Shogun – S01E03 – Tomorrow is Tomorrow | Transcript

After Blackthorne survives a brazen assassination attempt, Toranaga realizes he must ferry his allies out of Osaka or risk certain defeat.
Shogun - S01E03 - Tomorrow is Tomorrow

Season 1 – Episode 3
Original air date :
March 5, 2024 (Netflix)

Plot: After Blackthorne survives a brazen assassination attempt, Toranaga realizes he must ferry his allies out of Osaka or risk certain defeat.

* * *

♪ ♪

It’s a good will. Our best yet.

Will it really be today?

♪ ♪

You sword.

You heard about last night’s attack? What do you know about the society of the Amida?

Only what everyone knows. They are assassins. Sworn, by the most sacred oaths of the Buddha Amida.

And for my head… What might you pay?

You’ve decided to take my life, fine. Let’s be done.

Aren’t you my reliable friend? Or has Ishido poured poison in your ear? I’m told he visited you home. What was his offer?

You sit on the Council.

Did it interest you?

[chuckles softly] Absolutely not.

Then what do you want?

The Suruga Province. To expand my fief. But I’d need my head to rule.

You shall keep it. The assassin was sent to kill the Anjin. For their safety, I need the Anjin and Lady Kiri brought to your fishing village in Ajiro. Do this, and Suruga is yours.

And what would you do here?

Watch the Morning with me.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

But your Black Ship must stay where it is. Toranaga has come to better understand the great profits being made from our monopoly over the China trade. He has invited us to provide a report on our rates of exchange.

You men of the cloth with your impotent pricks. We bring the profits. We dictate terms.

And we are here at their pleasure. Until Toranaga receives this report you won’t get clearance to leave.

I am sitting on one million ducats that has to get to Macao. I won’t lose this wind. That pilot should have been taken care of before he even reached Osaka.

Captain. You forget yourself.

And you forget I don’t work for the Church. I work for the Crown. Let it be known the Black Ship sails tonight.

Ah. Get all the cargo on board. We’re leaving anyway.

Hey, hey, wait. Wait. We-we leave without clearance, we don’t get invited back.

The longer we sit around, the worse that pilot makes it for us. We’re on the wind tonight.

The pilot? He’s still alive. I’ll be fucked.

[Blackthorne] He’s going to bleed me, then?

I’m sorry? I do not understand.

This warlock here, he aims to… bleed me, to… release the foulness from my blood.

I’m not familiar with this… warlock, but I can assure you this man is a doctor who cares for the sick and injured.

[sharp inhale]

Please hold still.

[water splashing softly]

What’s been said about the assassin?

Only that she belonged to a very dangerous sect.

[Blackthorne] Mm.

She had served as a palace maid for years.

Some train their whole lives for a single kill.

It is very costly.

A price few could afford.

You refuse… to see it.

What those priests are capable of, even now.


How much are the Jesuits paying this one to kill me?

[Blackthorne] Oh, my God, dear, what did he say?

What did the warlock say?

Since you are so upset, the doctor suggests we send a… woman to pillow with you instead.



it is polite for…

[Blackthorne groans softly]

the physical joining of a man and woman.

[groans] If he’s not a warlock, he’s most certainly a pimp.

Would you prefer a male companion?

Dear God, where am I?

[door slides open]

Who’s he?

[door slides closed]


♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]

[horse neighs]

May I at least speak with Toranaga before we go?

I’m afraid it will not be possible.

Yabushige-sama asks

that you stay close to the litter as we walk.

[horse neighs]




[speaks Japanese]


[Shizu moaning]


[speaking Japanese softly]

[grunts softly]



Did you know?

I think no one knows.

My lord is famous for his trickery.

When he was six years old his father traded him to a rival busho.

As a hostage, he learned one truth– that enemies are everywhere and friends nowhere.

To show your true heart is to risk your life.

What happens if he’s found?

He will be killed.

And all of us.

♪ ♪


[soft chatter]

No one’s going to stop him?

[captain speaks Japanese]

[door creaks shut]

No one’s going to stop him.

This is unacceptable.

Peering into ladies’ private quarters?!

It’s not proper!

Worse than that-it’s vulgar!

Unholy perversion!

Am I the only man present

who treasures the purity of a woman?!





Low! A woman’s virtue is her glory!

A blight on us all!

My God, the shame of it!


You, sir, are a silly little man!

And your hair looks like the tail of a pony!

[guard speaks Japanese]

Well, I hope you didn’t mind the part about the pony.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

What happens when Ishido’s men learn who they are escorting?

I’m certain my lord has a plan.

Is it true what you said, about the purity of women in your country?

Christ, no.

Foul slatterns and trollop everywhere in London.

Like your doctor friend.

Whoring women to injured guests.

[short chuckle] You yourself insinuating that I would have an interest in casual buggery.

We think pillowing is necessary to good health.

In fact, some say the moment of the clouds and the rain is as near to heaven as they can get.

The clouds and the rain?

It means…

Thank you, I understand the metaphor.

I’ve just never heard it put so poetically.

Especially by a married woman.

I’m assuming that man’s your husband.

[Mariko] Yes.

His name is Toda Hirokatsu, though friends call him Buntaro.

He is a… a strong and admired warrior.

And the boy your only child?


Do you have children?


My boy Tudor and my daughter Lisbeth.

And what are they like?




[shouting in distance]

Get down, fast!

