Pennyworth – S02E09 – Paradise Lost [Transcript]

With less than 48 hours, Alfred, Thomas Martha concoct a plan to infiltrate Raven headquarters with Daveboy and Lucius to steal Project Stormcloud.

Original air date : April 4, 2021

* * *


[snoring continues]



[Mrs. Pennyworth] Don’t you dare move.



[door opens]

[Mrs. Pennyworth] Oh, it’s you, is it?

Hello, Alfred.

Good morning, Mr. Pennyworth.


What happened to you?

Not as bad as it looks.

I know they’re up to no good, but they’re your friends, so I can’t very well extricate them.

If you lot upset him and his stitches come out, I’ll have your guts for garters.

Who wants tea?

[hushed] Lucius is the one who’s actually seen this at work.

[Lucius] Yeah, and it’s not pretty. That stuff is violent.

And we’ve got 48…

[Mrs. Pennyworth] Oi!

No whispering.

[Lucius whispers] 48 hours.

48 hours?


[Martha] From yesterday.

We have till 4:00 p.m. tomorrow.


[Mrs. Pennyworth] Language.

You say “fuck.”

Not in company.

Just so you don’t accuse me of hiding things from you, this lot is saying that the Raven Union’s gonna drop that terror bomb unless the League surrenders by tomorrow afternoon.

You said they wouldn’t do that.

You said the war was practically over.

I was wrong.

[Martha] We haven’t been beaten yet. We have a plan.

Oh, here it comes.

Don’t you listen to them, Alfie.

The entire stock of Stormcloud is in a laboratory at Raven HQ in a bottle this size.

In a fortress this size.

I’m still officially CIA station chief.

An important ally of the Ravens.

I show up unannounced, bringing them back their missing scientist…

Then what?

Then we steal Stormcloud from them.


I don’t know.

We’ll improvise, I guess.

That’s your plan?

No chance.

It’s a suicide mission.

Not if we have an expert in such things with us.


[Mrs. Pennyworth] And who’s gonna bell the cat?

Oh, I know.


[Thomas] I’m sorry, Mrs. Pennyworth.

It’s desperate times.

[Mrs. Pennyworth] Do you think I don’t know that?

I’d steal the wicked stuff myself if I could.


[bell chimes]



[Mrs. Pennyworth] Why is it my boy has to risk his neck?

He’s not well.

A couple of aspirin and some of your egg soldiers, I’ll be fine.


You’ll do it?

Nothing good on the telly.

Thank you, Alfie. Thank you.

Don’t you dare thank him.

He’s not doing anything for you.

You can’t, son.

You said yourself, “It’s a suicide mission. No chance.”

No, I meant no chance without me along.

You stay where you are.

I’m not going anywhere yet.

Just need to stretch. [grunts]

[groans] See?

[grunts] Match fit.


[sighs] Tea.

Just the ticket.

Oh, you fucker.

All right?

You wouldn’t happen to have any of that nice shortbread, Mrs. P., eh?

Oh, you had it all yesterday, you greedy sod!

I had, what, two fingers, maybe?

Why’s she’s so angry?

These lot have come up with another mad job for us.


Oh, you bastards.

Fuck’s sake.


Hey, come here.

[Mrs. Pennyworth takes deep breath]

It’s just another job, Mum.

Do you think I’m bloody stupid?

You’re gonna leave me all alone in the world.


Come here.


I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.

It’s cake, Mum.



[thunder rumbling]

[rain falling]

[whistling a tune]

[indistinct chatter, laughter]


[dog barking in distance]


[Sid groans]

[Sid muttering]

What the fuck? It’s nearly midnight.

Sorry, Sid. Wrong window.

Yanks barred you, did they?

Moral turpitude, I suppose.


[Sid] Why don’t you fuck off?

Go away, Dad.

[Sid] You’re onto better things, girl.

Don’t waste your time with that tosspot.

Go away, Dad.

