Squid Game – S01E08 – Front Man [Transcript]

Ahead of the last round, distrust and disgust run deep among the finalists. Jun-ho makes a getaway, determined to expose the game's dirty secrets.
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Original release date: September 17, 2021

As finalists, Gi-hun, Sang-woo and Sae-byeok are given a change of clothes, a fancy dinner, and a knife. After lights out, Gi-hun asks Sae-byeok that they team up against Sang-woo, but Sae-byeok was injured in the stepping stones game and suggests that they promise to help each other’s loved ones if they win the game instead. Sae-byeok’s injuries worsen and Gi-hun runs to get help, but when the staff arrive Sae-byeok is dead; Sang-woo took the opportunity to stab her when Gi-hun was away. Jun-ho makes it onto another island and calls his chief, but the reception is poor. Front Man and his soldiers hunt Jun-ho down, and Front Man reveals himself to be In-ho, Jun-ho’s brother. In-ho shoots Jun-ho and lets him fall into the sea.

* * *

[waltz music playing on speakers]

[waltz music rising]

[waves crashing]


[breathing heavily]


[breathing heavily]

[shaky breath]

[door closes]

[breathing heavily]

[eerie music]

Why’d you do that?

What the hell did you expect, huh?

Why go up and push that guy?


You got lucky waiting in the back of the line.

Must have forgotten how things are here.

What if that guy ended up wasting our time on that one step like that criminal?

Would you have done nothing?

But he was on the last tile.

He would move to the next one soon.

How can you know that, huh?

That last guy could tell the tempered glass apart the whole time, but he watched all those poor bastards out there die.

The only reason you and I even made it is ’cause he could tell the tiles apart.

Come on! Just stop it with this bullshit.

That guy is not the reason that I’m still here, okay?

I’ll tell you the reason.

It’s that I’m willing to do almost anything to win this.

Stop with the excuses. I’m not buying it.

You still killed someone. His bullet is in your hands.

Get it together, huh.

We’ll be killing everyone if we want that money.

Think about it for just one second.

You should be happy that there’s someone who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

And if it were me on that tile?

[groans] Come on!


Your life is so damn pathetic, and here’s why.

It’s because you always gotta open your mouth and ask something idiotic.

Because you’re a nosy-ass idiot who’s too slow to keep it shut.

Someone who always has to get into trouble but somehow can’t tell he’s in it.


That’s right. That’s how I got caught in all this.

Because I was slow, crazy incompetent.

Just a dimwit who lives off his mother, but you’re with me in this place.

Isn’t that interesting?

Why is that?

Ssangmun-dong’s golden child, the genius Cho Sang-woo, who went to SNU was here?

Rolling around this shithole, slamming with us, simpletons, huh!

Is it my fault that you’re here?

[breathing shakily]

[alarm blares]

[door opens]

[breathing heavily]

[masked manager] Players, we sincerely congratulate and commend you all for successfully making it through the first five games.

The three of you are now the finalists and as such, we have prepared a special gift for each of you.

Before we reveal the gift, please take a moment to change into the outfits we have brought.

[Sang-woo breathes deeply]

[breathing shakily]

[water running]

[somber music]

[Sae-byeok breathing heavily]

[Sae-byeok panting]

[Sae-byeok grunts]


[breathing heavily]

[fabric ripping]


[breathing heavily]

[somber music continues]

[breathing heavily]



[suspenseful music]

[Front Man] Bring him to me alive.

[suspenseful music continues]

[metal clangs loudly]





[line rings]

[Chief] Jun-ho!

It’s me, Chief.

Where the hell are you?

Can you hear me all right, sir?

I haven’t seen or heard from you in days!

Just hold on, I’ll explain it later.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Look, I’m somewhere southwest of the mainland.


Can you try to locate my signal?

Put a whole team together for this.


A whole team?

[Jun-ho] I need backup.

You gotta get a whole squad. The police, coast guard, everyone.

[Chief] What did you say? I can’t hear you!

Let me send over a couple of things, okay, and take a look.

Slow it down…

I’ll call you again soon.

What did you do…

[suspenseful music]


[classical music playing]

[classical music continues]

[classical music rises]

[masked manager] Tonight’s feast is prepared as a token of gratitude for the sacrifice and effort that you finalists have made, and to encourage you all to perform even more splendidly in the final game.

Now please relax and enjoy your feast.

[“The Blue Danube” playing]

[utensil clattering]

[clattering continues]


[tense music]



He’s over there.

[“The Blue Danube” playing]



[“The Blue Danube” continues playing]


[tense music]

[Jun-ho panting]

[breathing heavily]


[hurried footsteps]


Police. Put down your weapons, you got that?

We already know everything about you all.

The coast guard will be here soon.

[Front Man] I don’t know.

Have the Korean police ever been quick to act?

And besides, you barely get any signal around here.

I don’t know what you tried to send, but I doubt it went through.

Come and turn yourself in. You’ll get a plea bargain with that.

If you drop your gun right now and hand over the phone,

I might let you live.

[Jun-ho] Stop right there.

[Jun-ho panting]

That gun of yours holds five bullets.

