The Acolyte – S01E06 – Teach/Corrupt | Transcript

On a distant island, unsettling questions about identity and destiny arise.
The Acolyte - S01E06 - Teach/Corrupt

The Acolyte
Season 1 – Episode 6
Episode title: Teach/Corrupt
Original release date: July 2, 2024

Plot: Osha is rescued and cured by Qimir on an unknown planet. Qimir reveals that he was once a Jedi, betrayed by his master, and attempts to bring Osha closer to him without success. She slowly begins to open up to him. On the Jedi ship at Khofar, interference disrupts Sol’s attempts to contact the Jedi Council; a partial message about losing his whole team makes it to Coruscant. When power on the ship suddenly fails, Sol orders Mae to try to fix it, thinking she is Osha. As she uses a restored PIP, Mae tries to get Sol to tell her the truth about what happened on Brendok, but they’re interrupted when the ship’s power is restored. Mae tries to contact anyone to rescue her, but Sol neutralizes her after realizing her identity. When Mae wakes, Sol says he will tell her the whole truth. Vernestra and a small band of Jedi travel to Khofar to investigate Sol’s message. They find the massacre with evidence of lightsaber battle, leading Vernestra to suspect a fallen Jedi is responsible. Following his offer, Osha tries on Qimir’s repaired helmet.

* * *

What is that?

[lightsaber ignites]

[lightsabers ignite]

Osha, run!



[neck cracks]

What do you want?

I want a pupil,

an Acolyte.


What have you done?

Have you forgotten who we are?

Where we come from?

They’ve brainwashed you.

[Mae gasps, pants]

You’re a criminal, Mae. You must pay for your crimes.

[Osha grunts]

[lightsaber hums]

Where is she?

[Sol] Your sister.

[Mae] She’s gone.

[♪ uneasy music playing]

[gasps, breathing heavily]



[♪ uneasy music continues]



[breathing heavily]

[distant chittering]

[distant rustling]


[♪ intriguing music playing]

[squeals, chittering]

[waves crashing]

[♪ uneasy music playing]

[♪ dramatic music playing]

[♪ mysterious music playing]

[♪ somber music playing]


[rocks crunching]

[♪ ominous music playing]

[creatures chittering, screeching]

[ship engine humming]

[ship whooshing]

[buttons click]

[holoprojector whirs, crackles]

Coruscant 5112. You have clearance for transmission.

Emergency Code Zero.

Please re


GX Repeat.

There’s been a

My whole team is dead.

[distorted speaking from holo]

[Indara] Mae, in this test,

you must divine what images appear on the testing screen.

[little Mae] What do you want me to do?

[Sol] I must speak to Master Vernestra.

[Bazil sniffing]


[Sol] We were ambushed. Someone knew we were coming.

[holoprojector buzzing]

[distorted] Please boost comms and run a…

[Sol] There is a much larger threat than we anticipated.

[system beeping]

Osha, I’m going to reset the transceiver.

[system whirs]

Take the wheel.

[system beeping]


[mechanical whirring]

[system chirping]


[system beeps, trills]

[breath shudders]

[breathes deeply]

[buttons click]

[system trills, beeping]

[Bazil sniffing]

[♪ mischievous music playing]

[sniffing, chittering]

[rustles, clanking]




[Pip beeping]

[Pip warbling]

[Bazil speaks Tynnan]

[♪ mysterious music playing]

[water splashing]

[dagger clanks softly]

How does it feel?

[♪ tense music playing]

Don’t move.

Feels good. Doesn’t it?

To hold one in your hand again.

I assume you didn’t keep your own saber when you left the Order.

Your stance is good.

You should keep your other elbow up higher.

Allows for a swifter block.

Stay where you are.

If you’re not gonna join me, I’d like to put my clothes back on.

You’re wondering if it’s honorable to kill me like this.

Heat of battle, it’s justified, but a few hours later, it’s vengeance.

Now you’re wondering how I can read your mind.

I can’t.

Not exactly.

Your anger betrays your thoughts.

Why bring me here?

Why not kill me?

Am I supposed to be your prisoner?