[men shouting]


Is it Ishido-sama?

No, I do not think so.

[rifle fires]

[shouting in Japanese]

Get back before we’re all killed.

[all shouting]

We have to help him.

[man shouting]

[man shouting in Japanese]

lackthorne] Come on, to the galley, while we still have the chance.

[Mariko] Wait. This crew may be hostile to Toranaga-sama.

[Blackthorne] Well, I’ll be damned.

I know this crew.

You think I’m friendless.


[Blackthorne chuckles]

We sailed together out of Ajiro.

Is that what I think it is?

The Portuguese Black Ship.

Their trading vessel.

[Blackthorne] Ready the oars.

Where’s that damn line again?

[all shouting]

Let’s go back.

For Christ’s sake, he can still make it.


♪ ♪

[cries out]

[all shouting]

♪ ♪

[men speaking Japanese]

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

Ah, Mariko-sama.

Do they fish at night here?

If we attempted to break through those men, would they board and attack us?


Then we’re sunk.

But they can’t sink her.

If you leave without clearance, you’ll ruin any chance we have left at diplomacy.

I will ruin more than that with pleasure.

This is not a debate, Captain-General.

It is in your best interest to follow protocol.

Captain-General, there’s, uh, quite a show upstairs.

Might want to see it, eh?

Ahoy, Inglés. [short chuckle]

Still alive, I see.

How’s your leg?


How’s your mother?




I bring you

Lord Yoshii Toranaga, who seeks an audience.

Ferrying around the man himself?

That’s one way to die.

[short chuckle]

[Alvito] Toranaga claims the men in fishing boats are pirates.

He requests an escort through the harbor.

He’s giving clearance for the Black Ship to leave Osaka.


Thank him for permission I don’t need, but the price just went up.

[scoffs quietly]

Toranaga offers you 10,000 silver coins to invest.

You would retain half the profit.



He’s giving us a church in Edo.

He asks us to turn the Christian lords in his favor.

That is bribery.

And impossible.

Your Eminence, it is a church in Edo.

We will not compel men by faith.

Especially not on this man’s behalf.

Though… we could suggest such an idea.

Prayerfully, of course.

There is just one more thing.

That English pilot-he stays behind.


Well done, Martin.

We will be able to hold him to that promise of a church, even after he is dead.

The Black Ship will bring us out of Osaka.

But you must stay.

I’m sorry.

[men speaking Japanese]

[man shouting orders]

Fuck this.

Captain-sama, sound the drums.

[shouting in Japanese]

Come on, I thought you were sailors! Race them out!

[shouting in Japanese]

[Rodrigues] Sir, he’s coming up alongside us!

[man] Steady. Steady.

How fast can that bitch go, Rodrigues?

You black-eyed son of a shit-fested whore!

Your lips are on the devil’s arse.

They’re on your mother’s first.

I’ll even miss the son of a bitch.

He gets any closer, sink him.

With pleasure, Captain.


[men shouting]

[man shouting in Japanese]

Five points to port.

Aye, sir. Five points to port.

[man] Five points!

[men shouting]

Five points it is.



My sincerest gratitude!

My sincerest fuck yourself.

I warned you once, Rodrigues, they’ll never keep me here.

You’re not out yet, you salty whale’s tit.

[laughs] Let’s see him ride out of this one.

Bring him over broadside.

Damage the hull, Captain.

Five more points!

Either sink me or let me pass, but make up your fucking mind.

[men cry out]


By Christ, Black Captain-sama!

Hey, What the hell are you doing?!

You’re giving him the edge!

Nah, nah, he already had it.

Well done, you glorious bastards!

Yeah! Yeah!

Well done, you glorious bastards!

Well done!

That’s a debt repaid.

God be with you. You’ll need him.


♪ ♪

[guard grunts]


Good morning.

Good morning.

I’ll never tire of this weather.

Soon it will be winter.

It is a very difficult season in Japan.

Try England.

Humid in the summer.

Endless winters.

And, of course, famine every six years.

Still, you must look forward to going home.

To be reunited with your family, at least.

Last night, you… asked about my daughter.

The truth is I’ve never met her.

I left England before she was born.

One year, eleven months, six days from Amsterdam.

She’ll be two years old now.

You serve your lords honorably.

I have no lords.

I left on my own accord.

And this– this is what beckoned me.

The horizon more than the deep.

The freedom more than the horizon.

The fair wind.

Be far enough out that you look around, and there’s nothing but open seas.

No yesterday.

No tomorrow.

Just today.

I’m sorry about your husband.

[Mariko] He thanks you for your bravery.

My lord says this was a gift from the priests.

[Mariko] They prove you are a pirate.

Which means death.

My lord says he will have to have them translated, and that it will likely take a long time.

He would like you to assemble a regiment and teach them your tactics.

I’m sorry, but I’m just a sailor.

I’m not familiar with…


Please tell him it would be a great honor.

All I ask for in exchange is the return of my men and my ship.

[Mariko translates in Japanese]

He has made you hatamoto.

Which is a very great honor.



My lord would like you to teach him how to dive.

It’s best to start from the top of the gunwale, jump in headfirst while extending your hands to break the water.

Observational learner.

He says again.


How many more times must I do this?

Until he is satisfied.

My lord would like to race you to the shore.

But I warn you not to let him win.

My Lord hates that.

I wouldn’t dare.



♪ ♪


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