Snowpiercer – S02E09 – The Show Must Go On [Transcript]

Those who are close with Layton grow anxious to learn their fates; Josie tests her newfound ability.
Snowpiercer - Season 2 - TNT Original

Original air date: March 29, 2021

In the aftermath of Wilford taking control of Snowpiercer, Layton is forced to work in Compost on Big Alice while Javi works in Big Alice’s Engine under guard with Bennett doing the same on Snowpiercer. Wilford opens a carnival on the train and begins rooting out those who will be valuable to him; in an effort to get Till to become his moral advisor, Wilford personally executes the Breachmen’s killers and has the Headwoods test Josie’s new abilities. Completely disillusioned with Wilford, Alex reveals that he killed half of Big Alice’s crew to save resources and plans to perform a similar culling on Snowpiercer; having learned that Melanie has lost contact, Wilford refuses to go back for her and Ruth turns on him completely and is sent to Compost to work with Layton. Javi picks up a transmission from Melanie that he hides from Wilford; Javi manages to send a message to Layton and Ruth who begin plotting their escape together.

* * *

[soft dramatic music]

Hope is a powerful thing.

Melanie used it to unite the people, first with a lie, but then with the promise of a life off of Snowpiercer.

Andre Layton used hope to inspire his people, to fight for their freedom, but look where that’s got him.

And Mr. Wilford is a different story.

He’s turned hope into fear.

He’s turned the train against itself and then offered security.

The funny thing is, since he took control, everything appears to be running smoothly.

Everyone is showing up for work.

The supply lines are a picture of order.

But we’ve been here before.

[dramatic music]

Hey, hand those over.

Come on, let’s move. Let’s go.

My own hope I keep hidden.

Time to go.

Hidden in the few people who can rekindle it.

I’ve got nothing more on Roche or his family.

Hey, load up and move! Let’s go.

Wilford sent for me.

You better come inside.

You all right?

Any message from our friends downtrain?

They have the same info, that Andre’s in Big Alice Compost.

They call it the Swamp.


Any idea what Wilford wants from me?

I’ll try and find out.


He’s got me up to my eyeballs planning a special evening.

Good friend Audrey probably told them all about us.

I can’t believe she fell for his shit.

At least she’s got the sense not to show her face.

Look, the way to survive Mr. Wilford, you just gotta be something that he needs.

You keep your chin up.

Yes, ma’am.

Mr. Wilford’s order comes at a very high price.

We’re done here, okay.

And I just know that something awful is coming.

On Snowpiercer, 1,034 cars long.

[dramatic music]

How are the evening’s festivities coming on?

Right on schedule, sir.

Might I ask-is there a guest list?

Mm, ah, yes.

Random winners, that’s Kevin’s domain.

He’s in charge of a special surprise today.

Oh, what kind of surprise?

One for the whole train to celebrate rightful leadership.

Take some time off, Ruth, so you can enjoy some of it too, but first I have a job for the both of you.

Both of us, sir, together?

Snowpiercer’s getting muddy, all the classes mixed up and down.

What a mess.

Well, you ought to begin a full census.

I want the passengers organized like in the old days.

I want to know who is where doing what.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

He’ll change everything around now.

Wilford wants resiliency. I hate that word.

He wants to keep us apart.

Remember, they’re gonna be monitoring everything we say between the Engines.

You’re gonna be okay.

Yeah, until when?

What if he throws me in the Swamp?

He’s picking us off one by one.

He can’t afford to lose another Engineer.

Check in with HQ?


I need you to keep pushing this train forward.

We’re a week away from picking Melanie up.

Yeah, if she’s there.

She’ll be there.

We’re already a day late.

We lost contact with her over a week ago.

But Wilford doesn’t know that, does he?

Well, keep it that way.


Get her home safe. That’s the mission.

No questions.

All right.

Come on, let’s go.

Y tú…vienes conmigo. [chuckles]

What’s the big surprise, Kevin?

The sooner we get the census going, the sooner you’ll find out.

Oh, come on, I know you’re dying to tell me.

Sorry, sworn to secrecy.

You know how he is.


[door chimes]

What is all of this?

Patients’ Records.

Took ’em right out of my clinic.

These are not passenger files.

These are medical records.

Supposed to be confidential.

He wants them divided by age–children, adolescents, 18 to 39. The rest, elderly.


Dear me.

What’s all this in aid of, Kevin?

I guess he wants to see who’s fit for what.

A sample questionnaire for each of the passengers to fill out.

“Are you an un-ticketed passenger?

Are you aware of any passengers who fought with the rebels?”

