Squid Game – S01E02 – Hell [Transcript]

Split on whether to continue or quit, the group holds a vote. But their realities in the outside world may prove to be just as unforgiving as the game.
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Original release date: September 17, 2021

More than half the players were killed in the first game, and some survivors beg to leave. According to the third clause of the game’s agreement, if the majority agree to end the games, all players will be sent home. The players vote, and Player 001’s deciding vote has all of them sent home safely. Upon returning, Gi-hun goes to the police but no one believes his story except Detective Hwang Jun-ho, whose missing brother received the same card as Gi-hun. The game staff give the players the chance to resume playing, and many return, including: Gi-hun, whose mother needs a medical procedure; Sang-woo, who’s about to be arrested for financial fraud; Player 001, who feels he has nothing to live for; Player 067, who wants to smuggle her parents out of North Korea; Player 199, who attacked his employer for withholding wages; and Player 101, a gangster on the run. Jun-Ho secretly follows Gi-hun when he’s picked up by the game staff.

* * *


[mysterious music]

[man grunting]



[enigmatic music]

[music stops]



You helped me. Thank you.

And you did too.

You saved my life out there.

You’re alive. That is what matters.

[alarm buzzing]

[door clanking]

[masked manager] You have all made it through the first game.


You’re moving on.


I will now announce the results of the first game.


[digital trilling]



[masked manager] Out of 456 players, 255 were eliminated, and 201 players successfully completed the first game.

[players gasp, murmur]

[breathing heavily]


[woman 1] Mister, please.

[sobs] Listen. I’m so sorry.

I swear I will pay what I owe.

I’ll do it, I’ll pay it all. [crying]

Please, sir. [sobs]

I have a child.

Oh! So young,

I need to register, and I still need to name my child, sir.


[woman 1] Please, sir, let me leave.

[woman 2] Please. I’m so sorry.

Sir, I’m begging you. Let me leave and I swear

I’ll find a way to pay it all.

Let me go home.

[woman 3] Me too.

I can’t keep going. Sir, please, I can’t go on.

[players clamor]

[man 1] Please let me go home.

[masked manager] There seems to be a misunderstanding.

We are not trying to hurt you or collect your debts.

Let me remind you that we’re here to give you a chance.

[man 2] A chance?

We play some kids games.

And you shoot us. You want me to choose that?

That’s some chance.

We may be in debt, sir… [cries]

…but that doesn’t justify killing us all.

[masked manager] This is just a game.

[all murmur]

Killing everyone out there was a…

game to you, huh?

They were simply eliminated for breaking the rules of the game.

If you just follow the rules,

you can leave this place safely with the prize money we promised.

Just keep your damn money. I don’t care!

Let me just go home. That’s all I want.

[indistinct chatter]

[man 3] Let us leave. Let us go.

[masked manager] Consent form clause 1.

A player is not allowed to stop playing.

Come on! You think you’ll get away with this, huh?

[Player 119] The police will come.

They’ll bust in here any minute now. They’ll be here since we all disappeared.


And I bet they have everybody’s phones tracked here already.

Look at all your hostages. You’re doomed if you don’t let us go!

We’re all dead!


[players exclaim]


Consent form clause 2.

A player who refuses to play will be eliminated.

[Sang-woo] Consent form clause 3.

If all the players agreed to stop playing,

the games are allowed to end.

Or am I wrong?

[masked manager] You are correct.

So let’s vote on ending this.

If the majority wishes to leave this place,

then everyone gets to go home, right?

All right, as you wish.

We will take a vote to decide on the termination of the game.

[players muttering]

Before we vote,

let me announce the prize money for the game as previously promised.


[ceiling rumbles]

[digital trilling]

[buzzing, clattering]

[chiptune music]

[chiptune music continues]

[chiptune music rises]

[chiptune music stops]

[masked manager] A total of 255 players were eliminated during the first game.

A hundred million won is at stake per player.

Therefore, 25.5 billion won of prize money has been accumulated so far.

