The Blacklist – S08E16 – Nicholas Obenrader [Transcript]

Liz and the Task Force track new leads in their investigation of N-13, while Red takes steps to infiltrate Townsend's criminal organization.
The Blacklist - S08E16 - Nicholas Obenrader

Original air date: May 7, 2021

Liz and the Task Force track new leads in their investigation of N-13, while Red takes steps to infiltrate Townsend’s criminal organization.

* * *

HELLER: When I agreed to launder the money for Townsend, you said it would all fly under the radar, and now I’ve got the IRS breathing down my neck.

Have you spoken with any of your associates about our arrangement?

Did you hear what I said? I could go to prison!

Your associates. Do they know?

Just Charlie. I had to. He… He does our accounting.

I don’t have a good feeling about this. Do you have a good feeling about this?

All I know is corporate sent this guy to advise about the IRS thing.

He’s like a consultant.

I’m sure we have nothing to worry about.

Companies get audited all the time, right?



Alright, I think we’re all set here.

All set? What’s the plan? You said you were taking care of this!

Mr. Heller, I’ve already taken care of it. By this time tomorrow, the audit will be closed.

I don’t understand. If it’s taken care of, why are you here?

To ask you to move away from the window.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


No! No, no! No, no, no, no!




So, what did you think about that…

Ladies. If you don’t mind. Where’s Charlie?

I don’t know. He was just here. Should we wait for him?

No need. This will be quick.







Send in the crew. It’s time to disinfect. Tell Obenrader there’s one loose end.

How’s Teva?

She graduates from Boston University in May.

It’s already been four years?

She wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for this one.

Oh, no, no, no, no. It was all Teva.

Although, I do write an excellent recommendation letter.

It’s an endangered talent.

I hope you asked me here to pay back the favor.

You need something boosted, tell me where and when, I’ll send me crew.

Thom, rumor has it your crew does some work for Neville Townsend.

We freelance for him. The occasionally gig.

He picks the target, we do the job.

Proceeds get split 60-40.

Actually, they don’t.

What are you talking about?

Luis Espinoza. You know him?

Sure. The jobs I do for Townsend… he assigns them.

To you and everyone else.

Espinoza manages all of Townsend’s heisting and boosting, his capers and pilferage.

He decides which crews work on which jobs.

Now, you take 40%.

The crews he prefers to assign take 30% and kick back 10% to him.

Knowing you to be a principled thief, I assume that’s not a wheel you are greasing.

It’s not.

Which could explain why Espinoza just pulled us off a job in Berlin.

Our take would’ve been seven figures.

10% of which is now being paid to him by the crew he sent in your place.

That sniveling weasel.

Does Townsend know about this?

I don’t believe so.

If he did, Espinoza would be out.

And here I thought it was my turn to do you the favor.


Please congratulate Teva for us.

If she’s interested in law school, I know the predilections of several Ivy League Deans.

Nice to see you, old friend.

You, too.

Thom McCarty?


We know each other?

No. Only by reputation.

Thom, this is Donald Ressler. Careful what you say.

Black shoes, cheap suit, flat stomach, regulation cut.

Don’t get me wrong.

He’s bent, just not as bent as we might like.

I’ll be on my way then.

Safe travels, Thom.

Why must you always be early?


Why must you only associate with crooks?

Criminals, Donald, not crooks.

You can call a prostitute an escort.

She’s still a hooker.

After all these years, you still see the world in black and white.

Oh, I see in gray. I just do my best to avoid it.

Along with small talk. You said you had a case.

More like a riddle.

I recently learned that Townsend laundered money through a listing agency called Kelmund Realty.

Unfortunately, the cooked books came to the attention of the IRS.

Sounds pretty fortunate to me.

If looked at in black and white.

The gray of it is 72 hours after the IRS gave Kelmund notice of an audit, they no longer exist.

They vanished.

The employees, their accounts, employment records, articles of incorporation… gone.

Along with the IRS audit.

So, the riddle is how they pulled off this magic trick.

It’s not the how, Donald.

It’s the who… Nicholas Obenrader.

RESSLER: 2009.

Yakuza profits dip during the Great Recession.


Brazil’s two largest gangs merge.


The head of Le Milieu is assassinated, creating a power vacuum.

Three continents, three criminal enterprises in crisis.

