Superman & Lois – S02E02 – The Ties That Bind | Transcript

Clark opens up to Lois about his ongoing struggle with visions and admits that there is only one person who might be able to help; tensions being to rise with Lois and Chrissy; Sarah breaks plans with Jordan to spend time with Natalie.
Superman & Lois - S02E02 - The Ties That Bind

Original air date: January 18, 2022

Lana suffers a setback in the upcoming mayoral election against Mayor Dean when Daniel Hart drops out due to a job offer in another town. While having breakfast with his family and the Irons family, Clark has another painful vision. With Lois now knowing about it, Clark is told that there might be someone who can answer that question as Jordan notes that they won’t be able to use the Fortress of Solitude after what happened to it. Natalie enrolls in Smallville High School where she befriends Sarah who continues to be awkward around her. Superman visits Tal-Rho in his special red solar light prison to see if there were side effects to having Kryptonian consciouses inside one’s head. Tal-Rho stated that he had no side-effects from all the Kryptnian consciousnesses being in him and offers to make use of his desert lair to Superman. Lois and Chrissy go to the Shuster Mine to meet with Dr. Faulkner about the incident there. After the visions interfere with him trying to stop a hostage crisis caused by Phillip Karnowski which Anderson’s team defeats, Anderson states to Superman that his special doctors can’t trace the visions and that he is starting become a liability. Before leaving, Superman states to Anderson that his latest recruit Tag is less than 18-years-old. Jordan accompanies Superman and a handcuffed Tal-Rho to Tal-Rho’s lair where he makes use of Lara’s hologram. As Lara scanned Superman, the tremors happen as Superman has the visions at the same time a mining group encountered a monstrous figure that caused a miner to detonate the tunnel. Following a brief fight with Tal-Rho who pretended to be depowered, Lara reveals to Superman that the visions are the result of an “invasive cosmological event” and states to Tal-Rho that there might be some good in him. Superman returns Tal-Rho to his prison. Lois and Chrissy decide to go look for Lucy Lane. Jordan learns that Sarah kissed a camper named Audrey. Dr. Faulkner calls up her boss about what was in the mines.

* * *

♪ You know I ain’t gonna crawl and I ain’t gonna beg ♪

♪ I’m gonna write my own rules for life ♪

♪ And so I head out on the road ♪

♪ You know we gonna make it work ♪

♪ I feel lucky to be alive

Wow. How long have you been up?

A bit.

You made all this?


Are those eggs over-medium or scrambled?

A little bit of both.

Wait, uh-uh. Wait for our guests.



Good morning. How’d everybody sleep?

Well, it’s, uh, nice to have a real bed at least.

You’ll get used to the roosters.

both: No, you won’t.


Well, uh, it was nice of you to lend Nat your room, Jon.

Ah, no worries.

You guys will find a way to pay me back, right?

All right, everybody grab a bite.

Uh, you know, you didn’t have to do all this, Lois.

No, happy to. Really.

Um, there’s egg and bacon and sausage.

Sorry, but I’m kind of vegan.


I can whip up some oatmeal or slice up some fruit.

I’m not really a big breakfast person, but thanks.


[dramatic music]

Well, then, uh…

[echoing strangely] I guess you boys should have plenty to–

[people screaming]

Dad. Dad.

[breathing heavily]

[people screaming]

Dad. Dad.

Clark. Clark.

What was that?

You’re having visions?

[sighs] They started when I saved that sinking sub and then again during the earthquake.

And you didn’t tell me?

You had other things to worry about.

Maybe I should take the kids to school today.

No, it’s okay. I can do it.

Please, no.

You’d be doing me a favor.

It’s Nat’s first day.

What exactly are you seeing in these visions?

I’m not really sure.

Destruction of some sort, rocks crumbling.

It’s like a-it’s like a cave-in.

That’s it?

In this last one, I heard screaming.

Did it sound like a planet being destroyed?

You mean Krypton?

[sighs] Think these could be residual memories from Zod?

If they are, we have a major problem.

You’re not the only one who had Kryptonian consciousness put inside them.


He’s fine.

Yeah, for now.

We have to figure out what’s causing it in case it starts to affect him, too.

There’s only one person that would know for sure.

Hey, hon?


People are gonna be here soon.

So let’s just set up quickly so all Daniel needs to worry about is greeting folks at the door.

I’m all over it, boss.


What are people doing here already?

Vicky, promised me the restaurant all morning.

Getting out of your hair, Lana.

We paid for this time, George.

And it’s all yours.