If you wish to give up on playing, the 25.5 billion won

will be sent to the bereaved families of the late players,

100 million won each.

However, you will all return home empty-handed.

Uh, sir…

So then, if we can complete all six games,

how much do we get?

[masked manager] Since there were 456 players,

the total prize money is 45.6 billion won.

And with that, we will now begin the voting.

As you can see, there are two buttons in front of you.

If you wish to continue playing, press the green button with an O.

If you wish to stop playing,

then please press the red button with the X instead.

After you finish voting,

move to the other side of the white line and wait.

Voting will be done in reverse order of the numbers on your chests.

Player 456, please cast your vote.

[sighs deeply]

[inhales deeply]


[masked manager] Player 453, please cast your vote.

[somber music]

[button beeps]


[button beeps]





[beeping continues]


[sighs] Come on.

Player 218.

[Sang-woo exhales]

[somber music]



[inhales sharply]



[monitor clicks]

[Player 119] Have you all gone crazy?

We have to leave.

We can’t keep putting up with this insanity.

[Player 212] So what if we leave?

Tell me, what changes?

Just as bad out there as it is in here, goddamn it.


She’s right!

If we stop right now, that only helps the ones who are dead.

They’ll get a 100 million won and not us.

We made it through! They’re out! That money is ours.

Please! Think about what just happened out there.

Come on, let’s go! [whimpers]

Where am I supposed to go, huh?

Out there, I don’t stand a chance. I do in here.

No, I’ve got nothing out there.

Come on, let’s finish this thing!

I’d rather stay and keep on trying in here than go back to the bullshit out there.

You jerk! You got some kind of death wish? Go die alone!

Don’t drag everybody else into this, you little shit!

What the hell are you doing?

Who are you…

[both gasp]

[masked manager] We will not condone any kind of act

that impedes this democratic process.

Now, let us resume and continue voting.

[tense music]




[beeping continues]


[buttons beeping]

[dings, clacks]

[bleeping, clacking continues]

[masked manager] It seems we’re down to the last vote.

Player 1.


[suspenseful music]

[heavy breathing]

[Player 1] The doctor said there’s a…

a lump inside over here, growing every day.

Brain tumor.

[tense music]

[masked manager] If you wish to continue playing, press O.

However, if you wish to stop playing, then press X.


[exhales deeply]

[suspenseful music]



[button beeps]

[all exclaiming]

[indistinct shouting]


[excited chatter]

[somber music]

[masked manager] The majority of the players have voted to terminate the game.

Therefore, this game is now terminated.

Hey! Okay, anybody who wants, they can go.

But let the ones who want, stay till the end, though.

Half of us has died already!

We can’t just stop here!

[Player 212] He’s right! Please let us stay!

We’ll keep playing the game!

[man 5] Yes! Let us continue!

[masked manager] It truly is a pity that we must say goodbye to you like this.

However, we will not completely seal the door of opportunity

for all of you.

If the majority of you wish to participate again,

then we will resume the game.

So, goodbye for now.

[engine revs]

[door opens]

[Gi-hun yelps]


[engine revs]

[groans] Oh, help! Help! Hello!

Help over here! I can’t see anything! [whimpers]

[woman] Will you shut up?




Who are you?

The pickpocket? You’re the thief.

Oh, shut up.

Is that you, huh?

You plan on lying here all night?

Come on now. Untie me, you moron.



[both grunting]

Hang on. [Gi-hun panting]

Oh, shit. Where are we?

[woman grunts]

Hey. Untie me now. Hey!

What are you… Oh, okay.

Get dressed first. It’s cold.

[shivers] I’m freezing too. Oh!

Oh, yeah. [shudders]

Hurry up now.


Oh, that hurts. Hey.

Hey, stop. Come on, it’s my turn now. Huh? Hey!

Wait! Wait. What are you doing? You gotta untie me.

Yeah, why is that?

I just helped you. What the hell?


Now, aren’t you a little old to be this clueless?

I help untie you,

then you’re just gonna hassle me for your cash again.