And according to Reddington, one common thread… Nicholas Obenrader.

A management consultant to criminal organizations.

For the Yakuza, he rerouted laundered assets through tax havens like Ireland.

He was a headhunter for Le Milieu, and in Brazil, he oversaw the downsizing that occurred after the merger.

How do you downsize a criminal enterprise?

What… do people get a golden parachute or a bullet to the head?

Dump and cover. We’re out of here in 15.

Mr. Obenrader, this is the one who Becker said got away.

Tell Becker he’s fired. I don’t like loose ends.

I’ll take care of this one myself.

RESSLER: Reddington said that Obenrader’s gone in-house for Townsend.

ARAM: Well, that’s why he gave us this case.

If Townsend hired Obenrader as his management consultant, he’ll know everything about his organization.

It’s done. We still have one more loose end to tie up, but your IRS problem is no longer a problem.

Good, because it seems I may have another problem I need your help with.

It’s come to my attention that Espinoza may be feathering his own nest.

If that’s true, I’ll be looking for a replacement.


PARK: Do we have photos of Obenrader?

No. No photos, no prints, no surveillance.

Obenrader’s an alias.

We know what he does, just not who he is.

He may have made Kelmund Realty disappear…


…on paper, but they had an office.

Go to it. See what you can find.

Harold Cooper.

Have you read the messages I gave you?

The ones Reddington and his handler exchanged through the Post?

Yes, we all have.

You’re on with the team.

Well, what did they say?

Any news on these mysterious assets?


The messages were urgent and vague at the same time, but we were able to identify an address.

A cafe in Paris.

It was referred to a couple of times in past messages and once again recently.

COOPER: We’re hoping to pull a surveillance image or maybe get a positive ID on the handler.

I’m sending Aram to investigate.

April in Paris.

Have fun at the strip mall.

AGNES: Mommy, I’m done!

Oh, I’ll be right there, honey.


How’s she doing?

She’s really good.

But I think we’ll all be a lot better when this is done.

So, what’s the address in Paris?


I want to help.

COOPER: I think it would be best if we took care of this ourselves.

I’m the reason you know to go to Paris in the first place.

I’m the one who got you the messages to decrypt.

Which is why we shared with you what they said.

If Aram gets a positive ID on Reddington’s handler, will you share that with me, too?


But hopefully, we’ll be able to question him and find out what he knows.

What he knows is Reddington is N-13.

And if, or when, he tell us that, we will take the appropriate action.

Appropriate action? Against Reddington?

I think we all know that’s never gonna happen.

It will if he’s an enemy of the state.

Sit tight, Liz, and let us do our job.


I sometimes forget.

All this, and she’s dragging a child with her.

Liz’s mom abandoned her.

She would never do the same to Agnes.

I don’t understand why you think this is a crime scene.

Because two and two doesn’t equal five.


Did they skip out on the rent?

No. They’re paid up for the next six months.

Did they leave a forwarding address?

No address, no phone number.

What bank was the rent check drawn from?

They paid cash.

Okay. So, let’s do the math.

They disappear after paying half a year’s rent in cash.

They leave no forwarding address or phone number, and, uh, oh, yeah, all of this after they find out that the IRS is auditing them.

Does that add up to you?

CSI: Office has been scrubbed.

No prints or personal effects, but there is one thing you should see.

Found blood on the windowsill in the back storage room.

Alright, run it for DNA. See if we can’t get a match.

Looks like we got a runner.

Yeah, but running from what?



If now’s not a good time…

Loyalty, Godwin.

Loyalty and trust.

Nothing matters more. [GRUNTING]

About that.

I’m concerned Keen may be feeding the FBI information.

Or she’s using them to feed information to us.

You asked me to monitor her communications with them.

Her contact is an Agent Donald Ressler.

And who’s whispering sweet nothings to whom?

We’ll know soon enough.

Keen changes her burner regularly, but Agent Ressler’s phone is FBI-issue.

I reached out to our asset at the Bureau.

We’re up on his line.

I trust Keen.

But then again, I trusted Espinoza!

And look what that got me!

My problem is I’m just too trusting, aren’t I, Mr. Espinoza?


Call Obenrader.

Tell him to put his headhunter hat on.

Tell him that Espinoza’s employment contract has been terminated!