No harm, no foul, hmm?

You know, this is the first time in years that I haven’t run unopposed.

Mm-hmm. I’m well aware.

Well, looking forward to a little friendly competition.

Ain’t gonna be nothing friendly about it.

Have a good day.

I can’t wait for Daniel to crush that smug bastard.



[school bell ringing]

Yo, better conserve your strength for the weight room.

Says the guy that can barely curl a patty melt.

[chuckles] Well, that’s why I switched up my whole regimen, Kent.

Now it’s my time to shine.

You’re gross.


Hey, uh, Sarah.

Hey, uh, I was wondering if you want to go to lunch?





So, French–pretty cool.

You could be trilingual.

Yeah, that’s-that’s the hope.

Hey, Natalie.



Uh, so this is my girlfriend, Sarah.

Nice to meet you. I’m Natalie.

Hi. So your dads are, like, old Metropolis buddies?

Uh, yeah, something like that.

Uh, she’s gonna be staying with us at the farm until her dad can find a job here in town.

Oh, that’s cool.

Hey, do either of you guys know where the east wing basement is?

You mean shop class?

Yeah, it’s my fifth period.

Oh, the new girl takes shop class.

Hey, you won’t have any problem fitting in here.

[scoffs] Not so sure about that.

This town is full of motorheads.

In fact, Sarah’s dad just got her an old muscle car so they can fix it up, right?

Really? What kind?

’78 Firebird, I think. I mean, it’s a total junker.

He can’t even get the engine to start.

No, it’s easy.

Tell that to my dad.

He’s tried changing the ignition switch, the starter, and the battery.

Well, it’s probably a clogged fuel filter, then.

Just have him try something like this.

Okay, so here’s the pump.

And that’s when you knew something was off.

I knew what she wrote in that exposé–

it wasn’t what really happened.

I know. I know, I already called Amertek and told them we were running late for our interview.

What’s wrong?

Lois, you remember that piece you wrote about the self-help guru Ally Allston?

That was years ago.

It’s back in the news again because of this podcast that just came out.

What’s it about?

Journalists who abused their power for personal reasons.

Ally Allston’s a cult leader who was responsible for a woman’s death.

She was never convicted.

But she was responsible.

This podcast says you coerced some of your sources.

Come on, that is clearly untrue.

I’m just asking.

Everyone was vetted and willing.

I did everything by the book.

But you don’t always.

Chrissy, in the first line in that article, I disclosed that I had a personal connection, that a family member had been involved in the cult.

And whenever something has to do with your family, you have a different set of rules.

This is different from my dad and the DOD.

Look, I know this seems big. I get attacked all the time.

It’ll blow over, I promise.


Do you have that seismology report?

We’re late enough.

Well, well, the favored son.

Hello, brother.

To what do I owe the honor?

I need to know something about the eradication process.


Did someone acquire an interest in Kryptonian science?

A new hobby, perhaps?

When a consciousness is rejected by its host, can there be lingering effects?

Such as?

Flashes of pain, feelings not your own, visions.

[chuckles] Sounds like a bad trip to me.

What have you been up to this summer, Kal?

Just answer the question.

No need to be testy.


[dramatic music]

I’ve not experienced any memories other than my own, and I’m fairly certain I had more Kryptonians inside my head than anyone.

What about your son or the other yokels in Smallville?

Of course, there is one way to know for sure.

Take me to my fortress and let me run some tests.

[scoffs] I knew this was a waste of time.

Well, what are you afraid of–that I’ll fly off?

The solar flare John Irons used left me powerless.

None of this is necessary.

I’m no more energized by the sun than any other insufferable human.

Enjoy your solitude, Tal.

Oh, I will.

Dr. Faulkner.

Miss Lane.

Sorry, I was just finishing up a walkthrough with one of our inspectors.

No, please, We’re the ones who were late.

I take it the inspector’s here because of the earthquake.

Yes, but as I explained to her, it wasn’t caused by us.

Well, the last quake in Kansas was over 40 years ago and nowhere near the same magnitude.

That’s right, and I know mining is the leading cause of seismic activity in the heartland, but we haven’t gone deep enough to cause something like that.

Well, that’s true, Doctor.

However, the readings indicate that the epicenter started here.

And it’s not just the one quake.

There have been multiple tremors.

I’m aware.

All I can say is we’re trying to get to the bottom of it, literally.

Can you explain why Amertek hired an expert in mineralogy as its chief of operations?

I have several degrees, but I’m mainly here as a geologist, which is quite normal in mining.