Of course, I’m gonna hassle you.


[Gi-hun] Okay, fine.

Forget the money, okay? Untie me, I beg you.

[Gi-hun quivering]


Yeah. I swear I’ll forget the whole thing.

How can I trust you?

I swear it on my… on my own mother, okay? [panting]

Pretty please.

Oh, it’s freezing. Goddamn it!

That hurts. Shit. [shivers]

[Gi-hun cries]

[Gi-hun whimpers]

[Gi-hun grunts]

Hey, you little… Come here. Get back here.

My money… give it back. Give it back now!

Give it back! [grunts]

Give me my money! Give it back! Ow!

Oh, shit. Give me back the money.


That’s all your mother means to you.

You little… Hold on, you stop right there. Hey!

Hey! Don’t walk away!

God, shit.

[man] Excuse me, sir, where are we?

[Sang-woo] Yeouido.

Where exactly is… Yeouido?

In the center of Seoul.

Uh… sir, sir, do you have a cell phone on you?

Uh, would you let me borrow it, please?

I’ll be quick.



[cashier] That’s 2,000 won.

[cell phone buzzing]





[cell phone buzzing]


[man slurping]

Thank you, sir.


[in Hindi] Hi.

Yes, I had some work.

I’m sorry.

[lighter clicking]

[in English] Here you go. And thanks again, sir.

Have a good night.

Wait. Stop.

Got money for the bus?


You said you live in Ansan.

You couldn’t afford the ramyeon here. Got money for the ride back?


No. No money.

I’ll walk.

You’ll walk… all the way to Ansan?

Here, take this for the bus ride home.

I can’t. No.

I don’t have money to pay you back.

I won’t ask you to do that. Take it, okay?


Thank you.

Thank you so much, sir.

Listen, I’m not your sir, so stop calling me that.

[man] I’m sorry.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

[Gi-hun] Look, officer.

You’ve gotta realize what a massive deal all of this was.

I know it sounds crazy.

Okay, sir.

So you’re saying that your kidnappers

rounded up hundreds of people and had them play a game.

Then went out there and shot the ones who lost.

[officer 1] Is that right?


And they didn’t just shoot one or two.

Those people had no mercy. They killed more than 200!

What game was it then?

You know Red Light, Green Light?

Wait, that’s for kids.

Is that what they made you play?


And they forced adults to do it?

I know how it sounds.

And then they shot everyone who got caught?

How many more times do you want me to say it?

[officer 2] Mister.

So where did they do it? Where’s the place they were killed?

They had me knocked unconscious, so how could I know?

I said I don’t have any freaking clue.

Then give us the killer’s description.

They all had these masks on the whole time we were there.

[officer 2] Then, wait, how did you manage to get out?

Hey, look, the players came together and put it to a vote.

And since the majority wanted to leave…

Hold on, okay?

You said you wanted to stop playing,

and the killers, they told you, “Sure, you can go.” Just like that?



And what made you want to go there?

Well, they…

they promised we would get money, so…

[officer 2] Money?


We’re talking tens of billions of won.


Okay. Let me just sum up everything you’ve told us so far.

Just so I understand.

You went to play kids’ games

because someone told you you’d get all that cash.

So then they had you play some Red Light, Green Light,

and they shot everyone who got caught.

But when you said you wanted to go, they said, “Okay, just go,”

and you don’t know what they look like or where this all took place.

Is that everything, mister?


What’s your name, sir?

I live in Ssangmun-dong. My name is Seong Gi-hun.

Seong Gi-hun, you got someone who’s taking care of you?

If you want me to help, we can call around and get you to a local medical center.

What do you take me for?

Look, I’m a tax-paying citizen of Ssangmun-dong. Got it?

Here’s their number. It’s on a business card.

Call and see what they say! Jeez!

[breathing heavily]

[dial tone, beeping]

[heavy breathing]

[line rings]


[ringing continues]

[line clicks]

[woman] Hello?


Hello, yes, sorry for bothering you. Uh, my bad.