The blood sample seems to belong to a Charles Totten.

Who must have cut himself trying to escape.

The employees at Kelmund Realty didn’t just disappear.

They were professionally cleaned…

Along with their prints and hard drives.

We sent a unit to Totten’s home.

He’s not there, and he’s not answering his phone.

But we traced a credit card purchase to a gas station in Deer Lake.

Homeowners in the area include a William Totten.

Could be his brother.

If you’re right and Totten is a loose end, Obenrader knows it and will want to tie it off.

We need to get to him first.








What are you doing here? What? Uh… who’s he?

Oh, Rocco’s my security.

Rocco? Rocco? Really?

I hope there’s a croissant in there.

I am starving.

Ah! Yes!

Did Mr. Cooper change his mind about you helping out?

I don’t know.


Maybe. Which means no.

Which means you’re not supposed to be here.

This is so delicious. You want a bite?

Well, not anymore.

Oh, come on. Don’t be a spoil-sport.

I wasn’t until you showed up.

And just how did you show up?

I mean, how… how exactly did you find me?

Well, I know the FBI flies into Le Bourget.

I know you use G5s.

Le Bourget. G5.

Et voilà.

Shall we?

What? Whoa.

You are, uh, not going in there with me.

I did not come all this way just to eat your croissant.


But we go in as cops, not criminals.

We follow the rules.

Can you do that?

There’s only one way to find out.


Whoa. Okay. Just wait. Wait, wait, wait.







Uh. Agent Mojtabai et Keen.

Uh. Nous travaillons pour le FBI.

So what?

Ah. Uh. En anglais.

He, uh, he speaks English.

Uh, okay. Magnifique.

So, we believe that two people we’re investigating have met here on a number of occasions.

Now, we know who one of the men is, but not the other, and, well, looking at your security footage would go a long way to helping us figure that out.

Forget it. I’m not helping you.

I’m a bartender, not an informant.

No. No, no, no. Believe me, I-I understand.

But these are some really bad people doing terrible things.

Yeah? Like what?

Well, for starters, they love pointing guns at people’s heads.

Whoa. No. Whoa. Rocco. Rocco!

And when they don’t get their way, they pull the trigger.

Hey, you said you were FBI.

He’s FBI.

Rocco’s certifiable.

So… how about those security feeds?


RED: Remy! How was the race?


I found him right at the end of the biking leg.

Imagine my surprise, seeing Dembe in Sarasota.

I know. I haven’t called you back.

It’s true. You have been a bit dodgy.

But if you had picked up when I called, I never would have learned there was such a singularly dreadful thing as an ironman.

You never heard of an ironman?

Not unless you’re referring to Rodin’s Balzac.

There’s a funny phrase. “Rodin’s Balzac.”

Although that’s bronze, not iron.

So, no, I’ve never heard of one.

Please, hydrate.

And answer the question I called you about.

Your message said you wanted to talk to Priya.

She’s my most valuable asset.

Which is why I want her to be an asset of mine.

If she agrees, I’ll compensate you for your loss.

Pennies on the dollar.

[CHUCKLING] Pennies on the dollar?!

Dembe, are you listening to this?

Pennie… I’ve never paid pennies on the dollar in my life.

If I’m known for anything, it’s for overpaying.

He’s forever trying to get me to show some restraint.

But listen, we can resolve this right now.

I can get Edward to take it up to a few thousand feet, circle back around, come in over the 18th hole, and drop you right into the grandstand.

We’ve done it before. I’m sure we’ll do it again.

She’s in London.

A client hired her to recover a rare book.

She’s scheduled to deliver it to him at Ingram Rare Books in Kensington.

Good. Off you go.

Dembe will drop you wherever you like.

If I were you, I’d like the finish line.

I want to ask you a question, and… I need you to give an honest answer.


The bartender.

If he hadn’t given us the surveillance video, would… you have let Rocco shoot him?




Is Agnes really doing well?

She really is.

Where we live is quiet and peaceful.

I found this amazing woman to help me with her.

How do you do it?

Stay ahead of us. Fight Mr. Reddington.

Raise a kid.

I’m not giving you the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, but the fact that you can do it all…


I mean, I sit by my computer all day, and by 8:00, I’m in my pajamas on the couch, eating rainbow sherbet, watching reruns of “Our Planet.”


