The Blacklist – S09E03 – The SPK | Transcript

A new case involving stolen artifacts reunites Red with a former Blacklister. Aram faces a difficult decision.
The Blacklist - S09E03 - The SPK

Original air date: November 4, 2021

A new case involving stolen artifacts reunites Red with a former Blacklister. Aram faces a difficult decision.

* * *






Has the Mayor arrived?

(ITALIAN ACCENT) In the chapel, with the Bishop.

No shooting, right? That was our deal.

That’s our deal.



COLFAX: Give it to me. The relic! Now!

Please, this is not what God wants for your lives.

Idolators know nothing of what God wants.


You can’t! It’s sacred!

It is sacred, which is why it needs to be destroyed!


HASHEM: The investor will come through. Do not worry.

I’m not worried.

I know how these money men work.

If he didn’t say no, it means yes.

Soon he will hand you a big check, and everyone will buy your fancy new security system.

It’s a security software suite.

Whatever. Everyone will buy it.

Soon you can forget about all these lost years of your life.

The FBI can find a new desk clerk.

Hush, Hashem.

Aram can’t talk about his work.

But I’m sure it’s important, even if it does wash out his complexion.

How do you like being back at work, motek?

It’s weird. I, uh… I thought I’d closed the door on this part of my life, but, um, it’s great to see the team, and, uh, a paycheck doesn’t hurt.

Paychecks are the shackles of the common man.

Remember that.

Just wait till you’re running your own company.

Ooh! Maybe you’ll be on Shark Tank!

I gotta go. Um… (CLEARS THROAT)

Thank you, uh, for breakfast.

I will call you guys.

Talk to you soon.

Do not worry. The money, it will come!

ARAM: Not worried!

COOPER: Have you thought about this?

She’s 11. You’re a fugitive.

Yes, but she doesn’t know that. She wouldn’t see that.

Children see behavior, good or bad, kind or cruel.

I’m confident Agnes will see me.

I won’t lie to her.

Do you let her believe in Santa Claus?

I let her believe in myths.

Well, if the shoe fits.

I want to be in her life.

I know it’s hard and that you mean well.

Let me talk to Charlene. I’ll see what she says.

What do you know about the Supremo Priori Knighthood?

Never heard of ’em.

I’m not surprised.

For generations, they’ve been a rather toothless group of religious extremists.

And you’re telling me about them because that’s no longer the case.

They recently killed an innocent man during the armed robbery of the Sacra Cintola.

Mary’s Holy Belt?

Another in a growing list of stolen iconography that they’ve put on the illicit auction block.

The belt will soon be available to the highest bidder.

When and where is the auction?

Mmm. Let me worry about that.

I suggest you do some homework on the SPK, be prepared for whatever comes.

COOPER: Mohammed’s footprint from Istanbul.

The Buddha’s tooth from Sri Lanka.

In Cologne, Germany, bones belonging to the Three Wise Men.

All stolen by the SPK then, according to Reddington, sold on the black market.

No way. I mean, those things aren’t real, right?

Authenticity is irrelevant.

Belief makes them real, and holy.

Initially, the SPK operated like thieves in the night, but they’ve turned violent.

Two days ago, they killed a security guard inside a cathedral in Prato, Italy, during the armed robbery of a 2,000-year-old belt worn by the Virgin Mary.


So, did Reddington say what turned a secret society into armed robbers?

COOPER: Not what, but who.

A new leader known only as Giovanni.

ARAM: If these are true believers, I’d think they’d want to possess the relics, not auction them off.

RESSLER: As usual, two plus two equals five.

What’s Reddington not telling us?

I don’t know.

Don’t know or won’t say?

Agent Ressler, that’ll be enough.

No, I’m sorry, but Dembe didn’t just work for Reddington.

He was his sworn protector, his closest friend.

And now we’re supposed to just, what, accept him as one of ours?

Until he gives us a reason not to, yes.

Agent Zuma, you and Agent Mojtabi will go to the cathedral in Prato.

Vatican authorities have agreed to share what they’ve found at the crime scene.

You two be careful out there.

Your FBI reinstatements won’t be official until Health Services administers a drug test.

