The Bear – S03E10 – Forever | Transcript

Another funeral.

The Bear
Season 3 – Episode 10
Episode title:
Original release date:
June 26, 2024

Another funeral.

* * *


Shit. Fuck.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Good morning, chefs.


How we doing so far?

Chef, morning.

Everybody good?


Chef, you good?

I’m doing great, Chef.

Appreciate it. Thank you.

Morning, Chef.

Chef, morning.

How we doing?

Good, Chef. Good.



First week?

First day.


Yes, Chef.

And sous chefs have you making family meal?

Yes, Chef.


Ah, a lot of pressure, especially roast chicken.

It’s pressure. Yeah.

Yes, we love it.

Can I… Can I help you? Show you a few things, get you started?



We’re gonna start by showing you how to remove the wishbone.


You can feel the wishbone in there?


So, it’s on both sides.

And, you know, as a child, right?

Right. Make a wish.

Roasted chicken… Yeah. We’d take the wishbone out and hang it up

and dry it overnight, and then we’d sit with our brothers or our mother

or whoever and, uh, try to break…

Who was gonna be the lucky person.

But now I’m just scraping with the tip of my knife, you see?

This knife, you can… you can… hear it. You can feel it, right?

The vibration on the knife kind of sounds like…

um, my dentist…

my dental hygienist cleaning my teeth.

You got that?

Yes, Chef.


I can start to pull it out.

You can see it now, right? Exposed.



There you go.

Your wishbone.


You can save that for tomorrow.

Now we’re gonna truss it.


Begin by wrapping it underneath the pope’s nose.

The pope’s nose?

Right here.

And then bring it across.


Make a figure eight.

You see that eight, right?


And then just bring it back and push.


Now, I’m pushing with my thumbs right against the… the wing joint.

Turn it over, bring it underneath the wing, right?

Wrap it around.

See the neck right there?


Wrap it around the neck.

Very simple. Making sure that you pull.

Push that back.

You see how nice…

Yeah. Beautiful.

The bird is, right?

Why do they call it the pope’s nose, Chef?

The pope’s nose.


So it’s funny, there’s a couple of stories,

but the one I like the most or the one I’ve heard the most,

is it was a time, um, in England

in the reign of, you know, King, uh…

King James III.


And, uh, it was the anti-Catholic sentiment

going around the country,

and so, um, they called the ass-end of the bird the pope’s nose…

I see.

as a derogatory comment about the pope.

And there we go. So we just cinch it up.


You’ve been here for 23 years now?


Twenty-three years.

Oddly enough, it seems like yesterday.


I went to work for a French chef named Roland Henin,

and, uh, I was the staff cook, so what you’re doing here today

is kind of the same thing.


And he came to me one day and he asked me, he said,

“Thomas, do you know why cooks cook?”

And I’m like okay, I’m trying to think.

He said, “We cook to nurture people.”

I know people call me a chef, but our trade is cooking,

and that, to me, is such a profound profession

because we get to really be part of people’s lives in significant ways.


So never forget that, right?

We are here today because of those who came before us.

And so this is your first day.


You’ll have a legacy here

in this restaurant, you know,

and after you leave.

So always remember, right, come in every single day

and just try to do a little better than the day before.

Just a little better. Modicum of effort.


And that’ll compound over the years that you’re here,

and you’ll leave this restaurant with education,

training, skills and a path forward.

You’re nurturing yourself.

You’re nurturing the team you’re cooking for.

You’re gonna be nurturing our guests.

We’re even nurturing our farmers, our fishermen, our foragers,

our gardeners, who are bringing us all these wonderful ingredients.

Of course.

And so, just remember, right?

It’s all about nurturing.


I’ll let you at it.

Thank you, Chef.

Thank you, Chef.

