The Blacklist – S08E11 – Captain Kidd (No. 96) [Transcript]

The Task Force attempts to stop an abduction by searching for a "treasure man" who uses geocaching to hide illicit goods and facilitate transactions between otherwise warring criminal factions.
The Blacklist - S08E11 - Captain Kidd (No. 96)

Original air date: March 26, 2021

* * *

BOY: “There was no reason for what I did.

“I loved the old man.

“He had never wronged me.

“For his gold I had no desire.

“I think it was his eye.

“He had the eye of a vulture.

“Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold, and so I made up my mind to kill the old man, and rid myself from the eye forever.

“Every night I looked in upon him while he slept.

“Until the old man’s hour had come.

“With a loud yell, I leaped into the room.

“He shrieked once.

“But in an instant, I dragged him to the floor and pulled the heavy bed over him.

“Stone dead.

“I dismembered the corpse.

“I cut off the head, the arms, and the legs.

“But, before long, my head ached.

“I fancied a ringing in my ear.

“The noise increased, a low, dull, quick sound.”


“I gasped for breath, but the noise steadily increased.”


“I paced the floor to and fro.

“I foamed, I raved, I swore!

“I swung the chair above the bed over him.

“But the noise increased.” (COUGHS)

“It grew louder.” (KNOCKING)

“Louder…” (KNOCKING)

“Louder.” (KNOCKING)

“Here, here!

“It is the beating of his hideous heart.”


Did you see his face?

I swear, I thought he was gonna have a heart attack.

How much time’s left?

Four minutes.

I say we go in now before he has an actual heart attack.

He knew the rules.

Besides, you can’t be afraid of the dark and be in the Poe Society.

Jimmy, yo, everything okay down there?



Help me!

BOY: What?

Call 911!


If one of these four guys is Rakitin, I can’t prove it.

You accessed their hard drives, data profile?

I did. CIA, DIA, State.

If one of these analysts is leaking intel, I couldn’t tell you how.

Which tells me that however cautious Rakitin was being before, he’s being that much more cautious now.

I want them followed.

Tell Park to pull whatever resources she needs to get eyes on all four.

I have to meet Reddington.

Captain Kidd. The pirate.

The only pirate who actually buried his treasure.

Along the coast of East Hampton.

The irony abounds.

We’re talking about a child’s overdose.

Yes. On buried treasure.


That he thought was nothing more than dust.

An innocent and tragic mistake that confirms my decision as to the next name on the Blacklist.

COOPER: Captain Kidd.

Your drop site is swarming with cops.

They could trace the drugs back to me.

You promised me. I promised you, like I promise all of my customers, a safe drop.

Ted here screwed that up.

I want you to know Ted won’t screw up again.


REDDINGTON: Captain Kidd is a glorified middle man who facilitates criminal transactions by guaranteeing payment, pickup, and delivery between otherwise warring factions.

By using hidden treasure.

GPS-tagged hiding spots.

Like an abandoned house where he can hide drugs where no one can find them.

Except for a group of kids.

He takes possession of an item for sale, hides it, and informs the buyer of its location once payment has been made in the same fashion.

Like geocaching for narcotics.

Narcotics. Or contraband.

Or people.

He hides people?

Yes, which is why this case is of some urgency.

Are you telling me that someone’s been abducted?

Not yet, but I believe she will be if we don’t act quickly.


Safiya Maroun.

COOPER: Was born in Riyadh.

In 2006, she was committed to a mental institution for defying her male guardian’s wishes.

Later that year, she was granted asylum in America and has since become one of the most prominent opponents of Saudi Arabian repression and is the founder of Brighter Path, an organization that helps get women and people in the LGBTQ+ community out of countries with oppressive regimes.

The woman’s a hero.

And a target. Of Neville Townsend.

COOPER: According to Reddington, Townsend’s been contracted by the Saudi secret police to abduct Maroun from her home in Maryland.

I’ve notified Hyattsville PD.

I want you to meet them on-site.

Has anyone spoken to Maroun?

I tried, but it’s late. Could be her phone’s turned off.


Don’t hurt me!

No! No!

Get off me!

I just heard from my people. It’s done.

She’ll be here within the hour.

But what if we’re too late?

According to Reddington, she’ll be buried alive until Saudi Secret Service pays Townsend.