I took mine last week.

I’ll have them arrange yours next.

On, uh, that note, you should know that I met with an angel investor about my company, and, well, uh, shockingly, he might be interested.

So you’re leaving us for the private sector again.

COOPER: Appreciate you mentioning it.

If it happens, I’ll support whatever decision you make.

Until then, let’s take down the SPK.

This is where the thieves entered and stabbed the guard.

Antonio was found dead here.

No CCTV cameras.

I have stills from the crime scene.

Is this door keyed on the outside?

No. It can only be opened from inside.

We’re operating on a theory that a member of their crew was already in the building.

I believe you’re right, and that crew member was your own guard.

His weapon is still holstered.

If he felt threatened, it wouldn’t be.

If our guard was helping the intruders, why would they kill him?

Hard to say. Things go wrong.

If your guard was the inside man, there may be a money trail we can follow back to the SPK.

I’ll see what I can find in his financial records.

Remember, you’re not an agent.

In case something happens, leave the fun stuff to me.

You got a weird definition of fun.

PARK: David Kangas?

That’s right.

Agent Park, FBI. I’d like to speak to you about a financial transaction you made wiring 50,000 euros to a man in Italy.

I’m a business manager.

My firm moves all kinds of money.

I don’t remember each transaction, but if you’d like to visit my office…

Well, maybe we can prompt your memory.

Antonio Lucchese was a guard for the Santa Maria de Prato Cathedral.

We have reason to believe the money you transferred was payment for his role in an armed robbery.

Well, I can guarantee I have no knowledge of any criminal activity.

RESSLER: We’re not suggesting you do, but maybe one of your clients does.

Have you ever heard of an organization called the SPK?



RESSLER: Stop! Stop!


Kangas! Get out here!

KANGAS: Worthy is the Lamb who was slain! I am worthy!

Geez. Are you having fun yet?

Honor and glory are mine!



TREVOR: Do I hear 650? Last chance to own your own ZPU-2 twin-barrel antiaircraft gun.

No one can run, or fly from you when you are sitting in this bad boy.

Shock and awe your friends and enemies alike.

Going once? Twice?

Sold to the lady in red for $600,000!

May your revenge be as daring as your neckline.



And now, a Galilean fashion accessory once worn by the O.G. Madonna herself.

I give you the Sacra Cintola.

Nothing says heavenly style like a camel-hair belt encased in gold, silver, and rock crystal.

The bidding commences at $2 million.

I have two. I have three. Thank you, sir.

Four? Can I get four?

I have four. Do I hear five?

The Virgin Mary was riding a tractor beam up to God when she dropped this beauty.

It is a bargain at $4 million. How about 4.5?

Five if you close the bidding now.

Sold to the gentlemen!



Your funds cleared. Congratulations.

You are now the proud owner of biblical history.

Actually, Mother Mary’s chastity belt is of no interest to me.

I only bought the heirloom to gain access to something that is.

The name of the client who entrusted you with the Sacra Cintola.

I’m sure you can appreciate the need for complete confidentiality.

I can, which is why I brought this, uh, bauble for your auction.

Is this…

One of the seven.

Selling it would offset my latest expenditure.

More to the point, your cut of the sale would be, mmm, well, low seven figures.

If I give you the name.

Well, and arrange for a meeting between us.

That’s not how I conduct business.


Trevor, I’m not leaving here without the meeting.

You can either profit from giving it to me, or get hurt then give it to me.

David was a wonderful husband, a kind father.

He was very normal.

So what happened to him?

The Supremo Priori Knighthood.

David said they’re a fraternity, like the Shriners.

I thought it would be good for him, fellowship with Christian men.

How could I know it was a cult?

A cult. What do you mean?

I mean a religious devotion to a manipulative leader who turned my husband into a martyr.

Did he tell you where they met?

No, but when his behavior changed, I started tracking his cellphone.

I’d do anything to catch the madman who did this to my husband.

GIOVANNI: Wake up! Wake up!

Biblical prophecies are unfolding before our very eyes.

Oceans rising, rivers receding, the whole damn Earth’s on fire.

Yet we await a Second Coming that has not come.