♪ I’ve got a Dungeon Master’s Guide ♪

♪ I’ve got a 12-sided die ♪

♪ I write these stupid words ♪

♪ And I love everyone ♪

♪ Waiting there for me ♪

♪ Yes, I do ♪

♪ I do ♪

♪ In the garage, I feel safe ♪

♪ No one cares about my ways ♪

♪ In the garage Where I belong ♪

♪ No one hears me Sing this song ♪

♪ In the garage ♪

♪ In the garage, I feel safe ♪

♪ No one laughs about my ways ♪

♪ In the garage Where I belong ♪

♪ No one hears me ♪

♪ No one hears me ♪

♪ No one hears me ♪

♪ No one hears me Sing this song ♪


[singing in Italian]

Well, well, well. Look who’s here.

My fricking boy! Dude.


Oh, shit.

Back where we started.

Did you see that we hung your jersey up there?

Retired it, huh?

Yeah. Fastest retired number of all time.

I’m honored. Thank you.

No, man, we’re honored.

Yeah. Fuck yeah, you’re honored.

I’m a fucking legend.

That’s my legendary dawg right there.

And his legendary four days.

Five days.

And I’d like to think that, had I stayed on,

my talents would have just flourished exponentially.

Yeah, so you’re saying that we would’ve just retired your jersey anyway.

This is what I’m saying. Correct.

Like, in reality, you saved us some time.

Yes, because every second counts, bitches.


I like what he’s saying.

Can I ask you about the balloon?

Was it always supposed to be apple-flavored, or…

Yeah, we changed it a few times, but yes.


’Cause there’s a mozzarella one as well, right?



Yeah, I just, um… I just quit.

Yeah, man. Well, it’s about time.

I’m sure your palate says thank you.

I don’t know. I haven’t… I haven’t really noticed a difference yet.

What’s up with Malcolm? What’s going on with his hair?

I mean, if I’d have known he was going to leave to get a haircut,

I would have cut it myself.


What’s up, guys? You know where you’re going yet?

I guess reality hasn’t set in yet on us.

That’s… Yes. Yes.

Yeah, we’ll be okay.

Yeah, I know.

Well, this I know to be true.

Hey, you guys mind if I hang in here for service?

You don’t wanna sit out there?

No. Fuck that.

Of course.

The pillow, the one that’s…

The lavender pillow.

The lavender pillow, right.

Yeah. The lavender pillow.

How does that work? Does it…

Is it, like, perforated beforehand or do you puncture it?

We puncture it after.

Puncture it. Okay.

Actually, talking about puncturing, um,

’cause I’m just thinking about, um,

like, uh, needles, like, um…

So with the, uh, truffle explosion,

is that injected or is that, like, set when you make the pasta?

Nah, that’s set.

Oh, okay.

That one’s set.

Oh, okay. ’Cause it just… It explodes so much.

I thought it was maybe…


Yeah. Injected.

Now, what’s up with the restaurant? What’s going on?

Um, you know, kicking my ass as usual.


You know, I’ve been an adrenaline junkie my whole life,

but that shit does not come for free,

and I don’t think I wanna pay with my sanity anymore.

Yeah. Yeah. No, I hear you.

Final service. Time to rock.

You wanna lead?

No, thanks. I’m retired.

Mind if I take it?

Go get ’em, Chef Jess.

You know, actually, again, needles.

Hot potato, cold potato, because that has a needle in it.

It does, yeah.



Peel it, Chef.

Yeah. What was the idea for that?

I mean, as in like, how did you come up with that plate?

’Cause it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Yeah. You know what? I gotta run.


Why did I say needles so much?



Hey, how you doing?

Yeah, I’m good.

You’re doing good? I think we’re…

Yeah, just over here.


Hey, everybody. This is Chef Sydney.



That’s Luca, Syd.


Hi, Chef. How you doing?

Will, Syd.

Doing good. Nice to meet you.


Hey, guys.

Twenty-two, go.

Twenty-three, go!

Twenty-four, go!


Nineteen, walking in four.

Table 305, hands, please.


It’s one of the first dishes I got to work on, uh, here,

and, uh, serving it to all of you is fucking brutal.

So, uh, please be gentle.

Keep your shit-talking at a low volume. Enjoy.

No smudges.

Next time you get 15 seconds, press the fucking button.

Sign the agreement, Syd.

