Superman & Lois – S01E08 – Holding the Wrench [Transcript]

Clark encourages Lois to reach out for help after noticing her reaching a breaking point. Meanwhile, Jonathan finds himself in a dangerous situation. Lastly, Kyle encourages Sarah to audition for the musical revue at school.
Superman & Lois - S01E08 - Holding the Wrench

Original air date June 1, 2021

Irons is interrogated at the DOD, but wants to only speak to Lois. Jonathan and Lois explore Irons’ RV, where they find photos of him, as well as his Earth’s Superman, Lois, and Natalie. When Jonathan explores the RV on his own, he has to be saved from the AI by Superman. Lois yells at Jonathan in anger, but Clark suggests that there is more on her mind. Lois returns to a therapist who helped her years earlier when she had a miscarriage with a baby girl, who would have been named Natalie. Meanwhile, Sarah tries out for a singing competition in school and is assisted by Jordan, after Kyle abandons her upon learning that he was not chosen for Edge’s Leadership program. Lt. Rosetti displays Kryptonian powers when he tries to kidnap Irons. He fights Superman, weakened by Kryptonite gas, before being killed by Irons, who is talked down from killing Superman by Lois, who empathizes with his loss. Sam is forced to reveal Project 7734, an R&D Division for weapons designed to harm Superman if he should turn. Irons is released by the DOD and drives off, as Lois apologizes to Jonathan and reveals her miscarriage to him.

* * *

Lois, what a nice surprise. Thanks for waiting.

Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I know it’s been a while.

You know, when they were cadets, your dad kept my husband from getting kicked out of the academy twice. My door is always open for you. So what brings you in today?

We have been having some life changes, pretty major life changes. Don’t get me wrong. Life has always been complicated. I’m good at complicated, but today I kind of got blindsided and… just somehow felt like everything was slipping through my fingers.


I lost my temper… and I am worried that if I can’t pull it together, I’m at risk of hurting someone I really love more than I already have.

[dramatic music]


I know the last few weeks have been hard on us all.

Bottom line, there’s a lot going on.

Morgan Edge, people suddenly getting powers, mystery guy trying to kill your dad.

So we just wanted to check in and see how you were doing with all of it.

I talked to Coach Gaines. He’s not happy, but he knows the three of us are taking a break from football.

He just needs your uniforms back.

I’ll go do it today. It’s my last time in a high school locker room probably ever.

Dad? No.

I’m good. Can you just hold this?


[soft dramatic music]

Can I be excused, or… We’re not done talking.

Listen, the stuff that we’re dealing with would be a lot for anyone, so if you’re stressed or worried, you need to tell us, okay?



That’s your dad.

I’ve got to get to the DOD and question John Irons.

I’ll let you know what I find in the RV.

Okay. Good luck.



I’ll be in the barn. You two stay out of trouble.

Mom, you think maybe I could come with you?

I don’t know, I feel like I wasn’t much help fixing the truck, but I think I could help you.

Yeah, sure. Okay.


Any idea what might be in here?

Not really, but your dad said it was lined with lead, so someone is hiding something.

[soft suspenseful music]

Classic creepermobile. Exactly, so be careful.

Identification required. Identify yourself.

Lois Lane.

Voice authentication confirmed.

Good morning, Lois.

How do you know my name?

You are one of my authorized users.

How can I help you, Ms. Lane?

Um, what can you tell me about John Henry Irons?

[hydraulic whirring]

Careful. What is that?


Whoa. That was easy.

What you working on there?

Just a list of small businesses in need.

Edge has a new assistance program.

I think it’s going to help a lot of people.

I thought you were just finding people for his, like, leadership thing.

I was, and now that Mr. Edge has all the people he needs for that program, he put me onto this project.

I guess he’s just trying to help as many people as possible achieve their best selves, whatever that means.

Look, if he ever decides to expand that program,

I mean, I’m right here.

I know. Sorry, babe.

The program is full. I wish I could’ve helped you.

Mom, did you help out Mr. Kirker?

Because Jess wants me to audition for this musical revue, and we haven’t spoken since, like, the third grade.

What? You used to love to perform.

You should definitely try out.

You’d be so good.

And it would give you something to do.

It’s tonight, and I don’t have time to prepare anything.

Well, look. Hey, I got the day off, right?

And you know I got a guitar.