But you came to Amertek for this job specifically?

Yes, that’s right.

Because of the X-Kryptonite?

Most people aren’t aware of exactly what we’re extracting, but it’s no secret that Amertek was hired to clear these mines, as I’m sure you understand why that is.

X-Kryptonite is what Morgan Edge used to give people powers.

It could be really dangerous in the wrong hands.


Amertek is doing a public service.

But whether these mines are full of X-Kryptonite or not doesn’t explain the seismic activity we’re experiencing.

And right now that’s my main concern.

Dr. Faulkner?

Just one second.

Listen… I know you want to ease public fear, and I promise, as soon as I have more information, you’ll be my first call.


Seems legit.

I need you to get a hold of a seismologist, figure out what’s causing these tremors.

Sure. What are you gonna do?

Talk to another source.

Where’s your guy?

I don’t know. He’s not answering my texts.

Well, he better show up soon, or you’re gonna be the one talking for him.


[door bells jingle]


Hey, what happened to greeting everybody as they came in?

I need to talk to you.

I’m dropping out of the race.


I got a job offer last night. It’s over in Bristol County.

What about this job, being mayor?

It’s not a guarantee.

Daniel, you can win. You can beat Dean.

We’re just getting started here.

Which is why it’s the right time to bow out.

I can’t do it.

I’m so sorry, Lana, but my family needs this.

It’s been a rough couple of years for us.

[sighs] I understand.

Hi, everybody.

Thank you for coming, but I’m afraid I have some bad news for all of you.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, perfect timing.

Ready to head to the Diner?

I’m so sorry. I completely forgot.

What do you mean?

I asked Natalie if she wanted to come over after school to work on the car.

Hey, guys.


You should come. It’ll be fun.

It’s cool.

Are you sure?

We could use an extra pair of hands.

Cars aren’t really my thing.

Uh, I’ll text you later.


See you.



Feel free to do whatever you want in here.

I’m just, uh, trying to help Nat feel at home.

Me too.

Breakfast was a bust. [both laugh]

Yeah, but–but you made the effort.

That’s all that matters.

Any pointers on what I can do differently?

Want the CliffsNotes?


Be yourself.

Nat got her mom’s natural apprehension of people.

So, uh… [chuckles]

The only way to get her to open up is… to get to know her.

That may take a while.

I can wait.

Look, John, I could use your help.

What kind of help?

Figuring out what caused that earthquake.

Inside the mines filled with X-Kryptonite.

Listen, my focus is on Natalie and being the best dad I can be for her.

I can’t get pulled into anything dangerous.

I promise, it’s a one-time ask.

Nothing to do with the Steel suit.


[sighs] Hey.

Hey, how did it go?

He’s not gonna be helpful.

What about you?

Nothing that makes sense yet.

But I’m gonna help her see what we can find.

[people screaming, gunfire]

[sirens wailing, indistinct shouting]

Can you call Coach Gaines, tell him I’m gonna be late?

What about this morning?

I’ll be fine.

I just–I got to go.

[wind gusting]


Everyone okay?

Get them out of here. [indistinct chatter]

[breathes deeply]

[echoing] Dude.

Are you okay?

What happened out there?

My team said you just passed out.

I don’t know.

Well, they don’t know either.

I’m not sure why we still have dedicated Kryptonian physicians on the payroll.

It’s virtually impossible to run any kind of diagnostic test on you.

Look… I just have to be clear.

If you’re not gonna be part of the Threat Reduction Agency, you don’t have free reign anymore.

I can’t have you interfering with our missions.


It’s a guy almost killed a bunch of innocent people.

That guy? Phillip Karnowsky-drug runner, weapons dealer.

Stole a large quantity of X-Kryptonite from the Schuster mines before we got Amertek in there.

He’s been making a fortune on the black market– one of many messes I inherited from Lane.

He was selling X-K?

What can I say?

Everybody wants superpowers.

In any event, we handled it right after we saved you.

Look, you don’t want to be part of my team, okay, I get it.

But it means that you’re on your own.

No more backup.

So whatever is going on… I hope you figure it out and fast.

Otherwise, right now you’re more of a liability than a hero.

[dramatic music]


One of the members on your team, Tag Harris, he’s barely 18.

Sure is fast, isn’t he?

[device beeping]


So you just happen to have a seismometer laying around in your RV, huh?

Ah, I got similar tech in my suit, but like I said, it’s retired.

Just like you.

Just like me.

So how does this work?

Look, this measures the difference between a set point when the bedrock isn’t moving.