Well, it’s for the archives-a matter of historical record.

I’ll tell him you’re displeased, though.

No, Kevin, you won’t.

I’ll have my own conversations with Mr. Wilford, thank you very much.

I know every passenger on this train, and I consider myself responsible for each of them.

How unpleasant.

I care about these passengers, Kevin.

That’s a warning.

We’ll be back tomorrow for your questionnaires.

Hey, keep moving.



I know.

I’m Javier–Javi.

Fifth Engineer. Sit.

Please don’t touch anything unless I tell you to.

That panel’s new, no?

It’s not new.

It’s overhauled. I upgraded the interface on the second revolution.

Please don’t touch anything.

It’s from Snowpiercer.

It’s actually a joke from your mom.

We had it out there for years. I thought you’d like it.

Don’t butter me up, okay?

Wilford tapped you as an Engineer.

You’re gonna stick to that.

You know… when your mom came back from here, she said you weren’t just technically good.

She said you had the touch.

Well, do you have the touch?

Mas o menos. Not like your mom.

Just keep us on the track.

Ok–where are you going?


It’s a big day on Snowpiercer. I’m sorry you’re not invited.

Brought her up from Big Alice, one of my favorites.

You see how the bodies are entwined?

Can’t tell whether they’re fighting or…

Well, you know.

What do you think, Bess Till?

I think a lot of the passengers are concerned.

People keep disappearing.


Layton and now Brakeman Roche and his family.

You’re a curious creature.

I don’t know what to do with you.

Eight of our Breachmen murdered, I could…find the killers, close the case.

You see, “Train Detective” is a Melanie invention.

I never needed one.

You know why?

No, sir.

Because there wasn’t any crime on my train.

There is no crime, only order.

I don’t think you’re that naïve.

And I don’t think you’re that innocent.

[chuckles] Very well.

You can tell the passengers Mr. Roche is in a Drawer along with his family.

When you all settle down, they can rejoin us.

That won’t go over well.

I know.

But I have just the tonic.

Sikes, take her down to car 272.

And don’t worry about Mr. Layton.

We’ve made him quite at home.

[ominous music]

Now I know you’re just following Wilford’s order, but I have a right to know what you’ve done to me.

You found out prematurely.

Yeah, I put my hand in the cold lock, and it didn’t fall off.


What does he want with me?

Please. [chuckles]

[keyboard clacking]

When you arrived with us-[chuckles]

You don’t need to show me that.

I lived through every second of it.

We repaired you.

Yes, thank you.

You took the pain away, but you… you have done something to my body without my consent!


Josie… what did it feel like when you put your hand in the chamber?

[soft dramatic music]

It was a rush, wasn’t it?

I didn’t sign up to be the next Icy Bob.

You are orders of magnitude beyond our Bob.

You want to know more? Let’s see what’s possible.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, will you slow down, Kevin?

Ruth, this is the big surprise.

He’s opening Car 272, and he’s putting me in charge!

Car 272 has been closed for years.



I need a kid.

Come here.

Come on.

Come on, let’s go.

Come on, Winnie, it’s all right.

It’s all right.

[eerie whimsical music]

[slide whistle]

[clown laughter, pinball machines ding]

[indistinct game announcer speaks, bells ring]

[train toots]

[strange laughter]

Oh, my goodness.


He’ll be here in a jiff. Grand opening is tonight.


Sit. Stay.



Hey, hey, hey, those aren’t for teenagers.

Come get–Alex. Alex.

Don’t be ridiculous. Get down.

Wilford put Roche and his family in the Drawers.

Roche in the Drawer, Javi on Big Alice, and Layton’s in his compost.

And now this shit show.

Oh, oh, okay, here it comes.

Tech rehearsal’s starting.

Everybody, up, up, up.

[confetti cannons boom]




What an entrance!

Mr. Wilford!

Wonderful, that was really good.

Perfect timing. It’s marvelous, isn’t it, eh?


Don’t like that. Get rid of it.

Line the stage for the puppeteers.

There we go.

Come along.

You see this? Gather ’round.

Special preview– an epic saga for the masses.


Good luck.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

[whistle blows]

[imitating train sounds]

At last, my beloved Snowpiercer and all of the people I’ve missed.

Soon I’m gonna see my Mama!


Whee, Wilford!

I’m Head Engineer Melanie. Choo, choo.

I will prove that cold is hot!

I’m going to climb that frozen mountain and send a balloon.

They’ve gone mad without us.



Don’t go, Mama!

Don’t go! [cries loudly]


This isn’t funny.