At which point, this Captain Kidd

will give them the GPS coordinates

so the Mabahith can dig her up and kill her.

That’s right. So don’t be late.

Where’s Park?

Hunting down Rakitin.

Why, so he can confirm Reddington’s a Russian plant?

Mr. Reddington’s a traitor,

Agent Keen’s thrown in with a man who abducts human rights activists,

and we’re hunting for a pirate that buries people alive.

Sometimes I think I never should’ve left the circus.


(SIGHS) So much for not being too late.

ARAM: Has the husband made a statement?

Not yet. He’s still in surgery.

What about neighbors or a passerby?

Anybody see anything?

Afraid not.

Maybe this is his statement.

Who’s Nora? Eleanor, the oldest daughter.

First we thought maybe the girl got taken, too.

But she and her sister are both accounted for.

His wife’s been abducted, he doesn’t know by whom,

and he uses what little strength he has

to write his daughter’s name.


Maybe because it’s not a name.

Kidnappers disarmed the system.

I’m sure they did, to avoid tripping the alarm.

RESSLER: And to prevent the abduction from being videotaped.

Yes. But what I’m interested in

is what happened before the abduction.

Hello. Who might you be?

I need an APB on a late-model Escalade, grey, no plates.

I read up on you. I’m a fan of your work.

I’m begging you, please.

Nothing will happen to you on my watch.

Please don’t do this!

You will have plenty of air, nice warm clothes.

Just breathe easily and this part will be over soon, all right?

Don’t do this!


Don’t do this!


I mean it. She’s an inspiration.

Which is exactly what the royal family fears.

Making her a martyr will only make her more inspirational.

More people will take her place.

I hope so.

The royal family pays top dollar

to make their competition disappear.

(MUFFLED) Don’t do this!


RAKITIN: Hey, it’s me.

I have something you may be interested in.

Opera? Aliens? Freeganism?

I’m interested in any number of topics, most anything.

Except accounting.

This isn’t about accounting, is it?

It’s about the intercept out of China. The pending cyberattack.

I am interested.

Well, then we should talk.

How about the fountains? Meridian Hill?

I’d prefer something a little more intimate.

Come to the restaurant. You remember, 3rd and North.

We’re closed for renovations,

so I can promise us a quiet corner.

Agent Mojtabai, we’ve been looking for you.

Where’ve you been? It’s, uh, sort of a long story.

I hope it has a happy ending,

because we found the grey Escalade from Maroun’s abduction.

It was abandoned and scrubbed. And the husband?

Ressler questioned him at County where he’s recovering.

He doesn’t know anything.

Well, um, I might.

Uh, I reached out to Cyber Crime

to provide us with a list of any online drug dealers

who have informants that we could question about Captain Kidd

or how he’s distributing product using street-tech workarounds.

I told you I spoke to DEA.

They don’t have anything on Kidd.

Which is why I spent all night

buying mephedrone, cocaine, and MDMA on the dark web.

You bought illegal drugs online.

I did. Which was terrifying.

However, on the upside, one of the dealers

asked to meet near a taco truck in LeDroit Park

that is totally worth the drive.

Sounds delicious. Oh, you have no idea, sir.

They have a chicken mole that is…

Try and stay focused.

Of the 16 dealers I purchased from,

eight are shipping to me directly.

Seven met to hand off in person.

And the last one?

Just texted me, uh, coordinates, photos,

and directions of where the drugs were dropped.

They’re using Captain Kidd.

It’s a geo-tagged hiding spot in Penn Quarter.

Take Ressler. Pull the drugs,

along with any surveillance feeds of the area.

Let’s hope your online shopping spree

turns up more than great chicken mole.







Yes. RAKITIN: Gotta call it off.

Why? What’s going on?

I got a tail.

I’ll call you back.


Sure this is the right location?

Look at the photo.

Instructions said back corner of the park,

third light post from the south.

It’s supposed to be inside the broken solar assembly.

You think someone else found it?

Well, maybe they knew it was a setup and got cold feet.

There’s no surveillance, no obvious cameras.

They chose this location because it’s a digital dark spot.

Oh, my God.

What if somebody else found those drugs?

What if…

What if a child found those drugs?

Hey, check it out.

I don’t get it. You think Captain Kidd took a cab here?

No, I think that cab took Captain Kidd’s picture.