It processes all the variables interacting when it starts to shake.

So what do we do now-just wait?

That’s the thing about earthquakes.

I mean, there’s not much you can do until they happen.

Do you have anything to drink in there?

[chuckles] After you.

What about, uh, Denny Brooks?

He was on city council for a few years.

I mean, folks around here seem to like him.

Yeah. Denny stepped down, though.

He wanted to spend more time with his family.

I doubt he’s gonna want to do something that requires even more time away from them.

And what about Ted Hargrove?

Name five people that like Ted Hargrove.

Oh, I know.

Oh, Del Mason.

He grew up in Smallville, runs the 4H Festival every year.

Yeah. Del’s moving to Edgerton.

I mean, Daniel was the only one.

What are we gonna do?

Live with Dean as our mayor, I suppose.

Ten years unopposed, and he hasn’t done anything to help Smallville.

If it wasn’t for the settlement from Edge EnerCorp, this town would be struggling more than ever.

But, no, Dean gets to blame us for everything that happened and then take the credit for the windfall.

So unfair.

I know. It’s just politics, babe.

I mean, even at the small-town level, it’s–it’s messy business.

Look, I’m sorry, but I got to go to work, okay?

Any other names pop up, I’ll give you a call.

[speaks indistinctly]

Thanks, babe.

We want that championship, this is where we start earning it!

One rep at a time!

Come on, Ryan! all: Go! Go! Go!

Show me something, Ryan! Give me one more!

You got this. You got this. Come on.

[players shouting]


Yeah! Whoo!

[players cheering]

Aah! [grunts]

315 pounds! [players cheering]

When you put that time in, you’re unbeaten!

Let’s go! “Crows” on three!

One, two, three! all: Crows!

[indistinct shouting]


Hey, is your mom still out?

Guess so.

Okay, when she gets back, just tell her I went to the fortress.

I thought it didn’t work anymore.

Not mine, my, um-my brother’s.

Is this about this morning?

I think Tal might be able to help me.

You’re gonna break him out of prison?

Your grandfather pulled some strings.

You can’t go there with him by yourself.

He doesn’t have any powers anymore.

Yeah, but it’s still his fortress.

What if there’s, like, booby traps or something?


Let me go with you.


Just to watch your back.

After this morning…

I know what it’s like to have those kind of attacks.

I can help you.

A-and besides, things with Sarah right now are not going so great anyway.

I’d love to just kind of feel useful.

Please, Dad. Let me be there for you.

Impressive, isn’t it?

All that remains of our Kryptonian heritage.

I like Dad’s fortress better.

Well, taste is subjective, I suppose

Let’s just get started.

And, Tal, if you even think of trying anything…

Brother, your suspicions are without merit.

I’m simply here to help.

May I?

This is no trick, Kal.

In fact, it’s something far, far greater.

It’s a family reunion.

Kal-El, my son… is that you?


Look at you… this grown man towering before me.


Jordan, this is your grandmother Lara.

Hi, Grandma.


And you are?


Of course you don’t recognize your forgotten son.


You were able to escape Krypton.

Oh, thank the gods.

Both my sons, alive and together.

No, we’re–we’re not.

[dramatic music]

What is the meaning of this?

I’m guessing this is not same grandma that helped you before.

This consciousness was uploaded before the destruction of Krypton and therefore remains untainted by your father.

Your actions tainted her perspective, not me.

My sons!

I require an explanation.

I tried to resurrect the planet we lost.

Unfortunately, humans proved to be ungrateful hosts.

You used The Eradicator on the people of Earth?

I never should have designed that machine.

We were so close, Mother.

My life’s greatest regret left in the hands of a monster.

You left me in the hands of a monster!

Easy, Tal.

Do you know what it was like living under that man’s thumb-the pain he inflicted?

That was not my decision.

I had no knowledge of your existence until it was too late.

You’re his mother.

Genetically, yes.

But I did not give birth to him.

On Krypton, all children were engineered.

Except for one.

Tal, you must believe me.

I tried reaching you, but the barriers they had erected were insurmountable.

Oh, you stand here, pleading walls were too thick, gates were too high, when we both know the true obstacle was your own heart and love’s absence within it.

That is not true.

My love for you has always been real.

And now fate has given us another opportunity.

Fate intervened long ago.

You have but one son to care for now, and he’s in need of his mother’s help.

What is the matter?

I’ve been having visions, and I believe they may be of the destruction of Krypton.

He also believes they’re caused by The Eradicator.

Then I should be able to provide answers.