Give us a shout if you need me.

[window closes]

Hello, Sandra.

Not gone, then?

Changed me mind.

What’s happened to Mrs. Troy?

Gone to America.

That’s very ironic, isn’t it?

You still got the hump with me?

Can’t believe you’re so unforgiving.

You’re mugging me off, aren’t you?


I like to see you get angry.

Puts a glow on you.

Why are you here, Alfie, if not to say sorry?

Say sorry?

I hadn’t thought of that one.

I will if it’ll help.

Help what?

I’m off on a lairy job tomorrow.

Might not come back sort of business.

I’m scared, Sand. Don’t want to be alone.


Oh, give over, Alfie.

How many times have you tried that line on me?

It’s a good line.

And this time, it’s true.

It’s not enough.

No, I know.

I’m sorry, Sandra.

I am.

What would you be sorry for?

I’m sorry that I love you too much to pretend I won’t let you down.

Say that again… slowly.

We could get married and have kids and all that, and I know I’d be very happy.

But one day, I’d up and leave you.

I’d break your heart.

Then I’d be ashamed for the rest of me life.

That’s what I’m sorry for.


You bastard.

[Sid] Tell him to fuck off home.

Shut up, Dad.



You beauty.

I’m very glad to have your company, gentlemen, but, um, is there nobody you want to see before your mission?

No loved ones?

Very far away.

Very far.


Me? No.

Most people I know are dead.

[Aziz] Well, then.

[pours drink]

Here’s to new friends.

To new friends.

To new friends.



Go away.

[Thomas] Martha, will you marry me, please?


Why not? I asked nicely this time.

You’re only asking because I’m pregnant.

Not true. I’m asking you now because you’re pregnant.

I-I would be asking you anyhow.

Just at a later date, probably.


Because I love you, damn it. Why else?



Good answer.

I… [sighs]

I guess I love you, too.

You guess?

Well, I kind of thought that being in love might be more, you know, fun.

Yeah, me, too.

It’s kind of irritating, actually.

Isn’t it?

[laughs] Yeah.

Yeah, it is.


Excellent. Well, um, job done.

Feelings thoroughly discussed.

Can we agree to get married now?

No. It’s not that simple.

Let me make it simple.

I have to go on a perilous mission, and we’re having a baby together.

If I die, don’t you want to be able to say something nice about me to our kid?

Or do you want to tell them that I asked you to marry me and you said “meh”?


You have a point.

It’s a morbid one, but it’s a point.

Is that a yes? It sounds like a yes.

It’s not a no, but it’s also not…

It’s progress. Say no more.

No, I didn’t say w…


[birds cawing]



[phone rings]


Put her through, then get off the line.

Vikki, my dove. What a nice surprise.

Mm, I wish I could be there, but I’m going to be very busy this week, what with one thing and another.

That would be an even nicer surprise.

But really, I can’t get away.

Tell him you’re all wet thinking about him.


Fuck’s sake!

Tell him you’re all wet thinking about him.


I’m all wet… thinking about you.

[Salt] Ah.

I see. That’s…

That’s gratifying.

Indeed. Well, um… you must come here to me.

Yes. Yes.

Thank you. Lovely.

I’ll send a car.

I have a window in my schedule tomorrow.

Can’t wait to see you.


We’ll see who’s wet tomorrow, eh?

I’ll show him the window in his fucking schedule.


[thunder rumbling]

[light jazz playing]


You are going to get yourself killed, aren’t you?

Sooner or later.

Not if you kill me first with your animal lust.

[both chuckle]

Please come back.

Course I will.

[Alfred chuckles softly]

If I don’t, we had a good old bunk-up

before I left, didn’t we?



Why’d you have to call it a bunk-up?

Why can’t you say we made love?

You’re right.

We did.

We made love.