But for police regulations, one chamber must remain empty, and one must be filled with a blank.

That leaves three live rounds.

You’ve already used one to kill a man and another one to break the lock.

Which means that there’s only one bullet left in your gun.

One bullet is more than enough to kill you.


[classical music playing on speakers]

[breathes deeply]

[dishes clatter]

[classical music rising]

[soft waltz music playing on speakers]

[soft waltz music continues]

[soft waltz music ends]

[Front Man] Give up.

[Jun-ho] I warned you.

Take another step and…


[breathes heavily]

[Front Man] This is over.

Now come with me.

[breathing shakily]

[Front Man] Do as I say.

Or you die.

Who the hell… are you?

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music continues]


Let’s go.


Make this easy.

[dramatic music rising]

[Jun-ho] Brother…

In-ho, why?


[tense music]

[water splashing]

[waves crashing]


[Gi-hun] Sae-byeok.

[shaky breath]

It’s all right.

I didn’t come here to kill you.

You’ve been dozing off.

I’d have killed you already if I wanted to.

[Sae-byeok breathing heavily]

I have this with me because of Sang-woo there.

Protection, you know.

[Sae-byeok breathing heavily]

You’re not holding up too well, huh?

No, it’s okay. I feel fine.

So how come you barely touched your food earlier?

It wasn’t very well cooked, that’s all.

[breathing shakily]

Stop lying, please.

And if I’m hurt?

Are you gonna try to treat it?

[Sae-byeok gulps]

You need to think about yourself.

Just leave me. I’ll be okay.

[Gi-hun breathes deeply]

[whispers] Hey, Kang Sae-byeok.

We should stick together.

We can beat him.

Whatever the game, we’ll help each other get through this as teammates.

Show that psychopath what we can do.

Share all that prize money and just run away.

And do you know what you’re gonna do with all that money once we get out?

I’d pay my debt off first.

And buy a nice clean store in the city for my mom.

[deep inhale]

She always hoped to run a, a real store, not just the kind of little stall.

And I would… finally start being a dad to my girl… for once in my life.

How old is your daughter?

She’s ten.

That’s also how old my little brother is.

And where is your brother staying now?

In orphanage.

I promised that he’d get out of there soon.

Our mother is stuck in the North right now.

I said I’d get her once I was able to make enough money, and I’ll get us all a house.

There’s so much in there. I think even with half, you’ll have plenty.

Hey, Gi-hun.

I think you and I should make a deal.

[Gi-hun] What kind of deal?

Just in case either of us… can actually make it out of this hellhole somehow, we’ll look after each other’s loved ones, okay?

Don’t say that. Come on.

We’ll beat Sang-woo, and then, we’ll get out of here together.

[Sae-byeok inhales deeply]

I still want you to swear, though.

[quiet sob]

I need you to swear that you’ll look after him.


[somber music]

[knife thuds]

[inhales deeply]

[thrilling music]

[Sae-byeok] Don’t do it.

That isn’t you.

You’re a good person at heart.

[dramatic music]


[Sae-byeok gasping]

[Gi-hun sighs]

[dull thud]

[Gi-hun gasps]

[Sae-byeok groaning]

[Gi-hun] Hey.

Hey, what’s wrong?

Hey, you’re… you’re…



What happened? When?

When did you get hurt?



[Sae-byeok] Mister.


I think I wanna go. I’d like to go home now.

[breathes heavily]

Hey, hold on, Sae-byeok. Stay here.

Don’t let yourself go. Just keep on holding this.

I’ll go get someone, okay?


Hey, hey! We need help.

She’s lost a lot of blood!

Somebody get in here!

There’s a badly injured girl!

Is anybody out there?

[breathing heavily]

Get in here, you assholes!

Someone’s dying! Hello?

Send help in!

You need her alive if you want her in the next round!

Somebody out there, please, answer me!


[door alarm blares]

[Gi-hun] Oh. Hey!

Could you please get a doctor? She’s lost a lot of blood.

Hurry! Please.


[breathing heavily]

[suspenseful music]

[dramatic music]


[breathing shakily]

Sae… Sae-byeok.



Oh, no. Oh, Sae-byeok. [sobs]

Oh, no. Sae-byeok, no.

[shaky breath]


[dramatic music continues]

[inaudible dialogue]

[inaudible scream]

[inaudible cry]


[dramatic music continues]

[Gi-hun sobbing]

[dramatic music continues]

[bullet clangs]



[In-ho gasps]

[shaky breathing]

In-ho, why?

[breathing heavily]

[“Fly Me to the Moon” playing]

♪ Fly me to the moon ♪

♪ And let me play among the stars ♪

♪ Let me see what spring is like on ♪

♪ Jupiter and Mars ♪

♪ In other words, hold my hand ♪

♪ In other words, darling, kiss me ♪

♪ Fill my heart with song And let me sing forevermore ♪

♪ You are all I long for ♪

♪ All I worship and adore ♪

♪ In other words ♪

♪ Please be true ♪

♪ In other words ♪

♪ I love you ♪

[“Fly Me to the Moon” instrumental playing]


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