This car is a total disaster.

Yeah, I told my dad not to get it, but he kind of insisted, so…

Are you crazy? This thing’s a beast.

I mean, it gets over 280 horses, dual exhaust, which is always badass.

[grunts] Here.

Honestly, the only thing that kind of sucks is that it doesn’t have a working AC.

Okay, that was awesome.

But, also, none of this works, so…

Not yet.

So what are you, like, a “gas tank half full” kind of girl?

[chuckles] Let’s just say there’s nothing I can’t fix.

Where’d you learn how to do all this?

Well, I spent all my free time learning mechanics in our bunker.


Are you and your dad, like, doomsday preppers or something?

No, it’s just what we call my dad’s shop–the bunker.


So, uh, what’s going on between you and Jordan?

Nothing. Why? Did he say something?

No, but that answer tells me a whole lot.


Have you ever had a secret that… you felt might completely change the way that somebody sees you?

Yeah, I have.

What’d you do about it?

Pretty sure it’s not the same type of secret.

Look, if you can tell him, then do it, but if not, you really need to get better at hiding it.

Yeah, I didn’t mean for this conversation to get so depressing.

Don’t worry. I’m about to change all that.

[engine turning over]


Oh, my God. You’re a genius.

I’ll also accept “cool” and “awesome.”


[device whirring]

Green tea with a splash of almond milk.

I know this isn’t ideal, being back here around me.

It’s the best thing for Nat.

What about you?

I’ll make the adjustment.

You sure?

I’ll make the adjustment.

[device beeping]

Looks like there are small tremors coming from the mines.

Let me see. [beeping continues]

We need to go check the sensors. Come on.

Your son… he reminds me of your father.

Father was so proud of him… of both the boys.

You have no idea how happy that makes me.

See how she favors him-your father?

Well, yeah, he’s not a genocidal sociopath who tried to destroy civilization.

And your mother… does she favor the weakling?

From what I hear, Jon’s probably stronger than you now.

Dad, you okay?

[speaks indistinctly]

What the hell is this?

It’s definitely not an earthquake.

Are you okay?

I would say most definitely not.

You still have powers?

You got me. I lied.

Tal, whatever you’re planning–

You won’t be able to stop.


[dramatic music]

Stay back!

I think we’ve done this dance before, nephew.

I said stay back.

The patterns I’m picking up aren’t seismic.

There’s something causing this.

Joe, I said to evacuate now!


Joe, do you copy?

What the hell was that?

Joe, are you–are you there?

There’s something down here.

It might be the source.

[creature breathing heavily]

What the hell? Get back!

Oh, God.

No, no!



Your powers have matured.

But you’re still just a coddled child.

Tal, stop this.

You have no cause to harm this boy.

You can’t know the cause I have!

Nor what I have endured.

Yes, and that will forever be my burden.

But you are not your father Tal.

There is good in your heart.

I can see it.

Please… you must let the boy go.

Joe? Joe, what are you doing?

It’s going to get out!

Joe, do not detonate! [device beeping]

Get everyone away from the mine!


Joe, don’t. [device beeping]

[creature roars, explosion]

It’s over.

Yeah, I think so.

But these readings… whatever’s down there, I never seen anything like it.

[grunts, breathing heavily]



Don’t you ever touch him!

Stop! Enough!


I’m fine. I’m fine.

This was a mistake.

I never should have trusted you!

No, Kal. He was right to bring you here.

I know what’s wrong with you.

Aren’t you gonna thank me for reuniting you with your long-lost mother?

She could have been a mother to us both if you’d chosen a different path.

There is no choice in this life, only the illusion of such.

I think you’re wrong.

She believes there’s still good in you.

[dramatic music]

And you, brother?

Do you feel the same?



But I want to.

[door opens, closes]

Those aren’t earthquakes.

There’s something causing them, and we have to figure out what.

Great, let’s add one more thing to our already-overflowing plate of nonstop garbage.

What are you talking about?

The podcast went viral. It’s everywhere.

Next week they’re talking to one of your sources who apparently is recanting their story.

That’s impossible.

No, it’s not. It’s happening.

I’m already getting calls from subscribers.

We need to start acting like this is a thing.

I told you, I vetted every single one of my sources.

Well, what about your mysterious family member, the one you didn’t name?

Who was it?

Lois, I am your partner.

They are painting a target on your back, and if they take you down, I am going down with you.

Can you please tell me the truth?

Who was it?

It was my sister Lucy.


Wow. So… so she what, took one of Ally’s classes or something?