“Who Knows Where the Time Goes?” by Fairport Convention

♪ Across the evening sky ♪

♪ All the birds are leaving ♪

♪ But how can they know ♪

♪ It’s time for them to go? ♪


♪ Before the winter fire ♪

♪ I will still be dreaming ♪

♪ I have no thought of time ♪

♪ For who knows ♪

♪ Where the time goes? ♪

♪ Who knows where the time ♪

♪ Goes? ♪

♪ And I am not alone ♪

[Alfred chuckles softly]


♪ While my love is near me ♪

♪ I have no fear of time ♪

♪ And who knows ♪

♪ Where the time ♪

♪ Goes? ♪

[indistinct announcement over P.A.]

[quiet, indistinct chatter]

[indistinct radio chatter]

When we get to America, I’ll have one of these.

[Lucius] You should go for a Japanese vehicle.

Much more reliable and efficient.

[scoffs] America, he says.

We’ll be dead before the end of the day.

America, indeed.

[Alfred] Who dares wins, eh?

Get to fuck.

You get to fuck.


[engine revs]


U.S. government business.

Tell your bosses CIA Station Chief Thomas Wayne is here with their missing scientist, Dr. Lucius Fox.

And I don’t like to be kept waiting.

Got that, soldier?

Yes, sir.

[buttons beeping]

[indistinct chatter]

[soldier] Says he’s CIA.

[inhales deeply]

The CIA station chief.

And Lucius Fox.

At the gate?

That’s what they say.



Send them up.

[Daveboy] I should be in Gotham City, scoffing a beefsteak, but no.

Fuck’s sake. How many times do I have to say sorry?


[engine revs]

Right into the dragon’s mouth.


[woman over P.A.] For honor and for England, the future is in your hands.

Final victory is on the horizon.

The battle is almost won.

Strength, tradition and honor.

[elevator bell chimes]

[grunting and groaning]


[bell chimes]

[elevator clanks, whirs]

[man over P.A.] You are entering a restricted area.

No unauthorized personnel beyond this point.


[soldier #1] Oi!

[soldier #2] What the fuck?

[grunting and groaning]

[man] Excuse me. Um…

Dr. Fox, you’re back.


Don’t fucking move.

How you all doing?

Good. Um… I’m sorry, but you had to know this stuff is wrong.

What are you doing?

We’re scientists, not killers.

Science is supposed to be a noble calling.

Lucius, we need to keep this moving.


[distant doors banging]

[indistinct chatter in distance]

Miss Dixon.


I’ll go and greet them.

Come on.


[device clicks]

If this breaks,

everyone in a five-mile radius dies.


You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.

[Thomas] Is that all there is?


No extra batch?


[Alfred] You sure?

Yes, sir.

She’s telling the truth.

They could only cook up enough for one bomb.

Let’s be off, then, eh? Come on.

[Thomas] Just for the record, my actions today were in no way sanctioned by the U.S. government.

They are entirely my own responsibility.

You done? Want to sign a receipt or something?

Come on.

[clears throat]


[indistinct announcement over P.A.]

[bell chimes]

[Daveboy] Come on.

[indistinct announcement over P.A.]

[elevator rattling, whirring]


[bell dings]

[bell chimes]

[quiet, indistinct chatter]

[bell chiming]

[bell dings]

[elevator doors open]


Drop your weapons.

Hands up.



[alarm blaring]

[guard] Stay where you are.

Put the guns down.

Easy, now.

[door closes]

Steady on, boys.

Don’t shoot.

Now, you see this?

This is Stormcloud in here.

So drop your guns and get out of our way, or I’ll drop this… and everyone in here will die.

Drop your guns!

Can’t do that.

Course you can.

[Salt] Keep your guns up, lads.

Gentlemen, Mr. Pennyworth.

Pleased to meet you again.

Oh, fudge.

I’m afraid we can’t let you leave.

You heard me.

I’ll drop this.

You’re the man in control here.

That will be your choice.

Uh, do please bear in mind the many thousands of good people who live nearby.