Thank you.

It was a question, not a compliment.

It sounded like an acknowledgement.

And I don’t get a lot of that nowadays.


I can’t believe you ate my croissant.


Of all the things you’ve done, that might be one of the worst.

I’ve done some awful things.

I know. That’s how much I was looking forward to eating it.

I tell you what.

After this is over, I’ll buy you a patisserie.

You’re that rich?

Whoever said crime doesn’t pay wasn’t very good at it.

Oh, my…

Whoa, whoa. There we go.


There’s Mr. Reddington.

Which means that little fellow must be his handler.





Can I help you?

Agents Ressler and Park. FBI.

Are you William Totten?

Yes. What can I do for you?

We’re looking for your brother, Charles Totten.

Oh, um, he’s not here.

Is everything okay?

We’re going to need to ask you a few questions about him.

Of course. Come on in.


What was the last time you saw your brother?

Gosh, must be a couple weeks ago now.

We have reason to believe that he was in the area as recently as yesterday.

He didn’t check in?

No. I mean, he comes up here sometimes to fish, but it’s…


Is he in some sort of trouble?

Well, I wish I could tell you, but, uh, our investigation’s ongoing.




Whoever the hell you are, you’re under arrest.


OBENRADER: I don’t know who the dead guy is, and I don’t remember how I got there.

All I know… is that I’m not saying any more.

His name was Charles Totten.

So we’re clear, the CIA’s filing paperwork to move you to a black site if you don’t start talking about your relationship with Neville Townsend.



Sir, we got a hit.

I enhanced the image of the man Mr. Reddington was meeting with in Paris and ran his face through the database.

Russia desk kicked him back as one Ivan Stepanov.

He’s SVR?

Officially, yes.

Not so officially, he’s believed to be a high ranking member of Zaslon, running black op around the globe.

So Keen was right.

Reddington’s using coded messages to arrange clandestine meetings with a known Russian intelligence officer.


Uh, what are you gonna tell Mr. Reddington?

About this and Keen? Not a word.

How was she?



But I’d be lying

if I said it didn’t feel good to be on the same team again.

I know the feeling. Reddington.

RED: Harold. Where are you with Obenrader?

Any progress?

More than progress.


Agents Park and Ressler brought him in.

Park’s interrogating him now.

So, we’re right on schedule.

On schedule for what?

Harold, I’m afraid I have to come clean.

I haven’t been entirely forthright with you on this case, and I know we discussed being… more open and honest with each other.

We have.

The truth is, I have no expectation that Mr. Obenrader will talk, let alone reveal any meaningful details about Townsend or his organization.

Mr. Obenrader understands the blowback on his loved ones would be far too great.

We’ll see about that.

Don’t… Uh, hold on, Harold.

I didn’t put the man on your radar so you could play detective.

I put the man on your radar so that you could help me make a new friend.

And how’s that supposed to happen?

So, we’re not only in bed with Reddington, but we’re also getting into bed with Priya Laghari?

That’s correct.

Uh, back up. Who’s Priya Laghari?

Only a world renowned thief who dabbles in jewels and art and classified intelligence.

COOPER: She’s been on the Bureau’s radar for years, but we’ve never come close to catching her.

So, instead of arresting her, we’re gonna work with her.

Why enable Reddington like this when he’s been blatantly lying to us?

And not to pile on, sir, but we did just learn that Mr. Reddington has been canoodling with a Russian intelligence operative in Paris.

Neville Townsend is incredibly dangerous, to the public and to Elizabeth.

So anything that gets us closer to him is a win in my book.

Besides, I’d rather keep Reddington close while we look into his relationship with Ivan Stepanov.

If he finds out we’re investigating this, he’ll kill the guy like he killed Rakitin.

Agreed. So he better not find out.

Or we could just pull Stepanov off the street.

He’s a Russian citizen.

The DOJ’s never going to approve that.

Liz wouldn’t need their approval.

I know, I know, I know.

It’s a terrible idea that completely sucks.

We cannot trust her. She’s not an agent.

And abducting an SVR agent is illegal and could lead to a huge scandal if anyone ever found out.

But just… let it suck for a second.

Okay, still sucks.

COOPER: I agree. It’s a terrible idea.

But it’s possible that every other idea is worse.