The driver at South Cab didn’t witness anything,

but his dash cam caught the end of the drop.

COOPER: White male, late 20s.

Is the image strong enough for facial recognition?

Resolution isn’t the problem.

We just don’t have a viable angle,

and it’s only these 22 seconds.

The cab only caught the end.

I mean, the kid walks out of frame and that’s it.

What’s that? The cup in his hand.


“Kitt’s Coffee.” Oh, they make a mean mochaccino.

They’re also local. They only have a few locations in the city.

Pull the sales records and the surveillance feeds

from any of their stores in a mile radius.

If the kid paid with a credit card,

then chances are we’ve got his physical address.

Get it and get him here.

You can’t prove that my client is the person in that footage.

RESSLER: We know you work for Captain Kidd.

I don’t. I told you.

Yeah, what’s gonna happen when we pull your prints

off the drugs we found in the park?

Or the drugs we find in your apartment?

Mr. Moore isn’t responding to…

Mr. Moore is going to jail.

Okay, look, I’m telling the truth.

Okay? I…

He’s… He’s not my employer. I don’t work for Kidd.

I’ve been robbing him.

Robbing him of what?

Look, it’s all kinds of stuff.

It’s, uh, weapons, stolen credit cards, fake IDs.


Yeah, narcotics.

ATTORNEY: Allegedly narcotics.

It’s not just me.

It’s not like I’m the only Seeker.

What’s a Seeker? You do not have to answer that.

Explain to your poorly prepared mouthpiece here

that I’m gonna have officers and a warrant at your residence

before you even walk out of this door.

You need to cooperate if you want to have any hope of staying out of jail.

Can you tell him that?

Go ahead, Jarret.

Captain Kidd uses droppers to stash his product.

How much product, how many droppers,

I don’t know, but it’s a lot.

We track what we can, follow a dropper, look for his stash.

We know it was drugs you stole from that stash in the park,

and I got a feeling

that a drug test will prove they’re in your system right now.

Whoa, hold on.

What if I were able to forget about that drug test?

In exchange for…

You hand over whatever contraband you have on hand.

Whatever you stole from these GPS-tagged hiding spots.

If that evidence helps me find Captain Kidd,

well, maybe I’ll help you stay out of jail.

What the hell happened?

I’ll tell you what happened.

I was tailed by the FBI.

This guy Cooper, he, uh…

He’s not standing down like you said he would.

You need to do something about him.

Hey. Came as quick as I could.

What’s so urgent?

Well, I ran a test on the narcotics you pulled from Moore’s apartment.

Yeah, that he stole from the park.

Yes, and we got an interesting hit.

Chemical analysis showed it contained powdered milk.

The cutting agent?

Notable because it’s a favorite of the Guayabo cartel.

MPD picked up one of their dealers last month,

so I called to get a sample from the evidence locker

to confirm the samples matched, but… They didn’t.

Not only don’t they match,

but the sample we got from the city wasn’t drugs.

It was 100% baking soda.

So MPD seized fake drugs?

No. Their paperwork certifies that the contents of the seizure was heroin

cut with powdered milk at the time of testing.

But between testing and now, someone took the drugs

and left baking soda behind.

Between now and then?

I mean, who had access to the drugs in lockup?

No one. Evidence log shows it was never touched.

The case against the cartel is still being built,

so it hasn’t gone to trial yet.

The drugs were never checked out of evidence

or brought to a courtroom.

So, heroin went into lockup and baking soda came out.

The last person to touch those drugs,

the only person to handle them,

would be the drug lab chemist who tested them for the city.

Who’s that? His name’s Tyler Schwartz.

He’s been with MPD for just under five years.

Thank you.

You don’t understand how close we came.

If I hadn’t made the tail… But you did.

…she would have exposed us both.

But she didn’t.

I thought this was about some intercept out of China.

The impending cyberattack.

Are you even listening to me?

Keenly, in the vain hope of hearing about this Chinese intercept.

The Bureau is following me,

which means they are following you.

This whole thing is about to blow up and expose us both.

Somehow I don’t find your fevered disposition to be infectious, Andrew.

My fevered dis… What… What is wrong with you?

I am trying to… to dig us out of this mess.

No, what you are doing is a rather obvious

and ineffectual dance to cover your tracks.

You killed an innocent man, Andrew.

You faked your death to divert Harold Cooper,

and as a result, you’ve only made matters worse.