You’ll be the most successful mass murderer in English history.


I fucking told you.

Not now.


Thank you.


Give them a good drubbing, then take them to the basement.

[man] Scum!

[grunting and groaning]

Will you please sit still?

Have a drink with me.

I’m good.

You need to relax.

You’re testing me, right?

Sorry, I don’t follow you.

You want to know if I’m pregnant.

Do I?

The answer is yes.

Are you?


[laughs] That’s wonderful.

My dear woman, congratulations.

Well, that’s very liberal of you.

I think most people would try to hide dismay.

At a child out of wedlock?

Well, now of all times, we must celebrate new life.




[phone ringing]

We’re nobbled, Mr. Aziz.

All four of us are okay, as of now.

This dosser Salt wants a word.


[Salt] Hello, old chap.

Dear me, what childish antics.

But no harm done.

My generous offer still stands.

I won’t press you for an answer now, but I expect to hear from you before the 4:00 deadline, as agreed.


[Alfred groaning over phone]


What did you call me?

[breathing heavily]


That’s just the sort of filthy vulgarity we shall stamp out in the very near future.


For God’s sake, stop that!

He has rights.

And I’m violating them!

What are you gonna do about that?

We’re American citizens.

There’ll be consequences for this.

You’re renegades, desperadoes.

Shouldn’t think they’ll make too much of a fuss if you disappear, do you?

[Thomas] This is what you’re fighting for, is it?

Sadism and barbarity?


Cruelty and strength, I’d call it.

But yes… that’s what we’re fighting for.

Do you know why, gentlemen?

Because it works.

Where are you… where are you taking him?


[door opens]

Did he say anything about Thomas?

Just what I said he said.

All four of them are okay.

What now?

We’ll start burning records.


We’ll try to get the queen out of the country.

And then I think, um, a lamb curry and an ice-cold Chablis.

A nice nap.

Then, um, surrender.

Couldn’t you try the Americans again?

I already have, twice.

They were extremely nice about it, but, um, they want us gone.


When we first met, I took you for the mercenary type.

But here you are, throwing your life away for a hopeless cause.


You’re a man of honor.

This country needs men like you alive and hard at work.

Here we go.

Save your breath.

The answer’s no.

Of course.

A man of honor.

Just misguided.

I’d like to put you right.




Hello, son.


This is another bloody dream.

Do you think so?

I’m real, you idiot.

This isn’t a dream.


Modern science, son.

Anything’s possible.

I’m very pleased to see you, Dad.

But Mum goes to your grave every Sunday.

Don’t see why.

She knows there’s nobody in it.

[Mr. Pennyworth coughing]

She thought you were ashes.

She’s been grieving ever since.

Broken, she was.

Close to topping herself.

And all the while, you were rolling round up here, happy as a tea trolley.

I miss her terribly.


I didn’t want her to see me like this.

Like what?


Would you want your wife to see you like this?


I’d hope she’d want to see me, though.

Like Mum would want to see you, despite all you’ve done.

Would she, do you think?

Would she forgive me?

I doubt it.

Oh, she would.

Too bloody kind.

You know they’re gonna drop a terror bomb on her?

Did you know that?

If I’m willing to see other men’s loved ones die for the struggle…


…I have to be willing to see my own loved ones die, too.

It’s only right.

You always were an arrogant, narrow-minded old fool.

Now you’ve gone fucking mad.

Not mad, son.


Join me, Alfie.

The war’s near won.

A bright dawn is coming for this country.

Fuck this fucking country!

How can you be so selfish?!

Great change requires great sacrifice.

Join me, son.

Join you?

If my hands were untied, I’d strangle you and pretend this was all a fucking dream.

Please, think about this a while.


It’s you that should do the thinking.

Think about what you’ve done to Mum!

Think about her!

[shouts, whimpers]


Your dad?

[Alfred] As alive as you are.

