

All right, let’s pull the scopes and open him up.






Okay, the blood’s pouring out.

What do I do now?


Okay, tighten the tourniquet

and then use a sponge to clear the blood.


[SIGHS] Okay.

It’s clearing up.

You should be able to see…

I see it. And the leaking hole.

Now you just need to use the needle driver

to sew the edges together.


Be careful not…

Be c-careful not to what?


Put the backpack under my head.

How’s that gonna help with your ankle?

It… won’t,

but I’m about to lose consciousness from blood loss,

and I don’t want dirt in my…






Shaun. Shaun, come on.

Come on, Shaun.





Come on, Lea. If you can hem a pant leg, apparently you can do this.

All right.



CLAIRE: I have freed the pleural membrane.



Oh, why does blood have to be so damn slippery?



And how am I supposed to tie a knot

if I can’t even grip the damn thread?


There we go. There we go.



Here we go.



You’re a woman.

Um, yup.

I’ve always considered myself a supporter of women,

you know, equal pay for equal work,

the right to choose.

Uh, thank you, from all of us.

Debbie seems to think that I am…

Overbearing and, uh, controlling.


My ex was a humanities professor and ACLU chapter head.

But I made more money, and I don’t think he was conscious of this,

but I do feel he was threatened by…

My independence.

The more insecure he got,

the more controlling he became.

He had to pick the restaurants where we ate,

the movies we saw.

I mean, I definitely had my own issues, but…

His need to control me was one of the many reasons our marriage fell apart.



I can feel my toes.

Are you finished?



Now I’m finished.


There’s enough flow to keep the tissue alive

until we get to an ER.

You did this with a tent repair kit?

And a fishhook.

She is very good at fixing things.

You’re lucky.


I am.


How do you feel?

Like a gutted fish.

I’m sorry. We had no choice but to open you up

to access all the lesions.

DR. REZNICK: But they were able to remove them all

without damaging any of the organs.

You should recover fully.


There are new antidepressants you haven’t tried.

But I also wouldn’t stop the mushroom cultivation.


After all this?


If this helped you,

it was either the placebo effect,

or all the focus you put into perfecting the process.

Sometimes distraction is the best medicine.





We are…

So sorry.


This is our fault.

It’s okay.

I love you.




I thought our relationship was just a fun distraction,

but when you pushed me away…

I realized it was more than that.

I was hurt.


Which made every interaction we had…


What’re you talking about?

You made sure it wasn’t complicated at all.

We stopped having sex, and now we’re friends.


You know it’s more than that.

And it can’t be.

Not anymore.

What does that even mean?

We still work together. We have to talk to each other.

About work. That’s it.

We can’t try to keep some sort of friendship going.

Which means no more jokes, no more teasing,

nothing that isn’t totally professional.

So, what? We just…

Act like robots around each other?

I don’t want that.

It’s boring.


We act like we did before we ever moved in together

and let ourselves get into this…




Pretending that what happened didn’t happen.

That always works.






You were a horrible father.

And you can’t undo the harm you did.


I should forgive you.

You deserve it.

And I need it.

Because I need you.


So, I-I’d like to keep spending time together…

And talking.

I would love that.

Do you think…

Think maybe we could, uh…

Restart everything with a…






I was wrong.

I convinced myself that I was right, and I was wrong.

I took…

A choice away from you.

And I will do everything I can to make it right.


I’m so sorry.

You don’t have to a-apologize. Can you stop doing that?

I don’t think I can make this work.

I have had this feeling for months.

It’s like a pit in my stomach,

and I-I-I didn’t want to… face what it was,

but when we were fighting,

I just felt, like, relief, like I had an out.

You think I don’t respect you.

I don’t…

I do.

Aaron, you almost walked out of our wedding because…

I used bad grammar.

That was bad.


That was a bad moment.

Marriages are made up of moments, right?

So many of our moments are… are just…

are great.

[SIGHS] Too many are so…

Just painful.

♪♪ And I will hold you tight…

This is crazy.

We love each other.

I love you.

♪♪ …will keep you warm

♪♪ I will build…

I love you so much.

♪♪ And I’ll build a fire…

It’s just not enough.

♪♪ And in our hearts

♪♪ We still pray for sons and daughters

♪♪ And all those evenings out in the garden

♪♪ With red, red wine

♪♪ These quiet hours turning to years…

Thank you.


The rain, the drunks,

the freezing cold night alone in my car,

and you almost losing your foot

was definitely a bit more of a distraction

than I was hoping for.


But I’m really glad you took me camping.


You’re welcome.

♪♪ And I’ll build a fire

♪♪ You fetch the water, and I’ll lay the table

♪♪ And in our hearts

♪♪ We still pray for sons and daughters

♪♪ And all those evenings out in the garden

♪♪ With red, red wine

♪♪ These quiet hours turning to years ♪♪



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