[cries loudly]

[muffled speech]

Don’t worry. You’re all safe on my train.

The Engine will provide.


[slide whistle] [groans]

I’m dead. [gong rings]

[laughs] both: Wilford.

The Engine will provide. The Engine will provide.

The Engine will provide. [train horn toots]


Bravo, bravo.

[soft dramatic music]

Bravo indeed. Did you like that?


It was good, wasn’t it?


Oh, come on. What’s wrong with you all?


What a pathetic attempt.

You can’t kill Melanie with this propaganda.

We don’t have extra time. We’re already a day late.

I don’t think you paid close enough attention to the ending, Alex.

I got a peek at the launch data that you so carefully doctored.

Ben lost contact with Melanie ten days ago.

[whispering] You did?

Towards the end of the launches, yes, we lost contact, but Melanie is a survivor, and she received enough data to complete a climate model.

All right, all right, back to the Engine.

Don’t give up on her, Alex.

Ruth, escort them forward.

You have my evening to prepare.

With respect, you can go ahead and lock up Layton, but you’ll find a bit of his fight in all of us now.

Private event this evening for a very select few.

Thank you.

Could I also bring my boyfriend?

He’s the head of Janitorial.


Thank you.

Thank you, Kevin.

Dress your next advice in evening wear.

Here you go.

Everybody, look sharp.

Mr. Wilford will be through with the carnival soon, and then the real show begins.

Those are bordeaux glasses. We’re serving zinfandel.


Ah, I’ll be right back…

[elegant music]

[under breath] Dear me.

Now repeat it back to me.

Tell our friends.

Get a message to Josie to find Layton in Compost.

We’re not giving up on Melanie or our dream of getting off this train.

We’re not giving up-[knocking at door]

What do you want?

Compliments of the carnival.

Ow! There’s more.

An invitation to dinner. [sighs in pain]


Winnie, tonight when Wilford’s busy, Josie has to find Layton, okay?

We need his help.

[dramatic music]

[chuckling] Oh.

Oh, hey.

[soft dramatic music]

Take it down slowly.

[air hisses]


[winded laughter]

Level off.


A little further.


[keypad beeps]



[laughing intensely]

Against the wall!

You come to me in my dreams, you know?

Rather spooky.


Is that why you haven’t stuck my head out a port yet?


Honest question.

Hanging on to your ideals, being beloved by your people uptrain, do you think it makes the slightest difference in the end?

Yeah, it does.

Well, for the life of me, I can’t see how.

I suppose there must be something uniquely wrong with me.

You’re not unique, Wilford.

You’re an old, white dictator with a train set.

Fragile, powerful men like you froze the Earth in the first place.

Yes, it’s a PR problem in that regard.

I haven’t got any of your stuff left, have I?

That musky smell of integrity.

When that washes off, it’s a wrap for you.

You’ll always have your little followers, but the majority will never love you like you want them to.

[shovel scraping]

The will of the people-how can you stand it?

Every little faction.

The cold heart of political power is obedience.

That shit right there is why we’ll always be enemies.

[chuckles] Well, I feel better.

I’m dining uptrain tonight with the last of your friends. Zarah has some decisions to make.

So are you feeling loved now?

Up to your elbows in their shit.


Your open heart, Mr. Layton, it telegraphs your every move.



[indistinct chatter]

[under breath] Oh, my God.

Oh, places, everybody. Lucky winners are here.

Yes, ma’am.


Holy crap.

No thanks.

I’m back.

[quietly] Should have bloody known.

What are we in for, Ruth, the last supper?

This whole day’s one long dark display.

He told me the tickets were for random guests.

Kevin dropped this on me after keeping me locked up all day for my comfort.

If Wilford threatens her baby, I’m gonna kill him with my butter knife.

All right, take it easy.

I’ll run interference as best I can.

Right, everybody, welcome.

You lucky few.

While the rest of the train takes in the carnival, you winners get to enjoy a more intimate evening with Mr. Wilford.


I’m a fish out of water, man. What’s this all about?

I don’t know, but like your mother used to tell you, keep your head on a swivel.

You guys are freaking out.

Right, I’m actually super excited.

What about you, Alex? Are you “super excited”?

I think we’re all screwed.

[glasses clatter]

Oh, dear me.


Of course it is!

Hello, everybody! [laughing]

Bloody Audrey.


Oh, I just want to stand here and gaze upon you all.

Oh, come down, Joseph. There’s no need to bellow.

I love an eccentric table of guests, don’t you?

Mix it up with old friends and new.



Indulge our palates with a few dwindling delicacies.