Because people are too busy worshipping the past to see what’s happening right now.

Only through the destruction of their ancient idols are we able to open their eyes so they may see their way to the kingdom of heaven.

ALL: Amen. Amen.

But in order to do that, we must be welcome.

The senseless murder of that poor security guard in Italy set our cause back immeasurably.

And he was one of us.

He contributed to the furtherance of our cause.

And you killed him.

Shame on you.

Death and violence are not the way to righteous change.

Then what is the way, Giovanni?

We keep destroying their relics, and they just keep covering it up.

THOMAS: Be patient, Brother Colfax.

Our message will get out eventually.

It’s out right now.

The press is finally talking about us.

It’s time to make a real move.

Like what?

COLFAX: Let’s not steal from another church.

Let’s take down a church.


That’s enough!

There will be no more violence. Do you understand?

We must all aspire to be more like John the Baptist, who peacefully paved the way for the return of the Messiah.

And that is why, as an inspiration, I have chosen as our next target, the head of John the Baptist.

It is to be venerated at the Old Holy Cross Church tomorrow afternoon.


Now I think it’s time for all of us to take a moment or two of reflection.

Everyone take a breather, stretch your legs, and when I return, I’ll share with you how I plan to steal that head.


Yeah. How much did we get for this one?

Double the appraisal price.

Which is why I’m sending my colleague to transfer your funds in person.

Can you meet him tomorrow for lunch?

Can you assure me of his discretion?

I promise.

The man I’m sending won’t speak of this to anyone.

Thank you.


Well, didn’t this just get way more interesting.

The meek and scheming Robert Vesco, masquerading as the great and powerful Giovanni.


Excuse me.

Yes, sir.

What is your most expensive wine?

We have a Chateau le Pin Pomeral 2001, which is $5,800.

Yes. We’ll take two. On his tab.

Which is $50 million in arrears.

So, the scam.

Tell me about it.



Hey. Ready to brief the team?

Yeah, soon as I give Health Services what they’re here for.

Shouldn’t be hard. You drank half the Potomac.

Well, I did a little research.

I think I found where Kangas goes at night.

What? I like to hydrate.

You know, gingers tend to wrinkle.

Oh. You have no idea how hard it is to manage a decent heist crew.

The bickering, the squabbling…

The fragile egos, the safe-cracker who feels like he’s worth more than the gadget guy.

Who thinks he’s much smarter than the mastermind.

Who just wants to go back to the salad days of being a driver.


But you, Robert, instead of teaching criminals to be brothers, you turned a fraternity of brothers into criminals.

Hmm. Hmm.

How did you con them into stealing for you?

Profit sharing?

No. Storytelling.

They want the end of the world.

I simply pour fuel on their fantasies.

Train them to connect holy relics with idolatry.

They believe that what we steal is burned at the altar.

But you perform a little sleight of hand.

Ah, foot, actually, which preserves the relics, and then I sell them at auction.

Your own secret society. Where can I get one?

You must teach me the secret handshake.

Hmm. Well, I won’t deny it has been comically lucrative.

But it hasn’t been all fun and games.

The security guard at the cathedral.

Yes, I know, I know. That poor man.

I’ve never used violence in pursuit of illicit gain.

But I should’ve been there to keep my boys in check.

But to tell you the truth, at my age, after a long flight, my ankles tend to swell up like balloons, and I’m useless.

I would suggest compression socks.

I’d also suggest you shut down this con, Robert, while you still can.

Ooh, I’m way ahead of you, Raymond.

I’ve already decided to cut bait, right after they steal that head.

And if another body drops?

Not to worry. I’ve laid down the law.

I’ve got my boys under control.

Each IED contains a main charge, an arming switch, and a battery pack connected to a RC receiver.

What’s going on here?

You heard Giovanni. He doesn’t want this.

Giovanni doesn’t seem to know what he wants.

When do you plan to detonate these?

At the end of mass today.

When the bishop raises the head of John the Baptist, we’ll blast open the gates of heaven for all the world to see.

You’re gonna blow these with people in the church?

The Bible’s full of judgment and bloodshed.

Everyone who dies will die for a cause.

Giovanni needs to know about this.