Now, I told you I’d handle Cooper…

Are you kidding me? …which I will do.

But Harold Cooper is no fool, and your

theatrics only confirm his belief that he’s being played.

So stand back.

I’ll handle this.

Okay, just back up a second.

How about, uh… How about “thank you” for picking up his tail?

How about “thank you” for not leading the FBI directly to you,

and thus to Moscow? How about…

How about I break your jaw,

wire it shut,

and force-feed blended cheeseburgers

into your belly until you burst?

How about?


Then shut the hell up and listen.

I told you I would handle Harold Cooper,

and I will do just that.

What you need to do

is keep your mouth shut,

your head down,

and assure Moscow

that the situation is under control.

Now, please, go away

before this becomes

decidedly more uncivil.

Well, the evidence was logged by MPD

and sent to the lab where you work.

I mean, you’re the chemist on record.

I understand that.

So help me understand how drug evidence

that the police took off the street,

drugs that you tested in your lab,

somehow got swapped with baking soda.

I should wait for my lawyer.

Tyler, your lawyer can’t stop us

from re-testing every sample you’ve examined and verified.

And when we do, we’re gonna find out they’re all fake.

Now, if you help us…

I don’t know what to say.

What happened to those drugs?

It’s not just me!

It’s Williams.


What happens to the drugs, Tyler?

Our facility handles hundreds of samples every week,

all kinds of drugs from all over the city.

Evidence you personally handle.

Once we run our chemical analysis to legally confirm

they’re what the police say they are,

the cases go to trial supported by the lab certification.

But the drug evidence, it goes back into the vault.

Nobody’s supposed to test it again.

You’re stealing and re-selling drug evidence.

Like I said, I’m not the only one.

There’s an entire network.

With a distribution system.

I already said too much.

We know you’re using Captain Kidd.

That’s who we’re after here,

and you’re gonna help us find him.

I can’t do that.

You can if you wanna help yourself.

Tyler, look at me.

How do we find Captain Kidd?


TECH: I’ve got both online.


Do I have the buyer on the line?

Yes, we are here.

Do I have the seller on the line? Yes.

Seller, can you confirm that the transaction is

at least 100 blocks deep on the Blockchain,

as per our instructions? I can.

Seller, do I have your consent to release the package to the buyer?

You do.

Buyer, I’m sending you an encrypted file

with your GPS-tagged identifier now.

This will include photos and verbal instructions

you can use to identify the drop site. (GASPING)

Gentlemen, while we wait, I want to thank you for your patronage.


We have it.

CAPTAIN KIDD: Is that your official confirmation?

It is.

In that case, transaction 49r83 is complete.

Gentlemen, again, thank you for your business and good day.

Tell Penny we’re funded. Have her notify Nicosia.

And, uh, send someone out for lumpia and a Mello Yello.

I swear, I could eat a horse.

(BANGING IN DISTANCE) What was that?

What? I don’t hear any…

Shh, there. Sounds like…

FBI! Hands in the air! On the ground!

On the ground, now!

You can 86 the lumpia.

Print back yet on Kidd?

Oh, uh, I just got them.

That is, uh… That’s the good news.

I’m listening. I heard from Agent Park.

She was following one of the Rakitin suspects,

Andrew Patterson, the analyst from the Office of Intelligence and Analysis.

Walk with me.

Agent Park thinks that Patterson made her.

And the other suspects?

Surveillance turned up nothing on the other three.

Day in the life. Then we pick it up again tomorrow.

Yeah, here’s the thing,

Agent Park doesn’t think that will be necessary.

Oh? And why is that?

She thinks Patterson is the one we’re looking for.

Mr. Reddington’s source.

Because he gave her the slip?

That proves he’s smart, not treasonous.

It’s not that he gave her the slip.

The bad news is where he gave her the slip.

And where was that?

Corner of 3rd and North.

Near Mr. Reddington’s restaurant.

RESSLER: Well, how we know about you isn’t important.

What matters is that we do.

We know about your geocaching,

how you hide drugs and people.

Safiya Maroun.

Tell me about her.

Never heard of her.

Looky here, your prints came back a match to a William Benedict.

Tied to a low-rent smuggling operation back in 2014.

Well, you’ve come a long way since then, huh?

If you say so.

Safiya Maroun. Where is she?