[Luca] I remember the first time I yelled “hands”

on the, like, first dish that I’d fully made,

and it was simultaneously the happiest,

most fucking terrifying moment of my life.

And I was staring at it from the pass,

all the way through the dining room,

like, waiting for the ceiling to collapse or something.

It was horrible.

Do you remember yours?

My first dish?


Oh, my gosh.

It was awful.

Wait, the experience or the dish?

The dish was awful.

I… ’Cause, like, now my desserts are so,

like, just scaled back,

and I think this dish had 12 elements on it.

Mine was corn bread ice cream.

Working for this guy. Working for this guy.

He ran me through the gamut. Ran me through the gamut.

How many different ways can you get ice cream to taste like corn bread?

Turns out months and months

of different ways.

It’s, like, why I became obsessed with ice cream.

[Will Guidara] I never knew that. That’s cool.

[Christina Tosi] Things you learn when you dine out with your spouse, right?

Can you not handle this? Is it too much for you?

Answer me.

I can handle it.

“I can handle it, Chef.”

I can handle it, Chef.

Why a restaurant?

Why not a restaurant?

We get a bad review, I gotta cut the fucking string.

The first dish I made, it was, like, a soft chocolate ganache.

And I put, like, all these different, like, dollops on it.

And I showed it to Alex, and he was just like…

Took a picture,

and he, you know, uploaded it to Twitter

and he said, “I just seen the greatest ganache ever.”

And it was like, “Innovation still exists.”

And my heart, like, dropped.

Like, I was like, “Oh, man.”

Then it was just, like, that feeling of,

like, creating something new was just, like, everlasting.

And then having someone you really respect say…

[Tosi] Validate it.


“Okay, it’s ready to go on.”


Not just you saying it’s ready to go on.


Chef, it’s not ready yet, you understand?

It becomes our menu. Like your fingerprint is on the menu.

That feeling.


But, like, the fact that then he posted it and gave you credit for it.

That’s not common, man. You’re…

Dare I say, like, the greatest mistake is working for a bad boss.

Such that, what it unlocks in you is the culture that you choose to create.

This needs to get good or go away.

This needs to get good or go away.

You redid everything.

Syd! Syd!

So, I was trying to…

Just because you’re in the Napa doesn’t make this

a not-fuck business, you know?

People say that I self-sabotage myself

to kind of purposely put myself in the shits.

But it’s because, like,

I need that fear to get something done.

I need the fear of a deadline to, like, light a fire under me.

Has anybody ever left on the preorder option?


Don’t say no like that.

We’re just all sharing stories,

I just wondered, I was just curious.

I remember one time I got a haircut in the middle of service.


I was… No, this is…

That’s crazy.

Yo, this is crazy.

My barber was around the corner from the restaurant.

So, I was, like, all right…

You set up your station and then left?

So, I set up the section. I had, like, my number two.

I was like, “Yo, hold it down. I’ll be back right before we hit it.”

So when I came back,

Wylie was like, “Where were you?”

And I was like, “Oh, I got this thing for this magazine.”

He was like, “The magazine is called Dessert Professional.

Was that professional to leave?”

And, but yo, like, that was crazy.

The greatest lesson you ever learned from Wylie Dufresne:

Don’t leave in the middle of service to get a haircut.

It was pre-service. It wasn’t like…

Mind you, you’re still sort of making a little bit of an excuse.

-“It was pre-service. It was pre-service.”

It was around the corner.

He wasn’t totally wrong.


Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t think he’s right.

“My number two was holding it down.”

[Chef David] Do you want to step out for a second? A little too much?

I think we could open a restaurant.

Who’s “we”? “We” who?

Me and you, Mike.

Hey, guys, why don’t y’all stop? I’m gonna let Carmy catch up.

We used to do julienne showdowns,

which I know sounds stupid, and it was.

And I’m, like, new and I wanna prove myself, you know?

Earn a bit of respect.

And then second or third cut, sliced my hand open.


And they were so nice to me.

Like, it was so embarrassing, but they were so cool.

Just keep going.