VESCO: Well, I’ve enjoyed catching up, Raymond, but now I must really go and tend to my flock.

Your flock can wait.

We have unfinished business.

Are you talking about that little De La Cruz job a few years back?

“Little De La Cruz job”?

That was 100 million in Spanish gold, and you blew town like a Texas twister with all of it.

Is this where you tell me about honor among thieves?

No, it’s where I tell you that you’re going to pay your debt.

Well, in order to do that, I would have to go to my bank in Malta, and, well, to approve a transfer of that size…


While I don’t have a secret society, I do have a jet.

We’re going to Malta.

You didn’t even know I’d be here.

You’re right. I have changed.

I used to think that I had to create my own fate.

Now I believe in karma. Even if it is a bitch.

Remove any outer garments that might conceal items that could tamper your urine sample.

Anything else in your pants pockets goes in the bowl.

ARAM: Uh, I know you’re just doing your job, but, uh, FYI, we’ve both been agents.

We’re not gonna cheat.

COLLECTORr: Void directly into the container.

Do not flush afterwards. You have four minutes.


Okay. Here we go.

It’s funny.


ARAM: This is awkward.

Knew I should’ve had, uh, more to drink today.

I just, I feel like I’ve been retaining a lot of water lately.

Feeling, um, bloated.

♪♪ Money, money ♪♪

Okay. Uh, that’s my phone.

Um, I know the, uh, the ringtone is embarrassing, but at this moment, uh, what isn’t?

Uh, uh, I need to answer it.

No personal items in the stall.

It’s kind of important. Uh, can you…

Can you just pick it up, please, and put it on speaker?

I can’t miss this call.


NICK: We did it!

No way. He said yes? The money came through?

We’ve got a company, baby!

Oh, my… Oh, my God. Oh.

Whatever you’re doing right now, drop it.

Trust me. I would if I could.

RESSLER: The angel investor said yes.

Aram’s on his way to tech fame and fortune.

That’s great news. Congratulations.

There are still I’s to be dotted and T’s to be crossed, but, yeah, it is, uh, kind of, kind of exciting.

But I am not going anywhere just yet.

Well, later, we’ll celebrate and figure out a way to help you spend your money.

Now we need to focus. Where are we on SPK?

The burn victim’s wife couldn’t give us anything concrete, but she was worried enough about her husband’s behavior to start tracking his phone when he went out at night.

He always parked in the same public lot, then he’d turn off his phone.

Generic buildings. No conspicuous occupants, at least not now.

This is the same block in 1868, the same year that the SPK was founded.

One of these three buildings remains.

And what it was, and still is, an American Legion Hall.

So, do you have any groups that, uh, meet here on a regular basis?

Uh, yeah, you mean The… The Arthritics.

A senior heavy-metal band.

I don’t… I don’t care much for their, uh, sounds, but, um…

I’ll let you boys look around. Okay.

Sure doesn’t look like the home base for some heavily armed religious extremists.

Maybe they are hiding in plain sight.

Hmm. Something you know a little about, huh?


This mirror is a reproduction of the Porta Magica.

A monument built in 1680 in Piazza Vittorio.


So, the “Magic Portal” isn’t a mirror.

It’s a door.

They say alchemists used it to vanish from our world.


Reddington teach you that trick?


He showed me the real Porta Magica in Rome and told me the story.

Well, he taught you well.

I wish I knew if he was still teaching you.

And I wish I knew when you’ll believe me when I say he’s not.



The SPK’s next target?

Blueprints for IEDs.

And a floor plan.

Old Holy Cross Church.


Call an ambulance.



Peace be with you.

And also with you, Father.

VESCO: I’ll tell you what, Raymond.

If we skip Malta, I’ll deal you in on a little plan I’ve hatched worth 10 times as much.


You deal from the bottom of the deck, Robert.

I do.

Senor Cooper.

Thank you.


So you’ve spoken with Charlene.

I have, and I got her to agree to let you see Agnes.


As long as I’m present.

“Present.” Present how?

She won’t agree to let you and Agnes be alone together.

She wants the visits to be supervised.

I’m not an abusive husband or father.

No, you’re a cold-hearted murderer.