Isn’t that the ticket, Ruth?

You’re in charge of tickets, sir, as it ever was.



Would you tickle the ivories for us?

Oh, go on then.

Why not?


Is she wearing a freaking tiara?


[soft piano music]

[together] ♪ On a sunny afternoon ♪

♪ With one you love ♪

♪ The stars above ♪

♪ Waiting for the moon ♪

♪ The old accordion playing ♪


[together] ♪ A sentimental ♪

♪ Song ♪

♪ Tune ♪

It’s a tune, not a song!


[together] ♪ Cruising down the river ♪

You’ve had your carnival. This is my room.

[together] ♪ Afternoon ♪

Please stay in the lounge.

Fine, he’s all yours.

♪ Down the river ♪


[together] ♪ On a sunny afternoon ♪

Hmm. Mmm.

Well, isn’t this lovely, hm?

[elegant music playing]

Shall I clear this setting, sir?

No, Ruth.

There’s one last guest.

Lilah Junior.

Of course, I knew your parents.

You’re new to me, Mr. Osweiller.

And I believe you two know each other.

Ex-Brakeman partners.

That’s correct, sir.


That’s fascinating.



Oh, but Alex, I don’t think you’ve met Zarah.

She’s with Hospitality.

Also Andre Layton’s partner.

It’s nice to meet you, Alex.

Nice to meet you.

Ex-wife, wasn’t it, Audrey?

Mm, a Tail divorce. It sort of counts, doesn’t it?

All those years in the Nightcar… all those personal things that we told you.

It was her calling, helping us open up and grieve.

Yeah, so she could sell our secrets like a whore.

Now, now, now, now.

What did Mr. Layton say? We’re all one train together.


I thought dinner would be a nice way to bring us all together again.

One train under God and Audrey.

[quietly] She didn’t like the puppet show.


Really? ‘Cause I thought it was hilarious.

Oh, did you? Yeah?


I mean, Melanie’s not as pure as everyone around here thinks she is.


I think Mr. Wilford’s heard enough about Melanie for one night, LJ.

I haven’t.

I would love to hear more lies about my mother, Lilah.

[chuckles] Mmm.

Well, she was the liar.

She wanted to be you.

She accused me of a crime, and I found out her little secret, so she had to overturn the verdict.

I’m puzzled, LJ.

If Melanie overturned the verdict, does that mean you were guilty?

I, uh…

Uh, no, um…

So you did not cut off those men’s penises like I read about in the transcript?

I am so relieved. [laughs]

Is that true, Lilah?

Lilah Junior is a good person, Mr. Wilford.

Oh, yes.

She fell a long way from First when her parents passed.

She learned to work, sir.

She knows the train now, and I’m proud of her.

He speaks. [chuckles]

Osweiller from the East Midlands.

You’re even quieter than your partner, Trusty Till, though a little more romantic, huh?


My intentions with Lilah Junior are sound, sir.

How lovely. Did you hear that, Audrey?

Yeah, and he meant it.

Tell me, Mr. Osweiller, my previous head of Janitorial, Terence, I brought from my buildings in New York.

How did you come to be in his shoes?

Sir, those were chaotic times.

We lost a lot of people in the troubles.

We’ve tried to fill in as best we could.

A simple question for an AWOL Brakeman and a girl who put out her father’s eye with a fork.

Think very carefully about this, Mr. Osweiller.

Why should I keep you?

Answer me, boy.

May I?

[quietly] Os, what are you doing?

Does he play?

I have no idea.

It’s been a while, if you’ll forgive me…

Not since the freeze.

[Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson’s “Winter Song”]

[tender music]

♪ This is my winter song to you ♪

♪ The storm is coming soon ♪

♪ It rolls in from the sea ♪

♪ My voice a beacon in the night ♪

♪ My words will be your light ♪

♪ To carry you to me ♪

♪ Is love alive? ♪

♪ Is love alive? ♪

♪ Is love alive? ♪

♪ This is my winter song ♪

♪ December never felt so wrong ♪

♪ ‘Cause you’re not where you belong ♪

♪ Inside my arms ♪

♪ Is love alive? ♪

♪ Is love alive? ♪

♪ Is love alive? ♪

[whispering] Layton.


[soft dramatic music]



One minute.

Thank you.

Josie, let me see you.

You’re better.

Yeah, jury’s still out on that one.

He fixed you.

We haven’t got much time.

Zarah contacted me through The Tail.

She said that they haven’t given up.

They want to know what the next move is.


Remember what we’re fighting for.

Life off train.

[whispering] I could try and get you out of here.

You can’t help me.