It was someone from front of house,

and I’ll never forget, she taped me up

and, like, sent me back out there, ’cause this was right before service.

And it weirdly gave me confidence.

It weirdly made me feel like I’ve kind of earned my place there a little bit.

Or something close to confidence.

Well, I feel like there’s also this sense of, like,

everybody knows you can handle your shit a little bit now.

Like, you’re not gonna back down.


Like, you’re in it.

I was just, like, immediately obsessed with the controlled chaos.

Like, the orchestrated frenzy.

The idea that literally every single one of life’s experiences

can be happening simultaneously within the same four walls.

And then you get to, like, be the conductor of it all.

Like, when I was 12, my dad had me write down,

like, my life’s goals, which is a little intense.

But I wanted to open a restaurant in New York City, because I was like,

“I wanna throw a party every single night

“for the rest of my life.”


This is why you’re alone. You can’t handle this.

I think you’re so special and so wonderful.

You are not tough. You are bullshit.

I love you.

I love you. I’m really proud of you.

You are talentless.

You’ve really thought about this, huh? I really love you.

Take fucking hands.


I think why I wanted to be a chef as… Like, when I was in middle school,

I was in this, like, home economics course,

and I made, like, a dessert.

And, like, when I served everyone,

just the feeling of how they connected to the food,

it felt just, like, super magical.

Like, no one in the classroom knew who I was,

but they were, like, connected to me through the food.

And that was, like, okay, I think I wanna do this for the rest of my life.

Like, you know, like, that felt, like, okay.


[Rosio Sanchez] I just love food.

It was always about making something with my hands,

making something amazing that I’m proud of and having somebody else enjoy it

in a fleeting moment. Like music.

Your dessert with a Negroni ice cream on it at Sanchez.

It’s like one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

I feel like an impostor because I feel like

I don’t like cooking as much as everybody else does.

Um, I knew that I always wanted to make things for people.

And then, growing up, you know, my parents were never in a good place,

but I always knew that I could make something so specific that would m…

bring them joy, you know?

And that was the thing that I got addicted to,

and I think that I seek approval out of people every single day.

And… yeah.

At Elske, we run the food to everyone who comes and eats,

and that has added this, like, additional layer of something I love.

It just means so much to these people.

And for them to become regulars or…

I don’t know, it just brings this other layer to cooking.

I love it, so.

There’s nobility in this.


We get to help people celebrate some of the most important moments of their lives.

We can give them the grace, if only for a few hours,

to forget about their most difficult moments.

Like, we can make the world a nicer place.

All of us in this room.

We have this opportunity, perhaps even a responsibility,

to create our own little magical worlds

in a world that is increasingly in need of a little more magic.

And every time I find myself, like, about ready to burn out,

I reconnect with the fact that that is the business we’re in.

Ten, 36. Don’t fuck with my count.

Fire. Eight, 13, 36.

Three, 52, 14.

Eight, 13, 29. Sorry, Chef.

If you serve a broken sauce, are you broken?


I’ve definitely met thousands of people

who definitely do not love restaurants.

Well, they would love ours.

Yeah? Why is that?

Because it would be ours.

Sometimes you just have to give up. You should be fucking dead.

Say, “Yes, Chef.” Say it.

Yes, Chef.

Go faster, motherfucker. Can you go any faster?

Why are you so fucking slow? Why?

Why are you fucking with me?

Are you shaking?

You’re a failure. Your brother hates you.

Why do you keep trying? Fuck off.

What will we call this place?

Sorry, I forgot my spoon. I went to use my watch. [chuckles]

Using my Rolex. Um…

Uh, this will be quick.

I just wanted to thank you all for being here.

Um, and it’s so lovely to see you all again. Um…

Uh… you’ve all played a beautiful part in keeping this particular plate spinning,

for which I am eternally grateful.

I never thought I’d be here.

Not in my wildest dreams.

I was thinking the other night,

when I first started cooking professionally,

uh, it was… I was a garde-manger in a brasserie in London.

And it was an open kitchen, so I could see all of the customers coming in

and, rather terrifyingly, they could also see me.

Uh… But I was there for seven years all in.