Um, would you mind if I ask you something?

[woman] Who is this?

Well, I…

[whispers] Hey, you’re not a cop, okay?

Uh… Uh, sorry to call so early.

Could I come play in those games there?

[woman] Games?

Uh, yeah. See, games are my thing, you know.

I’ll play all the games you ask me to.

I’ll do the best…

[woman] Okay. Hold on.

Who the heck are you?

And why are you calling me this early with this nonsense?

If you wanna play games, go to an Internet cafe.

What’s wrong with you, you freaking pervert?


[Gi-hun] You dialed the wrong number! Let go!

Officer, don’t do this. Please.

We’re sorry, mister. You better go home.

You sure you dialed the right number, huh? Better be sure you did!

You’ll see. Look, I’ll call and put you on the line.

The right number’s on my phone from the call that I made already.

[whispers] Fuck this guy.


[operator] I’m sorry. The number that you have dialed does not exist

or is no longer in service.

Please check the number and try again later.

Please check the number…

Who was that? Was he drunk?

Some crazy hobo guy.

Everything’s crazy around here today.

You, get a grip. Wanna go back in?

Well, I’m out. Have a good one.

[officer 2] Here. Goodbye.

[birds chirping]

Hey, Ma.

It’s your son.



Where are you?

[cell phone tinkles, beeps]

[operator] The person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable.

Where’d you go? You left the door open and everything.

[Gi-hun] Sang-woo.

What are you doing here?


[both sigh]

Is it because of your debt?


Hey, come on, you’re still Ssangmun-dong’s own pride and joy.

You’re still the genius who got accepted to SNU Business School. So don’t worry.

You’ll make money again.

Go tell your mom all about it and make a fresh start.


Just make…

six billion won?

Six billion?

I thought it was 600 million won.

They don’t know everything there is.

And all those stocks that guy said that you lost, you did that for real?

It wasn’t just stocks now.

[inhales] There was futures too.

Excuse me?

You bet on your future?

[Gi-hun] What kind of bet was it that you used that much money?

Did you get a girlfriend?

Doesn’t mean that future.

[sighs] Just forget it.

[Gi-hun scoffs]


Hey, file for personal bankruptcy then.

Whatever they call it.

I heard you won’t have to pay your debts off if you do that.

I used my own mother’s house as financial collateral.

And her shop.

I put it all on the line.


[phone rings]

[ringing continues]

Who is this?

Yeah, this is he.



[Gi-hun] Oh.

[doctor] She’s diabetic.


She left it untreated, and it got worse.

She had to be in a lot of pain recently. You didn’t know?

Will you be able to treat her for it?

In the worst case, she might need to have her feet amputated.

Let’s keep her here for now and see how things go with treatment.

[breathing heavily]

[background chatter]

[Gi-hun] Ma.


Mom, where are you going?

He said you need to stay here.

I’m okay.

But you’re not okay.

Hey, Mom, you can’t walk around like that.

Look, just stop it.

[breathing heavily]

You haven’t been home in days now,

out doing whatever it is you’re doing lately,

but now you’re a good son, huh?

Mom, don’t be like this, okay?

You know how bad this thing could get?

Tell me. Say I stay here and they treat me,

who’s going to pay the rent in that case?

Also, do you know how much it costs to be in the hospital,

not to mention how much all the drugs are?

The insurance will help pay for them.

Insurance? Help us?

You canceled all that.

Remember, you ended it and used up all the cash we had.

Will you please just get a grip?


[Gi-hun’s mom sighs]


Let’s stop. I’m too tired.

I’m too tired to go on. Stop arguing with me.

Let’s end this.

[Gi-hun’s mom sighs]


Damn it. I’ll get what you need.

I’ll get all the money you need. [sniffs]

Hello, Ma.

Heading over to his apartment right now.

I’m sure he’s fine, okay?

He dodges our calls all the time. You know what he’s like.

I can call everyone who might know places he’s hold up in before.

If I can’t reach him then,

then I’ll go report him missing tomorrow.