I haven’t the foggiest.

There’s a kid in the ICU at County.

He’s 13 years old.

He overdosed on the fentanyl that you stashed

in that house in the Southeast.

Now, best-case scenario for you,

I think that’s attempted voluntary manslaughter.

Like I said, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Well, your MPD partners in crime have turned on you.

They’ve given us sworn affidavits.

Yet here you are.

And we both know why.

Where’s Maroun? Where’s my deal?

You want to get, what’re you gonna give?

COOPER: Absolutely nothing.

A woman’s life hangs in the balance, a good woman.

A heroic woman we are moving heaven and earth to try and save.

But what we will not do, what I refuse to do,

is to cut a deal with the likes of you to make that happen.

Then her blood is on your hands, not mine.

Maybe, but I can live with that,

knowing that you’ll be spending the next 30 years

taking showers with murderers and rapists.


Okay, so what? We’re sweating him now, right?

No, we’re not sweating him.

We’re building a case against him.

Then it’s gonna be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Yeah, but he’s not gonna tell us how to find Maroun,

not without a deal.

No, he’s not.

But getting played by another criminal,

being forced to look the other way

to countenance their sickness…

Isn’t that part of the job?

Yeah, part I hate he most.

Do what you can to get that scumbag to talk,

but he’s not getting a deal.

I hear congratulations are in order.

You have Captain Kidd.

Is that why you’re here?

Time is of the essence, Harold.

If Safiya Maroun is ever to draw a breath of fresh air again,

I suggest you let me have a chat with the Captain.

Introduce him to Brimley’s badger.

Your concern is noted,

but we both know you didn’t come here just to offer your services.

I came hoping people would speak the truth,

Captain Kidd, us.

Given your hypertension, perhaps we should go first.

We know about Andrew Patterson.

Do tell.

We know he’s Rakitin,

your source in the intelligence community.

We suspected as much, so Park tailed him,

to the corner of 3rd and North.

It’s a lovely neighborhood.

Fine place to go for a walk.

Or for dinner.

3rd and North is half a block from your restaurant.

Don’t do this, Harold.

He was going to meet you to divulge classified intel.

I’m asking you as a friend, not an adversary.

A friend?

I don’t have friends who betray this country.

I understand your quandary.

You care a great deal about Elizabeth.

You want to believe in her,

to understand and find reason

in her quest to destroy me.

But for what I hope is the final time,

let me be clear,

I am not a traitor to this country,

and I do not divulge sensitive intelligence

to this country’s enemies.

I know that’s not true.

No, Harold. You think you know.

You have pieces of a puzzle that you think you can solve.

But as I am the puzzle,

I know that you can’t.

And as your friend

and your colleague,

I implore you,

for your own sake,

to please let this go.

Is that some sort of threat?

Sincere advice. I have unsavory associates.

When cornered, they tend to do unsavory things.

Let me get this straight.

You’re not a Russian spy,

and the person Park tailed isn’t supplying you intel.

I’m on this wild goose chase,

and yet my life is in danger?

You need to trust me on this.

You mean I need to believe you over Elizabeth?

That sounds as if you’re in contact with her.

I wish.

She’s an apparition.

A ghost who leaves clues in the night but is gone by morning.

You’ve taught her well.

Harold, this,

all of it,

is between her and me.

She and I may not agree on much,

but I’m sure we agree on this.

Neither of us would be able to forgive ourselves

if our problems caused you to become collateral damage.

I’m glad we’ve had this talk,

and I appreciate your offer,

but I’m confident we can get what we need from Captain Kidd

without the assistance of Brimley’s badger.

Make the deal. I’ll get the AG on board.

The deal?

The one you said we weren’t gonna make?

Full immunity.

So, what happened with Reddington?

You mean N-13?

So you confronted him about Rakitin,

about how he ditched Park?

I don’t condone what Elizabeth’s doing,

but if we have to pick sides in this war,

I think it’s past time we picked hers.

We need to get to Keen before Reddington does,

and because he works with Townsend,

Captain Kidd can help us do that.

I meant what I said about getting played by another criminal,

but you were right. It’s what we do.

So do it.

Let me help you with the fine print.

You help, you walk.

Full immunity.

For past crimes.

You jay-walk tomorrow, I’m coming for you.

I’ll help you with Maroun.

No. And Townsend.