I worked my way up to CDC.

And over that time, something rather beautiful happened. Um…

I would see the regulars come in with their kids and their teenagers

and, uh, I would watch those kids become teenagers.

I would watch those teenagers become grown-ups.

And I saw families grow.

You know, families, people got married, people had kids,

and I got to know them all, and I got to celebrate with them.

And, um, people often talk about restaurants.

As in, you know, what’s the history of it?

What’s the impact it’s making?

Uh, who…

Who has worked there previously?

What awards have they won? What about the, quote, “chef”?

And I think what I’ve learned

over the years, uh, in all the places I’ve worked,

is, uh, people don’t remember the food.

Sorry. [chuckles]

It’s… It’s the people that they remember.

And so I just wanted to say

I’m so grateful that you’re all here.

And, um… And thank you.

Thank you.

Hear! Hear!


Thank you very much.

Three going to 21.

Pick up order 19.

Twenty-four walking in five.

Let’s pick it up. Every second counts.


Hey, Jess. Can I ask you something?



Is there a secret?

Secret to what?

You know, like,

staying all pumped.

Pumped like inspired?

Yeah. Inspired.

I mean, I wish.

So there’s not?

There’s not not,

there’s just not, like, a secret.

So, how you do it?

I think I surround myself

with people better than myself.

What about when you’re not at work?

I didn’t mean at work.

Well, maybe that’s the secret then.


Don’t tell anybody.

[Jessica] Hands.


That’s a blast from the past.

Did you work on this?

I think Carmy and I shucked

probably ten million of these peas…

[chuckles] …day in, day out like robots.

Shell-shucking robots.

[Luca] Mmm.

It’s the deadliest kind.

Kinda like a trauma dish then.

Yeah. It’s a, uh… It’s a big-time trauma dish.

The messed-up thing is I currently make a dessert version.



Sweet pea panna cotta.

[Sydney] You kinda repurposed your trauma then, I guess.

[Luca] That’s all we can do, right?

[Sydney chuckles]

Carm. You all right, mate?


[Luca] You’re staring.

Yeah, like, really staring, actually.


Who are you staring at?

Just a fucking asshole over there.

Which one?

It’s the dude in the corner.

Just don’t… don’t look right now.

[Luca] David Fields.

[Sydney] Oh, shit. From Empire.

Yeah. He’s a dickhead.

[Carmy] Yeah.

He’s the fucking worst and one of the best chefs in the world.

Well, he used to be one of the best chefs in the world.

Total prick.


The bastard made me very,

probably, mentally ill.

Dead inside. Cold. Never turns it off.

Accomplishes more by 10 a.m.

than most people do in a lifetime.

I don’t think he sleeps.

I don’t think he eats.

I don’t think he loves.

He hates black pepper

for some reason I’ll never understand.

And he is getting up.

Carm. Carmy.

Carm. Carmen.

Do we think that’s gonna end well?

Probably not.

Yeah, no.

I’m betting no.





How you doing, Bergazzo?


I always wondered what I would say to you if I got to see you again.

Okay. Let’s have it.

After “fuck you,” I don’t… I don’t have much.

Fuck me?

Yeah, that’s right.

For anything in particular?

No, just generally being you, I think. Yeah.

Got it.

Well, this has been nice.

Still have these, huh?

I think about you too much.

I don’t think about you.

Why are you such a fucking asshole?

How am I an asshole?

Do you have half an hour?

You’re welcome.

I’m welcome? For-For-For what?

You were an okay chef when you started with me,

and you left an excellent chef.

So you’re welcome.

You gave me ulcers, and panic attacks, and-and nightmares. You…

You know that, right? Do you… Do you understand that?

Yeah, I gave you confidence, and leadership, and ability.

It fucking worked.

I’m, like… I’m-I’m-I’m…

I’m fucking stunned right now. I…

Dude, you need to unclutch your pearls.

My life stopped.

That’s the point, right?

That’s the point?

You wanted to be great.

You wanted to be excellent.

So you got rid of all the bullshit,

and you concentrated, and you got focused, and you got great.