We can’t go through official channels to question an SVR agent, yet we find ourselves working with a CI who may be that SVR agent’s top asset in this country.

You said it yourself, Alina…

The minute Reddington finds out that we know about Stepanov, he may kill him, and try as we might to keep it from him, we know that Reddington will probably find out what we know.

Which means we have a narrow window to find and question Stepanov.


Reach out to Keen.




FEMALE VOICE: Record at the tone.


RESSLER: Hey, Keen, it’s me.

Reddington’s handler… His name is Ivan Stepanov.

He’s SVR. Likely tied in with Zaslon.

Now, we can’t get to him.

Not officially.

So, Cooper’s sanctioned an extraction, and he wants you to do the extracting.







Do you have it?

How did you get it through customs?

Packed in my underwear in my suitcase.

You packed a lost book from the 14th century with your knickers?

You want it or not?

The cash is inside.








Oh, God.

Oh, my…

Oh, my stars.

I’ve dozed off in caves and coffins, even squeezed between the inside and the outside of the hull of a cargo plane, but my hand to God, I have not slept that soundly since math class.

What’s going on?

How did you get in here?

Ah, ah, ah. Priya. Not so fast.

I’ll get to the bottom of this.

I wouldn’t bet on it.


What is this?

This is where Nigel walks so you and I can talk.


Please close the door.

I’d like this part to be private.


RESSLER: Reddington’s handler… His name is Ivan Stepanov.

He’s SVR. Likely tied in with Zaslon.

Now, we can’t get to him. Not officially.

So, Cooper’s sanctioned an extraction, and he wants you to do the extracting.

How long ago was this?

No more than 10 minutes.

Has there been contact since?

If she called him back, it wasn’t on the cell we’ve tapped.

Sir, I believe you have to ask yourself why Miss Keen is working behind the scenes with the Bureau?

She said she came to you because she couldn’t trust the Bureau.

And they couldn’t trust her.

If they’re right…

If they’ve ID’d Reddington’s handler…

That’s a game changer.

Have our people in Moscow get eyes on this Stepanov, and tell Roman to assemble a team.

What about Miss Keen?

Give her a job. Doesn’t matter what it is.

Keep her here and keep her occupied until we know what it is we’re dealing with.


Elizabeth, excuse me. Do you have a moment?

Mr. Townsend’s asking.

Uh, sure thing. What’s going on?

This is a first.

Typically, clients want me to break into safes, not meet inside of them.

I would think it a terrible curse to be typical.

Let me guess. I stole something from you.

A painting. Jewelry.

[GASPS] Your heart?

I want to be your angel.

Not interested.

I imagine they’d be terribly expensive, these heists you pull.

All those gadgets and gizmos, the glass cutters and suction cups.

Have you ever scaled the side of a glass building?

It’s on my list.


I hope that list is a long one, because whatever is on it, I’m here to provide.

Not just money or toys… They’re easy.

I’m talking about a life, one where you can walk away from your clients and thieve just for the fun of it.

I know who you are.

Then you know I can afford to make this the last job you ever have to take.

One job. That’s all I need.


What do I have to steal?


I want you to infiltrate Neville Townsend’s organization.


Get up.

What’s going on?

You’re taking a trip.


OBENRADER: Where are you taking me?

You can’t just transport me.

I have rights.

I haven’t even spoken to my lawyer.

Where you’re headed, Nicholas, you don’t get a lawyer.


D-6 inbound. Cargo on deck.

MAN: Copy that.





He give you any trouble?

No. Teddy bear.

Is that the paperwork?

Who are these guys? What is this?

Well, we gave you a chance to talk.

Now it’s their turn.

Whose turn?

Where are you taking me?

It’s a long flight, buddy.

You gotta take a whiz, I suggest you do that now.





MAN: Go, go, go!


What’s going on? Who are you?

I can tell you who we’re not.

The CIA.

And that’s good news for you.


You okay?

Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine.


Do you think he bought it?

I mean, I bought it.

You know what I love? I love a good mystery.

Like, what’s in all these boxes?

Of course, a mystery is only as good as the story around it.

So here’s yours…

10 minutes ago, you were headed for a black site, scratchy, polyester jumpsuits, bright lights all night, horrific food, crushing solitude.