You and me practice together, right?

[imitating guitar] No, I get… no.

Look, at the end of the day, if you’re not feeling it, then there’s no pressure.

But just a little pressure because it would be fun.

[imitating guitar]

You’re a theater kid? No. Not…


I was thinking about trying out, but…

You should go for it. Why not?

I get really bad stage fright, and if you laugh about this, I will kill you.

No, no, no, no. I, um… used to play piano.

I did the whole little kid recital thing.

As I got older and my anxiety got worse, it got to be a little too much.

I didn’t know you played piano.

Well, if you ask me to prove it, I’ll hyperventilate. Noted.

If you try out, let me know, and I’ll come to cheer you on.

[soft dramatic music]


Yeah, yeah. I know.

I have to return these. See you around.




[soft tense music]


[soft dramatic music]


I’m going to be right back.

[keypad chimes] [door clanks]


Have a seat, John.

That is your real name, isn’t it?

John Henry Irons… Ranger… two tours in Afghanistan.

Got into the private sector and made a name for yourself as a mechanical engineer.

The problem is, John Irons died six years ago under mysterious circumstances.

At least that’s what happened to the John Irons of this Earth.

How did you get here?

[sparks crackle]

[dramatic music]

Ballistic shields failing.

[hull groaning]


Hold on! [alarms blaring]


Almost there, almost there.

[alarms blaring]

Hang on, hang on!


[soft dramatic music]

All you need to know is I’m the one who’s going to end you.

Because you think I’ll turn on humanity.

Because you’re a traitor, Kal-El, a soulless monster who feels nothing for the billions of people who believe in you.

You have no idea how much I care about these people.

I do know.

What happened on my world is already happening on this one.

The Kryptonians are here, and you joining them is the last domino to fall before it all goes down.

I’m not saying another word until you bring me Lois Lane.

So John Henry is from another Earth?

Yeah, it’s kind of confusing.

Multiverse and parallel universes, each with its own Earth, et cetera, et cetera.

So on his Earth are there, like, are there other versions of people from here?

Yeah. Sometimes.


Like you?

Why do you want to see Lois Lane?

Answer the question. Not until I talk to her.

She doesn’t want to talk to you.

Let her tell me that. You lied to her.

It was for her own good. She doesn’t trust you.

You’re the one she shouldn’t trust!

You’re the one who killed them.

What are you talking about? She was everything to me.


She was the love of my life, my wife, the mother of my daughter…


Until you murdered her.

And I won’t let you do it again.


I don’t really look back with regret.

I reflect, or…

But I don’t usually regret, but this?

Is it possible you’re being too hard on yourself?

No. I was enraged.

You have no idea the things that I said.

I read your articles, your critiques.

Let’s just say I know what your words are capable of.

I can go full scorched Earth, and if that is my intention, you deserve it.

But this person didn’t.

I think that sometimes, words cut so deep that they forever change how you see a person.

[soft dramatic music]

And I don’t know how fix this.

We’ll figure this out.

We’ve been in similar situations.

Learning that the man who’s trying to kill your husband is your other husband from another world?

It kind of feels like new ground to me.

I meant the part about having to clean up the mess caused by an evil version of you.

Lois, look at these articles. I mean, other than the suit, this guy was just like me right up until he started killing innocent people.

Clark, it doesn’t matter. That’s not you.

And if John Henry wants to save humanity here, he has to accept that.

You really think that’s possible, knowing everything he’s lost?

His wife? His daughter, Natalie?


Look, Lois, I can come home, and we can talk about this right now.

Clark, no. I feel sorry for him, but that was his life on his Earth.

He’s here now and we need answers.

Maybe I should go talk to him.

No. No, not yet.

I understand where he’s coming from now.

I think maybe I can get through to him.

I hope so.


We need him to tell us how to save our world.


I love you, Lois. I love you, too.


[knocks on door jamb] Hey, Mom.

Hey. You good?

Yeah. Let’s just… Let’s take a break from the RV.

I’ll let you know before I want to go back in.


[music playing on headphones]



You’re being ridiculous.

I’m excited. Go on. Open it.

That box ain’t going to open itself. Come on.

Sheet music?

From just about every musical ever!

Okay, pick one, and let’s get you warmed up. All right?

Um. [whistles]


[tuning guitar] I can’t.