You got excellent.

It worked.

You’re here.

Look at all this.

I’m gonna go piss now.

♪ And I want all the days ♪

♪ And I want all of them now ♪

♪ I want you here by my side ♪

♪ And then I don’t wanna ♪

♪ And only you can Let me have… ♪


♪ …Just one more day Oh yeah ♪

♪ I want you here by my side And then I don’t wanna ♪

♪ And only you can ♪

♪ Let me have ♪

♪ Just one more day, oh yeah ♪

♪ Come on! No! ♪

♪ I got to, got to get me One more day, baby ♪

[song ends]



A few months, yeah.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, my sister’s here and, uh…

Yeah, it’s been a while, so.



What about you? Do you have siblings?


Oh. Wow. An only.

Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.

Was that, uh…

Was that hard ever?



I got all the attention.

Oh, I see. Okay.

I get that. Yeah, nice.


But doesn’t that also mean you also get all the bad stuff too?

Honestly, no.


Sorry. Yeah.

Wow, that’s great.


Yeah, of course. It kind of…

I guess it proves

it doesn’t have to be brutal,

it can be, like, more, uh…

Oof. Like, normal?


Yeah. More mellow. Yeah.



It sounds nice.

Yeah. Um…

Did you like having a sibling?

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, um…

For us, it was nice to look over at someone

who’s going through the exact same situation you are,

you know, so that when something feels crazy,

you feel less crazy,

if that makes sense.


But also, like, if things were good, then you kinda had, like, proof,

like you knew it was good.

Right. Good. Yeah. Yeah, right.

Are you close?


Kind of best friends and kind of lost touch, so.

It’s nice to reconnect.


Yeah, especially when it literally is like a best friend

that you saw every day of your life

and you kinda went through this sort of battle together.


Yeah. Do you have anybody like that in your life?

Maybe my dad.

Your dad. Apart from your dad?

Hey, Syd. Oh, hey, Lucas.

You still doing the cooking thing?

Chef Adam, still, uh, getting your fingerprints on everything?

Oh, a smudge joke.

That… No one’s made one of those. Thank you so much.

Sydney, could I, uh, borrow you for a second?

Yeah, sure.

Love you.

Love you too.

All right, hi.

Hey, Adam. What’s up?

Hi. Um…

You get a chance to talk to Carmy yet?

[stammers] No, not-not yet.

Okay. All right. Cool.

I mean, let me know, you know,

if I need to start looking…


No, no, I… I get it.

I would if…

You know. Yeah.

Yeah. Okay. Okay, cool.

Um… I just know, um…

Yeah, this is a big change for you.


I wasn’t sure if you had spoken to him yet, so.

No, I just… You know, I haven’t found the right time, I think.


And there never is.




And you’re still interested, right?


Okay, good.

’Cause I sort of want to start making this thing…

[stammers] Absolutely.


Yeah. I… I get it.

Okay. Yeah. Um…

Starting to look at spaces.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, it’s getting exciting.

Uh, yeah, I bet. It’s… Of course. It’s sick.

It’s huge. Um…


All right, good.


Yeah. Just let me know. Just… Okay.

Okay. Yeah, of course.

Great. All right. Let’s get out of here.

Yes. Yeah. Okay.

I’m right behind you. Yeah. Thanks.

All right. Thank you, Chef.

♪ Oh, I love it ♪

♪ Yes, I love it ♪

♪ Oh, I love it so ♪

♪ Oh, I love it ♪

♪ Yes, I love it ♪

♪ Oh, I love it so ♪

♪ Oh, I love it ♪

♪ Yes, I love it ♪

Hey, old friend.

Hi, Chef.

Finally had enough, have you?

No, no, no, no, it’s… it’s wonderful.

I mean, I just wanted some air.

Yeah, me too.


Oh, you finally quit?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How about you?

Oh. I’ve just started.

Oh. Seems reasonable.

I thought so. [chuckles]

It’s quiet.

Yeah, it’s beautiful.

On late nights here, I used to come out

and watch, uh, the construction of that.

I watched that whole building being built in its entirety.