I appreciate what you did, and I would happily return the favor by doing a thorough overview of your entire organization free of charge.

[LAUGHING] Oh, my gosh!

The things you’d find!

Square pegs in round holes, misfits and outliers.

But you know what? I like it that way.

I trust how it feels.

The only things I consult are my gut and my friend.

And why did your gut tell you to save me?

How do you know it wasn’t my friend?

But I digress.

Neville Townsend asked you to find someone to manage the heist crews he employs.

I have a candidate.

I don’t discuss client business.

I’m sure that you can appreciate the need for discretion.

I can, and I do.

But I find myself in the unusual position where indiscretion is the better part of valor.

So allow me to be indiscrete.

“Spoiler alert,” as they say.

The boxes contain an exhaustive archival record of your clients.

Names. Dates. Numbers.

A who, what, where, when, and how of your livelihood.

That’s the mystery…

My client list.

It is.

And what I might do with your client list.

Who’s the candidate?

Priya Laghari.

I assume her reputation precedes her.

The Iranian nuclear deal. The Matisse in Rotterdam.

[SCOFFS] Normally, I’d consider myself lucky to find such a worthy replacement.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

I need someone inside Townsend’s organization.

So, I soured him on Espinoza, Townsend took him out, called you in, and here we are.

I consult with Mr. Townsend about personnel, avoiding redundancy, and profit maximization.

I have no interest in his politics or rivalries, or in placing a mole within his organization.

Fine. Then you can volunteer.


[CHUCKLES] I consult with Mr. Townsend virtually or over the phone.

We’ve never met.

I don’t even know where he works.

Mm. Miss Laghari then.

Advocate for her and you can keep your client list to yourself.

Obenrader raved about her, and you can see why.

Laghari has an outstanding résumé.

Why are you showing this to me?

I value your opinion.

About what thief to hire?

We’re partners in going after Reddington, and when that ends, I’m hoping our partnership can continue, and… and don’t… Don’t say no until you let me show you more of what I do, starting with Laghari.

I’d like you to bring her in.

What… Now?

Well, I have a meeting with someone else.

Excuse me, sir. I’ve heard from Vandyke.

The pickup instructions are in the file.

This is important to me, Elizabeth.

This person you’re supposed to meet…

Is there any chance you can meet them later?

Of course.


Our man in Moscow has confirmed Stepanov’s location.

I want it done quickly.

I’ve stalled Keen, but she may already have assets on the ground.

What you said… about briefing her on what we do…

If she’s working with the FBI…

“If” does me no good.

I need confirmation, and the best way to get it is by pretending to trust her when I don’t.

PARK: Remind me again what we’re doing.

We’re gonna track Laghari from her pickup point to Townsend.

And why are we doing that?

Can’t Laghari just tell us his location once she gets there?

After all, she’s spying for us.

RESSLER: No, she’s spying for Reddington.

In exchange for cooperating, we got Reddington to agree to let us follow her to wherever Townsend works or lives.


I have a 20.

East side of the park. Heading north.

Okay. Here we go.

What about Keen?

We’re working with her to find Reddington’s handler.

Why can’t she tell us?

I wish she would, but she won’t.

Not until it’s done.

What’s done?

I wish I knew.





JAX: The blue van. By the curb.



We got a blue Chevy Astro van, 7th Street side.



Where am I supposed to sit?

You’re not.


Right this way.


I got the tail.

Hey, you got a signal?

ARAM: Like taking candy from a kid.

Not that I would ever do that.

Except once, I had this mad craving for a Butterfinger, but, you know, it was Halloween, and…


…I was a kid, too.


Tell me you’re calling from Moscow.

I am not. I don’t know what’s going on.

Townsend sent me to do something.

It’s like he knows.

And what makes you think that?

The job. It’s… make work.

It’s a live call.

Something you give someone to keep them from doing something else.

Okay. Agent Park, turning west on Clyborne.

You have eyes?

PARK: Copy that. West on Clyborne.

So, what about Moscow?

I was able to send someone.

Looks like they’re coming to a stop.

Keep your distance.

Any word on the extraction?

No. Shouldn’t be a problem.

But if you’re right and Townsend suspects we’re working together…

We’re not working together.

We have the same goal.

But so does Townsend.

We’re aligned against Reddington.

Maybe. But if Townsend knew that we were even talking, I doubt that he’d be so understanding.