I’m a police officer. Have you forgotten that?

I will find him.

[young officer] Yes, Mom. Don’t worry too much.

[distant dog barking]

[young officer] How long has it been since he came by?

Well, I don’t bother tenants every day.

Still, I mean, his rent was due a week ago.

I’ve stopped by every day since then,

he was never here, though, and never picked up his phone.


That’s right. Think you could pay his rent?

Otherwise, you’ll have to come move all of his things out.

I’ll take a look now and pay his rent later.

[landlord giggles]

Well, I’ll be down the hall.

[light switch clicks]


[foreboding music]

[young officer] Was he drunk?

Some crazy hobo guy.

[officer 1] Everything’s crazy around here today.

Hey, I got ice cream, everyone.

[kids laugh]

What? No ice cream for you, little man?

How did you get your face like that?

Did you get into a fight?

If you’re not gonna talk to me,

I guess I’ll just go.

Wait. I don’t wanna stay here, okay?

Where’s Mom? You said she would come soon.

You told me that we’d be together.

that I just had to wait a month.



All the kids told me you lied.

They said I’d never leave and…

They said I’d get abandoned here.

They’re wrong.

[Cheol sniffles]

And Mom and Dad will be here soon.

[Cheol sniffles]

I swear, okay? I’ll make sure that they do.

Don’t worry. Listen, we’ll all live under the same roof next year, okay?


I’m your big sis.

I always keep my word, don’t I?

[kids chattering, laughing]

Ah, you mean the stupid game guy? That guy?

What do you need his name for, Detective Hwang?

I saw that he looked familiar to me.

I think I know the guy like to a family friend or something.


Let me think about it.

Something like Saeng or Seong or…

[officer 1] Seong Gi-hun.

Ssangmun-dong is where he lives, right?

You’re right. Seong Gi-hun.

[officer 2] Is he your friend?

Uh, yeah, I’m pretty sure.

Uh, and how about getting his address too?

[machine rumbling]

[worker] Hey, Ali! Long time no see!

Hey, Ali.

[Ali] Why won’t you answer my calls?

You called, huh?

And now you’re here.

[Ali’s boss] What’s up? Is something wrong?

Sir, stop. Pay what you owe me now.


Yeah. Don’t you remember?

I told you, I’ve got no money. Business isn’t going so well.

Look at what working here did to my body, sir.

I couldn’t afford the hospital either. [breathing heavily]

Now look here, I gotta go.

Give me the wages you owe.

[Ali’s boss] Damn it.

Go and ask the rest of my employees if they got their paychecks yet.

I can’t pay anyone till I get the cash!

Hey, I got pain everywhere, Ali.

I’m so damn broke. I need a doctor.

You said you would pay us. Where did it all go?

Six whole months…

Come on.

…and nothing for all our hard work out there.

Hey, you little son of a…

Hah! I’m busy now. We’ll talk later.

[machines rumbling]

Sir, give me my paycheck.

Sir, please give me my money back.

You little shit, don’t touch me.

[Ali] Don’t swear at me!

[both grunting]

[Ali] I saw you have money.

Shut up!

[Ali] My money!

Give it to me!

Let me go, son of a bitch!

[both grunting]

Give me my money!



[worker] What did you do, Ali?

Stop that. Hey!

[Ali’s boss screaming]

[screaming continues]


[worker] Hey, you can’t just leave!

[panicked shouts]


[man] I completely understand what your situation is like.

But you know, it’s…

A broker can’t be tracked down once they’ve fled with all of their money.

You aren’t the only victim.

There’s some who went all the way to Dandong to try and catch this one guy,

they got caught by the Chinese police,

almost got dragged all the way back North.

My options, what are they? What do I do?

[sighs] Get another broker and try it all again.

And I’m sure you already know,

but you’re going to need to start the process over again.

How much is it?


We’re gonna start by finding out your parents location again.

And security around the border is now much tighter,

so the price for helping them cross the river shot up.

So how much then?

[inhales sharply]

So you’ll want…

at least 40 million.