I know what Agnes means to you, and I’m trying here, but this is the best I can do.

I appreciate it, Harold, and I’ll consider it.

I have news about the Sacra Cintola.

For once, I’m ahead of you.

Savoring the moment will have to wait.

We know what the SPK’s next move is.

You said you had your flock under control.

I do.

They’re about to blow up a church on live TV.

I don’t believe it.

Well, belief is your problem, Robert.

Or the lack of it.

It’s why you didn’t see this coming.

(SIGHS) Well, in my defense, it’s very difficult to maintain good judgment when your followers think you’re channeling God.

What am I going to do, Raymond?

I’ve never lost control of a con before.

Stay calm.

Happens to the best of us. Or so I’m told.

A church full of innocent people.

No, I can’t bear to have that stain on my soul.

What do you know of the plan? Is there a staging area?

Yes, I scouted one for them.

Well, then that’s where we’re going.

OFFICER: The church is full of people.

The service was already under way when you called.

We’ve initiated a lockdown but held off on emergency evac.

Good. The bombers are watching a live broadcast.

We don’t want to alert them that we’re here.

Why don’t we just cut the feed?

The moment we do that, they’ll blow the church.

According to their notes, we have until the bishop raises John the Baptist’s head to save these people.

BISHOP: Give to the king thy judgment, O God, and to the king’s son thy justice…

ARAM: I looked over the schematics from the SPK base, and it looks like they’ve rigged IEDs with RF triggers and hidden them under the pews.

Now, if I can get a close look at one and determine its frequency, I should be able to jam the remote signal.

…upon the fleece as showers falling gently upon the earth.

In his days shall justice spring up an abundance of peace until the moon be taken away.

And he shall rule from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the Earth.



Son of a bitch.


Hey, Ressler, you’re never gonna believe what I just found.

So, I saw one of the IEDs, but I can’t get close enough to determine its RF output without creating a scene.

There’s just, too many live TV cameras.

Robert Vesco.

The, uh, wanted fugitive who faked his own death in Cuba.

He was one of Reddington’s friends, wasn’t he?

He was. Why?

Because, based on all the fingerprints all over the SPK altar, that’s who Giovanni is.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Vesco is a con man, not a killer.

Reddington once sent us to find Vesco, remember?

And once we did, you and your boss helped him get away with a fortune in gold.

Yes. Raymond did con you, but then Vesco conned him.


Maybe that’s why he gave us this case. As payback.

Or maybe he gave it to us to help his old pal again.

Yeah, but if we have his prints, so does everyone in law enforcement.

How can that possibly help him?

I don’t know. I was hoping you could answer that.

I can’t, and I don’t have time to make you believe me.

Aram, I can get you a closer look at those IEDs. Follow me.


Just go in there and talk them down.

I really think this is more your area than mine.

Can’t you just…

Shoot them for you?

No. I can’t. There’s a bomb, Robert!

If I walk in, they’ll set it off.

What if they won’t listen to me?

You are Robert Vesco,

king of the con.

A swindling, cheating, double-crossing,

beautiful confidence man.


So put your game face on and get your damn marks under control.

Thank you, Raymond. I needed that.

You’re welcome.

Uh, Robert…


…if you try to run out on me again, I’ll put you down like a three-legged mule.


This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Get ready, boys. Any minute now.

What’s going on in here?


You’re just in time for the fireworks.

You directly disobeyed my orders!

On the contrary. We’re doing what you taught us.

We’re paving the way for the Second Coming.

Our goal was to prepare believers by turning them away from material objects, to open their hearts and minds to our spiritual nature.

How does mass murder accomplish that?

Fear accomplishes that.

Then you should be down on your knees for fear of me, son.

Now give me that detonator.


You’re gonna see we’re right, Giovanni.

We’re gonna show you.

Well, if you do, I’ll just go to the police.

Really? Because I just heard an APB on a police scanner.

Giovanni isn’t Giovanni.

His real name is Robert Vesco, a fugitive wanted by the FBI.

We’re running out of time.

Which is why we need it.

An offering bag? There’s a bomb in the church, and you want an offering bag.

Trust us. Please.

This should work.