“Prisoner”? You’re the one with the weapon.

Did you kill Sol?


Did you kill Mae?


Interesting you ask about him first, though.

He taught you the Jedi arts.

But he’s more to you than that.

A special relationship, isn’t it?

Master and pupil.

[ship whooshing]

[mechanical whirring]

[button beeps]

[Mae] All set.

[Sol sighs]

You saved us, Osha.

You saved me.

That man… He corrupted your sister.

He pushed me to a place I

I’m sorry.

It’s time to make things right.

It’s time for me to face the High Council.

To tell them everything.


[holoprojector whirs]

Coruscant 5112 to Polan GX8. You are clear for transmission.


[holoprojector buzzing]

[system whirs, crackles]

[system powers down]

Do you want to take a look?

[♪ ominous music playing]

Give me a couple of minutes.

[Chuwant] Senator Rayencourt continues to gain support.

My colleagues in the Expansion Region will vote in favor

of an external review of the Order.

Rayencourt has never been a friend of the Jedi.

But I worry his fear has convinced so many.

A review should not be cause for alarm.

The Jedi are always transparent with the Senate.

This is a case of an ambitious senator grasping for power.

Apologies, Senator, I must go. But thank you for your update.


What is it, Mog?

We received a distress call from Master Sol.

Apparently he’s on a mission in the Outer Rim.

What did he say?

There were casualties.


The connection was faulty, but it sounded like…

[gulps nervously] the entire team.

Get him back on the comms.

Unfortunately, we’ve lost contact.

Prepare a rescue team to depart for the planet Khofar immediately.

How do you know where he is?

I sent him there.

[Osha] You speak as if you were a Jedi.

I was.

A long time ago.

I’ve never heard of you.

It was a really long time ago.

Why’d you bring me here?

Why do you think?


Everyone does seem to want you.

If you keep me here, Sol comes to you.

He’s found me before, and his strength in the Force is very powerful.

You think that’s his strength?

That’s your strength in the Force, Osha.

Someone ought to teach you that.

I’d start swimming if you want to make it to the ship before sundown.

Or you could wait for the tide to go out.

You hungry?

[system trilling]

[system beeping]

[♪ mischievous music playing]

[Pip beeping]

[footsteps approaching]

[sniffing, growls]


Hey, hey, hey. Relax. Relax. Hey, hey. Whoa, whoa. Relax. Okay.

[Bazil screeches]

[Mae shouts out in pain, groans]

[grunts, exclaims]

[Pip beeping]

[liquid splashes]


[Pip beeping]

What if I reset you to factory settings, hmm?

[Pip beeping]


[Pip beeping]

All right.

[Pip beeping]

Can you run a check on the power system?

[Pip beeping]

[♪ serene music playing]


What did you mean my strength in the Force?

[stranger] Exactly that.

If you were a Jedi, you know it’s something you must exercise.

Without training, it fades.

And that’s what they told you.

The Jedi teach there’s only one way to access the Force

and if you don’t do it their way, it fades.

But there is another way.

Below the surface of consciousness are powerful emotions.

Anger. Fear.



That’s the path to the dark side.


You murdered my friends.

I killed Jedi.

I killed those who threaten my existence.

You killed Yord.

A man who didn’t hesitate to turn you in for a crime you didn’t commit.

You killed Jecki!

[stranger] And where did you think that was going to go?

You would’ve had the same relationship with her that you have with your Master.


Why do you love people who can only go so far?

Who can’t go as deep as you can.

I’m not my sister.

I’m not that easily corrupted.

[♪ foreboding music playing]

Aren’t you forgetting something?

You stayed here to do something.

Do it.

Turn it on.

A Jedi doesn’t attack the unarmed.

Why do you still think of yourself as a Jedi?

They didn’t want you.

That’s not true.

I left.


Because I chose to.

Are you sure about that?

Let me go!

What you’re feeling right now,

this anger, this pain, this is who you are.

The Jedi saw it, and that’s why they threw you away.

They didn’t throw me away.

Then why aren’t you a Jedi?

Why aren’t you a Jedi, Osha?

Because I failed!