Sarah, come on now, you’re a great singer.

You’ve been singing in choir for years.

Exactly. It’s easier to perform with people.

There’s safety in numbers.

Fifth grade, you had that big solo in the Christmas pageant.

You remember that? Now, you’d have killed that if you hadn’t gotten food poisoning, I just know it.

[soft dramatic music]


I didn’t get food poisoning.


Dad, it’s fine whenever I’m with people.

It’s just whenever I’m by myself, it feels like I have this weight on my chest.

If that feeling of wanting to sing is greater than that fear of getting up there, well, then you got to try it.

I mean, the fear is just short pain.

Regret, that…

That lasts a lot longer.


[takes deep breath]

I do want to do it.


Yeah. Okay. Then you ready?

Okay. [strumming guitar]


[soft ominous music]

It’s time to change tactics.

Trask can get us what we need.

No. No, not like this.

We don’t torture people.

What we do and don’t do is not your call, so Lieutenant Trask will tap in if I can’t get him to talk first.

You’re going in?

Where he’s from, we’re allies.

I could use that.

Not that I don’t have faith in you, General, but I’m going to get my things.


[door clanks]


[soft dramatic music]


Sorry I didn’t get to meet you, sis.

You seem really cool.


And we must defeat them if we are to save humanity, for that is what separates us from them.

Our humanity.

[sirens wailing]

I love you, girls.

[heat vision blasting] [screams]

[ominous music]

[soft tense music]


[alarm blaring]

[energetic dramatic music]


Identification required. Okay, okay, Jonathan Kent.

Jon… Jon Kent.

Warning. You are not authorized.

In T-minus 20 seconds… No.

You will be eliminated. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

20, 19…

Mom! Mom!



Mom! Mom!


Mom, I’m not authorized! It’s going to kill me!

This is Lois Lane! He’s my son!

Ten… Stop the countdown!

Eight… Clark!

Clark! Clark! [chiming]


Clark, the AI is going to kill Jon!

Two, one…


Are you okay?

[soft dramatic music]

Are you out of your mind?

You don’t go snooping around some guy from another world’s murder van!

I mean, I… I thought it was safe earlier.

Jonathan, nothing is as it seems with this kind of stuff.

I said I would go back in there with you.

What were you thinking?

I just thought I’d look around.

Without me?

Jonathan, what were you really doing in there?

Mom, even I knew how upset you were earlier about what we saw in there, and then that crazy hammer thing that he made, I thought that maybe I could go in there and I could look for…

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on. You were looking for weapons?

Dad, you and Jordan basically are weapons.

I am the only one in this house that is completely unarmed.

Jonathan, your mother and I will protect you.

Really? Yes!

Because I was one second away from being dead, and Mom couldn’t do anything, and you?

You almost didn’t even make it in time.

Jonathan, look at me. Look at me!

I let you come with me because I trusted you.

I trusted that you were responsible enough to know what’s at stake, to know how dangerous this all is!

So now you don’t trust me? Okay, let’s calm down.

You knew there was a risk!

I know you did, and yet you went in anyway, alone, behind my back!

What… to find weapons?

You almost died, not because you were unarmed, because you were reckless and stupid!

And if you had died, the only person that would’ve been to blame is yourself.

Get out of my face!


Okay, okay.


Are you okay? I’m fine, Clark.

Okay, okay. I’m going to mark that as a no.

He could’ve been killed. I know, I know.

And it was scary, and… I don’t know.

Do you think maybe you were, like, a little harsh?

Do you want to talk about what you saw in the RV earlier?

I said I’m fine, Clark. Okay, okay, okay.

Look, I know you can handle anything, but it is okay to ask for help.

And I want to be that person for you always, but I also understand if I’m not right now.

What about the woman you talked to before, your dad’s friend?

Dr. Wiles. Is she still at the DOD?

Just think about it. I’m going to go check on Jonathan.


Mr. Cushing? Ms. Larr.

You’re here to see Lana? Yeah.

Our daughter has got this school thing she’s auditioning for, and I snuck a recording of us practicing and her singing and me on guitar.

Anyway, Lana is going to love it.

A man of many talents.

It’s why we’re so disappointed you turned down our offer.

Beg your pardon? Just know that Mr. Edge is quite interested in you.

I know he hopes you’ll reconsider.