Come on.

The last time we met like this, we started a revolution.

He has plans for you.

You have to stay where you are.

I know. I–I need to.

I don’t know what’s happening to me.

It feels like-it’s like being reborn.

There is still hope, isn’t there?

You’ll find your moment. So will I.

Keep faith in the others. We’re still together.

Time’s up.

That’s enough.

Thank you.

Tell them we’ll finish what we started.

[soft piano music playing]

You have competition, Audrey.

Oh, yeah, no, it was good. It’s great.

Bravo. [chuckles]

Anyone else wanna sing? Zarah?

No, thanks. I’m done singing for my supper.

Oh, she’ll sing. She’s a survivor.

Join us, Ruth.

I have something to tell you.

Be careful, Ruth. Don’t trust anything he says.


Shh, shh, shh.

You knew my mom. Well, he’s trying to turn the train against going back for her.

[laughs] Oh, for pity’s sake.

I’m sorry about the bloody puppets.

She’s waiting trackside, and we have to complete this mission!


I’m no longer prepared to risk us taking two trains across that pass.

Have you figured out what the census is for yet?

Are you close?

What is it for? Mr. Wilford?

Why don’t you tell them what you did on Big Alice?

That’s enough!

There were 200 of us at first, but then when he realized what a drain of resources we were, he culled half of us.

Men, women, children, he took their lives!

How dare you?

On their souls, how dare you make me relive it?

Take her to the brig.

Don’t worry.

I’ve been there before.

Ruth, he’s coming for you.

[eerie music]

Sit down, Ruth.

As you know, sir, Hospitality never sits.

Nonsense, you’ve been wondering who that setting’s for all night.

It’s for you.


Yes, today’s all about you, Ruth.

Sit down.


I know you’re up there.

Come down, you naughty, little boy.


hope we’re all having a wonderful time.

Ruth, I want to thank you for an impeccable evening.

You’ve outdone yourself.

Kevin, my lad, you’ve come through so much, and you’ve put on an amazing carnival.

It’s my honor, sir.

Sit down.

You understand there is a glut in Hospitality, which means there’s only room for one head of department.

Job’s yours, Ruth.


Shut up, Kevin.

By my side just like you always wanted.

All you have to do is address the train, inform them officially we’re not returning for Melanie.

[soft dramatic music]

[quietly] I can’t do that.

Beg your pardon?

I won’t do it.


Are you rejecting my offer?

Yes, I am.

Take off your Teals.

[indistinct whispering]

[people laughing and jeering]

I confess, I’m morally dyslexic.

Sometimes I don’t know right from wrong.

It took a while, but we found you a role.

My advisor.


Not sure I’m the person for that.

Nonsense, you’re perfect.

You think for yourself.

You struggle with the big moral questions– freedom, justice.

You can show me where I’m going wrong, show me the line.

And which line is that?

After you.

[muffled grunting, crying]

Your Breachmen’s killers.

[muffled cries]

I wanted to give you what you asked for, a chance to close the case.

They were only too happy to carry out my orders.

Just say the word, and one pull of the lever will deliver justice by lung of ice.

This isn’t justice. Justice requires a fair trial.

Does it?

Not just a verdict?

They were acting on your behalf.

Well, everyone does.

This just…tidies it all up.



I advise you not to.


Well, if that’s your council, then fine.

You may go.

I don’t think you’re gonna want to watch the last bit.

[muffled outcry]

[muffled screaming]

[muffled screaming echoes]

Against the wall!

Oh, ugh!


What fresh hell is this?

[post-punk music]






He’s gonna tell everyone that she’s dead.

He knows that we lost contact. He’s not gonna go back for her.

He’s just gonna leave her out there on her own to die, and we are gonna die in here.

Never had you down as a quitter, Ruth.

All Wilford’s got is fear.

We got so much more than that– friends who got our back, that is our strength.

♪ Self-confessed criminal

♪ Don’t ill in vain

[person moaning]

[radio crackles]

[radio static]


Snow-Snowpiercer, come in.

I should be range now.

Do you copy? It’s Melanie.

[radio crackle ceases]

[soft dramatic music]

You’re a fine Engineer.

Thank you…sir.

Better than Ben for my money.

But there’s no money anymore.

There’s only one thing left to acquire.

All we can depend upon is the train now, Javier.

Yes, sir.

Sir, may I use your restroom please?


[door opens]


[whispering in Spanish]

[dramatic music]

Oh, what’s this?

Look at that.


It’s from Javi.

Melanie, she made contact.

You ready to start talking about getting out of here?

[dramatic music]


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