Wanted me to join him and the Ravens.

Told him to sling his hook, of course.

That’s mental.

Your head must be fucking fucked, eh?

Bit of a shocker, yeah.

I wonder why he met with you.

Told you… wanted me to join up.

Surely, your father knows his own son.

He knows you’d refuse.

Yeah. He knows.

So why meet with you?

[Alfred] Hmm.

To be precise, why did Salt let him meet with you?

Salt doesn’t do things for sentimental reasons.

He has some plan in mind.

[Daveboy] What’s he need a plan for?

We’re fucked already.

You’re a fucking broken record, you are.


I’m sorry.

I tried my best.

Well, it was a long shot anyway.

Worth a try.

Plan B, then.

[Bet] Anything bad happens, and you’re dead.

So best be good, eh?

[indistinct announcement over P.A.]

Hello, Miss DuFrench.

[receptionist] Miss DuFrench.

How nice to see you again.

They’re a special request… from the high chancellor.


Are they on a movement order?

I’m not meant to issue passes without a written movement order.

The kind of movement he’s ordered, you’d not want in writing, love.

[Bet chuckles]

[indistinct announcement over P.A.]



[Peggy] This the, uh, women’s wing, is it?

It is.

Which one’s Gaunt?

Who are you?

I’m Peg. That’s my sister Bet.

That’s our friend Vikki. We have got passes.


[Vikki gasps, yelps]

Get a hold of yourself, woman.

Cell seven.

[Bet] Come on.

[Gaunt] In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

A stately pleasure-dome decree:

Where Alph, the sacred river, ran

Through caverns measureless to man

In Xanadu did Kubla…

Bloody hell.

State of you.

Don’t worry, love. We’re here to help.

What are you doing here?

Well, His Lordship said to send you his deepest love, and he’s very sorry for wronging you so cruelly.

“Fondest love,” not “deepest love.”

Whatever. Fondest love, then.

Memory like an elephant, that one.

Anyway, come on, love.

Where are we going?

Don’t worry, duck.

We’re getting you out of here.

[Peggy] Now, put this on.

And keep your head down.

Oh, that’s Vikki.

She’s our hostage.


Hello, Vikki.

Come on.

[door bangs]

[indistinct chatter]

[Peggy] Bet, this way.

[distant shouting]

[door bangs]

[indistinct chatter]

[Bet] Come on.

In here.

[keys jingling]

[door opens]



[footsteps in hall]

I remember you.

You’re Esme’s bloke.

What’s his name?

[Alfred] Alfie.

Alfie. That’s right.

And the whole gang.


Fit Yank.

Hello. I don’t know you.

[Lucius] Um, hi.

How you all keeping? All right?

Yeah, mustn’t grumble.

Peg, you remember Esme’s young man and his friends.

How do?

Not good enough for her, mind, but… nice enough chap.

Dr. Gaunt.

Long time.


[Daveboy] Hey, Doc. You did some gallus needlework, by the way.

Held up nicely.

Thank you.

Oh, very kind.

Well, this is all wonderful.

Can we get some help here?

There’s a key right there on that hook.

Oh, right. Will do.

“Thank you” would be nice.

[Thomas] Thank you, ma’am.

They’ve gone. Let’s go.

Nice to see you again, Alfie.

You, too.

Don’t tell anyone you saw us.

Hey, wait a minute.

You’ve got weapons. You could help us.

Already did, didn’t we?

Well, can we at least have one of your guns?

Uh, not on your nelly. We’ll need these.

Ladies, we are trying to stop a terrible war crime.

[Bet] Good lads.

Best of luck.

[Gaunt] Hang on.

A-Are you talking about Stormcloud?


Yeah, ladies, perhaps we…

Never mind what they’re doing.

We’re busy.


What would Esme say if she was here?

So, how you been keeping, anyway?

Oh, on top of the world, me.


I was that bereft when Esme died, but… I found true love again.