[glass clinks]

Forty million.

You’re only paying to get them to China, though.

If you want to get them to the South then…


[man] That burns! Oh, that’s fucking hot.

Damn it. [whimpers]

I trusted you and brought my money here like you told me.

That money is something I risked my own life to get.


Hey. Uh…

I had no idea. [whimpers]

I didn’t know those people would just run off with all your money.

Please, I swear.

[breathing shakily]


I’ll get your money.

You pull anything on me…


…I’ll rip your fucking throat wide open, and that’s that.

You got it?


[relieved sigh]

[exhales in relief]

[panicked cries]


[Sang-woo’s mom] So, have you been eating all right over there?

[Sang-woo] Yes, I’ve been eating well, so don’t worry.

I doubt that greasy American food is doing all that much for you.

Tell me what you’re eating.

[Sang-woo] It’s okay, Mom.

There are lots of Korean restaurants.

Oh, really? That’s great. [chuckles]

So when are you coming back?

Uh, it’s taking longer than expected, so I’m not sure.

It might be a while.

Oh, really?

It sure sounds like it’s been tough there.

Hey, Mom.

Yes? What?

[woman] Excuse me. Hi. Excuse me.

I’ll take three squids, prepped and cleaned.

Ah, yes. Wait just a minute.

Sang-woo, there’s a customer here.

[Sang-woo’s mom] Don’t bring me back anything from your trip.

I don’t need anything over here, okay?


My goodness.

I’m just worried that you might get me,

you know, something that’s really way too expensive.

All right, honey, you should go. I love you, Sang-woo.

[Sang-woo’s mom chuckles]

You wanted a squid…

[line beeps]


[Sang-woo’s mom] Oh, he always gets me a little something

whenever he goes on one of his trips, he takes for work. Ah!


A gentleman too. Sounds amazing.

He went to SNU.

For Business.

Come on, Business at SNU?


[woman] And he’s not just smart, he’s handsome too.

Is he married yet?

Not yet. He’s single.

[woman] How old is he?

I know someone he might like.

Well, the man’s standards are set pretty high.


[detective] Hi there. Excuse me.

Are you Mr. Cho Sang-woo’s mother?

Uh, yeah. Cho Sang-woo. Yes, he’s my son, sir.

Do you know where your son happens to be now?

On business in the United States. Uh…

Why do you ask, sir?

Well, we’re the police.

I’m afraid that Mr. Cho Sang-woo has a warrant out for his arrest.

He’s charged with forgery, embezzlement, crimes that are all…

some form of financial fraud.


No, you can’t be right.

[rain pattering]

Uh, no, detectives. You know what, you know what, there’s a mistake.

I know that my son wouldn’t do anything illegal. So…

Listen, I’m sure you love him a lot.

If he contacts you, just tell him to come to us.

If he keeps avoiding us like this,

when they put him on trial, it’s gonna look bad.

[umbrella opens]

[foreboding music]

[breathes heavily]

[foreboding music continues]

[doorbell dinging]

[dinging continues]


[doorbell dinging]

[water trickling]

[dinging continues]

Who is it?

[foreboding music]


[foreboding music continues]


[thunder rumbles]

[Ali’s wife in Hindi] Where did you get this money?

Ali, where did you get this money?

[in Hindi] Listen carefully.

Buy tickets for the earliest flight for you and our kid and go home first.

What about you?

You two should go first.

I’ll be there as soon as my job here is done.

Something is going on with you, right?

Don’t ask anything for now.

You need to pack up and leave right away.

I hope you can understand my problem.

I love you. You and our child.

[Ali’s wife sobbing]

[Gi-hun’s friend] I don’t have any money.


[Gi-hun] Just lend me three million won, please.

I’ll pay it all back.

Friends shouldn’t talk to each other like this.

You know how strapped for cash we both are.

I know that. Of course.

You think I’m happy asking you for cash, huh?

Look, I’ll come and make deliveries for you, okay?

I’m not paying for delivery man right now. Look at my bar.

