Manifest - S03E02 - Deadhead

Manifest – S03E02 – Deadhead [Transcript]

A threat to the Stone family tests Michaela’s commitment to play by the rules and forces Grace to make a difficult decision. Ben enlists the aid of an old rival to save an old friend. Olive helps a new friend solve a calling.

Manifest - S03E01 - Tailfin

Manifest – S03E01 – Tailfin [Transcript]

Ben heads on an international mission with Vance to seek a clue that may finally unlock the mystery of Flight 828. An intense calling leads Michaela and Zeke on an adventure. Saanvi attempts to forget her past sins.

Grey's Anatomy - S17E10 - Breathe

Grey’s Anatomy – S17E10 – Breathe [Transcript]

Both a mother and daughter are in critical condition and fighting over the last ventilator. Meanwhile, Hayes’ sister-in-law ends up in the hospital with a kidney stone, and the house has a few more kids join in as Amelia’s the babysitter.

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