I appreciate that.

I don’t know, $150,000? That’s a lot of money.

Yeah, but it’s not a loan.

It’s a grant, and Mr. Edge believes in your business.

Now you can remodel the store.

Lana? I need to talk to you. Okay.

It’s important. Mm-hmm. Excuse me.

Hey, what’s wrong? You seem upset.

Did you lie to me? What?

Leslie Larr said Morgan Edge wanted me for that position.

If Morgan Edge wants me, and I want the job, well, then what’s the problem?

There’s no position for you, Kyle.

That’s not what Larr said.

Well, she doesn’t know everything.

Come on, Lana. She’s his right hand.


Edge doesn’t think you’re leadership material.

Well, he respects you and everything you’ve done for him, which is why he didn’t say anything to her.


You should… you should probably get back to work.


Think you can sit here and waste my time like this is some joke?

I didn’t say anything funny.

Other side of that mirror, there’s a guy ready to come in here with Sodium Pentothal, benzilate, a few other drugs I can’t pronounce, some experimental.

But they’ll get you to tell me what I want to know.

Well, that is funny.

You see, where I’m from, you talk tough, but you would never drug or torture prisoners.

You’ve been sitting here telling me about myself because I was your father-in-law in some other world.

If I meant something to you, tell me something I want to know.

You want to know how you died?

Like a hero trying to save the world…

until he murdered you.

You can’t trust him, Sam.

You’re wrong.

What if there were more Kryptonians, a dozen or so, and he decided he was loyal to them?

He won’t turn. They are his people.

He would choose his kind over mankind.

And what chance would you have?

[soft suspenseful music]


Let him stew, then stick him back in his cell.


You and I should talk.


Is there a reason you haven’t told me everything?

What do you mean?

I’m just wondering who you lashed out at, who you’re worried won’t look at you the same.

My son, Jonathan. You should get better chairs.

Lois, what happened today?

John did something stupid, and I got mad.

Want to talk about what he did?

He went out and got himself in trouble.

Honestly, it’s a miracle he’s alive.

Sounds like whatever happened, it scared you.

You have no idea.

It’s like it’s hard enough being a parent, raising them and caring for them, and then they get old enough and still a part of you is just out in the world, like your heart is just out there and anything can happen to it, and there’s nothing you can do.

It sounds like you felt helpless, powerless.

[soft dramatic music]

Not like I have in a long time.

I’m sure.

Probably not since your miscarriage.


You helped me a lot back then.

You only came the once.

With my job, it’s kind of hard enough making time for my family.

Miscarriages are pretty common.

Common, yes, but they can also be traumatic.

And as I recall, you already had a name picked out.

We were going to name her after my grandmother, Natalie.


Lieutenant Trask.

Here’s an idea. You go on break.

Leave me and my friend here alone for ten minutes.


He’s going back to his cell. General Lane’s orders.

You know your problem, Rosetti?

You’re a stickler for the rules.

You know your problem? Nothing.

Your problems are over.

[dramatic music]


[tense music]

Now you, your problems are just getting started.


Look, I get how important it is to grieve the loss.

I read all the books, all the websites.

I’m just one of those people that copes better when there’s more on my plate, not less.

It helps me focus.

I just wonder, given the emotions you describe and the way you reacted to Jonathan, if you needed more time to process your grief.

I used my vacation days. I allowed myself the time.

Lois, why did you yell at Jonathan?

He put himself in danger. That’s why you lost control?

I told you, he scared me.

That’s it? Nothing else?

What else do you want me to say?

That he was only there because of me, and that if he had gotten hurt or worse, it would’ve been because of me?

I can’t lose another child because of me.

Lois, we respond to grief in many ways, but you have to realize, this…

Is this the part where you tell me the miscarriage wasn’t my fault?

Because… the guilt that I feel is real.

I never stopped working.

Work, exercising, having sex, lifting something heavy, that’s not why you lost your child.

You don’t know that.

The majority of miscarriages are caused by a genetic issue.

Yeah, I know, but…

Lois, you have control over your life in a way most don’t, but the things you can’t control, you have to learn to accept them and let them go.

Your miscarriage wasn’t because of something you did or didn’t do.

It was something that happened to you.


I was so excited to meet her. [sniffles]

I wish there was a shortcut, but you have to allow yourself to go through the grieving process, no matter how much time it takes because when you don’t… Yeah, I know.