No. No way. I’m not crossing him.

Well, that’s just the cost of doing business.

If I snitch on him, he’ll find out.

So what? Come on.

You’ll be drinking mai tais in witness protection.

You can’t protect me. Not from him.

That’s a chance you’re just gonna have to take.

So, how does it work? Walk me through the steps.

I want you to bore me with every tiny little detail.

Our network, we’re just…

It’s a delivery system,

a series of dead drops in abandoned buildings

or crowded public locations.

We provide a layer of protection

for the buyers and sellers of illicit goods.

In this case, the parcel was acquired by Neville Townsend,

taken to a holding site,

then packaged and prepared for delivery

by one of our splinter teams.

Packaged and prepared?

Bro, this isn’t a stolen gun we’re talking about.

It’s a person,

which requires an entirely different set of precautions.

So it’s true.

You really did bury Safiya Maroun alive.

CAPTAIN KIDD: I delivered the product I was paid to transport.

That’s what we do. (SOBBING)

RESSLER: So, the site’s geo-tagged, right?

I mean, you send the buyers details, photos, maps.

We do, yeah, but the buyer wanted to take delivery

somewhere that was especially remote.

I can give you coordinates,

but you’re never gonna get there in time.

The GPS-tagged site indicates that Maroun is buried here,

about a mile from the west shoreline on Taylors Island,

and that puts her midway between the Slaughter Creek Broads

and Robinson Neck Road.

The buyer, how big of a head start does he have on us?

We notified him a little over two hours ago.

I can only assume he’s on his way there now.

** Through these city nightmares you’d walk with me

** And we’d talk of it with idealistic assurance

** That it wouldn’t tear us apart (RAPID BEEPING)

** We’d keep our heads above the blackened water… (KNOCK ON WINDOW)


RESSLER: And if he gets to her…

What do you mean “if he gets to her”?

You better hope he gets to her.

If he doesn’t, things go from bad to worse in a hurry.

What’s that supposed to mean?

I told you. She’s on oxygen.

Which is… limited.

How much oxygen?

She’s got roughly six hours of air.

Got less than an hour. ** Through a grimy window that I can’t keep clean

** Through billowing smoke that’s swallowed the sun

** You’re nowhere to be seen

** You’re nowhere to be seen, seen…


** Do you think our desires still burn? (SPEAKING ARABIC)

** I guess it was desires that tore us apart

** There has to be passion

** There has to be passion, passion

** A passion for living, surviving

SAFIYA: I don’t understand. Where are you taking me?

** And that means detachment **

Why didn’t you just leave me to die?

Say something! (SPEAKING ARABIC)

** To beat you with when you are down…


(IN ENGLISH) Look, I want you to know I am not afraid.

Keep walking.

You should have Saint John Creek to your west.

In about a half mile, you’re gonna make a left.

There’s no road on the GPS.

That’s because it’s not on the GPS.

I’m looking at satellite feeds.

Looks like it may be some kind of a trail

or maybe an old fire road.

We’re not gonna get there in time.

** We’d blacken each other’s skies…



(IN ENGLISH) Go to the ground.

ARAM: GPS signal’s emanating from here,

quarter mile south, just before the creek.

All right, we go in on foot.

One team from the east, one from the west.

Our unsub’s in here.

He’s gonna have backup and he’s gonna wanna fight, all right? Let’s go.

** Unjustified crimes carried on stifled calls

** Would you walk with me now through this pouring rain? **

He wants to watch. That’s what this is for.


I want you to know this.

You can kill me, you can try to make an example of me,

but it will only invigorate the people I fight for.

You will make them stronger, and they will fight back.




The shot came from our west.



SAFIYA: Get off! Aah!




MAN: Don’t move!

RESSLER: Is it just me or is he way too comfortable?

COOPER: Main Justice is sending an AUSA.

He won’t be comfortable once he’s told what he’s being charged with.

Maroun verified Kidd’s intel.

How’s she doing? Good.

Great, considering.

EMTs gave her a clean bill of health.

Did you get her statement?

Yeah, and based on what she told me,

that guy has no business looking so relaxed.

RESSLER: No, it’s weird, right?

(SCOFFS) It’s kind of like you being in the circus.

You were in the circus?

I, uh, ran away from home when I saw the Great Davido spin 75 plates at once.

I was hired as a roadie on a Monday.

