Servant – S02E09 – Goose [Transcript]

As they wait for Jericho's return, Dorothy and Sean pretend everything is fine at a tense Christmas Eve lunch.

Original release date : March 12, 2021

Leanne tells the Turners that George left, leaving them oblivious to the confrontation and car accident the previous night. Expecting Jericho to be returned on Christmas Eve, Dorothy prepares for his return by hosting a family gathering. In attendance are the Turners, Julian, Leanne, Frank, and his younger girlfriend Kourtney. Frank and Julian explain the situation with Jericho in its entirety to Kourtney before they arrive, but she has difficulty following it. Over the course of the dinner, tensions rise as the Turners gradually realize that Jericho is not coming back. Meanwhile Julian indulges heavily in alcohol and cocaine while ducking calls from Natalie. Leanne confronts him about their sexual encounter, hoping to continue their affair, but Julian refuses, claiming it was a bad idea. Returning to the bathroom, Julian overdoses and Kourtney finds him dead. Leanne revives Julian with methods that ambiguously resemble CPR. Julian claims that he saw Jericho while he was dead, and the baby seemed “fine”. After the Christmas guests depart, Leanne discovers that Dorothy has created a noose in the basement out of Jericho’s clothes, to commit suicide if he is not returned to her. A woman arrives at the house wearing a veil and asks Sean if he is looking for Jericho.

* * *

Good Morning, George.

Where’s George?

He left.

He did? When?

Last night.

He must have gone for Jericho.

He’ll be back in time for lunch, I’m sure.

Did you say your father is bringing someone?


To lunch. I thought you said your dad was bringing a date.

Yes. Kourtney, with a “K.”

We don’t have to do this.

Yes, we do.

Jericho needs his family today.

It’s his first Christmas.

So that’s me, you, Julian, Frank, Kourtney with a “K,” and Leanne?

Yes, of course, Leanne. We should also set a place for George as well.

Okay, so that’s seven.

Then I better do his brother.


We’ll show them a perfect Turner Christmas.

They can’t just take him back.

Apparently Sean sees it differently.

And given Dorothy’s somewhat tender mental state, asking too many questions will be inadvisable.

It’s taken Herculean efforts just to stop her from involving the cops.

This is why we have contracts.

What have I always taught you?

Oral agreements are only as good as the paper they’re written on.

I don’t understand. They have a baby or don’t they?

Not that it’s any of your business, Kourtney, but they did, once upon a time.

Wait, but whose baby are they waiting for tonight?

Jesus, keep up!

They had a baby, then they had a fake baby, then it was replaced with a real baby and now it’s a fake baby again.

But this time, Dorothy knows, and she’s expecting the Wisconsin yeti to arrive with a real baby any minute.

You follow, Kourtney?


Just try not to blow your top, Kourtney.

We’re hanging on by a thread.

Merry fucking Christmas, one and all.

All right. Nice and easy.

Let the show begin.

Careful, Julian.

Hello. Come in out of the cold. Is it snowing?


You’re too thin, sweetheart.

And this, right here, is Kourtney. Kourtney, Dorothy.

Dorothy Turner, 8 News.

I’m a big fan.

Aren’t you sweet?

Your guests have arrived.

The best thing about being the cook is… no one cares if you hide.

She thinks he’s coming back today, Sean.

Your uncle made it seem like there was a chance.

My uncle left.

He’s not coming back.

You don’t know that.

Look at my hand, he healed it.

He wants to help us.

My uncle isn’t like me.

He’s not gonna break the rules.

Why not?

What are the rules? Explain them to me. I want to understand.


Leanne, I feel like… we’re running out of time.

What will Dorothy do if he doesn’t come back today?

Yeah, so the Pinot Gris, followed by the Malbec, followed by the sweet, sweet Riesling.

Malbec with goose?

She said she’d follow him if there was a chance there’s something else.

Dorothy wouldn’t be so stupid.

I don’t know anymore. I can’t predict her.

We gotta be prepared in case things don’t go as we expect today.

“As we expect”?

You don’t seriously believe that man is gonna bring your son back today.

There’s evidence. The note. Roscoe.

What he said to Dorothy yesterday. It’s possible.

Jesus, Sean. I’m starting to feel like the only sane fucking one in this family.

If no one else is going to…

The banquet is complete.

I would just like to say–



Remember how we agreed you’d say nothing?

Well, I’d like to say something.

I would like to thank God that we are all here today with each other.

To be together.

This beautiful home with more food than we can feasibly consume.

These… La Bonnotte potatoes are flown in at $300 a pound.

We are very fortunate.

And we all know it.

And perhaps we don’t deserve to ask for anything more, but something is missing.

So please, take it all away.

We don’t deserve it. We don’t need it.

Just bring us back what we lost.


Thank you, darling. That was beautiful.


Shall we eat?

$300 for potatoes.

I’m sorry. What the fuck was that?