Just the rent is too much.

[rain pattering]

I’ll pay you in a month, okay? Huh?

I’ll continue my chauffeuring and come help around here.


They told me she needs to get surgery right away.

Hey, honey.

You should get back in here, okay?

I will soon.

Get in here right now, okay? And put that out.

[inaudible dialogue]


[woman] Gi-hun.


Coming out to someone’s nice pub and smoking outside is rude.

Oh, yeah.

[rain pouring]

[thunder rumbles]


[Player 1] Wait.

Aren’t you…

Oh, it’s a small world.

It’s you.

You are Player 456, right?

Uh, yeah.

I’m, um… [stammers]

That’s me. Yeah.

What are the chances?

So then, what are you doing around here?

Actually, I live right down the road.

[Player 1] Oh.

[chuckles] I see.

And you?


You come from around this area as well?

Uh, no. [chuckles]

I have a friend who lives nearby. So…


There isn’t anywhere for this old man to go.

I’m just staying there for a while.

[Player 1 chuckles]

Uh, goodness.


Would you like to sit down?


[both chuckle]

What are the odds you’re here at the same time as me?

What are the odds, right?

You know I think…

that we were destined to meet here.


[Player 1 sighs]

Uh, would you like a little?

Mm. Sure. [chuckles]


Is your head okay? Are you allowed to drink?

It’s all right. [chuckles]

[Player 1 grunts]



Uh, sorry. I wish I have some food for the two of us.

[Player 1] Ah.

It’s okay.

[plastic rustles]

[Player 1 clears throat]



[in muffled voice] Oh, hey, hold on.

You’re absolutely sure you could have this much?

I mean, you had a lot of already.


[thunder rumbles]



decided to going again.

Hmm. Go where?

[Player 1 clears throat]

You’re going there?

Since my…

time’s almost out as it is.

I don’t want…

to sit around waiting to die.

That sounds pathetic.

And who knows

I still could go and win the whole thing.

When we played Red Light, Green Light,

I got to the line even before you did.

How could you wanna go there?

But as soon as I got back here,

I got some harsh reminders. Yeah, what they say is true.

Out here, the torture is worse.


[somber music]

[thunder rumbles]

[fanfare music playing in the carnival]

[thug] Hey, boss!

What took you so long?

All these stupid drunks got into a huge fight

as I was about to leave the bar and head here.

Ah, you know how it goes. [chuckles]

Something about a Friday night always brings out the weirdos.

The money?


I couldn’t get more on short notice.

I’ll make sure the rest will come in soon, okay?

And anyways, the Big Boss sent out all the boys to find you

Incheon and Ilsan, the whole damn place had eyes.


Where have you been hiding?

We better not discuss that out here. Did you drive here?

Yeah, this way.

[engine revs]

So this is the invitation from that whole Red Light, Green Light game, huh?


This one came yesterday.

They’re starting up again.

So then, we go on Tuesday. Gather all the boys and meet us there.

Get some guns for us too.


They’ve got guns, yeah.

Still, the pickup is only one guy.

We’ll beat up those masked shitheads,

and then we break in and take all the cash.

I don’t know. How am I supposed to know how much of that is true?

You bastard. Come on, tell me what you’re getting at.

Sorry, boss.

So they’ve got tens of billions of won up in a huge piggy bank up there.

As long as we hit them with everything we got,

no more dealing with those stupid drunks at bars to make barely anything, assholes.


Uh, boss, hold on.

All the guys… you went into hiding because you mess with the Big Boss.

At this point, all of Incheon knows.


I doubt I’d be able to convince anyone.

Hey, look here, you jerk.

We’re gonna do this so I can get the money I owe him.


in the Philippines, how did you lose so much money at the casino?

How did you know that?

Boss, you should’ve known not to go pushing your luck, you know.

You little piece of shit.




[car horn honks]

[tires screeching]

The guys from the casino came here looking for you.

They’ll take your liver, your kidneys, and your eyes for the money you owe.


And now you’re gonna die, you fucking asshole!