I’ll call you as soon as I know.

GODWIN: You wanted confirmation. You just got it.

She’s not wrong.

We’re all aligned against Reddington.

Yeah, but based on that call, I’d say she and the feds are aligned against us.

That’s not what I heard.

Then you weren’t listening.

You think you’re giving her the rope to hang herself.

I fear you may be giving her the rope to hang all of us.


This was easy.

Or not.

Her driver just left her.

Well, maybe there’s another pickup.

I don’t think there’s another pickup.



What’s going on? Is she there?

[SIGHS] You were right.

It was like taking candy from a kid.

Only we were the kids.

Priya Laghari.

I-I feel as if I’m in the presence of greatness.

Mm. It’s a fact, not a feeling.

May I kiss the ring, which I assume was stolen at Cannes?

St. Moritz.

A trophy that once belonged to a trophy wife.


As touching as this is to watch, I’m gonna go.

Of course. Go, go, go. Oh, oh!

Your appointment.

I hope you were able to reschedule it.

Turned out not to be a problem.

I was able to send someone in my place.

Were you?



Please tell me it’s done.

ESI: I’m meeting the team in 10.

It’ll be done in 20.

Sit tight. I got this.

That’s right. A hole.

In the floor of the van?

What we don’t know is where or when she got out.

Which means we’re totally reliant on Reddington.

Whatever Laghari finds out about Townsend, she’s gonna tell him.

And we’re gonna trust that he turns around and tells us.

He might.

I mean, normally, he wouldn’t.

I mean, normally, he’s got an agenda that we do not know about, but this time, we… we want the same thing.

I think.

If we wanted the same thing, Reddington wouldn’t have let Obenrader go.

But if we’d officially arrested Obenrader, then it may have tipped Townsend that Laghari’s a plant.

Maybe when this is all over, Mr. Reddington will circle back to Obenrader.

You know, I’ll, uh, include your optimism in my debrief to Cooper.

Seriously. Us and Mr. Reddington, we are totally in sync on this, right?


We’ll hear when we hear.

I know, but why haven’t we heard?


Camus thinks the world is meaningless and that happiness comes from accepting that nothing matters.

He’s an Absurdist.

And we live in a Theater of the Absurd.

Getting the FBI to believe they helped us insert a spy when in fact, they helped us insert an assassin.

LAGHARI: I’m sure it’s not jewels you’re after.

What exactly is it you want me to steal?

All of it.

That’s a lot.

At any one time, our organization is tracking a variety of vulnerable and defenseless assets.

Contraband in transport. Exposed money laundering sites.

We don’t discriminate. We take what we can.

So, what are we talking about?

I’m talking about putting you under contract.

Paying you to identify items that we might steal.

Mr. Townsend. So terribly sorry to interrupt, but it’s a matter that can’t wait.

Excuse me.

It’s about Moscow.






Miss Laghari, it appears that something has come up.

If you’ll excuse me.






I just heard from the Russia desk.

What is it?

Moscow’s lighting up.

Turns out Ivan Stepanov was abducted from his apartment in the Pokrovsky Hills.


She must have gotten to him.

She make contact?

No. I left her several messages, but she hasn’t picked up.

Let’s assume that’s a good thing.

LIZ: I thought you said it was done.

It was about to be done.

That’s when the place started swarming with cops.

I can’t believe this is happening.

Not just regular cops…

Someone rang a bell, and there’s all these important looking people here.

You got to get out of there.

You think this might be the work of your friends in the FBI?

I have no idea what to think.


Is it done?

I haven’t heard from Laghari, but I just heard from Moscow.

What? What happened?

Our friend… he’s been taken.



TOWNSEND: Do you know who I am?

Because I know who you are.

You’re the one who created the archive that destroyed my family.

I also know you continue to feed intel to N-13.

Katarina Rostova was N-13.

And Katarina Rostova is dead.

Yes, but Katarina Rostova was framed.

Which means I dedicated my life to the hatred of an innocent woman.

But you know that.

Just like I know that you’re working with Reddington.

What I don’t know is why.


Why you protect him. Why you help him.

Why… my family had to die so that you could carry out whatever… plan you two are hatching.

I have a lot of “whys.”

Let’s hope you’re prepared to offer some answers.



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