I’ll repeat. What the fuck was that?

It was just a prayer. Let’s not blow this out of proportion.

I’m not blowing anything out of proportion.

I just didn’t realize we invited the goddamn reverend to dinner.

Don’t be so tense.

What’s the harm in a little faith?

Belief can do wonders in the realm of pain.

Pain? You never gave a fuck about my pain.

Sorry, Dottie.

It’s fine.

Let’s just all eat, please.

Sean, this goose is delicious. It really… melts in your mouth.


Sean is a master.

Thank you, Kourtney.

Leanne, can I serve you some goose?

Yes, please. I’d like to try some.


Did you hear that? That might be them.

Just get ready.

Your phone is ringing.

I’m aware. Thank you.

All right, let’s get you inside there.

So, Leanne, Frank tells me you’re from Wisconsin.

Yes. Julian, could you please pass me the potatoes?

Will you all please excuse me?

May we be thankful for what I’m about to receive.

Are you okay?


Are you?

I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to act.

How do people act after–

They don’t.

Why won’t you answer her calls?

Not tonight.

Juju, you’re gonna miss your turn.

What we did was a mistake.

I just wanted to say I’m sorry.

I’m not.

I feel different now, Julian.

More powerful. It feels good.

I think it feels good for you too, doesn’t it?

This isn’t right. I’m not right in the head.

Then just let me take your pain away.

Like I did last night.

What are you doing, Leanne?

What I want.


I should go.

Talking about playing games. So I decided to slip out.

Lunch was nice.

Thank you.

It’s just after 3:00.

What are you thinking?

That maybe I was wrong.

I will give them till sunset.



Three words.


Jaws: The Return. Next.

Do we really have to play this?

If we want Dorothy to think we’re having fun, then yes.

Okay, so it’s a book.

Disqualified for not understanding the simplest fucking rule. Next.

Julian! Play nice!

Book. Well done, darling.

Oh, my God.

Could they be testing us?

Watching us?

It’s 3:30.

Don’t think about that.

What else am I supposed to think about?

Think about Jericho back in your arms, and what you’ll do.

First, I’ll smell his little head.

Just breathe him in.

Then I’ll sing to him.

I always wanted to be the kind of mother who sang lullabies, you know?

What will you do?

I don’t know.

Whatever it is, I’ll let him know that I love him.

It’s 3:31.

Food. Consumption.

Sick. Vomit!

You always were a competitive child.



Hungry. Something, something, hungry, something.

And I probably rewarded you for it too much.

Still, I’ll say, at the time, I distinctly remember that was how you were supposed to raise a man.

The first word. The. Second word.



Oh, God, stop miming that one and move on!

What’s the last word?

You okay down there, darling?

Rowing. Convulsing.

Dying! Dead.

How many fucking syllables?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Well done, dear.

Both of you.

I was just about to say that.

Really? Were you?

Well played, Dottie.

Excuse me whilst I tinkle.


The roads are bad.

They’re probably caught in traffic.

I’ll check the news for accidents.

But keep playing, please. It’s so nice to see people happy.

Sean, things seem to be getting fraught. Maybe we should go.

No, no, no. Please, stay. She could do with your support.

Don’t box me out, Julian.

I know how you’re feeling right now, and I know you refuse to acknowledge it.

Where have Dorothy and Leanne gone? Wouldn’t they like to play?


Listen to me. I want to help you.

Let me try to speak with you.


We’re starting without you.

You’re gonna miss this round.

Are you there?

Let me try to speak with you.

You don’t have to go through this shit alone.

I don’t know why you keep insisting that you do.

Call me back.

What was that?


A snowstorm is creating dangerous driving conditions all around Philadelphia.

Holiday travelers should expect delays.

What was that?


What’s going on?


What’s happened?

He’s not breathing. Do something!


CPR! Something!

What happened?

Dorothy, don’t look.

Call an ambulance.

Call 911!

What’s the address?

9780 Spruce Street.

9780 Spruce Street.

Yes. Please send an ambulance. Somebody has stopped breathing.

It’s been two minutes.

Lie down, Dorothy. We got this.

9780 Spruce Street. Yes.

Why isn’t he breathing?

Come on, Julian.

Paramedics are on their way.




Thank God.

You were dead. You stopped breathing.

Talk to us. How are you, boy?

I saw him there.

He seemed okay.

What? Who you talking about? Who’d you see?

The paramedics are here.

We have to get him checked out. There could be residual brain damage.

Fuck you, Dad.

Get up.

Have you taken anything?

Just some ibuprofen.

And this.

We’ll drive his car and meet you there.

Say good night to Dorothy for us.

And thank you for lunch.


It was so strange to see him that way.

I saw what you made in the basement.

Sean mustn’t know about that.

What’s it for?


In case Jericho doesn’t come back.

You’d die to be with him?

Of course, Leanne.

I’m his mother.




Mr. Turner.

I understand you’re looking for Jericho.


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