[lightsaber ignites]

[lightsaber humming]

[Osha breathing heavily]

I understand.

[♪ somber music playing]

I lost everything, Osha.

But when you lose everything…

that’s when you’re finally free.

[lightsaber retracts]

[people chattering]


Have you heard from Master Sol?

Uh, no, but our team is readied and we depart in 20.

Are you joining us on the mission, Master?

I am.

[hesitates] To the Outer Rim? It’s just…

You get nauseous when you travel through hyperspace.

I don’t get sick.

I find it unsettling.

But, Master, I’m sure that these casualties

are due to the planet’s uncharted environment.

I need to handle this personally. I hope that is all right with you.

[announcer speaking alien language]

[ship powering up]


[footsteps pattering]

[Bazil chittering]

[Sol] Osha?


I ran a diagnostic.

Had to restart the system.

Should be five minutes or so.


What is it?

How could I not have sensed that villain’s true intentions

when we first met him on Olega?

I think when you really want something,

it can cloud your mind.

You see what you wanna see.

He fooled us all.

You found him.

Your PIP droid.

[Pip beeping]

Yes. He’s okay now.

I noticed the way you take care of him,

talk to him,

love him.

Even though he is just a machine.

[Pip beeping]

I’ve always been like that.

Even when I was little.

I know.

I had to lose a lot of myself in order to become a Jedi.

Even if I didn’t know it at the time.

I’m sorry if you felt that way.

How could I feel any other way?

[Sol sighs]

Have you told me everything that happened on Brendok?

You were very young.

But I’m not now.

You can tell me.

[system powering up]

[♪ tense music playing]

[button beeps]

Hello? Is anybody there? Can you hear me?

[Jedi over comms] Identify yourself.

My name is

[blaster fires]

[sniffs, chittering]

[Pip beeping]

Oh, Mae.

[Jedi] Master Sol, the rescue team is on their way.

Leave your transponder on

[powers down]




[system powers up]

[♪ ominous music playing]

[people chattering]

Everything all right, Master?

What did they say?

Seems an umbramoth colony hatched last night

and wreaked havoc on a local settlement.

If the Jedi had been anywhere near that colony,

that could explain a large amount of casualties.

It could.

This way.

[alien speaking alien language]

[♪ mysterious music playing]


Did you give the same pitch to my sister?

I made a mistake with Mae.

I thought she wanted more than just revenge.

I thought she wanted what I want.

And what do you want?

The power of two.

[stranger sighs]

Where’d you get that scar?

How do you think I got it?

Looks like someone stabbed you in the back.

Someone who threw me away.

Your Jedi Master?



Handy against lightsabers.

But also a sensory deprivation headpiece. Like we used as younglings.

[Osha] It blocks out all your senses?

So it’s just you and the Force.

And what you bring with you.

Try it on.

I don’t trust you.

Nor should you.

But you should learn to trust yourself.

[♪ unsettling music playing]

[♪ menacing music playing]

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[lightsabers igniting, humming]

[Sol] Osha, run!

No sign of Osha or her twin.

They must have survived somehow.

What happened here?

What do you see?

An explosion.

Then, a battle.

One versus many. His power, extraordinary.

His skills, erratic.

His sole aim was to leave no survivors.

[wings rustling]

[lightsaber ignites]

[lightsaber retracts]

They were all killed by a lightsaber. What does that tell you?

A powerful Jedi has fallen.

You don’t think Master Sol was responsible?

That is quite the accusation.

Who else would possess the power to slay such a strong group?

Something to tip the scales.

But if he did this, why would he send us a distress signal?

It’s time to get back to the ship.

We should prepare these bodies for burial.

[breathes deeply]

[breathes heavily]

I have no intention of harming you, Mae.

Then let me go.

I will.

Believe me.

We have a lot to do.

We need to find your Master.

We need to save Osha.

But first, you and I are going to talk.

I’ve had sixteen years

to think about what I would say to you if I ever got the opportunity.

So you’re going to listen.

[♪ mysterious music playing]

[♪ foreboding music playing]

[♪ suspenseful music playing]

[Osha breathing heavily]


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