Wish I could say the same thing.

[chuckles softly] You’ll be all right.

You’ve got height.

Good head of hair.


[distant door bangs]

[footsteps approaching]

[soldier groans]

Now you’ve got a gun.


[cocks gun]

No bother.

Good luck.

You, too.

Come here. Give us a hug.


Nice lad, that Alfie.

For a squaddie.

[bell chimes]

[elevator doors open]

[Riley] Hello, ladies.

[laughs] Oh, thank goodness you found us.

We’re ever so lost.

Yeah, it looks like.

Who are you?

[Peggy] Visitors. We have passes.

[Riley] Not for this section, you don’t.

Nobody does.

[Vikki] Mm-hmm.

I’m sorry, Miss DuFrench.

I didn’t see you there.


Uh, looking for the penthouse, I expect.

Yes. Penthouse.


Could you show us?

Oh. Right this way, ladies.

[indistinct announcement over P.A.]


[alarm blaring]


Oh, for fuck’s sake.

[Salt] Such power.

Such beauty.

[whirring, buzzing]

We live in an age of miracles, Mr. Pennyworth.

I dare say, sir.

Powerful, useful miracles.

And there’s more to come.

Science will grant us amazing powers.

Powers we cannot even imagine.

A bright future awaits us, Mr. Pennyworth.

Indeed. [Coughs]

[Salt] Are you ready to do what needs to be done?

I must be sure.

I don’t like deception, sir, but what needs doing… must be done.

You’re a good man and a fine patriot.

Miss Dixon, have the League prisoners brought up here immediately.

Th-Thank you, Riley.

Uh, we’ll tell his nibs you were most helpful.

You’re very welcome.

[door closes]

Well done, pet.

You live another day.


[Salt] Commendable.

You chaps keep trying.

I’ll take a man with grit over a smart-ass every time.

Isn’t that right, Mr. Pennyworth?

It is, sir.

Uh, how you doing, Mr. P.?

Keeping well, eh?

Well enough.

For fuck’s sake, Dad, can’t you see this man’s a twat?

Show some respect!

We’re not in one of your squaddie pubs.

He’s a twat, and this whole Raven Union bollocks is a joke.

Fuck do you want?


Fuck off.

Now, gentlemen… there’s a bright side to your situation.

You all have something to offer.

Dr. Fox… you might choose to go back to work in the lab for us.

There’d be restrictions on your freedom, of course, but you’d be comfortable.

And if I don’t choose to go back?

The world will move on without you.

Mr. Wayne… you could be an excellent bargaining chip.

You might make a recorded statement, detailing your work as an American spy.

My answer is no.


As you like.

Mr. MacDougal, I think I know your answer.

You’ve not told me what I’d be useful for yet.

Mm. Soldiering, naturally.

Ah, no, no, thanks.

If it was pissing on your mother, I’d be up for that.



[grunts, chuckles]

[Salt] Very well.



May I have a few words in private with my son?

Perhaps I can yet persuade him to see sense.

Don’t bother.


Of course, my friend.

As long as you like.

I’m rather peckish.

I shall have a snack while you make one last push, eh?


Back off!

Don’t waste your fucking batteries.


Look at me.

Do you really think your mother would forgive me if she saw me again?

Who gives a toss?

I do.

I want to see her again before I die.

I love her.

I love you, son.

Hard cheese for you, then.

We’ll both be dead by tonight.

Come closer.

[whispers] There’s a gun in my left pocket.

Don’t just stare at me, boy.

If you’ve got a volume knob, turn it down.

[rapid gunfire]

Well, I suppose this is goodbye, Prime Minister.

Yes, Your Majesty.

You know… if things were different…

I know.


I’ll call you when I get to Paris.


[clock ticking]

[door opens]

Excuse me, sir.

Line two.


[Alfred] Hello, Mr. Aziz.

[whirring, buzzing]

You’re never gonna guess what.



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