[tense music]

[man chokes]

[tense music continues]

Hey! Welcome to Korea!


I killed Deok-su, okay?

Come on! Come at me, you bastards.

[goon 1] Hey!

[goon 2] Go! Kill Deok-su!

[goon 3] Get him!


[Ga-yeong’s mom] Money?

[Gi-hun] Yeah.

[Ga-yeong’s mom] How much?

[Gi-hun] About…

two million won.

[Ga-yeong’s mom] Two million won?


You think you can come here and ask for that?

You never paid child support or any alimony or help us with anything.

And now you’re asking us to give you money?

I’m sorry. It’s for… my mom.

She was in the hospital.


And how bad is it?

She has diabetes.

[inhales sharply] She needs surgery.

[sighs deeply]

[Gi-hun clicks tongue]

Well, I’m broke.

Things have been hard. [exhales]

[Gi-hun clicks tongue]

Please, I’m begging you.

Mom was always really good to you.

Look how desperate I was to ask you.

And I’ll give it back.

I really am broke.

I just get money from my husband.

Well, then could you, could you ask him for it?

You crazy?

Hey. [scoffs]

And what am I supposed to tell him it’s for if he asks, huh?

[sighs deeply]

Out. Now.


The kids’ dad will be here soon.



What the hell do you think you’re doing calling him her dad?

I’m her real father, okay?

Oh, yeah? Tell me more.

Go ahead. Why don’t you tell me what you did to deserve to be her dad?

You… Were you there when she was born? Didn’t think so.

[shaky breath] You know that…

I told you all that, okay.


And you know why I couldn’t go.

Someone collapsed at work.

Yeah, well, I fainted too. [sobs]

I was alone and had to crawl just to get myself over to the hospital.

And if I’d been any later, she’d be dead!

No, I watched that guy die!

With my own eyes!

But no hospital, though. He couldn’t go!

[door lock beeping]

[door lock chimes]

[door opens]

Honey, we’re home.

[Ga-yeong’s mom] You’re home early.

[door lock chimes]

Um, hi, Dad.

Hi, Mom!

Come on in here, guys. He stopped by to see Ga-yeong.


And now that I saw her, I’ll get going.

You’re going?

Yeah, I have an important meeting to go to.

Ga-yeong, bye now.

I’ll see you soon.


[door rattles]

[Gi-hun] How do you open…


[door chiming]

[Gi-hun] Thanks.

[door lock chimes]

[Ga-yeong’s stepdad] Why did he come here this time?

Why did you let him in the house?

[Ga-yeong’s mom] I’m sorry.

I was coming back from the market, and he was waiting at the front door.

[rain pouring]

[Ga-yeong’s stepdad] Wait.

What is that?

You needed money.


Thanks so much.

Uh, I swear I’ll pay you back.

[Ga-yeong’s stepdad] You don’t have to.

Instead, you can stop trying to contact our family.

It’s tough for Ga-yeong, but…

we’re moving to the US soon.

If you just keep showing up… [grunts]

You asshole!

Do you think money solves everything?

[Gi-hun breathing heavily]

[Ga-yeong] Dad, why?

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music continues]

Seong Gi-hun?


Hwang Jun-ho, police.

You recently made a report at the station, right?

You said a group abducted people and make them play games.

And you also said…

some players were killed too.

Oh, all that? Yeah, I just made that up.

Yeah, a story I made up when I was drunk.

They sent a card to my brother

just like the one you had, sir.

He went missing a few days ago.

I just found it, I don’t know.

I saw it on the street and just put it in my pocket.

Mr. Seong.

You can help me.

I need to get him back.

[tense music]

Why would you think…

that I will be useful to you or anybody else?

[somber music]

[metal clanks]

[somber music continues]

[thunder rumbling]

[somber music continues]

[tense music]


[crickets chirping]

[suspenseful music]



[car approaching]

[tires screech]

[tense music]

[mysterious music]


[mysterious music continues]

[engine revs]

[breathing heavily]

[closing theme music]


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