I saw what can happen when you don’t.

[♪] Gray skies are going to clear up [♪]

[♪] Put on a happy face

[♪] Brush off the clouds and cheer up [♪]

[♪] Put on a happy face

[♪] Take off the gloomy mask of tragedy [♪]

[♪] It’s not your style

[♪] You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad [♪]

Jordan. Hey.

Hey, why are you ignoring my texts?

I’ve been busy. I told you I’d be here.

I really need to talk to you, okay?

You realize that you’re pretty much the only person I have here, right?

Jon, what happened?

[♪] Put on a happy face I don’t even know where to begin.

Whatever happened, we’re in this together.

All right? Okay.

[♪] Put on a happy face

[cheers and applause]

What are those for?

I’m being supportive.

Dude, come on. You’re in the friend zone.

Hey, guys!

Have you seen my dad? No, I haven’t seen him.

I can’t do the performance without him.

Sarah Cushing? You’re up.

He’s not coming. I… I can’t sing alone.

I can do it. What?

You… you don’t… You don’t even know the music.

I can look up the chords. I got this.


Well, let’s go. We’re on the clock.


Okay, okay, okay.

Um, coming!

[soft dramatic music]


Uh, so I didn’t prepare, like, a musical number or whatever.

So here goes.

[plays wrong notes at first]

[playing piano]

[Amos Lee’s “Little Light”]


♪ Some days I can’t get myself out the box ♪


♪ And some days I can’t find keys to any locks ♪


♪ And some days I feel like

♪ It’s all overblown

♪ And then I look at you

♪ And I don’t feel so alone

♪ So I say, hey

♪ Let your little light shine

♪ Let your little light shine

♪ For the world to see

♪ Hey, let your little light shine ♪

♪ Let your little light shine

♪ For the world to see

Are you still considering Trask?

Actually, I think we need Lois.

Oh, come on, Sam. She can handle herself.

I know she can, and normally I would agree, but this guy was married to another world’s version of her.

They had a family, a child, a daughter named Natalie.

After my mother? Same name as the baby you lost.

[soft dramatic music]

Yeah. It’s weird, but there’s no time for weird.

I’m trying to save the world, and the best chance we have to figure out his agenda is to let my daughter do what she does best.

I know this facility.

If you wanted the fastest exit, we should’ve made that left.

We’re making a pit stop.

At an armed dealer.


I get it. You’re afraid.

If you make a break, Superman might have to track you wherever you’re taking me.

Or is it because you can’t face him?

I can beat Superman.

I have all the power he has, and the extra advantage I need… is right here.


[alarms blaring]

I get to watch you kill each other.

[dramatic music]



Sir, alarms in Sector Five. Where’s Irons?

Unknown. Cams are down and unconfirmed reports put a body in prisoner holding.

Sir, it’s Trask. He’s dead, sir.

Get me eyes on Rosetti. I’ll find him.

Wait. It’s Sector Five. You can’t go.

That’s where you’re keeping your stockpile of kryptonite.

It’s a research and development lab, about a dozen prototypes for kryptonite-based weapons, fragment grenades, bladed weapons, aerosol sprays, biochemical gas.

Bottom line, you go down there, there’s a chance you don’t come back alive.


[alarms blaring]

[dramatic music]

Talk to me, General. I’m blind down here.

The feed is still out, but you can’t miss it.

It’s number 7734.


Where’s Irons?

Whatever he’s got planned, I can help you.

You’ve got it all wrong.

The only prisoner who needs help is you.



[indistinct chatter]

The entire facility is on lockdown?

Get me General Lane.








Anyone not in a red cape, consider them armed and extremely dangerous.

Dad, what’s going on?


You see? You’re on the wrong side.




[both coughing]


[both coughing]


You’re lucky I have a mission to complete.

[blade slides]


[blade slides]



On my world, we had our own 7734.

Out of all the weapons I used to kill Kryptonians, this was my favorite.

I’m not your enemy.

I figure, why take the chance?

[door slams open] Drop the weapon now!

Stop! Hold your fire!

[soft dramatic music]

You wanted to see me? Here I am.

You should go, Lois. I’m not going anywhere.


Suit yourself. John, I know about Natalie!

I know what happened on your world, to you, and to your family.