No, Lucy was in pretty deep.

Everything she had was invested in Ally, so much so that when Ally told her to go find her other self,

Lucy did just that.


By swallowing a bottle of pills and almost drowning in the bathtub.

If I hadn’t found her and pulled her out,  she would’ve died.

God. Lois, I’m sorry.

Don’t be.

She’s alive.

There’s another family who wasn’t as lucky.

And you’re sure everything your sister told you was true?


She’ll back you up on that?

I don’t know. It’s hard to say.

We haven’t talked since the article came out.

That’s a problem, Lois.

If your sister’s the one changing her story, it doesn’t matter how right you were.

Public’s never gonna believe you.

[door closes]

Stop the presses.

You and I got to talk.

I thought you were supposed to be at work.

Yeah, I got Tamera to cover for me.

This was too important to wait.

What is this?

That’s just the signatures of the entire Smallville Fire Department in support of you for mayor.



No, listen, hear–hear me out, okay?

See, Daniel Hart, he’s a-he’s a paper tiger, right?

Now, you… you are what this town needs for mayor.

I mean, come on, no one-no one cares about Smallville like Lana Cushing, right?

And you and I both know you can beat that smug son of a bitch Dean at his game.

Mm, I agree…


Which is why I just filled out the paperwork to make it official.

[laughing] Oh.

Hot damn, my wife’s gonna be mayor of Smallville.

No, she’s running for mayor of Smallville.

Okay, I’m an optimist, but you know what this means, though, right?

Couple months from now, I might be Smallville’s first First Dude.

[both laughing]

Thanks, babe.



Yo, you will not believe the day I just had.

Yeah, worse than finding out

that your main competition is a roid head?


I think Timmy Ryan’s on something.

Ah, think about it, right?

Laziest slacker on the team.



All of a sudden, I come in, he’s benching three hundy.


Right? No way.

both: No way.

What happened to your shirt?

Oh, it, uh, may have gotten ripped when I went head-to-head with Uncle Jerk Face.


Yeah, I know.

But the crazy thing is I actually think I could have beat him up.

No way.

I landed a couple blows.

That’s awesome.

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, you guys busy?

No, no

Uh, actually, is everything okay with Sarah?

She hasn’t been answering my texts.

Ask her yourself.

She’s outside on the front porch.

You, uh–you might want to throw on a new shirt there, boss.

Good call.



There’s something I have to tell you.

Look, are you mad at me?

D-did I do something wrong?

Because I’ve been thinking about it all day, and, honestly, I don’t know what I did.

No, no, you didn’t do anything.

I did.

I kissed someone…

At camp.

Her name’s Aubrey, and she and I– I-I thought we were just friends at first, and then it just sort of happened.

So, um… do you want to date her now?


No, it–it was just, like, a camp thing.

It doesn’t really matter.

Then why’d you do it?

That’s what I’m trying to tell you–it just happened.

It doesn’t mean anything.

Thanks for telling me.


I’ll–I’ll see you at school.

Jordan. Jordan.

[door closes]

Is Jordan okay?

A little shook up, but he’s fine.

Never should’ve taken him there in the first place.

I get why you did. His powers have been growing.

I know, but it doesn’t matter.

He’s too young to be put in those situations.

Don’t beat yourself up, Clark.

There’s no way you could have known your brother got his powers back.

When did that happen, anyway?

Best I can tell he is been playing possum for months, just waiting for the right time.

Any luck finding out what was causing your visions?

[sighs] My mom said it was triggered by an invasive cosmological event.

She called it “interdimensional kinesthesis.”

Nothing you just said sounds good.

In layman’s terms?


Whatever’s happening to me, some other being is causing it.

How do we stop it?

I still don’t know.

I-I can’t see it. I’ve had five of these things.

And they’re only getting more and more violent.

The last one at Tal’s fortress felt like I was being pulled in and out of a horror movie.

Five times all within the past few days?

And nothing before then?

No, I felt fine until the submarine.

Which was the day of the first earthquake.

And based on Lois’ seismology reports, there was a tremor before the quake we all felt, probably around the same time you were in Korea.

You think they’re connected?

How many tremors have there been?

Including the ones that I recorded today…


If your visions are linked to these earthquakes…

And what your mom said is true…

Then whatever’s down there is what’s causing this.

[knock at door]

We’ve been ordered to clear all personnel from the site.

I’ll be just a minute.

[line trilling]

You were right. Something came through.

And it’s even more powerful than we hoped.

Greg, move your head.


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