It’s like real life Jenga.



Oh, to see them set up the crane, I was like, “Fuck!”

Yeah. No, it’s totally insane.


Chef, I, um…

I don’t think I ever got to tell you just how much I learned in this place.

How much did you learn?

It’s a lot.

Thank you.

Well, I learned plenty myself.



I learned that I want to sleep in more.

[chuckling] Uh-huh.

I want to go to London more.


I want to go to a party. And I want to meet people.




That’s why you’re closing?

Yeah. Yes, sir.

But, you know, I got to do all the things I wanted to do

the way I wanted to do them with the people I wanted to do them with.

So, can’t ask for more than that, really.

Uh, heard.


And now you’re starting.

Yeah. Um…

It feels like I’ve been starting forever.

Yeah, the finish line keeps moving.

Yeah, that happens, doesn’t it?


But I’ve heard your restaurant is wonderful.


Congratulations. Truly, Carmen.

Thank you.

That’s very nice.


Yeah. No, it’s… it’s a miracle these places exist.

Preach. [chuckles]

Can I ask you something?

Yeah, of course.

What would you tell yourself, you know, when…

when you were where I am?

I know. I know. I know.

Oh… [chuckles]

Oh, that’s a toughie.


I don’t think there’s any right thing to say

that will make any difference.

Uh, I think I’d tell myself that you have no idea what you’re doing,

and therefore, you’re invincible.


Can I ask you something, Carmen?


Next time we see each other…


Will you call me Andrea?

Yes, Chef.

Thank you. [chuckles]

♪ Oh, I love it ♪

♪ Yes, I love it ♪

♪ Oh, I love it so ♪

♪ Oh, I love it ♪

♪ Yes, I love it ♪

♪ Oh, I love it so ♪

♪ Oh, I love it ♪

♪ Yes, I love it ♪

♪ Oh, I love it so ♪

Awfully quiet.

[Terry] Oh…


Thank you, Chef.

Come on, let’s get the fuck out of here.

♪ This bed is on fire With passionate love ♪

Oh, my God!

♪ The neighbors Complain about ♪

♪ The noises above ♪

♪ But she only comes ♪

♪ When she’s on top ♪



♪ She said you’re like A disease ♪

♪ Without any cure ♪

♪ She said I’m so obsessed ♪

♪ That I’m becoming a bore Oh no ♪

♪ Ah, you think You’re so pretty ♪

It’s really bad.

How bad?



Andrea Terry is in my freezer,

and all I have are waffles and pizza.

This is amazing. Andrea Terry loves this shit.

And look, we can put this on top.

[Sydney gasps]


Is that a move?

Let’s play for $500.


Eggo waffles, Chef!

What the fuck is that?


It just goes into your cuff.

Service, bitches!


♪ Moved out of the house So you moved next door ♪

♪ I locked you out You cut a hole in the wall ♪

♪ I found you sleeping Next to me ♪

♪ I thought I was alone ♪

♪ You’re driving me crazy When are you coming home? ♪

[teakettle whistling]

[whistling continues]

♪ Pretty ♪

♪ Pretty ♪


Um… Can you take this? I’m gonna… Thank you.

I’m gonna grab something outside. I’ll, uh…

[partygoers shouting]

[music continues]

[phone buzzes]


♪ Disarm you with a smile ♪

♪ And cut you Like you want me to ♪

♪ Cut that little child ♪

♪ Inside of me And such a part of you ♪

♪ Ooh, the years burn ♪

♪ Ooh, the years burn ♪

♪ Burn ♪

♪ I used to be a little boy ♪

♪ So old in my shoes ♪

♪ What I choose is my voice ♪

♪ What’s a boy Supposed to do? ♪

♪ The killer in me Is the killer in you, my love ♪

♪ I send this smile Over to you ♪

♪ The killer in me is The killer in you ♪

♪ I send this smile Over to you ♪

♪ The killer in me is The killer in you ♪

♪ I send this smile Over to you ♪

♪ The killer in me is The killer in you ♪

♪ I send this smile Over to you ♪


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