There’s only one way to find out.

Thank you.



Harold Cooper.

Harold, I’ve been thinking about your proposal regarding Agnes.

Now’s not a good time for this.

Because of the church bombing? That’s being taken care of.

Not at the church it’s not. The pews are full.

The bombs are live, and we haven’t diffused them.

The detonator’s at an off-site location.

I’ve spoken to Giovanni.

He’s there now working to resolve the situation.

I know Giovanni is Vesco, so forgive me for not taking solace in knowing he’s on the case.

You and who else?

Know about Vesco? Everyone.

His prints were found. We put out an APB.


ALL: (SINGING) ♪♪ Lord God almighty ♪♪

♪♪ Early in the morning ♪♪

COLFAX: They’ll bring out the head next, right after the offering.

Please. Call this off. You’re doing it all for nothing.

Can’t you see that? You were just marks in a con.

What con?

If all your talk about the End Times was just talk, if you don’t believe worshipping the past is killing the future,

then why were we stealing relics for you to destroy?

Because he doesn’t destroy them.

He sells your precious antiquities for a fortune on the black market.

Who are you?

Hmm. I’m many things to many people.

To Robert here, I’m a creditor, who very much needs him alive.

To a man of the cloth such as yourself, I’m Yama, god of death.


ARAM: Okay. This is the aisle.

The IED I saw should be about four feet from where you’re standing.

I don’t see it, but I know it’s there.

You gotta be close.

Stop, stop! Right there. I see it.


Whoever you are, you’re wrong. We burn the relics.

We destroy them.


His judgment will come.

But today is your judgment day.

I’m not an End Timer by nature, and my idea of rapture is, of late, a bit more solipsistic.

But no matter what floats one’s funereal boat, you will be judged by what you do in the next 60 seconds.

BISHOP: Now for the blessing of the holy relic of Saint John the Baptist!

We’re out of time.

Okay. I got a pic of the RC receiver.

I just need to match its markings to its frequency.

If you are the god of death, our guns shouldn’t be able to hurt you.

There’s only one way to find out.



COLFAX: Not yet.

You can take me after. Not before.

May Almighty God bless this relic.

Okay. There. I found the frequency. I found it.


BISHOP: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Raymond. You saved me.

You’re way past saving.

I preserved you.

An act of pure selfishness.

Come. If we leave now, we’ll be in Malta before sunup.

Still stuck on Malta?

I’m telling you, Raymond, we’ll find much bigger action with the Salton Sea!

Somebody’s prayers were answered. Or wasn’t.

Uh, depending on what you do or don’t believe.

Personally, I-I lean towards the idea that,

Wu Xing. You remember him?

Of course. That… That was my first case.

I remember thinking, “Who is this “weird guy and why does he talk so much?”

Oh, that’s a, that’s a nervous tic, actually.

I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember.

I just start going, you know, and, uh…

You know, I was trying to work my way up to a compliment.

Oh. Sorry.

You forgot what it was, didn’t you? I do that all the time.

If I think of something and I don’t say it right away, it’s, uh… (POPS) It’s gone.

I… Oh. Dang. Um, sorry. Again.

It’s okay.

‘Cause whatever this is, this whole Aram-a-palooza thing, I’m gonna miss it.


VESCO: Yes, lithium.

And the Salton Sea’s full of it.

With all these electric cars, there simply isn’t enough of it.

Until now.

DEMBE: Robert Vesco.

I’m Special Agent Dembe Zuma, FBI.

You’re under arrest.

I understand. You’re new on the job.

You want to impress.

But there are other factors at play.

Fifty million factors, as I recall.

And the SPK members that he helped me to secure.

They’re in a warehouse near the church.

It’s a bit messy inside, but in fairness, they did pull their weapons first, so…

I knew you’d help him escape. So he could get you your money.

Naturally. I get my money, the FBI saves a church full of people.

I’ll even throw in the Sacra Cintola to sweeten the deal.

It’s good business for all.

And if Vesco slips away? Oh, well.

Nobody in the FBI will be any the wiser.

I’m the FBI.

Yes. You’re an FBI agent.

But loyalty, that’s something else entirely.

It is.