Lost my virginity to a trapeze artist on a Tuesday.

She left me for the strongman on a Wednesday,

and I was back home eating matzo ball soup

watching Jerry Maguire on a Thursday.

It was, um… It was quite the whirlwind.

It’s weird, right? It’s like he’s in on a joke.

Forget about him. Go talk to Kidd.

The marshals have him in protective custody.

Telling us about Maroun was only part of the deal.

Now he’s gotta tell you what he knows about Townsend.

Well, Kidd’s scared to death of this guy.

He doesn’t think we can protect him against Townsend.

Well, of course we can, but we only will if he tells us what he knows.

I’m not saying you’re bad at your jobs.

U.S. MARSHAL: Our job is to protect you,

and you’re saying we can’t do that.

Not three of you. Not against him.


Relax, it’s the FBI.

Agent Ressler.

He’s coming here to ask you about the bogeyman.

Go ahead and make fun, but you’re gonna need more men.

Townsend can’t hurt you if he can’t find you.

Since we’re the only ones that know you’re here,

that’s not gonna happen.


TOWNSEND: You did well.



Look at me.

I haven’t said anything about you.

I know.

And now you never will.


Assistant Director Cooper? Ken Spears.

From Main Justice. Yes, I’ve been expecting you.

I’ve had a copy made of Safiya Maroun’s statement,

but, of course, you’ll want to speak with her yourself.

Actually, that won’t be necessary.


And why is that?


Aram, we got a problem.


Sir, Agent Ressler called. Townsend got to Captain Kidd.

He doesn’t know how, but he did.

Sir, do you hear me?

Two marshals are dead and Kidd is gone.

The Saudi operative has been released.


No charges are being filed.

There’s a plane standing by at Dulles to fly him to Riyadh.

Wait, wait, wait. He… He had someone buried alive.

He was about to execute her,

Of the 19 terrorists on 9/11, 15 came from Saudi Arabia.

After the attack, King Fahd urged the White House

to evacuate the members of Osama bin Laden’s family

who were living in the United States.

Eventually, the FBI assisted in returning two dozen of them.

No questions asked.

King Fahd is gone, but his oil isn’t,

and the royal family has as much influence as ever.

Safiya Maroun is a threat to the royal family, so…

Main Justice isn’t interested in her or her statement.

The only thing they’re interested in

is pretending it never happened.

** Weighing down on me

I have to tell Safiya.

** Weighing down

** All of these chains

** Weighing down on me…

DEMBE: Your fight with Harold is helping Elizabeth’s cause.

And that cause

will only end up hurting her.

I’m not fighting with Harold.

His fight with you, then.

Which you could stop, but choose not to.

Go on, then, give me my medicine.

You gave him the case

so you could get to Captain Kidd

and learn about Townsend.

He got to Kidd, but kept him away from you

so he could get to Townsend first.

In the end, Townsend got to Kidd

and neither of you learned anything.

And I thought taking the pills was unpleasant.

** Weighing down on me…

Elizabeth is lost.

She’s aligned herself with a powerful enemy.

You and Harold cannot go on fighting each other and him.

Find a way to call a truce,

not just for Elizabeth, but for Harold, too.

His list of enemies has grown too long.

Our friend in the East.

I fear his patience may run thin.


** Yeah, I drift away

** To a brighter place

** That I close my eyes to see…


** And there’s some days…

(IN ENGLISH) Reddington, what am I not seeing?

** But I’m losing my belief…

We have a system in place.

You are a vital part of that system.

The FBI following you threatens that system.

** Weighing down…

Yet he seems unwilling to do anything to stop them.

No, no, no. Not unwilling.

** Weighing down

Unable, then.

** I’m down on my knees

** I need some relief

** Some quiet and peace

** I’ve been here before

** Tethered and torn

** I won’t take anymore…

The instructions are clear.

Who to speak with, what to say.

They must be executed to the letter.

** All of these chains…

** Weighing down on me

** Weighing down…

Harold Cooper?

All of this is happening at his instruction.

Yes, but he is

an assistant director of the FBI.

** All of these chains

** Weighing down on me… **

I have known Raymond longer than anyone.

I know and trust him like a brother.

But if he won’t do what’s necessary

to protect what we’ve built over the decades,

I will.

Even if it means eliminating an assistant director of the FBI.


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