Then you know why I have to do this.


Please, I see the anger in your eyes.

It’s covering something I can relate to: the torture that comes from wondering if you failed, if there was something you could’ve done to save them, but there wasn’t.

If there had been, you would’ve found it.

They’re gone, and it’s not your fault, but it’s not his fault, either.

You don’t know what’s coming.

John, our worlds are different.

Our Superman is good.

He would never turn on us, ever.

How can you know that? I know.

And if you kill him, an innocent man, a hero, what does that make you?


[swelling orchestral music]



Sounds like you’re on the mend.

Yeah. Breathing is better. That was some nasty stuff.

The gas was an experimental, synthetic kryptonite designed to invade your respiratory system, weaken you from the inside, leave you vulnerable to more traditional tactics.

You should know it was my sincere intention none of this would ever be deployed.

Sam, I want to save you the trouble of lying to my face.

[soft dramatic music]


I hope for the best, but it’s my job to prepare for the worst, even when it comes to you.

I am sorry you had to find out like this.

Trust goes both ways. I know.

And I know I have some work to do to regain yours.


About Rosetti… Mm.

He was third-generation military.

Loved his job, his country, never showed a hint of superhuman ability.

And what if it wasn’t him?

When Derek Powell killed himself, he implied that he was someone else, said that I wasn’t alone anymore.

Meaning what, exactly? I don’t know.

Lois has a theory.

She thinks that Morgan Edge has found a way to transfer alien sentience into human hosts.


[soft tense music]

Are you telling me John Irons might be right?

It’s very possible that Morgan Edge is building an army.


Mr. Edge has singled out everyone here for their fearless devotion to our team.

As soon as he’s back in town, he’ll speak to each of you individually, and I assure you your loyalty will be rewarded.

You will each achieve your perfect selves.




I’m sorry, okay?

Look, I’d just gotten some bad news about a job opportunity, you know?

And I just felt like I needed to blow off some steam.

The next thing you know, I missed your audition, and at that point, I was so…

Look, I know.

I know I messed up, and I promise you…


Just don’t promise me anything.

If you’re going to do whatever you’re going to do, just do it.

That’s fine. I just…

I keep getting my hopes up and then just get disappointed.



[piano playing]


Guy tries to kill Dad, and now he’s, what, he’s our houseguest?

I really don’t think Mom would let him stay here if he was dangerous.

After everything that she saw in that trailer, you really trust her judgment right now?

[soft dramatic music]

I guess I deserve that.

Give me a minute alone with your brother.



When you and your brother were about 18 months old, I got pregnant.

And I ended up losing the baby, so it’s really not something I talk about much, but we were going to name her Natalie.

Yeah, exactly. [sniffles]

All this time I thought I was okay… [sniffles]

And then just being reminded of the child that I lost and then almost losing you, I lost it, and I said some things I never should’ve said and that I didn’t mean, but that’s no excuse, and I never should’ve yelled at you like that, and I’m so sorry, and I love you so much, and I hope you forgive me.

Mom, it’s okay. I understand.

Promise me you will never go rogue on me like that again.

I just wanted to help.

Jon, if there’s anyone in this family who gets what you’re going through, it’s me.

I know what it’s like to be in the orbit of someone who can juggle semitrucks, and you want to help out.

You want to save the world, and all you can do is just stand there holding the wrench.

And I know the fear of being vulnerable, and I will teach you some ways to handle that.

But right now, I just want you to know that we’re on the same team.

We are the extraordinary humans in a family of superpeople, and we have to stick together.


[birds singing]

Looks like you pretty much recovered.

More or less.

And I’m free to just drive out of here.

It’s simple.

If there really is a war coming, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

This is a show of trust.

I let you live.

Doesn’t mean I’m ready to fight by your side.

I understand.

If you change your mind, you know how to find me.


Ms. Lane.


I hope you find some solace.

There’s a lot I want to say, but you’re not the woman I want to say it to.


You just look like her, so I will leave you with, “Godspeed.”


Welcome back, Captain Luthor.


Erase the profile for Captain Luthor.

Start a new one for me: John Henry Irons.



Shall I set a course for a new destination?

How about you shut down?

Think I’ll just drive for a while.

As you wish, John.

[engine turns over]


[sweeping dramatic music]


Greg, move your head!


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