And mine is constantly being questioned.

Because your feet are planted in two different worlds.

They’re not.

But I’m having a hard time convincing anyone of that.


And arresting Robert will convince them?

VESCO: Mmm. Arresting me?

I’m a small fish compared to this shark.




I’m sorry, Robert.



You’re my friend.

This, what I’m doing here, I consider an act of friendship.

You don’t see it now.

I hope someday that you will.




So, is it true?

Heard you took him off Reddington’s jet.

If we offer him a deal, he’ll identify SPK members and those who bought the stolen relics.

But is it true?

I’m not auditioning for your approval or your trust.



♪♪ Money, money ♪♪

♪♪ I just can’t get enough ♪♪

♪♪ Money, money ♪♪

♪♪ I just can’t ge… ♪♪



Where the heck are you?

I’m, um, stuck at work.

I told you the investor would come through.

Didn’t I tell you?

Yeah, Baba, you told me.

NAAMAH: Nick showed us the check!

I didn’t know a check could fit so many zeroes!

I know these money men.

He didn’t say no. He was going to say yes.

NICK: Welcome to the one percent, pal.

HASHEM: Your days as a desk clerk are officially over.


Did Cooper find you?


What does he want?

Your drug test came back. A diluted negative.

What does that mean?

We both know the answer to that.

Did I pass or not?


So you have to retake it, under even closer supervision, which means you can’t use this.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Unfortunately for you, I know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m a child of an addict.

I know the tricks of the trade, how eye drops can throw off a urine sample, how sucking down water can render the results meaningless.

Did you tell Cooper?

I didn’t.

Because I think you need this job.

You’re good at it, and it keeps you on the straight and narrow.

I want you to have your badge back.

But now I have the power to make sure that never happens, and I’ll use it unless you clean up.



Aram. I thought you’d be out celebrating.

I, um, I saw my parents, and my, uh, my business partner, Nick.

They must be so happy and proud of you.

We did good work today. At the church.

We saved a lot of people.

Yes. It was a good day.

We’ve got a lot of those.

Days where we help people.

Why are you here?

It’s late. Everyone’s gone home.

Your ship has come in, and yet here you are.

I had my business partner buy me out.

It, um, wasn’t much.

Uh, enough for a new kitchen. Mom’s been wanting one.

And I made Nick create a camp scholarship in my name.

Space Camp. I was 12.

It, um, It changed my life.

There won’t always be good days.

I know.

And, uh, on those, I may regret my choice, but…

Not much.

And on the good days, I, uh…


I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

That sounds like a reason to celebrate.

Come on. I’ll buy you a drink.

Thanks, but if it’s okay, I think I’d like to just hang out here.

Of course.



The belt worn by the Virgin Mary.

I’m speechless.

(CHUCKLES) If you weren’t, you would be if I told you what the damn thing cost me.

Aren’t you the least bit awestruck?

I appreciate the object’s place in history but not the reverence for it.

In that, I agree with Giovanni.

Getting lost in the past distracts us from the work of the present.

I still have a hard time believing you didn’t know Vesco was Giovanni.

Lucky coincidence.

Or unlucky, seeing as he’s going to prison and taking a fortune of mine with him.

He had a long run.

I doubt we’ve heard the last of Robert Vesco.

Who knows?

If I get bored, maybe I’ll break him out.

I’d love to best him one last time.

And you wonder why Charlene insists on supervised visitation.


Have you decided whether you can abide by our visitation terms?

As a matter of survival, I make it a point to only enter spaces whose borders I define.

But if spending time with Agnes requires submitting to borders defined by you and Charlene, so be it.

I don’t like it, but the alternative is far worse.

Agreed. I’ll go get her.

Now? Go get Agnes right now?

Why not? You’ve waited two years.

There’s no point in keeping you waiting any longer.


You look fine.

COOPER: You met him a long time ago.

He was a close friend of your mother’s, and he’s very excited to see you.




You probably don’t remember me.

I remember you.

We sailed boats together in Central Park.

And we got fruit pops.

(CHUCKLES) Yes! That’s right.

That was the day before the day my mother died.


You’re Pinky.



I’m Pinky.


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